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A Guy in my Dream

By: Sandra Lyikswech

Chapter 9

In the hot, rainless summer of 1935, Gladys came into a short season of sensual lust greater
than he’d experienced as a younger man.

In the middle of August it seemed as if six-week drought would snap; great thunderheads
massed over the entire Panhandle and trapped the heat beneath them while the atmosphere dampened
and ripened; but it wouldn’t rain. Gladys felt made of leadthick and worthless. And lonely. Her little red
dog had been gone for years, had grown old and sick and disappeared into the woods to die by himself,
and she’d never replaced him. On a Sunday, she walked to a Meadow Creek and hopped the train into
Bonners Ferry. The passengers in the lurching car had propped open the windows, and any lucky enough
to sit beside one kept his face to the sodden breeze. The several who got the off in Bonners dispersed
wordlessly, like beaten prisoners. Gladys made her way toward the country fairgrounds, where a few
folks set up shop on Sunday, and where she might find a dog.

At the fairgrounds she talked to a couple of Kootenaisone a middle-aged squaw, and the other
guy nearly grown. They were dressed to impress somebody, two half-breed witch-women in fringed
blue buckskin dresses with headbands dangling feathers of crow, hawk, and eagle. They had a pack of
very wolfish pups in a feed sack, and lso a bobcat in a willow cage. They took the pups out one time to
display them.

One of them, the man, showed a lot of white in her, and had freckles and sand-colored hair.
When she looked at these two men, her vitals felt heavy with yearning and fear.

When Gladys went home to rest, she dreamed that guy she met before. The guy in her dream
has tantalizing eyes, sharp nose and two cute dimples in his face. Anyone would claim him as her man.
He’s so perfect and very good-looking guy.

Then morning came, while she’s planting some flowers which is her favorite, she suddenly saw
the man in her dream.