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How to write titles when translating in Livewords

Please read this document carefully before you start to translate product contents and ask us any
questions you might have.

Currently we have some standard criteria to write webshop titles as they are explained below, we follow
this structure:

Brand* + Product name* + Model type/name + Amount + Modifier (color/size/material/…)* + Article

(Exceptions may occur for some special languages not following above template but generally above is
what our webshop title will look like.)

Title length: The maximum amount for the title is 70 characters. If it’s more than 70 after you have
translated it according to our steps, please only keep relevant and important information/words. Install
the Character Count extension to see how long your written texts are, instructions can be found here.
You can also click on this link to calculate the number of characters, without using Chrome/the extension.

SKU: Please Delete SKU numbers (You can find them at the beginning of the title or at the end within
brackets. These numbers are used within vidaXL and are different for every individual product, so we know
exactly which product someone is referring to.).
The only numbers that we keep are article numbers, which you can see at the end of the English titles of
some products. They are different from the SKUs because they belong to the original products outside of
vidaXL. You can also find out the product by searching the article number online when you’re translating,
if you struggle to find the right word!

Brand: Keep the Brand as it is in translated titles of all Languages. No need to translate, adapt or delete

Model type/name: Do NOT translate “Model type/name” if there’s any. We will indicate these by using
double quotation marks “…” for the model type/name in the title. REMOVE the quotations marks “ ” from
your translations, only keep the untranslated model/product name!

Amount: As to Amount, EN source texts (we call them ‘Parent’) use the term “pcs”. We have agreed on
certain abbreviations for every language, which can be found at the end of this document. Use the
translation/abbreviation of ‘’pcs’’ in your language. Please do NOT write this out in full. This rule counts if
we sell the same SKU in more than one quantity as one product.
eg. vidaXL Dining Chairs 2 pcs Rattan Brown
Always numbers + shortcut for pieces in small letters

If you follow all of these rules, you get the following examples:

EN title: 80130 vidaXL /Ride-on Car / “Mini Cooper”/ S Red

Structure: SKU / Brand / Product name/ Model type / Modifier
 Delete SKU 80130, keep brand vidaXL, do NOT translate model type “Mini Cooper” and keep it as it already is.
 In Dutch this would be vidaXL Loopauto Mini Cooper S rood
EN title: 406536 /Tiger/ Toilet Brush and Holder/ “Nomad”/ Chrome/ 249930346
Structure: SKU / Brand / Product name / Model type / Modifier / Article number
 Delete sku 406536, keep brand Tiger, keep model name “Nomad” as it is, keep article number 249930346
 In Dutch this would be Tiger toiletborstel en houder Nomad chroom 249930346

EN title: 273764 Julius K9 /Velcro Patches for Dog Harness /10 pcs Size Small /162LR-K
Structure: SKU / Brand / Product name / Modifier / Article number /Child SKU
 Delete sku 273764, keep brand Julius K9, keep article number 162LR-K, delete child sku
 In Dutch this would be Julius K9 Tekstlabel voor hondenharnas 10 stuks klein 162LR-K

As promised, the translations for the number of items below, after that, we hope you can start your
translation career for vidaXL ☺

BG 2 бр
CZ 2 ks
DE 2 stk
DK 2 stk
EN 2 pcs
EE 2 tk
ES 2 uds.
FI 2 kpl
FR 2 pcs
GR 2 τεμ
HR 2 kom
HU 2 db
IT 2 pz
LT 2 vnt
LV 2 gab
NL 2 st
NO 2 stk
PL 2 szt
PT 2 pcs
RO 2 buc
SE 2 st
SI 2 kosa
SK 2 ks