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The Nile Empire has taken huge areas of land in barren

Magic Axiom: 12 Tech Axiom: 21 northern and eastern Africa, engulfing Egypt, Libya, and
much of the Sahara Desert.
Spirit Axiom: 17 Social Axiom: 20

About the Nile Empire

The High Lord or the Nile Empire is possibly the most intriguing character of the Wars -
Pharoah Mobius. He is a criminally insane genius who runs his relams in a bizzare Egyptian
fashion, with undertones right out of early 1900's pulp fiction. Weird gadgets, pulp superheroes,
private detectives in smoky offices, underground gin joints, and shadowy evildoers mark out the
theme of the reality.
The Nile Empire's magic axiom of 12 is not terribly high, but has been put to use by its
inhabitants in unusual ways. Magic in the Nile Empire is tied to the stars and the planets. Planets
must be located and aligned mathematically to ascertain their influences before magic can be
The social axiom of 20 reflects the Nile Empire's similarity to early 20th century America. The
realm is actually a hug bureaucracy which is overseen by Mobius.
The spirit axiom is a high 17, granting the High Priests of the Empire a great deal of power. They
can call upon the Egyptian Gods and figures from Egyptian mythology for miracles.
The technology of the realm is about the same at that of Earth in the 1930's, thus the technology
axiom of 21. Simple aircraft are in use, weaponry has advanced as far as machine guns, and
movies can be viewed by the public. Electricity is not such a household convenience yet that it is
used to power little more than lights in the average home.

Nile Empire World Laws

The Law of Morality
There is no "neutral" within the Nile Empire. People are either Good or Evil, and act
accordingly. Every person has an Inclination toward Good or Evil. This Inclination can be seen in
the persons appearance and behavior by an observant individual. It is possible to change
someone's Inclination, but it takes a very great deal of persuasion.
Law of Drama
Things are always exciting in the realm. Obstacles and occurences happen one after another with
barely time to catch one's breath in between. Everything is very, well, dramatic in nature.
Law of Action
Adventurers in the Nile Empire are able to accomplish feats beyond even those exraordinary
things which Storm Knights normally do. Their ability to manipulate possibility energy is
heightened in the Nile, allowing them to try tasks which they might cause them to hesitate

Orrorsh was the first invader to make landfall on Earth,
Magic Axiom: 15 Tech Axiom: 19 settling on Indonesia and southeast Asia. It is a reality of fear
and horror, monsters in the shadows and killers in the night.
Spirit Axiom: 17 Social Axiom: 20

About Orrorsh
The Gaunt Man is the coordinator of the invasion, pulling strings on the assorted High Lords in order to
keep control for himself. He considers himself to practically be Torg already, and views other High
Lords as merely nuisances. Along with his Darkness Device, Heketon, he has created a reality which
uses fear as its method for draining the possibility energy from the terrified masses. Unfortunately for
him, he was embroiled in a reality storm with an Eternity Shard soon after the start of the war, and his
realm suffered and stagnated which he was indiposed. Now that he is free, his relam has begun to
expand into Australia and even in New Orleans.
Orrorsh has a high magic axiom, supporting many mystical phenomena and magical creatures. Much
magic in Orrorsh is rooted in the Occult, calling on dark forces to support the casting, often requiring
evil acts to be done in the process of the ritual. Such is the nature of Orrorsh.
The basic society of Orrorsh is Victorian English, very similar to that of Core Earth England at the turn
of the century. The residents believe strongly in "God, Queen, and Country" and the "white man's
burden" in saving the unfortunate oppressed on Core Earth. Women and the poor have few rights, and
many have social standing due only to "breeding" or family connections.
The Sacellum is the church of Orrorsh, and it uses the relatively high Spiritual axiom of the realm to
call teh wrath of God down on the wicked. The church is very strong and is an integral part of the fight
against the Horrors of Orrorsh. Many people follow its doctrine out of fear.
The technology of the realm is also on par with 1290's England. Telephones are in the early stages of
use, most guns are breech-loading, but hand cranked machine guns are starting to be used. Steam ships
travel across the sea, but automobiles are not yet in use.

OrrorshWorld Laws
The Power of Corruption
The reality, specifically Heketon, rewards Wicked acts and acts of evil. Those who commit Wicked acts
get an up bonus and gain Corruption points. Corruption in a person can be seen with True Sight in their
appearance. Even knowingly allowing evil acts to occur is considered Wicked in this realm.
The Power of Fear
The aura of fear which pervades the realm has palpable effects on those who adventure there. No
reality storms can be invoked until the Power of Fear has been overcome, nor can players play for the
critical moment to use their cards. Monsters can use the Power of Fear to gain advantages in combat or
cause their opponents to flee. Players must buikd up Perseverence in order to over come the Fear by
learning about the Horrors they face.
Law of Eternal Corruption