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Communication: the test 1/29/18, 17:54


Communica)on: the test

Mul)ple-choice exercise
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1. The grammar we use oKen depends on who we are talking to.

A. ? False

B. Yes True

2. If I say "It's very warm in here." I am probably ...

A. ? ... sugges:ng we leave.

B. ? ... informing you of the temperature.

C. Yes ... asking for a window to be opened or the hea:ng turned down.

3. If I want you to do something for me, I can:

A. ? explain a problem

B. ? tell you about my situa:on

C. Yes Any of these things

D. ? give you a direct order.

4. Learners need to know the rela:onship between speakers because: Page 1 of 2
Communication: the test 1/29/18, 17:54

A. ? it will affect how polite people need to be

B. Yes it can change the meaning of what people say

C. ? it can make the grammar wrong

5. Adjacency pairs are:

A. ? sentences that occur together

B. Yes func:ons that occur together

C. ? words that occur together

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