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Paper Project Assignment, Part 1:

Citation and Topic

Introduction to Research Design (SOC 3030)

Selection of a Research Topic and a First Citation

Your paper project is a semester long engagement with the sociological literature and re-
search methods. The ultimate goal is to create a feasible and defensible research proposal
(qualitative, quantitative, or both). The first step in the process involves the selection of a
research topic and locating one academic source relevant to the topic of your choosing.

The areas you can examine in your proposal are open, but be careful to avoid selecting a
topic that is too broad (e.g. social interaction is important) or too narrow (e.g. coffee shop
etiquette in Seattle in September of 1997). After you have identified a topic, write up what
you intend to examine. This should be three or four sentences, at most. Next, use the
electronic database Sociological Abstracts to locate one scholarly article on your topic. This
article can appear in any social science journal, but must have been published between 2000
and 2005. Try to use the search constraints to limit your results. Please use the American
Sociological Association’s citation style (there is a guide on Canvas).

To summarize, you should submit a document containing:

1. A brief description of your research topic (3-4 sentences)

2. One sample citation on your topic that is appropriately cited

This assignment is due February 1, 2018 by 12:30 AM. Please submit your assignment
in the dropbox on Canvas named “Paper Project Part 1: Citation and Topic.”

If you need further assistance on working with Sociological Abstracts, the library has an
excellent guide available at:

This assignment is worth 10 points, or 1% of your final grade. Your grade is based on the
successful completion of each step above.