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1.) 17 more than the sum of 33 and 19 is equal to what number?

Answer: 69

2.) If 3.05 x 76.9 = 234.545, what is 30.5 x 0.769?

Answer: 23.4545

3.) What digit(s) placed in the blank in 377_4 will make it divisible by 12?

Answer: 0, 6

4.) What is the sum of the largest prime less than 100 and the smallest prime
greater than 100?

Answer: 198
5.) If ¾ of the area of a rectangle is 84 cm2, what is the whole area?

Answer: 112

6.) If 6 men can finish a job in 8 days, how long will 4 men finish the same job if
they work at the same rate?

Answer: 12 days

7.) Rita can put her pictures 4, 5 or 6 to a page in her album, with 2 pictures left
over in each case. What is the smallest number of pictures for this to happen?

Answer: 62

8.) A 15 cm by 10 cm picture was enlarged so that its dimensions increased by

20%. What is the area of the enlarged picture?

Answer: 216 cm^2

9.) The vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is 9o more than a base angle. What
is the vertex angle?

Answer: 66 degrees

10.) What is the largest 5-digit number which rounds to 27,000 to the nearest

Answer: 27, 499

11.) The perimeter of a square is 186 cm. How long is one side?

Answer: 46.5 cm

30-second questions – 3 points each

1.) Five consecutive whole numbers have a sum of 225. What is the largest

Answer: 47

2.) A piece of plastic sheet is 4 m by 3.2 m. What is the smallest number of equal
squares into which it can be cut?

Answer: 20 (note: this question has a problem because it did not specify the unit
of the small square)

3.) How many ribbons, each 17/8dm long can be cut from a roll 3 m long?

Answer: 16

4.) What is the smallest number by which you can multiply 2520 to make it a
perfect square?

Answer: 70

5.) Find the product of the prime numbers immediately before and after 30.

Answer: 899
6.) Two numbers are in the ratio 5:8. If the difference is 36, what is the larger of
the two numbers?

Answer: 96

1-minute questions – 5 points each

1.) One cube has an edge of 9 cm. A second cube has an edge2/3that of the first
cube. What is the ratio of the volume of the first cube to that of the second cube?

Answer: 27:8

2.) A bunch of new 50-peso bills are consecutively numbered A23486 to A23500.
What is the total peso value of the bills?

Answer: P 750

3.) A train travels 60 km in ¾ hour. If it maintains the same average speed, how
far will it travel in 2 ½ hours?

Answer: 200 km

4.) Nine small squares are put together to form a bigger square. If the perimeter
of the big square is 192 cm, what is the area of each small square?

Answer: 256 cm^2

5.) Today, March 10, is Friday. What day is it 100 days from today?

Answer: Sunday

6.) A piece of rope 75 m long is cut into three pieces in the ratio 4:5:6. How long
is the longest piece?

Answer: 30 m

Clincher questions

1.) What is the 20th odd counting number?

Answer: 39

2.) To what exponent should 2 be raised to give a value of 512?

Answer: 9

3.) How many multiples of 12 are there between 200 and 290?

Answer: 8

Do-Or-Die questions
1.) How many digits are printed by a printer that prints all the whole numbers
1 to 728 inclusive?
Answer: 2076