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February 2, 2018

Honorable Clay Jenkins

411 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas 75202

Dear Judge Jenkins,

As usual, you are behind the curve, so please allow me the privilege of bringing you up to speed. I must say,
parenthetically, that if you didn't have one of the poorest attendance records on the Board, you would realize
that the discussion you inquired about occurred at Letot, in your absence and that the discussion was not a part
of the minutes.

Secondly, your questionable practice of having a surrogate do what you are supposedly elected to do; is
problematic for me. It was apparent that during budget and even the discussion with the Medlock incidents, that
you were not aware that policies had been violated. None of us can uphold standards or policies that we neither
craft nor understand.

'- . am woefully cognizant that you do everything for the sake of political expediency and posturing without
regard to the harm it may do from a governance standpoint. You constantly play "footsies" with the press pool,
violate every tenet and protocol of our committee system by appointing your friends, and have allowed your
appetite for notoriety to impale the image of this institution.

Please understand that I do not expect anyone to commit themselves to the level that I do. What I do expect is
that as a fellow member of the Commissioner's Court and a taxpayer, is that you will pay more than lip service
to the fidelity and furtherance of Dallas County.

After the dismal and devastating past year that we've witnessed in the Juvenile Department, I would expect you
to adjust your interests and intensity in accordance to the obvious urgency. The issues and perils that are in our
midst don't merely menace this institution; it threatens lives and livelihoods, families and our future.

cc: Judge Cheryl Lee Shannon, Judge Ken Molberg, Judge Amber Givens-Davis, Paula J. Miller
;ommunity Representative, Judge Andrea D. Plumlee, Judge Andrea Martin, Judge Craig Smith.

Administrative Office: 411 Elm Street, 2nd Floor Dallas, TX 75202 (214) 653-6671
District Office: 1506 Langdon Road Dallas, TX 75241 (972) 225-2378