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4Ps of Balmer Lawrie


Industrial Packaging

Balmer Lawrie is India's leading manufacturer of MS drums holding the largest

market share in the country The company has a distributed manufacturing base with
factories in:

 Taloja - Navi mumbai

 Asaoti

 Kolkata

 Chennai

 Chittoor

 Silvassa

Balmer Lawrie's drums are manufactured in a range of various thickness

configurations to suit different type of products (solid and liquid), type of filling (cold
and hot), stack ability (conical and cylindrical) etc. Our product range in the Industrial
packing segment consists of:

1. Plain Steel Drums (Tight Head & Open Head)

2. Lacquer Lined Drums (Tight Head & Open Head)

3. Composite Drums

4. Galvanized Drums

5. Asepton Drums

6. Conical Drums

Greases & Lubricants

BALMEROL is our premier brand of Industrial, Automotive and Specialty Range of

Lubricants that has achieved an enviable position in today's competitive Market. We
have succeeded in maintaining our technical superiority by enabling our qualified
engineers and scientists a free hand to innovate and constantly improve our
products in our state of the art Laboratories.

BALMEROL range of greases includes:

 Multipurpose greases
 Extreme pressure greases

 Molybdenum greases

 Long Life greases

 High temperature greases

 Eco friendly/Bio degradable greases

BALMEROL range of oils include

 Synthetic cold rolling oils

 Rust preventive oils

 Hydraulic oils

 Industrial gear oils

 Automotive gear oils

 Fil bearing oils

 Compressor oils

 High demulsibility oils

 Automotive crank case oils

 Auto transmission oils

 Compounded oils

 Fire resistant Hydraulic Fluids

BALMEROL also manufactures

 Wax base wire rope compounds

 Gear compounds with solvents

 Gear compounds

 Bituminous compounds with rope

 Eco friendly gear lubricants

 Leather Chemicals

Balmer Lawrie entered the Leather Chemicals industry in the mid 80s initiating production in
Chennai, based on scaling up of a technology developed jointly with CLRI (Central Leather
Research Institute), Chennai. Since then, Balmer Lawrie has achieved many milestones,
foremost amongst which is becoming the market leaders of Synthetic Fat Liquors. The
company markets Syntanes to the Leather Tanneries across the country under the Brand
name of "Balmol".

BL has a state-of-the-art Production Development Center at Chennai which is fully equipped

with all modern facilities to evaluate the applications of leather chemicals.

While BL has its manufacturing plant and Product Development Center in Chennai, it has
Technical Service Centers spread all over India in cities such as Kolkata, Kanpur, Ranipet,
Ambur etc.

BL businesses are built on indigenous technology which is steadily upgraded with modern
advancements. The plants are ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.

Travel & Vacations

As one of the largest travel & tour operator in the country Balmer Lawrie Travel &
Vacations provides end-to-end domestic and international travel services including -
ticketing, tourism and MICE related services to its clients. It is one of the oldest IATA
accredited travel agencies of India.

Wherever you want to go, whether on business trip or on holiday, planning your
itinerary, designing tailor-made packages (group/personal) and travel schedules,
guiding you on places to visit, things to do whether it's adventure, sports, wellness or
pleasure, Balmer Lawrie takes holidaying to an entirely new level.

Operating from more than 88 locations across 19 cities in the country, Balmer Lawrie
works round the clock to provide reliable and cost effective travel solutions to its

You can visit our online Travel & Vacations portal or each us 24x7
on 1800-200-2300 / 1800-102-7588. For Domestic and International
packages ; Toll Free No. 1800 103 9889

We have a dedicated team of professionals who excel at providing exemplary travel

advice. Our clients include major Central Government Ministries, Public Sector
Undertakings, Autonomous Bodies and Corporate houses. Majority of our offices are
ISO certified.

Logistics Services
Balmer Lawrie ventured in Logistics Services as early as the 19th Century. We have
continuously grown since then offering a wide range of seamless logistics solutions
to our clients. We have a strong national as well as global network which is managed
by a competent team of experts supplemented by latest communication facilities.
Balmer Lawrie LS offers complete logistics solutions for all types of cargo and is a
reputed IATA accredited facility. Our services include handling both inbound and
outbound cargo including normal over dimensional perishable, temperature sensitive
and dangerous consignments. We ensure quick and timely door to door delivery
services anywhere in the country to anywhere in the globe. We have also made our
presence felt in air craft chartering, air lifting sensitive defence equipment,
helicopters, missiles and satellite paths to destinations around the world.

Balmer Lawrie has managed to secure the no. 1 position among India's ocean cargo
operators. We offer services that include non-vessel operating common carriers
(N.V.O.C.C), multi modal transport operation, vessel chartering, door to door
movement for break bulk, project cargo logistics management and turnkey
execution. Ably backed by multi-location logistics infrastructure services, the logistics
service division ensures quick storage and retrieval for all its cargo across the

We have ensured that with an enviable range of leading corporate clients, a world-
wide network and offices strategically located at international airports and seaports
of the country, we have all factors necessary for being an efficient provider of world
class logistics services. With over 40 well reputed associates around the world, we
provide round the clock information regarding position and transit of goods ensuring
cost effectiveness and on time delivery.

Logistics Services provides the following services:

 International freight forwarding by ocean, air and multi-modal transportation

 Air Chartering and Vessel Chartering

 Warehousing and distribution

 Custom House Agency at all major ports/airports

 Project Logistics Management

 Door to Door delivery

Some major USPs of Logistics Services includes:

 Regular consolidation services from all major international airports to India

 Specialization in handling aerospace refinery & oilfield equipment for over 20 years

 Chartering of all types of aircrafts with transit/over flying permit

 Association with experienced IATA agents in more than 40 Countries

 Provision of door to door services including Customs clearance activity at all airports/seaports with
dedicated & trained person

 Specialization in handling high value time sensitive cargo

 Handling of sensitive defence equipment, satellites for the defence forces etc.
Logistics Infrastructure
Balmer Lawrie has three state of the art Container Freight Stations at Kolkata, Mumbai and
Chennai that form part of our SBU: Logistics Infrastructure. Our warehousing and distribution
facilities in Kolkata and Coimbatore are testimonies of our ability of being able to
successfully handle a whole range of cargo promptly and safely. We are entirely equipped
for secure handling and on time delivery of cargo, whether it is over dimensional, perishable,
temperature sensitive or standard cargo.

Balmer Lawrie LI provides an array of services to the export-import trade.

We take pride in being amongst the leaders in Logistics Infrastructure in the country
and offer the following services to our customers:

 Transportation of containers to/from ports

 Full Container Load (FCL) delivery

 De-stuffing, storage and delivery

 Handling over dimensional and out of gauge containers

 Handling and monitoring reefer containers

 Consolidation and de-consolidation of Less Container Load (LCL)

 Handling of cargo for exports

 Covered warehousing facility for storage of EXIM cargo

 Handling and storing Break Bulk Cargo

 General & Bonded Warehousing (covered & open)

 Tracking of Containers using RFID and SMS facility

Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. (BL) started as a Partnership Firm on 1 February 1867. Today Balmer
Lawrie is a Mini-Ratna I Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural
Gas, Government of India, with a turnover of ₹2895 crores and a profit of ₹234 crores as of
March 31, 2016.[1][2] It became a Private limited company in 1924 with a Paid up share capital of
₹40 lakhs, a Public limited company in 1936 and then a Government of India Enterprise in
Along with its six joint ventures in India and abroad, today it is a conglomerate with a presence in
both manufacturing and service sectors. BL products include steel barrels, industrial greases,
specialty lubricants, corporate travel and logistics services. It has a presence in performance
chemicals and logistics infrastructure.
It is the largest manufacturer of steel barrels in India.[3] The company is headquartered in Kolkata,
and has offices throughout India and in Bedford in the UK.
The advantage of Balmer Lawrie having its CFS in three major locations, the strength of
relationship with major shipping companies through its other activity Logistics Services, its
efficiency of operations and ability to offer integrated and customized services are
continuously providing opportunities for growth for the business
Today SBU:T&V is one of the largest tours & travel operators in the country, which provides
end to end domestic and international travel, ticketing, tourism 9 and MICE related services
to its clients. It is one of the oldest IATA accredited travel agencies of India operating from
more than 88 locations across 19 cities in the country.
As a part of its Strategic Plan, your Company has consistently been looking for opportunities
for setting up logistics infrastructure facilities at ports and inland locations
The Indian Warehousing industry of late has transformed itself into an active one by
providing Value Added Services (VAS). With implementation of GST, India would become a
uniform, common market for Goods and services, breaking state barriers and borders. This
would lead to re-engineering of warehousing strategy by various manufacturers and Logistics
companies. Decisions on location of warehouses will no longer be driven by tax
considerations in the GST regime, interstate transactions would be on par with intrastate
transactions as far as applicable taxes are concerned.
In addition Items such as consumables, stationaries, contract Services such as maintenance,
Labor supply contract etc. Are issued to vendors/supplies that falls within a 50 Km periphery
of the plant location. Balmer Lawrie’s carries out a number of capacity building and skill
development training programmes for the local and small vendors.

Introduction of the Daily Media Update covering company news, news from the Oil & Gas sector and
initiatives of the government. Ø

Regular publication of Weekly Media Update, BL Online Monthly Bulletin, BL Organizational Gazette,
the quarterly house magazine. These publications are available on the Company website.

Town Hall Meetings: An open house providing a platform to employees to interact with the whole
time Directors. Ø

The revamped Company Intranet launched in 2016, is more interactive, user-friendly and content
rich, and is regularly updated. Ø

Work on revamping the Corporate Film and the SBU versions began. Ø
The empanelment exercise undertaken to empanel consulting agencies in the areas of Advertising &
Branding, Digital Marketing & Branding, PR and Media Planning & Buying was completed. The
external communication initiatives, especially from a branding perspective include : Ø

Special BL Calendar was designed with the theme of ‘Service to the Nation’ to mark the 150 years
celebrations. Ø

The Annual Report cover and the New Year Greeting card carried the 150 years logo and was
specially designed to highlight Balmer Lawrie’s journey of one and a half centuries. Ø

Media Coverage: Corporate Reports in business magazines/papers and coverage of CSR initiatives
etc. Ø

Branding of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and other similar initiatives were undertaken Ø SBU specific
Microsites were completed for go live. Ø

Branding in Exhibitions and Corporate events highlighting the milestone of completion of 150 years
was done. Ø

Regular updates related to company events, initiatives of Hon’ble Prime Minister and Ministry of
Petroleum & Natural Gas are posted on the Balmer Lawrie Facebook and Twitter pages.


The Leather Chemicals industry is highly competitive comprising of reputed MNCs and domestic
companies as well as small local and transnational players. Bigger players offer a range of products
across all three segments such as beamhouse, wet-end and finishing, while smaller players may offer
products limited to 38 one segment or even a sub-segment. More organized and reputed players
adopt pull strategy by generating orders through technical services, while small local players adopt
push strategy by aggressively pricing their products and as a replacement to an already established
product of competitor. Others follow a mix of push and pull strategy.

During the year under review, despite severe price competition from PSU Oil Companies, major
MNCs and other private players, the SBU has been able to better its overall performance level in
terms of production and sales as compared to last year.

Excess manufacturing capacity in the Industrial packing leading to depressed pricing and margins

Volatility in the steel Industry leading to unstable pricing at balmer Lawrie

During the year, SBU:IP maintained its profitability in spite of increase in steel prices.

The bottomline for the year has, however, been affected due to abnormal increase in price of
Lithium Hydroxide, increase of base oil prices in the second half of the year and increase of other
input costs which could not be passed on to the customers fully because of the competitive market
situation and contractual delivery terms.

The SBU:LC sees opportunity in increasing sales through newly introduced products, matching the
quality offered by products of reputed MNCs and yet competitively priced.

The increase in profit is mainly attributable to better price management coupled with a profitable
product mix and reduction in raw material and other costs, achieved during the current financial
During the year, the SBU maintained its profitability in spite of increase in steel prices. The SBU
achieved higher sales through stabilization of the Navi Mumbai plant and improvement in
operational efficiencies through Operational Excellence across various manufacturing units.

Shrinking market of leather due to substitution products such as synthetic leather, environmental
issues pertaining to leather manufacturing, attractive price of imported chemicals due to
devaluation of Euro and limited availability of hides due to regulations are some of the threats being
envisaged by the SBU.

The SBU has achieved significant profits through increase in domestic sales coupled with cost
reduction & efficiency improvement initiatives and reduction in prices of major raw materials.

Currency fluctuations impact the earnings of the leather exporters as well as the price of imported
chemicals. Adverse effect due to currency fluctuations has direct as well as indirect impact on the
SBU’s business

The global terror attacks, epidemics and internal disturbances has led to tourists either cancelling or
deferring their holiday plans which has led to relatively lower rate of occupancy and with increased
competition, even hotels were offering lower than average room prices. These trends affected the
performance of the vacations unit.