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Name of the Project: “OLYMPIC PRIDE-II”
Plot No. A1/6, Block-A, Scheme-41, Surjani Town, Karachi.

The Karachi Building Control Authority hereby informs General Public

that NOC for Sale & Advertisement of Shops / Residential Flats at above noted project
has been issued vide No. KBCA/DCB(D-II)/920/ADV-431/2009, dated: 21-11-2009 to
1) Mr. M. Aamir Adhia 2) S. Shahzad Ali 3)M. Sharif Paracha (Co-owners) on
behalf of M/s. CS Carporation, Builder Lic. No. BL- 2869
The Project consists of Basement (Parking) + Ground Floor (Shops +
Recreation + Flats) 1st to 4th Upper Floors (Residential Flats) only. As per approved
Architectural Concept Plan vide No. KBCA/DCB-II(Gadap Town)/2009/525,
dated: 10-11-2009.
Proposed date of completion: 31-12-2014.
Architect: Mr. Raza Abbas, (Lic. No. Al-01-655).
Structural Engineer: Mr. Aziz Ahmed, (Lic. No. SE-06-24).

Units offered for sale are as under:

Flat Category Floor No. of Covered Area Unit Price Rs. Each
Units In Sq. ft
st th
A 1 To 4 48 906.04 Rs. 25,37,000/-
B Ground To 4 60 665.12 Rs. 16,62,000/-
C Ground To 4th 70 382.47 Rs. 10,70,000/-
C-1 Ground To 4th 10 382.47 Rs. 10,70,000/-
D 1st To 4th 48 359.85 Rs. 10,08,000/-
D-1 1st To 4th 16 656.18 Rs. 18,37,000/-
D-2 1st To 4th 08 359.85 Rs. 10,08,000/-
SHOPS Ground 20 5213.20 @ Rs. 8,,000/-
(Total) Per/ Sq.ft

- Above mentioned prices does not includes documentation / Utilities Connection
Charges/ Floor, Corner, Road Facing Charges etc. Extra Charges will be as followed:
- Documents Charges as per Clause 5-1.13 of KB&TPR-2002-2007.
- Corner Charges = 2% of Unit Price.
- West Open Charges = 2% of Unit Price.
- Road Facing Charges = 1% of Unit Price.
- Payment should be made to the builder strictly in accordance with the following
schedule of payment based on stage of construction at site through pay


S.No. Stage of Construction Installment

1 On Booking 5%
2 On Confirmation 5%
3 On completion of Plinth of concerned Block. 5%
4 On casting of Column of concerned Block 5%
5 On cast of Roof Slab of concerned Floor 5%
6 On completion of Block Masonry of concerned Unit 5%
7 On completion of Sanitary & Plumbing work of concerned Unit 5%
8 On completion of Plaster of concerned Unit 5%
9 On completion of Finishing of the concerned Unit 10%
10 On Possession. 10%
11 Balance 40% in Equal quarterly installments. 40%

KBCA further advises General public to sign a written agreement with the
Builder / Developer at the time of booking on Rs.20/- Stamp Paper in accordance with
MODEL AGREEMENT of KBCA as per Clause (4), Section 12 of SBCO-1979 upto
date, within 30 days of booking of unit and before issuance of allocation letter. The
Agreement will be got counter signed / witnessed by the Authorized Officer of the
Authority within 15 days, other wise builder will not allowed to collect further payment /
installments as per approved scheduled of payment otherwise KBCA will not act an
arbitrator in any dispute between the Builder / Developer and Allottee.

Copy of MODEL AGREEMENT may be obtained from Designed Section, KBCA Civic
Centre, 4th Floor, Annexe Building.

Karachi Building Control Authority

Design Section, 4 Floor, Annexe Building, Civic Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.