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P.J. Antsaklis, P. Tabuada (Eds.

Networked Embedded Sensing and Control
Workshop NESC'05: University of Notre Dame, USA, October 2005 Proceedings

Series: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Vol. 331

▶ Contains the proceedings of the Workshop on Networked Embedded

Sensing and Control

Recent technological developments in sensing, communications, control and

computation have created an emerging class of complex systems hereon called
networked embedded systems. These systems can be roughly described as collections
of spatially distributed sensors, actuators and controllers whose behavior is coordinated
through wired or wireless communication links.
This integration between different technologies and scientific domains presents new and
challenging fundamental problems underlying the theoretical foundations for this class
of systems. This workshop aims at bringing together researchers working on different
2006, XII, 367 p. 96 illus., 7 illus. in color.
aspects of networked embedded systems in order to exchange research experiences and
to identify the main scientific challenges in this exciting new area.
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