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Launch Plan 
Capital Region, New York 





Table of Contents 
Beginning with the End in Mind 

Why The Capital Region Needs Another Church Vision 



VAST Code 

Launch Day Goal 

Developing Prayer Partners 

Developing the Launch Team 

Location, Location, Location 

Budget and Funding Plan 

Marketing and Outreach Strategy 

The VAST Church Experience 

Church Planting Timeline. 

Governance and Stages of Growth Measurement and Incremental 

Operations Management Timeline 


Beginning With the End in Mind 
28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and 
estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the 
foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30 saying, 
‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’ 

Luke 14:28-30 

We believe that in the beginning, God’s creation was good. Humanity was created to 
be in community with God and each other. But through our own mistakes, darkness and 
evil entered into the story and are now a part of the world. This devastating event led to 
our relationships with God, ourselves, and others being fragmented — a shadow of what 
they were meant to be — and in desperate need of redeeming. 

We believe Jesus’ path of suffering, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection brings 
life to all of creation. Jesus is our only hope for returning to a peaceful relationship between 
God and humanity. Through Jesus, we have been forgiven, and restored to full community 
with God. Because of this, God is now likewise restoring us to each other, and ourselves. 
Jesus calls for his followers, his church, to be a blessing to the rest of the world. Through his 
spirit, God fills us with gifts, guides, comforts, counsels, and directs the church to be an 
expression of himself in the world. 

We believe the church, when functioning as God intends, is the hope of the world. 
We believe the church should be a breath of fresh air as Jesus was, instead of oppressive as 
the empires which fought against him. We believe God blesses the church so that we in 
turn can bless others. The church is a global movement following Jesus’ example. Through 
love, peace, sacrifice, and healing we embody the resurrected Christ–who lives in us and 
through us–to a broken and hurting world. 

We believe there will be a day when injustice no longer exists, and all things will be 
restored to God’s original desires. Jesus will return to his creation, and God will rule forever. 
All of creation’s pain will disappear, and God will live among us in a restored world. On that 
day there will be no more oppression, no more violence, there will be no more death, and 
God will wipe away all our tears. Our relationships with God, others, and ourselves will be 
whole. All will finally be as God intends.This is what we long for, hope for, and why we are 
giving our lives to live out that future reality, now. 

Why Does Metropolitan Albany Need 

Another Church? 
The simple answer is that the job is not finished. Nearly 1,170,483 people live in 
Albany Metro Area, including over 50,000 college students. A study done by BARNA 
Research Group in 2016 revealed Albany/Schenectady/Troy is Number 1 least Bible-Minded 
Area in the U.S. Additionally the Capital Region is also Number 3 most post Christian areas, 
Number 8 Churchless areas, and Number 10 most unChurched Areas in America. There 
isn’t just a need for 1 more church to be planted this calls for a movement and revival of 
multiple church planters and the church as a whole to rise up for Upstate New York. 

The better answer is that God is calling us to plant a “Life-Giving Church Planting 
Movement.” I believe God calls us to plant new churches because each one reaches 
different people. God creates unique people so why shouldn’t he create unique churches to 
reach his creation. God has been preparing my wife, Lisa, and I to plant a unique church 
that will reach people in the Capital Region that no one else is reaching. Lisa and I are 
equally assured of God’s direction to build for his Kingdom in The Capital Region (Albany 
area) and of the vision he has placed in our hearts for the church we should strive to 
create. When God is calling us to this task and equipping us with the resources to 
accomplish the mission how can we say no? 


In May 2017 I picked up a side job driving Uber to pick up some extra money. Day 
after day I would drive around the Capital Region of New York and Pray. As time would past 
my heart would come alive driving around this region. A voice had grown from a whisper to 
a shout Proclaiming ”This is what’s next. This is where you are to go. This area needs to 
know God’s love. This area need to know God’s heart.” I knew this vision wasn’t mine. This 
had to be divine. 

I soon learned that the Capital Region is the least Bible-Minded region in America. I 
began to think what a life without my bible would be like. I couldn't imagine not having the 
wisdom, strength, hope, love, and peace that it has brought me. A book that has radically 
changed every part of me. This book has given me true purpose to live my life. How could a 
person live without believing and reading the greatest book to exist? The more I prayed 
and continued driving, the more I learned about the region. I was then I knew in my heart 
something had to be done. God had spoken and said to start this movement called VAST 
Church. A church VAST im love and generosity. A church so VAST in influence the whole 
world will knows how VAST the love of Jesus is. 

  We believe that God is sending us to plant not just 1 church but to see many 
locations planted all over the capital region of new york and beyond.VAST will be a church 
that helps people find their true purpose in life. A place where they can find true answers 
to why they exist and are alive. VAST will be a place where people don’t have to be perfect 
to belong. It will be a church where people can find true genuine relationships and 
encounter real people and do life together. 

A church so in love with Jesus and so filled by his spirit it will do whatever it takes to 
share him with the world. A people who model Christ with their lives in such a way that it 
attracts everyone they meet. We see a church that is radically committed to taking the 
message of hope beyond the walls of the church to the hopeless and helpless that have yet 
to hear of this life changing love. I see a church where lost people are found. Where sick 
people are healed, And hurting hearts are restored. VAST will Be a church that never stops 
going, never stops growing, and will never stay content until the whole world knows of this 
love. I see a church that leads history changing generosity that impacts New York's story for 
all time to come. 

  A church that is crazy enough to try to out give God with their time, talent, and 
treasure but fails miserably every single time. The church I see Is one where everyone 
brings their best. A church with a focus on excellence, honor, and hard work. I pray that this 
church would be a light that shines so bright, and make such an impact, that all the world 
would stop to watch and see. A church with a power that is so real and life changing. They 
would see signs and wonders that only a real God could do and explain. Where JESUS is 
famous, the bible is the basis, and this radical reckless love leads their lives. 

  I truly am not deserving or qualified for what is to come from VAST. I am though, 
willing to say yes and trust that voice. I am choosing to believe in all he is going to do and 
stick to what he has Promised. This isn’t about a church, a pastor, or a name. This is all 
about one. The one person that has yet to hear of the VAST love Jesus.  

This movement will take a VAST amount of people, a VAST amount of money, and a 
VAST amount of prayer. So I ask you what is your part in this movement? What is your part 
in this vision? What is God putting on your heart? Don’t wait… act now…and take your next 
step in this VAST story. 


With a vision for a church in our hearts, we began to create structure that would 
make the vision a reality. It was clear that we wanted a simple yet an amazing mission that 
people could devote their lives to accomplishing, a mission that aligns with God’s heart for 
the people of Upstate New York and beyond: 

“Saturate Upstate with the VAST love of Jesus!” 

VAST church exists to lead people to the incredible life that God offers us through 
Jesus Christ in all areas of life. We believe that the life God gives starts with a relationship 
with Him, but flows into finances, relationships, careers, parenting, and every other area 
possible. As we are saturated in our relationship with Jesus, every area of our lives will 
begin to become Saturated. As we are transformed, the world will be transformed by how 
we live and what we do. 

VAST hopes to accomplish the mission by leading people to Jesus in three ways: 

1. The VAST Experience  

2. 1st Wednesday Prayer  

3. Small Groups 



We believe each of these values must be present in a life-giving church. The 8 core 
values we hold at VAST are: 

1. Empowering Leadership – Helping people do what God wants them to do.

2. Gift Oriented Ministry – Helping people learn and function in the gifts God has 
given them. The idea here is that people shouldn’t serve where they don’t 
This allows the church to be shaped by the gifts God has placed in the 
Church. For 
example, if no one likes kids there would be no kids ministry.  

3. Passionate Spirituality – Faith is lived out with commitment, fire, and enthusiasm. 

We don’t have to do it, we get to do it!  

4. Functional Structures – Kill what is not producing or working. Stop doing what 

does not work or does not fulfill the VAST vision.  

5. Inspiring Worship – The key is to understand inspiring as it is used here. When 

people are asked what inspiring means they say, “fun.” It does not matter what style 
is used (whether liturgical or contemporary), the difference between uninspiring and 
inspiring is whether people walk away and say they had fun.  

6. Holistic Community – Meets the needs of everyday life in smaller group settings. 
Touching people’s lives where they are. Holistic community is when people find 
community, people find practical help, and have spiritual interaction.  

7. Incarnational Evangelism – need-oriented evangelism. Reaching people where 

they are! Celebrating missions. Celebrating transformed lives!  

8. Loving relationships – Unfeigned, practical love endows a church with a much 

greater magnetic power than all the marketing efforts of this world. Are people 
getting together without the church putting them together?  





Launch Day Goal 

Because of statistical realities regarding church growth in America we want to be 
realistic in our goals as well as strategic. 

VAST has set a goal of 400 people in attendance on launch Sunday, September 18th, 2019. 

Statistics state that 80% of church plants that start with less than 100 people will fail. 
Therefore we do not want a goal that is too low. 

For various reasons the vast majority of churches who have less than 200 people in 
attendance will struggle for many years to reach and surpass the 200 person barrier. Most 
churches do not grow past this barrier. Therefore it seems beneficial to reach or surpass 
that barrier on day one. 

Launch expert’s state that the number of people on the day of the launch will be 
reduced by half in two weeks. The number in attendance after two weeks is what can be 
expected as the base level of the church. By targeting 400 people on the day of the launch 
we can expect a base level attendance of 200. With the goal of 400 people in attendance on 
the day of the launch, VAST is positioning itself to be in the minimum best strategic 
situation for future growth. 

The following is the plan of how we hope to achieve this goal... 


Developing Prayer Partners 

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the 
city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” 

- Psalm 127:1 

A goal of 400 people on launch day is an achievable goal when you consider that 
with God nothing is impossible. We believe we must begin to petition God to fight our 
battles for us to make this dream a reality. It is essential that VAST will win the war in the 
spiritual before it attempts to win in the natural. 

When we want territory we must defeat kings. In Joshua chapter 1, God commands 
Joshua to be bold and courageous and promised that everywhere Joshua set his foot God 
would give it to him. Yet Joshua had to go to war to take the land. It’s not easy to take land. 
By chapter 13 Joshua had defeated 31 kings. If we are to take possession of the dream that 
God has placed in our hearts it will require spiritual victory before we can see natural 

1. The first step in accomplishing the goal is to create a culture of prayer at VAST. We 
have enlisted a minimum of 25 intercessory prayer partners and continue to
out more.  

2. Each member of the launch team will spend one day each week in prayer and 

fasting for The Capital Region of New York.  

3. We will keep the intercessory team updated using social media and e-mail with 
prayer needs specific to each step of the process so they can pray with us to 
overcome the amazing challenges of launching a church.  

We must have God’s blessing before we do any of the following steps or they simply will 
not work! 



Developing the Launch Team 
Teamwork makes the dream work. In order to reach our goal of 400 people we have to put 
together a fantastic Launch Team. 

We will build a contact list of every person we know in The Capital Region and meet with 
each person on the list to recruit them for the launch team. 

At each meeting we are looking for people with the following:

1. Potential value ‒ they have undeveloped abilities.

2. Positive value ‒ they raise the morale of you or the church.

3. Personal value ‒ we have a “divine flow” connection with them. 

4. Production value ‒ they can get things done. 


Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making 

something extraordinary happen. People don’t want to be told what to do; they want to 
contribute. Here is what the leadership of VAST can do to accomplish this task. 

1. Have integrity and model the way. People first follow the person‒then the plan.  

2. Communicate the vision. Envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling 
possibilities then find those who will listen to and share your dream.  

3. Allow them to challenge the process (not the vision). Encourage people to step 
and have new ideas. 
4. Let leaders lead. Build teams and empower people.  

5. Create an atmosphere of encouragement. Recognize contributions and celebrate 

The minimum number of members on the Launch Team to properly staff a church of 400 
people is 40 adults. 

Every member of the Launch Team will participate in our Next Classes. In this newcomer 
class each team member will discover their gifts and learn the discipleship approach of 
VAST LAUNCH prior to the launch. 

Post launch each of these teams will no longer serve as the Launch Team and they will 
function under the heading of VAST Teams. Each team will meet as a small group once a 
month for fellowship, training, and spiritual growth. 





Location, Location, Location 
In order to have a successful launch it is extremely important to find a great location. It is 
critical that we find a location that meets the following criteria: 

1. Visibility–people need to know where it is and be able to find the church.  

2.Accessibility–the location needs to have parking and egress.  

3.Size – the size of the room can be too small or too big. It has to be able to create critical 
mass in the room dynamic.  

4.Cost–stay away from permanent situations, and look for a location that is 35% or less of 
the budget.  

5.Potential for growth – will this building allow us to grow?  

When a location or venue is found, we will then observe three other church planters in a 
similar venue to discover the best utilization practices of the location. 

Once we launch multiple portable locations over the next 5 years we can begin to 
discover our process for revamping facilities. The dream is to partner with existing dying 
churches all over upstate New York. We have seen the new trend coming of Rebirthing old 
congregations all over the united state. We Believe we will be positioned to take on existing 
churches and relaunch their facilities into life giving churches again.  






Marketing and Outreach Strategy 
A marketing strategy is a plan for reaching pre-believers with the Gospel message.  
VAST church has adopted a 5 stage strategy to accomplish the mission: 

1. Awareness– We are going to ensure that every single person in the surrounding Zip 
Codes will be reached and is aware that VAST CHURCH is coming to The Capital 
Area. This will be done through radio advertising, direct mailers, door knockers, yard 
signs, invite cards, street team events, and more! 
2. Connection– We are going to connect with at least 5,000 people in the same zip 
codes by canvassing door to door, prayer walks, and community fundraising events. 
Every person we meet will have their name recorded and submitted to the prayer 
3. Relationship– We are going to build
 relationships with 2,000 people in Capital 
Region area by intentionally fostering
 multiple contacts with the people we
with on a daily basis. The goal of 
relationship is to build true community and
the right to spiritually invest in lives. This
 will be accomplished through the use of
social media such as e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Vimeo, and YouTube. Each 
member of the Launch Team will be equipped with social media kits to connect 
within their circle of influence. Relationship does not begin with social media but it 
can be tracked and maintained through the use of social media. It is critical to reach 
2000 relationships because for every 5 personal invitations to attend VAST there will 
be one affirmative response allowing us to reach our goal of 400 people in 
September, 2018. With a Launch Team of 56 this will require 36 personal invitations 
per team member.

4. Discipleship – Discipleship should and can occur prior to Evangelism. If we have 
properly built relationships we will be able to find opportunities to positively 
influence people on a spiritual level. The goal is to move people one step closer to 
Jesus. This is often done through service and loving conversation regarding spiritual 
truth. Each member of the Launch Team will be challenged to identify 8 people they 
are intentionally leading to Jesus and into a deeper relationship with Him. Again this 
will allow for the potential of 400 people in attendance on Launch Sunday. 

5. Evangelism–The natural result of intentional spiritual engagement /discipleship is 
connection to Jesus! Discipleship cannot help but end in relationship with Jesus. It is 
not the goal of VAST to reach the churched. It is our goal to reach pre-believers and 
see their lives transformed by Jesus! 




The VAST Experience 

At VAST we understand the lasting nature of first impressions and that people matter. 
From the second they enter our parking lot, guests begin making impressions about our 
ministry. Most people make a decision about what church they are going to be apart of 
within the first 10 minutes of attending a church. This starts as soon as they pull into the 
parking lot. We must WIN our guests within the first ten minutes. 
The VAST Experience (TVE) is the first touch point and beginning of the VAST Experience. 
VAST does not expect to accomplish the mission through The VAST Experience alone. TVE is 
designed to accomplish the first portion of the mission statement by casting a wide net that 
will get those not yet apart of the #VASTLIFE involved. Because of this, TVE is just the first 
step toward transformation and must be able to deliver on the mission of leading people to 
Jesus but also serve as the engine that drives people through the rest of the #VASTLIFE 

Therefore TVE is committed to delivering 2 core GOALS with excellence. 

The VAST Experience Core GOALS: 

1. Creating Compelling Worship Services  


1) Relevant, doctrinally sound, life-giving messages through stories, testimonies, 

preaching, and creative multimedia.  

2) Rocking, Fun, Life giving worship music.  

3) Spiritual connection through worship, giving, communion, and prayer.  

4) Well-staffed, clean, safe, and fun kids environments *That New Car Smell.  

2. Intentional Connection

1) The Experience Host Team will give each attendee the VIP treatment 
2) Parking Hosts– Directing traffic (Cars and pedestrians) with a smile. 
3) Exterior Hosts– Welcome to VAST, Good morning, pointing toward entrance.  

4) Interior Hosts– Open doors, shaking Hands, identify guests, escort and provide 
map, assist with child check-in and extra bags for mothers, ensure everyone knows 
where to go and that they get there.  

5) VAST Café – provides free coffee and Snacks.  

6) NEXT Hosts – answers questions and inform about next steps in the #VASTLIFE plan.  

7) Weekly Guest Greeting during worship service. Will promote 3 Sunday 
NEXT, First Wednesday Prayer, and Welcome Parties.  

8) Weekly NEXT Environment – during the service guests will be encouraged to 
NEXT directly following service. NEXT will always inform each guest of the 
ways to get plugged in at VAST.  

9) Monthly Welcome Parties, Get to know the pastor, Get plugged in to small 
groups/Leaders, Vision and mission of the church. Get them signed up for the next 

10) First Wednesday Prayer Meetings- A separate environment where we will pray for 
the needs of the church that is placed on contact cards during the TVE. An 
environment for the operations and freedom of expressing the Gifts of the Spirit. 
This is an environment that lends more towards the insider. 



Governance and Stages of Growth  

It is the goal of VAST to have a Parent Church (PC) partnership that will allow VAST to 
become a Parent Affiliated Church (PAC). An exploration of the churches in New York with 
the assistance of the District Office will help to yield a willing Parent Church. We have 
achieved this goal and will be partnering with Two Rivers Church in Binghamton New York. 
Here are what the Steps to establishing a PC and PAC relationship are: 
1. Agree in principle with a PC for the general purpose and basic operational 
(See Appendix A – PAC Packet)  

2. Develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 

3. File a PAC charter with the General Council of the Assemblies of God (See 
Appendix A – 
PAC Packet)  

The critical element in the parent and PAC relationship is a properly defined MOU. In order 
to properly develop a MOU it is recommended that leadership from both the PC and PAC 
participate in a Clarification of Assumptions and Expectations Meeting. 

The participants should consist of the senior leader from the sending church, the senior 
leader of the site/church plant and an informed third party facilitator (NY District or Steve 
Pike – Director Church Multiplication Network) who can help the sender and the affiliate 
clarify their expectations and assumptions. A “scribe” or recording device should be utilized 
to capture the points of agreement as the expectations and assumptions are clarified. This 
meeting should take place very early on in the process...after the decision to move forward 
with the project has been made, but before any substantive actions have been taken to 
make the new plant a reality. There are at least four crucial categories of 
assumptions/expectations that should be explored. The facilitator can guide the 
participants through these categories and make sure that each category is thoroughly 

1. Money- 

  How much money is the parent church prepared to invest in the project?  

  How will the money be dispersed?  

  How will the site/plant be accountable to the parent church?  

2. Style- 

What will the ministry style of the new church/site be?  

  What forms of worship style are not acceptable to the sending church?  

  What about music styles?  

  Does the sending church expect the new church/site to be a clone or 
 omething very different?  

3. Governance- 


What will the relationship of the new church/site be to the sending church?  

  How will decisions be made?  

  How often should the leadership of the site/new church be in touch with the 

leadership of the sending church?  


  How may the leader of the new site/church interact with the members of the 
existing church?  

  Whom may the new site/church leader invite to be part of the launch team?  

  How should the site/plant leader communicate with the parent church 
 egarding guests who show up at the new location who typically attend the 

  How can the site/plant leader appeal for money and prayer from members of 
 he sending church? 
It is the desire of TRA that the Parent Church will assist in the following 

1.  Development of risk management policies.  

2. Development of personnel policy  

3. Insurance coverage under pre existing policy  

4. Accounting services  

5. Access to office Space and resources 

6. Shared information management systems  

7. Shared CCLI license and access too there memberships  

8. Accountability in finances, leadership , and time  

9. $1,500.00 per month in support  

10. Guarantee the CMN grant 

When VAST has reached predetermined milestones built into the MOU it will 
transition from a PAC to a General Council Affiliated church. As such VAST will need to 
apply for and meet the criteria to complete the following documents: 

1.  EIN Number – IRS Form SS - 4

2. State Sale Tax Exemption Number

3. VAST Church Checking Account

3. Self-Governing Constitution and Bylaws 

4. Articles of Incorporation 


As a General Council Affiliated church it will be the goal of VAST Church to re-invest 
the money and assistance from the Parent Church to plant a new church. VAST’s only 
expectation as a new PC being that the new PAC retain this goal for itself and any future 
churches it plants. 

Measurement and Incremental Improvement 

VAST will employ a process of continual measurement to create a culture of 

management by fact. The process of improvement is about creating rich soil for the seed – 
healthy environment for the delivery of the word. 

VAST will assess the following 7 categories annually. 

1. Prayer Focus

2. Leadership

3. Strategic Planning 

4. Workforce Focus 

5. Operations Focus 

6. Customer Focus 

7. Finances 

Each category will be measured and assessed to determine how well it is functioning 
to accomplish the 8 indicators of success (Life-Giving Characteristics of a church Adapted 
from Christian Schwartz – “ABC’s of natural church development”) 

a) Empowering Leadership – helping Christians to do what God wants 

them to do  

b) Gift Oriented Ministry – helping Christians to know and function in the 

gifts God gave them. The idea here is that people should not serve where 
they don’t 
belong. This allows the church to be shaped by the gifts God 

has placed in the 
Church. For example, if no one likes kids there would 
be no kids ministry.  

c) Passionate Spirituality – faith is lived out with commitment fire and 

We don’t have to do it, we get to do it!  

d) Functional Structures – kill what is not producing or working. Stop 

doing what 
does not work or does not fulfill the purpose.  

e) Inspiring Worship – the key is to understand inspiring as it is used here. 

people are asked what inspiring means they say, “fun.” It does not 
matter what style is used(whether liturgical or contemporary), the 
difference between uninspiring and inspiring is whether people walk 
away and say they had fun.  

f)  Holistic Community – meets the needs of everyday life in smaller group 
settings. Touching people’s lives where they are. Holistic community is 
when people find community, people find practical help, and have 
spiritual interaction.  

g) Incarnational Evangelism – need-oriented evangelism. Reaching people 

where they are! Celebrating missions. Celebrating transformed lives!  

h) Loving relationships – Unfeigned, practical love endows a church with a 

much greater magnetic power than all the marketing efforts of this 
world. Are people getting together without the church putting them 

As a new organization VAST will practice benchmarking to be sure we are keeping 

pace with basic expectations of healthy church plants. Sea Coast Community Church in 
South Carolina, a leader in multi-site growth, suggests the following formula for new 
campus growth expectations: 

1. Average yearly TSE attendance– Goal of 250 first year attendees  

2. Average yearly FIRST WEDNESDAY PRAYER attendance– 50% of total attendance  

3. Average weekly VAST group participation– 50% of total adult attendance  

4. Total number of VAST groups– Goal of 1 per 8 adults  

5. Believer’s baptisms – 10% of total adult attendance 
6. New comers attendance– 3%of total adult attendance per year. 
7. Average number of leaders being developed weekly- 5% of total adult attendance 
per year  

8. Average number of campus volunteers enlisted, trained, and deployed- 15% of total 
adult attendance per month 
9. Per person giving at the new campus– $1,000.00 
10. Plant and add at least 1 location every 2 years. Have a total of 10 at the end of 10 



Operations Management Timeline  

December 2018: 10 Months Out  
1. u

 pdate Prayer Partners
2. 2019 Sermon Series Development
3. Pac Mou Signed And Pac Charter Filed With Gc Of Ag 

January 2018: 9 Months Out 

1. Up Date Prayer Partners
2. 1st Prayer Walk With Prayer Partners
3. Recruit Launch Team

4. Begin Speaking Engagements

February 2018: 8 Months Out  

1. Update Prayer Partners  

2. Recruit Launch Team 
3. Continued Fundraising 
4. Continued Speaking Engagements  

5. Canvassing Area–spiritually Supportive Survey & Needs Assessment – Used 
generate Marketing Campaign  

6. New Church Planting Orientation (NYDMC Requirement) 
7. Location Search With Pc Leadership  

1. Move Into The Community 

● Find A Home, School, Job 

● Develop Relationship With Our Neighbors 
● Intentionally Engage With Our Community 
● Schools, City Hall, Etc. 
● Reference Our Area Profile Demographics For Specific Plan Of Attack 

2. Financial Administration 
● Incorporation 
● Get Financial Software (E.G. Quickbooks Or Dime-simple Serve) 
● Consider Hiring An Accountant To Establish Books And Procedures 
● Set Up A General Budget 
● Set Up A Spreadsheet For Tracking Income And Expenses 
● Fill Out Payroll Tax Forms 

3. Federal-level Legal & Corporate Actions 

● Contact Your Ag District/Network Office To Complete A New Church 
Open/Pac Form. 
● Determine A (Temporary) Board Of Directors 
● Obtain An Ein 
● Create Your Church Bylaws 

1. Begin Recruiting Launch Team Members 

Ask Potential Team Members: 
● Will You Be Part Of The Team? 
● Will You Commit Financially? 
● Who Else Do You Know In This Community Who Could Join? 
Ask Yourself: 
● Who’s Not On Your Team That Should Be? 
● Who’s Going To Ask Them? 
● When Are You/They Going To Ask Them? 
● What Did They Say? 
● When Do They Start? 
Create A Blueprint For Your Desired Launch Team Roles: 
● Youth Ministry 
● Kids Ministry 
● Worship Team 
● Creative Arts (Sound, Design, Tech, Marketing) 
● Hosts Team/First Impressions 
● Community/Small Group Leaders 
2. Marketing - Build Awareness In Your Community 
● Website Goes Live 
● Social Media Promotion Of Church Page 
● Google Ads For Website 
● Apply For Nonprofit Status With Usps For Future Mailers 
● Create And Publicize Calendar Of Events Leading To Church Launch 

3. Fundraising Strategy 
● Establish Fundraising Goal Based On 6-month Operating Budget 
● Clarify Giving Expectations For Launch Team 

4. Community Involvement 
● Host Your First Community Event 
● Host Monthly Interest Meetings 
● Join Chamber Of Commerce, Volunteer At Schools, Run A Benevolence 
● Create Relationships With Other Pastors And Churches Nearby 
5. Determine Our Top Five Venue Choices 
6. Up Date Prayer Partners 
7. Develop Logos, Letterhead, Sign Design.

8. Continue Fundraising Campaign

4. Establish A Prayer Team 
● It's Never Too Early To Have A Group Of People Regularly Praying For Your 
Community And For Your New Church Plant. Establish A Prayer Team And 
Keep In Contact With Them Regularly. 

5. Connect With Our Coaches 

● Meet With Coaches From Arc, Cmn, Next Level Coaching, Reach Northeast. 
6. Update Prayer Partners

7. Schedule Speaking Engagements In Ny

8.Continue Pc Affiliation Process

March 2018: 7 Months Out 

1. Update Prayer Partners

2. Prayer Walks
3. Location Search Narrowed And Negotiations Begin
4. Sermon Series Developed Applying Needs Assessment Data 
5. Recruit Launch Team
6. Continued Development Of Marketing Campaign 

April 2018: 6 Months Out “The Month Of Vision”

1. Update Prayer Partners 
2. Location Firmed And Architecture Designs Completed
3. Pick Out Furniture And Supplies.
4. Apply For Bgmc Speed The Light, And Discipleship Funding 
5. Trip 1 With Existing Leadership Team
6. Launch Team Meeting – Vision Casting, Dreaming,- The Church Will Look Like Us! 
7. Launch Team Meeting – Pledges For Vision
8. Launch Team Meeting – Spiritual Essentials
May 2018: 5 Months Out “The Month Of Discovery” 

1. Ramp Up Community Outreach 

● Get Involved In Community Projects 
● Cater To The Needs Of Your Community 

2. Establish Systems For Kids Ministry 

One Of The Most Important Factors In Whether A Family Will Attend Your Church Is 
Whether Or Not You Provide Programs For Their Kids. We Will Stay On Top Of Our 
Kids Ministry Program With Summer Outreach And Sunday School Curriculum. 

3. Create A Systems Checklist 

● Choose Your Church Management Database Provider 
● Figure Out Who Counts The Offering 
● Connection Cards - Follow Up 
● Background Checks For Volunteers To Work With Children And Youth 
● New Believer Follow Up 
● Volunteer Recruitment And Assimilation 
● Volunteer Roles 
● Outline Weekend Logistics 

4. Location 
● Clarify Expectations With Venue Owner 
● Obtain Liability Insurance (E.G. Corporate, Event And Property, On Storage 

5. Develop A Discipleship Growth Track 

● Write Lessons For The Membership Class 
● Begin Preparing Content For Discipleship And Leadership Classes 

6. Plan For Worship Ministry 

● Get Your Ccli License 
● Begin Having Worship Practices 
● Discover Songs And Download Sheet Music 

7. Finalize Design Of Marketing Package 

● Print Materials 
● Directional/Pathfinding Signage 
● Offering Envelopes And Buckets 
● Lanyards/T-shirts For Workers 
● Flyers, Connection Cards, Mailers, Signage 

8. Order Promotional Items For Launch Day 

9. Family And Marriage Health Check 

The Stress Of Preparing To Plant A Church Can Sneak Up On You. Take Time To 
Evaluate The Health Of Your Marriage And Family. If You Need To Take A Week 
Away To Recoup, Now Is The Time To Do So. 

10. Message Planning 

● Plan Sermons 6 Months Out From Launch 
● Develop Your Launch Day Message 


11. Follow Up With Strategic Partners For Funding/Resources 

● Create List Of Items Still To Be Purchased. Go To Potential Donors With 
Specifics On What You Need And How Much It Will Cost. 

12. Sound And Production 

● Purchase Pro Presenter For Slides And Videos 
● Purchase Sound System 
● Purchase Lighting 

13. Prayer And Fasting 

14 .Continue Leadership Development 

15. Marketing - Advertise Your Launch 

● Reformat Website To Reflect Launch Phase 
● Design And Order Swag Items 
○ T-shirts, Frisbees, Bumper Stickers, Magnets, Water Bottles, Coffee 
● Booth Displays And Banners For Information Center 
● Press Releases To Local News Stations 
● Posters 
● Approach Athletic Teams, Restaurants, Coffee Houses, Etc. 

16. Update Prayer Partners

17. Launch Team Meeting – Gifts Discovery
18. Launch Team Meeting – Transformation Team–dreaming Together
19. Launch Team Meeting – Outreach Strategy–what Do We Need To Do?
20. Trip 1 With Launch Team – Observing Life-giving Church Teams Observe The Ir 
21. Develop Creative Team
22. Apply For Cmn Funding
23. Apply For Arc Funding
24. Location Lease Finalized
25. Community Connection – Halloween Candy With Flyers

June 2018 4 Months Out “The Month Of Connection” 

1. Update Prayer Partners  

2. Marketing Campaign-direct Mail Lists Developed And Details Explored  

3. Launch Team Meeting – Holistic Community  

4. Trip 2 With Launch Team–observe And Participate With A Life – Giving Church Tts 

working In Their Area  

5. Launch Team Meeting – Loving Relationships  

6. Launch Team Meeting–incarnational Evangelism  

7. Community Connection–door To Door Food Drive With Flyer  

8. Location Build – Out Begins  


July 2018: 3 Months Out “The Month Of Adoration

1. Update Prayer Partners
2. Sermon Series Finalized
3. Launch Team Meeting – Prayer Zones 
4. Launch Team Meeting – Unplugged Worship Event 
5. Launch Team Meeting – Christmas Party
6. Community Connection–door To Door Food Drive With Flyer

August 2018 : 2 Months Out “The Month Of Empowerment” 

1. Update Prayer Partners 

2. Begin Purchasing Furniture And Supplies Using Checklist
3. Direct Mailer 1–january 11th
4. Launch Team Meeting–assess, Review ,And Improve
5. Launch Team Meeting–e4 Principle
6. Location Build–out Completed
7. Social Media Kits Given To Launch Team
prepare First Sermon Series 
● Sermon Notes 
● Propresenter Slides 
● Video Bumpers 
● Music And Countdown Clock 
● Video Announcements 
● Ect. 
9. Marketing - Build Excitement For Launch Day 
● Paid Social Media Campaigns On Facebook, Instagram 
● Hand Out Flyers 
● Mailers Sent Out 
● Yard Signs 
● Door Hangers 
● Run Local Google Ads Linking To Church Website 
● Hulu Ads 
● Pandora/Spotify Ads 
● Youtube Ads 
● Facebook Ads 
● Google Ads 

10. Assemble All Church Equipment 

11. Make Any Last-minute Small Purchases 

● Cables, Supplies, Mints, Cards, Offering Buckets, Toys, Etc. 
12. Launch Team 

● On-the-job Training 
● Celebrate Launch Team (Throw Them A Party) 
13. Create Launch Day Experience Guides 

September 2018:1 Month Out “The Month Of Realization”

1. Up Date Prayer Partners 

2. Pre Launch Service 2 Finalize Checklist Of Items

3. Direct Mailer 2  

4. Launch Team Meeting–pre Launch Service Assessment Review And Improve 

5. Pre Launch Service 3 

6. Direct Mailer 3  

7. Launch Service – September 18th 

1. Follow-up With All First Time Guests

October 2018 
1. Up Date Prayer Partners 

2. Easter Push 

November 2018 
1. Update Prayer Partners

2. Launch First Wednesdays 

December 2018 
1. Up Date Prayer Partners  

2. Measurement 

A) Customer Surveys (8 Life-giving Characteristics) Developed And Results Collected.  

B) Management Surveys (To Predict How Management Thinks We Did In Each Of The 8 
Areas) And Results Collected.  


January 2019 
1. Up Date Prayer Partners  

2. Leadership Retreat 

a) Spiritual Renewal (Prayer And Fasting One Week Prior To Retreat) 

B) Gap Analysis Of Current Systems Using Survey Data

C) Strategic Planning And Review Of 2018 Using Swot Analysis

D) Development Of Goals And Process Improvement Plan For 2019.  

February 2019 
1. Up Date Prayer Partners

2. Strategic Plans Finalized And Budget Process Begins. 

March 2019 
1. Update Prayer Partners

2. Budget Finalized And Approved For 2020.