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Academic and Research Vice-rector

Activity 1 – Recognition forum

1. General description of the course

Faculty or Academic Vicerrectoría de Relaciones Internacionales

Academic Level Professional, specialization, master
Academic Field Common basic interdisciplinary training
Course Name English B1
Course Code 900003
Course Type Methodological Can be re- yes ☐ No ☒
Number of Credits 3

2. Description of the activity

Type of the Number of

Individual ☐ Collaborative ☒ 16
activity: weeks
Moment of Intermediate
Initial ☒ ☐ Final ☐
evaluation: :
Delivery Environment: Monitoring and
Evaluative score: 25
Starting date: February 05th, 2017 Closing date: February 18th, 2017
Competence to develop:
Define the terminology and grammatical structure of the concepts of both the
classroom and the basic guidelines of the English course B1, for the application of
these in the development of different activities during the academic period.
Topics to develop:
General recognition of the course with all its environments and activities.
Steps, phases of the learning strategy to develop
Through this activity the student will take a tour of the English classroom B1 and
complete the information requested in the guide according to the level of English
taking into account the parameters of the collaborative work.
Phase 1: - Take a screenshot of your profile in this course, with all the information
updated. (include, photo and e mail)
- Each student should introduce himself/herself and invite his/her classmates to
participate in the forum. Screenshot of your profile in this course. Complete
the chart a. Choose one role Choose One role from the roles for collaborative
Leader: coordinates the development of collaborative activity, clarifies doubts,
guides and mediates the discussions that occur, the end is what makes the
delivery of the product ordered.
Equipment Manager: responsible to point to discuss issues and guides his
colleagues when they are not trying or when the contributions to what is being
discussed and is not oriented building, review the assessment rubric and
informs when it is or is not meeting this offers alternatives to solve the above
Motivator: ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate in team
work and commended the members for their contributions, provided the
contributions are correct.
Weather Watcher: Monitor and record the behavior of the group based on the
agreements reached following the agenda to meet timely.
Rapporteur-compilator: consolidates and organizes the contributions in the
document to be delivered. It does so in the process. In this role you can say
something like: • I will present what we have agreed

Phase 2: -(See the course agenda to guide the process)

About the agenda course answer the questions below:

a. How many activities do you have to do in this course? Complete this chart a.

Activity Points Close


Chart a.
b. Each student must choose one of these questions in order to write the answer in
the forum. Only choose one.

1. How many exams does the final evaluation have? And which activity is it? (write the
number in the activity)
2. In this course do you have to present collaborative activities? Yes/No (Write them)
3. There is an activity where you have to meet with your tutor by Skype or
another media, which one is it? Write your tutor skype’s user. Write your
skype user
4. In which environment do you find the quiz? Explain what do you should do
with collaborative and individual activities in this environment?
5. In which environment do you find the collaborative work or individual work?
Can you explain these activities?

Phase 3: Go to assessment and monitoring environment, do then the Previous

knowledge test and please share a screenshot of your performance in activity 1 Pre-
knowledge task
In the forum, you will
Share the answer for the following question, according to what you see in the syllabus
and knowledge environment.
a. What is the topic of every unit (remember we have 3 units) in which you are
interested in knowing deeply?
Phase 4: Once you have all the phases. With individual information the compilator
will do a chart that include the 5 students with his selected topics.

Activities to carry out

a. Go to the Evaluation and Monitoring Environment and present the quiz: "Activity
1: Pre-knowledge online activity"

Once the questionnaire is presented, take a screenshot of the obtained score and
upload it into the collaborative forum of the ACT.1.
for the Collaborative Learning
As final delivery, the students must upload the PDF file together
with all the phase in the guidelines. Once you have all the phases.
Products to
With individual information the compilator will do a chart that
deliver by
include the 5 students with his selected topics.
4. Evaluation rubric

Evaluation rubric

Activity type: ☒ Collaborative Activity ☐
Moment of
Initial ☒ Intermediate ☐ Final ☐
Assessed Performance levels of the individual activity
Aspects Low score Media score High score
The student The student Student develops
did not participated in part 1 whit the
participate in the fórum, but sending of the
the forum the sent of the screenshot and
with the screen was not the selection of
sending of his made or did not the role, which 5
and perfil’s
screen or choose role helps to
choose his within the consolidate the
role group. final work
(up to 0 (up to 3
(up to 5 points)
points) points)
The student,
although The student
The student participated in sends the part a
did not the forum, only resolved and with
participate in sent one of the it and through his
the group two parts a , his role contributes to
questions in
construction participation is complete the work 5
English Chart
with either incomplete and of group. His her
part a does not help answers are
the construction correct.
of the final work.
(up to 0 (up to 3
(up to 5 points)
points) points)
Responding The student The student, The student
questions in did not although sends the part b
English Chart participate in participated in resolved and with
b the group the forum, only it and through his
construction sent one of the role contributes to
with either two parts a , his complete the work
part b. participation is of group. His her
incomplete and answers are
does not help correct.
the construction
of the final work.
(up to 0 (up to 3
(up to 5 points)
points) points)
The student
sends clear
The student
evidence of the
does not send
development and
evidence of
results of the pre-
Activity 2 – knowledge
Preknowledg activity, which 10
the pre-
e activity also serves to
self-evaluate at
the start of the
(up to 0 (up to 3 (up to 10
points) points) points)
Final score 25