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Build your own Riding Arena

DIY Arena Kits

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Prepare the site with appropriate falls and levels using a dual grade laser Based on a 20m x 40m arena, cut in 4 drainage channels the length of the
level. A tracking excavator is preferable to do this as it’s tracks spread the arena to a depth of 200mm ensuring the same falls and levels as the prepared
weight of the vehicle and it is less likely to compress the soil structure and so surface are achieved. At the lowest point extend 1 drainage channel to take
inhibit the natural drainage of the soil. water away from the arena and into a ditch, stream or soakaway.

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Lay Geo-textile woven membrane over the whole base and down into the Lay 100mm perforated drainage pipe into the drainage channels the length
prepared drainage channels, ensuring each length overlaps the previous by and width of the arena, joining as appropriate for a continuos flow. Join the
a good 100mm. Finally, seal all overlaps to keep the soil separate from the pipes into a larger pipe at the lowest point of the arena and route into your
drainage system. ditch, stream or soakaway. Back fill the drainage channels with clean limestone.
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Install fence posts, if required, at 2m centres around the arena. Fix retaining Lay the needle punched separator membrane ensuring each length overlaps
boards to fence posts and then lay a clean limestone base levelled with a the previous by a good 100mm, heat seal and secure to retaining boards.
dual grade laser level to a depth of approx. 75 - 100mm over the entire site. Alternatively, a harder wearing porous blinding layer (not supplied) can be
This should then be ideally rolled with a vibrating roller. put over the stone to create the barrier between the stone and the surface.

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Install fence rails and gate if required. Remember that for safety reasons, Lay sand and level with a dual grade laser level, bladed out to a depth of
the posts should be on the outside of the arena and sawn off flush with 100mm. Finally lay STARJTRAK® rubber, or your choice of surface, in small
the top rail. quantities and rake out by hand to a depth of 50mm over the arena.
Kits Include:
Full set of drawings
Geo-textile membrane
Drainage pipe
Fence posts
Retaining boards
Clean limestone Call for
Separator membrane latest prices
Fence rails 08700
Gate posts, gate and fittings
Fine silica sand
615 977
(Quantities calculated to complete a
arena to your specified size. Alternative
sands and surfaces available.)

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