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royal australian royal swedish nav y finnish nav y u.s.nav y uae armed force finnish border guard swedish coast guard australian emercom maritime service
nav y federal police guardia civil

royal new zeal and uk ministry of indian nav y u.s. coast guard qatar armed forces tac tical response group canadian coast guard south african police south african royal dutch
nav y defence sea recue sea rescue

republic of singapore royal norwegian uk royal marines u.s. naval special national air and nav y uae presidential german federal coast royal oman police swedish sea rescue german sea rescue
nav y nav y warfare command service of panama guard guard

dutch police u.s. southern dominican nav y royal saudi nav y german nav y singapore italian coast guard hong kong police force icel andic coast guard nato
command naval diving unit

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The Ullman heritage
In 1982 Johan Ullman M.D. served as 80% had back problems. He thought that After three decades Ullman Seats are still
the 1:st Surface Attack Flotilla doctor this was not good - nor very fair. the world-leading brand and unsurpassed
on board the Swedish destroyer HMS in performance. It is the defacto standard
Dr. Ullman started his scientific research
Halland. with over 11 000 seats in use, protecting
at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital,
people in more than 70 countries
Examining sailors that had served for 9 department for Occupational Orthopaedics
months on board the flotilla’s Motor- in Gothenburg, internationally recognised
Torpedo boats, he found that more than for research in back trauma and injuries. Operators today face ever increasing
challenges, increasing speeds and more
He developed measuring methods and
determined enemies, so the scientific
techniques, pioneering the field of whole-
research continues.
body impact at sea, as well as analysing
the human physiological and motoric The continuous technical development is
response to shock and impact. based on scientific evidence and on tight
cooperation with end-users, old and new,
As Dr. Ullman was already famous for a
like the US Navy Seal Teams, New Zealand
number of epochal inventions in the field
and Australian Navies, Scandinavian
of human factors, ergonomics and injury
and Middle Eastern Special Forces and
prevention, the Swedish Coastguard
asked him to create, based on his scientific
results, technologies protecting people The Ullman Coat of Arms, dating back to
from injuries caused by impact exposure 1685, has now been adopted as the seal
at sea. for the Ullman line of products. It covers
the front of this booklet.
The first organisations to standardise
on Dr. Ullman’s seats were the Swedish The motto “Protegam Populus” translates
Coastguard, the Swedish Sea Rescue, to “Protecting People”.
the Dutch Sea Rescue KNRM and the UK
Royal Marines.


6 7

Ullman Compact seated. The seat is designed

Seat gives full impact to fit in limited spaces and
protection while allowing on boats where broad aisles
the maximum free space in and deck space is crucial. It
the cockpit. is the lightest professional FEATURES
suspension seat on the
The Compact Seat features »» Full XLT Suspension
market. The Compact is in
shorter saddle sides and a
service with many agencies »» 150 mm Vertical Travel
lower backrest. With the
world-wide - even on air
handle on top, the Compact is »» Non-corrosive materials
droppable boats.
very slender and takes up no
more space than the person »» Narrow back rest

»» U-handle

»» Watertight
stowage pouch

»» Core lateral support

340 (290 & 390)



1130 (1080 & 1180)

Weight 19 kg / 41,9 lbs

750 (700 & 800)

Stroke 150 mm
Ullman Jockey seats allow use of both Ullman Semi Active Suspension System Damper UD430
arms and legs to absorb impacts in the synergises with the muscular reflex
Materials Stainless steel
best possible way. They optimize the protective system. In calm seas the
SS-EN 1 .4 462,
body posture into balanced straddling suspension is soft and comfortable.
positions - the proven best to withstand In rough seas, it adapts to absorb the Neoprene
impact forces - both vertical and lateral. worst impacts. Built to protect people in 371 570
all sea states
Biscaya Ullman Biscaya Seat is the It offers the safest postures Ullman Patrol seat offers Derived from customer
no. 1 Suspension Seat in and a suspension optimized exceptional comfort during feedback, the Patrol features
the world - the original to synergize with the human long-range missions. a soft and large sitting surface
Ullman seat. muscular protection system. which allows you to alter your
This hybrid seat allows a wide
FEATURES Safe lateral stabilisation and sitting position during long FEATURES
It has a high backrest and variety of sitting positions. The
lateral shock absorption. transits and patrol missions.
»» Full XLT Suspension long saddle sides supporting Patrol seat is favoured by the »» Full XLT Suspension
Two handles on the backrest Patrol is the most comfortable
the thighs in varied sitting most demanding users who
»» 150 mm Vertical Travel provide stable support for jockey seat on the out there. »» 150 mm Vertical Travel
positions. The Biscaya is spend days at a time riding and
the person seated or standing
»» Non-corrosive materials developed for active use in the patrolling the oceans. »» Non-corrosive materials
very worst of conditions.
»» High Backrest »» High and Wide Backrest

»» Core lateral support »» Two Large Grab Handles

»» Two Grab Handles »» Core lateral support

»» Full length cushioning

»» Soft seat front edge


340 (290 & 390)


340 (290 & 390)


1175 (1125 & 1225)

1205 (1155 & 1255)

Weight 22 kg / 48 lbs
Weight 20 kg / 4 4 lbs
Stroke 150 mm

750 (700 & 800)

Stroke 150 mm

750 (700 & 800)

Damper UD430
Damper UD430
Materials Stainless steel
Materials Stainless steel
SS-EN 1 .4 462,
SS-EN 1.4 462,
Marine grade
570 Composite,
neoprene 371
371 neoprene
10 11
The Ullman bolster seats allow the operator to stand The bucket seat is a suspension seat inspired by
fully supported and protected from impacts and power boats and F1 racing. Ullman bucket seats
interact with the seat. The bolster seats also allow gives full support and protection for crew on board
the operator to sit back in a reclined position, while high speed boats where space is limited and light
still maintaining the S-shape of the spine. To secure weight is essential. The Ullman bucket seats provide
optimal protection in all positions, the Ullman bolster an anatomically optimal seating position with full
seats optimizes the different body postures for lateral support. It is a proven platform that has been
handling both static and dynamic loads. extensively tested by several elite units and adopted
after having exceeded all expectations.
Echelon The Echelon Sportback the backrest is lower to allow The Echelon High Back between a Jockey - and a
Sportback provides the advantages
of a full bolster seat with
full visibility throughout the
has all the features of the Bolster seat. When seated High Back
sportback version - plus a back, the front provides lateral
minimal space requirements. high backrest, supporting support by stabilising the
The flat front facilitates ingress
FEATURES the head. insides of the knees. When FEATURES
With uncompromized protective and allows the operator to
used it in the Jockey-position,
»» Full 200mm capacity and increased comfort, assume a semi-standing The redesigned Jockey front »» Full 200mm
the operator has full support
3D-Suspension the Echelon gives the operator position, with maintained shock has a rigid core, covered 3D-Suspension
and protection from impacts in
full support in all key interface mitigation and support. Also with shock absorbing foam.
»» Optimised dimensions for all directions. »» Optimised dimensions for
areas. In this Sportback version, available with jockey-style front. Echelon is the true hybrid
easier integration in craft easier integration in craft

»» Very light weight »» Very light weight

»» Non-corrosive materials »» Non-corrosive materials

»» Low Backrest for »» High back rest for head

increased visibility. 598 support

»» Flat or Jockey Style front »» Flat or Jockey Style front

»» Optional grab handles, »» Optional grab handles,

armrests and footres armrests and footres.

Weight 36 kg/ 79 lbs Weight 37 kg/80 lbs

Stroke 20 0 mm Stroke 20 0 mm

Damper UD530 Damper UD530
Materials Composite / Materials Stainless steel
Stainless Steel, SS-EN 1 .4 462,
HD Upholster y AL-5083,
426 447 426 447 Composite,
483 HD Upholster y
14 483 15
Atlantic Allow your body to work the seat do all the work. To The safety of all with more seat to protect their
at its full potential at all
times, in all positions.
secure optimal protection in
all positions, the Atlantic seat
passengers on board high-
speed boats is our main
most valuable assets - the
optimises the different body focus.
In the Atlantic Seat, you can It is popular in the wind farm
FEATURES postures for handling both FEATURES
stand fully supported and The Atlantic Crew has the and offshore industry, where
static and dynamic loads. It
»» Twin UD530 Adjustable shock-protected in a straddle same size and shape as the strict legislation requires the »» Twin UD530
is designed for both open
Damper (6-level) position and interact with the Atlantic seat. Slightly lighter best proven shock mitigation.
and cabin boats. The lateral »» Full ALM Spring Unit
seat. It also lets you sit back and less complex, this seat The Arctic seat comes with
»» Full ALM Spring Unit suspension, the adjustable
in a reclined position, still provides full protection self-adjusting 200mm »» Non-corrosive materials
dampers and the multiple
»» Non-corrosive materials maintaining the S-shape of and comfort and enables dampers and marine grade
positions make the Atlantic »» 200mm Vertical Travel
your spine. employers to equip vessels vinyl upholstery.
»» 200mm Vertical Travel seat the most versatile top-
Strap in and be ready for any of-the-line seat to date. »» Strategic Unibody
»» Full carbon fibre back challenge, confidently letting Composite Shell

»» High backrest 851 »» Torso Lateral support

»» Lumbar support »» Thigh Lateral support

»» Torso Lateral support

»» Thigh Lateral support

Weight 43.5kg/95 lbs Weight 41 .9 kg/92 lbs

Stroke 20 0 mm Stroke 20 0 mm


Dampers UD530 Dampers UD530
Adjustable Materials Stainless steel
Materials Stainless steel SS-EN 1 .4 462,


SS-EN 1.4 462, AL-5083,
AL-5083, Composite,
Carbon Fibre, HD Upholster y
Premium leather
HD Upholster y 426
447 426 447
16 586 17
Daytona Daytona
Daytona was developed
for the most advanced
carbon fibre unibody and the
lateral suspension makes it
Everyone on board should
be equally protected.
wide range of operator body
sizes. Crew
Special Forces high speed ideal for the most demanding Daytona Crew is a cost
Daytona Crew is suitable
craft in the world. missions. effective version of the
FEATURES for large vessels as well as FEATURES
Daytona Seat.
After extensive testing in Daytona seat gives full for small high speed craft.
»» Anatomic seat and extreme sea states, it became support and maximum The composite unibody makes The seat can be fitted with »» Anatomic seat and
backrest the new standard. protection when space is the seat light and strong. The armrests, footrest and backrest

»» Full lateral support limited, weight is crucial and lateral support cushioning in harnesses. The low profile »» Lateral support
The anatomic shape and
COG needs to be low. both seat and backrest adapts allows for easy integration in
»» Ultra light weight (22kg) upholstery, the ultra light »» Self Adapting Cushioning
to the operator, allowing a all craft.
»» Twin UD430 Adjustable »» Light weight (25kg)

»» DLM 3D Spring Unit »» Twin UD430

»» 150 mm Vertical Travel »» DLM 3D Spring Unit

»» Strategic Carbon Fibre »» 150 mm Vertical Travel

716 716 »» Strategic Composite
Weight 22 kg / 53 lbs
Stroke 150 mm
Weight 25 kg / 57 lbs
Dampers UD430
Adjustable Stroke 150 mm

Materials Stainless steel Dampers UD430
SS-EN 1.4 462, Materials Stainless steel
AL-5083, SS-EN 1 .4 462,

Carbon Fibre, AL-5083,
Premium leather Composite,
HD Upholster yl HD Upholster y
486 318 486
18 513 19
Atlantic Based on the proven Atlantic be transformed into a standing Originally developed in The seat allows both
Fold Up seat, the fold-up version
allows the front half of the
bolster, allowing ample space
for leaning or standing clear in
cooperation with the
Norwegian Special Forces,
straddling and reclined seating
seat pan to shift upwards front of the seat. the Arctic Seat is the most
This solid bucket seat is
and thus becomes a lumbar active of our bucket seats.
FEATURES Folded down, the seat suitable for limited spaces and FEATURES
becomes a full Atlantic seat Compared to the Atlantic Seat fast vessels where you need
»» Twin UD530 Adjustable »» Twin UD530 Adjustable
Developed together with the with ergonomics and comfort it has a shorter seating pan to be able to alter your seating
(6-level) (6-level)
Colombian Navy and Coast for long range missions. and a lower backrest. With position. A multi position seat
»» Full ALM Spring Unit Guard, this Atlantic seat can a less reclined backrest the with good lateral support »» Full ALM 3D Spring Unit
seat puts you in a more active
»» 200mm Vertical Travel The Arctic seat is used by »» 200mm Vertical Travel
driving position.
offshore race teams and
»» Full carbon fibre back »» Full carbon fibre back
special forces around the
»» Lumbar support globe. »» Low back rest

»» Torso Lateral support 756 »» Lumbar support

746 (585)
»» Thigh Lateral support »» Torso Lateral support

»» Fold-up seat pan »» Thigh Lateral support

»» Flat front
Weight 41 .5kg / 91 lbs
Weight 43.5kg / 96 lbs Stroke 20 0 mm

Stroke 20 0 mm Dampers UD530


Dampers UD530
Materials Stainless steel
Materials Stainless steel SS-EN 1 .4 462,


SS-EN 1.4 462, AL-5083,
AL-5083, Carbon Fibre,
Carbon Fibre, Premium leather
Premium leather HD Upholster y
HD Upholster y 426 426
447 447
571 556
20 21
Seat interface alternatives

This configuration interfaces This configuration provides Compatible with all Atlantic and This configuration, where the
with the Ullman Jockey Pods, same-level mounting surface Echelon seats, the Pod mount dampers are mounted on the
which comes in three heights, for both spring-unit and provides a complete solution backrest instead of under the Modularity, flexibility and customization function over time. This category also
giving a seating height of 700, damper, allowing the seats to that mounts to the deck. The seat allowing the seats to be are central elements in all Ullman contain information about the Ullman
750 or 800mm from deck. be mounted on square bases, pod can be equipped with a mounted on custom bases and Dynamics products. This also applies to Steering System, the Ullman Console and
flat surfaces or extending over hatch to allow access and existing structures. Also fully
our whole range of accessories. Every how Ullman Dynamics can help optimizing
an edge. This can be especially stowage. compatible with all accessories
single accessory is designed for 100% the cockpit design.
useful wen retro-fitting seats to such as sliders and footrests.
compatibility, ensuring uncompromized
existing platforms.
CNC-cut ALU 7075-T6. Super grip For mounting on any deck.
The 7 axis adjustable armrest can be Black powder coating is available
diamond shape surface and anti-slip
Bolts fit flush to deck, no tripping set up and adjusted exactly where you on all parts. With black spring unit,
ridge along outside surface allows
hazard. Allows for quick and easy want it. It can be fitted with Joysticks, and coated handles and the matte
custom height setting. The large
removal of the seats and leaves Trackballs, Pistol Grip Handles etc. upholstery, nothing will reflect light.
foot pad provides support for the
nothing sticking out. Outside thread: Fits most seats. No one will see you coming.
whole front foot. Free movement of
M20 Inside thread: M8.
heel allows the muscular system full


When Ullman Jockey Seats are Handles with thermal insulation can
These bases can be built to All sliders in the Ullman Slider range mounted without a console or another be fitted to any Ullman seat. This
accommodate 1, 2 or more seats in are ultra strong, very lightweight seat in front, a front seat handle is polymer coating also gives a softer
line. This allows ample storage space and smooth sliding, recommended. This gives the rider surface and higher friction than
with hatches. Bases can be welded allowing you to set the optimal the support necessary to hold on and stainless steel. It is very useful for
with aluminium plates or constructed position of the seat easily and with control the body at high impact. cold climates and in situations where
in composite. confidence. Avaliable for all Ullman anti-glare is important.


ADJUSTABLE DAMPER TRACK SYSTEMS Highly adjusable harness for secure
Tightly fitted cover for the jockey seat seating. Allows you to relax and let
Hard anodized aluminium, internal Quick Release system using aircraft
range. It is designed to stay on the the seat do the job. Where there is
components of acid proof stainless cargo rails in combination with a
seat all the time. Cordura is a heavy risk for capsizing, crews on cabin
steel 316L. Easy set-up dial with 6 special nut and washer machined
duty nylon fabric used in workwear boats are recommended to use lap
level adjustable compression gives from SS 316L. Takes about 20
and tactical clothing. It has the highest belts. This is to prevent head and
you a wide range from soft to stiff. seconds to undo and fasten. Allows
abrasion grading available. Now also neck injuries when a boat gets turned
Stroke: 150 or 200mm. for quick and easy modularization of
available with MOLLE system. upside down.
a deck or a cabin.

24 25
– a t yo u r servic e – Custom Cockpit Design Optimize Cockpit Ergonomics
This generic helm console provides good visibility forward,
User interfaces and cockpit layout are crucial to the ergonomics and
convenient location of navigation screens, easy access to
performance of the craft.
the helm and throttle control, and ample space for feet and
Therefore we make sure that every cockpit where a seat is installed is legs, even in rough conditions.
optimised for human function and safety.
We work closely with boat builders, assisting designers and naval engineers to 2

secure peak performance and 100% optimal function for the user. It’s all about (1) To minimize the

protecting people. deadspace distance

between the screen and

the forward field of
vision, the console’s top
surface should slant down
forward. Remember that


Wheel hub 950-1000

the far end of the top 5

surface sets the lower
limit for the field of vision,
and helmsmen need to see

the bow clearly.

The wheel should be offset slightly to port from a fore-

and-aft line drawn though the driver. This permits better
(2) The plotter screen should be mounted on a plane optimally inclined postural balance, as the operator’s hands at the helm and
12°–16° forward from vertical. To minimize reflected glare from the sky, throttle are symmetrical to the torso.
the screen should be mounted so a perpendicular line through its center Full article on Designing Cockpits for Speed
points to just below the operator’s chin. avaialble at

26 27
Ullman Console – th e e pi to m e o f e r g o n o mics – Custom made
The Ullman Aerodynamic Console is designed
and shaped to reduce air resistance while
protecting the crew from wind and spray.

It is designed for optimal ergonomics in the most

challenging operational conditions. It can be used for
port or starboard helm position and provides optimal
positioning for steering wheel and throttle.

The console is built in GRP sandwich and is

strategically reinforced to withstand high impacts. It is
fitted with a 10 mm (3/8”) heavy-duty windscreen.

The Ullman Console can be used with a traditional

steering wheel or with the Ullman Steering Bar
System. The dashboard holds twin 15 inch chart
plotters. There is an easy-access hatch for stowage,
installation of electronics and inspection.
All upholstery for the Bolster and Bucket seats is hand- A wide range of surfaces and finishes for the seat unibody is
Ullman Aerodynamic Console optional accessories sewn in Sweden by master craftsmen with a long tradition of also available. All composite seats can be custom made with
include grab handles and various locking mechanisms. working with the most exclusive and demanding materials. any color gel-coat, matte or polished finish, foil wrapping or
Standard colours are black or white. Customer This allows us to make custom upholstery in a wide range hydro dipping. The Carbon Fibre seats - Daytona and Atlantic
specified gel coat colours are available to order. of materials, stitchings and colors to meet all customer seats are clear-coated, and can also be foiled or dipped if
requirements. We use the highest quality Swedish leather requested. The aluminum frames are hard anodised and can
treated for high durability under heavy duty use. Various be made in most colours. The picture above shows a carbon
kinds of vinyl and nylon are also available. To match other fiber foil-wrapped Echelon low-back seat.
upholstery in craft, we can also work with materials supplied
by the customer. The picture above shows a back cushion for
Daytona with ventilated leather on the center panel.

28 29
Custom products Why Ullman seats are superior
For customers with special requirements, we create custom
product to fit any operational requirements. Some examples are Ullman Seats are proven by 12 000 seats in professional use The smallest footprint
steering systems, foldable seats and custom fastening solutions. independent evidence based science in 70+ counties, since up to 20 years. Frees deck space for more cargo and crew.
to provide better shock mitigation for Zero injuries and Zero ejections reported.
EU Legislation on Impact & Vibration
humans than any other tested seats.
The Narrow handles provides a Do not break The EU-directive requires use of the most
They are the result of 25 years of
wide grip while keeping the total Structural failure causes injuries and effective shock reduction available.
scientific research and development.x
with of the seat to a minimum. ejections. Failure causes down-time Manufacturers and employers can be held
The Ullman steering bar system gives full Work in synergy with the human body and repair costs. All Ullman seats and liable for injuries.
This makes for wider aisles and a Developed based on medical science. accessories are designed with a safety
control of throttle and steering while holding Height adjustment where it is useful
close grip for the person behind. Reduce risk of injuries* factor of 2.0 or greater.
on. In active use by coast guard and sea rescue. Tall operators don’t want to sit higher.
Significantly increases maneuverability and Reduce physical fatigue*
The Ullman jockey seats are Do not corrode Short operators don’t want to sit lower.
reduces the time to train new boat operators. Can reduce number of impacts >2g by 76%.
available in a shorter version Corrosion limits lifetime and causes Seated eye-height level is crucial. It differs
Can reduce severity of impacts by 62%.*
called Bulldog, allowing tighter failures. Ullman seats are built using only very little between tall and short people.
spacing, fitting more seats in any Unique 3-dimensional suspension non-corrosive materials, such as Super Height adjustment shall be for the feet.
assigned space. prevents impact injuries and ejections. Duplex steel and multi-composites.
Standard in Navies worldwide
555/500 Ejections can cause severe injuries.
The box shaped Stowage base Do not need maintenance Several professional agencies world-wide
All Ullman seats have lateral mitigation.
provides 45 liters of easily Maintenance causes down-time. have thoroughly, scientifically evaluated
accessible stowage space. In the Designed to not bottom-out Ullman seats have no joints or moving various seats and adopted Ullman seats as
twin configuration it can be used Bottoming-out is dangerous. It can give parts which eliminates the need for standard.
as a weapons locker, holding up to 3 times amplification of impacts. lubrication and costly maintenance. **
Lowest life cycle costs
several complete rifles. It can cause injuries and ejections. The
3-year worldwide warranty extendable Large sums are saved as the seats normally
1110/1000 progressivity of Ullman suspension,
up to 10 years. “They just don’t break”. last the lifetime of the boat.
The SISU fold-up seat is designed to free up

prevents bottoming out.

space behind the seat. They can also be stacked The lightest professional seats on the
Reduce human vibration exposure
very tightly together when not used. market gives more payload, higher speed
Vibrations that cause physical fatigue. * Independent scientific proof sent on request.
and range. ** Dampers should be checked every 3 years.
Developed for the Finish special forces, It is The suspension is progressive and absorbs
favoured by boarding teams across the globe. the continuous vibrations.
30 31
Fatigue The graph on the opposite page
shows a recording done with a
The Impact of Shock
Travelling on high-speed boats is The test below shows zero reduction in
Green = Speed over ground The human body has a complex system of Standing keeps the spine in its natural, The progressive patented suspension
physically exhausting. High energy running distance of passengers on Ullman
Blue= g-force on boat muscular reflexes, developed and evolved balanced, S-shaped posture. So race- system and the synergies with the biologic
consumption makes you very tired and seats, while passengers on fixed seats
Red = g-force on driver in Ullman to protect us from injury. boat drivers have often chosen to stand. response, neutralises the resonance
affects physical performance. Ullman reduced their running distance by 358
seat However, standing multiplies impact forces effects that make other suspension seats
suspension seats significantly reduce meters. Reflexes are designed to trigger reactions
and thus may cause injuries to the spine. capable of bottoming out - multiplying
energy consumption compared to fixed in our muscles, to protect us against
Ullman Seats not only reduce the risk It shows the significant shock impacts.
seating. impacts. The muscular response is obvious The Ullman Seats are developed with a
of injury but they also enhance the mitigation of the Ullman seats.
in our legs, but is also at hand in our arms, special semi-active suspension system, Ullman Seats are developed based on
Running performance is significantly operational performance of the boat crew
torsos and necks. When muscles react to designed to synergise with nature’s pioneering medical science. They are
reduced in military personnel after a high- and passengers. When operators are
PLATFORM impact, they contract - to serve as shock muscular, reflex-based, protection system. independently scientifically validated and
speed transit when using fixed seats. challenged with military or lifesaving tasks, Two military HSC 28’ Arctic RIB
absorbers - and to stabilise the spine and All Ullman seats are also designed to proven to give the most effective shock
Using Ullman Jockey Seats increases the difference between exhausted and (Halmatic)
joints. maintain the optimal S-shape of the spine protection of all seats.
post-transit physical performance and alert could mean life or death.
TRANSIT DETAILS and balance of the head at all times.
endurance by 30.5 % compared to fixed Sitting in a traditional seat always puts
HSC ran side-by-side
seats. your spine into a C-shape. - Sitting hurts.
Duration: 3 hrs
Then the weight of the head is hanging
Sea-state: 2-3 forward of its supporting structures in the
Speed: 40 knots neck. This is the worst position for the
1560 METER spine to be in when exposed to a vertical
impact. There is risk for head jolts. This
Standing In-service fixed seats
can cause whiplash-like distortion injuries
Ullman Jockey Seat Biscaya
1560 METER and disk ruptures in the neck. Even the
risk of vertebral fractures and lumbar disk
hernias is much higher with the spine in
1202 METER this C-shape.
Myers, S. D., Dobbins, T. D., King, S., Hall,
B., Gunston, T., Holmes, S. R., & Dyson, R.
0 500 1000 1500 (2008). The effectiveness of shock mitigation
technology in reducing motion induced fatigue
in small high speed craft. In Pacific 2008
International Maritime Conference.
32 33
References References

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