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SEAMEO School Network

The Real World of Immersive Augmented Reality


Terms and Conditions

1) One team consist of 1 teacher and 3 students.
2) The team should choose one of the alternative themes or choose another theme but must be
related to education.
3) Each team must create at least 5 different 3D models.
4) The Augmented Reality application contents can be 3D object, video, or audio.
5) The Augmented Reality storybook and application has never been published and participated
in any competition.
6) Any part of racism, religion issue, sexual harrasment or pornography item are strictly
7) Recommended softwares to use based on training session:
 Blender to create the 3D models,
 Unity to develop Augmented Reality application,
 Vuvoria for Unity extension.
8) The Augmented Reality storybook at least should consist of:
Book part Content
Front cover 1. Book title
2. SEAMEO Secretariat logo
3. School logo
Table of Contents Table of content
Preface 1. Contain experience how to develop AR storybook
and AR application
2. City name and date created
Special Page 1. Team name
2. School name
3. Teacher name (with photo)
4. Team member #1 name (with photo)
5. Team member #2 name (with photo)
6. Team member #3 name (with photo)
7. QR code*
8. Short URL (optional)**
Content At least 5 pages
Credit Page You may add credit page in the storybook if you use free
licensed music sounds effects, and videos.
Back Cover Free content
9) The Augmented Reality application at least should consist of:
Menu Content
Play At least 5 3D models
Credit screen You may add credit screen in the storybook if you use
free licensed music sounds effects, and videos.
About Information about the all team members and teacher
(with photos)
Exit Exit from the application

10) SEAMEO logo can be downloaded through this link : SEAMEO Logo
11) All book content and application using English language.
12) Use your creativity to make your storybook and application more interesting.
13) Team may use the free licensed music and sound effect.
14) Free licensed music, sounds effects, and videos should be credited and mentioned approprietly
in Credit page in storybook and Credit screen in application menu so that it will not violate the
15) Team should design 3D models by themself, except the music and sound effect. The 3D models
can be proved as not part of plagiarism from the internet.
16) SEAMEO have the right to disqualify the team which use the 3D models from internet.

Submission Instructions
1) Your team should upload three files in the folder, which are:
a. Your Augmented Reality storybook file, with following format:
b. Your Augmented Reality application file, with following format:
[Your_ Project _Tittle].apk
c. Screenshot menu of your Augmented Reality application, with following format:
[Your_ Project _Tittle].jpeg or [Your_ Project _Tittle].png
Save the storybook file, application file, and screenshot menu in one folder and
compressed*** in one file, with following format:
[Your_ Project _Tittle].rar or [Your_ Project _Tittle].zip
2) File size not more than 150MB
3) Fill the form and upload your project on this link:

Criteria of Assessment
1) 3D models: originality, model, texture, animation (40%).
2) Story book: based on theme, book layout, book design, content (30%).
3) Application: application icon, application display, content (30%).

Submission Deadline
Thursday, 4 January 2018 23.59 GMT+7 (Bangkok Time)
Detail of Schedule

Activities Schedule
The Last Day of Training Sessions Thursday, 30 November 2017

Development Phase Thursday, 30 November 2017 – Thursday, 4

January 2018
Submission of Augmented Reality Deadline : Thursday, 4 January 2018 23.59
application GMT+7 (Bangkok Time)

Screening by the Internal Committee 8 January 2018 – 12 January 2018

Announcement of the Shortlisted Monday, 15 January 2018

Teams Published on the SEAMEO Website and blog

Presentation of AR project by Tuesday, 23 January 2018

shortlisted teams (Afternoon) Time to be confirmed
 Attended by the Judging Committee
Members (Online and Face to Face)
 Online Presentations by Shortlisted
Students and Teachers (Through

Announcement of the Awarding Teams Friday, 26 January 2018

There are 2 categories:
1) 1st Category : Students
For the outstanding teams, there are the following 3 monetary prizes:
 1st Prize: 500 USD/team (3 students/team)
 2nd Prize: 300 USD/team
 3rd Prize: 200 USD/team

2) 2nd Category : Teachers

Top awardees for coordinating teacher will be invited to present in WebEx platform
during networking session of SSYS (Search for SEAMEO Young Scientist) 2018 regional
congress with theme “Youth creativity for harmonising sustainable development

Contact Details
Mr. Achmad Purnomo Wijaya
*) Step to get QR code
Users can download your Augmented Reality application (.apk) in your book by scanning the
QR code and install the application on their smart phone. Before the users scan the QR code they
must install QR scanner. Below are the steps to get QR code for your Augmented Reality
1. Upload your Augmented Reality application (.apk) on Google Drive.
a. Click NEW  File Upload

b. Choose the application (.apk)

c. Wait for a moment. After the file is uploaded. Doubel click the file
d. Click share in the right top corner

e. Click shareable link  change share option to Anyone with the link can view 
Copy the link, example:
2. Open QR generator website (free), with the following link

1) Choose data type Website URL

2) Paste the link to the Content coloum Website URL
3) For encoding options, choose Static
4) You can change the QR foreground colour
5) Download the QR code
3. Insert the QR code in your storybook
**) Step to get Short URL
If the users don’t have QR scanner, they can download AR application by using Short URL.
Below are steps to get Short URL for your Augmented Reality storybook. Using Google Shortener
URL (before using Google Shortener URL we have to login using google account). Below are steps
to get Short URL.
a. Copy the shareable file link in Google Drive
b. Open the following link:
c. Paste the shareable file link in the coloum

d. Click Shorten URL button

e. You will get Shorten URL then copy the link, example:
f. Paste the link to the storybook
***) Step to compress the file
Before upload the file, you have compress the file into one file. Below are steps to compress
the file.
1. Save the storybook file, application file, and screenshot menu in one folder

2. Select the folder then click Right click on Mouse and choose Add to “[Folder