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Does anyone have link to family medicine one? Thank you in advance.

Does anyone know where I can find the answers to family med form 2?

Family Medicine Form 1: The ones I got wrong. If it helps to put the correct answer below the image. I
have not gone over them.






key is made with the answers from the persons who took it online. I tried to make it as correct as
possible. The options with "??" i wrong/ answer unknown. So if someone does the form ONLINE and
finds it, kindly edit this file in google docs and update it with the right answers. Mention when you
_____________ Can someone direct to the answers for the other CMS forms or new facebook
#Updated: 7th March 2016
*note*DON’T remove these instructions. Psychiatry answers are according to the file uploaded by
Anum Aqs in CMS group’s Album. Rest are according to the drive’s ques
1. E 1.E 1.C 3:pediatrics 1.B 1.D
2. B 2.E 2.C NBME 4. 2.A 2.E
3. H 3.F 3.D 1.C 3.D 3.B
4. C 4.C 4.B 2.A 4.E 4.D
5. E 5.A 5.A 3​.D 5.B 5.B
6. C 6.E 6.D 4.B 6.A 6.F
7. D 7.E 7.D 5.A 7.C 7.A
8. D 8.E 8.D 6.A 8.F 8.E
9. C 9.D 9.H 7.A 9.B 9.A
10. B 10.L 10.B 8. D 10.E 10.D
11. D 11.A 11.K 9.A 11.C 11.A
12. D 12.C 12.D 10.F 12.C 12.B
13. ? 13.K 13.D 11.B 13.A 13.C
14. E 14.B 14.A 12.A 14.B 14.B
15. C 15.B 15.A 13.E 15.E 15.B
16. C 16.F 16.D 14.E 16.D 16.A
17. B 17.A 17.C 15.E 17.D 17.C
18. C 18.C 18.B 16.B 18.D 18.A
19. E 19.A 19.E 17.D 19.D 19.B
20.​ E 20.C 20.H 18.D 20.A 20.F
21. A 21.G 21.D 19.C 21.D 21.C
22. H 22.C 22.E 20.A 22.D 22.B
23. C 23.E 23.C 21.C 23.B 23.A
24. E 24.E 24.E 22.C 24.A 24.D
25. E 25.A 25.C 23.D 25.H 25.B
26. C 26.B 26.C 24.B 26.D 26.F
27. D 27.C 27.E 25.E 27.A 27.D
28. B 28.B 28.E 26.A 28.B 28.B
29. D 29.B 29.C 27.E 29.F 29.B
30. A 30.C 30.B 28.B 30.A 30.E
31. E 31.E 31.B 29.A 31.D` 31.D
32. D 32.A 32.D 30.D 32.E 32.A
33. E 33.E 33.A 31.A 33.E 33.C
34. Ba 34.E 34.C 32.B 34.E 34.C
35. B 35.D 35.D 33.C 35.E 35.C
36. E 36.E 36.B 34.C 36.B 36.F
37. A 37.E 37.D 35.C 37.A 37.D
38. A 38.B 38.A 36.E 38.D 38.C
39. A 39.E 39.B 37.C 39.E 39.H
40. C 40.C 40.D 38.D 40.D 40.F
41. A 41.D 41.C 39.C 41.B 41.E
42. E 42.C 42.C 40.D 42.E 42.A
43. E 43.D 43.A 41.D 43.E 43.C
44. E 44.G 44.E 42.B 44.E 44.I
45. H 45.K 45.E 43.C 45.B 45.C
46. B 46.D 46.C 44.H 46.G 46.A
47. A 47.C 47.C 45.E 47.A 47.D
48. A 48.A 48.C 46.A 48.D 48.D
49. J 49.E 49.B 47.E 49.C 49.E
50. F 50.E 50.A 48.A 50.C 50.C
CMS - IM #3

May 14, 2017

Q.13 E

Q.20- incorrect, i put that choice in and got it wrong

^ E is the correct answer

October 12, 2017

Q5. Can someone please clarify what the correct answer for this is? I originally got this question right,
and I am pretty sure I selected “E. Infection of the joint secondary to disseminated ​Neisseria

***November 15th 2017***

Only 50% synovial fluid from DGI is positive on gram stain. UpToDate… (E is correct
Q17. Can someone confirm the correct answer to this? All sources I have seen so far suggest that “B.
Acute urethral obstruction” is the correct answer.

*Q10 GYN: I think this case of irregular menses in an adolescent is probably due to immature
hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis leading to anovulatory cycles. 1st line of treatment here should be
Conjugated estrogen (refer to Uworld Q ID 2390) . any ideas?
- Secondary dysmenorrhea makes me think OCPs/cyclic progestins are best (B) because it’s
likely due to anovulation---
Q18 GYN: This case describes typical scenario of urge incontinence, The answer that goes well i think
is E, UTI causes irritative symptoms (urgency) Being menopausal is a risk factor for UTI. It’s definitely
not atonic bladder which will cause overflow incontinence and high residual volume
Answer is B. E is eliminated because Urine Cx was negative

Q20 GYN: I don’t know the answer to this one, it describes a case of urethral hypermobility. It’s
definitely not H (4th degree laceration; which means a laceration extending from vaginal mucosa till
rectal one !!!! )
H is confirmed to be right answer, which is Urethrocele

Q46 GYN C is Incorrect Mayo clinic says If the patient has Abdominal pain or SOB treatment is needed.
This patient had SOB. Mayo says treatment of polyhdramnios is drainage of excess fluid aka
amnioreduction. Multiple times if needed. Indomethecin can also be used but only after week 31. The
correct answer is E
Uptodate gives a weak recommendation to treat only if there is ​significant​ maternal discomfort.
She has mild difficulty breathing. Antenatal (karyotype) testing should always be offered for severe
polyhydramnios. Answer is C. t

● Q2 Surg: A. bacterial overgrowth- after tetracycline. Didn’t start right after surgery.

Q7 Surg: This patient has increased PCWP, which only occurs in cardiogenic shock (Myocardial
infarction) how could it be “A”??
TS: True .. ​
TS: So I am thinking that it might be E sepsis … fever >38 C, hypotension, cold and clammy
skin, etc. Let me know what you guys think...
-- I dont think sepsis, you would see warm extremities, and it would present later than 24 hours

Q10 Surg: Failed CST and IVIG in ITP with low platelets, isn’t it an indication for splenectomy ???
TS:--> i believe the answer is E as well.

Q11 surg) why is it not ectopic pregnancy ? ..

Q27 surg) I make a case for hiatal hernia because achalasia should have a high LES pressure.

Q37 surg: why is it not A(malignant hyperthermia) because of the generalized muscle rigidity .. fever,
confusion etc..

Ped Q13, isnt bilateral tanner 3 more concerning for underlying hormonal abnormality?

Q19 Peds - Was D (Cystic Fibrosis), but correct answer is C (CHD with R-L shunt)