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Rhein-Ruhr Express Nordic Rail Expo Ferroviaria

The first Desiro HC EMUs Record funding supports RFI invests to upgrade
to operate RRX services start Trafikverket’s 12-year north-south and east-west
test running in Germany investment plan corridors
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Railway Gazette International | October 2017 3

Chris Jackson COMMENT

‘In high performance situations only the best
materials will do. And even then there is no
guarantee that these will not fail eventually’

Christopher Jackson
Editor-in-Chief, Railway Gazette Group |

The cost of quality

few months ago, a major metro operator with a continuous monitoring of asset condition and a move towards
very high reputation for reliability suffered a ma- predictive maintenance, identifying and changing failing com-
jor power failure which disrupted much of its net- ponents before they actually break in service.
work for the whole of an evening rush hour, af- Several heavy haul operators are now deploying machine
fecting many thousands of passengers and other people across vision systems and advanced algorithms to monitor vehicle
the city. Eventually the fault was traced to the failure of an and track components and identify a host of possible faults
electrical insulator in the power supply network. before they can impact on operations. The next step now be-
So far, so normal. Such failures can, and do, happen to ing explored is the addition of artificial intelligence, so that
many operators around the world. Not surprisingly, questions the monitoring systems can ‘learn’ more about the equipment
were asked at very high levels as to why this failure caused so being supervised and the many potential failure modes.
much disruption, and why it took so long to find the fault. Our latest Industry Watch survey (p70) finds that both
Insiders suggest that the metro has been using locally-sourced railways and suppliers need to do more to raise awareness of
insulators which may not meet the proper quality standards. life-cycle costs and smarter procurement. Many railway assets
The use of ‘non-branded’ spares has always been seen as a — both infrastructure and rolling stock — have lives running
way to economise as railways seek to reduce their costs and into decades, which means that ongoing maintenance will
balance their maintenance budgets. We hear reports of a light typically account for a greater proportion of total cost than
rail operator sourcing new turnout tiebars from a local manu- the initial capital outlay. Some suppliers have developed quite
facturer at around two-thirds of the price quoted by the origi- sophisticated modelling tools to demonstrate how higher in-
nal supplier. In theory, that offered a worthwhile saving. Yet vestment in quality components up front can deliver signifi-
while the replacements were dimensionally identical, it turns cant savings over the longer term.
out that they were made of inferior materials, and were failing A major reduction in LCC is one of the three fundamen-
at less than half the expected life. So the longer term result tal objectives behind the European Shift2Rail research pro-
was higher costs and more disruption for maintenance. gramme, and various projects are already underway. However,
As far as we know, this was not a case of deliberate ‘pass- our survey respondents feel much remains to be done to in-
ing off ’, where replacement components were being sold as if culcate an LCC culture into traditionally conservative railway
they were the real thing, although cases of intellectual prop- organisations and their political decision makers. And that in
erty theft are not unknown in the rail sector as with many turn requires a better understanding of all the factors involved.
other industries. A welcome development has been the adoption by the
Railway operators and infrastructure managers are con- European Union of the MEAT principle for public sector
stantly under pressure to keep their costs down and improve procurement. Allowing companies to select the Most Eco-
efficiency, and former DB Chairman Rüdger Grube was by nomically-Advantageous Tender means contracts do not have
no means alone in challenging the supply sector to cut their to be awarded on the basis of lowest first cost, but can take ac-
prices. OEMs are often accused of overcharging for spare count of other factors including life-cycle cost, maintainabil-
parts and exploiting near-monopoly positions. The manufac- ity, compatibility, or even stimulating local economic activity.
turers can justifiably argue that the higher prices are needed However, LCC-based procurement assumes that the rail-
to recoup their investment in research and development to way or infrastructure manager has the financial headroom to
optimise the products, as well as to fund continuing efforts to cover the higher first cost. That is better managed within a
further drive up performance and reliability. multi-year spending plan rather than a series of annual budg-
In many cases, cheaper components can be deployed satis- ets which can fluctuate wildly as a result of external economic
factorily in less demanding applications, in non safety-critical and political factors.
locations or on secondary lines. But as the heavy haul operators Have The impact on customers and reputational damage from
your say
have found (p25), in high performance situations only the best the premature failure of cheap substitute components is per-
email us at
materials will do. And even then there is no guarantee that haps not the most obvious element to build into an LCC
these will not fail eventually, despite the very best attention to railwaygazette.
calculation. But it is certainly something that needs to be
both the quality of manufacturing and regular maintenance. com considered in the never-ending search for improved efficiency
That is why there has been such an emphasis in recent years on and better performance.  n
4 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Volume 173 No 10 | October 2017

Rhein-Ruhr Express Nordic Rail Expo Ferroviaria
The first Desiro HC EMUs Record funding supports RFI invests to upgrade
to operate RRX services start Trafikverket’s 12-year north-south and east-west
test running in Germany investment plan corridors
PAGE 31 PAGE 44 PAGE 56 October 2017

Railway Gazette International October 2017

Milano-based Greenrail produces

railway sleepers using secondary raw
materials, produced from a blend of
rubber collected from used tyres and
plastic from urban waste. A start-up
spun out of Politecnico di Milano, the
company has licensed its product for
use around the world.

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Railway Gazette International | October 2017 5


important experience that could
COMMENT inform digital railway investment in
other countries
3 The cost of quality
52 Reducing noise and optimising
maintenance  |  Nordic railway
INTELLIGENCE infrastructure managers are making
more use of under-sleeper pads
7 Main Line  |  Indian high speed line
launched, Smart inaugurated, ’Akko – 54 Compact lights keep locos bright
Karmi’el opens at night  |  Harting has designed
bespoke lights for the Nordic variant
15 Urban Rail  |  Wien U-Bahn buys of the Siemens Vectron electric
driverless trains, Lucknow metro opens locomotive

18 Market  |  Contracts & Tenders

21 Industry  |  Progress Rail and Seeing
Machines agree driver monitoring 56 Upgrading the Adriatic
partnership, CRRC opens office in Corridor  |  Work is in progress to
Tel Aviv enhance the busy 800 km railway
along Italy’s Adriatic coast
22 Innovations   |  Road-rail shunting
robot launched, DuPont develops 59 Southern upgrades move
disposable coveralls ahead  |  Reconstruction of the Napoli
– Bari route to raise speeds and add
25 Analysis  |  DB seeks its digital capacity is advancing steadily with
direction, Canada’s missing links, contracts let this year for work at the
complex relationships overshadow western end of the line
Thai investment
62 Northern high speed network
nears completion  |  Work is in hand to
PASSENGER ROLLING STOCK complete the final stages of Italy’s Alta
Velocità/Alta Capacità network
31 RRX trains are ready to roll  |  Testing

of the Siemens Desiro HC high-capacity 63 Pigneto interchange under
EMUs to operate the Rhein-Ruhr- construction  |  A large main line,
Express is now underway. Dr Harry metro and light rail hub is being built
Hondius reports from Wildenrath in the Pigneto district of Roma

37 Lastochka Premium takes centre 64 Intercity performance contract

stage  |  Toma Bačić describes the signed  |  Trenitalia has a 10-year
passenger vehicles on display at agreement with the government
this year’s Expo 1520 trade show in to retain and improve the existing
Moscow network of Intercity day and night
40 Scottish hotel train fleet on
test  |  Now undergoing trials at Velim
in the Czech Republic is the first FORUM
batch of cars being built to replace
rolling stock on Anglo-Scottish 66 People  |  Ahlburg to succeed
overnight services Spuhler as Stadler CEO, Trenitalia

management reshuffle
42 Elf2 enters the fray  |  Pesa’s first
Elf2 EMU entered service in Katowice 67 Research & Skills  |  Short line
last month hazardous materials academy to
be established, FS and UIC discuss
cybersecurity risks
68 Sidetrack | Dieter
44 Future-proofing Sweden’s rail
sector  |  As Trafikverket’s 12-year plan 69 Diary & Contact
goes out to consultation, Astoc CEO
Björn Westerberg argues that more 70 Industry Watch  |  Our survey
investment is needed respondents suggest that more work
is needed by suppliers, operators and
49 Learning lessons from a national independent advisors to emphasise the
ETCS roll-out  |  Denmark’s national importance of life-cycle cost oriented
Signalling Programme is yielding procurement


You will find everything about the transport and infrastructure
of the future gathered in one place in October when the entire
industry meets at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden.



Railway Gazette International | October 2017 7



High speed Hamburg-Köln-Express is to suspend
its open access passenger service from

October 4 until the December 10
timetable change. The company said
the two-month break in the off-peak

season would be used ‘to better adapt
HKX to customer needs’ and develop
an attractive product for 2018.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his
Digital ticket retailer Trainline
Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe at- launched its Price Predictor tool on
tended a groundbreaking ceremony at Abe said Japan would co-operate with infrastructure development September 6. Intended to predict
Sabarmarti in Ahmedabad on Septem- in India at both the public and private sector levels, ‘combining the movements in the price of quota-
ber 14 to officially launch India’s first technology of Japan with the human resources of India’ in a ‘win-win controlled Advance tickets in the
co-operation’. He said high speed rail had ‘signalled the start of rapid weeks before a chosen travel date,
high speed rail project. economic growth in Japan’, and he hoped the Indian project would the tool uses historical data patterns
The planned 508  km Mumbai – ‘act as a catalyst for realising further growth in India.’ to anticipate price changes. ‘Our data
Ahmedabad line is to use Japanese scientists have used historical pricing
Shinkansen technology including 1  435  mm for limited stop services calling at Surat and Va- trends from billions of customer
gauge tracks. The alignment with a design speed dodara and 2 h 58 min for stopping services, com- journey searches to predict when
of 350 km/h and an operating speed of 320 km/h pared to a current travel time of 7 to 8 h. the price of an Advance ticket will
expire’, says Jon Moore, Chief Product
would be elevated, apart from a 21  km under- Completion is planned by December 2023, but Officer at Trainline. ‘We now share
ground section north of Mumbai including a 7 km MOR said ‘all-out efforts’ would be made to finish this information in our app to allow
undersea tunnel. the line by August 15 2022, the 75th anniversary our customers to get the best price
There would be an underground station at of independence. possible for their journey.’
Mumbai, and elevated stations at Thane, Virar, The total cost of the project is estimated at
On September 7 Ontario’s municipal
Boisar, Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Rs1 080bn, with 81% to be financed by a Japanese pension fund Omers and Ontario
Anand, Ahmedabad and Sabarmati. soft loan at 0·1% per annum with repayment over Teachers’ Pension Plan completed
Services are to be operated using a 10-car vari- 50 years, including a 15-year grace period. the sale of the UK’s High Speed 1
ant of JR East’s Series E5 Shinkansen trainset, MOR said India was getting the loan ‘at almost operation and maintenance concession
with Indian Railways expecting to order an initial zero cost without putting any strain on existing fi- to a consortium of HICL Infrastructure,
funds managed by Equitix Investment
25 trainsets for Rs50bn. nancial resources available with the country’, which Management Ltd and third party funds
The Ministry of Railways said India would compared favourably with a loan from an agency managed by InfraRed Capital Partners.
‘leapfrog to the cutting edge of latest train de- such as the World Bank which would cost ‘about 5%
velopments’, offering a journey time of 2 h 7 min to 7% with a repayment period of 25 to 35 years’.  n At a cost of 70m pesos, Trenes
Argentinos Infraestructura has
completed the refurbishment of
González Catán and Ingeniero
SWITZERLAND Castello stations on the Belgrano Sur

St Moritz rebuilt
commuter network in Buenos Aires.

A train broke through a polystyrene barrier on Au- Tracklaying has been completed on the
343 km Harbin – Jiamusi passenger-
gust 26 to mark the completion of a SFr66m pro- dedicated line in China’s Heilongjiang
ject to rebuild Rhätische Bahn’s St Moritz station. province. Designed for trains to run at
Over 1 million passengers a year pass through 200 km/h, the line with 14 stations is
the station, which now meets the latest national expected to open in June 2018.
accessibility regulations. With five covered plat-
RZD Logistics and the Russian Export
form tracks, the station provides interchange Centre launched an intermodal service
with local bus services. There are also four spaces on September 13 linking Vorsino in
for tour coaches connecting with Bernina Express Russia with Chengdu via Mongolia.
or Glacier Express services.  n The initial outbound train of 41 40 ft
containers carried baked goods for
Obyedinennye Konditery. According
to RZD Logistics, the timetable has
been designed to ensure no empty
SOUTH AFRICA wagons are moved in either direction.

Gautrain stakes to be sold Kazakhstan’s national railway KTZ is

implementing a capacity optimisation
plan which will see the containers
Engineering and construction services company have now decided to divest their holdings. from three Chinese 1 435 mm gauge
Murray & Roberts announced on August 22 that MRL said its investment in BCC provides intermodal trains arriving at the
it had signed a memorandum of understanding to ‘strong returns in the short to medium term’, ex- Dostyk border crossing being loaded
acquire the 8·5% stakes in Gautrain concession- plaining that the acquisition formed part of a on two trains for the 1 520 mm gauge
leg to the Polish border. The Chinese
aire Bombela Concession Co held by Bouygues broader capital allocation strategy. trains carry 41 containers, but the
Travaux Publics and Bombardier Transportation The other Bombela shareholders are black eco- ex-Soviet broad gauge network can
in a deal worth a total of R405m. Completion was nomic empowerment company Strategic Partners handle trains of 62 containers.
subject to regulatory approval. Group, and financial services, healthcare, IT and
MRL originally held a 25% stake in the concession industrial investor J&J Group. Launceston City Council has approved
Toll Group’s plans for a A$20m
to design, partly finance, build, operate and maintain Bombardier told Railway Gazette it was ‘con- transport hub which would increase
the Gautrain network, which it increased to 33% stantly optimising’ its portfolio, and remained its use of Tasmania’s railways.
in 2011. Bouygues and Bombardier Transportation ‘committed’ to the South African rail market.  n
8 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International



Powered up ’Akko – Karmi’el

Completion of 25 kV 50 Hz electrification
between Minsk and Vilnius was marked
line opens
with a ceremony on September 16. Revenue operation on Israel Railways’
Electrification of the final 111 km ’Akko – Karmi’el line began on Sep-
began in September 2015. Work on the tember 20, following a ceremonial inau-
84 km Belarusian section between Mal- guration on September 5.
adzyechna and the border was under- The 23  km branch was built by Is-
taken by Belarus Railways and China rael Roads Ltd at a cost of US$785m,
United Engineering Corp, with 85% with General Manager Nissim Peretz
of the US$72m cost financed by a loan describing it as a complex engineering
The ’Akko – Karmi’el line was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister
from China EximBank. project including a 4·7  km twin-bore Benjamin Netanyahu, Transport Minister Israel Katz and ISR General
Electric passenger services are sched- tunnel under Mount Gilon. There is one Manager Shahar Ayalon on September 5.
uled to start on December 10, with the intermediate station at Ahihud, provi-
journey time being reduced by 40 to sion for the future installation of 25  kV 50  Hz – Jerusalem Malkha service has been split at Beit
45  min. Belarus Railways plans to de- electrification. Shemesh, allowing the Flexliner IC3 DMUs to be
ploy its Stadler Flirt EMUs, while Lith- In conjunction with the start of regular opera- replaced by double-deck push-pull sets providing
uania’s LG will use Škoda Transporta- tions, ISR introduced a revised national timetable additional capacity. Services on the 60 km Valley
tion Class 575 double-deck EMUs. on September 20 which provides additional ser- line will begin calling at the new Haifa Hamifratz
LG plans to begin electric operation vices on several routes. The Herzliyya – Tel Aviv Central station when it opens in 2018.  n
on the Vilnius bypass in 2018, and to ex-
tend electrification to Klaipeda in 2020
and Kaliningrad in 2021.   n EUROPE

Torino services extended into France

Trenitalia-operated regional trains reached the as well as with the MobiSavoie network of bus
French alpine town of Modane for the first time routes which are focused on local tourism.
in a decade on September 10, in what the region- SFM3 is one of eight suburban and regional
al authorities in both France and Italy hope will routes radiating from Torino that operate under
mark the start of a renaissance in cross-border the Servizio Ferroviario Metropolitana brand
rail provision. introduced in 2012 (RG 6.16 p56). Managed
Initially, regional trains on route SFM3 be- through a multilateral partnership between the
Electrification is expected to increase cross- tween Torino and Bardonecchia are being ex- Piemonte region, the city of Torino, national pas-
border freight capacity by 40% to 60%. tended through the Frejus Tunnel to Modane on senger operator Trenitalia and municipal trans-
Sundays and public holidays. Currently the only port company GTT, the SFM network is intend-
passenger service between Torino and Modane ed to deliver an intensive service with clockface
UK is SNCF’s three times per day TGV service be- timetabling, multimodal ticketing provision and
tween Milano and Paris. a clear brand identity which exploits substantial
HS2 stations According to SFM, the timetable for the Mo- infrastructure investment over the past decade,
dane trains is designed to facilitate connections notably the cross-city Passante which serves the
The process to appoint the Construction with SNCF regional services towards Chambery, redeveloped station at Torino Porta Susa.   n
Partners for High Speed 2’s London
Euston and Old Oak Common stations
has been launched by project promoter
HS2 Ltd, which expects to issue invita- USA NORWAY
tions to tender by the end of the year
and award contracts in late 2018. Virginia route upgrading Bergen tunnel
The Construction Partners would work
with the station designers and the Euston moves forward A ceremony in the suburb of Fløen on
Master Development Partner which are The US Federal Railroad Administration has completed a August 29 marked the breakthrough of
being appointed under a separate process. Tier II Draft Environmental Impact Statement for a capacity the 7·8 km Ulriken tunnel.
‘We’re looking for the best the con- and speed enhancement programme on the 197 km corridor The bore will complement an existing
struction industry has to offer’, said south from Washington DC to Richmond, Virginia. single track tunnel, and it is expected to
HS2 Ltd Chief Executive Mark Thurs- The railway is owned by Class I freight railroad CSX, but see its first trains in 2020. Excavation
ton on August 29. ‘Together we will it is also an important passenger corridor, handling Amtrak began in the town of Arna in January
create two iconic stations; gateways to trains to and from New York and Virginia Rail Express com- 2016, and the next step in the construc-
the capital and to the nation that local muter services. tion phase requires the boring of 16
communities and the travelling public The upgrading proposals are being developed by FRA with cross-passages to link the new align-
can be proud to call their own.’ the Virginia Department of Rail & Public Transportation. ment with the existing tunnel.
Market engagement has begun for They are provisionally costed at $5bn at 2025 prices, although The tunnel work is part of a wider
the two Birmingham stations which no funding mechanism has yet been agreed. The enhancement upgrading programme worth NKr22bn
have shorter lead-in times. Procurement is intended to reduce capacity constraints, improve speeds and on the Oslo – Bergen corridor being
of these is expected to begin in early punctuality, and accommodate forecast growth in the number co-ordinated by infrastructure manager
2018 for contract award in 2020.  n of passenger and freight trains.   n Bane NOR.  n
10 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International



Trainose sold Coach order and new line

Italian state railway group FS Itali- A contract for Indonesian company PT Inka to in 2006, 2015 and 2016.
ane completed its €45m acquisition of supply Bangladesh Railways with 200 coaches Separately, on September 16 China Railway
Greek national operator Trainose on was signed on September 14, and was followed Group, China Civil Engineering Construction
September 14. two days later by the finalisation of a joint ven- Corp and local companies Toma Construction
Privatisation agency Hradf named ture agreement for the construction of a new line. Co and MAX International signed a joint ven-
FS as preferred bidder in July 2016. The 5·8bn taka coach contract is being financed ture agreement to build a 102 km dual-gauge line
Russian Railways and infrastructure by Indonesia Eximbank. Deliveries of the metre- from  Dohazar near Chittagong to Cox’s Bazar and
and mining group Gek Terna had also gauge stainless steel vehicles with roof-mounted Gundum on the border with Myanmar. The project
expressed interest, but FS submitted air-conditioning are scheduled to run from May is being partially funded by a loan signed by the
the only binding offer. A share pur- 2019 until mid-2020. PT Inka had previously Asian Development Bank and the government in
chase agreement was signed on January supplied coaches to BR under contracts awarded June, and is scheduled for competion in 2022.  n
18, but completion was subject to EU
approval of financial support for the re-
structuring of Trainose and infrastruc-
ture manager OSE. AUSTRALIA
‘Today’s closing is another important
step for the international growth of the
FS Group, as anticipated in the 2017-
‘Held to account’
26 business plan’, said CEO Renato
in new contract
FS sees significant potential for devel- Metro Trains Melbourne is to con-
oping freight traffic to central Europe. tinue to operate and maintain the city’s
In 2016 Trainose carried 15·6 million suburban rail network under a new
passenger-journeys, of which 10·1 mil- contract, Victoria’s Minister for Public
lion were on suburban services, and 1·1 Transport Jacinta Allan announced on
million tonnes of freight. This generated September 12.
revenue of €120m and a profit of €3·3m, The joint venture of MTR Corp
and FS said Trainose had achieved ‘fi- (60%), John Holland Group (20%) and The Evolution Rail consortium of Plenary, CRRC Changchun Railway
nancial equilibrium’ since 2013. The op- UGL Rail Services (20%) has operated Vehicles and Downer Group has unveiled a mock-up of the 65 High
Capacity EMUs that it to supply for use in Melbourne from mid-2019.
erator has 672 employees, leases around the 390 km network since 2009 under The EMUs are based on CRRC’s Type A design and are being built at
1 160 vehicles, and operates around 350 a contract which gave it the right to Downer’s Newport facility in western Melbourne.
trains per day. exclusive negotiations for the next con-
Mazzoncini said FS was ‘evolving tract. The new deal will not include a similar clause. spending, and MTM faces a A$10m penalty if it
into a major European mobility player’. The next contract runs for seven years from No- does not achieve higher maintenance standards in
It was ‘already one of the leading op- vember 30 2017, with an option for up to three the first 2½ years. MTM would be penalised up to
erators in the rail passenger and freight years. It includes additional services, cleaner trains A$700 000 to compensate passengers if a network
market as well as in local public trans- and stations, a ‘crackdown on operational practices failure results in more than 50% of services being
port’, being ‘first in Italy and Greece, such as city loop and station skipping’, ‘more timely cancelled or delayed by 30 min or more within a
second in Germany, and we also oper- and accurate’ passenger information, no ‘overbear- 2 h period.
ate with subsidiaries in Great Britain, ing and in your face advertising’ at stations and on ‘We have listened to passengers, staff and unions
France and the Netherlands’ (p66). trains, higher performance requirements. There so that these new contracts hold MTM to account
International activities account for will be a 37% increase in maintenance and renewal in delivering’, said Allan.  n
15% of revenues, Mazzoncini said, and
the target is for international turnover
to grow from €1bn to €4bn by 2026.  n POLAND

Arriva secures open access paths
Polish rail regulator UTK has granted Arriva RP 1 2019 to August 31 2024, as well as a Wrocław –
Freight reform paths for the operation of open access passenger Zielona Góra – Szczecin Niebuszewo service. Paths
EBRD has invited expressions of in- services on several routes. for Wejherowo – Katowice, Łódź – Chełm and We-
terest in a contract to assist Egyptian Arriva RP has secured paths until December 11 jherowo – Chełm services have been secured from
National Railways with the planned 2021 for its existing summer-only seasonal service December 14 2019 to December 13 2025.
conversion of its freight business into from Bydgoszcz Główna to Hel and a shuttle ser- However, UTK declined Arriva RP’s application
a stand-alone subsidiary operating vice along the Hel peninsula. for paths from Warszawa Wschodnia to Poznań,
through commercial relationships with The DB subsidiary has also secured seven paths Kraków and Łódź, as the regulator felt these would
the remainder of ENR. for the phased introduction of new services, start- replicate subsidised services operated under pub-
Phase 1 would establish a track access ing with the operation of a Szczecin Niebuszewo lic service obligation contracts. An application for
charging regime and and propose a legal – Olsztyn service between September 1 2018 Wrocław – Poznań – Szczecin Niebuszewo train
framework, structure and strategy. and August 31 2023, and a Wejherowo – Kielce paths was rejected owing to modernisation works
Phase 2 would assist ENR in the estab- Białogon service from December 10 2018 to De- limiting the available capacity on the route.
lishment of Freightco, develop relation- cember 9 2023. Arriva plans to appeal against the rejections, as it
ships with the remainder of ENR and Arriva RP plans to operate a Łódź Fabryczna believes the routes are necessary to ensure a coher-
prepare a three-year business plan.  n – Szczecin Niebuszewo service from September ent network.  n
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 11



Smart opens Rhätische Bahn and Matterhorn
Gotthard Bahn have established
Celebrations on August 25 marked the Glacier Express AG as a 50:50 joint
venture to develop the service over
opening of the Sonoma-Marin Area the next few years. Additional Chur
Rail Transit District commuter line in – Brig trains are to be introduced this
the North Bay area of California. year to accommodate rising demand,
Smart runs for 69  km from So- and renewal of the panorama cars is
noma County Airport to San Rafael, envisaged from 2020.
and initially has 10 stations. The in- The UK’s replacement South
frastructure has been built by a joint Western franchise, awarded to a
venture of Stacy & Witbeck and Her- joint venture of FirstGroup and MTR
zog using a partially-disused railway Europe, was ceremonially launched on
alignment. September 4. The seven-year franchise
T-shirts and free travel were offered on the first day, followed by half- had begun on August 20, but the
There are 34 weekday and 10 week- price travel until the introduction of normal fares on September 5. formal lauch was held back until the
end trips, operated using a fleet of 11 completion of platform extension
two-car diesel multiple-units supplied by Sumi- Transit, Santa Rosa CityBus and Sonoma County works at London Waterloo.
tomo and Nippon Sharyo. The 127 km/h DMUs Transit services.
have Cummins engines, a capacity of 300 pas- In June Stacy & Witbeck and Herzog were Mazowieckie voivodship is to directly
award Koleje Mazowieckie and WKD
sengers, 2+2 seating, free wi-fi, an Americans with awarded a $36·3m contract to build a 3·5 km ex- contracts to continue to operating
Disabilities Act-compliant toilet and space for up tension from San Rafael to Larkspur, connecting Warszawa regional passenger
to 24 bicycles. with ferries to San Francisco. This is expected to services through to the end of 2019.
Other local public transport services have been open in early 2019; at present Smart passengers
adjusted to co-ordinate with the trains; passen- can use connecting bus services free of charge. Kansas City Southern and
Bulkmatic Transport Company
gers receive transfer credits when connecting with An extension north to Cloverdale is also planned, has signed a memorandum of
Golden Gate Transit, Marin Transit, Petaluma taking the route to 110 km.  n understanding to form a 50:50 joint
venture which would facilitate and
expand the export of liquid fuel from

Roar into action In conjunction with Colombia’s

infrastructure agency ANI and freight
Hong Kong-based supply chain company Tigers operator Fenoco, Holdtrade Atlántico
has launched Tiger Rail, offering a 16-day tran- has operated a trial service to the
sit between Duisburg in Germany and 15 des- port of Santa Marta comprising
eight wagons carrying six containers,
tinations in China including Hefei, Chongqing bagged fertiliser and steel wire.
and Chengdu. Holdtrade hopes to begin regular
Customers can charter a train, or book full- operations to the port next year,
container-load or less-than-container-load once the 118bn pesos programme to
shipments onto weekly scheduled services. The rehabilitate the 522 km La Dorada –
Chirguaná route is completed.
company is also planning to introduce a ‘cost-
effective’ business-to-consumer parcels service. Short line group Patriot Rail has
Track and trace is offered through Tigers’ Tiger announced a ‘combination’ with
Trax platform.  n Diversified Port Holdings, which
operates eight breakbulk, bulk,
and heavy lift terminals and two
container, roll-on/roll-off and lift–on/
lift-off terminals on the US Gulf and
AUSTRALIA Atlantic coasts.

Budget backs rail growth Belgian freight operator Lineas has

extended its GreenXpress network
of intensive wagonload services to
The Western Australian government has allocated to Yanchep. include the Austrian cities of Graz and
A$1·4bn for rail investment as part of its 2017-18 The government is providing A$70m for level Wels.
budget announced on September 8. The bulk of the crossing removal, and A$28·2m for relocation of
money is destined for the Metronet programme to the station at Midland, paving the way for a future Amtrak has begun the refurbishment
of the Amfleet I coaches which are
expand and upgrade the Perth suburban rail net- extension to Bellevue. A$22·1m has been allowed widely used on its Northeast Corridor
work over the next four years. This includes fed- to support planning of the future Byford extension and Midwest inter-city services. The
eral funding reallocated following the cancellation and the Morley – Ellenbrook line. $16m overhaul programme to be
of the Perth Freight Link toll road project, and Another A$101·3m has been committed for carried out at eight depots across
A$105m to be raised through additional land sales new and upgraded stations. the northeastern USA covers more
than 450 vehicles, with completion
and ‘a new value-capture method’. Funding for regional passenger services is also planned for mid-2018. Materials are
The budget provides A$406·5m for the Forrest- included in the state budget, with A$32m allocated being sourced from ‘approximately a
field-Airport Link which is under construction under the Rail Future Fund to revitalise TransWA’s dozen’ domestic suppliers in 10 states,
for opening by the end of 2020. Another A$423m Australind route between Perth and Bunbury in including new seat cushions, carpets
has been allocated for the Thornlie – Cockburn the southwest. A new build of DMU cars for the and toilet flooring, LED reading lights,
enhanced wainscoting and bulkhead
cross-suburbs connection, which is currently twice-daily service is likely to be piggybacked onto design, new curtains in Business Class
budgeted at A$536m, and A$441m towards the a contract for 102 suburban EMU cars to be ac- and redesigned galleys.
A$520m northern extension of the Joondalup line quired as part of the Metronet programme.  n
12 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International



Service reinstated
Portuguese national operator CP reinstated a daily return
passenger service on the 141 km Eastern Line between En-
troncamento and the Spanish city of Badajoz on August 29,
using Allan diesel railcars built in the 1950s and refurbished
by EMEF at Contumil in the early 2000s.
Passenger services on the route had been withdrawn in Jan-
uary 2012 following the publication in 2011 of the then-gov-
ernment’s Sustainable Mobility: Horizon 2011-15 transport

Photo: Andre Pires

plan which recommended replacement by buses. While the
line remained open for freight, this left the Portalegre district
without any regional passenger rail services until September
2015, when an Entroncamento – Portalegre service began op- A rebuilt Allan diesel railcar operated by CP stands at Badajoz.
erating on Fridays and Sundays under an agreement between
CP, Infraestruturas de Portugal, the municipalities of Alter do Chão, The service to Badajoz has now been reintroduced after parliament
Ponte de Sor and Portalegre and the Alentejo Regional Co-ordination backed a proposal from one of the parties that supports the current gov-
& Development Commission. ernment and seeks to reverse rail closures.   n


High speed to Extremadura Good times ahead

Spain’s Ministry of Development says routing studies for a high speed align- Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority and Zambia Railways
that it remains on course to open in ment between Madrid and Oropesa. Ltd have signed an open access agreement intended to fa-
2019 the first section of the high speed To be produced within a year, the pre- cilitate the seamless movement of freight trains across each
line between Madrid and Badajoz, in ferred alignment would then be put out other’s infrastructure. Tazara hopes to gain an additional
the Extremadura region close to the to public consultation and submitted 200 000 tonnes of freight in the first year of the agreement.
border with Portugal. With tracklaying to the environment ministry for its ap- ‘In the past, Tazara and ZRL have collaborated in differ-
now in progress, the first section to enter proval during the fourth quarter of 2018. ent ways, through business agreements that have enabled the
service with diesel traction would be the In addition to revising work under- operators’ respective wagons to cross into each other’s ter-
177 km between Plasencia and Badajoz. taken in 2008, the study is to examine ritory’, said Tazara Managing Director Bruno Ching’andu
Electrification between Plasencia and options for enabling the new line to at the signing ceremony on August 17. ‘This time around,
the Portuguese border would follow in serve Toledo, ‘to increase potential de- however, the collaboration has gone a step further, now per-
2020, according to the ministry. Infra- mand’, as well as Talavera de la Reina. mitting each operator to run locomotives and wagons alike
structure manager ADIF has called ten- It will also consider the infrastructure onto each other’s line, thereby smoothing the services.’
ders for design work. works necessary in the Madrid area to Ching’andu said performance at Tazara had ‘been in de-
At the eastern end of the route, the enable freight trains to use the high cline for a long time’, with the ‘paltry’ 87 000 tonnes carried
ministry has called tenders to undertake speed line to Extremadura.  n in 2014-15 being the lowest figure in its history. However
it is a ‘now on a profound recovery trajectory’, with traffic
totalling 130 000 tonnes in 2015-16 and 170 000 tonnes in
KAZAKHSTAN 2016-17. The 2017-18 target is 350 000 tonnes.
The open access agreement ‘signals the beginning of
Subsidised services launched good times ahead’, said ZRL CEO Christopher Muson-
da. He said the government of Zambia was introducing a
Private company Turan Express has be- transport quota system which would require all bulk cargo
gun operating local passenger services exceeding a certain tonnage to move from road to rail.  n
from Kapshagai and Uzynagash to
Almaty on behalf of the city authority.
Following the failure of two privately
funded attempts to introduce services ARGENTINA
on the Almaty – Kapshagai corridor,
the local authority called tenders for Capacity expansion
the operation of a subsidised service in
the hope that it would reduce car travel. Inter-American Development Bank announced on August
An estimated 200 000 cars now enter 24 that it had approved a US$400m 25-year loan to part fund
the city from surrounding settlements 25 kV 50 Hz electrification of the 76 km San Martín com-
every day. The five-year contract is muter route in Buenos Aires.
worth 354m tenge for the period from a journey time of around 1½h, while the The US$522m programme includes track renewals, res-
the launch on August 16 until the end 74 km from Kazbek-bek (Uzynagash) to ignalling, new telecoms, construction of a depot at Playa de
of the year, and 3·4bn tenge in 2018-21. Almaty-2 is operated using a locomotive Alianza and refurbishment of Pilar station.
Turan Express operates two trains each and nine coaches offering a journey time The San Martín route recorded 51 million passenger-jour-
way per day on each route. The 72  km of around 2 h. The flat fare of 80 tenge neys in 2016. The replacement of diesel by electric traction is
route from Kapshagai to Almaty-1 is can be paid onboard the trains using expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by between 20%
worked by a six-car DR1A DMU with Onay payment cards.  n and 25%.  n
BOMBARDIER is a trademark of Bombardier Inc. or its subsidiaries.

Our smart mobility solutions keep people moving - safely, quickly

and comfortably. In a rapidly changing environment we are
continuously creating better ways to move the world, expanding
and connecting cities, communities and cultures.

At Bombardier we move cities - together.

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Linear solutions for railway applications:

linear and telescopic guides
robust and reliable.

Milan, Italy - October 3-5, 2017

Hall 2, Stand 183
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 15



Work begins on Wien automated

Limmattalbahn U-Bahn fleet
Wiener Linien has selected Siemens as
preferred bidder for a contract to sup-
ply and maintain trainsets for the future
Wien metro Line U5, which would be
the capital’s first fully automatic line.
A firm order is expected to be signed
later this year for 34 trainsets to be A ceremony on September 2 marked the opening of a 4·6 km southern
delivered from Siemens’ plant in the extension of Wien metro Line U1 to Oberlaa.
President Doris Leuthard attended city for testing from 2020. Options
a groundbreaking ceremony for the for a further 11 trainsets would take the overall driver to enable them to replace older vehicles on
Limmattalbahn light rail project at value to €550m, of which around 30% would be lines U1, U2, U3 and U4.
Schlieren near Zürich on August 28. for maintenance to be undertaken by Wiener Meanwhile, Kiepe Electric and IFE are refur-
Preparatory work began on August 2 Linien staff on behalf of, and at the risk of, the bishing 78 Bombardier Type T low-floor vehicles
for the first phase of the route, which manufacturer. in service on Line U6. The project is intended to
runs between Altstetten in Zürich and The trainsets would have walk-through and ensure another 20 years of operational service for
Geissweid in Schlieren to the west of step-free interiors with air-conditioning and the vehicles. TÜV is providing certification servic-
the city. This is due to open at the end CCTV. Although running in driverless mode on es for the refurbishment, which is due to be com-
of 2019. U5, they would also be suitable for control by a pleted by the end of 2019.  n
Work is planned to start on the sec-
ond phase in autumn 2019. This would
extend the Limmattalbahn to Killwan- TAIWAN
gen-Spreitenbach, with opening envis-
aged at the end of 2022.
The entire 13·4 km metre-gauge route
Ankeng signalling contract
with 27 stops would run along existing China Steel Corp has awarded Thales a contract to Erbazi Botanical Garden. It is scheduled to
roads. Around 92% of the route would to supply signalling for the Ankeng light rail pro- open in early 2022.
be on reserved track, which would per- ject in New Taipei City. In addition to signalling, Thales is to supply
mit speeds up to 60 km/h. Being developed by the New Taipei City De- communications, automatic vehicle location,
The new line is being developed by partment of Rapid Transit Systems, the 7·5 km priority management at road crossings, a public
Limmattalbahn AG, which is jointly route with nine stops will run on a mix of el- address system, a passenger information system,
owned by the cantons of Zürich and evated and at-grade alignment southwest from CCTV, Scada equipment and an operations
Aargau. The two cantons are financing Shisizhang station on the future Circular Line, control centre.  n
the project, with Zürich contributing
the larger share. Around one-third of
the SFr755m cost (excluding rolling
stock) is being covered by the federal SINGAPORE
government. BDWM Transport will
operate the line for the first 10 years.  n SMRT to run Thomson-East Coast line
Land Transport Authority has selected SMRT for at stations and the sale of advertising. These rights
USA the initial contract to operate and maintain the are to be tendered separately by LTA next year.  n
Thomson-East Coast Line.
Clearing house for Running from Woodlands in the north to Sun- LTA has awarded the first three civil works
gai Bedok in the east, the 43 km L-shaped route
joint procurement serving 31 stations is expected to open in phases
contracts for the 4 km Circle Line 6 project, which
will close the Circle Line loop by connecting
The Federal Transit Administration has between 2019 and 2024. HarbourFront and Marina Bay stations.
launched a Joint Procurement Clear- Valued at S$1·7bn, the SMRT bid is reported to be Construction is expected to commence by the end
inghouse where transport agencies can around 30% lower than that submitted by Comfort- of 2017 for completion by 2025.
A S$314m contract for construction of the
share information about their rail vehi- DelGro subsidiary SBS Transit, which operates the two-level underground station located south of
cle, bus and ferry requirements. North-East and Downtown lines. SMRT also scored Keppel Road next to the Keppel Terminal has
A requirement of the  Fixing Amer- higher on the quality criteria, according to LTA. been awarded to a joint venture of China State
ica’s Surface Transportation Act, the The TEL operating contract will start in 2019 Construction Engineering Corp and Nishimatsu
clearing house is intended to help agen- and run for nine years. It is the first to be tendered Construction Co.
cies find partners who are interested in by LTA with a contractual penalty and bonus re- A S$225m contract for construction of cut-and-
cover tunnels between the future CCL6 Prince
pooling resources to achieve economies gime to incentivise the operator to improve per- Edward station and the existing CCL Marina
of scale through the joint purchases. formance, service reliability, customer satisfaction, Bay station has been awarded to Koh Brothers
FTA believes that this will be particu- and maintenance. If the operator fails to meet the Building & Civil Engineering.
larly useful for smaller organisations. key performance indicators, its contract payments Woh Hup has been awarded a S$1·21bn
The forum is open to recipients who will be reduced. contract to extend Kim Chuan Depot, almost
engage with and receive assistance from Unlike the earlier lines, the TEL conces- doubling its capacity from 70 to 133 trains. The
integrated depot will also house 550 buses to
FTA, and is accessed through the TrAMS sion does not include the rights to raise non-fare
optimise land use.
federal grant award platform.  n revenue through the renting of commercial space
16 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International



Philippine National Economic &

Development Authority has approved
a 25 km metro line linking Mindanao
Avenue in Quezon City with Manila
International Airport. The 355·5bn peso
project has a target completion date of A ceremony marked the opening of the
2025 and would be financed by Japan Lucknow metro on September 5, with
International Co-operation Agency. passenger services starting the follow-
ing day. Services are operating between
A 2·8 km extension of São Paulo
metro Line 5 between Adolfo Pinheiro
06.00 and 22.00 on an initial 8·4  km
and Brooklin opened on September 6. ‘priority corridor’ between Transport
Nagar and Charbagh, serving eight sta-
A southeastern extension of Shiraz tions. When complete, the city’s starter
metro Line 1 was inaugurated on Designed in Bangalore and manufactured at Sri City and Coimbatore,
line will connect Chaudhary Charan the 20 four-car Metropolis trainsets each have 186 seats arranged
August 22. The 10·5 km extension
runs from Vali-e Asr to Shahid
Singh International Airport and Mun- longitudinally and two areas for passengers with reduced mobility.
Dastgheyb. Intermediate stations are shipulia. Three stations on a 3·4  km
open at Fazilat and Shahid Doran, section will be underground, with the remaining In 2015 Lucknow Metro Rail Corp awarded
with five more due to open later. 19·4 km and 19 stations on an elevated alignment. Alstom a €150m contract to provide rolling stock
The project is being developed as a joint venture and signalling. Alstom’s factories in Bangalore
The UK Department for Transport
is to provide £59·8m towards the
between the central government and the state of and Saint-Ouen in France are supplying Urbalis
construction of the Edgbaston Uttar Pradesh. CBTC signalling.  n
extension of the Midland Metro tram
route in Birmingham, meaning the
£149m project is now fully funded. SOUTH KOREA
Bahia Governor Rui Costa opened
the latest phase of the Salvador Seoul LRT opens
metro on September 11. The 7·5 km
extension of Line 2 takes the route A ceremony on September 4 attend-
east from Pituaçu to Mussurunga, ed by Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon
adding four stations.
marked the opening of the Ui-Sinseol
The Government of Québec will Light Rapid Transit line.
contribute C$330m towards the Running north from Sinseol-dong
construction of a new depot on the to Ui-dong, the 11·4 km underground
Montréal metro network, with line serves 13 stations. Interchanges
operator STM to provide the balance
of the C$440m cost. The underground
are provided with metro lines 1 and
depot with space to stable 10 trainsets 2 at Sinseol-dong and with Line 4 at Sungshin two-car driverless trainsets from its Changwon
will be built in four years at the Côte- Women’s University. factory. The 28  m long trains will operate with
Vertu terminus of the Orange Line. Hyundai Rotem has supplied a fleet of 18 staff on board for the first three years.  n
The first of eight Combino trams that
Siemens is lengthening returned to
Potsdam on September 7. Siemens is
producing two intermediate sections, AUSTRALIA RUSSIA
3 m and 7 m long, for eight trams
under a €50m project to lengthen the
five-section vehicles to 42 m.
Keolis Downer Moscow tramway
Revenue service on a 700 m extension
retains Melbourne growing again
of the Tallinn tram network to the The Victoria government has awarded
airport began on September 1. There incumbent Keolis Downer the next con- A short extension of the Moscow tram network from Lesnaya
is an intermediate stop at Ülemiste tract to operate the Yarra Trams network to the Belorusskaya railway and metro stations at Tverskaya
linnak, as well as a tunnel under the
railway and a main road. Construction
in Melbourne. Running for seven years Zastava square opened on September 9.
began in August 2016 and was from November 30 2017. The current The 450 m extension is intended to significantly ease inter-
undertaken by Merko Ehitus and KMG contract gave the operator the right to changing between surface transport and the metro. A turning
Insenerehituse, with the EU meeting exclusive negotiations ahead of any ten- loop has been built as part of a redevelopment of the square,
85% of the €11·5m cost. dering, but the new deal will not include which is now served by 11 bus, trolleybus, tram, metro and
The government has allocated HF4bn
a similar clause. suburban rail routes. The whole project, including the rede-
for the construction of a 2 km tram The new contract includes the crea- velopment of the square, cost 74m roubles.
line to serve the Hungexpo exhibition tion of more than 100 jobs, with an em- Around 17 000 passengers/day are expected to use the ex-
centre in Budapest. phasis on engineering and trades-based tension, increasing to 30 000 by the end of the year.
roles, as well as 70 apprenticeships and The extension is served every 3 to 4 min by tram routes 7
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
is to provide US$500m towards the
traineeships, growing to around 120 by and 9, which use Metrowagonmash/PK Transportnye Sys-
estimated US$2·22bn cost of the the end of the contract. Other improve- temy Vityaz-M 100% low-floor articulated trams. Route 7
metro Line 4 project in Mumbai. ments cover availability, reliability, digi- offers a journey time of around 30 min between Beloruss-
tal information and accessibility, includ- kaya and the ‘three stations’ square which gives access to
Incumbent RATP Dev has been ing introducing assisted boarding aids mainline trains at Leningradski, Kazanskaya and Yaroslavs-
awarded a new contract to operate
and maintain the Casablanca tram
on low-floor trams at level access stops kaya. This is slightly slower than the 20 min by metro, but
network for 12 years from December. and the development of a best practice avoids the need to carry luggage up and down escalators
design guide for new stops.  n and stairs.  n
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 17



Chinese cities open more lines Izmir extension

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 20 stations between Western Hills Park and East opens as Marmaray
gained a metro service on September 6 with the
opening of the first phase of Line 10, the city’s
Coach Station via West Coach Station. Inter-
change is provided with Line 6 at East Coach
trainset tested
first express metro line. The 10·1 km route runs Station and with Line 2 at Dongfeng Square. In Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım opened
southwest from the Taipingyuan terminus of the future, interchange with an extended Line 1 a 17 km extension of Izmir’s Southern
Line 3 to the airport. The six stations include one will be provided at Panjiwan. Line suburban service from Tepeköy to
for each of the airport’s two terminals. The first domestically developed straddle mon- Selçuk on September 8.
Services are operated with a fleet of six-car orail to enter revenue service in China opened on The extension cost TL300m, of which
Type A trainsets. Running at up to 100  km/h, September 1 at the China Flower Expo Park in 70% was covered by the national budg-
these offer an end-to-end journey time of 12 min. Yinchuan. The 5·7 km route with eight stations et, and makes use of a railway alignment
The second phase would extend the line by uses a fleet of seven three-car trainsets travelling originally opened in the 1860s. There is
27 km to Xinping, with 10 stations. Opening of at up to 80 km/h. Each trainset has capacity for one intermediate station at Sağlık.
this extension is scheduled for December 2020. 170 passengers. The project was developed by Services are operated by Izban, which
The fourth metro line in Kunming opened on BYD. Yinchuan plans to build a 300 km mono- is owned 50:50 by national rail operator
August 29. The 23·4  km east-west route serves rail network.  n TCDD Taşımacılık and Izmir Metro-
politan Municipality.
Meanwhile, on August 28 test run-
ning began with a Marmaray trainset
USA that has been transferred to Izmir. The

Maryland Purple Line

majority of the 440 Hyundai Rotem-
built Marmaray cars will not be re-
quired in Istanbul until work to upgrade
breaks ground suburban lines either side of the Bospo-
rus is completed, which is now expected
A groundbreaking ceremony for the at the end of 2018. If testing with the
Purple Line in Maryland took place on initial trainset is successful, six Marma-
August 28. The 25·7  km light rail line ray trainsets will be transferred to Izmir
with 21 stops is being built between to enable headways on the overcrowded
Bethesda and New Carrollton in the suburban services to be reduced from
northern suburbs of Washington DC. 10 min to 6 min.  n
The ceremony also included the sign-
ing of a $900m Full Funding Grant
Agreement from the Federal Transit
Administration’s Capital Investment
Grant Program.
In 2016 the Purple Line Transit Part-
The orbital light rail route will connect suburbs around Washington
ners consortium of Meridiam (70%), DC and provide interchange with Wmata metro services and MARC
Fluor Enterprises (15%) and Star commuter rail.
America (15%) was awarded a PPP
concession to design, build, finance, operate and consortium will provide 30 years of operations
maintain the Purple Line. and maintenance. Purple Line Transit Operators
The Purple Line Transit Constructors joint also includes Alternate Concepts and CAF USA,
venture led by Fluor Enterprises and including which is supplying a fleet of 26 five-section light
Izban services currently operate with a fleet
The Lane Construction Corp and Traylor Bros rail vehicles. Passenger service is scheduled to be- of 73 EMUs of two designs supplied by CAF
is the design-build contractor. Another Fluor-led gin in early 2022.  n (above) and Hyundai Rotem.

UICScan – innovative Data logging

and evaluation from rail vehicles
Benefits of the UICScan System • Logging of all relevant parameters
• Camera based automatic UIC • Combination with additional
number scan service systems
• Ready for immediate use, vehicles • Compatible with the Vogelsang
require no extra equipment VEBSys online real-time documen-
• Suitable for high drive-through tation system
UICScan is manufactured by
Venite a trovarci a Expoferroviaria Prometheus GmbH & Co. KG,
Visit us on
3-5 Ottobre Fiera Milano a subsidiary of
Pad. 2, Stand 257 Hugo Vogelsang
Maschinenbau GmbH


Anz.Railway_UIC-Scan-Expo Ferroviaria_EN.indd 1 11.09.17 12:05

18 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International



Electric arrival BRAZIL: CRRC Sifang is to supply
The first of 62 Traxx AC electric eight eight-car EMUs for use on the
locomotives which Bombardier is future Line 13 of the São Paulo sub-
building at Kassel for Israel Railways urban network operated by CPTM.
arrived at Kishon Port in Haifa on The 1 600 mm gauge trainsets based on
August 28, and was then transported by CRRC’s Type A metro design are to be
rail to ISR’s Kishon workshops.
ISR currently has no electrified lines, delivered from 2019.
but 25 kV 50 Hz overhead is being
installed on several routes. A section of CHINA: Chengdu Metro Corp has
the A1 fast line to Jerusalem near the awarded Alstom a €57m contract to
Latrun monastery is due to be used for testing and the first test train comprising a Euro 4000 diesel supply traction equipment for 62 eight-
commissioning purposes. locomotive and a rake of loaded ballast hoppers ran
 As part of the A1 fast line construction project, from Tel Aviv to the Latrun bridge on August 20.  n
car trainsets to operate Line 5, which is
due to open by the end of 2019. Op-
tonix equipment will be supplied by
A consortium of Siltor and KZN Rail Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical
INFRASTRUCTURE has begun work on a 40m złoty contract Equipment Co and Chengdu Alstom
to modernise the Gliwice Port freight Transport Electrical Equipment, with
CANADA: The 4Transit joint venture yard by the end of November 2018, in- support from Xi’an Alstom Yongji
of Hatch, Parsons and WSP Canada stalling new signalling and lengthening Electric Equipment Co.
has been awarded a C$300m contract sidings to 800 m.
to provide technical advisory services CZECH REPUBLIC: ČD has ordered
for two packages within Metrolinx’s Intercor has started work on a 62m nine Škoda Vagónka Class 650 Regio-
Toronto RER programme. złoty contract to modernise Gdańsk Panter 3 kV DC/25 kV AC two-car
Główny station, raising platforms and EMUs for delivery by December 2018,
HUNGARY: Contracts totalling improving accessibility. as an option within a KC1·2bn frame-
€235m have been awarded for mod- work contract for 11 signed in February
ernisation of the northern section of NDI, Balzola Polska and Construc- 2015.
Budapest metro line M3 by 2020. Swi- ciones y Promociones Balzola are to
etelsky Vasúttechnika has a €156m con- modernise 1·3 km of Tramwaje Śląskie EUROPE: MRCE has ordered a fur-
tract covering track renewals and tunnel track in Sosnowiec for 20·6m złoty. ther 30 Siemens Vectron electric loco-
works, while Strabag Építőipari will motives, including 10 multisystem locos
modernise six stations for €79m. SWEDEN: TÜV Süd Danmark has rated at 6·4 MW for Germany, Austria,
been selected to act as NoBo providing Italy, Switzerland and the Nether-
INDIA: Larsen & Toubro Construc- safety management and TSI conform- lands, and 20 DC locomotives rated at
tion has won a contract for trackwork ity inspection for the Ostlänken high 5·2 MW for Italy. Deliveries are sched-
on Phase 1 of the Ahmedabad metro. speed line and Västlänken tunnel in uled to begin in January 2018, and there
Göteborg. is an option for a further 20.
IRAN:  At the Expo 1520 fair in Mos-
cow (p37), Sinara Transport Machines THAILAND:  A KS Joint Venture Co/ Railpool has ordered 20 Bombardier
subsidiary Kalugaputmash signed a China Railway 11th Bureau Group Traxx MS electric locomotives for de-
€24m contract to supply contractor consortium and the STPP joint venture livery between May 2018 and Decem-
Ferrotek Steel with 36 track machines of Sino-Thai Engineering and Thai Pi- ber 2019. Suitable for use in 12 coun-
in 2018. Sinara also plans to establish a con & Industry have been named pre- tries, they are expected to be deployed
servicing centre in Iran. ferred bidders for double-tracking work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy,
on SRT’s Khiri Khan – Chumphon the Netherlands and Belgium.
MALAYSIA: China Communications line totalling 12·3bn  baht. With a bid
Construction Corp has awarded HSS of 8·6bn  baht Unique Engineering & Following a successful pilot project
Integrated a 16·5m ringgit design and Construction has been named preferred covering 50 vehicles, Transwaggon and
consultancy contract for the first 220 km bidder for double-tracking between Tha ScandFibre have installed Savvy Telem-
of the planned East Coast rail link. Khae and Pak Nam Pho. atic Systems equipment on 6 000 freight
MEXICO: Metro operator STC has UK: Garco Rail is supplying remote
selected a consortium led by Consul- void monitoring equipment manufac- VTG and Dutch company Intermodal
toría Integral en Ingeniería for a 156m tured by Datum Group to the ABC Telematics have launched a programme
pesos contract to undertake studies for Electrification joint venture of Alstom, to develop and install continuously op-
the extension of Line 9 from Tacubaya Babcock and Costain. erating load-unload sensors across the
to Observatorio. A group led by Ing- leasing company’s entire fleet of liquid,
eniería, Servicios y Sistemas Aplicados USA: Chicago Transit Authority has bulk and container wagons.
will study the planned express rail ser- awarded Walsh Construction Company
vice to Mexico City’s new airport. II a $31m contract to upgrade Jefferson Alpha Trains has taken delivery of the
Park and Belmont stations on the Blue last two of 10 Siemens Vectron multi­
POLAND: PKP PLK has selected Line. system locomotives ordered for FS
Trakcja PRKiI for a 139m złoty deal to subsidiary TX Logistik. In addition to
upgrade lines from Szczecin to Gryfino, VIETNAM:  Wegh Group is to supply financing and project management, the
Stargard Szczeciński and Goleniów to a further 150 PLD TD96/2 level cross- leasing company is also responsible for
carry suburban rail services. ing barrier machines to DSVN. servicing and maintenance.
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 19

FINLAND: VR has awarded Škoda POLAND: Newag submitted the best services, Savage Services is taking deliv-
Transportation subsidiary Transtech a bid to overhaul 31 Class EP09 loco- ery of two NREC 3GS21 Tier 3 genset
€50m order to supply a further 20 Type motives for PKP IC at a cost of 52·8m locomotives, with an option for a third.
Ed double-deck coaches in 2019 as an złoty. PKP IC has also awarded two
option on a contract signed in 2015. contracts totalling 372m złoty to Pesa SWEDEN:  Arriva has awarded Alstom
and ZNTK for the conversion of 80 a €135m eight-year contract to main-
GERMANY: Alpha Trains has begun Type 1141A second class coaches into tain 99 Coradia Nordic EMUs owned
taking delivery of eight five-car Flirt 40 composite vehicles and 40 special- by the Skånetrafiken regional transport
multi-system EMUs which will be used purpose coaches with catering, family authority for use under the Pågatåg op-
by Keolis on Netz Teutoberger Wald and wheelchair facilities, with options erating contract. Alstom is to deploy its
route RB61 between Bielefeld and for up to 20 more vehicles of each type. TrainTracer predictive maintenance sys-
Hengelo from the December 10 time- tem as part of its HealthHub platform.
table change. Pesa submitted the sole bid to supply
two two-car DMUs for Wielkopolskie THAILAND: Bangkok Expressway &
Leasing company GATX Rail Germany voivodship, offering two Link trainsets Metro and CH Karnchang have se-
has awarded WBN Waggonbau Niesky from a batch originally intended for lected a consortium of Siemens and ST
a contract to supply 50 Moltrag modu- Oberpfalzbahn services in Germany. Electronics to supply 35 three-car train-
lar wagons for use by BASF from April sets from Siemens’ Wien factory as well
2018, with an option for a further 100. MPK Kraków has awarded Autosan as railway systems for the Blue Line ex-
a 2·5m złoty contract to supply 6·5  m tension of the Bangkok metro.
HUNGARY: MÁV-Start has ordered low-floor centre sections for six GT8S
a further 11 KISS double-deck EMUs trams, with options for 14. UK:  London Underground has award-
at a cost of €16·7m, exercising an op- ed Bombardier a contract to replace the
tion within its framework contract for Modertrans is to modernise 40 KT4Dt DC traction motors on the 85 eight-car
40 sets agreed with Stadler earlier this bogies for Tramwaje Szczecińskie for 1992 Stock trainsets used on the Cen-
year (RG 5.17 p7). 6·9m złoty, with options for 32 more. tral Line with Mitrac AC traction and
control equipment. Including ongoing
INDONESIA:  The first of 10 trainsets ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki is to refur- maintenance support to 2024, the con-
being built by PT Inka and Bombardier bish three EN57 EMUs for SKM w tract is valued at £112m.
for the 36·4 km Soekarno-Hatta airport Trójmieście in a 5·3m złoty project cov-
rail link in Jakarta was delivered to op- ering new seats, floors, an accessible toi- USA: Amtrak has selected Rockwell
erator PT KAI in August. let and a passenger information system. Collins to supply its ArincRailwayNet
onboard equipment for 310 locos, sup-
LATVIA:  Nordic Investment Bank and RUSSIA:  PK Transportnye Systemy is porting interoperable PTC operation
Latvian Railways have agreed a €22·8m to supply three 100% low-floor three- on the tracks of 19 host railroads.
12-year loan to finance an ongoing pro- section trams to St Petersburg operator
ject for LDz Ritošā Sastāva Serviss to Gorelektrotrans by December under a Chicago South Shore & South Bend
rebuild 14 twin-section 2M62Us loco- 255m rouble contract. Railroad has leased 100 covered steel
motives into Type 2M62UM. coil wagons from CIT Rail to carry
State Transport Leasing Co has award- traffic for ArcelorMittal.
MONGOLIA: LokoTech subsidiary ed B-VRZ a 2·8bn rouble contract to
Ulan-Ude LVRZ has overhauled 60 supply 1 000 Type 19-9950 covered
diesel locomotives for Ulanbataar Rail- hoppers with a capacity of 105  m3 or CONTRACTS
way at a cost of 19m roubles, and has 70·5 tonnes for low density products.
secured a 20m roubles order to repair GERMANY: 
Transdev has been
450 wheelsets used on freight and pas- Transmash is to supply 3 000 Type 13- awarded a contract to manage ticket
senger vehicles. 9751-01 flat wagons to leasing compa- sales, including support for vending
ny Russian Container Co in 2018-20, machines and supplying staff handsets,
MOROCCO:  ONCF has awarded and has won a 500m rouble contract to for Erfurter Bahn and Süd-Thüringen-
SKF a contract to supply 15 000 spheri- supply 200 Type 13-9744-06 container Bahn for 11 years from December.
cal roller bearings over three years for wagons to TransContainer this year.
use on passenger and freight rolling Bielefeld tram operator moBiel has
stock. The bearings are designed to be Uralvagonzavod submitted the best of- started installing 100 Scheidt & Bach-
highly tolerant of misalignment and fer of 5bn roubles for a contract to sup- mann ticket vending machines which
shaft deflection, as well as high tem- ply Federal Freight Co with 2 400 heavy offer audio support for users with im-
peratures and a harsh climate. axleload open wagons by the end of 2017. paired vision.

NORWAY: State-owned rolling stock TMH Tver, VTB Leasing and Russian INDIA: Kolkata Metro Rail Corp
company Norske Tog has invited ten- Post have signed an agreement for 45 has selected Zhuzhou CRRC Times
ders for the mid-life refurbishment of postal vans to be supplied by the end Electric and Panasonic Manufacturing
36 Class 72 EMUs used on regional of November for use on domestic and (Beijing) Co to supply platform screen
passenger services around Oslo and international routes. They will be 1  m doors for 12 stations on the east-west
Stavanger. longer than existing designs, increasing Line 2.
capacity by 2 tonnes to 24 tonnes, and More
On September 9 NSB Gjøvikbanen of- will be delivered in two configurations PERU:  Spanish regional operator FGC Market
ficially put into service the first of 10 with or without crew compartments. and Ardanuy are to supervise infra- For the latest
news go to
Stadler Flirt EMUs which will replace structure and rolling stock maintenance www.
older Class 69 EMUs on the Oslo – SAUDI ARABIA:  Having won a con- on Line 1 of the Lima Metro under a railwaygazette.
Gjøvik route. tract to provide industrial shunting €2∙1m two-year contract.

13.63 HWS Hybrid Switch Grinding Machine

• Intelligent use of energy: due to intermediate power storage in
the supercap during grindstone idling
• Precise grinding pattern: by means of low-vibration construction
and optimum view of grinding area
• Universal operation: from switch grinding to reprofiling

More on the product:

Railway Gazette International | October 2017 21



Driver monitoring IVU Traffic Technologies has acquired Zürich-based
consultancy Soft Tech Informatik as a basis for growth

in Switzerland. ‘The aim is to bundle our joint activities
under one roof in order to give our customers here even
better service and to tap into the additional potential of
the Swiss market’, said Marc Schaffert, who heads the IVU
Vision technology company Seeing Fleet, Rail & Off-Road at Seeing Ma- office in Basel. IVU also reported that revenues in the first
Machines has signed an extended part- chines. ‘Having worked closely over the half of 2017 were up 15% to €26m while gross profit rose by
nership agreement providing Progress past few years to understand and devel- 10% to €19m. EBIT was slightly negative owing to seasonal
Rail Services with an exclusive world- op a robust solution for the rail indus- factors at -€592 000, but still up around €1m on the previous
wide licence covering rail applications. try through trials, it’s very pleasing that year. The company said the ‘good level of orders also
Following an agreement announced both parties share the same vision and highlights the positive prospects for the year as a whole.’
at InnoTrans 2014 (RG 11.14 p76), the see large market opportunity to enter
Hanson Professional Services Inc of Springfield, Illinois,
two companies have undertaken trials the commercial ramp phase, which will has acquired Engineered Rail Solutions LLC, which has six
using a dashboard-mounted infra-red deliver significant benefits in safety and staff and provides logistical and market analysis, engineering
camera and artificial intelligence to productivity across the rail sector.’  n design services and operational optimisation for the US rail
monitor the head and eye movements and material handling industries.
of a train driver to check that they are
not distracted or affected by fatigue. William Cook Rail has won an order to supply bogie parts
for the Citadis Spirit LRVs which Alstom is building for
If the camera detects that movements
Ottawa. The UK-based engineering company has completed
and blinking have ceased, or the driver a £15m rail plant in Leeds, and said the bogie castings would
is looking in an unexpected direction, be ‘among the most complex and highly specified cast steel
then an alarm can be sounded. components in the market’.
‘We are delighted to be moving our
partnership with global leaders Pro- LocoTech’s Ulan-Ude facility has been certified to repair
gress Rail into the commercial phase’, Russian Railways EP1P main line passenger electric
locomotives, as well as its core business of freight
said Paul Angelatos, General Manager locomotives. More than 226m roubles is to be spent on
specialist tools and equipment this year.

CRRC CHANGCHUN VIA Rail has entered into a partnership with the Canadian
Council for Aboriginal Business, which aims to foster

CRRC comes to Israel economic opportunities for Aboriginal peoples and

businesses across Canada. The national passenger operator
plans to attain CCAB’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations
CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles bidder to supply 90 articulated vehicles certification.
formally opened a regional office in Tel to operate the 23 km Red Line, with an
Aviv on September 12. Located in the option for 30 more. A long-term main- Systra announced on August 31 that it had completed the
city’s Ramat-Gan district, the new of- tenance agreement was envisaged as acquisition of International Bridge Technologies. This will
fice is close to Israel Railways’ principal part of this contract, subject to govern- enable the consultancy to establish ‘a global bridge centre
station at Tel-Aviv Savidor. ment approval and the finalising of an of excellence’ that will offer specialist design expertise. This
is Systra’s first acquisition in a specific engineering discipline,
On the same day, a 16-year contract industrial co-operation agreement.
marking a significant strategic move, the company says. It
was signed for CRRC Changchun to The following day saw the unveiling added that more than 60% of bridges globally are used in
maintain the fleet of vehicles that it is by Transport Minister Israel Katz of a rail projects, making the specialism highly complementary to
supplying for the Tel Aviv light metro full-scale mock-up for the new light Systra’s core business.
Red Line. metro car, which is being displayed for
CRRC Changchun had been se- public consultation close to the city’s French notified body and independent safety assessor
lected in November 2015 as preferred Culture Hall.  n Certifer has acquired the Belgian certification and
inspection specialist Belgorail. Active in France since 1997,
Certifer has branches in Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Brazil and
Australia, plus an office in Dubai.

US-bound bogie castings

PCM Rail.One and S:t Eriks have announced an agreement
to co-operate in the supply of concrete sleepers and slab
track for the Swedish market.
United Wagon Co’s Tikhvin plant in said Maxim Kuzemchenko, Deputy CEO
On September 11, xG Technology announced an
Russia has begun shipping Barber S- for Business Development. ‘We keep on
agreement to work with Panasonic System Solutions
2-HD bogie side frames and bolsters diversifying UWC’s business by using our Europe to supply its Vislink video communications
for the North American market, after competitive strengths and building rela- equipment in the rail sector. xG said its technology was
obtaining Association of American tions with the industry leaders.’ suitable for use on vehicles where it would experience
Railroads approval for their use on In order to produce castings for the shock, vibration and challenging radio frequency conditions.
wagons for unrestricted interchange in North American market, TVSZ had to ‘Together, we can solve long standing challenges that
Canada, Mexico and the USA. pass a quality management system au- the industry faces, such as the ability to offer latency-free
surveillance across the rail network’, said Tony O’Brien,
UWC plans to supply bogies for up dit to confirm compliance with AAR
Managing Director of Panasonic System Solutions Europe.
to 5 000 wagons per year under a 10- specification M-1003, and also meet
year contract with Wabtec. AAR’s foundry technical requirements.
‘The start of shipments to the mature Sample castings were subjected to static
and competitive North American market and dynamic structural testing at an Read more Innovations and Industry
confirms the high quality of our products AAR-approved CTLGroup materials news at
and compliance with world standards’, testing centre.  n
22 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International



Coloured wheels
Russian steelmaker Evraz NTMK has
Road-rail shunting robot
delivered a batch of 240 BA220 coach Vollert has developed a compact battery-powered rail travel, and automatically adjust themselves to
wheels to Deutsche Bahn for the first road-rail machine for light shunting of up to counterbalance each other. The steering is hydrau-
time, with a further 1 440 to follow this 300 tonnes at industrial sites, ports and freight lically locked in rail mode to ensure stability.
year. terminals. ‘With its high manoeuvrability, high traction
The 920  mm diameter BA220 is a ‘As a specialist supplier of economical shunting and intelligent drive technology with a pulling
new product, manufactured with ER7 and transport systems, we were often asked for a force of 20  kN, the road-rail robot can be em-
steel with a rim hardness of >235 HB. small road-rail machine’, explained Jürgen Schie- ployed in all shunting operations and is easily
At DB’s request the wheels have been mer, Vice-President Shunting Systems. As a result and safely operated by one person’, says Schiemer.
coated with detector paint which chang- the company has produced the VLEX. ‘Access to all relevant components as well as for
es colour if it reaches a temperature Articulated steering with four individual wheel battery replacement is possible through large gull-
which could lead to structural changes hub motors allows a turning radius of 7·2 m while wing doors at any time. This makes maintaining
in the steel. This alerts staff, enabling the being gentle to the solid tyres. The machine can the road-rail robot very easy.’  n
wheel to be sent for inspection.  n also turn 360° on the spot
if space is very confined.
A swing axle ensures that
DATA all four drive wheels have
Tank telematics maximum contact with the
ground, enabling the ma-
Asto Telematics has been awarded a chine to cross small obstacles
contract to equip Sasol Germany’s fleet and unpaved ground without
of ethylene oxide tank wagons and any loss of traction.
tank-containers with its new aJour ATEX
Compact+Sensor telematics technology.
The joystick remote con-
This is intended to allow Sasol trol uses a colour-coded sys-
to monitor wagon movements, tem for steering, direction
temperature and impact forces. In and switching between rail
the event of potential danger, an and road modes to mini-
automated message with data on the mise training requirements.
wagon and its load can be sent to the
The track guide rollers are
appropriate authorities.  n
hydraulically lowered for

Quality Assured
With rail authorities facing ever increasing demands, there’s no room for
delays. That’s why we developed our Connect Road Crossing System
with Network Rail.
Its innovative design means panels can’t be dislodged, yet still allows
individual panels to be removed without dismantling the whole
crossing. It ensures the safest crossing possible, whilst significantly
reducing maintenance costs and time.
Rosehill Rail – Setting New Standards
For more information, or to enquire about training, please call the
Rosehill Rail sales team on +44 (0)1422 317 473,
or email

10 - 12 October 2017
Elmia Centre, Jönköping - Sweden

29 November - 1 December 2017

Makuhari Messe Chiba - Japan

Road Crossings // Road Rail Access // Pedestrian Crossings // Anti-Trespass

Railway Gazette International | October 2017 23



DuPont develops disposable coveralls ABB India is to supply solar inverters
for 750 stations in north India as
To meet an SNCF requirement for protective management department. ‘This enables them to part of an Indian Railways project
workwear which combines high visibility with retain their fluorescent and retroreflective prop- to reduce dependence on electricity
generated using coal, lower energy
chemical protection, DuPont Protection Solutions erties until they are discarded, unlike woven ap-
costs and meet greenhouse gas
has developed Tyvek 500 HV disposable coveralls. parel which may fade when subjected to repeated emission reduction targets. Forming
These provide a barrier to low concentration, aque- washing.’  n part of rooftop solar installations
ous inorganic chemical products, as well as biologi- being set up by Azure Power, the
cal risks encountered by staff inspecting trains fol- inverters, which convert the DC
lowing a collision with an animal or person. output of photovoltaic cells to an AC
supply, will vary between 5 kW and
The disposable garments can be kept in response
50 kW depending on the size of the
vehicles ready for use in the event of an accident or station where they are deployed.
when carrying out repairs.
They also help to reduce the number of items of DB Cargo UK has awarded Pickersgill-
Kaye a contract to supply new
protective clothing required; previously each work-
cab door locks for its Class 66
er had 23 woven, washable, high visibility garments. locomotives.
‘Since the coveralls are designed to be dispos-
able, they will never be washed’, said Lionel Del- VTG and Dutch company Intermodal
Telematics have launched a joint
port, responsible for safety at SNCF’s equipment
engineering programme to develop
and install continuously operating
load-unload sensors across the
TICKETING leasing company’s entire fleet of

TfL launches mobile ticketing app liquid, bulk and container wagons.

United Wagon Co’s bulk freight

Transport for London launched its first app for added to an Oyster card after 30 min by touching transport subsidiary Unicon 1520
Android and Apple smart phones and tablets on the card on a yellow reader at a station. and Russian petrochemical exporter
September 7. The TfL Mobile Ticketing App al- The app has been developed by Cubic Trans- Avestra Group have agreed to
lows Oyster card users to top up their cards, man- portation Systems. Future updates will allow us- develop the use of modern tank
age their accounts and view journey histories. ers to view journeys made with contactless bank wagons and tank containers to
transport liquefied hydrocarbon
Pay-as-you-go balance top-ups and season card payment, and will allow cards to be updated
gases, methanol and other chemicals.
tickets can be purchased through the app and using readers on buses.  n



Rail: smart, automated, sustainable

30 APR – 2 MAY 2018


The 11th RTSA Conference on Railway Excellence (CORE) and

Exhibition is pleased to announce our keynote speakers.
Leslie Woo, Chief Planning Officer at Metrolinx, Ontario Canada - described as The
Transit Changemaker by Spacing Toronto in 2016 and awarded Canada’s Women’s
Infrastructure Network’s 2015 Outstanding Leader. Leslie is a passionate and STAY ON TRACK.
influential strategist on urban planning issues internationally and has been leading WITH OUR INNOVATIONS.
the transformation of Canada’s largest and fastest growing metropolitan centre for
over twenty years, shaping multi-billion dollar infrastructure investments.
Visit us in O
Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, was appointed Director-General of the International Union ctober 2017
EXPO Ferrov
of Railways (UIC), the worldwide association representing the rail sector and iaria - Booth
Elmia Nordi 544
encompassing 240 railways across all continents, in 2009. Prior to joining UIC, he c Rail - Boot
h B05:50
was Chairman and CEO of French railways SNCF International and SNCF Director
of International Development from 2001 to 2009, having been appointed Chief NEW: Series PCMDNI300 without galvanical isolation
Executive of SNCF Freight International in 2001. • Output power: 300 W; Efficiency: ≥95 %
Come and join us in Sydney for the premier technical railway conference in Australia. • Input voltage range: 18...100,8 VDC / 28...160 VDC
• Output voltage: 12 V / 24 V
HOST SPONSOR PLATINUM SPONSORS SPONSOR • Ambient temperature: -40...+70 °C / +85 °C 10 min
• Transient protected, vaccum encapsulated
• EN 60950-1 / EN 61000-6-4 / EN 61000-6-2
• Fire protection acc. to EN 45 545-2
For more info visit:
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 25



Germany’s national railway was reflecting
on its role in the fourth industrial
revolution at the recent Railway Forum in
Berlin. Nick Kingsley reports.

s Rolf Härdi, Chief Tech- Debating digital
nology Officer of Deutsche priorities in Berlin.
DB Fernverkehr’s
Bahn, reached the conclud- Birgit Bohle (second
ing slide of his presenta- right) and FlixBus
tion to the fifth Railway Forum Berlin CEO Jochen Engert.

on August 31, a spontaneous and un-

expected round of applause rang out 2018, electronic data exchange will be while ‘DB’s planning horizon looks to
around the Estrel Congress Centre. introduced between DB and many of 2025’ for infrastructure enhancement
On the slide was written an exhorta- its largest suppliers, and he expects e- and rolling stock renewal, FlixBus could
tion to remember that ‘digitalisation is invoicing, paperless documentation and change its operating model ‘within
not everything’, and that ‘classical’ en- BIM modelling to become standard in three months’. So he was ‘not too wor-
gineering challenges related to rolling its procurement practices in the years to ried about any new inter-city offering’
stock, permanent way and signalling come. from the national railway.  n
still abound. Quite why the delegates
felt compelled to applaud at this junc- Long-distance renewal
ture was not clear; perhaps it reflected Addressing a panel including Jochen INTERNATIONAL
something about the demographics Engert, co-founder of long distance bus
and career level of those attending the
Forum. Perhaps it also served as an
brand FlixBus, DB Fernverkehr Chief
Executive Birgit Bohle elaborated on
The future
unintentional signal of the scale of the
challenge facing a giant legacy railway
what she saw as the ‘priorities’ for dig-
itisation in rail. ‘We talk a lot about
is now
group like Deutsche Bahn in convinc- buzzwords such as driverless vehicles The ‘fourth industrial revolution’, driven
ing staff, customers and policymakers or automation. But for our business, we by data connectivity, advanced comput-
that it can emerge as the agile, digitally- do not want to get rid of drivers. What ing, artificial intelligence and machine
savvy entity it seeks to become. we need digital technology to do is deal learning, is already starting to reshape
Held on August 30-31, the Railway with our pressure points. Can it help us the rail freight industry, according to
Forum is a quasi-official DB event or- to improve throughput at key hubs?’ numerous speakers at the International
ganised by Hannover-based IPM. This She also urged faster progress in ad- Heavy Haul Association conference in
year, the organisers sought to group dressing ‘the cost base of long-distance Cape Town last month.
the sessions around four key industry passenger transport’, which she sug- In her keynote address, the World
trends: automation, digitalisation, inter­ gested was the motivation for intro- Economic Forum’s Head of Industries
nationalisation and competitiveness, ducing the IC2 double-deck trainsets Dr Cheryl Martin said almost all estab-
but in reality digital and data-driven on some cross-country routes. On pro- lished industry sectors faced the pros-
strategy underpinned all four strands. curement though, she suggested much pect of disruption to their established
References to the ubiquitous ‘Industry work remained. ‘We are still so far from business models. The question was ‘not
4.0’ were made by almost every speaker. having standard products. There are 17 will I be disrupted, but when?’
However, the Forum offered a im- different production variants of the ICE Railways had to consider three fun-
portant overview of the changes tak- trainset in my fleet’, she argued. damental questions, she suggested:
ing place within the DB as it seeks to More positively, she highlighted ‘what will be moving in the future, how

implement its Zukunft Bahn reform ‘tangible examples of small but real in- will it be moving, and who will be mov-
programme (RG 9.16 p43). ‘This is novation’, including an app-based ‘self ing it?’ Distributed manufacturing and
our response to the mobility challenge’, check-in’ service which would reduce online retailing were already chang-
said Chief Procurement Officer Uwe the pressure on onboard staff to check ing what moves, as well as where, and
Günther as he reflected on the national tickets. She also reported that DB’s dis- Martin underlined the importance of
railway’s encouraging first half results
(RG 9.17 p28). Insisting that ‘high vol- variants tribution tools have found that ticket
sales rates fall by half ‘when people real-
improving cross-border connectivity to
support global trade. Environmental
umes of bundling and large framework OF ICE TRAINSET ise they have to change trains’, and that concerns were influencing the choice
contracts’ were already proving to be IN THE DB this was a key driver for restructuring of packaging and reducing demand
‘the right strategy’, Günther went on FERNVERKEHR the IC and ICE network to give more for raw materials, she said, but railways
to argue that digitalisation and supply COSTS AND
through trains between city pairs and should be well placed to capitalise on a
chain innovation would be fundamental COMPLICATING enhanced frequencies. growing awareness of external impacts
to DB’s future. From the first quarter of DEPLOYMENT In response, Engert suggested that such as climate change. ‘It is time to
26 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International

think about new business models’, she stresses. In the longer term, respondents terminals, helping to reduce downtime
concluded. saw much potential in machine vision by keeping rolling stock out of the
inspection systems and vehicle-mounted workshops.
Industry health check condition monitoring to improve aware- Noting that many of these systems
Welcoming a record attendance ness of asset condition, backed up by real are already being deployed or are ex-
of more than 900 delegates from 39 time data recording and ‘big data analy- pected to come into widespread use
countries, newly-elected IHHA Chair- sis, above and below rail’. over the next decade, Roney concluded
man Brian Monakali picked up on Operational innovations included the that in reality ‘the future is now’.  n
the conference theme of ‘Advancing use of distributed power, AC traction
Heavy Haul Technology & Operations drives and improved braking systems.
in a Changing World’ (RG 8.17 p29). More use of standard train consists EUROPE
He hoped that the event would take ‘a and improved yard operations would
health check’ of the industry and start
visualising the railway of the future.
contribute to improved average speeds.
Several railways were introducing driver
Reflecting his role as General Man-
ager, Capital Projects, at Transnet
advisory systems to boost operational ef-
ficiency, which Roney described as ‘the
Freight Rail, Monakali said it was im- big one’. Communications-based train Serious questions are being asked about
portant to consider strategic issues, control and moving block offer the po- the provision and use of diversionary
including the lack of interconnectiv- tential for autonomous train operation, routes to ensure that important rail
ity between African rail networks and and he believed that ‘we have got to get freight flows can keep moving in the
IHHA delegates took
a shortage of funding for investment. there’. Australian insiders confirmed a hands-on look at event of major disruption, such as that
He was keen to promote the adoption that Rio Tinto was expecting to launch heavy haul railway caused by the blockage to the Rhein
of heavy haul principles for general rail driverless operations across its Pilbara operations at Salkor Valley main line by the tunnel collapse
yard on Transnet’s
freight operations, and wanted to em- iron ore lines by the end of 2018. Sishen – Saldanha at Rastatt, south of Karlsruhe, on Au-
power the next generation. Roney said the emerging vision was iron ore line. gust 12 (RG 9.17 p72).
As co-sponsor, Transnet had brought European Union policy to improve
many of its younger staff to learn more the competitiveness of international
about industry developments and meet rail flows has largely centred around the
professionals with many years of ac- development of trunk corridors linking
cumulated expertise. Transnet CEO the member states. There are rail freight
Siyabonga Gama said young people had corridors, Ertms priority corridors and
an important role to play in ‘making the the TEN-T core network corridors,
world a better place’. which in many cases overlap. The result
has been to funnel more and more traf-
Benchmarking study fic onto these trunk routes while other
Over the past 35 years, IHHA has lines are left with a more limited re-
primarily focused on the technical and gional or domestic role.
engineering aspects of heavy haul, par- Rastatt lies on one of Europe’s busi-
ticularly around the wheel/rail interface. est routes, the Rotterdam – Genoa Rail
And while this again featured heavily in Freight Corridor 1, which usually sees
Cape Town, there was more emphasis around 200 freight trains per day, as well
on operational issues, such as improv- as regional and long-distance passenger
ing performance and capacity utilisa- services. So the loss of this vital artery
tion by moving to scheduled operation, for almost two months has sent shock
introducing driver advisory systems and waves through the industry.
recovering faster from disruption. In an open letter to European Trans-
As many established industry experts port Commissioner Violeta Bulc and
approach retirement, IHHA is keen to German Federal Transport Minister
ensure that its learnings are passed on. that the future railway would be shaped Alexander Dobrindt on September
As part of its industry health check, the by ‘network-centric information flows’ 4, more than 20 industry trade bodies
association has commissioned a bench- and seamless data streams to optimise called for urgent action to prevent the
marking study to determine what tech- performance across the entire supply ‘collapse’ of European rail freight and
nical developments have contributed to chain. Railways were already using data the wider logistics sector as a result of
the success of its member railways, and to manage their relationship with cus- the blockage. Signed by associations
what innovations might do so in the tomers, which included sharing move- including the European Rail Freight
coming years. ment data and estimated delivery times. Association, logistics body Clecat
Presenting the outline results, former Better communications and data and the International Union of Wagon
Canadian Pacific General Manager were supporting staff management, Keepers, the letter was copied to seven
Mike Roney noted that heavy haul rail- with intranets helping to keep peo- other transport ministers and Josef
ways had long ‘benefited from common ple informed, while standardised work Doppelbauer, Executive Director of the
innovations and technology platforms’, methodologies and lean management EU Agency for Railways.
and were already working on many of played a role in evolving safety man- With DB Netz not expecting to have
the technologies that would shape their agement systems. Some railways were the line reopened until early October,
business over the next decade. looking to adopt computer-driven train the associations warned that the rail
In terms of safety, Roney cited current planning and scheduling using real time logistics sector would by then have suf-
priorities as understanding the interac- data, while greater awareness of vehi- fered ‘immense damage’. Although the
tion between wheel and rail profiles and cle condition would facilitate ‘on-train infrastructure managers had suggested
moving towards a better understanding repairs’, with wagon components be- that up to 150 of the 200 daily freight
and management of longitudinal rail ing replaced as trains passed through trains could be diverted via other routes
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 27

of Wales Bridge, which has been out of
use since the former Canadian Pacific
line was acquired by the city in 2005 to
use part of it for its pilot O-Train diesel
shuttle, now the Trillium Line.
MooseRail is contesting the removal
of a short section of the Ottawa River
Line to make way for a new entrance
to O-Train’s Bayview station and pro-
posals to convert the bridge into a cycle
and walkway. The Canadian Transport
Agency ruled in June that the city had
acquired the line for ‘current opera-
Photo: Deutsche Bahn AG

tion’, which was still its intention, and

had not initiated a mandatory discon-
tinuance process. Last month, Ottawa
Mayor Jim Watson confirmed that the
city was keen to launch a rail service
to Gatineau across the Prince of Wales
including Stuttgart – Singen, the Bren- DB Netz is pushing Churchill and Amery, OmniTrax said Bridge, but told local media that it was
ner corridor in Austria and the Alsace ahead with in June that the line connecting the re- ‘not interested’ in having a third-party
emergency repairs
region of France, the associations said to the Rhein Valley mote port with the Canadian National operator to run the trains.  n
that in practice only a quarter were main line at Rastatt, network near The Pas would remain out
being successfully re-routed, while for announcing in of use ‘indefinitely’. It said communities
time-critical high-value intermodal that it hoped to cut along the route should plan ‘alternative AUSTRIA
traffic the figure was just 15%. This five days out of the means of transport’. OmniTrax had
posed the risk of significant damage to
European manufacturing and supply
expected 57-day
previously closed the port at short no-
tice in August 2016.
Order halted
chains, as well as the long-term loss of However, on September 1, Minister Plans to replace ÖBB’s rolling stock
rail freight to other modes. of Natural Resources Jim Carr pointed used on daytime inter-city services to
Capacity constraints notwithstand- out that OmniTrax had ‘legal obliga- Italy and to update its overnight fleet
ing, one major problem in diverting tions’ to repair the line, adding that the with new trains are in doubt after Aus-
trains has been a lack of available drivers government had ‘formally demanded tria’s Federal Administrative Court
qualified for the alternative routes. And that the Hudson Bay Railway Com- (Bundesverwaltungsgericht) ruled that
national rules prevent German-speaking pany repair the rail line in line with the the tender process should be stopped.
drivers operating trains in France, for terms of its 2008 contribution agree- The state-owned operator requires
example. The associations proposed that ment with the government of Canada, new stock to replace its existing Euro­
ERA should co-ordinate short-term which requires the company to operate, City coaches that will not meet revised
measures to simplify the operating pro- maintain and repair the entire Hud- fire safety regulations in Italy after
cedures on these diversionary routes, son Bay Railway Line in a diligent and 2021. Bids were invited for around 160
while operators needed support to re- timely manner until March 31 2029’. coaches to form eight daytime and 13
inforce the pool of drivers with suitable The federal government and prov- overnight trainsets. The tender included
route knowledge. ince of Manitoba had agreed in 2008 a number of driving trailer coaches and
More fundamentally, Bulc and Dob­ to provide C$40m to upgrade the track ‘multi-function’ cars with a low-floor
rindt were asked to establish a task force between The Pas and Churchill and section; the 26  m long vehicles had to
at ministerial and/or EU level to miti- C$8m for port improvements, while be able to run at up to 200 km/h in Aus-
gate the crisis, and to set up a special Omni­ Trax committed C$20m. How- tria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
commission to review ‘the largest and ever, the Denver-based short line group Bombardier and Siemens are both
most serious freight traffic blockade now argues that the severe blizzards understood to have prepared responses
in recent decades’. This could perhaps and flooding amount to force majeure, after the initial call for tenders. Siemens
usefully consider whether the trans- rendering the 2008 agreement obsolete. is reported to have offered a derivative
European corridors strategy should be According to the ministry, the gov- of the Viaggio design used in ÖBB’s
expanded to embrace the provision of ernment is ‘willing to explore the pos- Railjet trainsets with steel bodyshells,
suitable diversionary routes, and if so sibility of working with a new owner while Bombardier is believed to have
how they might be funded.  n toward the repair of the line’. The Missi- proposed an aluminium vehicle.

nippi Rail consortium had previously Austrian media report that Siemens
signed a memorandum of understand- had complained to ÖBB in August that
CANADA ing with OmniTrax for the potential changes had been made to the specifica-
acquisition of the port and railway for a tion at a late stage, alleging that these
Broken links reported C$20m. favoured its rival. The changes included

The Canadian government is pushing C$m Meanwhile, the obligation to main-

tain in operational condition railways
alterations to the specification for the
bodyshell, the power supply for on-
to restore rail services along the Hud- INNVESTMENT
which have not been formally closed has board electrical equipment and the use
son Bay Railway serving Churchill in PROVIDING UNDER become a live issue in Ottawa, where the of inside or outside bearings for the
northern Manitoba, after the line was 2008 AGREEMENT privately-backed Moose Consortium is wheelsets.
breached by what operator Omni­Trax FOR UPGRADING promoting a commuter rail network for Tendering was suspended last month,
described as ‘catastrophic’ flood damage. RAILWAY BETWEEN
the National Capital Region. Services and following the court’s ruling ÖBB is
With trains unable to run over THE PAS AND north into Québec-Gatineau would unable to proceed with the procurement
the northernmost 250  km between CHURCHILL cross the Ottawa River using the Prince as originally envisaged.  n
28 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


French senators Hervé Maurey and Louis Nègre have
put forward draft legislation to open up the domestic
passenger rail market to competition in line with the EU’s
Fourth Railway Package. The proposal envisages that PSO-
supported TER and Intercités services would be put out to
competitive tender from 2019, while ‘profitable’ TGV routes
would be awarded as a monopoly franchise in 2021, bundled
with obligations to operate unprofitable services. Any staff
transferring to a new operator would have their conditions
of employment protected.

India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has confirmed

his intention to sell two of Indian Railways’ profitable
Photo: Peter Janssen

subsidiaries as part of the government’s privatisation

programme. Bids are to be called for the Indian Railway
Catering & Tourism Corp and Indian Railway Finance Corp,
valued at around Rs20bn. The plan is to offer 80% to
institutional shareholders and 20% to individuals.
Thailand is pushing ahead with upgrading SRT’s existing metre-gauge network while
negotiating with Chinese firms for construction of its long-planned high speed line. The Indonesian government says it is making progress
with plans to develop a new elevated alignment between
metre-gauge line between Nakhon Jakarta and Surabaya along the north coast of Java. The new
THAILAND Ratchasima and Nong Khai. line would largely follow the route of the existing 727 km,
1 067 mm gauge northern main line used by national
In the end a compromise was reached
Dual-track with Thailand deciding to finance the
line itself, but build the initial section
operator PT KAI. The objective of the new line would be to
reduce journey times between the two cities to around 4 h

from around 9 h today, the Transport Ministry’s Director-
using Chinese technology. Prayuth used General for Rail Zulmafendi told local media.
extraordinary powers under Article 44 On September 8, the national railways of Ukraine, Georgia
Construction is expected to get under- of the interim constitution to push the and Azerbaijan signed a memorandum of co-operation to
way this month on the first section of project through, sweeping aside legal form a joint venture to operate train ferry services on the
Thailand’s long-planned high speed obstacles such as a prohibition on the Black Sea using UZ’s ships Geroi Plevni and Geroi Shipki.
line. This follows the signing of two co- use of ‘unlicensed’ Chinese engineers. Spanish infrastructure manager ADIF has awarded a €1∙96m
operation contracts with China at the Valued at US$156m, the contracts contract to undertake design studies over 12 months for
Brics summit in Xiamen on Septem- signed in Xiamen cover design and con- electrification of the 70 km Monforte de Lemos – Lugo route.
ber 3-5. struction supervision for a 252·5 km line The electrification project is expected to cost a total of €83∙5m.
Billion-dollar railway projects seem linking Bangkok with Nakhon Ratch- Currently designing the 1 700 km Sichuan – Tibet railway,
to be all the rage in Asia at present, asima, the largest city in northeastern China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group has expressed
fuelled in part by the signature One Thailand where many rich Thais have interest in undertaking an engineering survey for a rail link
Belt One Road policy of Chinese Presi- second homes. This is to be designed for to Nepal. The proposed line would connect the Tibetan
dent Xi Jinping. However, Thai Prime 250 km/h, offering an end-to-end com- town of Kerung with Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini. A
Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha had not mercial speed of around 180 km/h. 540 km extension from Xigatse to Kerung is expected to be
completed around 2020.
been among the 30 leaders invited to The intention is that the Department
the Beijing-hosted OBOR forum in of Highways will start construction of Greater Toronto transport agency Metrolinx has issued a
May, which observers suggested was a the first 3·5 km in October, to Chinese request for proposals showing how hydrogen fuel cells could
snub for his failure to kick off the long- designs, with the aim of having this be integrated into double-deck EMUs. It plans to commission
a number of rolling stock manufacturers to prepare designs
delayed Sino-Thai rail project. short section finished before the an- and demonstrate the impact on performance, to support
Although Thailand is not a member ticipated general election in late 2018, studies of whether fuel cells could offer an alternative to
of the Brics grouping, which brings to- when Prayuth is hoping to be elected. overhead electrification for the GO Regional Express Rail
gether Brazil, Russia, China and South There is no firm commitment yet to programme (RG 8.17 p25)
Africa, Prayuth was invited to Xiamen build the second phase between Nak- Spanish Development Minister Íñigo de la Serna has
following decisive moves this summer hon Ratchasima and Nong Khai, but commissioned a study of providing a rail link to Alacant-
(RG 9.17 p28). just days after the Brics summit Trans- Elx Airport, located close to the route between Alacant
On the drawing board since 2010, in port Minister Arkhom Termpittaya- and Murcia. One of the five busiest airports in Spain, it is
many permutations, the high speed line paisith said he had instructed officials expected to handle 14 million passengers this year.
has been a priority for Prayuth since he to start looking into this section. ‘We Polish state railway holding group PKP SA has confirmed its
took power in the May 2014 military should eventually be connected with intention to transfer the ownership of railway land to PKP
coup. Once in office, he was quick to Laos in 2021 or 2022’, he suggested. PLK by the end of 2018, in exchange for a majority stake in
visit China, signing a memorandum Meanwhile, SRT is still going ahead the infrastructure manager which since its establishment in
of understanding which envisaged that with doubling the existing line, which 2001 has been owned by the government through the State
China would finance a line between makes a lot of economic sense as it will
Bangkok and Nong Khai on the Laos facilitate freight transport from the im- The Iraqi government is reported to be seeking an operator
border, with a connection to the 414 km poverished northeastern region to the for two proposed underground metro lines in Baghdad.
Laos-China Railway (RG 8.17 p52). deep-water port at Laem Chabang on Both lines would be 23 km long. Line 1 would have 25
stations and Line 2 would have 22, with one interchange
The project then ran into numerous the eastern seaboard. Politically, the
station serving both lines. The main maintenance depot
delays, as the Thai side baulked at the double-tracking also offers the prospect would build be alongside Line 1, and there would also be a
high interest rates to be charged on of an economical 90  km/h passenger depot at the southern end of Line 2.
the Chinese loan and the Chinese ob- service for Thailand’s poorer inhabit-
Edinburgh council has approved the outline business case
jected to Thailand’s insistence on going ants, who may never be able to afford for extending the city’s tram line to Leith and Newhaven.
ahead with double-tracking its existing high speed trains.  n
Going places with Vossloh’s infrastructure expertise

Vossloh is setting new standards for the construction and operation of modern rail infrastructure with its latest
technological developments. Reliable and cost-effective track fastening and switch systems made by Vossloh thus take
pride of place in urban transport networks. Our turnkey solutions and signalling components lead the field in urban
centres around the world: safe, eco-friendly and economical.

Visit us at
Nordic Rail, Jönköping, Sweden, EXPO Ferroviaria 2017, Milan, Italy,
10-12 October 2017, 3-5 October 2017,
Stand B06:18. Stand 100.
FOR RAIL VEHICLES • Interoperability in accordance with
• Train Control and Monitoring System international standards
• Passenger Information, Reservation • Backup of key product components
and Diagnostic System, CCTV • Operation reliability and safety
• Public Address System • Products suitable for demanding work
• The Mobile Application Management conditions
System • Integration of our solutions with existing
• Train Communication Network systems
• Energy Consumption Measurement • Strong R&D department
and Saving System • Taking of individual customer needs into
• Video Surveillance System consideration

03 – 05 OCTOBER / Milan / Italy

We would be happy to welcome
you on our stand No. 774

- Electronic connection terminal: Bus electronics and connection terminal in one
housing offers maximum installation efficiency
- SIL 2- and SIL 0-certified modules together in one system
- Flexible system architecture: More compact, less wiring
- Specially adapted for use in new vehicles and modernization projects
- Supports network standards like Ethernet TRDP, CANopen, MVB | |
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 31


RRX trains
are ready to roll
Photo: Harry Hondius

The first of 82 Desiro HC high-capacity EMUs being supplied by Siemens to operate the Rhein-
Ruhr-Express network was unveiled on July 12, and testing of the first units is now underway.
Dr Harry Hondius reports from Wildenrath.

ver the next few months, The RRX project is the latest in a The first Desiro services operating over seven existing
seven pre-series Desiro string of initiatives to improve pub- HC for RRX on railway routes which are being up-
the T1 test ring at
HC electric multiple-units lic transport in the busy Rhein-Ruhr Wildenrath on July graded and expanded (Fig 1). The core
are set to undergo exten- conurbation. In the early 1920s, the 12, with the first of the network will be the Köln – Düs-
sive testing ready for the launch of the Rheinisch-Westfälische Städtebahn en- class section in the seldorf – Duisburg – Essen – Dort-
leading car.
Rhein-Ruhr-Express network at the visaged a separate privately-run 1·5 kV mund (– Hamm) axis. Frequencies on
end of 2018. The first of 82 four-car DC electrified railway to link Köln and most routes will be increased from the
EMUs which Siemens is supplying to Dortmund, while more recently a mag- current two trains/h to four, which to-
a consortium of local transport authori- lev link was proposed. gether with the introduction of rapidly-
ties under a €1·7bn deal announced in As finally authorised by the Land of accelerating, high-capacity trains with a
March 2015 was unveiled at the Wil- Nordrhein-Westfalen, RRX will intro- top speed of 160 km/h should generate
denrath test centre on July 12. duce a network of fast regional express a substantial increase in rail ridership.
As well as the new trains, capacity
enhancement is a vital element in the
RRX 5 RRX 7 project (Fig 2). The line between Köln-
Wesel Wanne-
Gelsenkirchen Eickel Mülheim and Düsseldorf-Benrath
Oberhausen E-Altenessen RRX 3 will be expanded from three tracks to
Wattenscheid Kamen
Hamm four, while the section from Benrath to
Bochum Dortmund
Bielefeld Minden Duisburg will be increased to six, with a
Mülheim/ Essen RRX 4 RRX 6 number of grade-separation projects to
Düsseldorf/ Ruhr RRX 1
Flughafen Paderborn segregate fast and slow trains. Further
improvements are also needed between
Düsseldorf-Benrath Kassel
Duisburg and Dortmund, but as this is
Leverkusen Mitte
Köln-Mülheim station is not
RRX 2 one of the most densely-populated are-
currently included in the BVWP
2030, but is under consideration? as in Germany, the work is not expected
Düren Köln/
Bonn Flughafen to be completed until 2030-35. Total
Aachen RRX 3 cost of the civil works was estimated at
RRX 1 RRX 2 Köln Messe/ Fig 1. The future
Aachen – Köln – Düsseldorf – Essen – Dortmund
Aachen – Köln – Düsseldorf – Essen – Dortmund – Hamm – Paderborn – Kassel RRX network. The €2bn in 2014.
RRX 3 Köln/Bonn Flughafen – Neuss – Düsseldorf – Gelsenkirchen – Dortmund – Hamm
new route numbers RRX is being promoted by a joint ven-
Source: DB AG

Bonn RRX 4 Koblenz – Köln – Düsseldorf – Essen – Dortmund – Hamm – Bielefeld

RRX 5 Düsseldorf – Duisburg – Oberhausen – Wesel do not always ture of four local authorities: Verkehrs-
RRX 6 Koblenz – Köln – Düsseldorf – Essen – Dortmund – Hamm – Bielefeld – Minden correspond with
RRX 6 RRX 4 RRX 7 Düsseldorf – Duisburg – Essen – Gelsenkirchen – Münster
those of current RE verbund Rhein-Ruhr, NWL Zweck-
services. verband Nahverkehr Westfalen-Lippe,
32 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Reisholz Düsseldorf Flughafen Duisburg
Köln Messe/ Köln- Leverkusen
Köln Deutz Mülheim Mitte Benrath

Köln-Kalk Düsseldorf-Lierenfeld

Essen- Essen- Watten-

Oberhausen Mülheim (Ruhr) Bottrop Essen Steele Steele Ost scheid Bochum Langendreer Dortmund
Source: DB AG

Wuppertal Hattingen Witten

Development area Long distance services Rhein-Ruhr Express Regional services S-Bahn Freight

Fig 2. Work is underway to increase the authorities decided to procure a com-

Desiro HC in numbers number of tracks between Köln and mon fleet of 160  km/h EMUs which
Düsseldorf to four, and six from Benrath to
Duisburg. Between Leverkusen Mitte and would then be made available to the
Top speed km/h 160 Mülheim/Ruhr the 160 km/h RRX trains must contract operators. Using €60m of fund-
Service acceleration m/s² 1·2 share tracks with ICE services. ing from the Land, tenders were called
Service braking m/s² 1·0
Emergency braking m/s² 1·2 for a combined supply and maintenance
Platform heights mm 760 / 550
Zweckverband Schienenpersonen- package, which was won by Siemens.
Minimum curve radius (depot) m 120 nahverkehr Rheinland-Pfalz Nord and The 82 four-car EMUs are costed at
Steepest gradient % 4·0 Nordhessische Verkehrsverbund, under €800m and the 32-year maintenance
Vehicle profile EN15273-2 DE2
Fire prevention EN 45545
the leadership of VRR. element valued at €900m, with Siemens
Crashworthiness TSI + EN 15227 Most services in the Rhein-Ruhr guaranteeing ± 99% availability.
Buffing load kN 1 500 region are currently operated by DB The trains are to be maintained at
Mechanical Regio, but in 2015 the local authorities a new facility being built by Siemens
Axle arrangement Bo’B‘+2‘2‘+2‘2+’Bo’Bo’ invited competitive tenders for opera- on the site of a former shunting yard
Automatic couplers  Voith, Scharfenberg Type 10
Overall length over carbodies m105·252 tion of the RRX network for a 15-year at Dortmund-Eving; construction be-
Empty weight tonnes < 198 period starting in December 2018. The gan in March. The 7  ha site is owned
Maximum axleload tonnes < 18·0 five routes were offered as three lots, by VRR and will be leased to Siemens
Width mm 2 820
Height mm 4 640
attracting five bidders. Two lots were until at least 2050. The 163 m long main
Driving motor car
awarded to National Express and one to building will be 63  m wide with six
Length mm 26 226 Abellio NRW. tracks. There also will be a warehouse,
Gangway width mm550 National Express will take over route administration building, an outdoor
Door width/height mm 1 400 / 2 050
RE5 (Koblenz – Köln – Düsseldorf – train washing plant and an underfloor
Seat width mm450
Spacing between facing seats mm 1 750 to 1 850 Wesel) as part of the future RRX5, and wheel lathe with an automatic wheel
Spacing between airline seats mm 800 to 850 RE6 (Köln-Bonn Flughafen – Essen profile scanning and diagnostic system.
Bogie wheelbase mm 2 600 – Hamm – Minden) as part of RRX6, In total, the depot is expected to have
Wheel diameter new/used mm 920 / 840
Bogie centres mm 18 576 operating 6 million train-km per year 5·5 km of track.
Double deck trailer car
across the two routes. It will also pro- The new depot will be fully connected
Length mm 25 200 vide 2·4 million train-km per year on into the Siemens digital train monitoring
Door width/height mm 1 800 / 2 120 route RE4 Aachen – Monchenglad- system (RG 9.16 p127). The units will be
Bogie wheelbase mm 2 500
Wheel diameter new/used mm 920 / 840
bach – Hagen – Dortmund. Abellio continuously monitored to identify any
Bogie centres mm 19 000 NRW will operate routes RE1 (Aachen
Electrical equipment – Köln – Essen – Hamm) as the future
Below: The trailer bogies under the double-
Power supply 15 kV 16·7 Hz RRX1 and RE11 (Düsseldorf – Essen – deck cars have one brake disc per axle and
Traction motors TB221 Dortmund – Hamm – Kassel) as RRX2, magnetic track brakes.
Continuous rating kW 8 x 420
Motors rev/min 2 200 totalling 6·2 million train-km per year. Below right: The motored bogies have wheel-
Transformers MVA 2 x 1·97 To operate the network, the local mounted disc brakes.
Inverters MVA 2x2
Seats (including folding) 400 of which 36 first class
Standees (@ 4/m2)462
Weight per seat kg495
Power to weight kW/tonne16·8
Desiro HC suppliers
Bogies Siemens, Graz
Transformers Siemens, Nürnberg
Motors Siemens, Nürnberg
Inverters Siemens, Nürnberg
Electronic controls, Sibas Siemens, Nürnberg
Static inverter Siemens, Nürnberg
Air-conditioning Faiveley / Melco
Exterior and interior design Tricon AG
Compressor Atlas Copco
Electro-pneumatic brakes Faiveley
Magnetic track brakes Schwarzer
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 33


4 640
2 500 2 600 800
1 800
19 000 18 576
25 200 26 226

2 820
1 400 © Railway Gazette 2017

potential faults, with the performance A power-to-weight ratio of Above: Fig 1. The
data uploaded to the company’s Mobil- 16·8  kW/t means 60% more power Desiro HC combines
single and double-
ity Data Services Centre at München- for faster acceleration, which with the deck cars. Standard
Allach. After analysis, any recommenda- 160  km/h top speed and higher brak- toilets are fitted in
tions for intervention will then be passed ing rates should meet the requirement the centre vehicles,
while an accessible
back to the service team at Eving. for mixed operation. Entrance heights toilet is provided in
of 730  mm in the driving cars and one driving car and
a small first class
High-performance EMUs 800  mm for the centre cars will give section in the other.
At present, DB operates RE1 with near-level boarding from 760 mm high
its most modern regional push-pull platforms, substantially improving the Right: Steps inside
trainsets, a six-car double deck forma- speed of boarding and alighting to opti- driving car 1 give
access from the
tion comprising a driving trailer with mise station dwell times. 800 mm high centre
low-floor entrances, three second class section to the high
coaches with high-floor entrances, one Aluminium bodies floor area above have been followed by further locally-
the bogies and the
composite and one first class vehicle, The single-deck driving cars of the gangway to car 2. built sets (p37). Siemens is now supply-
powered by a Class 146 electric loco- Desiro HC are being manufactured at ing 156 Cityjet units to ÖBB under a
motive rated at 4·4 MW. Dating from Uerdingen, while the newly-designed programme to be completed in 2019.
2002, these 208  m trainsets have seats double-deck centre cars are being assem- These vehicles have a central ‘low-
for 186 first class passengers in a 2+1 bled in Wien. Both plants are equipped floor’ section between the doors with a
layout and 493 second class arranged to weld long extruded aluminium pro- floor height of 800 mm above rail; two
2+2. With a total weight of around files to create the Desiro ML carbodies. steps up at each end lead to a 1 200 mm
400  tonnes, this gives a power-to- The crash energy-absorbing nose sec- high section over the motor bogies.
weight ratio of 10 kW/t. tion is made of steel and bolted to the One end car has a wheelchair accessible
For the RRX operations, which will aluminium bodyshell. All vehicles have toilet in the low-floor section, which is
need to run in mixed traffic with ICE electrically-operated sliding-plug doors.
services, the promoters were looking The driving cars are essentially derived
for something with more capacity and from the Desiro ML family, which be-
faster acceleration. The four-car Desiro gan with the 17 sets supplied to Mittel-
High Capacity EMUs combine both rheinbahn from 2008 (RG 9.08 p613).
single- and double-deck vehicles in one These were followed by 305 Desiro ML
unit. The single-deck driving cars have sets for SNCB in Belgium and the 54
wide doorways for rapid boarding and Lastochkas supplied to Russia, which
alighting, and standing room for short
Below right: Entrance heights are arranged
trips, while the double-deck intermedi- to suit a 760 mm high platform. The end car
ate cars offer plenty of seating for pas- (right) has doorways level with the 800 mm
sengers travelling longer distances. The floor area. The double-deck cars (left and
photo on right) have a 730 mm high entrance
units are intended to operate in pairs, descending to a 465 mm floor area, and three
creating a 210  m long train with seats steps leading up to the intermediate level
for 800 passengers — 72 first and 728 above the bogie. A further eight steps give
access to the upper deck. A retractable step
second class. That is an 18% increase in closes the gap, and also facilitates boarding
seating capacity. from 550 mm high platforms.

+760 +760
Image: Siemens

±0∙00 ±0∙00
34 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


configured as a multi-service area with
tip-up seats and room for up to 18 bicy-
cles. In the other end car the low-floor
central section has conventional trans-
verse seating, while the outer high-floor
bays behind the cab in this vehicle pro-
vide the small first class section.
The Desiro HC runs on bolsterless
bogies derived from the SF  6500 de-
sign, of which four are motored and two
unpowered. All have a similar mechani-
cal configuration, although the motored
bogies have a 2  600  mm wheelbase
while that for the unpowered ones is
shorter at 2 500 mm.
The axles are guided by longitudinal
linkages, which at one end support the
bogie frame by coil springs contained in
rubber elements and are complemented
by vertical shock absorbers. Traction forc-
es are transmitted between carbody and
bogie frame by a central linkage using The driver’s desk has the roof apart from the air-compressor thermally-insulated glazing. This avoids
rubber/metal springs and bearing surfac- a similar layout to and batteries. The standard Sitrac trac- the need for any special in-train repeat-
other EMUs in the
es. The secondary air springs have a two- Desiro ML family. tion control system is fully redundant. ers to amplify mobile phone signals,
point levelling system, while a torsion Each motor car has its own pantograph while the train is reportedly ready for
stabiliser prevents the car from rolling. and oil-directed air-forced transformer the introduction of 5G technology.
The self-ventilating three-phase mo- with a four-quadrant converter feeding By the time of the presentation of
tors are fully suspended from the bogie the liquid-cooled IGBT inverter pack, the first unit to NRW representatives
frame by rubber springs and drive the which in turn powers the four motors in July, four trains had been delivered
Flender gearbox via a toothed coupling. under that vehicle. Roof-mounted HV to the Wildenrath test centre. Siemens
The gearbox is supported from the Below: Entrance area cables provide a 15 kV 16·7 Hz connec- expects to use seven sets for an inten-
frame on one side and the other side in car 2, showing tion between the two power cars, so that sive testing programme before the first
the steps up to the
rests directly on the axle, giving a half- intermediate and a unit can operate with only one panto- trains enter passenger service on route
riding suspension. Wheel-mounted thence to the upper graph raised. The electro-dynamic brak- RE11 in autumn 2018. Deliveries are
disc brakes are fitted, while the end ax- deck. ing is fully regenerative, with no brake due to be completed in 2019.
les have sanding gear for use in times of Below right: The resistances. Each car has its own roof Running at 110 km/h riding on test
poor adhesion. The unpowered bogies upper deck in car 2. mounted air-conditioning unit. ring T1 at Wildenrath, the unit exhibit-
have one brake disc per axle and are also Bottom right: The A new window coating has been ed a very low noise level, even including
equipped with magnetic track brakes. lower deck in car 2, developed to allow radio waves to pass the air-conditioning. The riding quali-
looking through to
All of the electrical equipment comes the next entrance through the double-glazed panes up to ties seemed excellent, with very smooth
from Siemens, and most is mounted on vestibule. 500 times more easily than conventional acceleration and braking.  n
Point cloud by Grunder Ingenieure AG

Enabling inter-Europe mobility

through 3D digital realities

3.5 million passengers and 90,000

freight trains pass through the
Gotthard Base Tunnel each year

Enabling understanding
Deep under the Alps, the Gotthard Base Tunnel provides The firm used the Leica Pegasus:Two mobile mapping
an essential high-speed rail link, connecting Northern platform to capture in just a few weeks what would have
and Southern Europe. taken months to complete with traditional methods.

To enable better understanding of the tunnel, Grunder

Ingenieure AG created an immersive and accurate digital Find out more at
representation of the structure and its surroundings.

Leica Geosystems AG
3D Mobile Mapping Enabling Digital Realities
© 2017 Hexagon AB and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon. All rights reserved.
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Railway Gazette International | October 2017 37


Lastochka Premium
takes centre stage
Toma Bačić describes the passenger vehicles on show at this year’s Expo 1520 trade show, which took
place at the Shcherbinka railway test centre between August 30 and September 2.

wned by the all-Russian
railway research institute
VNIIZhT and opened in
1932, the Shcherbinka test
centre on the edge of Moscow has been
a long-standing proving ground for
novel rolling stock destined for use in
the 1 520 mm gauge region. Every two
years, the centre is thronged with visi-
tors to the Expo 1520 trade show, and
between August 30 and September 2
this year was no different.
The centre has three test rings for dy-
namic vehicle trials at up to 140 km/h,
and the daily cavalcades of rolling stock,
both historic and modern, are an obvi-
ous crowd-pleaser for Expo 1520 visi-
tors. But at the core of the exhibition are
the products and services being devel-
oped and deployed by Russian suppliers
and their international partners, which
offer a snapshot of wider investment in
the Russian market (RG 6.17 p49).
Speaking at the opening ceremony,
RZD President Oleg Belozerov an- an increase in exports in the year to date
nounced that rolling stock fleet renewal of 9bn roubles, up 42% on the first eight
remained at the top of the national rail- months of 2016.
way’s priority list. No fewer than 450 lo-
comotives would be added to the RZD Longer-distance Lastochka
fleet this year, with a value of 58bn rou- Among passenger vehicles, three
bles. Like many of his peers around the novel electric multiple-units were high-
world, Belozerov also stressed to visi- lights of the show. Arguably taking cen-
tors the importance of digital tools in tre stage was the long-distance variant
enhancing the capacity and efficiency of of the Lastochka EMU. The Ural Loco-
the rail network. ‘The digital railway is a motives joint venture of Sinara Group
project for the very near future’, he em- and Siemens displayed a Lastochka The five-car ES2GP using standard Desiro RUS EMUs, but
phasised. Meanwhile, Deputy Trade & Premium inter-regional version of their Lastochka Premium
is 126·5 metres long
the Type ES2GP prototype which was
Industry Minister Alexander Morozov Desiro RUS electric multiple-unit fam- with 347 seats. The completed last year is a modified design
highlighted the importance of state ily. Russian Railways had previously interior is divided into
three classes; first class
intended to be better suited to longer
support in the development of the do- used the Lastochka Premium brand to features a 2+2 seating routes of up to 200 km.
mestic supply industry. He pointed out refer to some faster services operated arrangement, while The air-conditioned EMU has econ-
second and third class
have 2+3 seating. omy, tourist and business class accom-
modation with more comfortable seats
than the local variant, as well as power
sockets, wi-fi and a passenger informa-
tion system. There is a food preparation
area in an end coach, and a compart-
ment for train crew. Supporting the
policy of localising manufacturing, the
Lastochka Premium has 90% Russian-
produced content. According to RZD
Photos: Toma Bačić

Thanks to its 3 480 mm Passenger Director Dmitry Pegov,

width, the two-car there are now 128 Lastochka EMUs
EP2D trainset with 2+3
seating is still very
in revenue operation in Russia. In June,
comfortable. RZD and Ural Locomotives agreed to
38 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


multiple-unit family. DMZ currently section. The 100% low-floor design fea-
produces EP2D EMUs in four-car and tures five double-leaf doors and seating
11-car configurations, with a total of for 66 passengers.
257 units now in service with Russian Door width is 1 300  mm, which is
Railways. intended to enable fast boarding and
The steel-bodied EP2D is 45·6  m alighting at city centre stops. The saloon
long and has 136 seats. It has a maxi- is air-conditioned, and standing room is
mum speed of 120  km/h and, accord- provided for up to 376 passengers, as-
ing to TMH, offers a 20% reduction in suming peak loading conditions of eight
energy consumption compared to pre- passengers/m2. The bi-directional cars
vious designs. It also offers lower noise are 33·4  m long and 2 500  mm wide.
and vibration in the passenger saloons Maximum power rating is 560 kW and
and improved collision protection. maximum speed 75 km/h.
Among non-powered vehicles, TMH TMH subsidiary Metrowagonmash
exhibited a Type 61-4473 double deck exhibited a Type 81-765 Moskva train-
develop a Type EM variant for inter- Top: Transmashholding restaurant car. The 160 km/h diner has set for the Moscow metro. The city
city routes with journey times of around exhibited a mock-up
of an EP2TV cab,
48 seats in the restaurant and four in the operator signed a contract in Decem-
4  h. Under its earlier agreements with showing that it is bar. ber 2014 for the supply of 96 eight-car
RZD, Ural Locomotives is contracted suitable for use
with 1 100 mm high
trainsets, and a prototype was delivered
to supply 240 Desiro RUS EMUs in platforms. Wide Urban rail vehicles to Vykhino depot in February. Each
2017-23. doorways and a Stadler presented one of six Me- trainset comprises two powered driving
spacious interior mean
the EMU is suitable for telitsa trams that are to be delivered cars, four powered trailers and two un-
Suburban development busy suburban routes, to St Petersburg operating consortium powered intermediate cars.
offering fast boarding
Transmashholding presented a full- and alighting. Transportnaya Koncessionnaya Kom- Total passenger capacity is 2 402, and
size mock-up of its newly-developed panya next month. The tram, designated the cars feature 1 400  mm wide doors
Above: Stadler
EP2TV suburban EMU, which would Metelitsa trams for B85600M or Chizhik by the operator, and wide walkthrough gangways to en-
be produced by its Tver Carriage Works St Petersburg have will be used on a new fast tram route hance passenger throughput. The trains
been branded Chizhik
subsidiary. The basic configuration is an by the operator, being developed by TKK to serve the also feature wheelchair spaces and USB
11-car trainset with a length of 246 m continuing a tradition Krasnogvardeisky district of the city. sockets. While the Moscow metro uses
to name railway and
and a maximum speed of 140 km/h; a tram vehicles after TKK has ordered 23 Metelitsa trams an 825 V DC third rail supply, the dem-
regional option with a 160 km/h maxi- bird species. in total; the three-section cars have a onstrator on show at Expo 1520 was
mum speed is also to be offered. Interior Bo’Bo’Bo’Bo’ wheel arrangement where equipped with pantographs to run on
layout would be in 2+2 or 3+3 arrange- two bogies are located under the central the test circuit during the event.  n
ments, and total capacity in high-den-
sity layout would be 3 300. An installed
rating of 7·2 MW would offer accelera-
tion of 0·7 m/s2. TMH Director Gen-
eral Kirill Lipa said that the EMU was
designed for use in the more populous
European and Ural regions of Russia.
Meanwhile, TMH also displayed an
EMU aimed at lightly used routes elec-
trified at 3 kV DC. The two-car EP2D
design is produced at TMH’s Demik-
hovsky Engineering Plant and is a
variant of the established EP2D electric

16 Moskva metro trainsets were brought into use

on Moscow metro line 7 in early September.

Meet us at:
Elmia Nordic Rail 10 - 12 October 2017
Elmia, Jönköping (Sweden)
Stand B04:54
40 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Scottish hotel
remain ‘broadly as now’, with 31 seats in
each seating car.
Interior styling is by Scottish design-
er Ian Smith. Four types of accommo-

train fleet on test

dation will be on offer: reclining ‘Com-
fort’ seats with secure lockers; ‘Classic
Rooms’ with single or twin berths and
a washbasin; ‘Club Rooms’ with twin
or single berths and an ensuite toilet
Now undergoing trials at Velim in the Czech Republic is the first batch and shower; and ‘Suites’ offering a dou-
ble bed plus ensuite toilet and shower.
of cars being built to replace rolling stock on Anglo-Scottish overnight
Around 60% of the sleeping accommo-
services operated under Serco’s 15-year Caledonian Sleeper franchise. dation will have en suite facilities, Serco
Murray Hughes investigates. says, and all three types of sleeping

compartment will be available to pas-
he first of a fleet of 75 coach- has sections to and from Glasgow and Above: The first five sengers with reduced mobility.
es destined for Serco’s Cal- Edinburgh and the ‘Highland’ sleeper cars are currently on The lounge car in each train has been
test at Velim in the
edonian Sleeper franchise is has portions to and from Fort William, Czech Republic. designed to feature a ‘brasserie’ style,
due to arrive in the UK by Inverness and Aberdeen. with banquette seating grouped around
the end of this year. The first five cars tables and individual seats or stools on
were sent to the Velim test centre in the Formation the other side of a central gangway.
Czech Republic during August from Each set will consist of up to 16 cars,
Spanish manufacturer CAF’s Beasain with 11 vehicles available as spares. The
factory — CAF signed a €200m con- new fleet consists of 11 seating cars, 10
tract for the new fleet in 2015 (RG 3.15 lounge cars, 14 sleeping cars meeting
p8). At Velim the cars are undergoing PRM TSI requirements and 40 other
several weeks of dynamic testing before sleeping cars. Serco says that the num-
shipment to Scotland via the Channel ber of beds and seats on each train will
Further deliveries will be by sea from
Right: Some cars will offer accommodation
Spain, initially via Teesport. After static with double beds and ensuite shower and
tests, the fleet will be trialled on the toilet.
West Coast Main Line over the win- Below: Computer-generated image of the
ter, and some cars may be displayed at Caledonian Sleeper lounge car.
major stations served by Caledonian
Sleeper services.
Announcing further details of the
MkV rolling stock fleet on August 30,
Caledonian Sleeper said that a phased
introduction is planned from spring
2018; April has been set as a target date
for entry into service. All the cars are
due to be operational by the autumn of
next year.
As with the current service operated
using MkIII sleeping cars dating from
1982 and MkII lounge and seating
vehicles, the new cars will be formed
into four sets and will run on Sunday
to Friday nights. Two services run in
each direction: the ‘Lowland’ sleeper
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 41


The fleet will have air-conditioning, The five carriages
plug doors, dimmable lighting, key were transported
by road from CAF’s
cards for compartment access, wi-fi and Besain factory to
charging sockets for phones and other Hendaye in France,
devices. Information screens will be from where they
were taken to the
provided in the vestibule area at each Czech Republic by
end of the cars. Mattresses and other rail.
bedding are being supplied by Glencraft
of Aberdeen.
Mounted on inside-frame bogies
with axle-mounted disc brakes, each
aluminium-bodied car is 22·2  m long
and will be able to run at 160 km/h.
CAF has a contract to supply spares,
and maintenance will be in the hands
of Alstom, which was awarded a 15-
year service contract worth €125m in
2015. Most maintenance work will be
carried out at Polmadie in Glasgow with Dellner couplers to match the new Sleeper business as investment in new
and at the Wembley traincare centre in stock. overnight stock in western Europe is
London. The Scottish government is contrib- rare. Only Austrian Railways is cur-
Serco has contracted GB Railfreight uting £60m towards the cost of the re- rently planning to acquire a new fleet of
to supply traction, with Class 92 electric placement fleet, with additional finance overnight trains.
locomotives originally built for Chan- from Caledonian Sleepers Rail Leasing Achieving the right balance of fares
nel Tunnel services being deployed on Ltd, a subsidiary of Lombard North to attract all types of passenger will be
the London to Edinburgh/Glasgow Central plc. Interfleet was appointed critical. A 12-month booking option is
legs. Rebuilt Class 73/9 electro-diesel in 2015 as project manager for design, already available, allowing passengers
locomotives haul the trains to Fort construction and introduction of the to plan well ahead of their journeys.
William and Aberdeen, with operation new fleet. Caledonian Sleeper Chairman Peter
in pairs on the Inverness service. Both Other European operators will be Strachan said that ‘the new trains will
types of locomotive are being equipped keeping a close eye on the Caledonian improve the service dramatically’.  n


Visit us a
ia 2017
Ferroviarn, Italy
in Mila
4 6
Stand 5
42 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Elf2 enters
the fray
Having been supplying EMUs for its home market since
2004, Pesa has established a firm presence with its Elf
family. The design has now been updated, and the first
Elf2 entered service in Śląskie in September.
Ryszard Piech reports from its inaugural run.

ocal dignitaries from the Invited guests KŚ is understood to be evaluating the pro- condition monitoring suite to improve
marked the launch
Śląskie region and invited of the Elf2 by joining
curement of two more three-car units. the response time in case of failure.
guests joined the 10.57 train the 10.57 service Following consultation with local rail
between Katowice and Tychy train between Changing market needs users, KŚ requested an increase in the
Katowice and Tychy
Lodowisko on a sunny September 13 Lodowisko.
Pesa has developed the Elf2 as a re- provision of handrails on its trains, as
to celebrate the handover of Pesa’s first sponse to changing legislation, technical well as seats with armrests, tables and
Elf2 electric-multiple unit to launch standards and TSI compliance require- power sockets. A more advanced pas-
customer Koleje Śląskie. ments. The Bydgoszcz-based supplier senger information system can now de-
The regional operator is taking deliv- produced its first EMU in 2004, and liver real time information about con-
ery of 19 Elf2 sets under a 288m złoty to date it has delivered 133 3  kV  DC necting services.
contract supported by the voivodship’s trainsets for the domestic market. Over
funding body UMWŚ. The fleet com- the first few years the company experi- More orders in prospect
prises four two-car units and three three- mented with various designs and com- Pesa has already won a further three
car sets ordered directly by KŚ, plus 12 ponents, but in 2010 it finalised the Elf contracts for the Elf2, including a
four-car trains financed by UMWŚ us- platform, of which 77 trains have sub- 125m  złoty order for five three-car and
ing a 70% grant from the voivodship’s sequently been supplied in various con- two four-car trains from Podkarpackie
Regional Operational Programme fund. figurations from two to six cars. voivodship, which are due to be delivered
The train used for the handover event In recent years, budget pressures in before the end of this year. A further four
was one of the three-car variants. These the Polish public sector spurred Pesa to two-car trains are destined for national
units are 59 m long with seats for 154 develop low-cost variants, including the regional operator PolRegio within a
passengers. The floor height is 760 mm The Elf2 has been Acatus2 and Acatus Plus, while non- budget of 58m  złoty, while Wielkopol-
above rail, which is standard for Poland, developed with an standard trains were supplied to War- skie voivodship has placed orders worth
interior to comply
and the maximum speed is 160 km/h. with TSI PRM, and szawa suburban operator WKD. The 238m złoty for 10 five-car trains.
Each train comes with a 10-year war- it is fitted with company says the Elf2 draws on all of The provision of GSM-R and ETCS
ranty and all 19 sets are expected to be in ETCS onboard these developments to combine afford- also raises the prospect of ‘a truly interop-
equipment to meet
service by the end of 2018. The contract interoperability ability with quality. erable train that could one day run into
includes a series of follow-on options, and requirements. As well as having ETCS onboard neighbouring Slovakia and the Czech
equipment installed to meet TSI require- Republic’, suggested KŚ President Wo-
ments, the Elf2 incorporates a number of jciech Dinges at the handover ceremony.
other features. For the convenience of on- Pesa CEO Robert Świechowicz noted
board staff, a glass cubicle has been fitted that the delivery marked ‘a history of co-
where crew can leave their belongings and operation swinging around’, recalling that
the train manager can undertake duties the first Elf EMU had also been ordered
including making audio announcements by Śląskie voivodship. He emphasised the
and monitoring CCTV. On the techni- importance of support of the regional and
cal side, the ceiling has been redesigned national governments, which continues
to improve air flow and ambient condi- to underpin investment in ‘modern, safe,
tions. Pesa has also updated its remote European-standard rolling stock’.  n


New Bluetooth generation
• Wireless full contact measurement
• Compact soft edge design
D I G I TA L P R O F I L E M E A S U R I N G • Brand new modern-age software

Full contact - Your way to valid and reliable data
44 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Sweden’s rail sector

Photo: SJ / Stefan Nilsson

A substantial increase in rail investment is envisaged in Trafikverket’s 2018-29 National Plan, with the
government anticipating significant modal shift. However, Astoc CEO Björn Westerberg argues that
more needs to be done to ‘future-proof’ the Swedish rail network.

onsultation is now underway for rail investment, of which SKr125bn the increased wear and tear. And that in
on the priorities for trans- is intended for operations, maintenance turn has shaped the spending priorities.
port infrastructure spending and renewal of existing infrastructure The government’s primary objec-
in Sweden over the next 12 compared to SKr164bn for the national tive is to ensure that Sweden remains
years, following the launch by Trafikver- road network. There is to be a 47% in- a strong and sustainable country, and
ket of its draft 2018-29 National Plan crease in maintenance and reinvestment that its industries and businesses are
on August 31. The proposals have been spending, which Erixon says will ‘restore competitive in the global economy. This
BJÖRN submitted to the government, and — the functionality of the railways’. Much is reflected in its five national develop-
WESTERBERG subject to any modifications following of the investment is to be targeted at the ment priorities which underpin the
CEO, Association the three-month public consultation — busiest corridors used by commuter and long-term transport policy:
of Swedish Train the plan is expected to be adopted in the freight traffic. • transitioning to a fossil fuel-free
Operators spring of 2018. economy;
According to Trafikverket Director Sustainability agenda • ensuring good connectivity between
General Lena Erixon, the national plan The National Plan is Trafikver- all parts of the country;
responds to the government’s ambition ket’s response to the infrastructure bill • increasing the provision of housing to
for ‘a modern, efficient and sustainable adopted by the government in Decem- accommodate a growing population;
transport system’. It covers state-owned ber 2016, which was followed by a series • improving conditions for doing busi-
infrastructure for all modes, includ- of directives in March 2017 clarifying ness in a competitive global market;
ing road, rail, maritime transport and its strategic objectives. The package has • achieving the lowest rate of unem-
Top: In its
objectives shaping aviation. The state has already agreed a also been informed by a dialogue with ployment in the EU.
Trafikverket’s funding envelope of SKr622·5bn, an in- many different stakeholders at both na- In terms of climate change, there is
national plan, crease of SKr100bn on the current plan tional and regional level. an explicit objective — now enshrined
the government
wants to encourage period, while Trafikverket anticipates The starting point is the increas- in law — requiring a 70% reduction in
modal shift from that an additional SKr90bn will be ing demand for transport by all modes, greenhouse gas emissions from domes-
road to rail in raised through road congestion charges, which has been putting pressure on net- tic transport by 2030. Although the
order to reduce
the environmental track access fees and co-financing. work capacity. This also means addition- development of electric road vehicles
impact of transport. Around SKr280bn has been allocated al maintenance is required to cope with is moving forward rapidly and there is
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 45


increased use of renewable fuels, these
will not be enough, and the government
wants to encourage modal shift from
road to rail. To improve the competi-
tiveness of Swedish industry, the trans-
‘Infrastructure development needs to be
port sector is expected to ensure reliable
commuting to and from work, as well
matched with — or preferably run ahead of
as improved accessibility. Freight trans-
port must also be reliable and ensure the
— projected increases in demand’
availability of goods wherever required.
Rail is expected to play a core part in sector has resulted in increased demand envisages that Sweden will meet the
delivering these objectives, which is re- for a well-educated workforce, along TEN-T commitments by 2030, includ-
flected in the increased public funding with better conditions for work, study ing infrastructure improvements to ac-
being made available for network en- and culture. Regional development has commodate 750  m long freight trains
hancement. However, Sweden has one largely been a labour market issue and and the implementation of Ertms,
of the most liberalised rail markets in the emergence of larger regions has been which along with other digitisation
Europe, very much in line with Europe- driven by local efforts to increase com- projects is expected to increase capacity.
an Commission policy. This means that petitiveness and create growth. Accessi- Responding to Astoc’s concerns
all parts of the rail sector — including bility to labour and education is crucial, about the impact of Ertms implemen-
the train operators, regulators and other but in recent years the growth trend has tation on the competitiveness of rail
players — will have to work with the in- been throttled by capacity constraints on freight (RG 3.17 p68), Trafikverket is
frastructure manager to deliver a sustain- both the rail network and major roads. planning to consult on how it might
able, rapid, and efficient transport sys- In Astoc’s view, it is important that fund up to 50% of operators’ costs.
tem. With the right measures in place to infrastructure development is seen from This recognises that the installation of
encourage growth and modal shift, the this perspective, integrating Sweden’s ETCS onboard equipment is really an
Association of Swedish Train Operating regions into trans-European communi- extension of the signalling infrastruc-
Companies estimates that there could be ties, and generating social benefits over ture into the rolling stock.
a doubling in rail freight volumes and a the longer term. Enhancement projects to be under-
tripling of passenger ridership by 2050. taken during the 12-year plan period
Major projects include four-tracking the remaining
Capacity for growth Trafikverket’s 2018-29 National Plan sections of the Uppsala – Stockholm
Overall demand for rail transport in has been described as the ‘most ambi- line, with a fifth track for freight on the
Sweden has been increasing for many tious’ transport development strategy northern approaches to the capital. Ac-
years, particularly in the passenger sec- that the country has ever seen, backed cessibility improvements are planned
tor. Since the early 1990s, ridership has by record levels of public funding. for many regional lines.
doubled, while car usage has only risen Trafikverket has adopted a ‘four-step In the centre of the country, the
by between 10% and 15%. Infrastructure process’ to identify and prioritise its ongoing Hallsberg – Mjölby double-
enhancements and on-rail competition investment requirements: ‘reflect – op- tracking project is to be completed,
in an increasingly deregulated market timise – rebuild – build new’. While it along with capacity enhancements
have been key drivers. However, main- has been looking to make best use of the between Tomteboda and Kallhäll. Up-
tenance and renewals have not kept existing rail network through selected grading works are also envisaged on
pace, and the National Plan priorities enhancements and modern traffic man- the lines linking Värnamo, Nässjö and
belatedly reflect some of the network agement systems, the infrastructure Jönköping. The Hamnbanan freight
shortcomings which have become in- manager accepts that in some places the link and Vastlänken cross-city tunnel
creasingly apparent. There is a shortage network has reached its limits and new in Göteborg are to be completed, along
of capacity in both road and rail, leading capacity is needed, not least to handle with capacity improvements on the Opening of the
to delays, congestion and increased costs. increased freight for the mining, for- main line to Laxå. In the south, the fi- Citybanan tunnels
The Government Agency for Trans- estry and manufacturing sectors. nal section of the West Coast main line for Stockholm
commuter services
port Analysis concluded in its last an- The government has committed to remodelling is to be completed between in July will release
nual review that the system ‘does not improving cross-border connectivity Ängelholm and Helsingborg. capacity on the
in any way’ look able to achieve the with our Nordic partners, and ensur- Further north, expansion of the Ost- core network to
accommodate more
long-term sustainability objectives. Rail ing full interoperability on the TEN- kustbanan is envisaged, including dou- regional and long-
needed to increase its market share, T core corridors. The National Plan ble-tracking from Gävle to Kringlan distance trains.
the agency said, yet the worn-out in-
frastructure was impacting on perfor-
mance, reducing user confidence and
the profitability of operators. This risked
triggering a period of stagnation or
even decline at a time when the country
should be investing in rail expansion.

Regional development
In recent years, social development
in Sweden has seen the emergence of
larger urbanised regions, with increased
commuting between and within them,
increasing flows of freight to and from
the cities, as well as serving the vital ex-
port industries. Expansion of the service
46 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International

and Dingersjö to Sundsvall. Construc- 2028 to 2035. Meanwhile, the intention While the commitment to increased
tion is also expected to start on the first is now that the line should be built with maintenance spending is welcome, this
stretch of the Norrbotniabanan from ballasted track for a maximum speed work needs to be undertaken systemati-
Umeå as far as Skellefteå. of 250 km/h rather than the 320 km/h cally to ensure that the funds are used in
Axleloads on the Malmbanan iron ore originally envisaged. an optimal way. We would therefore like
line are to be increased from 30 tonnes Astoc is concerned that the choice to see Trafikverket developing a long-
to 32·5 or 35 tonnes, in conjuction with of a lower maximum speed will have a term national maintenance plan.
similar work on the Ofotbanen in Nor- significant impact on the viability of the The traffic projections seem to be
way leading to the port of Narvik. project. Trafikverket has not confirmed based on an extrapolation of recent
Recognising that Trafikverket needs that building a 250 km/h mixed-traffic demand trends, rather than any funda-
to be able to respond rapidly to chang- route would reduce infrastructure con- mental reassessment of future market
ing circumstances, a ring-fenced ‘buffer’ struction costs, compared to building requirements. As such, it is not clear
of SKr1·2bn has been set aside, which a dedicated line for 320  km/h. Earlier how rail is expected to become a cata-
can be called off in response to emerg- studies showed that a segregated high lyst in shaping the future of Swedish
ing market requirements with clear speed line offered a better return on in- society in line with the government’s
public benefits. These might arise from vestment and a greater capacity increase. broader objectives. We are particularly
structural changes in different industry From the passenger perspective, the concerned that the timescale for the
sectors, or the restructuring of logistics correlation between train and air jour- planned enhancements is too slow.
flows, for example, including the need ney times and market share is very well In recent years the rail system has
to tackle specific bottlenecks. established. Longer journey times mean become increasingly vulnerable in terms
fewer rail trips and less transfer from of performance, and this lack of reli-
High speed downgrade other modes, so abandoning the target ability may inhibit growth or even en-
In terms of new capacity, the big- of 2 h 30 min to Malmö will have a sig- courage the transfer of traffic from rail
gest single project under development nificant effect. The slower journey times to road, in direct contradiction to the
in recent years has been the planned will also impact on connectivity be- government’s aims. Infrastructure de-
Y-shaped high speed line connecting tween the labour market regions around velopment needs to be matched with —
Stockholm with Göteborg and Malmö. the bigger and smaller cities. or preferably run ahead of — projected
This is intended to accommodate the Adopting 250  km/h for Ostlänken increases in demand.
growing demand for fast inter-city ser- will effectively determine the standards We are also concerned that decisions
vices, where national operator SJ faces for the whole Swedish high speed net- on sector taxes and track access charges
competition from open access compa- work and goes counter to the policy in seem to be taken in separate silos, with
nies on both routes, while freeing up other countries which are looking for at no overall view of the impact on trans-
capacity on the existing line for more least 320 to 400 km/h. The slower aver- port strategy or the need to ensure that
freight and regional passenger trains. age speeds means that more trains are rail remains competitive with other
The National Plan envisages that needed to handle a given throughput, modes. For example, there is no proper
to accommodate work will be pushed ahead on the Ost- yet there is no established European intermodal freight strategy in the Na-
longer and heavier länken between Järna and Linköping, rolling stock market where operators tional Plan which would encourage
trains, along with
the roll-out of where planning is already well advanced, can buy standard vehicles for 250 km/h. modal shift from road to rail.
ETCS for European and also on the Lund – Hässleholm In addition to the plan itself,
interoperability, will section of the Malmö branch to provide Short-term thinking Trafikverket recognises the need for
help Sweden’s rail
freight operators more capacity in the south. However, Astoc also has a number of other other incentives to achieve the climate
support economic neither project is now expected to be concerns about the proposals, which we objectives, including one described as
development completed within the plan period. Ost- believe reflect a degree of short-term ‘environmental compensation’. This
and drive the
country’s global länken is still not fully funded, and the thinking that does not really ‘future- could reduce the track access charges
competitiveness. completion date has moved back from proof ’ the Swedish rail network. for rail freight by around SKr350m a
year, in accordance with Article 34 of
the Single European Railway Area Di-
rective as already adopted in Denmark.
At the same time, we have to ques-
tion whether there is sufficient capacity
in the supply and construction sectors
to deliver the huge raft of investments
that are needed without disrupting train
Additional capacity may be made
available in the short term through
more efficient use of existing infrastruc-
ture, including changes to track access
charging, administrative instruments
and remodelling to accommodate long-
er and heavier trains. But these are rela-
tively minor steps. In order to achieve a
real step-change in transport provision
— both in terms of service quality and
environmental impact — there is no al-
ternative to new construction. The na-
tional rail network must be expanded to
meet future demands for a sustainable
and competitive transport system.  n

KL A SIF IE D. se S E P TE M BE R 2017



Quality & Service



Safety First
Can you imagine a product so strong that it can be bent,
stretched, stressed and used for years without any loss
of performance or looks?
DOBEL® F 105 allows designers to be creative in form
while retaining both the functional and safety properties.
The combination of strong and highly shapeable metal
together with design features in foils gives a versatile
material very suitable for exclusive interiors.
DOBEL® F 105 Aluminum now also meets the criteria
for the highest level of fire safety in accordance with
EN 45545-2: 2013 requirements R1, HL3.

07.05. M ZC A/S Metalcolour Sverige AB Metalcolour Asia Pte Ltd
08.05. Ti-To ZC 09.05. Ti-To ZC 10.05. Ti-To ZC
0/2 6 Emaljervägen 7 17 Tuas0/1
Avenue 4 0/0 0/0
13460 DK-4800 Nykøbing F. SE-372 30 Ronneby SG-639368 Singapore 12420
P-CST Phone: +45 5484 9070 Phone: +46 457 –781
F 08.05. 00
09.05. Phone: +65 9030 5157 P-CST
04:32 10:36 M ZC
07.05. 08.05. Ti-To ZC 09.05. Ti-To ZC 06:20 12:50 ZC
10.05. Ti-To
0/2 0/1 13441 0/0 Sjuk 10.05. 0/0
13460 F 08.05. P-CST 12420
P-CST D F 08.05. – 09.05. 13441 P-CST
pnr3070-annons_halvsida_railway gazette_8 sept_MC_infor.indd 1 27:26 42:50
13460 03:26 09:42 124202017-09-12 09:39
04:32 13620 10:36 13691 13610 06:20 1251012:50
P-CST P-CST P-CST 13441 Sjuk 10.05.P-CST
13620 F 08.05. 13691 P-CST 13610 12510
16:32 20:04 13441 09:53 21:05
05:02 D
11:08 03:40 08:58 27:26 05:02 06:58 15:13
12570 14590 03:26 09:42
Semester 09.05. – 12.05.
13620 13691 P-CST 13610 12510
P-CST 12570 P-CST17:42 14590 P-CST P-CST
09:28 18:53 13691 12:35 13610 12510
16:32 20:04 21:51 21:05
05:02 11:08 14420 03:40 08:58 14750 05:02 09:53 16460 06:58 15:13
12570 P-CST 14590 Semester 09.05. – 12.05. P-CST P-C
P-CST 14420 P-CST 14750 16460
:22 12570 13:23 14590 20:52 20:58
14:27 23:23 17:42 12:46 19:09 16:01 23:00
13835 09:28 18:53 13815 12:35 21:51 13650 13710
CST 14420 P-CST 14750 P-CST 16460 P-CST

13835 P-CST 13815 P-CST D 13650 P-CST 13710 P-C
14420 5:58 14750 9:32 19:00
16460 17:
:22 09:32 03:35 13:23 10:02 16:00 20:00 05:32
20:52 10:01 05:01 10:01

13805 14:27 23:23 12:46 19:09
14790 16:01 23:00
CST 13835 13815 P-CST F 09.05. 13650 13710
CST 13805 P-CST 14790 P-CST P-CST

28:30 46:33
03:11 13835 08:58 18:03
13815 13:28
D 22:54 9:32 13650
03:09 13865 09:32 03:35 13540 10:02 16:00 20:00 05:32 10:01
12670 05:01 10:01 1

CST 13805 P-CST 14790 P-CST P-CST
CST 13865 13540 P-CST F 09.05. 12670 1
18:12 14790 21:52 26:04
03:25 13805 09:32
28:30 03:44 09:39 07:31 13:30
46:33 15:34
03:11 08:58 13:2812760 22:54 13590 13420
13865 13540 P-CST P-CST 12670 P-CST 1
13590 13420 P-CST
12:16 9:45 18:07 1
13865 13540 12:16 18:3921:52 04:24 12670
10:39 1
18:12 26:04 04:46 10:05
03:25 09:32 03:44 09:39 07:31 13:30 15:34
12760 13590 13420

13420 W19/12
12:16 9:45 18:07 1
07.05. M ZC 08.05.12:16
Ti-To ZC 18:39 04:24 09.05.
10:39 Ti-To ZC 04:46 10.05. Ti-To ZC
39 133 134 133
1413 14415 13410 14770 13876 14400 12440
1413 14415 13410 14770 13876 14400 12440
06:27 07.05. M14:16
ZC 22:51 04:57 10:39 Ti-To ZC 16:49
08.05. 20:43 03:07 09:32 15:34
09.05. Ti-To ZC 00:20 06:27 13:51
10.05. Ti-To ZC
11553 39 16798 13710 133 16460 13710 134 14770 13876 133
1413 P-CST 14415 P-CST 13410 P-CST 14770 P-CST 13876 P-CST 14400 P-CST 12440 P-CST
11553 P-CST 16798 P-CST 13710 P-CST 16460 P-CST 13710 P-CST 14770 P-CST
13876 P-CS
1413 07:28 15:21 14415 23:00 05:01 13410 10:01 16:01 14770 23:00 13876
05:01 10:01 16:49 14400
20:43 03:07 12440
09:32 15:46
1673 06:27 14:16 16799 22:51 04:57 13610 10:39 16:49 20:43
11810 03:07 09:32 12640 15:34 00:20 06:27
13835 13:51 1
11553 P-CST 16798 P-CST 13710 P-CST 16460 P-CST
13710 14770 P-CST 13876 P-CST
1673 P-CST 16799 P-CST 13610 P-CST 11810 P-CST 12640 P-CST P-CST 13835 P-CST 1
11553 06:21 15:21 16798 23:00 05:02 13710 09:53 17:04 16460 01:39 13710
08:04 14770
17:32 03:09 13876 09:32 15:50
1493 07:28 15:21 16797 23:00 05:01 13420 10:01 16:01 23:0011690 05:01 10:01 16:49
14650 20:43 03:07 13441 09:32 15:46
1673 P-CST 16799 P-CST 13610 P-CST 11810 P-CST 12640 P-CST 13835 P-CST 1
1493 16797 13420 11690 14650 13441
1673 05:57 15:50 16799 22:45 04:46 13610 10:05 11810
19:58 05:25 12640
11:27 19:20 03:26 13835 09:42 15:50 1
11513 06:21 15:21 23:0011690 05:02 09:53 1465017:04 01:39 08:04
13835 17:32 11710 03:09 09:3212620 15:50
1493 P-CST
16797 13420 P-CST P-CST
11690 P-CST
14650 P-CST
11513 11690 14650 13835 11710 12620
22 February 2018
London Hilton on Park Lane

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Railway Gazette International | October 2017 49


Learning lessons from a

national ETCS roll-out
Digital Rail Director

irst launched in 2009, the
Danish National Signalling
Programme is now more than
halfway to completion. Argu-
ably unmatched to date in scale and
ambition, the Signalling Programme
marks the first national rollout of the
latest version of Ertms, and the Dan-
ish experience is already yielding some
important lessons for future projects
around the world.
The entire Banedanmark main line
network will be fitted with ETCS Level
2 Baseline 3. Final commissioning is
Now approximately halfway to completion, Denmark’s national
scheduled for 2023, which is a reflection Signalling Programme is yielding important experience that could
of the complexity of the task (RG 3.12 inform digital railway investment in other countries.
p41). Nevertheless, the achievement will
be substantial. The København S-bane process and the selection of multiple including all the existing interlockings
network, which operates on segregated suppliers has encouraged flexibility and across the Banedanmark network. This
tracks with 1·65 kV DC electrification, reliability in the supply chain. helped to ensure that the Radio Block
is to be equipped with CBTC by 2021. However, one change in approach Centre integration works first time and
Atkins is involved in the Signal- adopted since the outset of the pro- that the handover between the east and
ling Programme in a project support gramme has been to ensure a greater west TMS will be seamless.
capacity, working in joint venture with focus on ‘whole system’ thinking among Not only has the lab delivered value
consultants Rambøll, Parsons Inc and contractors and delivery partners. Pre- by identifying and enabling the early
Emch+Berger. The consortium’s focus viously, asset owners and suppliers had resolution of digital integration issues, it
has been on the design and installation the freedom to make independent de- has also significantly reduced the time
of ETCS Level 2 Baseline 3 with an cisions about individual components needed for on-site possessions, reducing
integrated Traffic Management System without considering the impact on the the potential inconvenience to passen-
(RG 12.16 p37) on the existing railway overall programme performance. This gers and freight operators.
in accordance with the EU’s Common was recognised as a risk, and Banedan-
Safety Method for risk assessment in mark now manages all change requests Safety and cybersecurity
interoperability. The team is also sup- centrally from a whole-system perspec- The Danish case is the first time that
porting the roll-out of CBTC on the tive, recognising the wider impacts on the Common Safety Method, as set out
S-bane as well as the development of other parties and interfaces. by EU Regulation 402/2013, has been
two national operational control cen- One especially successful element of applied to a national signalling roll-out,
tres, which will ultimately manage the this centralisation philosophy has been and many lessons have been learned.
entire Banedanmark network. the creation of a systems integration It is important that the CSM Risk &
lab, allowing the simulation of digital Evaluation assessment and safety ap-
Handling contractors scenarios prior to their application on provals process is defined early and
As part of its competitive procure- the live railway. The Joint Test Lab was understood by all stakeholders and sup-
ment strategy, Banedanmark split the established to flush out integration risk pliers. Cybersecurity is clearly critical
Signalling Programme into four ma- early and has become a model of collab- to the safety and availability of digital
jor framework contracts. Alstom was orative delivery. A wide range of equip- control systems, and this needs to be in-

selected to supply all ETCS onboard ment has been co-located or simulated, corporated into the safety case.
equipment, as well as winning the
Fjernbane East contract to install li-
neside ETCS equipment and TMS
in the east of the country under one ‘We believe that the competitive tendering
of two geo­ graphically oriented pack-
ages. Thales won the matching Fjern- process and the selection of multiple suppliers
bane West contract. The last of the four
framework contracts covers the S-bane has encouraged flexibility and reliability in the
CBTC and went to Siemens. We be-
lieve that the competitive tendering supply chain’
50 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Cybersecurity policy and methodol- methods. A significant focus has been from the support perspective, this meant
ogy are a central element to the CSM, placed on delivering the required busi- that collaborative behaviours had to be
and clear advice must be provided to ness change, including operational con- established from the outset, so that they
end users of the signalling and traffic cepts, organisational design, a roadmap FINAL could be reflected in the selection pro-
management platforms regarding the of changes to internal processes, oper- COMMISSIONING cess and resulting contracts.
security of assets throughout their life. ating rules, recruitment and upskilling, LINE ETCS LEVEL 2
So far, we have managed to promote
Where cybersecurity falls outside the and training facilities and programmes. BASELINE 3 UNDER a ‘one team’ culture across the various
scope of the Signalling Programme These changes affect a whole gamut BANEDANMARK’S programme partners, where commercial
contractors (for example the telecom- of railway staff, from signallers and dis- SIGNALLING responsibility is largely taken away from
munications systems and interfaces), patchers to drivers, track maintenance the delivery teams. This has facilitated
the project support team designed and staff and telecoms specialists. Atkins clear communication, the early identifi-
implemented extra monitoring, techni- and its partners have sought to develop cation of risks and effective joint problem
cal controls and firewalls. a holistic approach to manage this tran- solving. The Signalling Programme also
We have also found that connecting sition and seek to address the impact of requires close liaison with various other
IT and operational railway technology each stage of the Signalling Programme projects across the Danish rail sector,
requires a different strategy which goes on the affected workforce. such as electrification, track and rolling
beyond conventional IT data protection. stock renewals, prioritising the replace-
The primary challenges identi- Collaboration is key ment of fleets which are approaching the
fied include the need to connect with Because the four principal sub- end of their service life.  n
legacy systems which may not have system contracts were tendered sepa-
been built for secure interconnection, rately, Banedanmark accepted that the The author would like to thank the team
the requirement to connect to external individual suppliers would retain re- from Atkins Denmark for their help with
stakeholders’ systems and the adoption sponsibility for integration. However, this article.
of commercial off-the-shelf IT tools,
which ordinarily rely on frequent soft- © Railway Gazette 2017

ware updates to secure potential vul-

nerabilities as they are discovered. Our
strategy recognises that patching such
gaps requires the revalidation of the
safety case.
The creation of an offline digital ‘twin’
simulation replicating the operational N
signalling and traffic management sys-
tems will be essential for facilitating
the integration and testing of software 2018
changes throughout the life-cycle. This
will be used to continually test and 2018

strengthen cybersecurity as it adapts to

the changing threat landscape.
The Signalling Programme also re-
quires a certification approach govern- 2018/19
ing which software can communicate
across the fixed and mobile networks.
This is best implemented through
Online Key Management to semi-
automate the rapid and comprehensive 2023
distribution of these authorised codes to 2019
all onboard and wayside Ertms and IT 2023
Cultural change 2021
The Signalling Programme requires 2021
the introduction of multiple digital 2022 2023
technologies in a short timeframe. The 2020 2022
adoption of new operating rules, or- 2021 2020
ganisational structures and technology,
as well as the migration from legacy sig- 2022

nalling centres to two centralised con- 2018/19

2021 2023 2022
trol hubs, requires a significant shift in 2021 2021
skills and processes across the Danish 2021
rail sector.
As Denmark is pioneering the ‘big 2021
bang’ roll-out of Ertms across a nation- 2022 2023
al network, this is unchartered territory.
2023 2021
The programme has learned over the
last eight years the scale of the business 2023
change required within the delivery,
operational and maintenance teams to
adopt these digitally oriented working
Stay ahead. Stay informed. INNOTRANS 2014

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BOOTH B05:29

TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH Barthstr. 16 80339 Munich Germany

+49 89 5791-1473
52 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Reducing noise and

optimising maintenance
General Manager, Pandrol CDM Track

ue to open for revenue ser-
vice in December 2018, the
60  km København – Ring-
sted line will be the first high
speed line in Denmark. Banedanmark’s
contractor Strukton Rail completed track-
laying in February, having started work at
the end of October and laid up to 2 000 m
of track per day for several months.
As the line has been designed for
250  km/h operation, Banedanmark is
keen to ensure the quality and main-

Photo: Banedanmark
tainability of the trackwork. Among
the innovations adopted is the deploy-
ment of under-sleeper pads. Pandrol
CDM Track was awarded a contract
to supply USPs for 6 000 sleepers in
specific areas, notably where there is a
transition in stiffness between the nor- Nordic railway infrastructure managers are making more use of under-
mal ballasted track and structures such sleeper pads to improve track geometry and extend maintenance intervals.
as bridges or concrete trough sections
with a shallower ballast depth. Tracklaying has now rigorous tests have confirmed the re- Ballast protection is an important con-
been completed on
USPs have been installed widely the København –
duction in ballast wear and the rate of sideration, as specifying the right USP
around the world since the 1990s and the Ringsted fast line, track deterioration. USPs can also miti- elasticity allows infrastructure managers
benefits are now well understood. They where Pandrol CDM gate the effects of local discontinuities, to almost double the intervals between
Track has a contract
provide vibration protection, whilst ex- to supply under
such as differences in track settlement, levelling, lining and tamping. The ex-
tending ballast life and improving track sleeper pads. hanging sleepers and differences in soil tended maintenance intervals offer ef-
stability to permit longer intervals be- stiffness. As well as their use on the ap- ficiencies in terms of cost, but equally
tween maintenance interventions. Add- proaches to bridges and other transi- important is the reduction in disruption
ing an elastic layer to the underside of tions between track construction types, to railway operations.
the sleeper provides a simple and cost- as specified by Banedanmark, USPs The improved load distribution across
effective way to modify the stiffness of can beneficially be deployed to control the sleeper allows infrastructure manag-
ballasted track, for both conventional or track response over short bridges and ers to achieve the same track quality with
high speed lines as well as those carry- rail expansion joints. a ballast depth of 200  mm rather than
ing heavy axleloads. Optimising the track the usual 300 mm. While reducing bal-
stiffness can reduce the formation of rail Defined elasticity last thickness could deliver significant
corrugation, particularly in tight radius The use of USPs in the Nordic re- cost savings, the reverse is probably more
curves. That allows the grinding interval gion is has been growing, with Pandrol significant, as the introduction of USPs
on such lines to be extended by at least a CDM Track USPs recently approved by provides a relatively cost-effective meth-
factor of two. Trafikverket for use in Sweden, as well as od of upgrading existing tracks where the
A considerable amount of develop- the Banedanmark installation. They are ballast depth may have been specified for
Under sleeper
ment work has been undertaken to pads can be used already in use in Norway, having been lower axleloads, a common scenario in
understand the benefits of USPs. Re- to extend ballast approved by Bane Nor, and one specific the Nordic region.
search has shown that our USPs in- life and manage application has been the Malmbanan Pandrol’s track elastic model software
transition zones
crease the contact surface between bal- between plain line iron ore corridor linking northern Swe- is used to calculate the optimal stiffness
last and sleeper by around 31%, while and structures. den and Norway, where the infrastructure of the USPs for each application, in com-
managers are replacing timber sleepers bination with the normal rail pads used
with pre-stressed concrete sleepers and with Fastclip, e-clip and Fastclip FE
USPs as part of a programme to increase fixings.
axleloads from 30 to 35 tonnes. The pads USPs also offer important benefits in
increase the contact area between the un- terms of reducing ground borne vibra-
derside of the sleeper and the top layer of tions, which can cause noise disturbance
ballast, allowing the ballast stones to be- to lineside residents. This can be par-
come embedded, and ensuring that they ticularly important in urban areas such
are subjected to as little mechanical dam- as those traversed by the København –
age as possible. Ringsted line.   n
We advance technology
in safe rail transportation

Join us at:
Stand 692 | Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre | 21 - 23 November
54 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Compact lights keep

locos bright at night
Siemens and VR Group have worked with Harting to install bespoke lights for the Nordic variant of
the Vectron electric locomotive now being delivered to Finland.

n the long crisp darkness of a protective metal housing, which would also been fitted to illuminate the cab
Nordic winter, lights are a very also meet another key criterion: suit- access steps. For general visibility, the
serious matter. So it was perhaps ability for a harsh environment. Out- locomotives have been equipped with
little surprise that the 1 524  mm door use, IP rating, shock, vibration, bodyside positioning lights, which use
gauge Vectron locomotive fleet that low temperatures and high luminary orange LEDs.
Siemens is supplying to Finnish na- output were all requirements that had Harting designed customised
tional operator VR between now and to be reconciled with specific railway brackets for the light mountings,
2026 (RG 2.14 p10) includes some DANNY standards and norms. and worked with the customers to
bespoke features appropriate for local MAIJINCKX ascertain the optimum routing for
conditions. Business More lights please the necessary cabling. All the lights
One such addition concerns light- Development A further bespoke request from the have cables, flexible protective tubing
ing. Working alongside VR Group Director, EMEA customer was the addition of body- and 3A HPR connectors. Cabling is
as the customer, Siemens approached Harting side lights to improve illumination routed via a bespoke junction box de-
connector and electrical component Technology around the locomotive. LED lights signed specifically for this application.
specialist Harting with a view to de- Group have been installed in two variants: The lights are operated from a piezo-
veloping a range of compact lights white lights for the front and rear of electric switch integrated into a Hart-
and associated housings that could the loco and around the couplers to ing 3A HPR connector housing,
improve the locos’ illumination. Build- improve visibility when shunting and meeting the request for a rugged yet
ing on a long working relationship preparing trains. White LEDs have compact assembly.  n
between the two companies, Siemens
asked Harting to evaluate designs for
a miniature lighting structure that had
to fit the superstructure of the Vec-
tron loco, design of which was already
At first sight, this kind of applica-
tion was not covered in the Harting
range. However, the more we learned
about the project the more common
ground we detected, and we began to
work on an LED design to achieve the
primary objective: a compact lighting
The additional lighting structure
had to be integrated into the loco
bodyshell with a minimum of effort
and structural changes. Therefore we
opted to encase the LED bulbs in a
56 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Upgrading the
Adriatic Corridor
Photo: David Campione

mong the projects cur- Work is in progress to enhance the busy 800 km railway along Italy’s
rently being implemented Adriatic coast, paving the way for faster services from Bologna to Lecce.
by infrastructure manager
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana is a Benjámin Zelki reports.
scheme to upgrade the important route
from Bologna to Rimini and along the Trenitalia operates Modern signalling with CTC and when engineering work is in progress.
Adriatic coast to Ancona, Pescara, Fog- two Frecciarossa ACC-M interlockings is being in- The 3  kV DC power supply is also
services a day in
gia, Bari and Lecce. each direction stalled, with corresponding modifica- being enhanced, the cost of resignalling,
The programme was launched in between Milano, tions to the control centres in Bologna power supply work and civil works to-
2015 with the objective of raising line Bari and Lecce. and Bari. In Pescara, a new control cen- gether being around €350m.
speeds to 200  km/h through a combi- tre has been built.
nation of resignalling and infrastructure ACC-M equipment will in future Last bottleneck
improvements. Completion is expected control traffic on the following seg- The smooth flow of rail traffic along
in 2018. If related projects planned over ments of the corridor: Bologna – Ri- the Adriatic Corridor has long been
a longer timescale are included, the total mini; Rimini – Cattolica; Cattolica hindered by a 33  km single track sec-
cost will amount to nearly €1·6bn. Trenitalia operates – Pesaro; Fano – Montemarciano; Pes- tion between Lesina and Termoli, some
frequent regional
Although most of the corridor is services along the cara – Termoli; Termoli – Foggia; Fog- of which requires trains to reduce speed
already double track, line speed limits Adriatic Corridor. gia – Bari; Brindisi – Lecce. This will to 40 km/h or even 25 km/h. Plans to
vary from 115 km/h to 180 km/h. Rea- This double-deck help to improve punctuality and give rebuild this section of the corridor have
push-pull service is
lignment to ease curves and other im- between Bari and signalling staff the tools to optimise existed for many years, but local govern-
provements planned for the upgrading Lecce. traffic flows when there is disruption or ment in the Molise region, which covers
include elimination of the last single-
track bottleneck.
Maurizio Gentile, Managing Direc-
tor of infrastructure manager RFI, said
the goal of the route modernisation was
to increase speed and capacity and re-
duce travel times along the east coast.
When the work is finished, travel times
from Bologna are expected to fall by
8  min to Rimini, 45  min to Bari and
60 min to Lecce.
The programme continues a series of
line speed enhancements that has been
implemented over the last 15 years.
Photo: David Campione

These include doubling of a single-track

section between Apricena and Lesina
in 2003, while double tracking of the
150  km from Bari to Lecce was com-
pleted by 2006.
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 57

the Ripalta – Termoli part of the route,
would not agree. Their objections cen-
tred on a section of the proposed line
near the sea that included a viaduct,
which the authority viewed as unattrac-
tive in a popular holiday area. The ob-
jectors wanted to eliminate the viaduct
and relocate the tracks inland, which
required construction of a 2 km tunnel,
but RFI and the Puglia region would
not accept the additional cost.
After years of arguments, a meeting
was held in July this year at which RFI,
Photo: Benjámin Zelki
the Ministry of Transport and the two
regions finally agreed on a compromise to allow trains to pass at 135 km/h and
to relocate the railway which will now construction of an additional platform
be built as a double track alignment. The track to avoid conflicting movements
additional cost will be partly funded by between trains on the Adriatic Corri-
reallocating €150m destined for the dor and those using the cross-country
Molise region from the EU’s Cohe- route to Sulmona and Roma. The sta-
sion Fund during the 2014-20 financial tion buildings have been refurbished
period. and platform heights raised to 550 mm.
Work on the Lesina – Ripalta section
in Puglia will start in August 2019 and Bologna – Rimini
finish in December 2022, the cost being The main line through the densely
€106m. Construction of the two sec- populated region between Rimini and
tions in Molise, from Termoli to Cam- Bologna carries heavy regional and sub-
pomarino and from there to Ripalta, urban traffic, as well as significant quan-
will cost €700m and work is not due to tities of freight. The upgrading pro-
be completed until 2026. gramme will allow inter-city trains to
Further south, in Bari, another sec- run at 200 km/h along this section, but
Photo: Benjámin Zelki
tion of new alignment is planned to achieving this requires all the bridges to
move the railway away from the beach be replaced. Bridge replacement work Top: A Frecciabianca Terme. The work includes raising plat-
area between Bari Centrale and Bari demands that contractors have full ac- service arrives at form heights to 550  mm to meet EU
Falconara, north
Torre a Mare. Relocated further inland, cess to the railway, and the new bridges of Ancona on the standards for level boarding, as well as
the 10·2  km alignment will have four are being installed during a programme Adriatic coast. enhancement of audio and visual pas-
tracks from Bari Centrale as far as the of weekend line closures. For example, Above: The last senger information systems.
site of a new station at Bari Executive; over the weekend of May 20-21 2017 of 706 Vivalto To increase capacity for handling
from there two tracks will continue to two bridges were replaced at Prati and double-deck freight, the Villa Selva intermodal ter-
push-pull coaches
join the existing double-track main line Sabbioso. was delivered to minal near Forlì is being expanded to
to Lecce. The realigned route will have All stations between Rimini and Bo- Trenitalia in July. quadruple capacity.
two more new stations at Campus and logna will have been rebuilt by the end
Triggiano. Due to be finished by 2020, of next year. This work falls under RFI’s Rolling stock enhanced
the rerouting is costed at €391m. ‘500 Stazioni’ programme which pro- In addition to regional trains, Treni-
vides for updating or reconstruction of talia operates two Frecciarossa and 12
Station rebuild 500 stations, including 40 hub stations Frecciabianca services daily in each
A separate but related project is the in the Emilia-Romagna region. Rebuilt Lecce is the southern direction along the Adriatic Corridor,
complete rebuilding of Pescara Porta stations on the Rimini – Bologna line terminus for many plus six pairs of conventional Intercity
long-distance trains
Nuova station at a cost of €10m. Work include Cesena, Forlì, Faenza, Castel- on the Adriatic trains.
begun in 2015 includes relaying tracks bolognese, Imola and Castel San Pietro Corridor. Passengers travelling on the premi-
um services can expect to benefit from
a cascade of rolling stock triggered by
delivery of the 50 ETR1000 trainsets
for Frecciarossa services in the Torino
– Milano – Roma – Napoli corridor.
These have displaced ETR500 sets for
use on the Torino – Milano – Venezia
route, in turn releasing Frecciabianca
trainsets formed of pairs of Class E414
power cars and locomotive-hauled
coaches. These have been allocated to
services from Milano to Bologna, Bari
Photo: Staraldo/

and Lecce, and this route now offers

the most frequent daily services under
Trenitalia’s Frecciabianca brand.  n

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Railway Gazette International | October 2017 59


s one of two major railway
projects currently in the
Sblocca Italia programme
(p62), upgrading of the
Napoli – Bari route for 200 km/h is due
to be finished by 2026 at a cost of €6·2bn.
Apart from shorter journey times that
include a target Roma – Bari timing of
around 3  h, benefits will include bet-
ter punctuality and reliability, while the
availability of double track throughout
with modern signalling and gradients
limited to 1·3% will raise capacity.
Rather than re-electrify at
25 kV 50 Hz, RFI has decided to retain
the 3 kV DC power supply because the
line will be used by freight locomotives
without 25  kV capability — the up-
grade is partly intended to attract more
freight traffic in line with the European
Union’s Transport White Paper objec-
tive of switching 30% of goods mov-
ing over 300 km to rail by 2030. So far

Southern upgrades
around €4bn or 65% has been agreed
towards the total investment cost.
At the moment line speeds are gen-
erally limited to 120 km/h, but a short
section from Benevento to Apice was

move ahead
doubled and upgraded in 2008, allow-
ing speeds to be increased to 150 km/h.
Upgrading of a further 21  km be-
tween Cervaro and Bovino at a cost of
€270m was completed earlier this year,
and a special train conveying Transport Reconstruction of the Napoli – Bari route to raise speeds and add
Minister Graziano Delrio and RFI capacity is advancing steadily with contracts let this year for work at
Managing Director Maurizio Gentile
from Foggia to Benevento ran on June
the western end of the line.
28 to mark the occasion. The upgraded
section is laid with UIC60 rails on con- serving the Le Porte di Napoli shop- The station at Napoli services, not forming part of this con-
crete sleepers, and SCMT train protec- ping centre and two new underground Afragola opened tract, is planned at Vesuvio Est to the
earlier this year.
tion is provided, allowing freight trains stations at Casalnuovo and Acerra; at Two more platforms east of Napoli. This will serve a catch-
to run at 140 km/h and passenger trains Acerra there will be interchange to will be built to ment area with a population of around
at 200 km/h. the Circumvesuviana suburban service. accommodate 742 000.
regional services.
About 4  km of the 15  km alignment Contracts for the adjoining section
More contracts let will run on viaduct, with a further 3 km Contracts have been of the Napoli – Bari route from Can-
In March RFI awarded two con- in tunnel. The new railway is due to be let this year for cello to Frasso Telesino were awarded
upgrading sections
tracts for work at the western end of the commissioned in 2022. at the western end
to a consortium formed of Pizzarotti,
route. A consortium of Salini Impregilo A second phase of work at Afragola of the Napoli – Bari Itinera and Ghella. The job entails con-
and Astaldi won a €397m contract for station, which opened in June (RG 7.17 route. The Foggia – struction of 16  km of new alignment,
Bari section forms
design and construction of the west- p9), will see the construction of two ex- part of the Adriatic of which about 3  km will be elevated
ernmost section between Napoli and tra platforms for regional trains from Corridor where and over 4  km will run in tunnel. The
Cancello, where speed will be limited Napoli to Caserta and Benevento. This improvements are 180 km/h line will partly follow the ex-
also being made
to 130  km/h. Included in the contract work is also to be completed by 2022. to raise speeds to isting single track route, and new sta-
is construction of an elevated station Another new station for high speed 200 km/h (p56). tions will be built at Valle di Maddaloni
and Dugenta-Frasso Telesino. Comple-
© Railway Gazette 2017
San Severo 0 50 km tion is scheduled for 2022 at a cost of
Still at the planning stage is the Frasso
N Telesino – Vitulano section, where the
Cervaro work will be divided into three lots with
Bovino Deliceto
Frasso Barletta completion expected by 2025.
Benevento Molfetta
The 47·4 km Apice – Orsara section
Caserta Ariano Irpino is next. This will be split into two lots,
Bari with contracts for the line from Apice
Afragola Cancello NAPOLI – BARI to a new station at Hirpinia and from
Napoli Vesuvio Est Upgrading in progress or planned there to Orsara. This work should be
(planned) Other RFI lines
finished by 2026. Outline planning for
High speed line
Salerno the adjoining Orsara – Bovino section
Sorrento Potenza
is due to be finished by the end of 2017.
60 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International

scheduled to arrive in Bari at 22.35. For the moment open access opera-
From September 3 Trenitalia added tor NTV considers that the condition
a pair of Frecciargento trains between of the infrastructure on routes to Bari
Roma and Foggia. Calling at Caserta is not sufficiently good to warrant add-
and Benevento, they take only 2 h 42 min ing the city to its network. Neverthe-
compared to other services that typically less, the company is watching progress
average 2 h 55 min. Rolling stock con- with the route modernisation to see if it
sists of ETR485 tilting trainsets. would warrant services to Italy’s south-
This is likely to change in June next ern towns and cities. Currently NTV
year when Trenitalia plans to intro- offers ‘Italobus’ connections from
duce the former V250 trains built Salerno to and from Matera, Potenza,
by Ansaldo­ Breda for the Amster- Taranto and Cosenza.
dam – Brussels Fyra service on the NTV’s 12 non-tilting Pendolino sets
Photo: Benjámin Zelki
Roma – Bari – Lecce route. Trenitalia that are due to enter service from De-
Speed-up implemented Having travelled announced in August that it had ac- cember will initially run on existing
Until recently Trenitalia has operated over the Roma – quired 17 of the 19 trainsets from Hi- routes, but in the near future they will
Napoli high speed
three daily return Frecciargento services line as far as tachi Rail Italy, successor company to be used in northern Italy, primarily in
from Roma to Bari and Lecce, with Bari Caserta, Roma – Bari AnsaldoBreda, remarking that it was a the Torino – Venezia corridor. The first
reached in about 4  h from the capital. trains turn east particularly advantageous opportunity trainset began trials in June, and a num-
on to the Napoli
These trains use the Roma – Napoli high – Foggia route. available for a very short time at a price ber should be available for the Decem-
speed line as far as Caserta where they Once upgrading is considerably lower than market value. ber timetable change.
complete, the Napoli
join the single track route towards Foggia. – Bari line will form
The V250 fleet ran only briefly in
The trains do not call at Napoli, and part of Italy’s AV/AC commercial service in December 2012 Sicilian upgrade
another disadvantage is the require- network. and January 2013 before all sets were As part of the Sblocca Italia pro-
ment to reverse at Foggia. In future, withdrawn because of chronic unreli- gramme, the Palermo – Catania –
trains from Roma will serve Napoli ability and other problems (RG 2.13 Messina line is to be upgraded for
Afragola and Centrale where they will p25). The fleet was repurchased in 2014 200  km/h operation by 2024. Prior-
reverse, thence using the new alignment by the supplier, with a view to rectifying ity has been allocated to the Catania
to Cancello. the faults and finding a new customer. – Palermo section, and the Catania
To avoid the reversal at Foggia a bypass Trenitalia anticipates that technical Cannizzaro – Catania Centrale lot was
was built to the south of the city in 2015. changes will render the 250  km/h fleet double tracked in June. Work is now
This made use of an abandoned align- able to operate reliably on medium-speed concentrated on the Catania Centrale
ment used during World War 2 to allow routes. Thanks to their 25 kV 50 Hz and – Catania Bicocca section, with a start
freight trains to bypass the central area, 3 kV DC capability, the trains are suit- planned in the near future on the Bico-
which was an important military site. able for operation throughout Italy. cca – Catenanuova part of the route.  n
Local residents were unhappy as it
meant that trains from Roma would no
longer have to call at Foggia. Plans for
a new €15m station south of the town
on the bypass have proved controversial,
with residents and politicians saying
that it would be too far from the city
centre. If plans for the station go ahead,
it is likely to be sited at San Lorenzo,
although an alternative site has been
identified further east at Cervaro. Right: Upgraded
At the end of June Trenitalia launched sections of the
Napoli – Bari line
a non-stop Bari – Roma Frecciargento are suitable for
service that completes the 503 km trip 200 km/h.
in 3 h 34 min, significantly quicker than Below: A new
other services that typically take just station may be
over 4 h. Departing at 06.24, it arrives built on the Foggia
bypass that opened
in Roma just before 10.00. The return in 2015, possibly
working leaves Roma at 18.55 and is near Cervaro.
Photos: David Campione
Israel Railways bringing the future closer
You are invited to join
R.F.I. – Sale of a Shunting Locomotive
Israel Railways ltd. ("ISR") is requesting information regarding a sale of a
shunting locomotive number 131("131").
Guiding Lines
1. This RFI shall not be considered as a tender.
2. ISR is free to take whatever action it may consider upon receiving
addresses from prospects following this RFI and will not be obliged to
negotiate and/or sell and/or publish a tender regarding 131.
3. ISR may use any information received following this RFI in any way it
might find useful.
4. ISR may address one or more prospects that will submit information
regarding 131 following this RFI.
5. This RFI shall not be considered as a declaration of any kind as to the
technical condition of 131.
Details about 131
1. 131 is a G-12 shunting locomotive.
2. Model no. T-44/622CW.
3. 131 was manufactured by KALMAT VERKSTAD.
4. 131 is stationed at The Kisohn rails yards in Israel.
5. 131 can be examined at its current location by appointment to be set up
with the undersigned.
6. Year of production – 1989.
How do you weigh your trains? 7. 131 has an EMD engine - 1650 horsepower.
8. Kilometers travelled from 1999 – 22, 434 km.
9. 131 is operative and may be considered for further examination in its
current condition – AS IS.
Prospects who are interested in 131 may address the undersigned
via e-mail – until 21/10/2017
Aviad Shafir Head of Commerce Unit Israel Railways


Visit our experts at the Alpha Trains

Rencontres nationales du transport public Continental Europe’s train
10 —12 October 2017 in Marseille and locomotive leasing specialists.
Stand 48
62 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Northern high speed

network nears completion
hile the spine of Italy’s
T-shaped Alta Velocità/
Alta Capacità network
was completed in De-
cember 2009, gaps are still evident in
the bar of the ‘T’ across the north of
the country. Further work is planned to
bridge them, but high costs mean that
infrastructure manager RFI has had to
settle for upgrading rather than new
construction over some sections.
It is worth recalling that Italy was
the first European state to open a sec-
tion of dedicated high speed railway
when the Orte – Orvieto section of
the Roma – Firenze direttissima was
inaugurated on February 14 1977. Italy
now has 1 113 km of high speed line in
operation (Table I). Work is in hand to complete the final stages of Italy’s T-shaped Alta
In determining priorities for further
AV/AC lines, there are two essential Velocità Alta/Capacità network, with further projects in the pipeline.
requirements: one is to make progress Benjámin Zelki reports.
with the TEN-T corridors and the oth-
er is to implement a programme called Ceremonies were Genova; high speed services will use alternative of upgrading the existing
Sblocca Italia (Unblocking Italy). This held on December 10 existing lines from Tortona to Milano line to allow the speed limit to be
2016 to inaugurate
legislation entered the statute books in the 39·6 km Brescia – and Torino. Work on the 53  km new raised to 200 km/h.
November 2014, two of the main aims Treviglio line, Italy’s alignment began in 2013 and comple-
being to foster economic recovery, espe- newest high speed tion is planned for 2020-21. No less Routes to the border
cially in the south, and to enhance rail than 37 km will run in tunnel. Whether something similar will hap-
services between principal cities. A high speed line linking Torino pen to plans for a 195 km AV/AC line
and Milano was completed in two running north from Verona to connect
Missing links phases in 2006 and 2009, but less pro- with the Brennero base tunnel remains
The projects currently in progress gress has been made on the eastern bar to be seen. Draft proposals for a short
in northern Italy are intended to of the T from Milano to Verona and section from Verona to Pescantina were
complete missing links in the AV/ Venezia. Following completion last approved by the Interministerial Com-
AC network in the industrial triangle December of a 39∙6  km section par- mittee for Economic Planning in July,
bounded by Milano, Torino and Gen- allel to the existing railway between but the proposed 2026 completion date
ova. Plans for a high speed line be- Treviglio and Brescia (RG 1.17 p10), following a start on construction in
tween Milano and Genova date back no further work is taking place at the 2019 seems optimistic. Partly because
to 1990, but the project, also termed moment. the alignment would pass through envi-
the Terzo Valico line, was controver- However, construction of the 60 km ronmentally sensitive areas, no less than
sial, forcing planners to cut it back Brescia – Verona section was approved 168 km would run in tunnel.
to the section between Tortona and by the Interministerial Committee for Another long-planned project sur-
Economic Planning in July, paving the rounded by controversy is the 235  km
way for work to start before the end of Torino – Lyon high speed line which in-
Table I. High speed lines in Italy
this year, and planning is well advanced cludes a 57 km base tunnel through the
Length Maximum Power
for the Verona – Padova section. This Alps between the Susa valley in Italy and
speed km/h supply will be built as two lots: Verona – Vi- Maurienne in France. Despite numer-
Firenze – Roma 254 1977-92 250 3 kV DC cenza (51 km) and Vicenza – Padova ous inter-governmental agreements in
Roma – Napoli 205 2005 300 25 kV 50 Hz (28 km). The Padova – Venezia Mestre favour of the scheme, the French govern-
Torino – Milano 125 2006 300 25 kV 50 Hz section has been in use since 2007. ment announced in July that it had been
Padova – Venezia The original proposals envisaged ‘paused’. According to Transport Minister
25 2007 220 3 kV DC
Mestre that the high speed corridor would Elisabeth Borne, this was to allow time to
Milano – Treviglio 27 2007 180 25 kV 50 Hz continue east from Venezia to Trieste. review the project as part of the Macron
Napoli – Salerno 29 2008 250 3 kV DC Plans for a new 155  km alignment government’s policy of not making com-
Milano – Bologna 215 2008 300 25 kV 50 Hz were prepared in 2010, but the cost mitments to major projects unless they
Bologna – Firenze 79 2009 300 25 kV 50 Hz proved to be prohibitively high, oblig- had been fully funded. The EU is expect-
Bologna – Verona 114 2009 200 3 kV DC ing infrastructure manager Rete Fer- ed to meet 40% of the cost, with the rest
Treviglio – Brescia 40 2016 300 25 kV 50 Hz roviaria Italiana to accept the cheaper financed by the two governments.  n
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 63


Pigneto interchange PUSHING

under construction
n June 26 work began
in Roma on a project to
construct an interchange
station at Pigneto to the
southeast of the city centre (RG 4.16
p36). The station is expected to be-
come the busiest node in the capital
after Termini and Tiburtina.
Infrastructure manager RFI said
that the Pigneto scheme is the most
complex station project currently un-
derway in central Italy. The site is
already served by metro Line C, and
metro passengers will in future be able

to change to and from suburban ser- the project is split into two phases. The railway cutting
vices on route FL1 connecting Fiu- Only the first, valued at €22m, is cur- will be covered by a
pedestrian precinct.
micino Airport and Fara Sabina and rently funded, and this is scheduled to
on route FL3 between Viterbo and
Roma Tiburtina. There will also be a
be finished by the end of 2019. This
will see construction of platforms
connection with the Termini – Parco and other facilities serving the two Visit us at:
di Centocelle light rail line and with suburban lines, plus a pedestrian link
tram routes 5, 9 and 14. to the metro. Four new bridges over EXPO Ferroviaria in Milano, Italy
Another objective is to reconnect the tracks will connect the two parts 03.-05.10.2017
the neighbourhood’s two parts that of the Pigneto neighbourhood, and
are currently separated by the railway creation of a green pedestrian area is APTA Expo in Atlanta, USA
which runs here in a cutting. A raft included. 09.-11.10.2017
will be constructed over the tracks and The second phase to be imple-
Nordic Rail in Jönköping, Sweden
a ‘green’ pedestrian area created. mented later at a cost of €32m will
An agreement to go ahead with entail covering over the tracks through 10.-12.10.2017
The future
the project was signed between RFI the whole of the densely-populated concourse will 12th IREE 2017 in New Dehli, India
and the municipality in 2012, and a Pigneto area between Ponte Casilino offer interchange
between suburban
contract was awarded in 2015 to Ma- and Ponte Prenestino, in all about services and metro
geg Srl. The total cost is €54m, but 500 m.  n Line C.

Only the right combination of data, signal
and power allows the realisation of
optimal solutions.HARTING offers a broad
range of products, systems and solutions.
64 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International


Intercity performance
contract signed
Adjustments will be made to Inter-
city Notte trains to reflect changes in
Around €300m will be made availa-
ble for investment in rolling stock refur-
bishment and other enhancements. This
includes refurbishment and modernisa-
tion of the day fleet and conversion to
push-pull operation thanks to the re-
building of 53 Type UIC-Z1 coaches
to driving trailers; 40 Class E402A lo-
comotives are being modified for push-
pull operation.
The first of these push-pull services
commenced on August 2 between
Roma and Salerno, with subsequent
deliveries of driving trailers allow-
ing Milano – Grosseto and Milano –
Livorno routes to switch to push-pull
operation from September 4. The €70m
programme should see all 53 driving
trailers in use by the end of 2018.
Travelling cleaning staff, already
working on some trains, will be allocat-
Photo: Andrea Fava
ed to more services, and minibar cater-
ing will be provided on longer-distance
Under the terms of a 10-year agreement with the government, journeys.
Trenitalia will retain and improve the existing network of Intercity day Passengers can expect comfort en-
and night trains, writes Murray Hughes. hancements as Frecciabianca rolling

stock is cascaded to Intercity services,
n July 31 Trenitalia signed a Alstom has been passengers a year. Some trains had op- gradually reducing the average age of
10-year performance con- contracted to erated until January this year at Treni- the Intercity fleet from 25 years to 15
convert 53 hauled
tract with the Ministry of coaches to driving talia’s own financial risk, but they will in years. From 2019 onwards some trains
Transport and the Ministry trailers as part of the future be included in the ‘universal’ con- will be operated by ETR460 and
of Economy & Finance for the con- investment in the tract as socially desirable services. Fares ETR470 trainsets. All Intercity trains
Intercity rolling stock
tinued operation of medium and long- fleet. will be set at levels below those applying will be air-conditioned and able to run
distance Intercity services. Covering to AV high speed services, which are re- at 200  km/h. Both daytime and over-
Intercity Giorno daytime and Intercity Trenitalia is also quired to cover their own costs. night rolling stock is receiving a new
Notte overnight trains, the contract had rebuilding 40 Class livery.
E402 locomotives as
started in January. The previous contract a single cab design; More train-km Refurbished stock will meet the latest
expired in December 2014, but it was all Intercity services Under the terms of the agreement fire regulations and be equipped with
extended by two years without changes are intended to Trenitalia will increase annual train-km CCTV and new lighting. All seats in
operate at 200 km/h
to the terms and conditions. with air-conditioned by 7% to around 25·1 million, with 16% refurbished stock will have power sock-
In return for commitments by Tren- rolling stock. more seats available on daytime trains. ets and tables or trays for drinks.  n
italia to improve punctuality and qual-
ity, the government will provide finan-
cial support until the end of December
2026. This will amount to about €348m
in 2017 and around €366m in subse-
quent years. FS Group said that without
this funding Trenitalia would have had
to consider withdrawing about 40% of
Intercity services. A regime with finan-
cial incentives and penalties will apply.
Photo: David Campione

Trenitalia currently operates 88 daily

Intercity Giorno and 20 Intercity Notte
trains, plus 10 weekend services, that
together serve more than 200 towns
and cities, carrying about 12 million
11–12 April 2018
Istanbul Congress Center
Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul Rail Tech Conference and Exhibition

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Connecting you
to Rail Technology Buyers

Supporters Content Partner Organiser

Global Transport Forum

66 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International

FORUM People
Thomas Ahlburg is to take over as development. Mikhail Skurato becomes
CEO of Stadler Group with effect from General Director of Penzadieselmash, HEADS OF THE MONTH
January 1 2018, succeeding founder and having previously worked at the Novo-
majority shareholder Peter Spuhler, cherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant.
who will remain Chairman of the com- Piyush Goyal has been named
Minister of Railways and
pany board and focus on strategic de- Alstom has appointed Didier Pfleger Minister of Coal in the Indian
velopment. Ahlburg is currently Deputy as Senior Vice-President, Middle East government, replacing Suresh
CEO and manages the company’s main & Africa. He is succeeded as Managing Prabhu who relinquished the
plant at Bussnang, in which role he will Director for Germany and Austria by rail portfolio after a recent
be succeeded by Production Manager Jörg Nikutta. Xavier Boisgontier be- series of accidents and becomes
Minister of Commerce &
Georg Kapeller. comes Managing Director of the com- Industry.
pany’s Southern Africa Cluster.
Phil Verster has been appointed Presi- Currently head of the global
dent & CEO of Ontario transport Karolis Sankovski has been nominated motor-cycle division at BMW
agency Metrolinx, succeeding interim to head the Infrastructure Directorate Group, Stephan Schaller is to
take over as President & CEO
CEO John Jensen. A former Manag- at Lithuanian national railway Lietuvos of Voith with effect from April
ing Director of the ScotRail Alliance, Geležinkeli. He will continue to serve 1 2018, succeeding Dr Hubert
Verster was most recently CEO of the as Managing Director of LG subsidiary Lienhard, who is retiring after
UK’s East-West Rail project. Rail Baltica Construction, a post he as- 10 years as CEO and will join the
sumed in June. company’s supervisory board.
Per Schrøder is to join Danish state Elizabeth O’Neill has been
operator DSB in February as Opera- Former RFF Procurement Director named acting CEO of Metropolitan
tions Director. Currently Fleet Director François Meyer has been appointed as Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority,
for Thomas Cook Airlines, he succeeds Director-General of the French indus- in succession to Keith Parker
Anders Egehus who is stepping down. try association Fer de France, succeed- who stepped down last month.
Currently the agency’s Chief Legal
ing former SNCF Rolling Stock Direc- Counsel, she will be supported
Andrzej Matysiewicz has taken over tor Alain Bullot who has stepped down by recently appointed Deputy
as Regional Director of Polish infra- after four years in the post. General Manager Arthur Troup.
structure manager PKP PLK in Lublin,
succeeding Zygmunt Grzechulski who Andrus Kimberi has been appointed to Sophie Heurtault Malherbe
(left) has been named Finance
has retired. the Eesti Raudtee management board Director at Transports Publics
as Finance Director with effect from Genevois, where Sheba Corti
Erik Johansson has been named Chief October 1. becomes Director of Human
Financial Officer at Swedish freight op- Resources. Both have joined the
erator Green Cargo, succeeding Henrik Aigars Laizāns has been named in- TPG management board headed
by Director General Denis
Backman who stepped down last month. terim Chairman of Latvijas Dzelzceļš, Berdoz.
succeeding Ansis Zeltiņš who has
Andrey Solovey has been appointed moved to manage the Freeport of Riga. Sudhir Rao has been appointed
as Head of the Tver Carriage Works at Managing Director of Bombardier
Transmashholding, while retaining his Previously Director of Service Delivery Transportation in India. A
graduate from the University of
leadership of the Tsentrosvarmash busi- for TriMet in Portland, Oregon, Ken Michigan, he has worked for 34
ness unit. Evgeniy Vozhakin becomes Zatarain has joined WSP USA to lead years in the automotive sector,
General Director of Kolomensky Za- station access planning for the Califor- most recently as Chairman &
vod, replacing Vladimir Karpov who nia high speed rail programme, where Managing Director of Skoda Auto
remains as Advisor on diesel engine WSP is acting as Rail Delivery Partner. India.

Russian Railways’ Senior Vice-President for Economics &

Finance, Vadim Mikhailov has been named First Vice-
ITALY President, with responsibility for the company’s development
strategy, structural reform, attracting investment for railway
Trenitalia leadership development and overseeing the Transport, Logistics &
Commercial business unit.

reshaped Vossloh AG Chief Technology Officer Volker Schenk has

been re-elected as President of the German rail industry
Following the completion of a corporate restructuring programme and the con- association VDB for a further three years.
solidation of rail freight operations into Mercitalia, FS Group has appointed a new
Polish rail regulator UTK has named Radosław Pacewicz
leadership team to run its national passenger business Trenitalia. With effect from and Kamil Wilde as Vice-Presidents, working with President
the annual shareholder meeting on September 15, Tiziano Onesti (above left) has Ignacy Góra.
been named President, with the former Director of the Regional Passenger Divi-
sion Orazio Iacono (above right) becoming CEO & General Manager. They will Former Merseyrail Managing Director Maarten Spaargaren
serve on the Trenitalia board until December 31 2019, along with Paolo Colombo, joined Ricardo on September 1 as General Manager,
Netherlands, heading the consultancy’s rail business interests in
FS board member for Finance Antonella D’Andrea and Maria Rosaria Maugeri. continental Europe. He succeeds Gert Liefting, now responsible
The new board will be responsible for developing Trenitalia operations in line for Ricardo’s global Rolling Stock Design & Engineering services.
with the FS Group’s 2017-26 Strategic Plan, focusing on the development of re-
gional and urban transport, managing substantial investment in new regional trains Dr Young Tae Kim has taken over as Secretary-General of
for delivery from 2019, and developing integrated mobility services across the Ital- the OECD’s International Transport Forum, succceeding José
Viegas who has completed his five-year mandate.
ian public transport market.
Former President Barbara Morgante is to head up a new FS Group interna- Most recently Senior Vice-President, Europe, at Alstom,
tional business unit, overseeing six subsidiaries operating in five countries outside Andreas Knitter has joined the board of Dellner Couplers.
Italy, including Trenitalia UK, Netinera in Germany and Trainose in Greece.  n
Railway Gazette International | October 2017 67
The keystone
Research & Skills FORUM
of sustainability

Short line hazardous

materials academy
The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety training, hands-on instruction, response ex-
Administration has awarded the Short Line ercises, and support individual railroads in
Safety Institute a $500 000 grant to create a training their personnel. Our programme will
Hazardous Materials Training Academy in enhance the training currently provided in the
Washington DC. industry.’
‘Small railroads will greatly benefit from the SLSI was established by the American Short
expertise and resources the Hazardous Ma- Line & Regional Railroad Association in 2014
terials Training Academy will provide’, said with Federal Railroad Administration support,
SLSI Executive Director Tom Murta on Au- in order to provide safety training for smaller
gust 28. ‘The academy will provide classroom railway companies.  n

DVM series
• AC & DC voltage from 600VRMS
• Improved accuracy &
Around 4 000 operations and maintenance
staff are to be trained at a High Speed Rail
Understanding temperature stability
Training Institute which is to open in Vadodara
in India by the end of 2020 (p7). A further 300 cybersecurity risks • High partial discharge extinction
voltage: 5kVRMS @ 10pC
young officials from Indian Railways are to
receive high speed rail training in Japan, and The risks emerging from the digitisation of • 30% lower profile – 25% less
the Japanese government has offered Indian railway operations and infrastructure were
Railways 20 fully-funded seats per year for the core topic of a two-day conference held in
volume – 56% lighter
master’s courses at Japanese universities. Roma on September 18-19. • Low sensitivity to magnetic fields
The Enhance the UK charity is providing Organised by UIC and FS Group, the • Unmatched performance for
Arriva Rail North staff with disability awareness International Digital Days event addressed the common mode operation
training. Formal classroom training for new technical and security aspects of digitisation.
employees includes a full day of training by
Keynote speakers included Franco Gabrielli, • ± 50mA, ± 10V or 4 to
instructors with a disability, and ‘roadshows’
are being provided at main stations. Italy’s most senior police officer, and Howard 20mA outputs
Network Rail plans to double the number of
Marshall, Head of the Cyber Criminality De-
apprenticeships offered to 600 over the next 12 partment at the US Federal Bureau of Investi-
months, including ‘exciting new opportunities’ gation. Supporting industry partners included
in cybersecurity and the digital railway. diagnostics and monitoring equipment special-
Hitachi Rail has launched a UK programme ist MerMec and IBM.
which will see 56 trainees, graduates and Speaking ahead of the conference, UIC
apprentices join the company over two Chairman and FS Group President Renato
years. This follows the recruitment of 54
manufacturing apprentices at Newton
Mazzoncini said that the Italian national
Aycliffe. The Level 3 apprenticeships will last
up to three years and be administered by the
holding group would be investing €800m in
digital technology in 2017-18, which he be-
National Training Academy for Rail. lieved would help it to use its infrastructure
The UK Department for Transport and and rolling stock more efficiently ‘to benefit
government agency Innovate UK have the whole Italian population’. But with such
announced a further round of funding worth investment comes risk, as cyber threats be- At the heart of power electronics.
£7·9m under their Accelerating Innovation
come more prevalent and obstruction of key
in Rail programme. The funding is open to
bidders pitching ideas to make the railway public services moves up the agenda of cyber
more reliable and attractive to end users. Bids criminals. FS and UIC would encourage the
must be collaborative, involve more than one sharing of best practice in IT security and
organisation and include at least one small the sharing of preventative measures ‘using
or medium-sized business. The deadline for
common tools and language’, the organisers
entries is November 15.
added.  n
68 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International

FORUM Sidetrack


Auckland DMUs shipped to Mozambique

Eight 1 067  mm gauge two-car DMUs as Maunganui since the new electric trains began incredible growth in patronage, we’re nearing
well as spare parts have been shipped from operating’, said Brendon Main, Group Man- 20 million rail trips a year.’
New Zealand to Mozambique, where they ager, AT Metro Operations. ‘The diesel trains Six ex-Queensland Railways SX coaches
are to operate passenger services around served Auckland well between 1994 and 2014. and 104 ex-British Rail MkII coaches built in
Maputo. With the introduction of the new electric fleet, the 1970s and shipped to New Zealand in the
The units have been surplus to requirements the diesel trains were retired from the network, 1990s remain in storage at Taumaranui. AT has
since electrification in Auckland in 2014. ‘Sell- except for the ones which currently operate entered into conditional sales agreements for
ing the trains reduces Auckland Transport’s between Papakura and Pukekohe. Since the 31 of these vehicles, and has received expres-
costs, as these have been stored in Mount city’s rail network was electrified we’ve seen sions of interest in the remaining 79.  n

Alpha Trains 61
Ansaldo STS 53
British Steel 36
CORE 2018 23
Elmia Nordic Rail 6
Greenwood Engineering 43
Hitachi Automotive Systems 54
Israel Railways 61
Istanbul Rail Tech 65
International Wheelset Congress 55
Lapp Group 41 DIETER
Leica Geosystems 35
MTM Power 23
Rosehill Rail 22 With work
Selectron30 getting underway
Tesmec43 on India’s first high
TÜV SÜD Rail 51 speed line between Mumbai
UniControls30 and Ahmedabad (p7), Dieter wonders
whether the Japanese-backed project will provide
sufficient capacity to meet the burgeoning demand for
low-cost travel.
Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric IFC


® Gally S.p.a. s.u.

Frazione Melotti 19/A - 10084 Forno Canavese (To) Italy
...since 1949 Tel +39 0124 700104 - - E-mail:
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Diary & Contact FORUM


November 2 London, UK Rail Network Resilience

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November 7 - 9 São Paulo, Brazil NT Expo - Business on Rails

November 8 - 9 Paris, France Transrail Connection 2017

November 8 - 10 Birmingham, UK RailSIMtech

November 9 - 10 Fulda, Germany Signal+Draht Kongress

November 13 - 14 Brussels, Belgium Global AirRail Conference

November 14 - 15 Amsterdam, Netherlands World Rail Festival

November 14 - 15 Praha, Czech Republic Railway Interiors Expo 2017

Further details and more events at

November 14 - 16 Barcelona, Spain Smart Mobility World Congress

November 15 Derby, UK Railway Brake & Friction Conference

November 21 - 22 Nairobi, Kenya East Africa Rail

November 21 - 23 Brisbane, Australia AusRail Plus

November 28 - 29 Singapore Aspect 2017

November 28 - 30 Aachen, Germany International Railway Symposium Aachen

November 28 - 30 Wien, Austria Intelligent Rail Summit 2017

November 29 Edinburgh, UK Scottish Rail Conference

November 29 - December 1 Chiba, Japan Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2017

November 30 - December 1 Hanoi, Vietnam GMS Rail Expansion Summit 2017

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January 25 - 26, 2018 Paris, France ICRETM 2018

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70 October 2017 | Railway Gazette International

SURVEY Industry Watch

A paradigm shift is still required

ANDREAS SCHWILLING and Despite widespread promotion of the benefits of using life-cycle costs
Roland Berger
to inform investment decisions over many years, more work is needed
by suppliers, operators and independent advisors to emphasise the

ailway assets have a long life. importance of LCC-oriented procurement strategies.
Rolling stock, track, electri-
fication and control systems
can last for at least 30 years, aversion and a corresponding high dis-
and often 40 or more, while structures count factor in their Net Present Value
can last much longer. The costs of op- calculations is a relatively short pay-
eration and maintenance therefore as- back period.
sume a significant role relative to the In summary, it seems clear that all the
initial capital outlay — in the case of main stakeholders have to pull together
vehicles the purchase price typically ac- in order to achieve a greater under-
counts for only 40% of the total life- standing of LCC across the rail sector.
cycle cost. To find out more
with a lower purchase price and higher As Unife Director-General Philippe
Yet despite growing evidence of the about the survey operating costs. In terms of vehicles, Citroën suggests, ‘systematic applica-
financial advantages of adopting a life- and apply to join the metrics could include life-cycle tion of the EU’s new principles on Most
our panel, visit the
cycle cost approach when planning RSIW website at: cost per vehicle-km or per seat-km, for Economically Advantageous Tenders is
procurement and spending, it seems www.railsupply example. essential in order to make the rail sector
that many operators and infrastructure industrywatch.
In a similar vein, 37% felt that more more LCC-oriented. Such an approach
managers have been slow to do so. We independent reviews should be under- would be beneficial not only for the rail
asked our panel of senior executives taken to provide evidence of the eco- sector, but for the whole of society, as it
what steps they felt would facilitate nomic benefits. It is understandable would help to prevent wage and social
more rapid progress towards an LCC- that some potential customers may be dumping and strengthen the regional
oriented rail sector. concerned about the accuracy of manu- economic structure.’
It is particularly notable that only 4% facturers’ claims, whereas independent Enhanced exchange of data and ex-
of survey respondents felt that their cus- reviews by academics or service pro- perience with operations, maintenance
tomers already had an advanced under- viders may be more likely to convince and engineering is also important, and
standing the impact of life-cycle costs, them. The question then arises as to here the independent players can con-
while a similar proportion said that they who should finance such independent tribute by providing a neutral bench-
were already providing their custom- reviews. If they are funded by the sup- marking platform for the industry with
ers with tools to calculate the possible ply industry, it may be appropriate to guarantees over data confidentiality.
savings in operating and maintenance involve operators in steering the project If various operators, including start-
costs. to ensure a neutral perspective. ups, have access to comprehensive data,
A vast majority of the respondents However, almost one fifth of the re- it becomes possible to experiment and
(85%) felt that a cultural change was spondents thought that the benefits of simulate innovative methodologies
needed among railway operators and LCC orientation should not be over- which can trigger technical evolution.
infrastructure managers. Organisations stated, because the savings are only re- This should in turn result in further im-
that are owned by national or local gov- alised after a long period. This can be an provements in life-cycle cost, which as
ernments have traditionally planned adverse incentive for railway managers the Shift2Rail programme has pointed
expenditure on the basis of annual Fig 1. Possible steps to authorise higher expenditure up- out are essential to ensuring the com-
budgets rather than depreciating in- to facilitate more front, as it is likely to be their successors petitiveness of the rail mode at a time
rapid progress
vestments over a long period. In addi- towards an LCC- that reap the benefits. One factor that when other mobility concepts are evolv-
tion, the tendency to specify tender re- oriented rail sector. may convince operators with a high risk ing rapidly.  n
quirements in great detail can constrain
the suppliers’ ability to deliver LCC- A A culture change is needed among railway operators
optimised solutions. Governments that and infrastructure managers to consider whole-life costs 85%
want to transform their state-owned and benefits, particularly those state-owned entities
which are still constrained by annual expenditure limits.
railways into modern businesses need
to consider changing both the corpo- B Manufacturers should focus more on life-cycle costs in 41%
their marketing activities, such as using case studies to
rate objectives and management culture convince potential customers.
in order to inculcate a focus on life-
cycle costs. C More independent reviews should be undertaken to
provide evidence of the economic benefits of taking an 37%
While culture is the leading con- LCC approach, given that many companies seem to be
cern, 41% of respondents believe that waiting to learn from the experience of others.
manufacturers had to do more to make D The benefits of LCC should not be overstated. Some 19%
their customers aware of life-cycle cost savings will only be realised after 15 or 20 years and
impacts. Many manufacturers already there may be a high level of uncertainty to be taken into
promote the maintenance cost advan-
tages or provide LCC calculation tools. E Our customers are already heavily oriented
Other steps could include the provision towards life-cycle cost, and we see little room for
of case studies with real data to show
the development of key performance F Other. 4%

indicators over time compared to assets


Family of noise-absorbing systems developed and being Innovative induction-hardened axle. It is our solution to
diversified by GHH-BONATRANS. the requirements of increased safety and reliability.
• High absorption effect – up to 10 dB(A) rolling noise, • Allows older platforms to comply with current safety
up to 30 dB(A) squealing noise requirements
• Applicable in all types of rail vehicles • Increased NDT intervals for axles
• Variety of dampers with lifespan not limited by the service • No damage on axle body
life of the wheel • No seizure during maintenance
• Tailor-made design

Stress optimized wheels

Family of enhanced wheel steel grades for all types of Dedicated for railway vehicles in which wheels are
passenger, locomotive and freight wheelsets that ensures exposed to high thermal and mechanical loads,
greater life in mileage. especially for freight wagons with tread brakes.
• Up to 30% greater life in mileage compared • Low residual stress
to wheels made of standard EN grades • Minor deformations
• Greater resistance against Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) • Loading capacity 23.5 t, 25 t, 32.5 t, etc.
and hence also against the development of shelling on
the wheel tread
• Ultimately reduction of the wheelset Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
during the rolling stock operation