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I. Petunjuk: Ubah kalimat aktif dibawah ini menjadi bentuk kalimat pasif. Semua kalimat
berbentuk simple present.
1. He opens the door. : The door is opened by him. (Contoh)
2. She pays a lot of money. : A lot of money is paid by her.
3. draw a picture. : A picture is drawn. Khusus kalimat ini tidak memiliki subject kalimat
aktifnya. Tetapi ketika diubah menjadi kalimat pasif, a picture yang awalnya object menjadi
4. They wear blue shoes. : Blue shoes are worn by them.
5. They don't help you. : you are not helped by them.
6. He doesn't open the book. : The book is not opened by him.
7. You do not write the letter. : The letter is not written by you.
8. Does your mum pick you up? : Are you picked up by your mum? Khusus kalimat ini
adalah kalimat tanya yang diubah menjadi pasif. Memang agak sulit dan tidak dijelaskan di
handbook. Mungkin dihandbook selanjutnya akan dijelaskan.
9. Does the police officer catch the thief? : Is the thief caught by the police officer?
10. We set the table. : The table is set by us.

II. Petunjuk: Ubah kalimat aktif dibawah ini menjadi bentuk kalimat pasif. Semua kalimat
berbentuk simple past
1. She sang a song. : A song was sung by her.
2. Somebody hit me. : I was hit by somebody.
3. We stopped the bus. : The bus was stopped by us.
4. A thief stole my car. : My car was stolen by a thief.
5. They didn't let him go. : he was not let go by them.
6. She didn't win the prize. : The prize was not won by her.
7. They didn't make their beds. : Their beds were not made by them.
8. I did not tell them. : They were not told by me.
9. Did you tell them? : Were they told by you?
10. Did he send the letter? : Was the letter sent by him?

III. Petunjuk: Ubah kalimat dibawah ini menjadi kalimat aktif sesuai tensesnya.
1. The picture was painted by Bob. : Bob painted the picture.
2. English is spoken by them. : They speak English.
3. My mother was fascinated by the view. : The view fascinated my mother.
4. The card was made by Fred. : Fred made the card.
5. Comics is read by her. : She reads comics.
6. Volleyball is played by us. : We play volleyball.
7. Poem is written by my brother. : My brother writes poem.
8. The present was opened by my teacher yesterday. : My teacher opened the present
9. The car was repaired by my father. : My father repaired the car.
10. The laptop was designed by Joni. : Joni designed the laptop.

IV. Petunjuk: Tentukan apakah kalimat dibawha ini berbentuk pasif atau aktif. Coret salah
1. The key was used to open the door. (Pasif)
2. The crisp packet was thrown away. (Pasif)
3. James couldn’t see the man. (Aktif)
4. The boy picked up the coin. (Aktif)
5. The egg was laid by the bird. (Pasif)
6. Susan found her car keys. (Aktif)
7. The policeman chased after Fred. (Aktif)
8. The car was fixed. (Pasif)
9. The pencil had been lost. (Pasif)
10. Mark was given a warning. (Pasif)

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