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December 7, 2017 CAT) RE: Social Media Allegations Against Scott Baio Dear Mr. Polinsky: We represent Scott Baio. We understand that you allege — from your recent tweets and other public statements— that you were subjected to pervasive abuse on the set of Charles in Charge in the 1980's. Please understand that the way in which you have publicly discussed this matter on social media has led to rampant speculation—and reporting in such publications as The National Enquirer and RadarOnline— that Mr. Baio was involved in the abuse you allege or that he perpetrated it, ‘As you know, Mr. Baio absolutely denies that he was ever involved in any abusive behavior, of any nature, towards you. Mr. Baio is alarmed to hear your allegations and wants ‘you to understand that he was never aware that you were being subjected to abuse at any time until your recent tweets and attempts to contact him. As Mr. Baio has stated publicly, he urges: you to seek the assistance of the Los Angeles Police Department, which can handle the investigation of your claims in a thorough and sensitive manner. Quite obviously, however, your allegations and the implication that it was Mr. Baio who abused you, are devastating and highly damaging to Mr. Baio’s reputation, career and personal life (as well as that of his family). Your allegation of such reprehensible behavior - whether directly or indirectly made—has already proliferated across the internet and caused lasting harm ‘that cannot be undone. hat end, we ask that you refrain from making any statements in any forum that allege or imply that Mr. Baio Was abusive towards you at any time. We also ask that you delete any ‘wets oF other social media statements to that effect. As you know, all such statements are y and completely false. Any such alleged behavior simply never happened. Should you fail to do so, or persist in making such contentions about Mr. Baio, you will be subject to jability for the harm that has been caused (and continues to be caused) to Mr. Baio. Finally, I would ask that you or your representatives contact me as soon as possible to discuss these matters. Very truly yours, JOHNSON & JOHNSON LLP Jennifer J. McGrath