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Course Outline for Supply Chain Strategy

2nd Year PGP Elective

Instructor's Name: Prof. R Sridharan

Contact Email for this course:


Within global marketplaces a well executed supply chain strategy creates value for the
organization. The major emphasis is placed upon the importance of strategic thinking and
applying strategic decision making to various elements of managing a supply chain such as
network planning, procurement and outsourcing, supply chain design and integration, global
risk management strategies and customer value. The course will also look at strategic
importance of information, pricing and e-commerce vis-a-vis supply chains. Students will
have the opportunity to gain essential knowledge, problem-solving skills, and engage in
collaborative techniques that are critical to defining strategy.


The primary objective of the course will be to enable students to develop a strategic
perspective in decision making on various aspects of managing a supply chain. At the
completion of this course a student will be able to relate the strategic role of supply chain
networks; recognize and assess the strategic importance of supply chain integration;
formulate and develop procurement and outsourcing strategies; and identify the value of
ethical, social and cultural perspectives when operating within global marketplaces.

Teaching Material

The course will primarily use material from the following prescribed text book:

David Simchi-Levi, Philip Kaminsky, Edith Simchi-Levi and Ravi Shankar (2008),
Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies and Case Studies, 3rd
edition, McGraw-Hill (India), ISBN (13 digit): 978-0-07-066698-6


OM & QM Foundational courses.

Relationship to Other Courses

Likely to utilize knowledge from and build on other OM & QM courses.


Component Weightage (%)

Case Study Presentation (Group) 15
Case Study Report (Group) 25
Test 1 30
Test 2 30

Session Plan

Sessions Topic Readings Case Studies

1 Introduction Chapter 1 of Text Meditech Surgicals,
pages 18-25 of text.
2&3 Supply Network Planning Chapter 3 of Text H.C.Starck, Inc.
Strategy pages 109-121 of
4&5 Supply Chain Integration Chapter 6 of Text Dell Inc.: Improving
Strategies the Flexibility of the
Desktop PC Supply
Chain, pages 179-
187 of text.
6 &7 Procurement and Chapter 9 of Text Solectron: From
Outsourcing Strategies Contract
Manufacturer to
Global Supply
Chain Integrator,
pages 295-308 of
8 Global Logistics and Risk Chapter 10 of Text Wal-Mart Changes
Management Strategy Tactics to Meet
International Tastes,
pages 309-311 of
9 Supply Chain Design Chapter 11 of Text Hewlett-Packard
Company: Network
Printer Design for
Universality, pages
358-363 of text.
10 Customer Value & Review Chapter 12 of Text No Case Study