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The real value of Blockchains

ne way to consider a blockchain project is through its market cap. Another way, closer
to the real value, is observing the activity on the blockchain. Lots of FUD and HYPE are responsible
for "misplaced" capital in the cryptocurrency space. Here, we are observing which project is actually
being used by people, which is in our opinion, the best predictive indicator of value you can have.

Blockchain Activity Matrix

Let's discover the other face of the Blockchain !

Activity Index Price

# Name Activity ⓘ Average (7d)ⓘ Record ⓘ AVI ⓘ CUI ⓘ Market Cap ⓘ Price

1 ETH ⓘ 1,127,730Tx 1,181,212Tx 1,372,918Tx 8 ⓘ $ 109 B $ 1,125

2 STEEM ⓘ 1,056,897Tx 1,298,844Tx 1,388,172Tx 503 ⓘ $ 1.6 B $ 6.51

3 BTS ⓘ 514,236Tx 436,885Tx 1,021,921Tx 187 ⓘ $ 2.1 B $ 0.8039

4 BTC ⓘ 359,541Tx 362,529Tx 497,349Tx 1.0 ⓘ $ 274 B $ 16,336

5 GOLOS ⓘ 207,512Tx 130,538Tx 336,089Tx 2,829 ⓘ $ 0.056 B $ 0.4494

6 LTC ⓘ 147,460Tx 165,127Tx 226,968Tx 7 ⓘ $ 16 B $ 288

7 ETC ⓘ 58,840Tx 62,118Tx 75,267Tx 11 ⓘ $ 4.1 B $ 41.09

8 DOGE ⓘ 48,028Tx 48,304Tx 49,940Tx 19 ⓘ $ 1.9 B $ 0.0172

9 BCH ⓘ 36,709Tx 39,049Tx 136,257Tx 0.6 ⓘ $ 48 B $ 2,861

10 ZEC ⓘ 16,454Tx 13,706Tx 17,613Tx 5 ⓘ $ 2.7 B $ 887

11 DASH ⓘ 14,245Tx 13,974Tx 20,849Tx 1 ⓘ $ 10 B $ 1,296

13 PPY ⓘ 17Tx 10Tx 999Tx 0.2 ⓘ $ 0.068 B $ 17.22

More about the indexes and values


Transaction and operation:

On the blockchain, a transaction would be a simple operation between two people

sending and receiving a crypotocurrency. An operation could be a transaction but it
could be anything else.
Blockchains have evolved and you can now do a variety of operations such as create
assets, create, delete or fill an order and so on. Operations works like transactions, they
need an allocated space on blocks and confirmation time before being accepted by the
As we discover the potential of blockchain technology, these operations will diversify
and blockchains only allowing simple transfer will be things of the past. Block'tivity
considers the overall activity counting the operation (transactions and other
operations) realized on the blockchain.

Activity (24H) & Activity (7d):

Block'tivity is using several sources to gather the blockchain usage data. To make it
simple, at least for the first iteration of this website, the average daily and weekly
activity will be refreshed every 24h.

This column is self explanatory but just in case, it's the number of transactions ever
recorded on these blockchains.

Activity Valuation Index (AVI):

This is one of the most interesting data points on the website. This index takes the
Bitcoin value (market cap) and the number of transactions (Tx) per day and makes it an
index set to "1". Then, it varies with the other blockchains data. The index grows when
the blockchain is very active and its market cap is low.
A blockchain with the same amount of Tx as Bitcoin but with only half of its market cap
would have an AVI of 2. From the investor point of view, it would be twice as valuable
as Bitcoin because it would have the same level of activity with only half the market
cap. Another blockchain with half the amount of Bitcoin Tx with the same market cap
would have an AVI of 0.5.
We can see blockchains like BitShares and Steem having very high index values. That is
explained by the fact that they have a very low market caps but they process the same
kind of Bitcoin activity or more.

Capacity Utilizatioin Index (CUI):

This index is straightforward. It represents the actual blockchain usage and the
remaining available capacity. Have a look at how many Tx have been recorded during a
day and see how much more capacity the blockchain has left. You will be surprised!
Transactions on the most
active blockchains (7 days

Rest: 12.8 %

ETH: 31.…
BTC: 9.6 %

BTS: 11.6 %

STEEM: 34.5 %
Market cap of the most
active blockchains

BTS: 0.5 %

ETH: 28.2 %

STEEM: 0.4 %

BTC: 70…

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