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Tariff Choice Form – Nirvana Plan

Plan Details Nirvana Value Plans Nirvana Advantage Plan

Rental 389 499 649 999 1299 1699 1999 2999
Free Voice (L+N) UL UL UL UL UL UL UL UL
Free SMS (L+N) 100/Day
National Roaming IC Free IC/OG Free
Free Data (4G/3G/2G) 10 GB 30 GB 45 GB 70 GB 85 GB 110 GB 135 GB 220 GB
Family Benefit – Rental Discount for Primary & Add on Rental discount of 20%
Family Benefit – Pooled Data Benefit for Primary & Add on
10GB for 1 Primary +upto 2 Add on, 20 GB for 1 Primary+ >2 Add on
Free ISD Mins (USA, Cananda, Hongkong,
NA NA NA NA 100 200
Malaysia,Singapore, Thailand)
Data Roll over Upto 200 GB Upto 500 GB
Free Subscription
Idea Phone Secure NA Free Subscription for 4 Months
for 12 Months
Idea Apps Free Subscription to Idea Music, Idea Movies & TV, Idea Games App for 12 Months
Free Subscription
Idea News & Magazine NA Free Subscription for 4 Months
for 12 Months
Family Connect Free Subscription for 1 Months
Child Secure Free Subscription
Smart Alerts Free Subscription for 3 Months
Family Tunes Rs. 20/Monthly

Call Charges (Local/STD) - Rs./Min 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Call Charges Video (Local/STD) - P/Sec 2P/Sec
ISD (Rs. Per Min) Visit for latest tariff
National Roaming Tariff (Rs./Min) Outgoing (Local/STD) 0.80/1.15 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
National Roaming Video Call Tariff (Ps/Sec) All Calls 5P/Sec
SMS (Rs/SMS) (local/National/International) 1/1.5/5
Roaming SMS (Rs./SMS)(local/National/International) 0.25/0.38/5
Data Tariff - Home/Roam 1Ps/105 KB
Security Deposit Rs. 300
Please tick to Choose

# TnC Apply
^The bundled benefits are available only in case the usage is on Home Network . Plan Rental & Benefits are Prorated for all months. Unlimited calls include calls to Mobile and Landline

Terms & Conditions:

Activation Charges / Enrolment fees if any is non-refundable, in case customer’s credit verification is found negative • For new subscribers the plan / pack will be effective
from the date of activation & in event of plan / pack change / addition the rental, tariff benefits will be effective immediately once the request is updated in our billing system
on number being in active status & benefits / charging will be prorated/ non prorated, depending on the pack opted •In case any add-on pack is activated with your existing
plan, the add-on pack will remain active, if available with the new plan opted & the inbuilt benefit of the new plan will not be applicable. The add-on pack/packs can be
deactivated while plan change request • No change in tariff of ISD in case of per second pulse plans • All the tariff plans are subject to TRAI and / or other regulatory body
approval & may need to be modified, changed or discontinued based on the guidelines received from time to time with due information • STD / National Roaming / Data
services will be provided as a by default feature for new activations & charged as per the plan opted • Voice calls / Content Download / SMS made to special/application
numbers will be charged as applicable • Goods & Service tax (GST) & additional tax in case any will be charged extra as applicable • Idea reserves the right to modify, change
or discontinue any plans / promotional offers with prior notice • Accuracy of measurement of time is 1 millisecond. Call duration is rounded upwards if it is equal or more than
1 millisecond • In case the call is forwarded to any other number than the benefits of CUG, Friends & Family will not be available & the charging would be as per the base
tariff plan • For benefit associated to the plans is applicable in home network excluding VAS • The roaming tariffs / benefits are applicable only when latched to IDEA Network
• The SMS charges will be levied as 160 characters per SMS including spaces • In case you acquire any new connection / add-on connection under the existing billing account
number, the roaming tariff / benefits of all the existing numbers in the billing account will be changed as per the new tariff plan opted & the same will occur in case any mobile
connection of the same billing account opts for a bill plan change • Customers can avail International Roaming at a one-time refundable deposit of Rs. 1000 & The rental of
International Roaming would be charged @Rs. 149 Per month • For details of ISD & Roaming Tariffs / Countries / Blackout Days / VAS / Pack details & any other details please
visit our website • Company reserves the right to withdraw / alter / change /modify any or all plans/services after the subscriber has completed 180
days or 6 months or more on that particular plan with prior notice to the subscriber and within the realm of TRAI Regulations/Directives .• Mobile to Mobile STD will be a basic
feature with your mobile connection & can be dialed without prefixes i.e. 0, +91, 091, etc. • Maximum no of free sms limit upto only 3000 per month. GPRS usages is rounded
up by 0.1MB in data packs. Post SIM Upgrade from Normal to USIM, 4G feature will be provided as a by default feature on your handset. 4G Network / Speed will be
dependent on the Handset Model i.e. 1800 MHz with Band 3. These plans are meant only for the use of retail customers and are not meant for commercial/ non-retail use.
Commercial/ non-retail usage is defined as calls to more than 300 unique numbers during any period of 7 consecutive days in a bill cycle and cumulative duration of incoming
calls less than 15 minutes during any period of 7 consecutive days in a bill cycle. If your use is determined by Idea to fall within commercial/ non-retail use, then any usage
beyond 5000 Minutes will be charged at 50p/min. • Only Plan’s inbuilt data if unused would be carried forward .• Maximum of 6 (1 Primary+ 5 Family Add on) connections
with a single bill in the name of primary customer. .• Refer My idea app for subscription charges post free subscription benefit. .• For family benefit, all numbers needs to be in
Idea Nirvana Plan. .• Family pool data benefit would increase or decrease based on the number of family add on connections.
Declaration by the subscriber (To be filled by subscriber) I have understood & hereby accept the terms & conditions related to tariff plans & optional features mentioned
above / overleaf with full knowledge of the same.

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Date: Signature:

Idea Cellular Limited, 139-140, Electronic Complex, Indore – 452 010 • General Information Number 12345, Customer Care Number: 198 (toll-free) • Website: