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Grade 11

Marketing Plan

Product Name:​ Fold-Em’ Cups

Group Members:​ Urim Byoun, Mafe Reyes, Jorge Basadre, Angelo Benham, Valentina
Link to presentation here:
SECTION 1 – Market Research

Research Objectives
What do you want to find out from your research?
- Age of the target audience
- Color of the bottle
- Selling points
- Social media use for marketing
- People who are willing to participate in the focus group discussions

What specific questions do you need to answer?

- Who exactly will be our segmented target audience?
- What are the most effective media tools to promote the product using social network
- What is the most appealing color for the bottle?

Primary Research
What primary research did you carry out?
- Survey
- Interview

Survey is probably one of the most common ways to collect data for a specific purpose,
especially when planning, designing and promoting a product in a market. We chose online
surveys as one of our primary research methods because of it’s practicality. Computer software
(google forms) help us to collate quantitative and quantitative research data which saves us a
lot of time and resources.
Interviews, which involve one-to-one discussions between an interviewer and interviewees, is
another methods we chose to gather the helpful data for our project. Its primary use is to
investigate the segmented customers’ personal circumstances and opinions.
Explain your sample size and sampling method.

We chose two sampling methods for the research. First one is random sampling, which involves
giving everyone in FDR middle school, high school and faculty an equal chance of being
selected for the sample. Using information from a database (amersol mailing system), we chose
the respondents randomly from the school. We decided to use this methods because all
members of FDR have very similar characteristics (same school, similar economic class,
language, etc). This method also might help to minimise bias or unrepresentative samples being
judgmentally selected.
The second methods is convenience sampling. We, as students of FDR, often use our
classmates and teachers in a research study. For this project, we approached some of them
and interviewed them in order to get the data quickly and easily. One disadvantage is that it
excludes a large proportion of the population, but our first method solves that problem pretty

Data and charts.

Approximately 70% (53.6 + 15.2) of the answer said that they are 10 to 25 years old, which
means the students (from elementary, middle and high school) of FDR can be our segmented
16.7% of the responses say they bring disposable water bottles to school which means there
are high possibilities for them to purchase our product. However, not everyone (of those who
brings reusable bottles to school) only drinks water at school but also buy drinks in Charlotte
and just throw the plastic bottles away.

About 90 people of 263 people said they buy drinks in Charlotte (more than) once per week.
Blue, green, black and white are favorite colors of the answers. Therefore, we will use these
four colors as the main colors of the product, poster and presentation in order to appeal to the

About three fourths of the responses said they bring water bottles to school
This data allows us to determine which types of social media we will use in order to promote our
product. Facebook, snapchat and instagram are the highest three.

These shows what are the most important factors we use to keep in mind to design the best
water bottle for the customers. The practicality, volume, price are the ones the responses
considered what really matters. However, aesthetics and brand are also crucial factors that
we should consider.
This shows which locations are the most effectively appealing for the audience to purchase
products. Wong and Jockey are the most demanding places.


1. What do you think are the advantages of single-use plastic cups?

- Easy to use, ​practical

2. If you have the opportunity to have a cup that you can use permanently when
buying juice from Charlotte, what would you do?
- Would be interesting to use it
- Like
- will sip it and use it

3. Why do you think decreasing the plastic consumption is important?

- Pollution​ (since most plastic material based products take about ​1000 years ​to
- Peru doesn’t have any regular recycling system nor good landfills

4. What do you think are this product’s strengths?

- Portable​ (easy to carry around), ​volume​ (can be folded)
- Easy to ​clean and rinse​.
- Not easily breakable (depending on the plastic and how thick it is)
- Durable than a paper cup

5. What do you think are this product’s weaknesses?

- Paper cups are starting to become a really useful and well known cup that is
starting to gain more acknowledgement for being easily decomposed and
eco-friendly. (so people might not buy the fold’em cups)
- if the cup is going to be made of ​plastic ​even after being used, ​the material won't
decompose until after possibly 1000 years
- The price, people’s opinion (no long term thoughts), easily accessible

6. Can you tell us the possible improvements we can make of this product?
- Make it bigger
- make it ​eco friendly​ and possibly to know w
​ hat type of size you want​, since if you
are thinking for a male’s jeans pocket sized cup then the size must be big, but if
you are taking into consideration women’s jeans then the size is going to be so
small that it won’t be worth taking it along
- Good informational ​campaign, primary research​ (data)

7. Would you buy this product?

- Yes
- I would buy this product, since i don’t usually carry my water bottle around since I
find it tedious
- yes
- yes

8. Would you be tempted to buy the product if it were to be sold at the school’s
uniform stores?
- For sure
- Definitely, even as a gift
- Will buy it if it’s sold in charlotte area
9. Do you believe it would have an impact on FDR?
- It would have an impact for sure, the use of this product could ​save up to so
many disposable cup through its use​.
- Yes.

Secondary Research
What secondary research did you carry out?
● Government publication
● Government Reports
● University Studies

We thought that these secondary research methods were the best options because we had
solid data from the government gathered with diagrams and graphs of what people chose and
what they liked. First of all, Government Reports are trustworthy and solid data that was
gathered from the people of that vicinity and their opinions. Second of all, studies give the first
hand opinion of our target audience about what they think, how they act, what are they willing to
do and basically it gives us what primary research methods don’t. For example, if you ask
someone how many water bottles and plastic they waste a year they say they don’t know but
studies and reports gather the numbers and data and give you that answer with a reason and

Data and charts.

Main Research Findings
Write a summary of your main research findings

Throughout the secondary research our group conducted, the main findings were as follows;
73%​ of Peru’s population buys their good and food on supermarkets and bodegas, ​45%​ of trash
found on the sea that kills mammals and animals such as sea lions and birds are plastic /plastic
bottles and that in 12 years, the water consumption of every person per year has gone up more
than twice as much. We found these important because this data helped us to find places
where we could sell our product to maximize the sales. When we found out that 45% of trash
that is on the sea is plastic which causes massive number of deaths of animals every year, we
thought that we could use that information to connect with the buyer and apply pathos for them
to buy our reusable water bottle; at the same time, we were discussing how we were going to
say that. Lastly, when we found out that in 12 years people had doubled their water
consumption, we discussed whether to make the prototype larger for more water storage so
people will have to refill it less times.
SECTION 2 – Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Explain how you have segmented your market. Include data. Include at least 3 methods of
- Psychographic​ → our product is linked to people’s attitude, interests and lifestyle. For
example, we are aiming towards people that have an eco friendly perspective, someone
who would be planning to spend money on the product because of its green
- Geographic​ → we would segment our audience to FDR given that the school already
takes socially conscious decisions. The size of our product when it retracts makes the
product more comfortable to take around school. For example as your pocket, lunch bag
or backpack.
- Demographic→​ segmenting on age. Besides having an FDR target audience, we are
aiming towards an age range of 10-19, given the age of interest shown in a survey, and
because of the age of graduation of some students we decided to extent it up to 19.

Target Market
Explain the characteristics of your target market, include data on potential size. Why did you
select this target market?

Our target market, as mentioned above consists on FDR students from ages 10-19 with
eco friendly attitudes, interest and/or lifestyles. ​ ​Even though we would like to target our product
to the whole age range at FDR, based on our survey we saw that 50% of the responses were
from students aged 10-15. We decided to extend it to 19 given that the office is becoming more
strict about handing out plastic cups, and that way it becomes available up to all high school
students. Our eco-friendly product is a perfect daily object for student use, specially given the
country’s current hot temperatures, and the importance of hydration/
- Phase 1 (initial test market): Total students enrolled currently at FDR, 1719

High Sch. 456

8th grade 128
7th grade 111
6th grade 124
5th grade 125
4th grade 114

Total number of kids in our desired age range: 1,059

- Phase 2: if the product shows itself successful at FDR, we would then seek to expand to
other private school first, that have also have a joint venture with Casa Helena stores
and Abugattas

- Phase 3: Join ventures with Wong and Plaza Vea, the most recognized supermarkets,
and allow for them to sell our product and specially advertise it on back to school

- Phase 4: Based on this population pyramid for Peru, we can see

that the total percentage of boys and girls aged from 10-19 is of
Out of the total population of 31,774,000, an approximate of 5,560,450 is
the audience we are planning to target if we were to expand from FDR to all
of Peru.

Who are you main competition? Include a product perception map and strategic group. What
are the USPs of each of your rivals? Include data on price, size, promotions and distribution.
Our main competition consists of large water bottle brands like, O2-Cool, Camelbak, Nalgene,
Polar Bottle, Intak by Thermos, Klean Kanteen, Hydro Flask, S’Well, and Lifefactory.

Your USP
Explain what will make your product stand out from the competition.

Its folding characteristic makes it a comfortable and innovative water bottle. You don’t have to
carry an empty water bottle throughout the day, but with its folding feature you can transport it in
an easy manner inside your pocket.

Marketing Objective
Write and explain your SMART marketing objective.

To incorporate and establish brand recognition on a fold'em cups that focuses on the FDR
students' ideal of comfortability and aesthetics with 100 cups sold in the first month.
SECTION 3 – The Marketing Mix
This is a prototype that we created to have a visual and physical representation of our desired
product. The size of our product was decided to be made the size of a standardize cup size. We
wanted to be able to recreate those “basic cups” that are disposable, and use that same size as
a reusable extend. The amount of water that this cup will be able to hold is approximately 12 oz
(a little bit smaller than a standard solo cup, which is 16 oz). We decided to put the cup to sort of
fold inside together, in layers, so it was easier to compress and expand the cup. Our main goal
was to have it a size that could be able to fit inside a pocket, so we have made the width
(height) ,when it is compressed, to be about 3 cm tall. We want to be able to include a lid that
will able to screw on and off, of course we can not actually create this, so we made prototype of
it. This lid will include a straw with it, but what's particular about this straw is that it can be
transformed into two different purposes. Purpose one is to serve as a straw, of course, and the
second purpose is to serve as a “latch” to keep the cup intack and in place when it is
compressed. We have included a hold at the bottom of the cup, where the straw can be inserted
to hold the layers together. The can be bent and put in different formations to serve its purpose.
The color that we chose was green and blue for two reasons, one because it is the color that
they gave in our survey (primary resource) as the most popular color for a water bottle. We also
chose these colors as the representation of being eco-friendly and also being environmental.


- The volume of the bottle should be approximately 12 to 15 oz.

- The cup must fold inside together in layers to make it easier to compress and expand the
- The cup should fit inside a pocket. When compressed, its height should not be bigger
than 3cm.
- The straw that comes with the cup must have a compressing characteristic which then
serves to hold and secure the contracted cup together.
- The final product should be in two colors: green and blue.
- At least 80% of the target audience should be satisfied with the aesthetics and functions
of the bottle.
- The price of the cup shouldn’t be more expensive than 20 soles.


We decided the the component of our “Fold’em cup” will be made from ​silicon​, since it is a
material that allows the cup to have the folding and retractable characteristic that we
designated. The silicone material also makes it easy to clean, and just in case, heat tolerant.

Why is your product’s name? Why did you select it?

Fold Em’ Cups. We selected it because it is a catchy name that tells the audience right away
what is special about our product, and why they should buy it. The name itself describes the
whole function of the product, and our goal was to try to find a title that was practical yet also
had a connection with the specialty that our product has.

Why is your product’s slogan? Why did you select it?

Sip ‘Em, Fold ‘Em, Put ‘Em in Your Pocket! Our slogan is an adaptation of the popular child
phrase Zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket, which is a phrase that everyone has heard before.
When hearing our slogan the tone will sound familiar to them, inclining them towards looking
more closely at our product. Also, those are the three basic steps (other than filling the bottle,
obviously) that it takes to carry this bottle around, demonstrating the simplicity with which one’s
experience with water bottles can change. The “Put’em in your
pocket!” phrase isn’t only referring to the literal placing of the
product in one’s pocket but it serves to emphasize its practicality
of being portable and a “to go” product.

Explain the pricing strategy you have selected.
We will use the Price Penetration strategy, which involves
introducing a product with a price much lower than the one set
by its competitors in order to create customer loyalty and brand recognition. Once our
customers are established we will have the opportunity to raise our price to maximize revenue.

Explain what above the line promotion you are going to use. How will your decision help you
meet your stated marketing objective?
We will use both lines of promotion:
● Above the Line Promotion: We will create a Facebook page and record a video ad in
order to get people outside our school or that we don’t necessarily know enough to tell
about our product in person, to learn about Fold Em’ Cups. We will also create a poster
which will be hung outside the High School office, where students go for cups of water
and ice.
● Below the Line Promotion: Given that one of the biggest traits of our product is to be
eco-friendly, our below the line promotion would consist of email campaigns. Through
this students, faculty, and FDR parents can be informed about this product, its
characteristics, price and selling point, with short, simple emails that won’t be sent out
too often so they don’t become junk mail.

Embed a copy of your commercial here, (upload to YouTube).

Fold’ Em Cups Commercial: ​


Awwww yeah they fold!

*in the beat with no music*

Zip em
Fold em
Put it in your pocket

Everybody out there go find your cups

Put some water, chug it down it's time for Fold’em Cups

They keep you hydrated in the school

So sit down grab your book and don’t leave the room

Cause you can take them anywhere you want

and you don't want to lose it

Its Fold’em Cups, like do you even have one

Fold’em Cups or should I say cups that fold

But you gotta buy yours cuz,

Everyone is looking
You gotta be the king so
No more excuses

Bring money and pay the cup

Coz they're always being bought

This ain't a san luis or that pink mystery

It's just the Fold’em cups in your vicinity

Wait, somebody is in trouble

Is that the cup?
Oh fold,fold,fold,fold,fold,fold em cups

Fold’Em Cups Poster:

Poster Design: We have used the pocket to symbolize the practicalness off the product and its
purpose. The poster shows our products name, our slogan, and even the transformation of what
our product does. On the left we see a representation of what our product’s poster would look
like in public.

Facebook​: We are going to use Facebook as our marketing place. According to our primary
research we were able to see that the majority of people use facebook more than any other
social media. By using facebook we have the liberty to create the product’s own page plus use
the school’s page as advertising given that we are going to sell the product on campus.
Here you can see the process of us creating the logo from beginner step. The process shows
our different ideas that were incorporated and also you can see the different changes that we
did in order to get to our final “logo”

Explain your guerilla marketing campaign. Include images.

For our guerilla campaign, we wanted to make something that would be seen and would be
heard throughout our target audience. We chose that the perfect place to put this was at the
secondary school office window, where plastic cups are placed there for students to have quick
access to the cups. We decided to make an interactive poster, where the cups will be place in
the middle, inside the hole that was made for it. Our whole purpose to this product is for it to be
reusable and eco friendly to the environment, so we thought that the best idea to give out an
unforgettable message to our audience was to give an impacting fact. Our fact was, “it takes
500-1000 years for plastic to degrade” (Eco Watch). We believe big number give a big impact,
so we thought this fact was the perfect fit. To make our poster even more interactive, we made
the whole to where the cups will go to be the “0” to the 500. This way our audience can have a
direct view to our poster. We added strong and bold colors as well to stand out from the ordinary
so that it can be seen, big texts were added aswell to give a stronger and bold feel to the
“important” words on the poster. Finally, at the top we added the name of our business and its
logo so that the students know where it is coming from and what the products that they are
advertising looks like.

Explain where you have decided to distribute your product.
We will sell our product in the Casa Helena and Abugattas stores in campus where all the other
reusable water bottles are sold, and thus, with our Penetration Pricing strategy so that the
customers can easily compare our low prices to those of the competition, and also with the
conveniency of our product, buy ours over another. Also, these locations are places where
people go prepared to buy something, meaning that they have money with them, and can buy
our product. Having them in display will automatically grab people’s attention when going to buy
SECTION 4 – Control Tools
Explain how you are going to evaluate if you have met your stated marketing objective.

Our marketing objective is:

To incorporate and establish brand recognition on fold'em cups that focuses on the FDR
students' ideal of comfortability and aesthetics with 100 cups sold in the first month.

If we have met our stated marketing objective in the future, there are certain ways to evaluate
our project. The brand recognition on our brand “Fold’em cups” is the most crucial point of the
statement. To specifically evaluate this point, we need to see if we have achieved the given goal
which is to sell ​at least 100 cups in the first month​.

Moreover, we have to make sure if we have created a product that actually focuses on the FDR
students’ ideal of comfortability and aesthetic. Based on the given specifications, we will
compare the final product to the ‘ideal cup’ for the segmented audience and then find ways to
improve the cups in order to perfectionate them and satisfy the customers. Another way of
knowing whether the audience is satisfied or not, is to design ​another survey​ and send it to
them to ask their opinions on our final cup.

Since our selling point is going to consist of ​Casa Helena and Abugattas​ (both uniform stores)
located on campus, through the use of receipts, and the delivered amount of cups, we would be
able to tell how many items were sold. If the number of water cups sold were to exceed 100 in
the one month period we would be able to say that we met our marketing objective. Based on
this accomplishment, we, as the ambassadors, ​could determine whether to expand our selling
point.​ It would then be reasonable to expand our selling points to other Casa Helena’s and
Abugattas stores in other private schools, like Colegio Peruano Britanico, Markham, etc.
Because of the joint venture that we seek with both these uniform stores we would have more
facility to distribute our product to a wider audience, still within our segmented audience.