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Global Markets Group


Global Markets
Hybrids Index Trading and Structuring

Junior Analysts/Analysts
J.P. Morgan’s Global Markets Group (GMG) in Mumbai was set up in 2013 as an extension of the Firm’s global markets teams
around the world. GMG is a fast growing team covering multiple asset classes across geographies. GMG provides in-depth
knowledge that is behind our Investment Banking, Structuring, Sales & Trading and Research businesses around the globe.
Deeply integrated with our Investment Banking business, the team facilitates deals and transactions by providing vital
research and insight.

The Hybrids Index team in Mumbai will be part of the Tradable Indices team based in Asia-Pacific, London and New York. The
work involves creation and development of new tradable assets, on which J. P. Morgan can write derivatives – either directly
to clients or via notes or funds. The key responsibilities of the team include backtesting and analysis of new proprietary
strategies, structuring and pricing of derivative products, making marketing material and legal documents etc. The class of
products includes Equities/Rates/FX/Alternatives/Commodities with the prime focus being in Fixed Income/Rates.

The Junior Analyst / Analysts’ main responsibilities will include:

a) Index maintenance: Calculation and Publication/reconciling of J.P. Morgan proprietary indices, automation of
calculation and publication, error correction, monitoring signal generation and periodic rebalancing of underlying
b) Index documentation: Making marketing material like Product Factsheets and Pitchbooks, preparing legal docs
(term sheets, time-lines and approval documents), updating periodic performance reports and presentations.
c) New product development: Implementing new ideas that team generates, devising/improvising on new product
strategies, building models in excel, back-testing of strategies, reconciling back-tests prepared in parallel.
d) Product pricing: Devise and provide pricing on derivative product structures using internal pricing models as per
the client requirements.

Overall, the candidate will need to work closely with derivative structuring teams in Asia-Pacific and/or London and/or New
York and will need to be proactive to improve desk efficiencies, access and learn J. P. Morgan’s highly sophisticated solutions.
The premise of the work is to come up with ideas for identifying and using latent market opportunities to cater to needs of
clients and customize the risk return profile as per their needs.

Essential Skills:
, VBA and any object oriented programming language (specifically Python)
Advanced user of MS Office suite, including Word and PowerPoint
– indices, futures and options
, Fixed Income or Commodities

-location set up

Ideal candidates for these positions would be a graduate/post-graduate from a premier college or institute. An engineering or
mathematics background will be most suitable. Relevant experience in the field of derivative structuring/marketing will be
given preference.
J.P. Morgan’s Global Markets Group (GMG) provides a challenging work environment and excellent opportunities to learn and
grow both at the GMG and in the Firm’s global network.

Interested applicants could e-mail their CV to Joyce ( or Snehankita