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assignment on Customer Satisfaction At Janata Bank Ltd.

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Customer Satisfaction
Janata Bank Ltd.
Professor Dr. Altaf Jalil
Department of Management Studies
Faculty of Business Studies
University Of Dhaka

Letter of Transmittal
March 14, 20013
Dr. Altaf Jalil
Department of Management Studies
University of Dhaka
Subject: Solicitation for Acceptance of the Internship Report.
Dear sir,
I am very much pleased to submit the internship report on “Customer satisfaction: A Handy Experience from Janata Bank at Mirpur-1 Branch” which is
essential requirement for the completion of BBA program. This report is a result of the Internship program that I have conducted during specified time. All
the works presented here is done with utmost sincerely and honesty. I have tried my level best to make this report comprehensive and informative as
possible within the time allowed.
Apart from the academic knowledge gained, this internship program and preparation of report has given me the opportunity to acquaint myself with a
reputed Development Financial Institution. I believe that the experience I acquired from this study will be an invaluable asset in my life. This is a complete
one and sincerely looks forward to any possible correction.
I am very glad that you have given the opportunity to prepare this report for you and hope that this report will meet the standards of your judgment. Any
limitations in my report will subject to your kind full consideration.
Yours truly,
Nazmun Nahar
Roll no. 71
Section-A, BBA 15th batch

converted by
Department of Management Studies
University Of Dhaka

No work can be completed by one individual without the help of others. In every step of this study many individuals and institutional experts supported
me. It gives me an immense pleasure to acknowledge them with my gratitude.

I would like to acknowledge the assistance of my internship supervisor Dr. Altaf Jalil, Professor, Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka
for providing me all guidance and support that I needed. Her sincere guidance, untiring cooperation, valuable suggestion and inspirations of creating a
unique report enabled me to overcome all the problems during the course of my internship program and while preparing this report.

At first I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving me the strength and composure to finish the task within the schedule time.
In writing this report I have drawn materials from a variety of sources.

I would also like to thank Md. Abdul Mannan(BM), Md. Kabita Rani Paul(ABM), Begum Morsheda Sultana, Rani Bala Nath,Mrs Masura
Khatun, Md. Abdulla Al-Mamun, Md. Jahid Hasan, Md. Arifur Rahaman Khan,Mrs Momotaz Parvin, Md.Golam Bari,Md. Sohrab
Hossain, Md. Rakib & other officers of Janata Bank at Mirpur-1 Branch, Mirpur-1 for their comments and assistance. I express my
deepest sense of regards and gratitude to them. Finally, my sincere gratitude goes to my family and friends for supporting me, sharing
their thought and giving me the moral support during the preparation of this report.

Nazmun Nahar

Roll no. 71
Section-A, BBA 15th batch
Department of Management Studies
University Of Dhaka

Table of Contents
CHAPTER-1: Introduction 3-7
1.1 Origin of the report 3
1.2 Statement of the report problem 3
1.3 Rationale of the study 3
1.4 Objectives of the study 3-4
1.5 Scope of the study 4
1.6 Limitation of the study 4
1.7 Literature Review 5-6
1.8 SWOT analysis 6-7
CHAPTER-2: Methodology 9-10
2.1 Population Parameter 9
2.2 Sample size 9
2.3 Sampling method 9
2.4 Data collection procedure 9-10
2.5 Data analysis 10
CHAPTER-3: Organizational profile 12-15
3.1 Company profile 12-13
3.2 Structure & Function 13-14
3.3 Introduction about JB,Mirpur-1 branch 15
Chapter-4: Analysis & Findings 17-24
4.1 Analysis & Findings 17
4.2 Analysis 17-23

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4.3 Summary of the Analysis & Findings 24
Chapter-5 Conclusion & Recommendation 26-27
5.1 Conclusion 26
5. 2 Recommendation 27
Bibliography 29
Appendixes 30-32


JANATA Bank Limited is a progressive Bank in Bangladesh. The Bank was a nationalized bank and was catering the need of the mass business people until
recently when this was corporatized on 21st May 2007. Janata Bank was thus born with a new concept of purposeful banking sub serving the growing and
diversified financial needs of planned economic development of the country. Janata Bank Limited has already established a favorable reputation in the
banking industry of the country. It is one of the leading commercial banks in Bangladesh.

Customer satisfaction is one very important for the reflections of the succession toward progress and expansion for any service institution. Excellence in
customer service helps an organization to build a good position in the market and retain more customers. To keep the customers satisfied, Janata Bank
Limited provides various types of service to its customers. JBL Mirpur-1 branch has three departments. These are: General Banking Department, Foreign
Exchange Department and Credit Department. Through these three departments they serve their customers.

. General banking department provides service to the customers by doing the elementary tasks of the bank. These elementary tasks include account
opening, offering different types of schemes to the customers, different types of bills and fees collection etc. Foreign Exchange department also play vital
role by providing service to the customers. This department has mainly worked remittance section & provided services to its customers.

Credit Department of Janata Bank serves customers by providing them different types of credit facilities according to customers need. Janata Bank does
their best to remain spirited and also they are committed to continuously reviewing both their lending policies and rates to ensure that customers get the
best deals from the bank. They mainly offered two types of loans for serving their customers. These are: Business Loan & Personal/ Retail Loan.

1.1Origin of the report:
This paper is entitled “ Janata Bank Limited” originated from the fulfillment of the internship program. For the internship program, each student is
attached with an organization. My internship was at Janata Bank Ltd., Mirpur-1 branch Dhaka. During my internship, I had to prepare a report under the
supervision of Dr. Altaf Jalil,Professor, Dept. of Management studies, University of Dhaka.

1.2 Statement of the report problem:

A bank is a financial organization which provides different types of services to its customers benefit. It deals with deposits and advances and other related
services. Now the time is very much competitive for every industry as well as in banking industry. To keep the strong position in this competitive industry
banks are frequently looking for ways to offer superior customer service which will facilitate them to prevail and keep customers. Janata bank limited is not
out of this. To maintain its strong position in this competitive world they are also providing different types of services to its customers and trying a lot to
keep their customers satisfied.

1.3 Rationale of the study:

converted by
Due to the increased competition of the increased number of commercial banks and the growing economy, the expectations of the customers have also
increased than ever before. Realizing the present condition, banks, especially the commercial banks are trying to elevate their loan giving service as much
as reachable to their customers. The most serious di iculty facing the financial sector is the high level of interest rate and inflation rate. So it is the duty of
the top management of the commercial banks to work with the situation.

1.4 Objectives of the study:

Broad Objective:

Broad objective is to analyze customer service provided at di erent banking section of the bank. This report will also give the opportunity to relate our
theoretical understanding with actual scenario in the light of banking customer services.

Specific Objective:

 To know about different customer services provided at different sections of the bank.

 To know about present customer satisfaction level of Janata Bank.

 To find out and provide recommendations for the internal and external lacking of providing customers service that would help to Janata Bank
Limited for more progress.
 To study existing banker-customer relationship.
 To know how the bank build customers relationship.
 To know how to provide customers service.

1.5 Scope of the study:

The scope of this report is limited to the Janata Bank Ltd, Mirpur-1 Branch. The scope of the report is also limited by the information about customer
satisfaction given by the bank. As the report is mainly based on practical observation, the scope was limited to the related department of this report, there
was no scope of going outside the range and also the scope has narrowed to the branch operation and practices.

1.6 limitation of the study:

To prepare a report on the topic like this in a short duration is not easy task.From the beginning to end; the study has been conducted with the intention of
making it as a complete and truthful one. In preparing this report some problems and limitations have been encountered which are as follows:

 Insu iciency of required information. There is various information the bank employees cannot provide due to security and other corporate
 As the data, in most cases, are not in organized way, I failed to process all information.
 Major part of this report is based on the face to face interviews, which consists of view and opinion of those people.
 Due to time limitation, many of the aspects could not be discussed in the report.
· Since the bank personnel were very busy, they could not pay enough time.
 Lack of opportunity to access to internal data.
 I had to base on secondary data for preparing this report.
 Legal action related information was not available

1.7 Literature Review:

converted by
Customer’s satisfaction means to provide customers with good services in order to earn profit . As service providing organization, providing best service is
one of the mottos of the commercial banks. With the customer’s perception as well as satisfaction, the mirror image of service quality in private commercial
banks can be obtained. The achievement of the customer’s satisfaction is the key feedback to improve service quality for any organization. Prime bank Ltd.
is a swift rising Private Sector Bank and the Bank is already at the top slot in terms of quality service and value addition to the customers. The bank made
pleasing improvement in all areas of its business operation.

From the beginning of the operation of Janata Bank Limited they are very much concern about customers satisfaction. From the past they are dealing with
customer’s satisfaction and time to time they are improving themselves and upgrading their service quality to satisfy their customers. Customer
satisfaction is a very much important issue to them

Janata Bank serves its customers through their three departments. The services those JBL offers to satisfy its customers are given below:

Customer Services of General Banking Department:

By performing different types of activities this department provides services to its customers. The services provided by this department :

v Opening of different types of account.

v Opening Different Savings & Deposit Scheme

v Issue of cheque book.

v Transfer and closing of account.

v Enquiry of account.

v Checking The Signature of the client

v Locker opening & closing

Customer Services of Foreign Exchange Department:

Foreign exchange department provides service through three sections under foreign exchange department. These are:

v Export section

v Import section

v Foreign Remittence section

Customer Services of Credit Department:

Credit Department of JBL serves customers by providing them different types of loans according to customers need. JBL strive to remain competitive and
are committed to constantly reviewing both their lending policies and rates to ensure that customers get the best deals from them. They mainly offered
two types of loans.There are:


1. Janata Bank Ltd. is maintaining a strong capital base. It have enough capital to innovate product for satisfying customer’s demand.

2. Janata Bank Ltd. has a very good relationship with its customers.

converted by
3. Liquidity position is a major criterion to measure a bank’s strength. It have enough liquidity to meet customer demand.

4. Janata Bank Ltd. has a very efficient management. This is close relationshipbetween the employees & customers.

5. The asset of JBL is very high quality. The major portion of this asset is loan and advances


1. Lack of online banking customersservice.

2. Lack of proper technology

3. The pay scale of employees in JBL is not very good. This creates dissatisfaction among the employees. They discouraged to give their best e ort in the
job to the customer.
4. JanataBank Ltd. has its own training Institute to strengthen the capabilities of human resources. However, it is not always possible to give thorough
training on customer satisfaction.


1. Janata Bank Ltd. is growing very quickly all over the country. Besides expanding branch in the rural areas for better customer service

2. Janata Bank Training Institute (JBTI) is supporting the bank by offering in house training courses, workshop and seminar.

3. Provide quality service is one of the major goals of JBL. The bank has the prospect to select high quality banking so ware which will make the banking
operation fast and smooth.


1. The level of competition raises and creates threat for Janata Bank Ltd.
2. The compensation package of Janata Bank Ltd. is not attractive. Though the employees of JBL gets fair financial and other benefits, the base pay is not
3. Due to bureaucratic system customers can not get proper service


The study is performed based on the information extracted from di erent sources collected by using a specific methodology. To fulfill the objectives of this
report total methodology has been divided into five major parts:

2.1 Population Parameter:

converted by
Since It was trying to assess the satisfaction level of various factors of customer’s satisfaction customer service, present banker-customer relationship
etc. It have surveyed the Janata Bank’s employees & customer.

2.2 Sample Size: The sample size has been 40.

2.3 Sampling Method:
Data collection has been done based on convenient random sampling through face to face interview of the employees & customers of the Janata Bank.
There can not be enough facility to use others sampling mrthod due to lacking of customer’s co-operation, small branch, lacking of time etc.

2.4 Data collection Procedure:

In order to make the report more meaningful and presentable, two sources of data and information have been used widely.

There are two types of method are follows-

I) Primary data
ii) Secondary data

Primary data:

 It have made questionnaire survey of Janata Bank’s employees.

 Relevant file study as provided by the officers concerned.

 Sharing practical knowledge of officials.

· In-depth study of selected cases

Secondary data:

 Annual report of Janata Bank Limited

 Periodicals Published by Bangladesh Bank
 Office files and documents
 Study related books and journals
 Web sites

2.5 Data Processing & Analysis:

Collected information have then been processed & compiled with the aid of MS Word, Excel & other related computer so ware. Necessary tables have
been prepared on the basis of collected data. Detail explanation and analysis have also been incorporated in the report.

3.1Company Profile
Company history:
Janata Bank Limited is a progressive Banking in Bangladesh. The Bank was a nationalized bank and was catering the need of the mass business people until

converted by
recently when this was corporatized (on 21st May November 2007). TO conducting merchant banking operation a company has been formed a subsidiary by
giving name as” Janata Capital Invesment Limited”. Its starts operation on 26 september,2010. Janata Bank was thus born with a new concept of
purposeful banking sub serving the growing and diversified financial needs of planned economic development of the country.

§ Janata Bank Limited, one of the state owned commercial banks in Bangladesh, has an authorized capital of Tk. 800 crore (approx. US$ 116.79 million),
paid up capital of Tk. 259.39 crore (approx. US$ 37.87 million) and reserve of Tk.292.67 crore (approx. US$ 42.73 million). The Bank has a total asset
of Tk. 24406.11 crore (approx. US$ 3562.94 million) as on 31st December 2007. Immediately a er the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, the erstwhile
United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited were nationalized and renamed as Janata Bank Limited.
§ Janata Bank Limited operates through 883branches including 4 overseas branches at United Arab Emirates. It is linked with 1198 foreign
correspondents all over the world.

Vision Statement:
The Vision of Janata Bank is “To become the effective largest commercial bank in Bangladesh to support socio-economic development of the country and
to be a leading bank in South Asia.

Mission Statement:
» Sustained growth in 'small & Medium Enterprise' sector

» Continuous low cost deposit growth with controlled growth in Retained Assets

» Corporate Assets to be funded through self-liability mobilization.Growth in Assets through Syndications and Investment in faster growing

 To earn customer satisfaction through diversified banking activities and introduction of innovative banking.
 To improve the customer services in recent times by introducing a number of IT-based reform measures.
 To remain one of the best banks in Bangladesh in terms of profitability and Assets Quality.
 To ensure an adequate rate of return on investment.
 To maintain adequate liquidity to meet maturing obligations and commitments.
 To maintain a healthy growth of business with desired image.
 To maintain adequate control systems and transparency in procedures.
 To ensure optimum utilization of all available resources.

3.2 Structure & Function:

The Corporate Headquarter of The Janata Bank has nine divisions and each comprising of various departments. The major divisions in headquarter are as

Human Resources Department:

In the Janata Bank, this department deals with the employees as the core resources of the organization. This department mainly emphasize on the
recruitment, selection of the employees. They are also motivating the employee to work efficiently and effectively.

I.T Department:

converted by
This department mainly deals on the computer’s hardware and so ware relates problems. This department also works on the network system
establishment in all branches. They store up-to-date information in their website.

Marketing Department:
The Marketing department mainly works for -
 To promote the different types of services of information to people
 To improve the marketing network throughout to country
 To implement the marketing strategies and the concept of Trade marketing.

Audit & Inspection department:

Head O ice Audit and Inspection Division comprising su iciently experienced and skilled manpower carried out internal audit and inspection work on
regular basis. In 2002, all the branches of the Bank were audited at least once. Surprise inspections were also undertaken in many branches. Bangladesh
Bank audit teams also conducted comprehensive and foreign exchange related inspections on the affairs of many branches during the year under report.

Credit Department:
The credit department mainly deals with di erent types of loan and advances. This department analysis the proposal, approvable, monitoring the credit,
disbursement, credit recovery position and credit policy that is given by all branches.

International Banking Department:

The foreign exchange department mainly deals with export, import and foreign currency of different branches of the Bank.

Common services Department:

They take care of Banks assets and utilize their assets properly.

Public Relation & Protocol Department:

This department deals with people & coveys people’s views to the management.

3.3 Introduction about Janata Bank,Mirpur-1 Branch

This branch is situated at Mirpur-1. This branch is associated with various banking operations having Tk 20 millio (Approximate) deposit and Tk 30 million
on outstanding. It has been catering banking services for the customers of Mirpur-1 market & others sides of area. It is situated near the Mirpur-1 market.

Objectives of the branch:

 To provide banking service to the people within the commanding area.

 To expand business.
 To generate savings from the people of that commanding area.
 To keep pace in the competitive market.
 To contribute in profitability of JB.

Department of the branch:

converted by
This branch has been performing its banking activities through the following departments:

 Administration Department
 Deposit Collection
 Accounts Department
 T.T, M.T, D.D etc
 Clearing & collection Department
 Loan & Advance Department
 Cash Department
 Foreign Exchange

Analysis & Findings
4.1 Analysis & Findings:
Analysis refers to analyzing the collected data for finding actual information. Here analysis is done through questionnaire on employees & customers to
find out actual facts about customer satisfaction.

4.2 Analysis

4.2.1: Customer’s thought about employees courtesy or the Janata Bank Liomited

Findings: 90% of the customers is said that Janata Bank’s employees behaviour is most courteoust with them. But still 10% customers is thought
that they are not well behaved by the employees of the Janata Bank. Customer satisfaction is very important Janata Bank.Employees is given an
instruction to behave good with Customers.

4.2.2 Comment on the Janata Bank’s prompt service

Findings: Janata Bank is the public commercial bank. Sometimes the bank can not do prompt service due to bureaucratic mamagement. It is
reason,35% of the customers is no. But still bank tries it level best to make ensure customer prompt service. 65% of the customer happy with bank’s
prompt service.

4.2.3 Safty & Security of account holders at Janata Bank Limited

Findings: Safety & Security of the account holders is one of the prime duties of the bank. 98% account holders are satisfied with safety & security
system of the bank. But still for the reason of employees mistake,bank may not provide proper safety. 2% account holders are negative in this matter.

4.2.4 Promse of new customer service at Janata Bank Limited

Findings: Today’s market is competitive. Every moment banks try to develop products & services. So survival of this competitive market Janata Bank

converted by
Limited tries to make innovative products for making happy of the customers.78% of the customers are said yes that Janata Bank does what it is promised.
Rest of the 22% customers are said no.

4.2.5 Satisfaction level of the customers regarding Janata Bank’s environment

Findings: Janata Bank Limited is public commercial bank that is quite good environment.15% customers are higly satisfied,60% customers are satisfied,
5% customers are not told anything & 20% % customers are not satisfied.

4.2.6 Solution of banking related personal problem

Findings: Janata Bank Limited is a public commercial bank.Customer service is perior for the employees. Employees of the Janata Bank Limited tries to
solved banking related problems.Due to lacking of proper documents bank can not help customers.30% of the customers are said no.

4.2.7 Individual attention is given to the customers by the employees at Janata Bank Limited

Findings: All the customers are equal to the Janata Bank Limited .It istried to pay attention of each customer to solve their problem for customer
satisfaction. 75% customers are said yes. Due to working pressure employees can not give individual attention all the time. 25% of the customers are said

4.2.8 Review of the customer satisfaction level

Findings: Customer’s mind is dynamically change. Janata Bank Limited should monitor about the customer satisfaction level. Otherwise, it is lost
customers. Employees of the bank are 100% agreed to this matters.

4.2.9 Customer satisfaction regarding deposite scheme at Janata Bank Limited

Findings: Deposite is the life blood of the commercial bank. Bank always tries to make attractive deposite scheme for the customers.10% customers are
highly satisfied,80% customers are satisfied,5% are neutral & only 5% of the customers are dissatisfied at the deposite scheme of the Janata Bank Limited.

4.2.10 Customer satisfaction regarding remittance facilities at Janata Bank Limited

Findings: Remittance is done the foreign exchange department & it is one of the major services of the Janata Bank Limited.80% of the customers are
satisfied with facilities. Due to it is involved another country, sometimes it takes little bit time.20% are not satisfied with this facilities.

4.3 Summery of the Analysis & Findings:

 Customer is playing vital role in the bank. So employees of the JBL tries to good behavior with its clients.

 Janata Bank Limited is a public commercial bank. Due to bureaucratic management, it can not always possible to do prompt work.

 Maintenance safety & security are the major responsibilities of the bank . Customers are enough satisfied with safety system.

converted by
 Maintenance safety & security are the major responsibilities of the bank . Customers are enough satisfied with safety system.

 Janata Bank Limited always tries to develop new products & services

 Janata Bank Limited has more attractive deposit scheme that enough satisfied of the customer.

 Janata Bank always reviews the customer satisfaction level.

5.1 Conclusion
Over the years the banking industry in Bangladesh has flourished. Now the time is very much competitive for every industry as well as in banking industry.
To keep the strong position in this competitive industry banks are frequently looking for ways to offer superior customer service which will facilitate them
to prevail and keep customers.

Although, Janata Bank is the public commercial bank in Bangladeshit has to be more flexible with the products and services. Janata Bank knows how to
implement the proper things in the banking sector and how to better things for the customer. Janata Bank is the growing very firstly with various products
and services. Now they taking proper take care for their employees and customer. Janata Bank plays the important role in the countries whole economy.
It’s trying to create better environment in the banking sector.

Janata Bank limited is a public commercial bank. It is committed to provide high quality financial services / products to contribute to the growth of G.D.P.
of the country through stimulating trade & commerce, accelerating the pace of industrialization, boosting up export, creating employment opportunity
for the educated youth, raising standard of living of limited income group and overall sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

The Bank is operating efficiently with its existing products and services. It has remained profitable from the inception of its operation in the commercial
banking sector. The emergence of fierce competition and adverse economic condition has forced the bank to be innovative in offering its products and
customer services. Service quality is a critical component of customer perceptions. In the case of pure services, service quality will be the dominant
element in customer’s evaluations.

The services which the Bank provides to their clients are very prompt and quality one compare to other public or private or foreign banks.

5.2 Recommendations
 Customers might have a lot of problems, also they might make mistakes. But no matter how wrong they are. It have already mentioned JBL is
very helpful and friendly with customers but sometimes It have seen there were certain misunderstanding between customers and employees of
JBL. In most cases mistakes were from customer’s end. But quite a few times it has seen that fault was caused by employees also. So for avoiding
this situation employees have to be cool and tactful.
 In general banking department huge number of customers come every day. They make impression by seeing the environment of the bank which
is not that much smart. Because employees of this department talk very loudly among themselves or over phone. Little improvements can change
the brand value of this organization.
 Employees should be more sincere about their responsibility.
 Employees should be more careful about their duties. Customer satisfaction is a big deal, but they should also keep other activities in mind
as well so that operational lapses cannot be occurred in this branch. To reduce the number of pending files, account should not be opened
without required information

converted by
 Employees should be more efficient to serve customers.
In order to do any kind of foreign trade whether be it Remittance, Export or even Import charges are applicable everywhere. Charges includes:
SWIFFT charges (charges for sending the L/C electronically), Document Handling charges, Stamps charges as well as VAT. Janata Bank Ltd. will be
able to attract more customers by reducing these charges.
 A customer is required to pay the bank a certain percentage of the total L/C value in advance before opening an L/C, which is called L/C margin. If
Prime Bank Ltd. reduces the rate of margin then perhaps they can attract more customers. At the moment, companies with good relationship with
the bank only benefits with lower margin level over others.
 Bank should reduce some of its formalities to give loan
 Bank should provide more power to branch manager to sanction credit and credit assessment.
 Monitoring should be strictly followed by the bank to reduce risk.

· Annual Report of JANATA Bank Bangladesh Ltd. – 2012
· An Article on “Bank Parikrama”: Volume XX1V, No 2 Banking in Bangladesh
Evolution on and the present status by Faruquddin Ahmed
 Circulars, Brochures & Manuals of Janata Bank Ltd.
 Credit management of Janata Bank Limited

 Foreign Exchange Manual of Janata Bank Limited

 General Banking Manual of Janata Bank Limited
 “Human Resource Management”- Gary Dessler.
 Internet edition of Annual Report 2011 of Bangladesh Bank.
 “Organizational Behavior” 11th Edition-Robbins, Stephen P. Prentice Hall. India
 Romoni Mohan Debnath “Business of Banking”.
 “Social Science Research on Business”- Robert A. Dahl,Mason Haire, Paul F. Lazareflld,1965.U.S.A



(Customer Satisfaction)

1.Do you think that employees of JBL courteous with you?

a)Yes b) No

2. Do you think that JBL provides prompt service?

a) Yes b) No

3. Do you think that JBL maintain enough security of the account holders?

converted by
a)Yes b) No

4. When JBL promises to do something,it does so?

a) Yes b) no

5. Are you satisfied enough with the JBL environment?

a)Highly satisfy b) Satisfy
c)Neutral d)Dissatisfy

6. Do you think that JBL employees solve your banking related personal prolem?

a)Yes b) No

7.Do you thik that JBL employees give you individual attention?

a) Yes b) No

8. Do you think that your bank should be checked customer’s satisfaction level regularly?

a) Yes b) No

9. Are you enough satisfied regarding deposite scheme?

a)Highly satisfy b) Satisfy

c)Neutral d)Dissatisfy

10. Are you enough satisfied regarding present remittance facilities?

a) Yes b) No

Hierarchy of the Janata Bank

Board of Director
Managing Director
Deputy Managing Director
General Managers
Deputy General Managers
Senior Principle Officer
Principal Officers

converted by
Senior Officers
Assistant Officer
Management Trainee Officers

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