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what happens to a disq.

case filed and the candidate has already been proclaimed

and assumed office? will it render the case moot and academic? NO

affirmation of SC that candidate is disq. -candidate will be ordered to vacate office

who will take over? it depends. if violation of elec. law, the successor, not the 2nd
placer because of the doctrine of rejection of the 2nd placer.

but if COC was cancelled, the 2nd placer

rights ng dual citizen sa suffrage

exception ng dual citizens to vote: hold public office abroad and who ran for govt
possession kahit natalo

immediate past election only

green card holders no longer need to execute an affidavit in order to vote.

abrogated by congress

but green card holders are disqualified to run

unless executes affidavit of renunciation of the foreign citizenship

substitution- only those belonging to a pol. party and official candidate of the pol. party

independent cannot be subs except barangay candidates because of the nature of

the barangay election-non partisan

who can sub? member of same pol. part and has nomination as the official sub.
automated election: if ground is invol. such as death and disq, substitution is still valid
even if ballots are already printed

additional req: one substituting must bear the same surname not necessarily related. *if
for example substituting is married already, can still substitute and use maiden name.
automated and ground is voluntary like wihdrawal, no sub if ballots are printed already.
if not yet, may still be allowed
admin law purely essay, 5 questions. di na nya sinabi ung questions bzta about dear

3 questions about admin due process.

may tanong about substantive due process