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FRP grating system

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There is a special grating for
each location
The grating type that should be used in a
determined location depends on the spans to
be covered, the weights to bear, the special
characteristics of corrosion and others, like
fire resistance need .

CME offers a type of grating for each


CME gratings are manufactured with poliester or vinyl

ester resins depending on the corrosive environment, and
phenolic resin when a greater fire resistance is needed
without toxic gas emissions if an accidental fire occurs.

There are gratings with different pultruded shapes for a

wide range of combinations of loads and spans. And
molded gratings for no so severe conditions

CME Molded Grating CME Pultruded T Profile

PIM 38 38 38 38 mm 35 X 35 mm 1000 X 2000 mm
PI 32 20 32 mm 20% flexible
PIM 38 38 32 32 mm 35X 35 mm 1000 X 2000 mm
PIM 38 38 25 25 mm 35 X 35 mm 1000 X 2000 mm PI 32 30 32 mm 30% flexible

PIM 40 40 32 32 mm 40 X 40 mm 1000 X 1000 mm PI 32 40 32 mm 40% flexible

PIM 100 20 32 32 mm 100 X 20 mm 1200 X 1500 mm PI 32 50 32 mm 50% flexible

CME Pultruded I Profile

CODE THICKNESS Distance bet- sizes
ween shapes Molded steps
PIR 25 32 25 mm 32 mm flexible
PIR 25 38 38 mm Depth 265 mm
Thickness 32 mm
PIR 32 32 32 mm 32 mm flexible
PIR 32 38 38 mm Variable sizes up to 1200 mm.
PIR 38 32 38 mm 32 mm flexible
PIR 38 38 38 mm
Molded grating
Normal use and very adaptable

The molded gratings, size 1000 mm x

2000 mm with 38 x38 mm grid and 25,
32 y 38 mm thick, are adaptable to any
place adjusting the edges to requirements
or drilling wholes to let piping or
columns go through. If the continuous
edge is gone, once the grating is adjusted
to size the grating maintains its properties

It is the most convenient solution to keep grating

in stock in order to have always available for
urgent replacements.

They are also produced in 1000 x 1000mm size

with 40 x 40 grid and 32 mm thick

There is no need to have exact

plotting as adjustments can be
made during installation

The grating adjustments are very

easy to make

For walkways we offer gratings with 100 x 20

mm with grater transversal resistance.

Their size is 1200 x 1500 mm and the thickness

The system is completed with steps. These have a
reinforced nose and are manufactured in variable
widths in 100 mm multiples up to 1200 mm and
260 mm depth. They can be provided with there
support attached making installation easier and
preventing corrosion in the support.
Grating manufactured pultruded shapes
Most resistant

Manufactured from I shapes they are ideal for general traffic in

the plant. It can be used for large spans and is offered i 25, 32 y
38 mm thick. They can be manufactured with polyester, vinyl
ester or phenolic resins

All gratings, whether they are

molded or built with pultruded
shapes are coated in its upward
face with quartz. This coating has
the double function of turning
the surface non slippery and also

Standard pultruded grating

Manufactured with T shapes can be used in almost all areas of

the plant for light traffic. They are manufactured in 32 mm
thickness with polyester or vinyl ester resins

Pultruded gratings are manufactured in the required size


The stainless steel connection These angles to be placed when the concrete Solid plates formed with a non
clips make installation easier edges are being made provide corrosion free slippery gritted plate bonded to
support for gratings, There outside surface any grating They are also
and were designed individually coated with quartz and pins located at 90
for each grating to make available with plate bonded to
degrees assure a fix embedment that will not
both surfaces resulting in a
adjustment perfect slide
super resistant panel