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BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.

2/2/8 2017

It’s time to sell

1. Identity
a. Nama Mata Pelajaran : BAHASA & SASTRA INGGRIS
b. Semester :2
c. Kompetensi Dasar :

3.7 Membedakan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan

beberapa teks khusus dalam bentuk iklan dengan memberi dan
meminta informasi terkait kegiatan (event), sesuai dengan konteks
4.7 Iklan kegiatan (event)
4.7.1 Menangkap makna secara kontekstual terkait fungsi sosial, struktur
teks dan unsur kebahasaan teks khusus dalam bentuk iklan kegiatan
4.7.2 Menyusun teks khusus dalam bentuk iklan kegiatan (event), lisan
dan tulis, dengan memperhatikan fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan
unsur kebahasaan, secara benar dan sesuai konteks

d. Materi Pokok : Iklan (advertisement)

e. Alokasi Waktu : 6 JP
f. Tujuan Pembelajaran : Setelah belajar UKB
ini, kalian bisa

Dalam pembelajaran ini, kalian akan mempelajari beberapa

bentuk iklan. Kalian diharapkan bisa membedakan fungsi sosial,
struktur teks, unsur kebahasaan dan informasi yang ada dalam
iklan yang kalian baca, kemudian menangkap makna dan
menyusun teks khusus dalam bentuk iklan. Kalian juga
diharapkan dapat mengakses, memahami, dan menggunakan
informasi dengan cerdas, serta dapat mengembangkan
keterampilan Abad 21 seperti berpikir kritis, berkomunikasi,
berkolaborasi, berkreasi.
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

g. Materi Pembelajaran
 Faktual :
Fungsi sosial, struktur teks, unsur kebahasaan, dan informasi yang ada dalam iklan
 Konseptual :
Definisi, jenis, dan tujuan iklan (advertisement)
 Prosedural :
Penggunaan iklan (advertisement) dalam kehidupan sehari-hari
Materi tersebut dapat kalian baca antara lain pada Buku Teks Pelajaran
tentang iklan (advertisement), yaitu Theresia Sudarwati.2013.Path way
to english 1.Jakarta: Penerbit Erlangga, dan sumber lain yang terkait
dengan materi iklan kegiatan (event advertisement).

2. Mind Map




3. Learning Activity
1) Read and learn the materials
BAGAIMANA about advertisement from
CARA different sources
BELAJAR 2) Complete all the tasks in this
dengan “UKB”
3) You can work individually or
UKB ini? with your friend(s), and if you
have finished with all the tasks,
you may take the formative test
and continue to the next “UKB.”
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

a. Brain Storming

Before learning the material, observe the picture below and answer the

Observe the picture and answer the following

Have you ever been to any comedy show?
How do you usually get the information
about the show?
If you see the flier entitled “Comedy Night,”
what information that you will see?
Do you need to get a ticket into the show?

WHAT’S After answering the questions

above, learn some vocabularies
NEXT? related to the topic.

In order to understand the material, first you learn these words

Read and learn some words that are used in this section.

Advertisement A piece of writing that tries to persuade people to buy a product or
service, or a piece of text that tells people about a job, etc
Persuasive able to cause people to do or believe something
Eye catching Attractive
Job vacancy Job that is available for someone new to do

To check your understanding on the words, fill in the blanks with the most appropriate
words you have just learnt.
1. We weren't shown any … evidence that he had committed the crime.
2. I applied for the position as soon as I read … on the newspaper yesterday.
3. Before deciding to buy this product, I have already well-informed by its ….
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

b. Main Activity

Observe these two pictures and match them with the words available under the
pictures. t suitable product being advertised.

Movie Comedy performance Beauty mask Beauty cream

Now, you understand well what products are being advertised by the
two pictures above.
Next, read and understand the different kinds of advertisement below.

Read and understand the different kinds of advertisement below.

1 2
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

3 4

Answer the following questions.

Are all of those pictures above advertisement? Why?
What do you think the purpose of the writer to write those advertisements?
What kinds of advertisements are they?
Do you find the similarity(s) on the pictures above?
If your answer is ‘yes’, answer these questions: how can they be similar? In what way they
are similar?

If you find difficulty in answering the questions above, read the guidance

In order to help you answer the questions above, read these following guidelines.
1. Read the definition of advertisement.
2. Read the information found on the pictures.
3. Note down important information from each picture.
4. Categorize the information you have collected.

Okay, let’s follow the steps.

1. Advertisement is defined as a piece of writing that tries to persuade people to buy a
product or service, or a piece of text that tells people about a job, etc
2. All of those four pictures contain information and try to persuade us (readers) to do
something, those are:
• Picture 1: advertisement of toothbrush
• Picture 2: advertisement of a concert
• Picture 3: job advertisement
• Picture 4: carnival advertisement
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

3. The information from each picture is as follow:

Picture Kinds (Title) of Detail information (explanation)
1 advertisement of Characteristics of the tootbrush
toothbrush Produser of the tootbrush/ brand
Link of the producer/brand
2 advertisement of a The event
concert Time of the event
Place of the event
Contact of the committee
3 job advertisement Vacant job
Requirement of the applicants
Contact information of the job announcer
4 carnival The event
advertisement Time of the event
Place of the event
Targeted audience
Contact of the announcer

Aha, I’ve got an idea how to


Let’s continue!
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017


Adapted from:
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017


Check your understanding by answering the following questions.

1. Explain using your own word: what is advertisement?
2. From the reading as well as the examples of the advertisement provided, explain
the structures of an advertisement.
3. From the reading as well as the examples of the advertisement provided, identify
the function of writing an advertisement.
4. From the reading as well as the examples of the advertisement provided, analyze
the tenses used in a written advertisement.
5. From the reading as well as the examples of the advertisement provided, identify
the different kinds of advertisement.

If you have done with the evaluation for UKB1 task 1&2 above, you may continue to
UKB1 task 3.


What do you understand about advertisement so far?
What information do you usually read in advertisements?

Write an advertisement for an event.

Before writing an advertisement, please you answer the questions below.

1. Would you like to conduct a formal event? Why/why not?

2. Would you like to attend to a formal event? Why/ why not?
3. If you are assigned to organize a formal event:
a. What kind of formal event you will have? ____________________________________
b. Where and when is it? __________________________________________________________
c. How much is the ticket? ________________________________________________________
d. What is the event for? __________________________________________________________
e. Whom do people have to contact if they want to join the event? ___________
f. Why is the event necessary? ___________________________________________________
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

From your answers previously, complete the mind map below.

______(name of the event)____ ____(where?)___

Setting __(Yes)______(how much?)___

Ticket ____(No)____

Target of the event
____(Phone number?)___
Contact information

Why is it necessary?

event committee

After completing the mind map, make a draft for your writing.



After completing the draft, now please write your own advertisement based on
the draft.
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

Writing Checklist.

After writing an advertisement in Task 3, please observe your work by using this
checklist below.

Mention title/type of event.

Mention detail information/ explanation.

Use correct construction of the sentences (present dan/atau future tense).

All of the words are spelled correctly (correct spelling).

Use appropriate punctuation (comma, full-stop, etc.) and capitalization.

Have neat writing and interesting illustration.

All the squares above must be checked. If there is an empty square, you should
revise your advertisement. Then observe it again by using the checklist..


Check your understanding by answering the following questions.
1. How can you advertise an event?
2. How can you write an advertisement?
3. What kinds of information must be available in an advertisement?
4. How can you organize the information in an advertisement?
5. Why do people make an advertisement?
6. How is the language used in an advertisement?
7. Where do you usually find an advertisement?
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

c. Closing

Bagaimana Kalian sekarang?

Setelah kalian belajar bertahap dan berlanjut melalui kegiatan belajar 1, 2, dan 3,
berikut diberikan Tabel untuk mengukur diri kalian terhadap materi yang sudah kalian
pelajari.Jawablah sejujurnya terkait dengan penguasaan materi pada UKBM ini di Tabel
Tabel Refleksi Diri Pemahaman Materi
No Pertanyaan Ya Tidak
1. Apakah kalian telah memahami definisi teks iklan
2. Dapatkah kalianmenjelaskan fungsi sosial, struktur teks,
dan unsur kebahasaan dari teks iklan (advertisement)?
3. Dapatkah kalianmenjelaskan macam-macam teks iklan
4. Dapatkah kalianmenyusun sendiri teks iklan

Jika menjawab “TIDAK” pada salah satu pertanyaan di atas, maka pelajarilah kembali
materi tersebut dalam sumber belajar yang disarankan di “Materi Pembelajaran” serta
sumber lain yang relevan, pelajari ulang kegiatan belajar 1, 2, atau 3 yang sekiranya
perlu kalian ulang dengan bimbingan Guru atau teman sejawat. Jangan putus asa
untuk mengulang lagi!.Dan apabila Kalian menjawab “YA” pada semua pertanyaan,
“you have done a great job!” maka lanjutkan berikut.
BSE – 3.7/4.7.1-4.7.2/2/8 2017

Dimana posisimu?
Ukurlah diri Kalian dalam menguasai materi teks iklan (advertisement) dalam rentang
0 – 100, tuliskan ke dalam kotak yang tersedia.

Setelah Kalian menuliskan penguasaanmu terhadap materi teks iklan (advertisement),

lanjutkan kegiatan berikut untuk mengevaluasi penguasaan Kalian!.
Ini adalah bagian akhir dari UKBM materi teks iklan (advertisement), mintalah tes

formatif kepada Guru Kalian sebelum belajar keUKBM berikutnya.Sukses untuk