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A. Rationale

St. Benilde School Junior Police Program is a co-curricular club open to the St. Benilde
School elementary and high school students. It aims to enhance the student’s social,
mental and physical responsibilities and commitment to the development of their
communities; and develop their ability to uphold law and order as they assume active
participation in school and community activities and other readiness in assisting the
members of the school and community especially in times of emergency.

B. Objectives

1. The general objectives of the St. Benilde Junior Police are:

1.1 to develop the national spirit

1.2 to make the youth physically strong and morally confident
1.3 to prepare the youth for good citizenship, community service and;
1.4 to provide the youth with meaningful outlets for creativity, discipline, respect,
integrity, and service.

C. Membership / Enrollment

1. The program is offered for elementary Grade 5 and 6; High school from first Year
up to Fourth Year as a voluntary co-curricular club.

D. Responsibility of the Club Moderator/Facilitator

1. The head of the School is in-charge with the administration, operation and
supervision of SBS-JP in the school.

2. The club moderator who is duly responsible for over-all performance of the
assigned co-curricular club shall manage the operational aspect of SBS-JP and
exercise technical supervision for proper implementation of the SBS-JP program.

3. The SBS-JP facilitator/s in a school is administratively responsible to the Head of

School and operationally to the Head of Club Moderator.

4. Specific Responsibilities

4.1 Plans, organizes and implements the program/activities of the clubs he is

4.2 Determines guidelines for the selection of the of the club members.
4.3 Conducts regular classes/activities on specified club days.
4.4 Plans and execute reach-outs activities in cooperation with students, other
club moderators, level vice Principals and other Community Service Center.
4.5 Gives Quarterly co-curricular activities.
4.6 Evaluates Performance of the Club and Club Members.

E. Incentives and Exemptions of the Club Members

Members from Co-curricular Program will be exempted in attending CAT class course if
they continue attending SBS-JP co-curricular program until fourth year. (Referred from
the Rules of Exemption for Students/Individuals in attending CAT Course Program.)
F. Plan of Action

1. Launching

1.1 Date:_________________
1.2 Time Allotment – The Program shall be offered 4 times a week for 50 minutes.

2. The co-curricular program is in-charge by the SBS-JP facilitator appointed by the

Principal (in case there is no Facilitator position, the Principal takes the
responsibility) and shall supervised the training program activities to be conducted
in cooperation with Mr. Ryanel A. Requilme.

3. Scope of Expected Training

3.1 Serving the School/Community

3.1.1 Health and Sanitation

3.1.2 Beautification
3.1.3 Waste Management
3.1.4 Drug Education
3.1.5 Honest and Good Citizenship
3.1.6 Assistance to Victim of Child Abuse
3.1.7 Campaign Against Pornography
3.1.8 Respect and Self-discipline
3.1.9 Values Integration

4. Law Enforcement

4.1 Community Ordinance

4.2 Crime Prevention

5. Disaster Assistance

5.1 Disaster Relief

5.2 Fire Fighting Skills
5.3 Bomb threats
5.4 Survival Techniques
5.5 Review Application of First Aid

G. Graduation

1. Before graduation day each year/training, SBS-JP program based on their scope of
expected training will choose one in actual drills situation presented and shall be
held in school in which other students may witness and will be encourage to join.
2. Caps, medals, trophies, and other similar awards shall be given to all SBS-JP

H. Application / Implementation

1. SBS-JP graduates with true certification from the office are recognized member
and can apply the training learned on the school and the community.
2. Members can serve the school and the community as a recognized and respected
Junior Police Officer.