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The Days of Your Youth

Issue 37

The Shack
Movie Theology

to your
It is your phone you check right before you go to sleep,
It is your phone you reach for, when in the morning, out of your bed, you creep,
In the middle of the night, you end up looking at the phone, in case your sleep is not that deep!

P3 Dear “With Your Smart Phone All 11

the While” Generation
P8 Which Addiction? Facebook
Addiction or Seeking His Face
1 Jn 4:17, A Hyper-Grace Verse? GRACE
P13 Sheryl Roy’s Story

P15 Ivanka Trump’s Repeated
P16 Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner’s
P17 Miracle Money, Gold Teeth, Etc...
The Evan Story
The Shack Movie Theology
P26 The George Bush Senior Groping
Scandal & The Bible
P28 Is the “Hell To Heaven” Teaching
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Ministry Needs Page
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Youth to the Word of Yahweh (the Bible)
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Dear “With Your Smartphone All
the While”, Blue-Whale Playing
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Blue Whale. We are not talking the lead from games such as this no one can find that paramount
about the big fish in the sea. and eventually decide to end one’s peace, that supreme serenity, that
The “Blue Whale,” referred to in life itself. The Bible, God’s Word maximum meaning, that Himalayan
this piece, is an online game that in human words, presents Satan happiness. 
ultimately dares its players to act as the one who comes to steal, kill Apostle Paul, a Jesus-follower,
out a death-wish – their own! This and destroy (John 10:9). It is quite wrote about the “purpose in each
smartphone game pushes the users possible that Satan uses online step” (I Corinthians 9:26, NLT, The
of this game to carve an outline games such as the Blue Whale, get Bible) that Jesus gave him, when he
of a Blue Whale on their skin and unsuspecting folks to fall-in-line followed Jesus through the smooth
eventually drives them into suicide. with his sinister plan of destruction. and stormy phases of his life. 
That’s one reason this game got the In the Bible, we read of a demon-
name “whale” – a fish with suicidal- influenced man ‘cutting himself with 2. INITIATION: It May Be An
tendencies that is known at times to stones’ – attempting suicide (Mark “Innocent” Initiation, But Very
deliberately swim towards beaches 5:5). Satan does not just sow inside Rarely It Stays That Way!
only to die. If a player refuses to of us thoughts of suicide. The Bible The Bible teaches that we must
obey the “dare” for a dangerous teaches that His primary goal is to “reject every kind of evil” (I Thess.
task, threats such as, “We will have lead us towards fleeting-pleasure 5:22, NLT). A Bible Translator
your parents killed…” rapidly follow. offering sin – something that who put God’s Word in the
Yes people – including children separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2) contemporary English language of
and teens – World-over are either and robs us of all lasting joy. “Joy” his time, J. B. Philipps, translated the
talking about the Blue Whale leaving our lives, when “sin” enters same verse this way: “Steer clear of
challenge or playing it. Leave alone is not just a fact found in the Bible evil in any form”. Alcohol might, at
the Blue Whale game, aren’t we are (Lamentations 5:15; Psalm 51:12) first, ‘go down smoothly,’ but ‘at the
living in a time when folks are with but an experience we all relate to in last it bites like a serpent and stings
their smartphone all the while? our day-to-day lives. The shot-put like a viper’ (Prov. 23:30-31, NASB).
When I went to the Scripture ball of guilt in the heart after a sin - A game like Blue Whale which may
to discover a response for this be it an affair with a colleague in the start out merely as a “time-pass”.
disturbing global trend, the work-place or hours of porn-surfing It will not remain a “time-pass” - it
following observations welled into when your spouse is asleep - stands may even lead to your passing away!
my soul: testimony to that.  So, beware of seemingly innocent
This leads me to a well-known initiations into this dangerous game!
1. OPERATION: Devil’s Devious Many seemingly-innocent things
Operation, Discern It! statement that Jesus made that is
found recorded in the Bible: “I have we start doing, once we have a
The Blue Whale is ultimately come to give life – life to the full”(in smart-phone eventually leads to
indicative of a “true tale” – certain John 10:10). This implies, apart from self-destructive behavior such as
truths about Life – life about living the “alone and apart from everyone” marriage-wrecking sexting, total
with capital L. Only a person deeply Jesus (Jesus said he was the ONLY neglect of Bible reading and prayer,
disillusioned with life would take WAY in John 14:6 of the Bible) etc.
3 / The Days of Your Youth
3. DECISION: There Cannot Be A no way that any prisoner would
More That Is More Dumb Than The remain in prison. That’s when Paul
Decision To Commit Suicide! comforted him saying, “Don’t harm
The Blue Whale Game lures its yourself! We are all here!” (Acts
players to end their lives. A teen in 16:28). He went onto present the
Mumbai stood atop a tall building, ultimate solution for any suicide-
took a picture, uploaded it on his considering person: belief on the
Instagram account with the caption, ‘Author-of-Life’ (Acts 3:15)/‘hope
“Last Picture”, before jumping off for all nations’(Matt.12:21)/ ‘One
the building to his death. This to Whom we who have fled to take
was one of his Blue Whale game hold of the hope set before us’
“tasks”. Leonid Bershidsky wrote (Heb. 6:18)[Acts 16:31].
for Bloomberg these lines how Choosing suicide believing the
this game’s players are coaxed lie, “no one cares for me,” is
into choosing suicide over sailing foolish because there are people
through the ups and downs of life: whom God has placed in our
“For the last 10 days, the player lives who indeed care for us. The
needs to wake up at an appointed administrators of the Blue Whale
early morning hour, listen to music game may want you to die, but your
and contemplate death. Those who parents want you to live! Not just
get cold feet and want to leave the live, but thrive! The love of a parent
game receive threats, often that is an imperfect picture of God’s love
their parents will be killed.” for you (Psa. 103:13). “A foolish
God’s Word, the Bible, however son brings grief to his father and It is quite possible that Satan
challenges us from taking the dumb bitterness to the mother who bore uses online games such as the
decision to end our life. You really him” (Prov. 17:25). It may be said Blue Whale, to get unsuspecting
that suicide by a son (or daughter) folks to fall-in-line with his
cannot “end” your life, because God sinister plan of destruction!
has stamped eternity in everyone’s will make this verse more real and
hearts (Eccl. 3:11). In other words, heart-shattering than any other
told me. “They just say ‘Okay, okay,
we will go on living forever even thing in the world!
whatever’ while they’re on their
after we die – either in heaven 4. ADDICTION: Watch Out for the phones. They don’t pay attention to
or hell (2 Cor. 5:1; Rev. 14:11). Sin of Smart Phone Addiction! their family.”’ This article postulates
The God of the Bible invites us to The fact that our world is lock- with stunning statistics that today’s
“choose life” over “death” (Jer. 21:8; stock-and-barrel addicted to the teens are so glued to their ‘screen-
Dt. 30:15, 19). smartphone is undisputed! Even time’ (time with smartphone/IPad)
When an earthquake and the believers are no exception! Jean that they don’t mind giving their
resulting broken-open-prison-doors Twenge, a researcher who has been ‘sex-time’ a miss! Jean’s description
resulted in the real possibility of researching generational differences of the common-to-literally-
all the prisoners under his charge for 25 years, starting when she was everyone smartphone addiction
of escaping, the Philippian Jailor a 22-year-old doctoral student in is memorably accurate: ‘Curious, I
wanted to end his life (Acts 16:27). psychology. This American writer asked my undergraduate students
“Everyone in the prison will now at San Diego State University what
in a September 2017 article for they do with their phone while they
escape. I will not have a job and Altantic Monthly that went viral on
maybe the Government, I am sleep. Their answers were a profile
how the smartphone has destroyed in obsession. Nearly all slept with
accountable to, will even kill me. an entire generation, makes the
So why don’t I end my own life?” their phone, putting it under their
following practical observation that pillow, on the mattress, or at the
Those were the Jailor’s thoughts. indicates how much this generation
He reached for his sword. That’s very least within arm’s reach of the
(whom she calls iGen) is addicted to bed. They checked social media
when Paul spoke up. With the the smartphone: ‘One of the ironies
prison gates now blown open, right before they went to sleep, and
of iGen life is that despite spending reached for their phone as soon as
the Jailor was sure that there was far more time under the same roof they woke up in the morning (they
as their parents, today’s teens can had to—all of them used it as their
hardly be said to be closer to their alarm clock). Their phone was the
mothers and fathers than their last thing they saw before they went
predecessors were. “I’ve seen my to sleep and the first thing they
friends whose families do not talk saw when they woke up. If they
to them,” Athena (a typical iGenner) woke in the middle of the night,
they often ended up looking at their
A game like Blue Whale which phone. Some used the language
may start out merely as a “time- of addiction. “I know I shouldn’t,
pass”. It will not remain a “time-
pass” - it may even lead to your but I just can’t help it,” one said
passing away! about looking at her phone while
The Days Of Your Youth /4
in bed. Others saw their phone Romans 1:1 should remind you purposefully seek to swap Sweet-
as an extension of their body—or to love your Lord more than your Spirit-time with Screen-time!
even like a lover: “Having my phone phone. We need to replace, “What-in-
closer to me while I’m sleeping is When it comes to ways to the-Word” Bible Study time with
a comfort.”’ What Jean found true overcoming addictions the WhatsApp time
about her students is perhaps true Bible presents the method of Like Daniel we need to
of all of us reading this piece! “addiction substitution” – the way “resolve”/”make a deliberate choice”
The Bible is very clear in this: of substituting a God-honoring not to do that which displeases
addiction of any sort is sinful! addiction in the place of the sinful our Lord (Dan. 1:8). Since “evil
The Voice version, which is my addiction! This is a Scriptural desire” can result in full-blown “sin”
new number one modern English principle of overcoming addictions. as Apostle James warned (James
Bible Version, of that familiar Let me explain: 1:13-15), we need to deliberately
Bible version about this issue – I The devil returned with a great desire the “eternal pleasures” that
Corinthians 6:12 – goes this way: strength into a heart that was come with a life that is intimate
‘I can hear some of you saying, “For “swept” and “clean” – that is with the Infinite (Psalm 16:11)
me, all things are permitted.” But what we read in Matt. 12:44-45. rather than “chose” to “enjoy the
face the facts: all things are not The words “swept” and “clean” fleeting pleasures of sin” (Heb.
beneficial. So you say, “For me, all indicate to me that the once- 11:25). We must say, “I would
things are permitted.” Here’s my addicted person got rid of his rather be in the sweet presence
response: I will not allow anything sinful addictions, successfully. But of Jesus meditating the Word and
to control me.’ the Devil came back into his life, celebrating his goodness than be
Apostle Paul calls himself a bond- because he continued to keep his with my smartphone all the time
slave of Christ in Romans 1:1. heart empty, instead of plugging it indulging in gossip-chats, sexting,
When you read the relevant cross- with an nobler, non-sinful, God- porn-watching or unvarnished time-
reference passage for Romans 1:1 in pleasing addiction! murder!” (that’s one way to apply
the Old Testament (Exodus 21:1-6), Psalm 85:10).
The same principle underpins
we understand who a bond-servant Psalm chapter 1: Addiction to Have you already wasted tons of
actually is: “A bondslave was one bad company can be overcome time with your smartphone? Have
who worked willingly because he when you start to meditate on you sinned against the Lord aided
sold himself into slavery out of love God’s Word, in the free-time you by your smartphone? Come back
for his master” (the words of Jamie will now get, by giving the long- to him like Peter. Don’t go away
Mitchell). The bond-servant gets hour meetings you have with your further from him like Judas! Both
his ear pierced by the master as if boozing/porn-watching/‘wicked’ committed sins. Peter’s sin of denial
to proclaim to the world, “Seven friends, a repeated miss! The same of Jesus was far more serious than
years were not enough for me to principle undergirded Apostle Paul’s Judas’ sin of betrayal of Jesus. Yet,
serve you, master! These seven words in Ephesians 5:18: Those who in the end, Judas whipped out a
years of serving you as a slave were ditch drunkenness can successfully rope and committed suicide while
like life in heaven! I now want an bid bye to that addictive habit by Peter wept in repentance and raced
entire lifetime to serve you!” Paul an ongoing over-flowing experience back to Jesus!
was so pleasurably pierced in his with the Holy Spirit! Will you run to the foot of the Cross
heart by the love of Christ that he of Christ and place your smartphone
self-introduces himself as Christ’s In short, we need to consciously
seek to replace God-delight with there as a sign that you love him,
bond-slave in Romans 1:1. If you more than anything else – including
are OnePlus One phone-owner, Gadget-delight! We need to
the phone?

Choosing suicide believing the

lie that “no one cares for me,” is
foolish because there are people
whom God has placed in our
lives who indeed care for us.

The Days Of Your Youth /5

Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Facebook addiction or addiction to

gazing at His face ’n reading His Book
When Barack Obama A young girl student at Indian Institute of Management,
was the US President, he in an Indian city, hung herself to death after she read
posted his family picture the FACEBOOK update of her former boyfriend, who
on FACEBOOK (in 2011); had just ditched her in the year 2011.
it drew 71,000 likes and
11,000 comments. His elder Her death brings us to the question about how intense
daughter Malia was 13 then an influence FACEBOOK can cause in our lives.
and she was old enough to HOOKED TO FACEBOOK?
start using FACEBOOK. But
the President has said that There are those who will have to look at their
he would wait for four more FACEBOOK account, even as they are brushing their
years before he would teeth in the morning. They are so obsessed with it.
consider allowing her to
the then-President It is a sad fact that born-again believers spend more
described the thinking time on FACEBOOK rather than on God’s book, the
behind the Facebook Bible. It is scary to note that we would be sitting in
ban as: ‘Why would front of a laptop with FACEBOOK opened, rather
we want to have than seek the face of God! This is sinful. God will
a whole bunch of not tolerate this. Here is why:
people who we
our business? That
doesn’t make much sense.’ The admonition to read God’s Word daily
(from, is found in the Bible
17 December 2011). at several
places and
Obama’s point brings us to in several
the debate on the utility of ways.

The Days Of Your Youth /6

The Kings of Israel should carry a IN LOVE, REALLY, WITH WHAT SEX-LACED, FLIRTY CHATS -
copy of the Laws of Moses and read OR WHOM? WHAT WOULD GOD THINK
them DAILY - this was a command ABOUT IT?
that God gave them (Deut. 17:19). It all boils down to this crucial
In the New Testament era, we question - Whom are we, really, And possibly, there are things that
believers are the kings and queens in love with? Are we in love with we do while on FACEBOOK, that
in God’s eyes for Peter writes we the holy habit of just gazing at his displeas God, very clearly. 58% of
are “royal priesthood” (I Pet. 2:9). So face - is it the one thing we will those surveyed in the Outlook-
the expectation that was upon the do, come what may (Psa. 27:4)? Durex Sex Survey published by
kings of Israel falls on us as well. Or are we in love with gazing at Outlook on December 26, 2011,
faces on FACEBOOK? The lady we said that FACEBOOK, Twitter
The believers of Berea were meet in the Bible book of Song of intimacy leads to sexual encounters.
noble because they searched the Songs says, “I will seek him whom Do you chat with an online friend
Scriptures DAILY to see what Paul’s my soul loves” (Song of Songs 3:2). or stranger in a flirty, sex-laced
teaching them was in line with it, If it is REALLY TRUE that we love manner? Godless chatter will not
Luke writes (Acts 17:11). So, we the Lord; our heavenly bridegroom, please God, we read in God’s Word,
must not only READ the Bible we will take special efforts to seek time and again. Paul warns us
Him. We will seek Him by spending against ‘godless chatter’ twice in
time in prayer. We will seek Him his letters (I Tim. 6:20; II Tim. 2:16).
Are you addicted to Facebook?
Is this a common scene in your reading His Word, the Bible. We will The writer of the book of Proverbs
home? not seek FACEBOOK more than writes that a chattering fool comes
Him. We will not spend more time to ruin, twice (Prov. 10:8,10). On
on FACEBOOK than seeking his the Day of Judgment we will have to
everyday, but SEARCH it which FACE and reading His BOOK (as it give account for every idle word we
implies, deep study coupled with has been popularly put by several uttered, Jesus warned (Matt. 12:36).
meditation. This must not be done preachers/writers). To place things in context, I could
once-in-a-while or when we feel like make that “every unnecessary word
it, but DAILY. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! we type while on Facebook.”
When we can find time for We must return to the Holy Art of LUST FOR FACEBOOK LIKES!
FACEBOOK, daily, when we don’t seeking the Lord before it is too
find time for God’s book daily, even late. Hosea 5:6 talks about the While there is nothing wrong in
after knowing that God expects us possible time, when we will try to looking for encouragement. We
to spend time with it, daily, it is clear seek the Lord, but He would not must honestly ask ourselves if
case of idol-worship. be found. There is a possibility that we really need to post things
it would be too late for us to seek on FACEBOOK to gain people’s
TIME FOR SEEKING GOD’S FACE Him. It would be too late to seek approval - something that God will
DAILY? Him after our death. It would be too not appreciate. Is there a lust for
late to seek when He returns as a FACEBOOK likes in your life? Paul
The admonition to spend time judge. It would be too late to seek wrote that he could not be a servant
DAILY seeking the face of God via Him, when the Holy Spirit stops of Christ by seeking approval (shall
prayer is there in the Bible. speaking to our stubborn hearts. So we say here, “FaceBook likes”) of
“Blessed” is the man who watches do it, now! Log out from Facebook men (Gal. 1:10). I often tell myself
“daily” at wisdom’s gates, the Bible and log into his presence. Before that the FACEBOOK likes on my
teaches (Prov. 8:34). Jesus is God’s you get online with FACEBOOK, posts are not indicative of God’s
wisdom (I Cor. 1:30). God desires take time to get inline with HIS approval.
that we eagerly wait, daily, at the FACE and HIS BOOK. Tell him, how
desperate you are for him. If we FACEBOOK AT THE EXPENSE OF
gate of His Son, seeking fellowship THE FAMILY?!
with Him, the way a girl would seek God with our “whole heart” we
desperately wait for her man/boy- will be “blessed” (Psa. 119:2). A person’s family relationships
friend to appear at her hostel gate will invariably suffer if he spends
to meet her at the agreed-upon excessive time on FACEBOOK.
time. This waiting, which practically
means spending unhurried times
in prayer, should become a daily And it shall be with him, and he shall read therein all the days
drill. But what, perhaps, a daily drill of his life: that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, to keep
once upon a time, is now gone. This
is because the thrill of being with all the words of this law and these statutes Deuteronomy 17:19
the Lord is lost, as we have lost
our first love for Him, and we now
divide the time we otherwise spend
with God with other lovers - such
as FACEBOOK. This must change.
We must return to Him and start
seeking His face.
The Days Of Your Youth /7
One must answer this question, honestly: am I addicted
to FACEBOOK? Addiction to even lawful things are
forbidden in Scripture (I Cor. 6.12). The best way to find
out is to check, for how long, you can be away from
FACEBOOK. When I suspected FACEBOOK addiction
in myself, I decided to keep it off during the week we
both (my wife and I) were fasting and praying. I could
make it! It was not that tough! I do use FACEBOOK,
mainly to post Bible messages and Ministry News. I do
not respond to chat starters that go like, “Hi, Duke...”
because of my many commitments. I usually reply, “I
Galatians 1:10 warns us against appreciate the fact you are writing to me. However I
the modern temptation we all
have to lust for more FB likes! am not able to chat. Please send what you want to send
as a single message. Then, I will respond.” This practical
step has helped me overcome the temptation to waste
Jennifer Aniston reportedly split with her boyfriend time when I am online.
based on the accusation that he had the time for QUIT FROM FACEBOOK, IF YOU MUST!
Twitter but no time for replying her text messages to
him. Face to face conversations with family members Let us use FACEBOOK in a God pleasing way. If we
should take precedence before “face booking”. The are not able to handle FACEBOOK the way God would
Bible teaches that spouses must meet the needs of want us to handle it, I would say, it is better to avoid
each other (I Cor. 7:3). This would mean, not just the it altogether. Joseph refused to be even with Mrs.
need for sex but the need for a meaningful conversation Potiphar, we read (Gen 39.10). He was wise to avoid
or a warm hug. Too much FACEBOOK kills the time that temptation altogether. We too can follow suit when it
is needed for all of these to be developed. comes to FACEBOOK. Avoid it altogether, if you are not
able to win over the temptations it brings.

Overcoming Smart-
phone Addiction
By Understanding Truth Found
In 2 John 12 and 3 John 13! Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Smartphone addiction will be thing of the past when a person, looking the person in the eye and talking
we recall the Face-to-Face conversations the New with that person!” And if he was alive now, I am sure he
Testament calls us for. The senior-most leader of the would said, “Stop being on WhatsApp all the time. Stop
early church, Apostle John, a man who was in his being on Facebook all the time. Keep your phone down.
nineties, wrote twice that he preferred face-to-face Go and meet people. Fellowship with real people.” I
conversations than letter-correspondence. He does that must note here that the concept of the Online Church
in 2 John 12 and 3 John 13 (easy to remember). 3 John defeats the very purpose of the church! In a church, in
13 goes this way: “I have much to write you, but I do a youth fellowship, you can get to meet each other, rub
not want to do so with pen and ink” (NIV).Why does he shoulders with each other, give each other a holy kiss
do that? Maybe, during those days, there was an extra- (Rom. 16:16; I Cor. 16:20; I Thess. 5:26) or a shoulder
craze for writing letters, because letter writing was squeeze or a warm hug. You can encourage each
relatively a new fad among the youth and young kids of other in respective walk with Jesus Christ with direct
his time just like Facebook and WhatsApp is a new fad conversations! This is not possible in a virtual space!
during our time. Everybody was perhaps spending all
their time in writing on paper, scrolls and parchments.
What he basically said was this: “Writing on paper is
good, making a book is good….but nothing like meeting

The Days Of Your Youth /8

“As He is, so are we in
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

this world”
A Hyper-Grace Supporting
Phrase In I John 4:17?
I have often seen Hyper-Grace context of that passage. Let us get 3:24; 4:13).’[Encountering John:
teachers use the final portion the context of I John via the writings The Gospel in Historical, Literary
of I John 4:17 – “As He (Christ), of Andreas J. Köstenberger. He and Theological Perspective, 2013
is, so are we in this world!” – to writes, ‘John probably penned Edition].
teach that no matter how much his epistles a few years after his The hyper-grace teachers’
we sin as believers, God the gospel, to congregations familiar interpretation of I John 4:17 is
Father sees us like he sees Christ! with the gospel. He seems to imply wrong, because of the following five
Therefore, according to them, this by repeated references such reasons:
just as God the Father would not as “which you have had since the
ever condemn or consign Christ beginning” (i.e., the gospel; 1 John 1. THE “PAROUSIA” REASON:
to hell, we as believers can never 2:7) in John’s first two epistles First, we must remind ourselves
be condemned or go to hell. In (also, e.g., 1 John 1:1; 2:24; 3:11; 2 of the larger message of the Bible
one of his devotional books, a John 5, 6). Possibly, proto-gnostic Book, this verse is taken from. It is
popular hyper-grace false teacher (a group who believed it did not taken from I John. John, obviously,
and cultic pastor from Singapore, matter if you sinned with your will not contradict what he himself
says (quoting this very verse), “It is body)or other false teachers had wrote under the inspiration of
wonderful to know that God does infiltrated the congregations under the Spirit, elsewhere in the same
not measure and judge you based John’s jurisdiction and shaken book. What did he write in I John
on your performance today. Instead, believers’ confidence by denying 3:2? This: “Dear friends, now we
he looks at Jesus, and as Jesus is, the reality of sin (l John 1:8, 10) are children of God, and what we
that is how He sees you... As new and maintaining the necessity of will be, has not yet been made
covenant believers we do not have special “inside information” (this known. But we know that when
to fear the day of judgement… is the implication of 1 John 2:20, Christ appears, we shall be like
because as he is, so are we in this 27). In his first epistle, written

him, for we shall see him as he
world!”(100 Days of Favor, page shortly after those teachers had is”. What John is teaching here is
199). left the congregation (1 John very clear: we are not yet fully like
How do we respond to this? 2:19), John seeks to reassure the Christ here and now! But when
still shaken-up believers (see esp. Jesus appears the second time
Before we interpret any Bible 1 John 5:13; see also 2:20, 27; (an event called ‘’parousia”), we
passage, we must first figure out the
The Days Of Your Youth /9
will be fully like him!! So, till that same point – lest we miss it the next stop in this “We” journey is
time comes, we need to grow in first time, Apostle John mentions I John 3:12 which goes this way:
holiness, enabled by his grace, daily! it. In fact, he already mentioned “We should not be like Cain, who
In fact, the very next verse, I John this in the Gospel he wrote (Check was of the evil one and murdered
3:3, which goes this way, “All who out John 14:21 – “Whoever has my his brother”(ESV). Hyper-grace
have this hope(of Christ’s Second commandments and keeps them, it deceivers would like you to believe
Coming) in him(Christ) that “righteous living” has
purifies themselves, just nothing to do with turning
as he(Christ) is pure,” is a
clarion call for daily holy Scripture Twisters from sin! If that were so,
why would Apostle John
living! So, in a sense we write, “We should not be
are “already” like Jesus, but Hyper-Grace cult false teachers, in like Cain, who committed
“not yet” in the ultimate the sin of murder!” If
sense. We believers will be their desperation to seek biblical “righteousness” has nothing
fully like Jesus when the to do with sin as hyper-
second coming happens. proof for their false claims, will twist grace hell-headers make it
So, in I John 4:17, John to be, then such examples
was not opening a window any Scripture according to their will not be quoted by Bible
for believer to live in sin, writers. But such examples
because “as Christ is, so convenience! are quoted! So, hyper-grace
we are in this world”!!! teaching is thoroughly and
Hyper-Grace cult false teachers, in is he who loves me” and John 14:15 totally unbiblical!
their desperation to seek biblical is not much different). The final “we” passage we will refer
proof for their false claims, will twist In I John 2:28, Apostle John pens, to understand the behavior that
any Scripture according to their “And now, little children, abide God desires from the “we” referred
convenience! in him, so that when he appears to in I John 4:17 – the Bible verse
2. THE “PLURAL PERSONAL we may have confidence and not the hyper-grace cultist builds
PRONOUN” REASON shrink from him in shame at his hype around – is I John 5:18. The
Second, when we zero-in on coming”(ESV). The message that question we are asking is direct: Is
the word “we” (a plural personal the Apostle John intends to drive I John 4:17 promoting, “your sin
pronoun) found in I John 4:17[“As home here is plain as a day. It is this does not matter to God” teaching?
He (Christ), is, so are we in this message: “If we don’t abide in Jesus, The answer is straight: “If it can
world”] and the rest of the epistle, here and now, he reserves the right be shown beyond any doubt that
we can understand that the to abandon us when he returns! If elsewhere in the same letter, John
hyper-grace teacher’s sin-excusing we shamelessly keep sinning, we the apostle promotes this bizarre
interpretation of I John 4:17 is will be ashamed on that final day!” teaching, then we can come to the
wrong. The interpretation for this Let us zero-in on every “we” conclusion “your sin does not matter
passage should not be in opposition reference in I John because I John to God because when God sees you
to other “we” passages in this book. 4:17, the Bible reference often- the believer, he sees Christ”. But as
In I John 1:6, Apostle John writes, “If quoted by hyper-grace cultists, also we have seen so far, the evidence in
we say WE have fellowship with him has a “we” in it [“As He (Christ), is, the rest of I John does NOT support
while we walk in darkness, we lie so are we in this world!”]. We want this dangerously wrong, taking-
and do not practice the truth”(ESV). to know from the author’s other people-to-hell, teaching. The climax
Here Apostle John was making this “we” references in this letter, if the is the flat rejection of hyper-grace
clear: close fellowship with Jesus ‘we’s are allowed to live in sin! The camp’s false derivations found in I
will result in the conscious forsaking reason we are doing this is because, John 5:18: “We know that everyone
of sin (‘darkness’). In I John 2:3, hyper-grace cultists want to imply who has been born of God DOES
Apostle John issues another “we” from I John 4:19 that ‘staying away NOT KEEP ON SINNING….”(ESV) (or
statement which goes this way: from sin’ (what they unfortunately “make a practice of sinning“ as we
“And by this we know that we have call by a negative word called read in the New Living Translation).
come to know him, if we keep his ‘performance’) is not something 3. THE ‘PERFECT’ REASON
commandments” (ESV). According we should be bothered about. The “Love has been perfected among us
to the Apostle, as we understand
in this: that we may have boldness
it from this portion of his letter,
The climax is the flat rejection in the Day of Judgment; because as
knowing Jesus and knocking off
of hyper-grace camp’s He is, so are we in this world”- that’s
the commands given by Jesus false derivations found in I how 1 John 4:17 reads (NKJV).
[including his commands against John 5:18: “We know that The basic implication of this verse
lusting(Matt.5:28), loose language everyone who has been born is this: “those who abide in Christ,
(Matt. 5:22), etc] cannot go on side- of God DOES NOT KEEP ON
SINNING….”(ESV) (or “make a there is nothing to fear on the Day
by-side. I John 3:24 which goes,
practice of sinning“ as we read of Judgment!” The previous verse – I
“Whoever keeps his commandments
in the New Living Translation). John 4:16 – speaks about “abiding”
abides in God” is another “we”
(ESV)! If “love perfected” would give
statement that re-hammers the
us boldness on the Day of Judgment
The Days Of Your Youth / 10
(as I John 4:17 teaches), we must teaching (which the hyper-grace cut off from the branch(symbolic
ask the question how is “love cult teachers embrace) is simply of losing one’s salvation) and be
perfected”? The answer comes from not biblical. Read I John 2:24 for thrown into the fire(symbolic of hell
I John 2:5 which says, “but whoever yourself: ‘See that what you have punishment)(See John 15:6).
keeps His word, in him truly the heard from the beginning remains In Second John there is only one
love of God is perfected. By this we (abides, stays) in you. If it does, you chapter. But even in that lone
may know that we are in Him.” The also will remain (abide, stay) in the chapter, John lashes out against
perfected love of God will never be Son and in the Father’. the wrong teaching of ‘once saved,
in the possession of the believer Howard Marshall points out that always saved’. He writes, “Watch
who keeps kicking – instead of in I John 4:2, John says, “Jesus yourselves, so that you may not lose
keeping – the commands of God – has come in the flesh” instead what we have worked for, but may
that is the message of I John 2:5. So of using the past-tense to say,
the message of I John 4:17 cannot
be that of hyper-grace - “Don’t
worry about sin; for God sees only
the perfect Jesus, not stubbornly
“Jesus Christ came in the flesh”.
He explains why John’s first epistle
has so many occasions of present
continuous tense usage: “The
sinning, you!”
use of present and perfect tenses
become significant, if the point is Rev 2:7
There is another reason as to
that, Jesus Christ has come and still
existed”[The Epistles of John, page To him who
70]. This is what the false teachers
why we must dismiss as brazen
deception the hyper-grace camp’s of his time, the Gnostics, denied. overcomes I will give
They wrongly believed and taught
interpretation of I John 4:17 to
justify a life of sin. It is this reason: that Jesus only became divine to eat from the tree
throughout his writings, John when he got baptized and stopped
uses present continuous tense, being divine just before he died at
the Cross. In our context, the false
of life
deliberately, to make a theological
case for continual abiding in Christ teachers of our time, the hyper-
and a constant rejection of sin. grace cult teachers, deny the need
for daily abiding in Christ, the need
Rev 2:11
David Pawson writes, “There is the
same use of present continuous for continuous faith in Christ and
the need for steady rejection of
“…He who overcomes
tense (in John’s epistles/letters
as there is in the Gospels). ‘Who besetting sin, in the life of a God-
pleasing believer.
shall not hurt by the
it is that overcomes [goes on
overcoming] the world? Only he
who believes [goes on believing]
5. THE ‘PACK’ REASON second death”
I John 4:17 - ‘as He is, so are we
that Jesus is the Son of God’ (I John in this world’ - cannot be used to
5:5).’” [Once Saved, Always Saved?,
page 49].
justify the wrong, taking-people-to- Rev 2:17
hell teaching of hyper-grace. This
Pawson continues: “Recalling is the main point of this essay. The “To him who
the analogy of the vine and final reason why I believe so is this
the branches, John reminds his reason I call as the “pack” reason. overcomes I will give
correspondents that ‘God has Let me explain – in the entire pack
given us eternal life, and this life is
in his Son. He who has [is having]
of John’s writings, John consistently
has called for continual abiding in
some of the hidden
the Son has [is having] life; he
who does not have [is not having]
Christ and a constant rejection of
a life of sin. Apart from First John,
manna to eat…”
the Son of God does not have [is Apostle John wrote, the Gospel of
not having] life’ (I John 5:11-12).
We cannot have this eternal life
John, Second John, Third John and
Revelation. Let us see, in a nutshell,
Rev 2:26
in ourselves independently of the
Son. We must ‘remain’ in Him to
how he calls for the constant
abiding of the believer, in Christ,as a
“And he who
enjoy it.” This is what John implies
by his consistent employment of
condition for getting into heaven, in
each of these books: overcomes, and
the present-continuous tense in his
writings: “The initial act of turning
In John’s gospel, Jesus makes it clear
that the once saved Judas (his name
keeps My works until
from sin and putting one’s faith in
Christ is not enough. This must be
was written in heaven – Luke 10:20)
was now lost (John 17:12). It is in
the end, to him I will
done continually throughout one’s
life!” Pawson points out that John’s
the same Gospel Jesus used the
vine analogy to memorably call for give power over the
use of the word, “if” in I John 2:24 the continual abiding of the believer
as another clear indication that the
“once saved, always saved” wrong
in him. If the believer stubbornly nations;
refuses to abide, he would be
The Days Of Your Youth / 11
win a full reward. Everyone who practices falsehood” will go to hell not be hurt by the second death’.
goes on ahead and does not abide (Rev. 22:15). So the believer who This Bible passage makes clear
in the teaching of Christ, does not stubbornly remains in sin, and just that he who DOES NOT overcome
have God. Whoever abides in the loves to sin continuallywithout WILL be hurt by second death (the
teaching has both the Father and turning from sin, that’s the kind corollary of Rev. 2:11). What is
the Son” (2 John 8,9 ESV). Without of believer who will go to hell second death according to John?
“abiding” there is a real danger of ultimately. John writes the following Revelation 21:8 equates second
“losing” - that is the message of this just after he wrote this: “Nothing death to hell punishment. So, the
portion of Scripture. Lose what? Not impure will enter it (the New message of Revelation 2:11 penned
just “rewards” in heaven but even a Jerusalem, which is symbolic of by Apostle John (he was basically
place in heaven! Why do I say that? heaven), nor will anyone who does recording words that Jesus himself
Read verse 9 again – “Whoever what is shameful and deceitful” gave him) is this: only overcomers
abides in the teaching of Christ has (Rev. 21:27). Note here that he does make it to heaven.
both the Father and the Son”. If this NOT write, “nor will anyone who So, when we read I John 4:17 - ‘As
is true, the corollary is also true: DID what is shameful....” So, the He is, so are we in this world’ - we
“Whoever does NOT abide in the thrust of this portion of Scripture must see it in the light of the entire
teaching of Christ will NOT have is this: “those who CONTINUALLY pack of John’s writings. That would
the Father and the Son...” In other DO WHAT IS SHAMEFUL AND mean this: As He is, so are we
words, those who stubbornly refuse DECEITFUL without repenting will (we, who are abiding, we, who are
to ABIDE are on the WIDE road to ULTIMATELY land in hell”. overcoming, we, who are persisting,
destruction, hell, a place of torment The message of Revelation etc) in this world! Let not the hyper-
where the dweller will not have any presented by John (the author grace cult false teachers con you
fellowship with the Father and the who penned seemingly-hyper- and take you to hell with them, in
Son! grace-promoting I John 4:17) is this regard! Be careful! Be vigilant!
In Third John he writes, “Those who straightforward. Revelation calls Let me conclude with what Arthur
do evil prove that they do not know believers to “ENDURE” (Rev. 3:10 Pink scripted as a devotional
God” (verse 11, NLT). Those who makes a command we cannot definition of what it means to
do not know God-in-flesh, Jesus, disobey) and “OVERCOME”(Rev. “abide” in Christ: “To abide in Christ
will not make it to heaven – this we 2:11). Revelation 2:11 in the is to have him for our supreme
know from other books John has accurate-to-the-original-text New object, to center our affections
written. American Standard Bible goes this upon him, to make him our center
In the book of Revelation, the way: ‘He, who has an ear, let him and circumference – to make him
Apostle John records, that hear what the Spirit says to the our all in all”.
“everyone who LOVES and churches. He who overcomes will

Testimonies we at G4 Mission have received of late

“ “ “
a young working professional a young man via email after a young working professional
writing from an Indian City Duke answered his questions writing from an Indian City.
concerning his romantic
relationship with a non-believer.
Your short clip against learning I haven’t read a useful book in my
sex technique from porn which journey than your book, Daniel in
I saw on YouTube is…just wow… You cleared my doubts and Dell, Bro. Duke.. I got into train at
bless you for having the courage showed right way through bible, 6:20 PM and kept reading it… I
to speak that…it’s so apt n Bro. Duke really wanted to thank you. Such
true.99% of preachers would not a great book…you mastered the
even reach that topic…hats off Bible.

to you, Bro. Duke…love you for a young woman working in
your straightforwardness…I’m Infosys who got Duke’s book in a

sure young Christian men Youth Retreat. a college professor writing from
have entertained these kind Virginia Beach, USA.
of thoughts at some time or
another… I read few pages bro Duke of
your book, Straight Talk…I read Duke, I have always admired

chapter 8 where you talk about and thanked God for the ways in
an English Church Pastor from True Romantic Love from the which you tap into contemporary
Vellore writing to Duke via book of Song of Songs. I really issues and news to preach God’s
WhatsApp after reading his thank God for the revelation that Word. I need to do something
article on the dangers of teens God has given you! similar (perhaps in reverse) for
falling in love. the systems engineering courses I
teach in this particular university!
I plan to listen and re-listen your
The Christian young people sermons and messages with this
definitely need to hear this... objective in mind :-)
The Days Of Your Youth / 12
My Witness
Sherlyn Roy

for Jesus in
the Corporate
Company I
Work for
It’s Twelve years I’m in this desired firm (my dream
company) working happily.
I am held by Isaiah 25:1 “Lord, you are my God, I
will exalt you. I will praise your name, for you have
accomplished wonders, plans formed long ago, with
perfect faithfulness’’. This verse gives me assurance
that my position as an HR for the past 7 years in this
very same company is God’s plan for me.
During the initial stage of my career my perspective
to job was not the one I hold so dearly now. No
doubt my hard labour of 7 days a week sometimes
for 12 hours a day, to accomplish company’s goals
complemented the company to a greater extent
that good performance ratings, timely promotions,
covetable opportunities were lavished on me. The
Lord, in His gracious mercy helped me achieve
excellence in my professional as well as personal
It was then the Spirit of God intervened. A spiritual
mentor altered my perspective towards my job
by highlighting on God’s plan and purpose in our
workplaces. He opened my eyes to comprehend
my workplace as a mission field where the harvest
is plenty but the laborers are few. It envisaged the
purpose of my post in that desired firm and then the
work ecosystem began to change.
Being an HR I get to encounter many employees
on various aspects. I incorporated the Lord in

Sherlyn Roy talks about how the

Lord enabled her to be a witness
in the top Corporate House she

The Days Of Your Youth / 13

my conversations with each employee in his both once, my colleagues have admired my inclination to
professional as well as personal concern with His pray about things rather than dispense advice about
specific direction. It became a natural way to problem how they should approach the matter.
solving rather than relying on my own wisdom. I have a In the Corporate world observes your lifestyle, your
Bible on my desk which I reach out for His guidance and language, attitude and conviction. Therefore I have
wisdom. It is my “Rod and Staff”. That Bible on my desk always been conscious to be a person of integrity and
instigates the visitor to unfurl a conversation which humility, aiming to build people (my motive) and striving
ultimately is about Jesus. to reflect Jesus and His character through my life to
There have been countless miracles at my workplace. those around me.
Time wouldn’t suffice should I attempt a book penning As you read this you may wonder that it may have been
down all that God’s hand has been on miraculously. an easy journey all through. Not in the least!
Be it dealing with tough bosses, difficult colleagues,
These 12 years, there have been numerous situations
rebellious employees, economic downturn (to name of struggle, defeat and temptation... pretty much like
few), I’ve seen the Sovereignty of God reign supreme. waves hitting the rocks during high tide. But through
He has also given me windows of opportunity to speak the high and the low tide, God has enabled me to keep
& share with my colleagues on how the breakthroughs
my eyes on Him, the author and finisher of my faith.
have happened. I see them marvel at my ‘going to God’
for everything. I praise God for how He has been leading me. I know
that every instance at work, every employee I speak
There have also been times when I could profess my and write to, every colleague and supervisor I work
faith among colleagues who approached me during
with, every problem I have faced and every recognition
their tough circumstances such as dealing with
received have been orchestrated by the Grand Weaver
sicknesses, grief, painful relationships and the like. I
– Lord, my God to redeem every man to Him, through
shared from the Bible to encourage them and prayed
His Son Jesus and the finished work on the cross! To
with them in the name of Jesus my Lord. More than this end, I press on…

Does the Bible

Challenge Us to Read it
Daily? Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

The Guardian reported that people spend about three The third challenge for daily Bible reading comes from
hours a day on their smartphone (29 December 2016). the TEMPLE! Jesus had this noticeable habit of going to
While we spent a lot of time with our smartphones, do the Temple, and teaching there daily (Lk. 19:47; Matt.
we even start an important thing like Bible-reading? 26:55). He taught in the Temple daily as if to tell us that
Is there any challenge in the Bible that calls us to read we should take efforts to be exposed to his words daily
the Bible DAILY? Indeed! Where? and lap them up!!!
The first challenge to read the Bible daily comes The fourth challenge for daily Bible reading comes from
from HEAVEN! During the wilderness journey of the the PRAYER-CLOSET! Jesus taught us to pray for our
Israelites, manna from heaven came down! The people “daily bread” (Luke 11:3). As much as we need physical
of Israel had to collect the manna from heaven daily bread we need spiritual bread, don’t we? Don’t we need
and consume it immediately (Ex. 16:3). The Bible is a it daily?
Heaven-inspired book (2 Tim. 3:16). We must spend The fifth challenge for daily Bible reading comes from
time daily in God’s Word, collecting God’s truth for us the HOUSE! The believers of Berea, went HOME and
from it for our spiritual nourishment! checked up the Word of God daily (Acts 17:11). Why?
We have a challenge from the PALACE, next, inspiring They wanted to check if the spoken Word of God
us to read the Bible daily! The Kings of Israel were preached by the apostles was according to what was
called to acquire a copy of the Laws of God and read written Word of God!
it daily, the Law of Moses proclaimed (Dt. 17:18-19). If we read three chapters of the Bible on weekdays
In the New Testament, aren’t we the kings, as we are (Monday through Friday) and four chapters in the
called the royal priesthood (I Pet. 2:9)? Should we also weekend (Saturday and Sunday), we can complete
not read God’s Word daily so that we will know how reading the full Bible in a single year! Why not try that
to behave in his Kingdom and extend his rule on earth this year?!

The Days Of Your Youth / 14

The Footwear that
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Ivanka Trump
Repeated in Her Brief
India Trip! The Things
We Must Repeat...
As Ivanka Trump was in Hyderabad compulsion. What did he repeat?
for a big summit in November 2017, Let me repeat what he repeated, for
the zoom cameras and journalists our convenience.
got mighty busy. She wore six He REPEATEDLY talked with His
different outfits in her public Father. He prayed often (Luke 5:16).
appearances, they said. But listen
to this: she wore the one particular He REPEATEDLY had times of
black footwear twice. Yes, she fellowship with his disciples. This,
repeated a black footwear. That was we understand from John 18:2 and
indeed a rare thing for a celebrity Luke 22:39.
of her stature to be doing, isn’t? Jesus REPEATEDLY taught about
(She is the daughter of the U. S. God in the Temple (Check out Luke
President, the Telangana IT Minister, 19:47; 21:37). He also taught the
KTR, even called her the, ‘most crowds in public square, as His
powerful woman in the World’). A custom was (Mark 10:1). He was a
middle class ‘miss’ might repeat her Witness for Yahweh and His own
chudithar, saree and footwear, worn claim to be God in flesh.
in her public appearances, but not
the daughter of a millionaire - many Jesus also read the Word of God ‘as
his Custom was’ not just in public So, let us REPEAT, what Jesus did!
fashion experts felt.
but also in private (Luke 4:16). Let us pray daily. Let us read the
Yup! The act of repeating even Bible daily. Let us have regular
footwear during a short trip by a We are called to “follow in the steps fellowship in our workplace/in
woman who was the target of a of Jesus” (I Peter 2:21). We are our place of study. If there is no
million flashbulbs, the moment called to copy His Habits after we fellowship there yet, go ahead and
she landed in India, seems have chosen to turn from sin and start one. If there is a fellowship,
unfashionable! What is about trust him as Savior. He is not only join in and take part in its activities
REPEATING, that people hate it! the “Purger” for our sins, but the using your God-given talents. Let us
What about repeating things that best Pattern for us! also have fellowship with a Bible-
concern our spiritual life? There believing Local church - regularly,
are things that Jesus, God-in-flesh, without a break. Let us talk about
repeated in his life every day. He Ivanka’s repeated footwear Jesus, repeatedly. Let us REPEAT
never got bored of repeating these during her India trip becomes the things Jesus REPEATED.
basics. He repeated these because the starting point for something
that is very important!!! There is great value in this kind of
he deeply loved his Father in REPETITION. We become more like
Heaven, not because of any other Jesus!
The Days Of Your Youth / 15
Hugh Hefner:
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Bible Lessons
From the Playboy
Founder’s Life
to another person who also died
in the same month – September
2017 – Nabeel Qureshi. Nabeel,
a Christian Apologist who was
saved from the Islamic background
Hugh Hefner, the founder of the for the Devil to enter our lives (Read succumbed to cancer at the age
most famous porn magazine in the Luke 8:27 and figure that out). of 34. Why? There are no easy
world, Playboy, died on September answers. The long-life of Hugh
2. The Lesson about AGONY ON Hefner reminds me of the long-
28, 2017 at the age of 91. I present THE INSIDE:
here foundational Bible truths suffering love of God. He perhaps
wrapped around events in his life. Holly Madison, who spent seven kept lovingly extending the life of
years of her life as one of the Hugh Hefner in the hope that he
1. The Lesson about NUDITY ON many girlfriends of Hugh Hefner, would repent in the extended year.
THE OUTSIDE: confessed to People magazine In Luke 13:6-9 Jesus narrated a
Time magazine in a 1967 story this: “It was a constant struggle. I parable the lesson of which is quite
on Hugh Hefner mentioned that was trying to sell this image of ‘Oh direct: God gives us time on this
he made the semi-nude or nude everything is so great here,’ but I side of eternity so that we would
photograph “respectable”, “classy” was miserable inside.” The Bible make use of that time to repent,
and “cultured”. But for a believer explains how this “miserable inside” to turn to him and be fruitful in
in the Lord Jesus, watching nudity feeling which every person – not the work of building his Kingdom.
of a person, desirously, other than just Holly Madison – feels from Peter puts it this way: “Instead
that of a person’s spouse is sinful. time to time. It comes because he (the Lord) is patient with you,
At least 12 times I counted the of sin. Inner ‘’groans” and “sin” go not wanting anyone to perish, but
phrase, “You shall not uncover the together, the Bible teaches (Read everyone to come to repentance”
nakedness…” in Leviticus chapter 18 Lamentations 1:8 in the NASB). (2 Peter 3:9). Does this mean,
in the English Standard Version of The only person who can lift us every unbeliever will go on living
the Bible. God wanted nudity only and enable us to overcome this till he is 91 like Hefner? No. The
in the context of Holy Matrimony! “miserable inside” feeling is the fact remains our Lord gives enough
On the Day of Judgment, Jesus OnlyGod-in-flesh Jesus. He never opportunities for every unbeliever
would reward those who clothed sinned and so never felt this way. and stubborn believers to repent
others (Matt. 25:36,43). You can That made him qualify to be the before it becomes too late. When it
imagine what He would do with only sin-substitute who could save is too late? After death, repentance
those who take off their clothes all of us who have this agony on become too late as there is only
for profit before the camera and the inside. There will be “agony on judgement to expect after death
others who enjoy this act, calling it the inside” for every life that is lived (Hebrews 9:27). So, let us come
“entertainment”. Because Oholibah without a living, daily relationship back to the Lord NOW, in case we
“flaunted her nakedness” God with the One who said, “I have have gone away from him.
“turned in disgust from her” (Ezek. come that you might have life – life Let us never forget these lessons
23:18, ESV). The world may go to the full” (John 10:10). which have been put in the format
“wow” at the sight of a picture or 3. The Lesson about DELAY FROM that Jesus used in Luke 13:1-5 (a
a video of a topless person. But ABOVE: message of repentance wrapped
God says, “Woe!” When we expose around a contemporary event).
ourselves to naked images without Hugh Hefner lived to the ripe old
restraint, we are opening the door age of 91. This was in stark contrast
The Days Of Your Youth / 16
Paul wrote to the Corinthian church that they should

“learn” from his example and “not go beyond what is
written” (I Cor. 4:6). John warns that we must not “add”
words to the Word of God and it is very dangerous to
do so (Rev. 22:18). We must not “add” to God’s Words,
lest He proves us to be liars (Prov. 30:6). There is
nothing -- including types of miracles, I would say – that
needs to be added to our faith which was “once for all
given” to us, writes Jude (Jude 3).
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj I agree with the respected Indian Bible Teacher
R. Stanley who wrote, “If each group accepts and
advocates an extra-Biblical phenomenon as a ‘new

Miracle Money, thing from the God’, where is the standard for our faith
and practice? Are we not shaking the foundations?”

Gold Teeth,
We must ask ourselves like as Apostle Paul did, “What
does the Scripture say?” (Rom. 4:3) when it comes to
any matter of confusion. And only follow the leading of

Scripture. Like the Berean believers, we must check on
every teaching we hear and every ministry practice we
see, including those that concern healings/miracles to

Instant Weight
see if they are in harmony with the written
Word of God (Acts 17:11) even if the
visiting preacher to our church/town

was a certain “Apostle Paul”!
Since there is no record of
these kinds of miracles
(“miracle” money/gold teeth
appearance/instant weight
loss/appearance of

What Would Gem-Stones, etc) in

the Bible, we should
not be carried away

The Bible Say? by them.

Some present-day “miracle” workers point to the JESUS THAT
promise of Jesus that His followers would do “greater WAY
works” than Him (in John 14:12) with miracles that Respected
are explicitly not recorded in the Bible like “miracle” Bible
money’s presence in bank accounts, sudden gold teeth Scholar,
appearance, instant weight loss and height increase, Robert E.
etc are, in fact, the “greater works” that Jesus spoke of. Coleman,
This is pure rubbish. Here is why: writes on
When there was a controversy in the early church meaning
about preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles, what of doing
did the EARLY CHURCH do? They went back to the greater
written Word of God to decide the course of action. works
For them, the written Word of God was the final court than
of appeal. Apostle James said, “And with this the words Jesus
of the prophets agree, just as it is written.....” (Acts was:
15:15). He goes on to quote a passage from the book
of Amos that talks about how even “Gentiles” will be
called by Yahweh’s name (Acts 15:16,17, a citation
from Amos 9:11,12). This was James’ implication:
The Bible says we can preach to the Gentiles
and so we can do it! Notice that he spoke
these words after others “finished” speaking
(Acts 15:13). Man’s opinion can be taken,
if it aligns itself with God’s Word.
Otherwise, it should be thrown aside.
The Days Of Your Youth / 17
“Beginning when Peter preached the Gospel to a crowd (Acts 20:27) and the “Word of His Grace” (Acts 20:32).
at Jerusalem, about three thousand were converted. If any new teaching or “miracle” practice came to the
That is more than Jesus could count as believers in Ephesian church that did not line up with the above
three years of active ministry which makes a greater two, the teachers were to be considered “ravenous
number of converts compared to what Jesus did during wolves” and out-rightly rejected. This was Paul’s
His active ministry on earth. After that the outreach message.
accelerated daily, until within a generation, the Gospel In the same farewell address Paul writes that he worked
penetrated large segments of the civilized world, and “hard” with the hands that God gave him to supply the
the work was going forward unabated when the book needs of himself and his ministry companions (Acts
of Acts closed (Acts 28:31).” Therefore preaching the 20:34). It would have been easier for Paul to organize
Gospel far and wide (something that Jesus did not do) “miracle money” appearances to raise funds! But he did
is doing greater works than Him. To say that it means not do that. Let’s follow the lead of the Apostle who
working miracles like “miracle” money, gold teeth, wrote, “follow me as I follow Christ” (I Cor. 11:1). Let us
instant weight loss, appearance of precious stones, etc., hold on to “the teaching of the apostles” (Acts 2:42). Let
is a rape of the context. If the Apostles had understood us hold on to the “trust-worthy message as it has been
it that way, then we would have seen the Apostles (in taught” (Titus 1:9) by the Apostles.
the book of Acts) working miracles that Jesus never
worked. But that does not happen. Instead even the 3. EVEN THE DEVIL CAN WORK MIRACLES!
Apostles never replicated some outstanding miracles of Pharoah’s magicians, obviously with the help of evil
Jesus like walking on water, feeding a large crowd with spirits, performed miracles (Ex. 7:11-13). Like the
little food, or paying tax with money that seems to have Yahweh-sent Aaron, they could turn rods into serpents.
miraculously appeared in a fish’s mouth, etc. There were But the serpents that came out of Aaron’s rods
times when the Apostles “sold their lands and houses swallowed up the serpents from the rods of Pharoah’s
and brought the proceeds of what was sold” for the magicians. The lesson from this narrative cannot
work of the church when there was a financial need be missed: Even the Devil can perform counterfeit
among them (Acts 4:34). “Jesus materialized money in miracles, but our God is more powerful than the Devil.
the mouth of the fish; so let’s do that in our context!” Yes, our God is all powerful
ACTS DID THAT, DID YOU NOTICE?! Instead they sold In the book of Acts, we read about a girl who through
their property to raise funds!! The Apostles understood the evil spirit could predict the future (Acts 16:16). In
Jesus’ “greater works than me” comment differently: the book of Revelation we read about “demonic spirits
Jesus never once even left Israel as an adult to preach performing signs” who give life to a dead idol (Rev.
about the Kingdom of God; And the Apostles scattered 16:14-15). Paul warns that the Devil can dupe folks
to different parts of the world to do it! This way they by showing up as an “angel of light” (2 Cor.11:14). A
performed greater works than Jesus did! Bible Teacher whom I love, Warren Wiersbe, quotes
from Revelation 11:7 and Revelation 17:8, to say that
Apostle Paul in his farewell message to the elders the Anti-Christ, whom the book of Revelation calls
“Beast” would even rise from the dead! So, let’s not be
“Therefore preaching the Gospel carried away by miracles that any self-claimed prophet
far and wide (something that Jesus of God does. Even if he does miracles mentioned
did not do) is doing greater works
than Him” writes Robert Coleman. in the Bible, Jesus said he must be evaluated by his
“fruit” – a character that is in line with the written
Word and content that lines up with the written Word
(Math. 7:15-16). Doing “mighty works” in His own
at the Ephesus church warned about “savage name does not even guarantee anyone a place in
wolves” who would raise up among them, heaven, Jesus remarked (Matt. 7:22,23).
“distorting the truth” and “drawing away The validation for anyone’s life and
disciples” from the Lord (Acts 20:29- ministry should be
30). So what was the anti-dote for such checked to see if
a situation? The believers and leaders they have the
of Ephesus had to compare all teaching foundation
that were to come to that church in which
Paul’s absence with the “whole will
of God” that Paul already
had preached to them

The Days Of Your Youth / 18

Jesus talked about: “hearing His own daughter was declared dead
words and doing them” without in her mom’s womb by a doctor’s
floundering (Matt. 7:26,27). scan report. But Jesus raised her up,
4. THERE ARE TIMES WHEN GOD after prayer. Today, she is a healthy
CHOOSES NOT TO HEAL OR DO A 10-year old girl. There are other
MIRACLE miracle stories and testimonies
from our ministry that I could
While God miraculously allowed instantly share. But if I am honest
Peter to escape from Prison, he with you, there have been many
allowed James to suffer a violent times when healings/miracles have
death (Acts 12:2, 6-11). Luke NOT happened after I prayed. I am
records both these stories in the not ashamed to say this. I know
same Bible chapter as if to say, this is true of everyone in the
“Pray for miracles. Sometimes, ministry. Only Jesus who ALWAYS
God choses to give them to us. knows God’s Will in any matter
Sometimes he does not! Learn ABSOLUTELY has not experienced a
to salute His Sovereignty!” While “healing/miracle” failure. But sadly,
some women received their dead there are those among us who
through a prayer of faith others lost want to highlight only the “healing/
them with the same kind of prayer miracle success” and pretend as
of faith (See Hebrews 11:35-39). if there aren’t any healing/miracle
The writer of the Hebrews says, failures. This is deception. This
“They were ALL commended for is trickery. At such times when
their faith” (Heb. 11:39). Yes, both healing/miracles do not happen, I
who received a miracle escape and learn to salute the sovereignty of
those who did not, but had to die as God and wait for full “redemption
martyrs... BOTH were commended of our bodies” which will only take
for their faith! When Paul made a place on the other side of eternity
prayer for the removal of a thorn as Paul teaches us in Romans 8:23.
in his life (was it a disease?), God I keep moving on without being
clearly told him, “My grace is discouraged because I know that
sufficient for you….” (2 Cor. 12:8- only in heaven, on that Grand Final
9). In other words God told Paul Day, will all “pain” be completely
here: “The thorn will still be there removed as the Scriptures teach me
in your life. But My Grace will be in Revelation 21:4. If Jesus planned
more than enough for you to handle to do miracles in response to each
the pain….” It could be said that one of our prayers, immediately,
because of such experiences, Paul always, then and there, why would
did not think it was “unscriptural” or Jesus himself teach in Luke 18:1
“unspiritual” to leave Trophimus, a this truth “that men always ought
valued ministry team member of his, to pray and not lose heart?” (Luke
“sick at Miletus” (2 Tim. 4:20). 18:1, NKJV).
house or greet him as you would a
This is not to say that we should In conclusion, I would like to say true brother” (2 John 10, The Voice).
not expect miracles when we that I am not for a ‘miracle’ ministry Therefore, based on that above
pray for our needs. We certainly that does not have a biblical warrant teaching, any brazenly-unbiblical
should. I can tell you about many or an apostolic stamp. John writes, ministry should not be supported or
miracles I have received and folks “If any person comes to you with a encouraged by biblical believers and
I have had the privilege of praying teaching that does not align with church leaders. Are we listening?
for, have received, after a simple the true message of Jesus, do not
prayer of faith in Jesus’ name. My welcome that person into your

The “Fear Not”s of Christmas (Luke 1:26-35,

Lungi.When you say that word, it could Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:8-16) - we have heard
mean a South Indian home wear or 1st name about them! If the Christmas story were to
of South Africa’s new fast bowler! Context happen today, I would like to think we would
determines meaning. Read the Bible in have this “Fear Not”: “Fear Not! You will not
context. For eg. 2 Cor. 5:21 cannot support miss ANY THING SIGNIFICANT in life if you
HyperGrace after u read next vs, 2 Cor.6:1 do not check you WhatsApp and Facebook
‘Don’t receive grace in vain.’ once-in-each-half-hour! Kick the FOMO -
Duke Jeyaraj via Twitter. Fear of missing out!”
Duke Jeyaraj via Twitter.
The Days Of Your Youth / 19
The Hostel Dweller
Evangelin Duke

Turned Google
Generation Missionary
Evangelin Duke shares her life-story in brief

I entered the mind of God the there free. I took up that invitation.
father in eternity past. Then one After I finished my Class Twelve, I
fine day, God sent me into my wanted to do medicine. I wanted
mother’s womb. I was born into to study in the famed Christian
a missionary family. My parents Medical College and Hospital.
were missionaries with Blessing But, alas, I did not get admission
Youth Mission, an Indian Missionary there! I was disappointed. I ended
organization. Since they served in up doing a Bachelor’s degree in
the interior parts in one of India’s Zoology in a little-known college
most backward States, Odisha, I in Odisha. After that degree, I
grew up most of my life in Boarding came to Chennai to do a post
School. I went to Santhosha graduate diploma in Hospital
Vidhyalaya, a Boarding School for Administration. During that
missionary kids in Dohnavur, in the time, I stayed in Women’s
Indian state of Tamil Nadu. During Christian Hostel in Vepery,
those days, my grandmother, who Chennai. That’s where
was a Government School Teacher some of the most hip girls
near Vellore, would come once a of Chennai stayed. This
month to see me. In fact, I stayed in was significant because,
hostel for over two decades of my the Lord would use the
life! ministry experience I
When I was in Boarding School, would have there, as
there were special meetings held a foundation for
for students. During one of those my future ministry
meetings, when I was class 10, I among the Google
not only accepted the Lord but also Generation!
committed for fulltime ministry. I led a prayer cell in
One of the things I liked to do, post my hostel. I invited
this experience was to memorize girls to go with me
large chunks of Scripture. During to the local church.
one of the School holidays, I went I was soon
to be with my parents who were employed as Public
in Odisha. My dad took me to Relations Assistant
Sunabeda Public School, a Christian in Madras Medical
School nearby. I recited the entire Mission. I worked
book of Philippians in that school. hard. I worked
The owner of the School, invited me there for about 2
to be a student in that School with years.
a promise to make my education
The Days Of Your Youth / 20
About that time, I received a Genners. Within months, we in church revival meetings as well.
letter. It was from Duke Jeyaraj, a moved to Hyderabad. There we I would get calls from girls in the IT
missionary kid like me. He was a launched the Grabbing the Google World, from home-makers, asking
Bible College student in Bangalore. Generation from Gehenna Mission, if they could share their problem
He asked if I would marry him. I said the G4 Mission. My husband with me. I would hear them out. I
‘yes’! It helped that God showed worked in call-centers (last one he would give them a practical solution
Duke to me in a dream prior to worked for was part of the HSBC from the Bible. I would pray with
Duke writing me this letter! To tell Bank Group) to support our young such folks and share with Words as
the truth, I never tried to contact family (we had two small kids by the Holy Spirit places them in me.
Duke, post this dream nor did I tell then). And used the extra money, I was thrilled when I was invited
any common friend then about this from the 11,000 rupees salary he by the organisers to be a co-
dream I had! Frankly speaking, I got then, to publish a magazine for preacher with my husband when he
don’t think, I would have ever said the Google Generation called, “The preached in programs in Singapore
‘Yes’ to Duke, but for this dream Days Of Your Youth” – a magazine and Bangladesh. Flying into a city,
– he was certainly not the kind of that wrapped Bible Truth around preaching through the day and
guy I was wanting to wake up with, contemporary events. I helped with
the rest of my life! Having read this the editing of the magazine. As I
don’t ask God, “Lord, show me my stayed home and took care of kids, I spend a considerable part of my
life in a hostel where some of most
life partner through a dream!” It he would travel and preach in youth hip Google Generation girls were
simply does not work that way! meetings/youth camps during the in Chennai during my growing
When Duke was a youth pastor with weekends. At times, I too travelled up years. The Lord was preparing
with him along with the kids. Once, me for a ministry among Google
a church in Delhi, we got married. Generation down the line, there!
The year was 2001. I joined him in we travelled to a small town in
the ministry of shepherding youth – Maharashtra called Dapegaon with
the most modern youth I had ever our daughter just a few months
seen! old, for a youth camp. I also began taking the late-night flight back
receiving invitations from different home to join our kids who, at times,
Pretty soon, it became clear to churches to preach in Women’s would stay at home, alone – that’s
us that God wanted us to be Meetings. one thing we have done. Many-a-
evangelists to youth, rather than time, I have chosen to stay back
be pastors to them. So, we joined Then one day, I was moved by the
Holy Spirit to ask my husband to home and take care of our kids,
the organization where our parents even when the organisers wanted
worked, the Blessing Youth Mission, quit his job. My husband quit his
job on November 7, 2008, with the me to join my husband, depending
as missionaries. We both travelled on what the Holy Spirit would tell
to different places in India preaching British International Bank, HSBC, in
Hyderabad (by this time, his salary me to do on a case-by-case basis.
in youth meetings and youth camps.
My husband would coach me in had increased to Rs. 25,000/- a This journey has been wonderful,
preaching. I was an eager learner. month). Our daughter was not even though not without challenges.
one, at that time! We trusted God Despite these challenges, I am eager
I recall that we travelled from to meet our needs. Our needs were to fulfill my calling to bless the
Trivandrum to Siliguri to preach in met through the giving of folks in Google Generation, along with my
one youth camp – a journey that India/from India who had heard husband till my last breath, till the
took more than two full days! us preach. Now, we were able to return of Christ.
After serving God for three years in preach in more youth meetings (WhatsApp Evangelin Duke using
Blessing Youth Mission, I suggested together. The Lord blessed the this number, 888507588, if you
to my husband that we must start ministry. The altar calls we gave, need to).
our own ministry that focusses had tremendous responses! Not just
just on ministering to the Google that, I started to get invited to speak

Virat Kohli married Anushka Sharma taking could have had the World Record for the
a break from international cricket. His team maximum international runs in a year in his
mates, led by Rohit Sharma, would have pocket. Yet, he chose time with Anushka An Ultra
played 6 more international games before over a shot at a World Record! Short Bible
the year-end without him in the team (3 Lesson
This reminded me of the biblical order
ODIS and 3 T20S). Virat was just 51 runs which goes this way: God first, Family
from the
short of breaking Kumar Sangakkara’s world second, Ministry/Work third. We Timing
record of 2868 runs - maximum runs scored understand that from Bible verses such as Virat Kohli
in international cricket across formats this one: But if someone does not provide Chose
(Tests, ODIs and T20s) in a single calender for his own, especially his own family, he for His
year (Sanga did this in the year 2014). Kohli has denied the faith and is worse than an Wedding
finished with 2818 runs this year. Even unbeliever (I Tim. 5:8).
if Kohli had played one more game, he
The Days Of Your Youth / 21
Why We Must Give the
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Hellish Shack Movie

Theology a Whack
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj uses the acronym w-h-a-ck to give a biblical rebuttal of the
Trinitarian Gospel which he labels,“Twisted Trinitarian Gospel”and shows
how its connected to the equally-dangerous hyper-grace false teaching.

Here is a summary of the reasons to give the movie/book, The to join them in their transformation
movie/book The Shack from Shack, and the connected “Twisted” into sons and daughters of my Papa,, “To Trinitarian Gospel presented by into my brothers and sisters, into my
summarize, the shape of the novel William Paul Young, the author of Beloved.” This statement is in direct
is this: Mackenzie (Mack) Phillips’ The Shack, a whack: contradiction with the Biblical Jesus
youngest daughter, Missy, is W: The Shack Compromises the who claimed to be THE Way, THE
abducted and brutally murdered WAY: Truth, and THE Life (John 14:6).
during a family vacation. Following This quip of Jesus in The Shack, is
Missy’s death, Mack, who has In The Shack, Jesus declares, “I’m directly opposed to the Bible Truth
always had a somewhat tenuous not a Christian,” and then explains, found in Acts 4:12 – Salvation is
relationship with God, falls into “Those who love me come from found in no one else except in the
what he calls “the Deep Sadness.” every system that exists. They were name of Jesus. In The Shack, Jesus
One wintry day, Mack receives a Buddhists or Mormons, Baptists or tells Mack that he is “the best way
letter from God (in his mailbox) Muslims, Democrats, Republicans any human can relate to Papa (God

The Movie, The Shack, which

released in the U.S. earlier this
year, promotes several biblically-
wrong teachings including the
teaching that is certain to lead
several to hell: the teaching of
hopeful universalism!

and many who don’t vote or are

asking him to meet God in the shack not part of any Sunday morning the Father) or Sarayu (God the Holy
where Missy’s bloody dress—the or religious institutions. I have Spirit).” Please notice this: Jesus
only evidence of her murder—was followers who were murderers and is not the “only” way in The Shack,
recovered. The rest of the book is many who were self-righteous. but just the “best” way! What a
a conversation between Mack and Some are bankers and bookies, terrible heresy!!! This declaration of
the Trinity.” Americans and Iraqis, Jews and Jesus in The Shack stands against
I want to use the acronym w-h- Palestinians. I have no desire to Jesus’ repeated invitation to all and
a-c-k to outline five main Biblical make them Christian, but I do want sundry to “come” to him: “Come
to me, all you….” (Matt. 11:28);
The Days Of Your Youth / 22
William Paul Young, the author In a very subtle way, The Shack
whose book The Shack movie is demeans Jesus and makes the One
based, suggests that Christ is the who is THE truth, a liar! Here is
‘best’ way. But the Bible’s truth how: Papa (God the Father) asserts
is that Christ is the ‘only’ way: “regardless of what He (Jesus) felt
there is one God and one mediator at that moment, I never left him”
between God and men, the man when Jesus said, “My God, My
Christ Jesus, writes Apostle Paul
(I Tim. 2:5). God, Why have You forsaken me?”
hanging on the Cross. So, according
unbelievers he was preaching to in to The Shack, Jesus was a liar or
Acts 17:28, quoting from a secular emotionally unstable. A foundation
poet whose works they were for starting a cult is well and truly
familiar with. God gives certain laid, when Jesus’ very character is
graces to all folks, allover – that attacked and William Young does
was Paul’s point. In that sense, God that in The Shack!
is the “Savior of all men.” I agree James De Young, a former friend
with John Samson who writes this of William Young, the author of
“Anyone can come after me, but about this verse: “This grace should The Shack challenged the theology
that ‘anyone’ should be willing to actually amaze us because God is of this movie with a book titled,
bear the Cross….” (Matt. 16:24, my under no obligation whatsoever Burning Down The Shack: How the
translation); “Let the little children to give it (his common grace) to ‘Christian’ Bestseller is Deceiving
come to me….” (Matt. 19:14); It is anyone. It can never be demanded. Millions. De Young brilliantly
one thing to say that Jesus “seeks” God sustains the lives of His sworn explains how subtly the theology of
us, but totally another thing to say enemies, often for many decades! The Shack attacks the uniqueness
that Jesus wants to “join us” as The However, as wonderful as it is, it of Jesus by magnifying one select
Shack bizarrely proclaims. Jesus is only a temporal grace because character of the God the Father, this
came to “seek” Zacchaeus-like all unregenerate people eventually way: “There is a de-emphasis on the
sinners, the Gospel proclaims (Luke die and will face the judgment person of Jesus Christ (by William
19:5). But only after he expressed (Heb. 9:27).” So the essence of I Young, the author of The Shack)
an attitude of repentance (Read Timothy 4:10 is this: God gives because he is very exclusive – he’s
Luke 19:8), did Jesus announce common grace to both believers the only way to God. They don’t
“salvation” in his house (Luke 19:9). and unbelievers. But the reception like those statements, so there’s an
Jesus calls us to take a U-turn from of common grace does not mean overemphasis on the fatherhood of
sin and turn towards him. Biblically automatic hell punishment. In the God and a lack of teaching about
this process is called “repent.” In same sermon where he talked about Jesus Christ, and yet when you
Luke 13:1-5, Jesus said this twice, common grace for all in Acts 17 (in look at the New Testament and the
“Unless you repent you too will verse 28), Apostle Paul talks about prophecies of the Old Testament,
perish!” “Perish”/ “die” is the biblical judgment for those who refuse to Jesus Christ is preeminent and
word that ultimately means eternal repent and turn to Christ (in verse he’s the one to whom we go
hell punishment (2 Thess 2:9,10; 30-31). In the same book which for everything: to understand
Rev. 21:7-8). William Paul Young quotes from to truth, how to find comfort and
‘prove’ that Christ is the ‘best’ way, encouragement in our daily lives,
William Paul Young in his 2017 the Bible truth that Christ is the and so forth.” What James De Young
book, Lies We Believe About God, ‘only’ way comes out: there is one wrote about The Shack theology is
quotes a verse that perhaps makes God and one mediator between also true about the “leading-people-
him believe that Jesus was the God and men, the man Christ to-hell” hyper-grace cult false
“best” way and not the only way. Jesus (I Tim. 2:5). There is also the teaching as well.
Here is that verse: “…the living God, teaching that warns about a coming
who is the Savior of all men, and W-H….:The Shack Compromises
judgment: “the sins of some men HOLINESS:
especially of those who believe” are obvious, reaching the place
(I Tim. 4:10, NIV). This verse does of judgment ahead of them; the
not teach that God ultimately Papa (Who is God the Father in
sins of others trail behind them” (I The Shack) tells Mack (the main
saves from hell all people and that Tim. 5:24). In the same book is the
Jesus is the best way to be saved. character of The Shack), “I don’t
teaching that only the repentant, need to punish people for sin. Sin is
Absolutely not! This verse is talking truly humble rich people will make
about “common grace” that God its own punishment, devouring from
it to heaven (I Tim. 6:17-20). When the inside. It’s not my purpose to
extends to all people, even if they this is the case, there is no basis
are not believers. Matthew 5:45 punish it; it’s my joy to cure it.” The
to conclude that all folks will be message of The Shack is obvious:
talks about this – God causes his ultimately be saved and that Jesus,
sun to rise on the evil and the good, “Don’t worry about sin. There is no
at best, is only the best way, and not punishment for it!” The Shack, thus,
and sends rain on the righteous and the only way, as William Paul Young
the unrighteous. “In him (God), we serves as an inspiration for unholy
wrongly teaches. living. The Bible, however, calls each
live and move and have our being”
– Paul mentions this truth to the one of us for holy living, at times,
pointing to the “coming wrath” of
The Days Of Your Youth / 23
this familiar verse: “For God knew the Cross (2 Thess. 1:8-9). Post the
his people in advance, and he chose Cross, our God continues to be a
them to become like his Son, so “consuming fire” (Heb. 12:29) as he
that his Son would be the firstborn continues to be a “compassionate
among many brothers and sisters” father”!
(Rom. 8:29, NLT). If believers were W-H-A… :The Shack Compromises
not supposed to copy Jesus, Apostle the A-TONEMENT:
Paul would have known. Hear him
please on this subject, directly. In The Shack, Mack discovers, “scars
He says, “Follow my example, as I in [Papa/God the Father’s] wrists,
follow the example of Christ.” You like those he now assumed Jesus
have to make up your mind, dear also had on his.” Papa (God the
reader: to follow the heretic called Father) says in The Shack, “When
William Paul Young of The Shack we three spoke our self into human
fame or Apostle Paul of the Bible existence as the Son of God, we
who taught that we must follow his became fully human. We also chose
example as he followed Christ’s! to embrace all the limitations that
Not just Apostle Paul. Hear the this entailed. Even though we
words of Apostle Peter as well on have always been present in this
this subject: ‘Christ also suffered created universe, we now became
Papa (Who is God the Father in
The Shack/represented by the for you, leaving you an example, so flesh and blood.” No where does
woman pictured above!) tells that you might follow in his steps’ (I the Bible speak of scars in hands of
Mack (the main character of The Pet. 2:21, ESV). Apostle John, wrote the Father God. God is spirit (John
Shack), “I don’t need to punish in similar vein, this: ‘whoever says 4:24). A spirit does not have a body
people for sin. Sin is its own he abides in him (Christ) ought to or body parts like the mouth with
punishment, devouring from the walk in the same way in which he
inside. It’s not my purpose to which it can eat as Jesus himself
punish it; it’s my joy to cure it.” A walked’ (I John 2:6, ESV). Don’t miss confirmed (Luke 24:39). Only Jesus
teaching that is so wrong, that it the word ‘ought’ in Apostle John’s (the Word) became “flesh” (John
will take people to hell! statement, I just quoted. Walking as 1:1; John 1:14). Because Jesus had a
Jesus walked is not an option for a body, he could shed His blood for us
God. Colossians 3:5-9 was written believer – it is an obligation! on the Cross. Both God the Father
for believers. There apostle Paul W-H… : The Shack Compromises and the Holy Spirit did not chose
warns believers about “wrath of yet another “H” – the doctrine of to incarnate (that is take up a body)
God that is coming” if they do not Hell. and therefore cannot have scars.
turn away from sins they were so At least eight times, the Bible talks
used to doing in their former life. The Shack refers to the “fallacy of about “the blood of Jesus/Christ”
Read that passage yourself and you belief in God sentencing anyone to (Rom. 3:25; I Cor. 10:16; Eph. 2:13;
will get it: ‘Put to death, therefore, hell.” The author’s viewpoint is this: Heb. 9:11; Heb. 9:14; I Pet. 1:2; I
whatever belongs to your earthly God does not punish anyone. But Pet. 1:19; Rev. 1:5). But the Bible
nature: sexual immorality, impurity, this is directly contrary to Scripture. never speaks about “blood” of God
lust, evil desires and greed, which God told Moses, “in the day when the Father or the Holy Spirit!
is idolatry. Because of these, the I punish, I will punish them (the W-H-A-C… :The Shack
wrath of God is coming. You used to people of Israel) for their sin” (Ex. Compromises biblical truth on
walk in these ways, in the life you 32:34 NASB). Yahweh does not C-REATION-CREATOR Divide:
once lived. But now you must also beat about the bush in Leviticus
rid yourselves of all such things as 26:18: “If also after these things you In The Shack, Jesus says thus to
these: anger, rage, malice, slander, do not obey Me, then I will punish Mack: “Papa (God, the Father in
and filthy language from your lips. you seven times more for your The Shack) is as much submitted
Do not lie to each other, since you sins.” Is there no more punishment to me as I am to him, or Sarayu
have taken off your old self with its for sin post the Cross? Absolutely (Holy Spirit portrayed as a lady in
practices.’ not! The author of Hebrews writes, The Shack) to me, or Papa to her.
“How much severer punishment Submission is not about authority
There is another clear way The do you think he will deserve who and it is not obedience; it is all
Shack implies unholy living is okay. has trampled under foot the Son of about relationships of love and
Jesus, in the movie The Shack says, God, and has regarded as unclean respect. In fact, we are submitted
“my life was not meant to be an the blood of the covenant by to you in the same way.” Read that
example to copy; being my follower which he was sanctified, and has again! The Shack teaches that the
is not trying to be like Jesus; it insulted the Spirit of grace?” (Heb. Trinity is submitted to us humans,
means for your Independence to 10:29). Disobedience to the Gospel created beings!!! But if you read the
be killed.” The basic message of this message (which is “repent from sin Bible, the Creator-Creation divide is
movie/book is this: “As a believer and trust in Jesus, the only Sin- crystal clear! For starters, the Bible
you need not copy the holy Jesus!” Savior”) will result in “everlasting makes it clear that while God is holy,
This is absolute rubbish! The punishment” – these are Apostle each human is a sinner!!! Apostle
ultimate purpose that God has for Paul’s Spirit-inspired words post Paul writes in Romans 3:4, “Let God
any believer is best expressed by
The Days Of Your Youth / 24
be true and every man a liar!” Good News? What is the Gospel? because he has been born of God” (I
The Bible teaches that a day is The Good News is not that Jesus John 3:9). When a believer does sin,
coming, when unbelievers will be has opened up the possibility of he needs to repent from that sin,
separated from the God-head and salvation and you have been invited confess it and get back to Christ as
cast into hell. Read Matt. 13:30 – to receive Jesus into your life. The this book teaches (I John 1:8-10).
“Allow both (wheat and tares) to Gospel is that Jesus has already William Paul Young quotes John
grow together until the harvest; and included you into His life, into His 12:32 to teach that all will be
in the time of the harvest I will say relationship with God the Father, eventually saved and that none will
to the reapers, “First gather up the and into His anointing in the Holy go to hell in his 2017 book, Lies We
tares and bind them in bundles to Spirit (My note: Notice here, the Believe About God. Let us revisit
burn them up; but gather the wheat reference to the Trinity, hence the John 12:32 again. Jesus says here,
into my barn.” Notice here that all name Trinitarian Gospel, but I would “But I, when I am lifted up from the
tares do not become wheat at the call it Twisted Trinitarian Gospel). earth, will draw all men to myself.”
end of time – Jesus himself said. If The Good News is that Jesus did Young points that “draw” in the
all people in the World would be this without your vote, and whether original Greek means “to drag.” So
saved and merged into a fellowship you believe it or not won’t make he basically says, “even if you don’t
with the Trinity, this would have it any less or more true….Are you chose to believe in Jesus, you will
happened. But it does not happen. suggesting that everyone is saved? be saved.” This is not true. If Jesus’
Jesus himself pointed this out, as we That you believe in universal meant to say what Young implies,
just saw! So, the truth is, some will salvation? That is exactly what I am why would he say just fourteen
be saved, and others will be lost. saying!” verses later, “I have come into the
But William P. Young, as it is made This is where The Shack theology world as a light, so that no one
clear by his 2017 book, Lies We of William Paul Young gives a who BELIEVES IN ME should stay
Believe About God, believes that all handshake, a hug, to the hyper- in darkness” (John 12:46). The
people in the World will be saved!!! grace theology put out by the likes corollary is true: if there are folks
In fact in The Shack, Papa (God the of heretic Pastor Joseph Prince who refuse to believe in Jesus, they
Father) says, “The Whole World” would go to the place of “outer
(not just “those who believe”) will be darkness” – hell (Matt. 22:13).
ultimately saved. All tares do not become wheat at John 12:32 never meant to teach
the end of time – Jesus himself
Just like all cults start off with a said (in the parable of Wheat and that all would be saved. Similarly
wrong idea about the Doctrine of Tares in Matt. 25). when the Scripture says, “at the
God (think of Jehovah Witnesses name of Jesus every knee should
who say that Jesus is not God), bow” in Philippians 2:10, it does
William Paul Young, through his of Singapore! The only difference not mean all people will be saved
writings, has fuelled the rise yet is this: The hyper-grace blokes automatically in the end. Read four
another cult! Beware!! teach believers need not confess verses below – in Philippians 2:15,
their sins to be forgiven; The Shack Apostle Paul talks about being
W-H-A-C-K: The Shack teaching (called Trinitarian Gospel “blameless and pure children of
compromises on THE now) is that both believers and God without fault in a crooked and
K-ONFESSION TEACHING IN THE un-believers need not confess depraved generation (meaning, hell-
BIBLE. their sins to be forgiven!!! But heading generation).”
this goes against the teaching of In the same way, we could take each
“Forgiveness does not establish the Bible that God commands all
relationship. In Jesus, I have Scripture this cultic group spear-
people everywhere to “repent” headed by the likes of William Paul
forgiven all humans for their sins (Acts 17:30-31). A realization of
against me, but only some choose Young quotes and do a rebuttal. But
sin precedes repentance from sin. there is no space for the same in
relationship.” This is one of the most And repentance from sin will result
anti-Scriptural statements you will this article.
in confession of sin. This is the
read/hear in The Shack, mouthed teaching of I John 1:8-10. God’s The acronym W-H-A-C-K presented
by the so-called God, the Father. In kindness should lead to repentance, above will help us to whack the
the movie, The Shack, the Lady-killer Paul wrote (Rom. 2:4). And when theology that William Paul Young
(a serial killer who killed women) we don’t repent, the wrath of God and The Shack fans try to embrace
who apparently raped and killed the is stored up against us, Paul warned and popularize. The Trinitarian
little daughter of Mack, is forgiven (Rom. 2:5). Paul also wrote, “Let Gospel Young popularizes, should
by the Trinity, even if he did not everyone who names the name of be called, “Twisted Trinitarian
ask for forgiveness. Mack’s father, the Lord depart from iniquity..”(2 Gospel” (TTG), for it twists certain
a stubborn, unrepentant alcoholic Tim. 2:19). No one can truthfully elements of the Trinity to teach that
who never asked for his sins to be say, “I believe in Jesus,” and not all are saved even though they don’t
forgiven, is shown in The Shack, as turn decisively from sin – that is know it now.
being in heaven. Mack is already Paul’s point here. Will a believer
forgiven, even before he asks for it Remember, that Apostle Peter
be perfect? No. John writes, “No warned us about false teachers
in The Shack. William Paul Young, one born of God makes a practice
in his 2017 book, Lies We Believe who will “twist” Scriptures to the
of sinning, for God’s seed abides in destruction of themselves and their
About God, writes, “So what is the him; and he cannot keep on sinning, followers (2 Peter 3:16).
The Days Of Your Youth / 25
Practical Bible Lessons
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Starting with the George Bush

Sr.’s Groping Sex Scandal
He was 93 years old when this particular incident harassment they had faced turned into a torrent.
happened. Read that again – 93! What happened? That’s when Jordana finally spoke up. Chicago Tribune
Jordana Grolnick, a young New York theatre artist, reported, “The former president’s officer said he
had just finished doing her role in a play in a theatre routinely tells the same joke ‘and on occasion he has
in Maine, in the North Eastern part of United States. patted women’s rears in what he intended to be a good-
Among the audience was a US Former President. Yes, natured manner.’ The statement says he apologizes
George Bush Senior was there with his wife. He came ‘to anyone he has offended.’” (In its October 26, 2017
to watch the play in a wheelchair. After the intermission post).
of the play, the President wanted to meet the drama
cast. He was ushered back-stage. That’s when Jordana This incident brought to my mind some crucial Bible
and the other members of the cast stood around his lessons.
wheel-chair so that a photo could be taken. When First, the lesson about GROPING. When we read
this was happening, the President spoke up. “Do you passages like Ezekiel 23, we understand that touching
women in places they should not be touched, is a sin
against God. I have dealt with this matter in my article,
“How Far Is Too Far?” and so won’t go into it again.
Please email me at for this
article, should you desire to read it.
Sexual Temptation is no respecter of a person’s age.
Ask George Bush Senior, well over ninety, now!

Second, the lesson about GOSPEL-SHARING. Instead

of taking the slightest opportunity to discreetly touch
the person of the opposite sex the sinful way (like Bush
Senior unfortunately did in this case), we must grab the
opportunity to share the Gospel.
Let me illustrate this with an example. At the age of
know who my favorite magician is? It is David Cop-a- 23, in the year 1998, I was invited by a Sri Lankan
feel”, he said. As he spoke he inappropriately touched Tamil pastor to preach to youth in the German town
Jordana’s backside as she stood next to him with his of Botrop. I preached eight messages that God used
hands as everyone’s eyes were focused on the camera. to bless teens (all second generation Sri Lankan Tamils
As the photo light flashed, the president fondled who spoke German) during that youth camp. Blessing
Jordana’s backside. “He dug into my flesh” were her Youth Mission’s music missionary, uncle R. Elisha also
exact words, when she spoke about that incident. The joined me in the pulpit ministry, those memorable
young actress did not escalate the matter though she days, with great effectiveness. After the meetings
did not appreciate what happened and was clearly got over, the pastor who invited us took us for sight-
uncomfortable with what had happened. But when the seeing. We stopped to see Amsterdam. We drove past
Harvey Weinstein alleged sexual harassment stories Belgium. Finally we were in France. We were in Paris.
broke-out in 2017, the trickle of women across the You don’t go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower,
globe who openly talked about horrific cases of sexual do you? So, we drove to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
The Days Of Your Youth / 26
That’s when I spotted a young Sri Lankan Tamil couple minister of the Gospel apparently asked him a question.
who were there to see the same engineering marvel. He asked, “Rev. du Plessis, how old should I get before
A picture clicking time invariably followed. We also I stop experiencing sexual temptation?” The senior man
took pictures with this couple! When we were about of God replied, “When I get that old, I will let you know,
to leave, knowing that it may well be the last-ever time son!” As you smile, don’t miss this point: it is not wrong
I may ever get to meet them on this side of eternity, to feel sexual
I spoke up. I told them this: “I came from India all the temptation; even
way to Germany to tell the youth in Germany that Jesus Jesus was ‘tempted
Christ, the only God-in-flesh, can transform lives and at all points!’;
give it meaning, purpose and joy. Jesus has graciously what is sinful is
transformed my life and has given me joy that stays this: yielding to
amidst the storm. The same Jesus, who died on the sexual temptation
Cross for all of our sins and rose again, can give you or any temptation
both that same joy if you start relating with him, right (Heb. 4:15); sexual
away!” I am not sure if I said those exact words, but I temptation can
did say something like that! They were stunned to hear come to people of
my words. But they smiled, nodded their heads before all ages; Daddy-
they walked away. I haven’t got the chance to meet to-grown-up-
them again in the last 19 years as I write these words daughter, Lot,
in 2017. But I believe, on that day, 19 years ago, God faced sexual
graciously used me to sow the seed of the Gospel in temptation
their hearts. It takes about eight to nine occasions of (Genesis 19)!
Gospel-sowing for a person to come to Christ, I have
read some-where! So, when we meet people – even Also, we must When he was over eighty years
if it for a photo-op near a sight-seeing site – let’s not not forget that of age, David du Plessis, gave an
miss the opportunity to sow the Gospel. Apostle Paul even senior, older, unforgettable answer when asked
exhorted us to “make use of every opportunity as women can face about sexual temptation!
the days are evil” (Eph. 5:16), didn’t he? Yes, we must sexual temptation.
not “touch” those we meet that way, inappropriately. I read the review
But we can take the opportunity to “touch” them which The Hindu published on the 2017 movie, Lipstick
with the Gospel! And hear this: if we did touch them on my Burkha. The review talked about a 56-year-old
inappropriately in a meeting like that (say during a woman in this movie who indulges with phone-sex with
photo-op) giving into the lust of the flesh, we will a man not her husband. Yes, it is true! Sexual desire has
certainly not have the face to share the Gospel with no age bar or sex bar! So what should be done? If you
them, wont’ we? are a married man, do not forget your responsibility to
bring sexual pleasure to your wife in a loving-caring
Third, a lesson about GRANDPAS and GRANDMOMS. way, no matter what her age is. Also, when it comes
We would like to believe that they do not have ANY to drawing sexual purity boundaries, be careful that
sexual temptation. George Bush Senior just proved us you do not cross them even if the concerned is an old
wrong. Let me tell you a real story I have heard being woman! If you will not get into “locked room” set up
narrated in a many a sermon on sexual temptation. It with a young girl who is not your wife (rightly so, if you
is a story about David Johannes du Plessis (7 February followed Paul’s admonition in 2 Timothy 2:22 like Billy
1905 – 2 February 1987), a South African-born Graham did!), follow the same principle even if the girl is
Pentecostal minister. When he was about 80, a young older or really old!

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The Days Of Your Youth / 27

Is the “Hell to Heaven”
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

Teaching from Heaven?

Dr. Duke Jeyaraj examines this bizarre teaching put forth by a Chennai
Hyper-Grace cult pastor in biblical light

During a seminar in Hyderabad, H-IS TEACHING (JESUS’ not say, “You WERE in agony!” The
a Chennai based hyper-grace TEACHING) ON “HELL TO message of this passage is clear: the
pastor used a combination of HEAVEN” TEACHING: punishment for those who reject
Revelation 21:25 (a verse that says Christ is an on-going process in their
heaven’s doors will not be shut) I am referring to Jesus’ teaching after-life period – it will never end!
and Revelation 22:17 (a verse that here. From Jesus’ teaching, we And to quench and quell the hopes
says, ‘The Spirit and the bride say, know without a shadow of doubt the hell-dwelling Rich Man had
“Come!”’) to elucidate a point that that those in hell, cannot come to about crossing over from hell into
there is a real possibility for those heaven. Once a person goes to heaven, Abraham told him: “And
who have gone to hell (‘the lake hell, he cannot come to heaven. besides all this, between us and you
of fire’) to make it to heaven. Here Jesus’ understanding about this is there is a great chasm fixed, so that
are the two verses in question reflected in His narration of the those who wish to come over from
printed in full: Revelation 21:25 – conversation between the Rich HERE TO YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE,
“In the daytime (for these will be Man who went to Hades and a AND THAT NONE MAY CROSS
no night there) it gates will never beggar named Lazarus who went OVER FROM THERE TO US.”’ (Luke
be closed”(NASB); Revelation to Abraham’s side. Hades is just 16:26). This Jesus-narrated event
22:17 – ‘The Spirit and the bride one of the many phrases Jesus teaches us that once a person goes
say, “Come.” And let the one who used to refer Hell and Abraham’s to eternity without repenting and
hears say, “Come.” And let the one side for Heaven [I say this based on trusting in Jesus, he can never enter
who is thirsty come; let the one Revelation 20:14 which says, ‘Then heaven after his death. The same
who wishes take the water of life death and Hades were thrown into person cannot escape from hell and
without cost’(NASB). the lake of fire(another name for get into heaven. Jesus, at this point,
Hell)]. The Rich Man was in torment could have easily chosen to mention
The question here before us is – thanks to the flames in Hades that about any such opportunity. He
this: Can those in the lake of fire, behaved like any flame we know could have said, “The Holy Spirit in
when they positively respond to would, causing intolerable heat heaven, along with other believers
the “come” of the Spirit and the (Luke 16:23). He did not request for (‘Spirit and the Bride’) keeps on
Bride(which can be taken to mean a fire-engine be sent from heaven saying, ‘Come!’ Do you hear their
the church)(Rev. 22:17), move to extinguish the flames in hell. All voice, rich man? Repent from your
from hell to heaven? Is this ‘hell to that the rich man wanted was a few sin of loving money more than me!
heaven’ teaching (that is the phrase drops of water from the fingers of Confess your sin. Put your faith
I will use in the rest of this article for Lazarus who once ate what fell from in me. Then you too can come to
this teaching), straight from heaven? the rich man’s fingers when he was heaven, even though, at this point,
Is it from God? Is it Biblical? on earth (Compare Luke 16:21 and you are in hell!” No, Jesus did NOT
24). But this request was turned say that! Why? Jesus knew that NO
I want to use the acronym H-E-L-L down by Father Abraham. Abraham
to give an answer that is not only CHANCES or OPPORTUNITIES
makes a key observation in this would be given to anyone who dies
scriptural but also, hopefully is Jesus-narrated incident. Abraham
memorable: and goes into a Christ-less eternity
told the rich man in Hades, “You to come back to heaven/God’s very
ARE in agony!”(Luke 16:25). He did presence, afterwards!

The Days Of Your Youth / 28

This is not the only time when the ‘come’ invitation of The Spirit a place of punishment in the last
Jesus taught that hell punishment is and the Bride!” But He did not say judgement’. Gehenna was actually
forever and that there is no escape that. The “ing” in the phrase that a real place during Jesus time – a
from it. In Matthew 25:41 He used Jesus used for those who will dwell place outside the city of Jerusalem
the phrase “eternal fire” when He in hell – “weeping and gnashing of where the city’s waste was dumped
talked about hell punishment for teeth” – implies ongoing, eternal and set to fire, burning continuously
the Devil and his angels. Jesus also torment. In other words, those in in order to consume the waste.
taught that there is no escape from hell will forever regret for having Peter Kreeft writes, “Gehenna, the
this hell punishment as recorded in rejected Jesus when they had so word Jesus used for hell, was the
Mark’s Gospel also. In this Gospel many opportunities to believe valley outside Jerusalem that the
He taught us to be ruthless in our Him during their lifetime. And Jews used for perpetual burning
dealing with temptations to sin, if they will express their sadness of garbage because it had been
we want to avoid ending up in hell, through weeping and anger through desecrated by heathen tribes
“where fire never goes out” (Mark gnashing of teeth! This would be who used it for human sacrifice.”
9:43 NIV) and where “worms that non-stop! While Paul and the other apostles
eat (body parts like the eye) do not obeyed Jesus’ command, “teach
die” (Mark 9:47-48 NIV). In other Let’s move to the next Biblical them (those who become Jesus’
words, Jesus was teaching that argument to understand why disciples through their ministry) to
how this bizarre “hell-to-heaven” observe everything I taught you!”
teaching by this Chennai hyper- (Matt. 28:19), they were under no
In other words, Jesus was teaching grace cult pastor is false.
that there is NO WAY anyone compulsion to do so using Jesus’
could worm their way out of hell, E-PISTLES TEACHING ON “HELL language or vocabulary. Jesus
ever!!! used the ‘Gehenna’ imagery to talk
about hell, because he ministered
Not just Jesus, but the epistle- mainly to the Jews. And Jews could
there is NO WAY anyone could writers of the New Testament too immediately connect with the
worm their way out of hell, ever!!! ensure that the word “eternal” Gehenna imagery the way Chennai
Robert Peterson after noting that prefixes the description of the folks would have readily connected
Jesus used the word ‘Gehenna’ fearful fate of those who reject with the Kodungaiyur Dumpyard
three times in Mark 9:43-48 Jesus after their death. Apostle or Perungudi Dumpyard. A movie-
summarized this passage thus: “hell Paul writes that “those who do reviewer called, Ilyaghilli, recalls
is a place where fire goes on and not know God and do not obey a scene in the 2010 Tamil movie,
on. So it is worthwhile depriving the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Endhiran (released in several other
yourself of a hand, a foot or an eye Christ” (2 Thess. 1:8) will pay “the languages), starring Rajinikanth,
if by doing so you can go to heaven, penalty of eternal destruction, which featured a dumpyard in
because those are temporary away from the presence of the Chennai this way: “Scenes like
deprivations, whereas the torment Lord and from the glory of His dumping the dismantled robot in a
of hell is eternal.” power” (2 Thess 1:9, NASB). The corporation dustbin and showing
above-mentioned hyper-grace cult that it is taken to a dumpyard of
Jesus repeatedly used one phrase pastor in Chennai states, “Paul did normal garbage look totally bizarre
to describe life in hell. This phrase: not ever use the word, ‘Gehenna’ in today’s era of e-waste disposal
“a place of weeping and gnashing in all his 14 epistles. If Paul can campaigns and considering the
of teeth”. He uses that phrase a present the Gospel without using fact that a robotic scientist cannot
stunning four times in Matthew’s the word ‘Gehenna’ why can’t we dispose his years of work just like
Gospel itself. Check that out in also do that?” For those of you, that. Add to it that fact that the
Matt. 8:12; 22:13; 24:51; 25:30. If who do not know, ‘Gehenna’ is robot can reconstruct itself even at
Jesus believed in the ‘hell to heaven’ the Hebrew word Jesus used for such a crippled stage!”
teaching put forth by this Chennai hell. Chaim Milikowsky writes, ‘In
Hyper-Grace cult pastor, he would the New Testament the Gehenna Coming back from the Endhiran
have slightly modified this phrase. appears eleven times, seven times movie dumpyard to the dumpyard
He would have said, “Hell is a place in Matthew, twice in Mark, and our Master talked about –
weeping and gnashing of teeth till once each in Luke and James…it is Gehenna… James, the half-brother
you say, ‘I’m coming’ in response to of Jesus who ministered to Jews

The 2010 Tamil movie, Endhiran,

featured a scene in a dumpyard.
Jesus compared to hell as a
dumpyard just outside Jerusalem
called Gehenna!

The Days Of Your Youth / 29

primarily (‘the twelve tribes Moving onto the next Biblical sorcerers, idolaters, liars,’ will end
scattered among the nations” – argument against the crazy ‘Hell to in the ‘lake that burns with fire
James 1:1) used the very same word Heaven’ hell-taking wrong teaching and sulfur’ (Rev. 21:8 ESV). Based
(‘Gehenna’) when talking about hell put forth by this particular Chennai on Revelation 20:10 where John
in his epistle (see James 3:6). But hyper-grace cult pastor. We are writes that in the lake of fire that
Paul’s ministry was among Gentiles using the acronym H-E-L-L to will be ‘torment for day and night
primarily (Acts 9:15). Gentiles, that outline these points. H-is-teaching. forever’ we can confidently be
is, non-Jews, may not have grasped E-pistles teaching. sure that even in the lake of fire
the usage of the word ‘gehenna’ mentioned in Revelation 21:8 after
to depict hell, the same way, even L-ONG LOOK AT REVELATION ON folks have entered heaven, there
someone from Hyderabad may “HELL TO HEAVEN” TEACHING: will continuous torment in hell for
not grasp well the usage of the A long look at the Book of its inhabitants, after all there is only
imagery of Kodungaiyur/Perungudi Revelation will reveal that this ‘hell ONE lake of fire! There will not be
dumpyard to depict hell. So, Paul to Heaven’ teaching is wrong. If a way of escape from hell as this
was under no compulsion to use it can be convincingly shown that Chennai Hyper-Grace cult leader/
the word, “Gehenna” like Jesus in the view of John, the Apostle, pastor suggests at that point – after
did or James did! But did he teach who wrote the Book of Revelation, people have reached heaven!
about eternal conscious punishment that there was a route to escape
like Jesus did? Absolutely, as we So when there is a clear teaching
from hell, then this ‘hell to Heaven’ by the Spirit-inspired writer of
just saw in 2 Thessalonians 1:9! teaching can be accepted. But
Peter’s name for hell was ‘Tartarus’ the book of Revelation that hell
if one were to read the book of punishment is forever (as seen
(2 Peter 2:4). While the names Revelation in full-LENGTH (all the
which different Spirit-inspired Bible above), there is no way he would
22 chapters, and not just chapter have meant that there will be an
authors gave for hell was different 21 and chapter 22), he or she will
(one Bible Scholar notes that there ongoing opportunity for people
understand that it never entered to keep entering heaven all thro’
are twenty-six total references to John’s mind that there would be
hell in the Bible), the reality of it eternity when he wrote, “on no
any escape route out of hell or a day will its gates be shut, for there
and the gruesome gravity of the supposed invitation from heaven-
on-going suffering of those who go will be no night there” (Rev. 21:25
dwellers to hell-dwellers to migrate NIV). The key phrase in that verse
there, can never be in doubt! their location from hell to heaven. is the word “for” – “for there will
Not just Apostle Paul but the other Read Revelation 14:10-11. This be no night there”. The meaning
epistle writers also spoke about is the punishment for those who can be this: ‘only on earth, you lock
‘eternalness’ of hell-punishment worship the Anti-Christ and follow
thereby totally negating the wrong him: “the smoke of their torment
will rise forever and ever, and they ‘The overall, overwhelming
teaching on ‘hell to heaven’ this message of a Bible book cannot
Chennai Hyper-grace pastor was will have no relief day or night, for contradict the message of one
teaching then. The epistle-writer to they have worshipped the beast passage of that book!’ By teaching
Hebrews (it could have been Apollos (the Anti-Christ that is) and his the ‘hell to heaven’ doctrine from
statue and have accepted the mark Revelation 22:17, the Chennai
or Barnabas or Priscilla or someone Hyper-Grace Cult pastor, violates
we do not know) stitches the of his name!”(NLT). The smoke from
this principle!
word “eternal” with “judgement” in hell will forever keep rising as this
Hebrews 6:3. So, in his view, once a Scripture in Revelation teaches,
person is judged, he goes to a place because despite the fire constantly your doors at night; this is heaven
and STAYS in that place “eternally”! burning the bodies of the hell- – there is no night here, so there is
There can never be escapism from dwellers, their bodies don’t get no need to lock doors here; evil has
the place of his stay, which we burnt as they keep writhing away been once-for-all eliminated!’ Also
know is hell from other portions of in unspeakable discomfort! John read two verses below –Revelation
Scripture, to heaven! Not just the Walvoord writes, “The ultimate 21:27. It goes this way: “Nothing
Hebrews-writer, the epistle-writer convincing argument for eternal impure will ever enter it, not will
Jude also teaches that ‘his hell-to- punishment is found is Revelation anyone who does what is shameful
heaven’ teaching is wrong. He talks 20:11-15…. In this passage…the and deceitful, but only those who
about “eternal” punishment for the beast and the false prophet, cast names are written in the Lamb’s
stubborn-till-death, homosexuals of into the lake of fire at the beginning book of life.” This verse is talking
Sodom and Gomorrah in his letter of the millennium (Rev. 19:20), are about the qualification to get to
(verse 7). So the hell-dwellers from still there a thousand years later heaven. It is this: repentance from
Sodom won’t hear a ‘come’ from and are declared to join Satan in the sin while on earth (‘nothing impure
heaven! Sodom is doomed forever! torment which will continue “day will ever enter it, nor will anyone
So the hell-dwellers from Gomorrah and night forever and ever” (Rev. who does what is shameful and
won’t hear a ‘come’ from heaven 20:10). After describing that all pain deceitful’) and placing one’s faith in
which will make them go, “hip, hip, would forever end when people Jesus who died on the Cross when
hurray” in anticipation of switching reach heaven’s shores in Revelation still on earth (‘only those whose
their dwelling-place from hell to 21:3-4, Apostle John, writes that names are written in the Lamb’s
heaven! the ‘cowardly, the faithless, the book of life). I included the words,
murderers, the sexually immoral, ‘when still on earth’ for this reason –
The Days Of Your Youth / 30
the Scripture says there, ‘only those suggests. every reader of this book (‘the one
who names ARE WRITTEN in the who hears’ as John put it in Rev.
Lamb’s book of life,’ and not, ‘those Revelation 22:14-15 goes this 22:17) should also do. In fact the
who names WILL BE WRITTEN in way: “Blessed are those who wash phrase, “he who has an ear, let
the Lamb’s book of Life! their robes that they may have the him hear what the Spirit says to
right to the tree of life and may the church” is mentioned several
Does John the Revelation writer go through the gates into the city. times in the Book of Revelation as
mean that those in heaven – the Outside are the dogs, those who a phrase to label any believer from
Holy Spirit and church believers practice magic arts, the sexually any church who will chose to listen
(‘the Spirit and the Bride’ – will immoral, the murderers, the to the message of Revelation down
invite those in hell with the words, idolaters and everyone who loves through history up until his death or
“Come!” POST the Second Coming and practices falsehood”(NIV). Do Return of Jesus (see Rev. 2:7; 2:11;
of Jesus (Rev. 22:17)? No. Read this these set of verse imply that the 2:17; 2:29; 3:6; 3:13; 3:22). If that
verse above. Read Revelation 22:7. “Come” of verse 17, is for those in person has not yet come to Jesus,
That verse records Jesus’ statement, hell? No way! I like the way Eugene here and now, before the Second
“Look, I am coming soon!” (also Peterson translates these verses to Coming or before that person’s
repeated in Rev. 22:12) Notice the underline the finality of the fate of death, should come to the Living
tense here: I AM COMING SOON! those who go to the City (heaven) Water Jesus (see John 4:14) in
The portions below Revelation and those outside it (hell). He repentance and faith.
22:7 is talking about the time writes, “How blessed are those who
BEFORE the Second Coming of wash their robes! The Tree of Life Now, we come to final letter in the
Jesus! Rewind back to Revelation is theirs FOR GOOD. But outside acronym chosen to drive home
22:6, this already evident truth FOR GOOD are the filthy curs; the point that Revelation 22:17 is
will be even more evident. That sorcerers, fornicators, murderers, talking about “call” to be given here
verse says, “And he said to me: idolaters – all who love and live lies” to the unsaved on this earth and not
“These words are trustworthy and (Rev. 22:14-15). Because, those in the next life, undergirded by the
true. And the Lord, the God of the outside the city are there “for good”, Holy Spirit. That letter is another L.
spirits of the prophets, has sent his there is no logic in believing that
angel to show his servants what the “come” of Revelation 22:17 was L-OCKING OF ONE’S CHOICE
must soon take place.”Revelation even directed to them as this hyper- BY GOD & “HELL TO HEAVEN”
22:16, which is just one verse grace, twisted Trinitarian Gospel TEACHING:
before Revelation 22:17 – the preaching Chennai pastor suggests. Throughout the Bible, we see
verse under our microscope – is examples of how God would give
also strikingly similar. So, all the Revelation 22:16 goes this way: “I,
Jesus, have sent my angel to give ample choices to a person (Only
verses from Revelation 22:6 and God determines how many chances
below are talking us back to the you this testimony for the churches.
I am the Root and the Offspring of are enough for a person). But if that
situation that is described in person, continued to defy God and/
Revelation chapter 1 where John is David, and the bright Morning Star!”
This verse needs a closer look to or reject Jesus, God would sort of
in an island seeing visions, hearing “lock” that choice (to borrow a term
from Angels, hearing Jesus speak determine the timing and direction
of the “come” invitation by the Spirit from Amitabh Bachchan when he
about “what you have seen, what is runs the popular TV quiz-program,
now, and what will soon take place and Bride in Revelation 22:17 (just
one verse below). Revelation 22:16 “Koun Banega Crorepathi”). After
later” (Rev. 1:19). In other words, this ‘locking’ is done, there is no
John is addressing the material basically says this: the supernatural
revelations given to John in the chance for the concerned person
from Revelation 22:8 and below to to be saved even on this side of
present-day believers – believers book of Revelation about present
and future are actually a “testimony eternity. There are several examples
who are still on earth awaiting the found in the Bible that underscore
return of Jesus Christ! So when for the churches”. John needs to
share this with the churches or this understanding:
we read, “The Spirit and the Bride
say, ‘Come!’”in Revelation 22:17, church believers. The next verse
that is applicable to us, present-day is also talking about the church,
albeit figuratively. The word used When the Spirit and Bride (Church
believing living before the Second Believers) say, ‘Come’ and when
Coming. We (the Bride of Christ) are in the next verse for the church is John writes, ‘the one who is thirsty
called to join the Holy Spirit in the “Bride” (see Rev. 22:17). Here is let him come’ in Revelation 22:17,
ministry calling people to Christ (see the full verse: ‘The Spirit and the he definitely cannot be talking
2 Cor. 11:2)! Our message today, bride say, “Come.” And the one who to hell-dwellers as this Chennai
hears say, “Come.” And let the one Hyper-Grace cult pastor suggests
empowered by the Spirit is this: because the same passage clearly
Come to the one who said, ‘Come who is thirsty come; let the one says Jesus has NOT yet come
to me all you who are weary and who wishes take the water of life the second time (Rev. 22:8,12 –
heavy-leaden!’ That is how we live without cost’ (Rev. 22:17 NASB). twice!!!). That was clearly a call for
out Revelation 22:17. Revelation So, this is what this verse teaches: believers on earth here and now to
The church which is the bride of echo Jesus’ ‘Come to me’ message
22:17 cannot be lived out AFTER through the power of the Holy
the Second Coming, after people Christ, empowered by the Spirit Spirit!
have gone into heaven/hell as this should cry out to the lost people
Chennai hyper-grace pastor wrongly here and now, “Come!” That’s what
The Days Of Your Youth / 31
Pharaoh repeatedly hardened his giving him many changes to repent the Second Coming of Christ, after
heart. That’s when God chose to – chances he blew up – when he giving them enough chances. When
actually harden Pharaoh’s heart. told h im, “What you are about this is the case, why will God give
In other words, God ‘locked’ or to do, do quickly!”(John 13:27)]. those in hell another chance to
‘froze’ or ‘made Pharoah’s free will The story of the Pharisees and repent (which is what this Chennai
permanent’ so that he would not be Sadducees whose stiff-necked ways Pastor’s strange interpretation of
able to turn from sin and come to made Jesus lock their choice to Revelation 22:17 entails). Jonathan
the Living God! Tina Miller points reject Jesus when he promised hell Edwards explained why infinitely-
out that ‘the first time we read for them (Matt. 23:33). The story of long torment in hell is a reasonable
that God caused Pharoah’s heart the Devil and his angels, whose free punishment for those who will go
to be hard was when the sixth will was also frozen by God after he to hell: they have sinned against an
plague hit – the boils in Exodus gave them enough chances (Matt infinite God!
9:12.’ God gave enough chances 25:41). The story of the hyper-
for Pharoah. He did not freeze his grace teachers of biblical times So, if we considered the Biblical
free will till after the fifth miracle. who got themselves ‘designated for and theological arguments weaved
But when Pharoah continued his condemnation’ by God because they around the H-E-L-L acronym,
stubbornness (made his heart, constantly turned God’s grace ‘as an we will understand this ‘hell to
hard, in other words – please check excuse for sexual freedom’ (Jude 4, Heaven’ teaching purported by
out – Exodus 8:32), God decided ESV/GW). A reading of Romans 1 this Chennai Cult Pastor is a lie,
‘enough was enough’. But after God where we read, “God gave them up” straight from hell! Yes, the hell to
hardened his heart, Pharaoh could thrice (Rom. 1:24,26,28) also brings heaven doctrine, he teaches, is
not repent. When this is the case, forth the conclusion God does not from heaven! This Chennai
what makes us think that even after choose to lock the freewill of those cult pastor and others like him,
a person dies and lands up in hell, who stubbornly give up on him. The “gag God by silencing the severity
that person will have an opportunity phrase in Genesis 6:3 – ‘the LORD of his warnings and minimize the
to hear of “come” by the Spirit and said, “My Spirit shall not strive awfulness of the punishment that
Bride, as suggested by this Chennai with man forever…’ (NASB) – also justly awaits those untouched by
Pastor and cult leaders? This is not teaches the very same thing if one his redeeming grace” (to borrow D.
a one-off story in the Bible. Read were to check the similar context A. Carson’s lines). If they will not
the stories of King Manasseh. The there. repent, this lot will go to hell, and
story of Judas in the New Testament take people there! This article is an
[Jesus froze his free will / locked his These stories remind us of the earnest attempt to somehow stem
stubborn choice to reject Jesus after many times God froze free will of this rot!
stubborn folks before death, before


Evangelin Duke powerfully preached God’s Word in the AG Church led by Rev. Dr. V.
T. Abraham in Kozhikode (May 2017).

Duke Jeyaraj along with G4 Mission volunteers gave the Bubbly/Dhoni wala Gospel
tract in the Railway Station, outside a Cricket stadium (May – Dec 2017).
The Days Of Your Youth / 32
Duke Jeyaraj was invited by Good Samaritan Fellowship, Madurai, to
minister to its church believers during August 2017. His message on
Named New Testament False Teachers was memorable.

Duke Jeyaraj was invited by Rev. Dr. B. Ebenezer

At our base in Hyderabad, we held Fountain of Tears Against to preach God’s Word in the church believers
Mountain of Fears Fasting Prayer once a month. People received retreat of the Metropolitan Mission Church in
miracles. Vijayawada (Aug 2017).

In the centrally-located home of the Daniels in Hyderabad, Duke

Jeyaraj, continued to teach Sound Doctrine to an inter-church and
inter-generational crowd once in two months.

Duke Jeyaraj presented the Gospel to the

students of Mamta Medical College, Khamman, The Dukes were invited by Sir Ashok Ambrose to minister in
in a Christmas Celebration event (Dec. 2017). Sunabeda, Odisha, during June 2017. The Lord touched several lives.
The Days Of Your Youth / 33
Time Can Be Up for Anyone
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj

of Us Reading This
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj brings out a Bible Truth from viral Oprah Winfrey speech

Oprah Winfrey famously said while talking about powerful, rich men who
take sexual advantage of women who worked under them, this: “Their
time is up!” She did this on 7 January 2018 in her acceptance speech
at the 2018 Golden Globes.
That reminded me of the fact that for anyone of us reading
this, the time can be up! Now, is the time for ALL of us to
turn from sin and put our faith in Jesus who died for us on
the Cross and rose again, the Bible teaches (2 Cor. 6:2).
The Bible gives us three reasons why this time can get
over quickly:
1. We can die anytime. Apostle James wrote, “The
reality is you have no idea where your life will take
you tomorrow. You are like a mist that appears
one moment and then vanishes in another”
(James 4:14, Voice). 2. Jesus can return any
second and after that it will be too late to come
to him. In Mark’s Gospel we read, “You, too,
must keep a watch! For you don’t know when
the master of the household (that is Jesus) will
return--in the evening, at midnight, before
dawn, or at daybreak” (Mark 13:25, NLT). 3.
The Holy Spirit who is speaking to us now
may stop speaking to still-stubborn-in-sin
us, and when this happens we can’t get
saved. In the Book of Genesis, we read
these words of God, “My Spirit will not
struggle with humans forever…” (Gen. 6:3,
GWT). Eternal Hell awaits those for who
still haven’t turned from sin and put their
faith in Jesus (Luke 13:5) and this period of
grace time to do that will be eventually
up! But a joy unspeakable and full of
glory awaits those who turn from
sin and turn to Christ, right now (I
Peter 1:8, The Bible)!!! So, why
not do turn from sin and put
your faith on the risen Christ,
right now – before your
“time is up”?

The Days Of Your Youth / 34

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What Won’t Stop
God’s Judgement
Dr. Duke Jeyaraj’s Bible Lessons from Actor
Dileep’s Arrest & Events Thereafter.

February 17, 2017. It was night on the National 3. Our Presuppositions Won’t Stop God’s Judgement:
Highway 544. A car carrying a popular actress is waylaid
by six men in a stretch that connected Kochi Town to An Open Magazine report about this heinous crime goes
the Cochin International Airport. The actress is raped. this way: the violated and videod actress sought refuge
The act is videographed. She is told that all this was in Director Lal’s house on that tragic night after being
being done in obedience to a powerful man’s order. dropped . And she went to see the police and filed an
She is dropped after two-plus harrowing hours. We FIR. Those who committed this crime were, perhaps
are talking about Malayalam movie star, Dileep’s case certain that the victim would not go to the police. And
here. From that story we will learn three truths about this presupposition perhaps emboldened them to follow
judgement from the Bible. their alleged Sender’s instructions to the letter. “Get a
closeup of the victim’s engagement ring in your video
1. Our Position Won’t Stop God’s Judgement: shot!” – Dileep supposedly told this to the quotation
gang. We too have our presuppositions that makes us
Dileep is known to be the number 3 in the Malayalam believe that there will not be a day of judgement or that
movie world just behind Mamooty and Mohanlal. in that judgement all would be made to escape because
Yet that position of influence did not do much when our God is a loving God. But the Bible points to the
the police came to arrest him on 10 July 2017 after contrary: “If they hide themselves on the top of Carmel,
questioning him for over 12 hours. The Bible teaches in from there I will search them out and take them; and
Revelation 20:12, both great and small will stand before if they hide from my sight at the bottom of the sea,
Jesus to be judged on the final day. The rickshaw puller there I will command the serpent, and it shall bite them”
and the rich and famous – both the categories of folks (Amos 9:3). Mount Carmel was a mountain range that
will have a day of judgement. Everyone will have it. ran for 21 kms and jutted into the Mediterranean sea. If
2. Our Pointing Fingers At Others Won’t Stop God’s anyone tried to run beyond Mount Carmel, they had to
Judgement: jump into the sea, which was even a worse thing to do!
The message: the judgement of God cannot be escaped,
The Week magazine reported that after two months ever!
after this tragic car-rape event, Dileep pointed fingers
at the character of the actress. He said that they But if we turn from sin (Luke 13:1-5) and put our faith
were “close friends who had spent time together in (John 1:12) in Jesus who died on the Cross for us (Isa.
Goa”. In other words, according to Dileep, the wrong 53:4-5) and remain in Him (John 15), enabled by His
company this actress kept resulted in her being raped Grace (Titus 2:11-12), then, there is no condemnation
and videographed. King David tried to point fingers at for us (Rom. 8:1). This, the Bible teaches. Are we
the person who stole the daughter-like sheep from his listening?
neighbor to prepare food for his guest(think of story (Go to to read more
narrated by Prophet in 2 Samuel 12). But God could not such presentations by Duke Jeyaraj).
be fooled. God could not be distracted. He was still the
man who committed adultery.