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Roof light design and

Presentation of client
prepared by Fibrex Aluminum Projects Team
4th of December 2017
New Al Ain Hospital Project
Purpose of the presentation
• Client concerns about roof light water
• Explanation of step by step design and testing.
• Proposal for additional requirements to seal
the roof.
References of Presentation
• Project Specs Div. 000110
• Project Specs Div. 089000
• MEP design requirements.
• BS EN 12056
• Approved drawings
• Approved gutter design.
Design requirements
• Façade specification division 000110 section 4.3.2 description
of roof façade glazing page 155 and 156 of 203.
• Façade specification division 000110 section 1.24 Quality
assurance , Quality control , testing page 54 of 203
• Overall MEP report revision 06
• BS EN 12056.
• Method statement MSS-0248 Rev01 approved
on 11th of October 2016.
• Drawings 40033 Rev03 approved on 1st of July
• Gutter calculation and rainfall intensity DSF
1528 Rev00 approved on 5th of November
Testing Sequence
• Fibrex pass several tests for roof design
including the following:
1. Third party lab testing including static and
dynamic water on 600 PA , thermal cycling
which represents years of weather changes.
2. Gutter flood testing to check gutter water
3. Site leak test by approved third party.
Facts about design and testing
• Fibrex design a gutter that can achieve a
rainwater intensity up to 9 cm high in gutter
despite the design requirement is only 6 cm as
per gutter design calculation in DSF 1528.
• Multilayers of EPDM membranes as shown in
the approved drawings.
Facts about design and testing
• Gutter flood test done for 100% of Gutters
despite it is not included in fibrex scope just
only to satisfy the engineer and the client.
• All tests are witnessed by ASJV QC team and
the engineer.
• Fibrex achieved all design , fabrication ,
installation, and testing procedures with
approvals, to ensure water tightness of the
• The client still has concerns about water
tightness about the roof water tightness.
Additional Request
• As per client request, fibrex prepared a proposal
of another EPDM layer with adhesive EPDM , UV
• Fibrex will be entitled to Cost and time variation
of the design proposal will be executed at site.
• To ensure water tightness all exhaust fan
structures should be closed and installed, no
other parties will be allowed to access roof light
structure except fibrex team.
Thank You