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THLJNDE;I Thunder Match Technology Sdn Bhd(541512-U) 030-MVT

Lot S.098, 2nd Ftoor(Premier Store) Mid Valley Megamall 59200
Tel: +03-2201 5589
Web: mY
Kuala Lumpur

Your IT and Netq.ork Solution

TAX INVOICE NO : 030-t\4vT-5882435
CUSTOMER GST lD: 000653893632
DATE: 1310712017 14:19
Ong Xin Ying. (500)
SALESMAN: 5487.jiawei
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EMAIL I .= ,:::::=
- lei code
u:FR|6E 6rsE ('/') AMouNr

i5-7200 2 3oGH, 4GB DDR4/256G8 sR 3 125 00 0.00 3,125 00

1 NBB.ACRSF31451564Y :: Aer Swift 3 SF314-51-564Y Go|d/lnte| Core
10(NX G'KSM 008) (BAG-
SSD/14.0, FHD LED/1ntel Snaie/FingerPrint Reader/2 Years Warraniy/Wndows
I 87 C7 20o
S N#: NXGKKSM 00 87 110
1 sR 0.00 0.00 0.00
2 BAG-ACRUNNBP :: AcerUniversal BackPack

Year Warranl 1 sR 0.00 0.00 0.00

3 NISE-PLGSTEAITHsIVIR t: Alcatroz Stealth 5 Metallic Red wired l\40use/1

TOTAL QTY 3 Group Discount 0.00
Tax Delails : SR - 6.00% - l\,1YR 176.89
Total GST Payable @ 6% 176.89
02o-CC-MVT Normal Swipe 6028 3'125.00

reTel:+503-92869333'WhatApps +6a 12-36647 32, Telegram I D

-Termsandcond onapplv'
brN,rrsecsEnvlCE.Mon-Fri ExcludePH(9am-r.iopm,230pm-7pm)ll
1) E. & O.E.



5) Title ef$ove.geocfq.Shall -remaln vrr,thISHI*.}IQER.MATGI{TECH}@LOGY SDN BHD's right to

repossess the goods without notice and untilfull payment are remitted.

6) All cheques to be made to "THUNDER MATCH TECHNOLOGY SDN BHD".

7) lnterest of 1-5o/o per month will be charge on all overdue amounts.

Acer Ameri a Corporation
333 We: San Carlos St.
Suite 1500
San rse. CA 951 1 0
Tel. -254-298-4000
Fax. -254-298-4147

Federal Communications Commission

Declaration of Conformity

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operatron is subject to the 1 llowing two
conditions: (1 ) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device mu: accept any
interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

The following local l\,4anufacturer /lmporter is responsible for this declaration:

Product: Notebook Computer

Trade Name: acer
Model Number SKU Number
N16P5 sF3 1 4-51 *.-*'*"
N1 6P7 TravelN,4ate P449-**..-
N16P8 Travel l\,4ate P459--....--
(" is "0-9", "a-2","A-2", '-", or blank)

Name of Responsible Party: Acer America Corporation

Address of Responsible Party: 333 West San Carlos St., Suite 1500
San Jose, CA 951 10, U. S. A.

Contact Person: Acer Representative

Phone No.: 1-254-298-4000

Fax No.: 1-254-298-4147

August, 04, 20'16

C€O Acer lncorporated
'.88, Sec 1 Xlntai 5th Rd. Xzhi
NewTalpe City221 Taiwan

Declaration of Conformity
Acer lncorporated
8F,88, Sec. 1, Xintai
Sth Rd., Xizhi, NewTaipei City221 ,laiwan
Contact Person: Mr. RU Jan,
Acer ltaly s.r.l.
Via Lepetit, 40,20020 Lainate (lVl) Italy
Tel: +39-02-939-921 ,Fax: +39-02 9399-2913
www. acer. it

Declare under our own responsibility that the product:

Product: E Notebook Computer tr Tablet Computer tr Dock tr Keyboard
Trade acer
Regulation Model Number N16P5; N16P7; N16P8

SKU Number
; TravelMate TravelMate P459********
(. is 0-9, a-2. A-2. -./. or blank)

We hereby declare above product is in compliance with the essential requirements and ,ther relevant Union
harmonization legislation of below Directives.

References to the relevant harmonized standards used or references to the other technical speciflcat rs in relation to which
conformity is declared:

EN 55022:2010+AC:201 1 E EN 55024:2010
EI EN 61000-3-2:2014 El EN 61000 3 3:2013
tr EN 55032:2013

tstr EN300 328 V1 1 I trEN301sl1V902 tr EN 30148! V1.3.1

E EN 301 893 V1 8.1 tr EN 301 908-1 V7.1.1 tr EN 30148! 7 V2.2.1
tr EN 3C0 440-1 Vl.6.1 tr EN 301 908-2 V6.2 '1
tr EN 301 48! '4 Vl.5.1
tr EN 300 440-2 V1.4.1 tr EN 301 908-13 V6.2.1 tr EN 50566:2 13lAC2A14
tr EN 302 291-1 V1.1.1 E EN 301 489-1 V1.9.2 E EN 62209-' ,010
tr EN 302 29'1-2 V1.1.1 tr EN 301 489-3 V1.6.1 tr EN 50360:i )1lAC:2A12
tr EN 62311:2008 tr EN 62209', 006

E EN 60950 1 2006 I A1 1 :2009 I A1 :20 1 A I A1 2 :2A 1 1 I A2 :20 1 3

tr EN 50332-2:20'13

E Regulation (EU) No 617/ 2013 El Regulaton (EC) No 27812009; EN 563:2011+A1:2013

Year to begin affixing CE marking 2016.

r'.! i
August, 04, 2016
RU Jan / Sr. Manager -- Date
Regulation, Acer lnc.

di 6l @rffirn
Swfr 3
Setup Guide

tzv FTv) 1,',f F'
-)tJ 17
J i 5^l SEAl
Using the notebook For the first tirne


Note:aLicl(lheAcerDo.umenlsi.ononyourDes(lopi'orhepililhselLirgLrpaFeLwo(corn..Lion.lsingLhelo! padaidolherinlormaLionwhich
ls ifirporlaiL loryLr!r raaLlf anLl salely
ilH , lA T+HIE! tr,cerIlTr E,r ' llBll=iiiBEf,EiF;lETlBq1+tF1EffiEII#EX 'EElE+tr]AE!1EFr *ttEF+iE!E*H;IL'
Getting sEarted with Windows 10
Windows 10'IXE FS

Start: You can Launch apps through Most used, tstartl (Fx5ffi) ,lfl- XEtr[Mostused]
All apps, or live tites. (ffiHiEffi) . [ALtap ,,s] (F,iEfEffi+Efi)
trDEnEEfiEFlEn[FEE*== * .
Cortana'r': Yo u r personaI assistan I For fr ndin g
apps, fiLes, settings and intormaLion on lhe Cortana'' ' qlg+,rE,EltEil . tH* 'EQE^Eil
Action Center: You can vlew notificalions and (EPE]t^E,+l[\) , ,AED],
[Action Center]
[oggLe quicl< actions to inslan[ly adjust or open
tfi IEEI!, ittJl4,l'*i !}+ffi u rE tr Dl,EIr E+;lE g
se[|in gs. +: EE FE=^

Clic]< the icon EE! on Ihe tas <bar or press !l +

Iff-TIIEiUEIEzrE ' =IttTri*.tab, ,
<Tab>, lhen you can see the thumbnaiLs ola[ xlbfrla= EF-FfiE F# stEtEliiE E .
open tas (s. =

Selec[ the Actlon Cen[er icon p in the

i=HXHEETtrf,! l,qcti r Center] (EE;IL,B
lowe r- rig h I co rn er o l' th e screen or p ress !l + <A> trtLi) Elrc , srifiT::*.A, "

Acer ffi E!ff ffilE-€EE37FEEffi

Skype ffiffiH cortana TEffiffi'lE{E-EFE "
EliillEffi cortana'' ?
How do I use Cortana'!?
Type any[hing you want lo asl< Cor[ana in the
Elg+EtE+4fi Ai+lE' lL?;E F": cortana H!?
search box, or seLect lhe microphone icon and ffi , 4iEHI4HlEtEzr \&lA Cortana;'iEfr "
laL < [o Cortana. Hey Cortana
Hey Cortana EED]. tHeyCortanal ii' ElEiFg,ffi Cortana ,

To enable Cor[ana by saying Hey Cortana, EEEHI cortana tF,ffiEt EE!trm E, fr14i=E'I
setect [he icon E in the upper-leFt corner oF [Notebook] (+iCflE,qA > [Settinss] GpE) .
lhe Cortana wlndow and then setecI Notebook' ry &F*:-J He1 torior"- vlEE
Setflngs. Then [urn on [he "Hey Cor[ana" switch. ' 1flEt1F6/. tl'E tm
l,icrosoiL ilF;,f Cor tana Cortana
o o gr o o.... o 1 o liEEEZrii+Ifi+EH ' ,i:-s -E,E co t:na BlE?H3€ffi
Tre CorLana leaLura is lcin! pro.lres!i!Elv ro lEd ouL aLobaL y I \'lindons 5e:rch Hlla ,

tiilL be replaccd bv \(inr oirs ch ln aounlrles !!here I a noL

avai ab r.
Connect to the internet
Z k00l5a'M :&Pz
xt lF using a wireless LAN: {EffiffiffflEilifiEfE.
-i h ror-
/t- t8clll Se[ec[ [he wireless lcon a[ [he lower- EHld#fi EElmrREa 'fl€
/**\ righI corner ol'lhe screen and you wi[[ qEE!n iffiE?E trBl-fE
._(trii\zrrflI /z \
see the available wireless ne[wor <s.
\^i ,r+818. ; €EJ$fi\EA It;fi
Setect aWi-Fi ne[wor< and enter the
\/ / securi[y ](ey iF required.

r ,, - *Oo,e

lFusing a LAN: iEHet*f;Effi,

To connect [o a ne[wor (, you witl need HeEf,R=fiEff; , JffM7HlFffi ncer
[o use the Acer Converter Cable $El*ffi (qrry) " ![HHiEiiiEr, EE
(optional). PLease reler [o youT rou[er
or SP's user guide lor additional
4F€E6EEE* ISD E!{E,H}Effi .
ass is Ia n ce.

lmprove your computer's tEH AcerCere centerffEll€ffil

performance with Acer Care UHE

My System lnFormation and User's Manual tlE'!x,lRi=;RfilEffi+ffi

lVy system glves you clear inFormation on your [My system] ( {hfrjrt;ifr
) C)Effi RF.\EEHH!!5
compu[er's in[ormatLon such as CPU, memory, ER , CPU . ;d
![ ie s,.$E+'TEil+ , frA?
or device drivers, and allows you [o download lhe =.18H .
User's Manua[. The User's ManuaIcan atso be
;*lATf,1Fffi E+ffi Jg IHEE ncer 9}EfiEifi
downloaded From lhe Acer support websi[e by T+I{F,H+ffi : http://go, "

goin g [o htLp:// 1 7883 xfttffiEEI{Er\E+f

[11pda te] F *n rc*EE ffi *,tE!,BEElt=il^EuE
System and Driver UpdaLes (

Updote provides you the [a[es[ drivers and updates *,[ , ;*1ATffiHi1+lT]SfrF 5$fi ]F;,f .
Foryour compu[er, withoul requiring you [o go to a
websi[e and enteryour serial number.
[Recoveryl4anagement](fl*/D-fr r-;*-,ffi )-a*l('*.
Recovery Managemenl EEqHIfl1,H{h-48]FEEE
Recovery Managemenl ailows you to quickly and
easity bac< up or res[ore your compuler. EF9}E
Cuslomer Support
ffi;fiJAEiEEfrE: ,[suppc. ] &]E) Al\A?ffiK
Supporl is your one-s[op pLace to frnd answers l'or
ques[ions you may have. H;=E,
r. {effiiE,qft*iE=}Rn .

2. {e,H 30 2-$E;Ei ,=- r o }$E "

3. +)ffi 2 ffiiilrlTEffi# 2 ffi})-l-tr7.e#.

E"aruE l/J'!T '
lL!slralonsare[orrelirenceonl_vAaL!aLproduaIspecinaaLionsmay!arylnlorn]aLlonconLainedinLhisiroslealjIo ]indowsplalIorn]sonly.
OLheroperati rg systens mayioLsupporlaL [he [ealures Lisled.
FfiEmAlE,l++Z . EH,{F,1gHC1fiEffimE . r,rrindows . *6
^H1t!,{E+fiffitl Eg1E)E+EHTLIHE!F,i
8fi42. ^)E+EF,1E=ZHE}L1EE,Hfil

a\ .A Mtx

e, 6'D@ffiIll FSC
responslble sources
I fl Itilffiitffi
NC.GK31 1 002-01