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Province of Samar



This Job Order is being entered into by the Provincial Government of Samar, through the Honorable
SHAREE ANN T. TAN, Governor, Province of Samar and names, of legal age and in accordance with the following
Names Position Address Rate/Month
1. AZINETH B. SORIA Daycare Worker Catbalogan City 6,000.00
2. EVANGELINE R. FOJAS Daycare Worker Catbalogan City 6,000.00

I – Period of Payment:
(a) January 1-31, 2018 – March 1-31, 2018 – (including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays)
II – Office Assignment:
Provincial Social Welfare and Dev’t Office, Provincial Government of Samar, Capitol Bldg. Catbalogan City.
III – Job Description
a. Conduct ECCD session to 3-4 year old children.
b. Monitored the Psycho Social and Physical Development of the Daycare Children.
c. Conduct monthly meeting with parents of Daycare Children.
d. Do other related task as assigned by the supervisor.

IV – Terms and Conditions

1. This Job Order Contract shall not entitle the persons being contracted with leave credits nor any
additional Compensation or benefits, except the fixed rate of compensation stipulated herein.
2. This Job Order Contract shall not be considered or will never be credited as government service.
3. Absences shall correspondingly be conducted from the contracted period of employment.
4. This Job Order Contract shall automatically cease upon its expiration as stipulated in the period of
employment in item III, unless renewed.
5. Service can be terminated prior to the expiration of the contract fpr lack of funds or when their
services are no longer needed without prior notice.
6. The person being contracted herein shall submit a Daily Time Record and Accomplishment Report, as
basis for payment of wages, duly signed by the head of Department/Office to which they are
7. The person being contracted attest that:
 He/she not related within the fourth degree of consanguinity or affinity to the hiring authority.
 He/she not been previously dismissed from the government service by reason of an offense:
 He/she no pending criminal or administrative case filed against him:
 He/she has not been convicted of any crime or violation of any law, ordinance or regulation.
 He/she will abide with the rules and regulation imposed by the Provincial Government of
V – Funding Source
Office of the Governor, Province of Samar

Certified as the existence of Appropriation: APPROVED:

_______________________ ________________________________
Provincial Budget Officer Governor


Name Signature ID No. Date

Evangeline R. Fojas

Azineth B. Soria