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Time management workshop

Over view:
The word Time management is a misnomer. In reality time cannot be managed because time is a unique
resource that cannot be flexed. It cannot be stored, reclaimed, reused, loaned or created. It can only be
lived. Hence, by time management, what is meant is that the individual has to manage himself in
accordance with time.

Objective of the workshop:

This time management workshop shows how an individual has to manage himself to manage
Time. To know what is important, to know what are the priorities, being productive than appearing to be
busy , avoiding crisis &fire fighting , to look at life as a whole and not as fragments are some of the key
learnings from this module.

For Whom?

All executives of the organization at all levels and from all functional areas will find tremendous value
from this workshop.


Part 1 : Understanding time and its importance

 Concept & Philosophy of Time

 Importance of time
 The time perspective
 Time log
 Identifying time wasters

Part 2 : Sharpening the saw:

 Effectiveness vs Efficiency
 Pareto’s principle
 Not reinventing the wheel

Part 3 : The three animals:

 Swallowing the frog ( Procasting procrastination )
 Eating the elephant ( chunking )
 Minding the Monkey ( The art of delegation )

Part 4: The Three generations of time management

 First generation ( the to do list )
 Second generation ( calendars and appointment books )
 Third generation ( long, medium and short term goals )
 The inadequacies of these generation tools

Part 5 : the fourth generation time management

 The clock and the compass

 From clock driven to compass driven
 The four quadrants
 The quadrant two time management
 Avoiding crisis,fire fighting and bottle necks

Part 6 : first things first ( value based time management):

 The power of value based goals

 Roles and goals
 The weekly perspective
 Empowerment – the inside out approach ( Be: Do: Have )
 Practical tips and applications


Learning by Doing is the Norm. Many activities, fun filled games and lots of learnings are inclusive.
Lecturettes with Interactions and Group Discussions provide lot of insights to the participants. A friendly
atmosphere and implicit humor makes the sessions lively and enjoyable.

Key takeaways:

 Increased focus on priorities

 Increased productivity
 Tendency to avoid crisis and fire fights
 Lesser stress and burn outs
 Increased personal discipline
 Greater value based motivation
 Higher sense of harmony and peace


Mr.G.Ramasubramanian, B.E., M.B.A., Msc ( Counseling and Psychotherapy) is the Faculty.He is a

Trainer by choice and trains with Passion. With a decade of Corporate training experience he is
one of the most sought after trainers in Chennai. He is an ISTD ( Indian Society of Training and
Development ) certified trainer. He is also a Certified NLP Trainer from IPANLP and a Master
Practitioner of NLP, from NFNLP, Florida, USA.
He is an Engineering and M.B.A Degree Holder and has also done his Msc in Counseling and
He is a CCA ( Certified Coaches Alliance,Canada ) Certified Life coach and a psycho therapist. He is
also a Licensed and Certified Transformational Coach by Academy for Coaches, India.
He has conducted more than 900 days of training for Corporates,Faculties and general
public training more than 20000 people. He also has a rich one on one coaching
experience of about 600 hours powerfully coaching individuals from various walks of
Twenty years of Industrial and Corporate executive experience from corporate makes him a
seasoned Coach with deep insights and impact. His curiosity and love for understanding the
dynamics of the Human mind leads him to continuous learning and sharing.
He specializes in NLP based learning programs, with emphasis on Self Awareness, Freedom to
Choose, Effective Communications and Definiteness of Purpose.
Being a sincere student of wisdom practices like Vedantha, Yoga and Zen gives him the Unique
Selling Proposition of handling the entire gamut of Soft skills with unique perspectives from NLP
and other wisdom practices of the world.
He is also a story and script writer. Mr.G.Ramasubramanian has been interviewed and featured in
leading magazines and television channels. He has written four books, three on Topics like
Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Goal setting. The fourth book is a work of fiction, which is a
compilation of his stories that had appeared in leading Magazines. He is also a Haiku writer and
conducts Haiku Workshops.
You can also see his video profile at
You can also see his Television programs here :