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February 8, 2018 For more information contact:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gregg Peppin – 612.209.9351


Goal to make Minnesota the leader in health care innovation once again

Republican candidate for Governor Mary Giuliani Stephens today announced the formation of
a 12-member Health Care Advisory Cabinet (HCAC) tasked with providing her campaign with
consumer-friendly, workable ideas for health care redesign in Minnesota.

“Health care in Minnesota faces enormous challenges,” said Mary Giuliani Stephens. “As
Governor, my healthcare initiatives will be focused on improved access, pricing transparency
and the unique needs of individual patients. I want to once again make Minnesota the leader
in the delivery of quality care and innovation. This means receiving wise counsel from
experienced individuals.”

The Cabinet members represent multiple healthcare fields, and each brings practical, hands-
on experience to the reform discussion.

The HCAC will be led by veteran healthcare researcher, writer, and author Dave Racer of St.
Paul. Racer has authored or co-authored 18 books on healthcare, is a member of the GOP
Healthcare Task Force, and the Minnesota Physician-Patient Alliance. “Dave will collect and
organize input from the public and cabinet members to help shape a patient-centered
healthcare plan to redesign how we deliver and pay for care,” Stephens explained.

Other members of the HCAC, and their field of specialization include:

Greg Dattilo – Employers

Jeanne Ennen – Rural Healthcare
Matt Flanders – Public Policy
Carmen Johnson – Consumer
Lee Kurisko, MD – Physician
Heidi Mathson – Insurance Agent
Richard W. Olson – Long-Term Care/Senior Living
Tom Schmidt, DC – Insurance Executive
Doug Smith, MD – Physician
Ryan Wilson – Medical Technology
Greg Zdechlik -- Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve asked the Cabinet to produce comprehensive, easily understood, and workable ideas
that can result in public/private actions to redesign medical and mental health care,” Giuliani
Stephens said. “Its conclusions and ideas will address how Minnesota state government
either advances or impedes a necessary system redesign. As Governor I plan to hit the
ground running with ideas to once again put patients at the center of healthcare,” she stated.

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