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Module 3 Reflection: Investigation of Learning Environment

The learning environment of GAVS is the same platform that we use at Georgia Southern
(desire2learn) and has many resources for students to explore and to reflect on. Not only can
they participate in peer reflections and discussions of the material that they are required to use
for the Latin assignments, but they have a forum for peer discussion that allows for help and
assistance with class work. They also have access to a Student’s Classroom Bulletin Board that
allows them to quickly check for assignments and for expected work. For some students,
especially those that haven’t experienced online learning in the past, this is invaluable as it will
be a quick reference for any work that is missing, or that needs their attention. This will also be
a place to find their student handbook and course schedule for access to future assignments that
will be required, or that they can look ahead to begin work on their assignment. There is a
weekly checklist that will assist students with the due dates for the assignments and the material
that will be covered and evaluated. Students will also receive a “warning” notification if they
neglect to submit their assignment. Included with the warning is a notification of penalties that
will affect the grade based on the tardiness with the assignment, and a reminder that student’s
will receive a zero if they neglect to turn in the assignment.

Class Chats are available for live interaction among the students and with the instructor, and
for those that cannot attend; the class chats are recorded for the student’s use on the week’s
assignments. These chats are categorized by the Modules and the material that is covered.
Students also have access to videos that are categorized as module advice and the review of cases
that have examples in English.

One great resource that is available to the students, and that I have used for communication
with Mr. Averett, is the Jigsaw application for virtual learning. By entering your email, you can
immediately have access to Mr. Averett for course questions or as in my case, weekly discussion
for my module’s assignments in regards to my mentoring requirements. This application allows
for joining sessions and using screen sharing tools during interactive sessions. This application
would be a great tool when sharing documents, written work, or assignment protocols during a
live questioning session. It allows for immediate understanding, and can be beneficial for
teacher feedback on work for grading purposes.

The student demographic profile was one that I investigated through the required
introductory assignment for the Latin 1-B course. This was the first assignment on the
discussion board, and allowed students to become acquainted with each other and to identify
with those students that are enrolled in the online class from their same school district. The
following questions were asked on the discussion post, and students were expected to address the
questions, and then to respond to at least two of their colleagues through the assignment:

1. Where do you go to school?

2. What is your current year/grade in school?
3. What is your favorite subject in school?
4. Have you taken other classes with GAVS?
5. What are your favorites (i.e. movies, books, music, etc.)?
6. What kind of pets do you have?
7. What are your career aspirations?
8. What do you enjoy most about studying Latin?

From these questions, I was able to glean the following information from the responses: Out
of 65 total enrolled students in the Latin 1-B course, there are 2 home schooled students, 5
middle school students, and the remaining are all students from a high school setting. The
following schools are represented from the state of Georgia:

McClure Middle School, Forsyth Central, West Forsyth, South Forsyth, Bethlehem Christian
Academy, Clarke Central, Martha Ellen Stilwell School of the Arts, Prince Avenue, Decatur
High, Troup County High, Johns Creek High, Savannah Arts Academy, Greenbrier High, Faith
Lutheran, Bible Baptist Christian Academy, Milton High, Walton High, Marietta High, Lambert
high, RCTCM, Lee County High, Fulton Science Academy, North Cobb Christian, Elite
Scholars Academy, and Colquitt County.

Based on information that was freely given in the discussion, and based on names from
the participants; there are 23 males, 34 females, and 7 students that remained ambiguous either
from their name or lack of identification during the post.

Latin IB has a diverse and broad range of students enrolled for the course. Many students
are taking this course as a fulfillment for language requirements in a college preparatory path
toward graduation. Some students, for example, the middle school students are in advanced
classes, and are using Latin as a way to prepare for a medical field based on the language. Some
students are using this to help fulfill a background for literature preparation, and to learn more
about Greek and Roman cultural significance. All students are monitored on a statistical page
for the number of log-ins, contributing posts, and responses to their peers. This allows the
instructor to monitor required contributions as well as those that are following assignment

Due to illness this week, I was unable to confer with Mr. Averett as planned, and I will
continue to investigate the course’s demographics to a fuller extent in the following week’s