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Course Title: Strategic Management

Course Teacher: Saleh Md. Arman

Course Code: MGT 417/404
Facebook: SMA CARE

Course Objectives:
After completing this course students, who are doing their undergraduate degrees, are able to learn:

 The concept of Strategic Management in terms of business organization.

 Achieving competitive advantages over rival to win the battle of competition.
 Detailed theoretical knowledge about different types of strategies.
 How to formulate strategy in different industry condition
 How to formulate strategy in local and international business practice.
 How to integrate strategy with business objectives.

Methods of Conducting Course:

Lecture, PowerPoint Slide, Video Lecture, Case Study Session, Team Activities.

Strategic Management- An Integrated Approach, 12th Edition, by Hill, Schiling and Jones.
Reference Books:
 Strategic Management- Concept And Case by Thompson, 20th edition.
 Strategic Management by Lumpkin, 6th Edition.

Marks Distribution:
Components Marks
Term Final 40
Mid Term 30
Class Attendance And Participation 10
Report (Individual/Group) 10
Presentation (Individual) 10
Total 100

Course Description with Class Numbers (in a week):

Weeks Chapter Topics To be covered from Textbook with page no. in bracket
1&2 1 Definition (from Thompson), Overview (4-5), Competitive Advantage and Co.
Business Model (7-8), Model of the Strategic Planning Process (13-14), Mission
Statement (15-17), Major Goals (17-18), External (!8-20), Internal (20), Strategic
Planning (27-29), SDM (29-31), Cognitive Biases and SDM (30 – 31),
Techniques (31).
CASE 36-37
03 03 Competitive Advantages (80-83), VR (83), Resources and Sustained C.A. ( 84-
86), Value Creation and Profitability (87-90).
CASE 106-107
04 04 Roots of C.A (111-112), Achieving Superior Efficiency ( 112-117), Achieving
Superior Quality (126-127), Achieving Strategic Innovation (132-135),
Achieving Superior Customer Responsiveness (136-138).
CASE 140-141
06 Mid Term Exam of Fall 2017.
07 & 08 05 BLS (148), Lowering Cost (148),Differentiation (149-151), M/S (155), M/S Cost
and Revenue (156-157), Lowering Cost through FS and O(163), Differentiation
rough FS and O (163-164), Blue Ocean Strategy ( 164-166),
CASE 168-169
09 &10 06 Reasons for Fragmentation (173), Fragmented Industry Consolidation –
Chaining, Franchising and Merger ( 175-177), Embryonic and Growth Industries
(177-178), Choosing a strategy for decaying industry (!95-197)
CASE 199-200
11 08 Choosing a Global Strategy (255-259), Entry Mode choice (262-267), Choosing
an Entry Strategy with table 8.1 (267-269), Global Strategic Alliance (269),
Managing the alliance (272-273).
CASE 275-276
12 09 Horizontal Integration (283), Problems with HI (Chapter 10, 333-335), VI (288-
294), SO (299-303).
CASE 304-306
13 REVIEW for TERM final
14 Term Final Exam of Fall 2017.

Question Pattern for Exam:

Mid Term:
Part A (Case Study Questions) Marks: 15 * 1 = 15

Part B Descriptive Questions (You have to answer One out of Two) 15*1= 15

Term Final:

Part A (Case Study Questions) Marks 15*1 = 15

Part B Descriptive Questions (You have to answer any TWO out of THREE) Marks 12.5*2=25


1. Don’t arrive class on late. You may miss important things in addition to class attendance.
2. Carry Textbook during class time. You might face problem if you don’t bring book in the class.
3. Keep your cellphone turned off.
4. Only Class Representatives are allowed to contact me over phone or visit in my lounge. If you have any
problem, then inform it to your class representatives and they will inform me. You may email me mentioning
your problems.
5. I advise to add in my Facebook group SMA CARE to get regular class updates, class materials and notices.
Good Luck