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The Commodore C-128/C-64 Home Computing Guide canaq\'$395

January 1986 A CWC/I Publication


The Resource Oenter

I .

Management Edge,'" and Com dad was in the room.

munication Edge.'" His new Don't let your Commodore and
love affair with Info Designs career sit on the sheif, Info Designs
software was paying off. business software can help you get
Bobby's room became Mr. Walker's ahead. Buy it at your local software
office away from the office. He retailer. It makes good business
bought Info Designs' WordPro III sense.
Mr. Walker Plus'" package for $49.95 when •U.S. Currency. Accounting Series marketed in
different packaging for Canada.
had never used a he began issuing memos. And the
computer when he read about Info complete Integrated Software
Designs'Negotiation Edge.'" He'd Series for accounting:
been meaning to ask for a raise and General Ledger, Payables,
was looking for an "Edge." Receivables, Inventory, and
That night, as Bobby slept, Payroll for $49.95* each when
Mr. Walker's career turned. "Hey, he became a partner.
Info Designs software makes The ISS accounting modules are
Commodore"" a terrific business powerful, easy-to-use, and easy-to-
computer." learn. They include every business
The Edge line is people-insight feature.
software that's easy-to-use and only Mr. Walker was ecstatic with
costs $79.95* his new computerized business.
I le got the raise and bought the And Bobby was happy because the
rest of the Edge line: The Sales Edge!" monsters stayed in the closet while Info
Clrclfl 5B on Reatlor Survicn card.

Find the entire line of Info Designs

business software at a dealer near you.
The 10 power-packed products of Info Designs business software line:

The Sales Edge'" General Ledger Inventory Provides comprehensive reports,

Provides individually tailored Get a customized chart of Perpetual inventory records for all including W2s, 941s, payroll checks
strategy reports to improve cus accounts and comprehensive man items include stock numbers, aver with full pay/deductions detail and
tomer relationships. agement report, including financial age cost, three retail prices, reserva payroll journals. (Interfaces with
After the sales executive has com statements and trial balances. This tions, economic order quantity and General Ledger for automated
pleted the self-assessment and the integrated program maintains pre re-order levels. Processes stock postings.)
customer-assessment, a sales strat sent months, quarter- and year-to- receipts, issues, orders and adjust
egy report is generated instructing date, plus previous quarter and year ments with full audit trails. Provides
WordPro III Plus'"
the salesman in aspects of business balances. (Interfaces with Receiv key management reports, including An easy-to-use, full-functioned
style and personality most likely to ables, Payables, and Payroll.) stock status, shortage and recom word processorwith an installed
strike responsive chords with the mended re-order reports. base of 50,000 units. It includes
style of a given client Receivables built-in mail merging (or form let
Makes it simple to maintain com Payroll ters and global search & replace. It
The Negotiation Edge" plete customer master files, includ A master record for each provides automatic page number
Designed to help tin user prepare, ing year-to-date activity, credit limit, employee includes current period, ing, headers, footers, and automati
develop, and successfully complete authorization, and current balance. quarter- and year-to-date pay activ cally totals columns,
any negotiation or hargain. Provides reports on aged open ity. Automatically calculates period
On the hasis of information pro receivables, invoices, statements, pay amounts, including miscella
vided by the user about himself and and customer activity lists. (Inter neous pay and deductions, federal,
a specific counterpart, the program faces with Ceneral Ledger for auto state, and local taxes and PICA.
produces a detailed negotiation mated posting.)
plan. The plan includes a step-by-
step blueprint for winning negotia Payables
tions in a variety of personal and lluild a master vendor file, includ
business situations. ing year-to-date purchases, current
balance, and recurring vendor
The Management Edge" invoice information.
Advises the manager how to get Provides automatic
results by increasing productivity, aging of open items,
successfully motivating subordi check with full remit
nates, and resolving on-the-job- tance information and
con flicts. check register. (Interfaces'
After the manager agrees or disa with General Ledger for
grees with a series of statements, the automated posting.)
machine assimilates information
from a bank of proven management
tactics and selects those most appro
priate to the specified subordinate.
Suggestions are printed in a detailed
management strategy report on how
to work with the individual and get
the desired results.

The Communication Edge"1

Prepares you to work more effec
tively in meetings and conversa
tions. It enables you to emphasize
your communication strengths and
avoid the potential pitfalls built into
any conversation.
The program presents a series of
simple questions to assess your com
munication style and the styles of
counterparts. A strategy report Is
generated detailing ideas for a better
relationship and ways to communi
cate more effectively.
CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-631-1003



Nashua s 89B ^Sj\ reloys rurboprinl Gl
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s 89S
PPI !r^7.

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-20 Disks «Disk Case 'After »3 Rebate XcIdc - Super Graphics Jr. *49's


epyx CBS Z. commodore


Sesame Street Lelior-Go-Round '18.8B
fiifl Bird's Fun Hnusri '1B.8B
The Sea Voyager 'Jfl.BB Assembler D >Z7.95
Weattier Tameis ...»12.HB III.IV-D '19.95
Movie Musical Madness .. ..' 9.99 Easv Calc-D 1B4.9S
Success ^/Decimals (Add.;Subt.) D-T *14.93 Easy Scrint-D '39.95
Success wf Decimals (Mull./Div.) D-T *14.99 Easy Spetl-0 MB.9S
Krnnis Rill - Lucas Games Temple of Asp ha I Success w/Frac!lons (Add./Subl.) D-T '14.99 Logg-D *49.9S
Eidolon ■ Lucas Games Trilogy Success ^/Fractions (Mult./Div.) D-T =14.S9 ThB Manager-D '37.95
Ball blazer -Lucas Games Jet Combal HucKs Ahoy *19.99 General Ledger '37.95
Rescue Fractalus - Lucas Simulator Ernie's Magic Shapes s 19 98 Accts. Rec.-D '37.95
Games Gl Joe MurrJer by Hie Dozen '23.98 Accts. Pay.D '37.9S
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Fleet System 2
The Largest Spell Checker
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70,000 Words on Alari

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notice/Ail laclnry 'resn msrclianilise wiln manulaclurers wattaffly Dealers Wefcom* Call lor rscsni price
rtducnoris ana new rebale intormition Plus shipping am) nandirnrj No rtiurns withoul relurn aulnonnlion numoer
January 1986 AA A Vol. 3, No. 1

26 Making the Video 74 Add Elegance to Your
Connection Program Listings
Couple your Commodore with a VCR to Clarify your program listings by inserting
personalize and jazz up your videotapes. uniform spacing between words, numbers
By Erv'm Hobo and symbols.
liy Michael Broussard
34 Commodore Carousel
Open up exciting avenues in education and 84 R UNs Great Communicator
home entertainment by connecting your
Commodore to x carousel slide projector.
-Runterm Plus
By Daniel Morris The conclusion of (his professional-quality
terminal program thai lets you communicate
with all on-line services.
44 The Creative Computer By Robert Sims
This is one mail's story of how he used his
Commodore creatively. What's yours?
By Andrew Colin
100 Auto-Run
Protect your programs from prying eyes with
this utility (hat begins execution of your
48 Pulsing Pictures programs immediately after you load them.
Put some movement into your screen liy Alejandro Kapauan
displays with (his low-resolution keyboard
graphics animation program.
H\ George Trepai 104 A-Maze-ing WordJumbler
Juggle the letters iu the maze to spell a word
and have fun.
56 Telecommunications. .. By Penny DeOrqff

BRS/After Dark and

The Knowledge Index 126 Software Buyer's Guide
These two bibliographic on-line services 1985—Part II
offer a vast source of information, without a Wrapping up a comprehensive list of
lot oflegwork or book-toting. software released For the Commodore
By Margaret Morabito ami Christine Adtunec in 1985,

68 CP/M Treasure Trove

Discover the secret of how you can save Cover photography by Edjudice
money, while receiving programs galore.
liy Cliery! Peterson

ftl'X OSSS 0741-4285) b u independent ]t».m3l nm i i«ied wtth Co IQSfi b) CW Con miwniiugh, Inc. No pzn of ihi* puhltijium maj bt primed
Machines Inc IM.W ii pubtjihni monthly b> CW ComniDnfcailoiu/FeieTl ough, tnc , W> Pine ut otherwfao rep luul *nticn pcnnbikiD Bum die pubiisficr Pumnucr *did
SL, raenwrougb, NJI 034A& I *.S. subscrl|MiMTi rnro tl'P.*)7. one year: (Lf £ftp(lon Sttvten, !'O Box 9H, l-i^
dine jeart Canada and M*Rfco fyL?.')7. oiu year, LF.S. tundi drawn i US. bank. I-mciftu ' [0 W(W, PO 5ru 1051, ftm Kijc. Oni.irio, Caruuia USA
|S9il7ton< k-i'.I's. fum!* , .^ L'S binLfbuJgnah nndliubKTlj ma—p\e*nr inquire. N^ikhi, rmlJonaJ CtrcilluJm DMribnlon fll ',V
S«<>ml [Ij*« iHTiujic pjid .it llcirri>cripu«b1 MI. jihI .it sddMnni mill ( "(licet 4('jrudi3n jtiurr i y of I t piubhihed In ibe nuuJiH
ICPHhI* nfjhftilnn symbfl i Pbone W%924Wll, Enlln 1 ■ r<|Miniil>dit\ t--i».t^rt due i" fiKHt 01 Dmbilcni


6 RUNNING 120 Commodore 150 How to Type
Ruminations Clink; In Listings
Good news for the A question s-and-answers
home market. column to help you aid
your ailing computer. 151 RUN Amok
8 Magic
Hints and lips that let 136 Hardware 151 Coming
you perform computing Gallery Attractions
wizardry. Cartridge Expander
HomeWriler 10
12 Software
Gallery 140 Mail RUN
White Lightning
Winter Games
Stunt Flyer 142 RUN's 1985
1541 Disk Drive Index
Program Alignment A complete listing of all
Project Space Station articles and reviews
"I'lie Original Boston published last year.
Computer Diet
Success with Algebra
Series 148 New Products
116 The Resource
Welcome to RUN'S new
education column, which
addresses both parents Page 44
and teachers about using
computers in the

A Shot in the Ann enter 1986, we will continue to he the only Commo

We are witnessing a flurry of activity in the telecom dore-specific magazine with a monthly telecommunica
munications field thai marks an exciting spread of interest tions column.
We have also been actively involved in discussions with
in this dimension of home computing.
Sure, telecommunications capability has been around these electronic networks regarding the use o£RUN ma
(or several years, but il has only recently reached the terial on these systems. RUN is currently represented on

poini where ii is the fastest-growing application For home Viewtron, American Videotex! Services and Quantum-

computers, Each day, hundreds of computer users are Link, and ii is our aim thai RUN will be represented on
discovering the world of telecommunications, and major any and all major national networks in the near future.
companies are counting on this spark of excitement to As more services become available for telecommuters,
ignite renewed interest In the home-computer market. the home-computer market will continue to develop and
The competition among the various electronic infor grow. We contend that telecommunications will give the
mation networks to service this burgeoning field is heal industry a much-needed shot in the arm.
ing it]), as major companies establish an on-line presence. Also, the Introduction of (be CM28 will provide aid in
For example, within the past few months, we've seen the development of [he telecommunications field. Its
such heavyweights as General Kleciric and Knight-Ridder 80-Column features, CI'/M mode, capacity to handle faster
enter the telecom inimical ions field with their own on-line baud rates and increased memory Storage arc all features
services—GEnie and Viewtron, respectively. Also, Com thai make the C*128 an advanced telecommunications
modore has severed its association with the popular machine.
CompuServe network to set up its own network with db

QuantumLink. And there are over a half-dozen other

Wanted: Articles on Disk
online services from which to choose.
There are several reasons why telecommunications has For those of you anxiously wailing to break into the
become such an attraction: big time by being published in RUN, here's a bit of news
1. Computer users arc more serious about applications; dial will improve your chances. When you send us your
they want their machines to do more than just play games. article submission, make sure you include both your pro
2. Selling up a computer system for telecommunica gram and manuscript on disk. This will facilitate the

tions is relatively inexpensive. Users need only add ter preparation of your article for publication. Also include
minal software and ;i modem to gel on-line. a printout of your program listing and article.
:i. The information and services offered by on-line It doesn't matter whai wind processor you've used lo
networks are varied and plentiful. generate the text. We are able to read most commonly
■I. Electronic information services are convenient and available word processors for the C-til and C-128.
easy to use. The services offered allow you to interact Consider this an invitation to share your knowledge
with other compute]' users and to access information and and computing experiences with thousands of other (lorn-
perform chores from the comfort of your own home. modore users.

With more computers entering the home and people To give you an idea of what kinds of articles we're
discovering on-line networks, more and more services are looking for and to lake you step by siep through the
being offered—at-home shopping and banking, trivia process of preparing your article for submission, we pro
games, college courses, library information services, spe vide the RUN author's guidelines (newly revised).
cial areas of interest to programmers, musicians, artists For your free copy, send a self-addressed stamped
and Others, and much, much more. envelope to:

For over a year now, RUN iias kepi a close watch on Author's Guidelines
ihi.s growing telecommunications phenomenon. We were RUN Magazine
one ol (be firSI computer magazines lo set aside space 80 Pine St.
each month for the telecommunications topic, and, as we Peterborough, NH 03458
Circle 137 on Header Service card.

Stephen Twombly SOFTWARE
1 IJIMJK-K ijilfi
Dennis Brisson
g Editor/Production
Swain Pratt VIZASTARfortheC128 VIZAWRITE CLASSIC tor C128
Copy Editor
Marilyn Aruiucci Vizaslar. the integrated spreadsheet, This is ihe new word processor from
Review Editor database and graphics prog/am (hat Vizastar's author, Kelvin Lacy and is
Susan Tancma has ihe Commodore 64 world raving, the successor to Omniwnter, which he
Nfw Phoducis Edi'ixw is now available lor the C128. It boasts also wrote. All the lealures of
Harold Bjornscn
80 columns, and has over 40K of free Omniivnter are Inere. plus many
Technical Manager memory in the spreadsheet. Those signilicanl enhancements, like auto
M.irgarcl Morabito who already own Vizaslar 54 will be pagination, on-line help, pull-down
Technical Editor
pleased to know lhat your existing files menus, (ull-function calculator and
Timoihy Walsh
can be read by Vtzastar 128. Also, you more. Up to 8 'newspaper-style'
Associatk Ehftoks can upgrade lo the 128 version. Call variable-widlh columns can help with
Christine Adainec. Robert Baker,
us for details and pricing. newsletters.
Louis 1'. Sander, Jim Strasma,
Guy Wright
Three different proportionally-spaced
Advertising Manackk "The only other comparable product would
"near letter quality" fonts are also
Stephen Bobbins be Loius 1-2-3 lor the I8M PC, nothing in
built-in for use with Commodore or
Sales Representatives Ihe C64 world comas even close to ihe
lea lures of Vtzastar."
Epson compalible printers. You can
Ken Blakeman, Nancy Potter
merge almost any other word
Ad Coordinator AHOY July 85
Heather Pauuetie processor file directly into Vizawrite,
1-80IM41-4403 "I found Vizastar would do anything Lolus including Paper Clip and Omniwriter.
Marketing Coordinator 1-2-3 could, and then some It's my Naturally, it is also compalible wuh
Wcndie Hjines Commodore crroice to become Ihe slandard Vizastar. At all times, what you see on
West Coast Salhs agamsl whicti Ihe ottiors will be |u0ged."
the screen is exactly the way it will be
Giuruio Salmi, manager INFO 64 Magazine, Issue *7 printed out. Vizawrtte can do
1-415- 328- 3470
1060 Marsh Road "Vizastar is an exceptional package lhat
mail-merges ana has an integrated
Menlo Park. CA 94025 rivals the features ol programs such as 30,000 word spelling checker that you
Lotus 1-2-3 and offers C64 owners Ihe kind can expand yourself,
Art Director
of integrated software previously only
Glenn Suokko available for higher-priced systems."
Production/Advertising Supervisor PROGRAM SPECIFICATIONS
RUN Magazine. June 1985
Rosalyn Scribner
Editorial Design "I scrutinized, tesled and an per I men I eel with Both Vizawrite and Vizastar are
Anne Dillon
Vi7asiar extensively, but could find no written in 100% machine language
Karla M. Whitney weaknesses wtiaisoouer II is Ihe most and run in Ihe 128's FAST mode,
comprehensive, mo si flexible, mo si powerful making it lightning fast. They require a
Gkaphic Services Manager
and easiest to use integrated sollware
Dennis Christensen C128 with 80 column color or
package I've worked with."
Film Preparation Supervisor monochrome monitor. Both come wtih
Robert M. Villeneuvc Commodore Microcomputer. Sepl Oct 1985
a cartridge, a diskette, a backup, and
TVPFSFTTINi; SUPERVISOR a reference manual. Vizastar also
"I use an IBM PC at work with Lotus 123. I
Linda P. Can ale
(eel Vizaslar is jus! as good and in includes a 50 page tutorial book. Both
Dureen Means
someways better lhan 1-2-3 ' work with 1541 or 1571 disk drives.
Steven RoSerson. NC End User
Manufacturing Manager
Susan Gross -| nave used Multiplan and Superbase; botti RISK-FREE OFFER
are good pieces of software, but are
President/CEO inadequate when compared lo Vizastar." Vizastar 128 is priced at S 119.97.
James S. Povec Jim Malhews. WA. End User Vizawrite's price is S79.97. Vizastar 64
Vice-Phesident/Finance XL8 is now available for $119.97. We are
Roger Murphy ■'So good, I bought a second C64 and
so positive you will be satisfied with our
VlCK-PRESIDENT OF PLANNING Vizastar lor my olfice. A wild bargain!
You've saved me from having to buy IBM programs thai we offer a 15-day
William P, Howard and Lotus." money-back guarantee. Try il Risk-Free.
Business Miwi.m; Philip Ressler, MA. End User Call us today or send a check or money
Matt Smith order. VISAMC accepted
Executive Creative Director
Christine Destrempes
Circuiation Manager Calif, residents add 6.5% Sales Tax.
frank S. Smith
Direct fc Newsstand Sales Manager Add PSH: UPS-S4; COD Canada-S7.
Kainn Wirein
Director of Chepit Sales fc Coixeciions
William M. Boyer
Wayne Green
1125 E. Hillsdale Blvd.. Suite 104
Foster City. CA 94404-1609
(415) 341-5606
• Dealer Inquiries Welcome •
H1 Lqiu» 1-?3
Ud U "... U ... .1;

RUN IAM.AKV 1986 / 7


Compiled by LOUIS F. SANDER

MAGIC is tricks, MAGIC is fun. MAGIC is doing what cannot be done.

Every month. Magic brings you brief and useful romputer triiksjrom around
the world—trtiks to make computing easier, more enjoyable or mure exciting. We Christmas card—Type in this program on your
number imr tridtl in hex, the counting niton of KTCtWt and eiimpuleriits, C-64 or C-128 right now. If Christmas hasn't come yet,
Magtf SOUcil) your simple hardware ideas, \hnrt programs, useful programming run ii and enjoy it. If it's December 26th or later, put the
teriinupie\, little-known computer facts and simitar item'- of interest. We look for program away with the ornaments, and take a look at it
new or recycled material that can be implemented with a minimum of time, effort next year.
or theoretical knowledge and that il of current value to Commodore computerists 10 REM CHRISTMAS CARD - AUTUMN BAYLES
(PlliS/4 and CI6 winters, too). RUN will pay tip la $50 for each trick accepted. 20 POKE53281,13:POKE53280,10:PRINT"(SHFT CL
Snul ytiur tricks to; R)(CRSR DN}"
MAGIC 30 X$="(CTRL 6}H0":Y$ = "{C0MD 3) 110":F0RT=1TO
c/ti Lmih E Sander 9:PRINTTAB{T);X$;TAB(20-T);V$:NEXT:PRINT
PO Box 101011 TAB(T);X$
Pittsburgh, PA 15237 4$ FORJ = 1 1TO20:PRINTTAB(2fl-J) ;Y$;TAB(J) ;X$:
Ifyou enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope, we'll send you a Trick Writer*)
Guide. Readers outside the United States may omit the stamp.
60 FORC=5TO10STEP5:FORP=55754TO55768:POKEP,

Autumn Bayles
Nazareth, PA

This month, 'is USUal, magician readersfrom around the world

havefavored us with an incredible variety ofcomputorial delights, Zaxxonzap—If you type RED on Sega's Zaxxon
applicable to every Commodore machine. Since Magic's inception when the scon1 shows up, you will be able to fly through
two years ago, we've printed 1021 Ificks from every state in the walls and will not be damaged by anything.
U.S. and Australia, from every province in Canada, and from
Mult n Jawaid Zobairi
37 other countries. There's no limit to our interest in your
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
orations, mi matter where you live. Send them in and see—fame
and fortune mayfind you.
// you like the tricks on these pages, you'll love RUNs second O-.i-i 1541 Unscratch—This miraculous utility resur-
Special Issue, available in stores right now. Along with a wealth recis programs and datafiles that have been inadvertently
of other material, il features 512 Magic tricks—all those we scratched from the disk! As ii runs, it examines (he disk
printed in 19X5, plus more than 200 you've never seen before. in the drive, displaying the name <>1 every flic in the
Many of the reprinted items have been enhanced and improved, directory, including the recently scratched ones. When il
and ail the tricks are organized and indexed for exceptionally finds one of the latter, it asks if you want to unscratch it.
easy reference. II' you do, it requests a code number for the type of file
Commodore-128 owners will appreciate our efforts in convert involved (SEQ, PRG. RKL or USR), then performs the
ing wine of the older tricks to work on their machines. Also, the resurrection.
(low of nne C-128 tricks is starting to look like a river; in months We're dealing in very strong magic here, and if things
tu come you'll see some spectacular sorcery. 2T style. Hut for now, don't go just right, you can easily corrupt your disk.
no mallei which machine you own, behold the wander oj Magic. .. Unscratching is possible, since scratching a file merely
Shake, battle & role. J

Warm up your Commodore* and get ready for in The Lords of Midnight. Choose your rote. Captu
full-screen graphic action. the source of Doomdark's power or
Save the industrial world from going off the conquer his forces in battle. Over 32,000
deep end of the Richter scale in Quake Minus different panoramas ensure a challenge,-
One, Stop the terrorists from triggering a Visit your software deafer, Ask to see t
massive earthquake and toppling civilization. 'new Beyond Line from Mindscape. And
In Shadowfiro. Ambassador Kryxix has discover graphics, adventure, excitement, and
been Kidnapped. You have but 100 real-time fun that's beyond belief.
minutes fo assemble a strike force of spe
cialists and elite fighters to rescue him and
then destroy the evil Zoff and his starship.
Embark on a quest to defeat Doorndark SoHwiiie Inat challenges 1ht^ I minri

Mindscape, Inc. 3444 Dundee Road, Northbrook, Illinois 600651-800-221-9884. (In Illinois 1-800-942-7315)
eigBb,, AiliujMsrwcrveti * *C66 Beyond. L>eensetf wcG'ijufct'oi'w.m »i!e<T,in<i<iarComputerGujub ComnrK)dO'e'5a!'aoe'"U'''c'C<y"rnoac^&jj'ieVi'.'
Uindscape <s a Iradprnart of MmBscnnfl. Inc.

Cifde 10on Reader Sorvico card.

3 Magic

sets a fliig in the directory; the file and directory entry Doing this also resets VOL to an intermediate level, prob
themselves are otherwise unchanged. Further writing to ably 7 or 8.
lite disk, however, can overwrite any of ihis material, Louis F. Sander
leading in unpredictable results when unscratching resets Pittsburgh, PA
the Dag. In addition, Unscratch bypasses several built-in
safeguards of your disk recording system; without them,
it's easy for troubles to arise. C-128 load and run—One simple command can
So, please be careful when working with this program. be used to load a C-128 program from disk and to run
After you type ii in, lest it to be certain you haven't made it automatically:
any disastrous errors. Save several programs on a newly KUN "prognunname"
formatted <iisk, then scratch and resurrect them one by This does everything you need.
one, until you're convinced chat Unscratch is working
Kenneth H. Hottes
perfectly. By the way, it's normal to experience apparently
Dan bury, CT
random delays of 30 seconds or so while running Un-
scratch—the program needs that time for "thinking."
When actually using Unscratch, it's best to use it just $295 C-128joystick ports—The C-128 boasts a slick ap-
alter your program has been scratched, before any new pearance, but. its designers overlooked at leasl one small
material has been saved to the disk. To do otherwise is detail. The contour of the molding near the joyslick ports
to invite corruption (though sometimes it's a risk worth prevents insertion of the PaperClip (C-64 version) dongle
taking). And since the names of scratched files can du and olher similar copy-protection plugs.
plicate those of live ones, you must be extremely careful 1 solved the problem by buying a S'!.9.r> joyslick acces
in choosing the file lo imscratch. The safest procedure sory at a local discount store. The accessory is a Y cable-
is this: that allows you to plug two joysticks into a single port
• Make a backup copy of the disk you want to work with, on an Atari video game. When the Y cable is plugged
then set it aside. into the C-128, the dongle can easily be inserted into
• Unscratch the file from the original disk, then load it either of its female connectors.
and check to see that it's really the one you want. Others have made extensions from die subminiature
• Save the file onto the disk you set aside. D connectors available at Radio Shack, but that requires
knowledge of soldering and other expertise.
ll you type the program correctly and use it with cau
tion, 1 Fnscratcb can be your closest friend in times of real Harold Gatli
distress. Use it wisely and well, and remember where you Brownsville, PA
got il.
100 PRINT"(SHFT CLR)UNSCRATCH - LUKE HESTER Shifted run/stop—On most Commodore com
puters, when you press these keys in combination, you're
110 DIMBL$<255):TR=18:SE=1:OPEN2,8,15:OPEN1
D ■> " u" prompted with "Press Play on Tape." (The computer is
120 PRINT#2,"U1:2,"8,TR,SE:FORP=0TO255:GET# living to load and run the next program on the cassette.)
1,BL$(P):NEXTP If you hit the keys by mistake (not an uncommon event),
130 NT=ASC{BL$(0)+CHR${0)):NS=ASC{BL$(1 )+CH you can correct your error by pressing the stop key.
R$<0}):NM=1:FORFI=2TO255STEP32 On the C-128, however, pressing shifted run/stop loads
140 FORPN=3TO18:IFBL$(FI+PN)=""THEN190
and runs the first program on your disk, without pausing
:IFASC(BL$(FI)+CHR${0) ) O0TJ1EN190
for additional action. If you accident ally hit those keys,
160 INPUT"UNSCRATCH<3 SPACEs)N{3 CRSR LFs)" whatever is in memory will immediately be overwritten
;Q$:IFLEFT$(Q$,1)="N"THEN190 by the new program coming in from disk! If the over
170 NM=0:PRINT"FILE TYPES: 1=SEQ(2 SPACEs)2 written program was a valuable one you had noi yet saved,
=PRG{2 SPACEs)3=USR(2 SPACES)<UREL" you'll be annoyed, to say the least.
You can guard against this disaster by placing a se
quential file first on your disk. Since the computer cannot
190 NEXTFI:IFNM=1THEN210 load it, it can't overwrite any programs. You can put such
200 FORP=0TO255:PRINT#2,"B-P:"2,P:PRINT#1,B a file on a newly formatted disk by executing this tine
L$(P);:NEXTP:PRINT#2,"U2:2,"0,TR,SE OPEN 2,H,'2."]NSURAN(;E.5.W" : CLOSES
210 IFNT=0ANDNS=255THEN230
220 TR=NT:SE=NS:GOTO120 Another, less automatic, way of having (his insurance
230 CL0SE1:PRINT#2,"V0":CLOSE2:END is to leave your disk's door open.

Luke Mcster Bruce Jaeger

Colliers, WV St. Paul, MN

$293 C-128 bell—You can ring the bell on your C-128 $297 C-128 MIDS feature—In C-12H mode. MID$ has a
by executing wonderful but undocumented feature: You can use it to
1'KINI <;HUS(7) replace characters in one string with those from another!
111 /RUN |MJUARVB86 Continued on p. IK).
Circle 47 on Hondor SflrvJco card.

This Is the most SUPERBOWL SUNDAY This program Is Great game!

interesting football Is a great game. fantastlcll Chuck Shea
game I have seen. Rick Bray Chris Calkins Las Vegas, NV
Howard Boldebuck Eugene, Oregon Seffner, FL
Lombard, IL Clerk Computer Technician More dlsksl —
Police Coaches disk to
Very good game. Excellent quality — OK. create teams; great
Thank you for the Mike Trimarco Michael Zoyrko teams from past — not
great game, with Franklin Pork, IL Neah Bay, WA Super Bowl; college
printer options. USAF teams.
Daniel H. Antolec Greg Addy
Monona, Wl Elgin, IL

Police Credit Approver

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY Very realistic, would

Is a very enjoyable like other sports.
game. N. Sideratos

Charles M. Bolton Brooklyn, New York
Jacksonville, Arkansa Student
US Air Force
A great game.
Excellent game. Best
if you can prove that any of the Derek Aiello
sports simulation I've testimonials shown here are not true Warminster, PA
seen. or have been altered in any way! Student
Richard G. Miller
Duluth, Georgia Q One of the very best
Engineer sports games!
Finally a good The best game you've Jeffrey D. Ma I ley
graphics, statistical come up with yet. Philadelphia, PA
The game is
football program. R. Michael Lesher Insurance
unbelievable! A + +I
Would like more Whitehall, PA
Matt Ritchie
printer options. Engineer I was wondering if you
Cisco, TX
John Sievila sell 1985 teams, & If
Waukesha, Wl Make a diskette for you update the disk.
Photo Engraver "SUPER BOWL SUNDAY" Rick Rosenthal
Great game, very
that allows me to Peabody, MA
This game is fun to create teams. Student
James Antonaccio
get into! Rick Dakesian
Somers, New York
Taylor Thompson Lincoln Park, Ml Very Impressive game.
Arlington, Texas Good concept and
Student implementation.
is the "BEST" football Patrick K. Morlarty
game I ever played. Richmond, VA
Michael Cwirko BQl Programmer
Monroe, NY
Student Very realistic
simulation with
Good gomes — would excellent graphics.
like good baseball Jay Hertel
Available now on diskette for tne Commodore' 64/128 Sterling, Illinois
and IBM' PC, PCjr, coming soon for Apple' family...$35.00
Scott Peterson Student
Season disks (where you can re-create an entire season)
Vernon Hills, IL available separately.
Sates Manager These type of games
Available at: Toys "R" Us/Lionel Kiddle city/caldor/ are great to play with
"Nice Animation!" Games and Gadgets/Software City stares/K-Mart your kids (sharpens the
Kevin McGill stores/Sears Stores/Montgomery ward stores/ mind).
Warehouse One stores/Target stores and Better Rod Phillips
Spring, Texas CAME/COMPUTER STORES everywhere.
Student Craig, CO
microcomputer games division
Excellent game! Can The Avalon Hill Game Company Your game Is great,
you expand it (more just keep on coming
plays, more teams?) 4517 HARFORD ROAD, BALTIMORE, MD. 21214 out with more.
James Heironimus Joe Yovlno
Enon, Ohio For Ordering Information Cincinnati, Ohio
Doctor Call TOLL FREE: 1-800-638-9292 Student

Compiled by SUSAN TANONA

Interest Group, called I'lG Forth, Now, for the bad news: While I
while adding extensions for the gen didn't find any bugs in While Light

eration of sophisticated graphics and ning itself, I (lid identify a few
SOUnd. A powerful set of extensions, problems.
called Ideal (Interrupt Driven Ex My biggest complaint is the lack of
A Graphics-Development tendable Animation Language), pro a source listing for the White Light
System Based vides for the easy implementation of ning demo. A listing of the program
inlcrrupt-driven programs. A pro would be a very good tutorial, but no
On Forth
gram thai plays theme music or lines of source code are provided on
scrolls a background can run inde the disk. The only way to see exam
Anyone who's done any pro pendently of the program control ples of code is to list the Basic Light
gramming in machine or assem ling [he movement of the players. ning demo program and translate it
bly language can testify to the Timing problems are often much eas into White Lightning, since the de
frustrations inherent in working at ier to handle if a program is inter mos are nearly identical. The White
such a low level. Unfortunately, rupt-driven. Along with numerous Lightning version simply runs faster.
graphics-intensive programs on the Other functions, Ideal also includes I would also like [o see the source
(Mi4 arc abysmally slow iri Basic. One tools for manipulating software listing lor the Ideal commands and
ol the low alternatives is a high-level sprites (these can he up to six screens other extensions as well, but reali/.e
language called Forth, which can wide), plotting lines and polygons, why Oasis would be reluctant to give
achieve a significant fraction of ma creating windows, and putting text them away. Like most Forth program
chine-language speed, while provid in a hi-rcs screen. mers, 1 dislike the kind of program
ing a much friendlier programming ming that lets you feed a function an
environment. argument and gel back a result with
While Lightning, frmii Oasis Soft out having any idea of what hap
ware, Is billed as a "high-level graph pened in between.
ics-development system," and is Report Card Another indication of the compa
based on Forth. It provides many ny's protective attitude is the paper on
powerful tools for generating graph Superb! which the manuals are printed. Rather
An exceptional program tluu
ics and animation on the (".■(>■! and than protect the disk, they've printed
ouuhinea all others.
is capable of producing impressive the manuals on paper tinted a partic
Very Good.
results. ularly noxious shade of orange-red,
Onr of the belter program)
Software created with While Light ;iv;iihthlf in Its CEttCffDTYi A WOF
which is supposed 10 prevent photo
ning can be run without it and mar ■li' iililiii:>n to yom software copying. Perhaps it would foil some
keted without any restrictions. Also library, copy machines, but the only rca! result
included in the package is an extended Good. of their effort is eyestrain for anyone
Basic called Basic Lightning, which du Lives up lo iis liillin^. N» has- who purchases the product.
lies, headachea or disappoint- I was also disappointed with the
plicates the capabilities of While
menu here.
Lightning ai a lower level of perfor lack of an assembler, which is a nor
Mediocre. mal part of almost all Forth imple
mance. Basic Lightning programs re
There are tome problems with
quire thai Basic Lightning be loaded mentations, and the very small
ihis program. There are betid
before they can be run. Both disk on tin- market editor. Also, besides being extremely
and tape versions of While Lightning complicated and difficult to under
and Basic Lightning are provided in stand, [he sprite editor included in
Substandard, wlih many prob
the same package. lems. Should br deepstxedl the package is written in Basic Light
while Lightning closely follows ning and its performance sutlers as
the standard established by the Forth a result.
Circle 24onReaflo'SefYicei;aK!.



RITEMAN PRINTERS from C.ITOH Digital Products.
Whatever your needs, from home to busi also handle graphics and many characters.
ness, Riteman has a printer for you. From All this and more. But. don"tlet the small
Commodore to IBM PC, there Is a model size fool you. It is hard to believe we've
designed to fit your needs. packed so much in a printer small enough
The Riteman family also offers lots of to fit in a briefcase or school bag.
features you wont find on the competition. Experience, keyword to success in busi
You'll use the exclusive compact ribbon for ness is why we offer the best choice of
more than a million characters and then
printers. We grew up in this industry and
change it without getting your hands dirty. are backed by the worldwide resources of
The C+ and F+ models offer unique front C. ITOH.
loading paper feed, while the whole family
IBM Apple and Commodore am registered trademarks oil BM Corp.. Apple Computer
features short tear off to save paper. They Inc. and Commodore Electronic* Lid.

For more Information please call:
(800) 672-8800
(800) 824-5692 (Inside CA)

C. ITOH DIGITAL PRODUCTS, INC. RITEMAN DIVISION 1011 Francisco Street, Torrance, CA 90502
0 Software Gallery

That you can always improve your

score {unless you're always a perfeci
10) or try different movements or
combinations of movements makes
the game more interesting and en
joyable. The novelty of a game whose
options are quickly and easily ex
hausted soon wears thin.
Winter (James provides well-writ
ten documentation thai is easy to un
derstand. The game's features are
explained, along will) instructions on
how to participate in eacii event and
how you can acquire the highest
score. There is even a short bin in
formative explanation ol'how winter
sports began.
Ultimately, Winter Games is just
plain fun. And its sound and graph
ics, which certainly win a gold medal,
greatly contribute to the game's en
tertaining quality.
Moving the little figure skater
around the rink, urging her into dou
ble axel jumps, sit spins, whatever, is
Aside from its few drawbacks. bobsled, figure skating, freestyle skat fun (though you may not think so
While Lightning is a high-perfor ing, hotdog aerials, speed skating and when you become a serious compet

mance development system. Buying the biathlon (cross-country skiing itor). And watching her fall is, I'm

a graphics-development system for and rifle shooting). sorry, amusing.

your C-64 won't make you a games You may compete with the com In the hotdog aerials, sending the

designer, but you can certainly ben puter (a surprisingly fit opponent) or tiny skier flipping through the air
efit from the application of tools such with iij) to seven other players,Those and landing,plop, every which way in
the snow, is also, I'm sorry, funny.
as While Lightning. (Oasis Software, of you in less than tip-top shape may
377 Oyster Point Blvd., South San Fran practice all the events as much as And it's satisfying and oddly thrill
cisco, CA 94080. O64/S49.95 tape, disk.) necessary, lest you shame your coun ing lo move your skier effortlessly
try with a shoddy performance. from a back scratch into a back flip
Jon Bryan
Most events are accompanied by up- and have him land on his feel to the
Albuquerque, NM
beat music, and all events feature sweet sound of applause and whistles.
finely detailed graphics. The biathlon Who knows.. .All this vicarious ac
isn't the most exciting event (I like the tivity might even inspire you to jump

Winter Games bobsled and the hotdog aerials), but its on your snow saucer and do a little
setting, which consists of snowy ter sliding. lEpyx, 1043 Kiel Court, Sun
rain, mountains, pine trees, a gurgling nyvale, CA 94089. C64/S29.95 disk.)
This May Not Be an river under a wooden bridge and blue Marilyn Annucci
Olympic Year, but You Can skies dappled with white clouds, is RUN staff
pleasantly picturesque.
Still Go for the Gold
A consistent part of each selling is

No twisted knees or swollen feet.

the audience, which will whistle and
applaud you if you scores 10. (It's nice
Stunt Flyer
No frostbite. No landing on to have fans, even if they do exist only
your head. No years of gruel ing train on disk.) This Flight Simulator
ing. JuSI the possibility of bringing The variables on which scores are Lets You Perfect
home the gold For you and your coun based differ according to the event. In
Those Loops and Rolls
try. In short, the occasional thrill of the skating and hntdog aerial events,
victory, with no agony. your SCOFe is based on style and diffi
To qualify for Kpyx Software's Win culty (there are several maneuvers you So, you've flown the F-15 Strike
ter Games, you need only one or two may perform). In (he biathlon and Eagle and Flight Simulator II.
joysticks and a competitive spirit bobsled, your score is based on the You consider yourself good. But has
(though quick hand-eye coordination speed of your performance. In the ski anyone ever shown you just what you
is helpful). jump, points are awarded according to look like up in the air?
Six events are offered: ski jump, distance and form. Stunt Flyer will do just that, and,


You've captured the gold in Summer action with the joystick, animating your
Games* and Summer Games IP1. Now player for style and rhythm. You choose
it's on to the Winter Games] And what the country you want to represent.
an incredible setting—a completely Listen to its national anthem. Then it's
realistic winter wonderland featuring practice, training and learning a win
seven action-packed events. ning strategy for each event. Now the
At the Ski Jump you control your Opening Ceremony and the competi
form in mid-air, knees straight, leaning tion begins—against your friends or
forward. Hot Dog Aerials challenges the computer. Will you be the one who
your courage and your sense of humor. takes the gold at the Awards Ceremony?
In Figure Skating you leap into Double Will your name be etched amongst the
and TViple Lutz jumps—now the crowd World Record holders?
with a perfect Camel into a Sit Spin. The quest for the gold continues...
It's timing and style that counts. Free And its all here—the strategy, the v spcnjJIt pijrl^cil l>nes fcji ilrtjjl*

Skating lets you choreograph your own challenge, the competition, and hlW n I«G IXr.

routines. In Speed Skating it's you pageantry of Winter Games! nUfilr il r Jr' 1.17 J! r J J.-1 '.-r\

against a fellow speed demon—the • PPLE CMflll

fastest human beings on level earth!
And the ISobsled—still faster as you fly
around hairpin turns, leaning hard to
stay in the tube. Finally the Biathlon,
the ultimate challenge to your endur
ance in cross-country skiing and
](M3 Kid Ct, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
All of this fun and excitement is
easy to leam and play. You control the Strategy Gamesfor theAction-GamePlayer
Circle 12 on Reader Service card.
H Software Gallery

until you really learn to fly, your ego

is going to take a beating from it.
This simulator also just might
teach you to fly. The manual is the
best tutorial I've seen on the aero
dynamics of flight.
The manual fully illustrates such
stunts as rolls, loops and Immel-
manns, and tells you what to do with
the controls at each point in the ma
neuver. Read il carefully: It's like be
ing in ground school and there will
be a lest.
From the main menu you may
choose to watch an air show, fly freely
or perform a stuot. lloth joystick and
keyboard may be used to control your
If you decide to perform a stum,
you're presented with another menu
from which you may choose one of
about 15 classic moves. Select one
and you're on your way.
Your view is out of the cockpit,
looking at a green landscape thai is
sketched with mediocre graphics.
The instrument panel is drawn much accomplishes its goal, which is to pro commercial software, you may al
better than the landscape and con vide you with new challenges. Al ready be there.
tains a few gauges you may never though you'll be humbled by the There's little solace in knowing thai
have seen on other flight simulators. instant replay feature, it's the saving you're not die only person to suffer
You can choose to review your grate of the game and the feature this particular type ol problem. How
completed stunt and watch your per that will make you determined to try ever, there is reason to cheer. You can
formance from outside the plane as it again and get il right. (Sierra, I'O realign a balky drive ai home (il lakes
a ground observer would see it. Box 485, Coarsegold, CA 9361-1. C64/ only an hour or two) and gel right back
Without this instant replay feature, $24.95 disk.) to your computing.
Stunt Flyer would he only a mediocre CSM's 1541 Disk Drive Alignment
Ervin Bobo
simulator. With that feature, it be Program walks you, step by slep,
St. Peters, MO
comes a constant challenge as you try through the alignment process. All
to improve your performance and bel you need are a few screwdrivers, a
ter your score. (Judges evaluate your little time and patience, and the cour
performance and award points age to open up your disk drive.
Following instructions in the 18-
In the competiiion section of the page manual, you learn to disassemble
game, you put together your own se ihe drive (remove 12 screws), check
ries of stunts, save them to disk, and Disk Drive and adjust the molor speed, check
then enter them in Sierra's Stunt alignment ami make the adjustments
Flyer Contest
and try for the big
Alignment Program necessary lo return your 1541 drive to
peak operating condiiion.
The program's graphics are only The manual is adequately illus
adequate in execution, and the crash This Package Lets You trated and the directions are easy lo
scene—you'll probably see a lot of Diagnose and Cure Your understand. While (he hazard is min
this—is a static rendering that looks imal, the author is to he commended
Drive's Alignment Woes
as if it were lifted oul of a coloring for clearly pointing oul the potential
book. Sound is limited to the buz/ing danger of working on a device with
of your engine, and (he instant replay If you use software with a copy exposed 117-volt wiring.
feature isn't really instant, for it re protection scheme involving in CSM provides two disks. One con-
quires disk access to put your moves tentional read errors that produce a lains the alignment progTam that op
and gyrations into coherent form. rattling sound when loading, you're erates the drive during lesiing. The
(However, we can't blame Sierra for probably on the road to disk drive other is a precisely recorded calibra
slow disk access.) alignment problems. If you have tion disk ihat provides the standard
Even with ihese faults, Stunt Flyer trouble loading programs, especially to which youi drive will lie aligned.
16/ RUN JANUARY 1986
: .


You know 'lemple of Apshai. The graphics and sounds are new. The
The classic. Bestseller for over challenge of the dungeons is timeless.
four years. Are you ready for the most involving
You may have friends trapped forever role-playing game ever designed?
in its dark recesses. Temple of Apshai is waiting. Silently
Players have dropped from sight for lurking. Patiently waiting. For you. At
weeks at a time, searching for the your nearest Epyx dealer.
treasures of Apshai.
Well now we've raised the stakes. APPLE II MAC ATAHI IBMK C64/12B

Introducing the new Apshai 'lVilogy.

The combined wrath of the world
famous Temple of Apshai^ Upper
"Sit JPfCiaJlyinfljkcJ buns forddjils Nil
Reaches of Apshai® and Curse of Ra*^ ruiTLl-ow milling S-* Li>«j
IhfL-niEtti 31. KUk Dfllciil n
All on a single disk. Twelve levels.
568 rooms to explore. More choices.
More chances, Best of all, there's faster 1043 Kid CourJ, SunnyralR CA <

game play. StrategyGamesfor theAction-GamePlayer

Circle 12 on Reader Semco card.
Ckcla 116 on Rflfldgr Sorvlco cart!

H Software Gallery
are fully inregrared software programs This package offers a unique
designed to manoge your dara so you method of verifying alignment; iliis
can whip ihousandi of nomes ond method can also be used to monitor
numbers into shape. your drive's performance and alert
you lo future alignment problems be-
Use the word processor ro move o
Fore they interfere with the smooth
paragraph or transfer rex! from file to
file. You con even generore o (orm ond operation of your software.
customize ir by meigmg inlormarion from This alignment check causes the
rhe file manager or by merging 1541 to read and write to several tracks
spreadsheet numbers. and seciors on the calibration disk.
The total time required to accomplish
Monitor your budget, cosh flow, ond invesr-
this task is computed and reported on
menis with rhe spreadsheet. Use it to help
plan shopping and coupon use. screen. A substantial increase in this
timing number means it's time to ad
Keep on top of appointments cnrical
just your drive's alignment.
dares and events wuh rhe
Also included are instructions for
die manager. Let it help
"The Fix," a positive method of pre-
you organize Inventories, research notes, or family
venting further alignment errors due
health records
to additional siippage of the head-po
PLUS GPAPH creates pie chorts. line graphs or bar graphs sitioning cam. Requiring further disas
to illustrate rrends. morUet share, and profitability.
sembly of the drive mechanism, diis
You'll see that rhe performance, qualiry. ond price will procedure is not for the mechanically
help you tome the facts with eose. faint of heart. It is, however, certain to
TO If A A(/""'l!>/""\ rw me 064" C 118" PknJ" onO Atari" provide a more secure repair than the
I KI»/VtlV-KU PC Box 11300 SomoAno CA 92711
frequently suggested trick of putt ing a
For more informanon on where to buy Tri Mico Soltwore (714) 832-6707.
drop of glue on the top of the offend
ing mechanism.
This procedure requires that you
drill a hole and secure the head-po
Circle 81 on Reader Service card. sitioning cam to its shaft with a steel
pin. If Commodore had built the
BACKUP 1541 with this type of construction
in the first place, alignment problems
PROTECTED SOFTWARE would probably occur less frequently
and alignment programs wouldn't be

FAST as necessary as they are.

However, since alignment woes are

with COPY II 64/128 so common, this package should

prove valuable to you. ll provides a
measure of prevention as well as a
From the ream who brought you COPY II PLUS (Apple), COPY II PC
cure for your disk drive's alignment
(IBM) and COPY II MAC (Macintosh) conies a revolutionary new copy problems. (CSM Software, PO Box 563,
program for die Commodore 64 and 128 computers. Croim Point, IN 46307. C-64/$44.95.)
John Premack
• Copies most* protected software — automatically.
Lexington, MA
' Copies even protected disks in just 2 minutes (single drive).
• Copies even protected disks in just 1 minute (dual drive).
• Maximum of tour disk swaps on :i single drive.
• Includes fast loader, 12 second format.
Project: Space
Requires a Commodore 04 Of 128 computer with one or two 1541 or 1571 drives.
Learn What's Involved
\^J Software, Inc.
M-F, 8-5:30, VV. Coast Time
5700 SW Capitol H»y,#I00
In Putting Together
lI'fcpjiTiKUE Required)
A Space Shuttle Mission

'We uyjjic Cop II M rcgukrli to handle nc* pr^roiimu, \>>v js i RgUURd OVKT nuj? U]xlJkn ji aw "me Jl ■ rdiTLfd pfKC

Ifm prvJurf u pnndtJ far it* purjvu tftn&HtKS *>m lo makt anhrel ufiti <ml\
been a long time coming, but
Project Space Station is finally
here. It was worth the wait Without
18/RUN |ANUHW]986
You've joined an elite pilots, do battle with enemy saucers and destroy enemy
Rescue Squadron, Hying to gun emplacements.
the hostile planet Fractalus We supply the Long Range Scanner, Dirac Mirror
to confront the ruthless Shield and Anti-Matter Bubble Torpedoes ... YOU
enemy Jaggies head on. supply the skill and guts! Take the challenge: The perils
The mission is a treach of Fractalus await you.
erous one for, as everyone CM/1 II MM! ftPPU

knows, the cyanitric acid atmosphere on Fractalus is /fescue tirt

fatal and Jaggi saucers are cunning. You're needed to

rescue Ethercorps pilots shot down and stranded on
that brutal planet, and to help lead our forces to victory
... for the merciless Jaggi onslaught must be stopped
to preserve the future of our galaxy.
Rescue on Fractalus! is a rescue and space action
game with realistic 3-D flight simulation. You pilot your
1043 Kiel Ct.. Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Valkyrie Fighter through the canyons and around the
mountain peaks of the planet Fractalus to rescue fellow StrategyGamesfor theAction-GamePlayer
ntii.cV./ 4.J *1 rirnvnb <4lh?gKnr brrtv*-TM Ai "* VIM■»ijilm Ifl] li.FLj All Kjjthn Jfevrwi] 1^. Irtt. AuiIk.pihJ ['*r \ ftiVifcroJ Tfihnurta <i fcni. lit ClfCIQ 12 On Reader Service Card.
0 Software Gallery

The Original
Computer Diet
Shed Those Extra
Pounds and Learn to
Plan a Healthy Diet

WIND: 8-15 HFH

The Original Boston Computer
Diet, written by three medical
doctors and a nutritionist, is an im
PROCEED LAUNCH pressive and useful program that will
HOLD COUKTDOWN he of interest to anyone who has ever
tried to wish off a few excess pounds.
COUHTDOHN This interactive program, origi
nally written for the IBM PC, has
been very nicely implemented on the
C-64. Crammed into almost every
available byte of RAM, this is a quick
and easy-to-use program thai will
help almost anyone plan and main
a doubt, it is the most complete sim time, seconds remaining to launch tain a sensible and healthy weight-
ulation ever devised for the C-64, and weather conditions. As in real control program.
Dcm't expect to jump into a hot life, a launch may be delayed or even The first thing that impressed me
rocket and fly by the seat of your aborted. was the program's speed. I was also
pants. In fact, this is not a flight sim What you do in orbit depends upon pleased with the heavy emphasis
ulator? rather, it is a mission simu whatever you had planned to do. You placed on proper eating habits and
lator and the mission is the most may simply be ejecting modules for fu the medical consequences of dieting.
complex ever undertaken—to build ture assembly or you may be involved The program contains ample warn
a permanent, working space station in extravehicular activity in actually as ings about dieting and excessive ex
by the turn of the century. sembling your station. ercise unless your medical condition
You begin far in advance of your NASA's planning for this project permits.
first Iliglit, in the planning Stage. spans years, and your own involve Your first session with the program
Here, you must allocate funds for ment with the simulation will take allows you to choose which of three
equipment, station modules and op days or weeks. Fortunately, you may distinct personality types will lie your
erations. As NASA does, you may save missions to disk at any stage. personal "counselor." Your counse
earn money by selling shuttle space Documentation is excellent, and lor leads you through a series ofques
to private corporations for research the manual is aided by the extensive tions about your medical history, life
projects, thus bolstering your budget tutorials within the program. Superb style and eating habits.
for future flights. graphics, with dozens of different Daily sessions for the next week
Next, you select a crew. From a screens, add to the feeling that you're are spent reporting your food intake,
field of :(2 candidates, you choose at working on something real—the acid setting goals and developing your
least six for each mission. Your se test of any simulation. ability to plan meals and regular pe
lection is based upon skills needed Though it won't prepare you for a riods of exercise. Your counselor of
for a particular mission, balanced degree in space engineering, Project fers encouragement and also points
against personality traits that will de Space Station is very highly recom out bad habits, poor food choices and
termine whether your crew can func mended for anyone who is interested any excessive consumption ofSweets,
tion in harmony. in just what is involved in a shuttle fats or alcohol.
With this done, you're rtrady to lhghl and, especially, for anyone in The Diet's database contains al
schedule a launch dale. Because volved in any way with the 1'rcsi- most 100 commonly eaten foods and
many missions will be required, dent's Young Astronaut Program. In can be expanded to include another
you'll want to set the earliest possible fact, it is an absolute must. (Human 100 of your choice.
date from the time-line on your Engineered Suflware, 390 Swift Ave, #14, In subsequent weeks, you are ex
screen. South San Francisco, CA 94080. C-64/ pected to keep daily appointments
At the launch, you have a colorful $39.95 disk.) with your counselor and report ex
view of the shuttle poised at the Ervin Bo bo actly what you've had to eat. After the
launcn-pad. Your screen shows date, St. Peters, MO I'lrst week, you arc no longer given
'-><>/RUN JANI'ARVMiffi
Fleet System 2.
Word processing that spells V-A-L-U-E.

Complete word processing with built-in

90,000 word spell checking-Only $79-95
Up till now. you'd have to spend a mini Vou can even add over 10,000 "custom" out of the most heavy duty typing tasks.
mum of about S~0 io net :i good word words to the built-in 90,000 word dictio There's Built-in 80 Column Display — so
processor for your Commodore 64™/1281 nary. And at a suggested retail price of what you sec is what you get. Horizontal
And if you added a .small, separate spell S 79.95, Fleet System 2 really spells Scrolling During Typing, Easy Correction
checking program, you'd be out well V-A-L-U-E, and 90,000 other words tool and Movement of Text, Page Numbering,
overJIOO! Fled System 2 helps people of all ages Centering, Indenting, Headers and foot
Now there's Fleet System 2! It's two to learn to spell correctly <md write better ers. Math Functions, Search and Replace,
powerful programs in out-, and it's per- too. It's the ONLY full featured word Mail Merge, Hl'll.T IN 90,000 word
fec! for book reports, term papers or full processor that provides you with helpful SPELL CHECKING and much, much
office use. writing and VOCABULARY FEEDBACK more!
Fleet System 2 combines the EASIEST such as: the total number of words in Ask/or Fleet System _',
and most POWERFUL word processor your document, the number of times Exceptionally Easy. Packed
available with a lightning-last 90,000 each word appears, and total number of with Power. Perfectly
word spelling dictionary — all in one "unique" words, just to name a few, Priced. . .-
refreshingly EASY TO IISE Integrated Fleet System 2 has every important Fea
system. Finally, spell checking is now ture thai will help you make child's play
available at your fingertips.

»1PSI Call 1-800343-4074 for the Dealer nearest you!

Professional Software, Inc., 5 I Fremont Street, Needham, MA 0219-i [617)444-5224
Fled System V" laainukmuli "f Protoitanal Saftwarr, (nc — Plccl Syttcm lontronict, i lit -- md ( oinmodon i JK^
[ndcnutbi ol < omrnodorc Electronic* i id — Some primen nut noi tuppofi Aif require minti ith your iltttlrt - D
jFEMrir>Ljinr Inquiries irclnvltCiJ
CircJe 93 On RaatJor Service card.
0 Software Gallery

suggested menus for each of your noying, since the master disk must subject, the chances are that algebra
daily meals, as you arc expected to do always be close at hand instead of would turn up among those at the
your own planning. tucked safely away. top of the list.
Any diet requires a great deal of Aside from iliis flaw, I found The While CBS Software" s Success with
commitment in order to be effective. Original Boston Computer Diet to Algebra Series won't bring students
The simple daily task of keeping an be one of the more innovative and to any greater understanding of the
appointment with your computer useful software packages released for discipline's usefulness outside of the
counselor is an excellent aid in main the Commodore in some time. f.SVfir- classroom, its self-paced tutorials
taining that commitment. borough Systems, 55South Broadway, Tar- take much of the mystery out of ad
The Original Boston Computer rytown, NY 10591. G64/S49.95 disk.) vanced linear equations, binomial
Diet occupies both sides of the pro multiplication and factoring. The
John Premack
gram disk. Side 1 contains all of the program leads students, step by step,
Lexington, MA
preliminary information necessary through the operations required to
to begin your diet. Your daily sessions solve specific problems.
are initiated by booting up side '2, During practice with actual equa
Side 1 is copy-protected, while side
2 is not.
Success with tions, students must correctly com
plete each step in the solution
Even though all daily sessions can
be run from a backup of side 2, the
Algebra Series process before continuing to the next
step. In this way, mistakes are easily
program occasionally asks you to in- identified as soon as they are made,
sen side 1 (the master disk). This is Here are Four Self-Paced and the student is guided to the equa
apparently done to prevent the pro Alegbra Tutorials That are tion's correct solution.
gram from being shared or illegally The four packages that make up the
duplicated, but it also prevents other
Designed for Grades 7-12
series are Binomial Multiplication and
members of the family from using Factoring, First Degree and Advanced
the program. 1 found the occasional f you were to survey high school Linear Equations, Graphing Linear
request to switch disks somewhat an •students on their least favorite Functions, and Simultaneous Equa-

C-li-ir ?? ■.[! Re,ld['l

For the last two years, many software vendors have tried to make a disk
utility more revolutionary than DI-SECTOR V2.0.
Now someone finally has!


+ Unprotected disk copier archives disks in 48 seconds with verify!

+ Protected disk backup archives the laics! disks in only 1 minute!
* All copiers work with one or two 1541 disk drives,
* Ultra fast file copier will copy between 1541, MSD, SFD 1001, hard disk drives, etc.
* Full featured sector editor allows modification of sectors in ASCII, HEX & Assembler.
* Powerful machine language monitor allows debugging of drive & computer code!
* Block identifier utility allows the viewing of half-tracking, density switching, etc.
* DI-SECTOR diskette NOT PROTECTED for unlimited archival backups!!
* All these features, and more for only $39.95!

When updjilny &y null

■ J39 9S-. 4 DO s/h
S5.M . 100 s/n

* 133 9i • 5 00 COD 0n»S
SS.OO » 5 00 COO woms
■ Shipping OBUoutSOe USA K0Q
Siiopino cosis oulitta USA 16.00
* i. l. ■ fKUcmsMa 6% sales In
CaM re^nenis ,«]<] bVt sales tax S Broadway Yreka.CA 96097 (916) 842-61B3
ViSA 01 Master tiro * VISA Of >.'.■■■:;..■■■ XOftlM

^ / RUN JANUARY 1086

Circle 7B on Reader Service card.

A Printer For
Search For The Best High Quality Graphic Printer

If you have been looking very long, you have machine will do it automatical I y, through easy printing when new, but quickly starts lo fade.
probably discovered thai there are jusi loo commands right from your keyboard. Do you To keep the printers output looking consis
many claims and counter claims In the printer sometimes want lo emphasize a word? It's tently dark, the ribbons must be changed quite
market loday. There arc printers lhal have easy, jusi use bold (double strike) or use italics often. The SP-1000 solves this problem by
some of the fcaiurcs you want but do not have lo make the words stand out. Or, if you wish using a wide {'A") ribbon cartridge that will
others. Some features you probably don't caic to be even more emphatic, underline the print thousands of pages before needing re
about, oitiers arc vitally important to you. We words. You can combine many of these modes placement. (When you finally do wear out
understand. In fact, not long ago, lvt were in and styles to make the variation almost end your ribbon, replacement cost is only SI 1.00.
the same position. Deluged by claims and less. Do you want to express something that Order S200I.J
counter claims. Overburdened by rows and you can't do with words? Use graphics with
rows of specifications, we decided to separate yo'Jr text — even on the same line. You have The Best Part
all the facts —prove or disprove all the claims variable line spacing of I line per inch to infin When shopping for a prinier with this quality
to our own satisfaction. So we bought ity (no space at all) and 1-13 other software se and these features, you could expect to pay
primers. We bought samples of all the major lectable settings in between. You can control around S500 or more. Nol now! We sell this
brands and tested them. line spacing on a dot-by-dot basis. If you've fantastic printer for only $259.95! You nerd
ever had a letter or other document that was absolutely nothing else to start printing — jusi
Our Objective Was Simple just a few lines too long lo fit a page, you can add paper.
We wanted to find liiai printer which had all see how handy this feature is. Simply reduce
the features you could wan land yet be sold di the line spacing slightly and ... VOiLA! The No Risk Offer
rectly to you a! the lowest price. We didn'i letter now fits on one page.
We give you a 2-week satisfaction guarantee.
want a "close-out special" of an obsolete If you are not completely satisfied for any rea
product that some manufacturer was dump son we will promptly refund your purchase. A
ing, so we limited our search 10 only those new 1-year warranty is included with your printer.
printers thai had the latest proven technology. The warranty repair policy is lo repair or re
We wauled to give our customers the best place and reship to lite buyer within 72 hours
printer on the market today at a bargain price. of receipt.

The Results Are In The Bottom Line

The search is over. We have reduced the field Be sure lo specify the order # for the correct
to a single printer thai meets all our goals (and version printer designed for your computer.
more). The prinier is the SF-10OO from Seiko*
Commodore C-64 & C-128, Order #2200,
slia, a division of Seiko (one of Ilie foremost
cable included
manufacturer? in the world). We ran this
printer through our battery of tests and it IBM-PC and compatibles. Order #2100, plus
came out shining. 'Ihis printer can do il all. S' cable SUO3.S26.OO
Standard draft printing al a respectable 100 Standard Parallel with 36 pin Centronics con
characters pet second, and with a very read nector, Order #2400, no cable
able 13 (horizontal) by 9 (vertical) character
matrix. This is a full bi-directional, logic seek We also have interfaces and cables for other
ing, true descender printer. mputers not listed. Call
•5/987-2454 for details.
"NLQ" Mode
One of our highest concerns was abou! print
Shipping and insurance is S10.00—UPS with
quality and readability. The SP-1000 has a
Forms? Yes! in the continental USA. If you are in a hurry,
prim mode termed Near Letter Quality print
ing (NLQ mode). This is where the SP-1000
Your Letterhead? Of Course! UPS Blue (second day air), APO or FPO is
outshines all the competition. Hands down! Do you print forms'? No problem. This unit S22.O0. Canada, Alaska, Mexico are S30.00
The character matrix in Nl.Q mode is a very will do them all. Any form up to 10 inches (air). Other foreign is S70.00 (air). California
dense 24 (horizontal) by 18 (vertical). This wide. The tractors are adjustable from 4 to 10 residents add 6% tax. The above arc cash
equates to 41,472 addressable dois per square inches. Yes, you can also use single sheets. prices — VISA and MC add 3"/o to total. We
inch. Now we're talking quality priming. It Plain typing paper, your letterhead, short ship ihe next business day on money orders,
looks like il was done on a typewriter. Vou can memo forms, labels, anything you choose. cashiers' checks, and charge cards. A 14-day
even print graphics using the standard Any size to 10" in width, in fact this unit is so clearing period is required for checks.
graphics symbols built into your computer. advanced, it will load your paper automati
The results arc the best we've ever seen. The cally. Multiple copies? Absolutely! Use forms
only other printers currently available having (up to 3 thick). Do you want to use spread For information call 805/987-2454
resolution Ihis high go for $500 and niore sheets wiih many columns'.' Of course! Just go
without the interface or cable needed to hook to condensed mode priming and print a full
up to your computer- 136 columns wide. Forge! expensive wide-car
riage printers and changing to wide carriage 1-1800) 962-5800 USA
18-6 PST)
Features That Won't Quit paper. You can now do it all on a standard 1-1800) 962-3800 CALIF.
8'/i "wide page, and you can do it quietly. The
With the SP-1000 your computer can now or send order to:
SP-1000 is rated at only 55 dB. This is quieter
prim 40, 4S, 68, B0, 96, or 136 characters per
than any other impact dot matrix printer that
line. You can print in ANY of 35 character
we know of and is quieter than the average of
styles including 13 double width and 3 re
versed (white on black) styles. You not only fice background noise level.
have the standard Pica, Htile, Condensed and
Italics, bin also true Superscripts and Sub Consistent Print Quality
scripts. Never again will you have lo worry Most primers have a ribbon cartridge or a 1071-A Avenida Acaso
about how lo print H,0 or X2. This fantastic single spool ribbon which gives nice dark Camarillo, CA 93010
Circle 66 on Readei Sarvice caid.

E Software Gallery

tions/Quadratic Equations. Each one

comes with a pocket-size manual lhai
briefly outlines the program's opera
tion and provides a succinct explana
■ Frss UPS ground shipping For next Company and school administration tion of the methods involved in
day air service add $?. purchase orders accepted upon solving the problems. More detailed
■ VISA a MASTERCARD approval. instructions are provided on the pro
■ For C. 0. D. 's add 2%-minimal service Prices and availabilities subject to gram disks, and special help screens
charge is S3. change without notice.
and mini tutorials can be accessed
■ Personal and company checks will We do not guarantee machine
while you are actually working out an
delay shipping 2 weeks. compatibility.
COMMODORE While performing binomial mul
tiplication according to the FOIL
SPECIALS method (First, Outside, Inside, Last),
Bank Street Writer $21 Karateka $18 for exam pie, if you enter an incorrect
Fast Load S24 Superbase 64 $48
product for any of the lour pairs of
terms, you are given a chance to re
BUSINESS Loderunner 24.46 consider your answer. If your second
Back to Basics GL S 66.50 Mickey's Space Adventure .. 27.96 attempt to multiply the two terms is
Back to Basics GL, AR, AP ... 136.50 One-on-One 28.00
also wrong, arrows link the specific
Pinball Construction Set 28.00
EDUCATION Sorcerer 31,46 pair that should be multiplied and
Adventures w/Fractions S13.96 Spy Fox 28.00 you are told what the product should
Basket Bounce 20,96 Stellar 7 20.96 be. You can then go on.
Blazing Paddles 24.46 Suspect : 31.46 Success with Algebra also uses your
Charlie Brown's ABC's 20.96 Tycoon /.., 41.96 C-64's graphics capabilities for visual
Kid Stuff 14.00 Ultima II /. .*." 41.96
emphasis of certain algebraic princi
Kids on Keys 18.86 Ultima III ./.. \.Y.. 41.96
ples. To graph linear functions, for
Kidwriter 18.86 Winnie the Pooh... .1$..... 27.96
Loadstar Vol #5*0 696 Wishbringer ,:'..,-. 27.96 example, you simply select appropri
Mastertype 27.96 Witness ..'..a..', ./.. 27.96 ate values for x and are guided toward
Rhymes & Riddles Zorki /..... 27.96 finding (he corresponding solutions
SAT Algebra 27,96 Zoridr.\.\...A 31.46 for y. Once you have three pairs of
SAT Practice Tests 13.96 Zorklih.:...%./. 31.46 coordinates, you're presented with a
SAT Vocabulary 27.96
HOME graph and instructed to plot the three
Science 14.00
Snooper Troops 23.06 Bank Street Writer $34.96 points of the function by moving a
Spell 34.96 Homeword 34.96 cursor to the proper point and press
Spellagraph 2796 PaperClip £3.95 ing the return key. After all three
Spellakazam 20.96 Printshop Graphics points have been plotted, the com
Spelling Bee '. 13.96 Library 17.46
puter draws a straight line through
The Body Transparent . 31,46 Printshop Paper Pack 73.95
Professional Word them to illustrate the equation.
Word Challenger 13.96
Processor 62.96 After each set of problems you
GAMES The Home Accountant 55.95 complete, you're provided with a de
Cutthroats 27.96
The Print Shop 31.46 tailed summary of your errors. Al
Deadline 34.96
Donald Duck's Playground 27.96 PROGRAMMING though this seems to be a good way
Enchanter 27.96 LANGUAGE of letting students know where
Expedition Amazon 24.46
Logo 51.76 they're having (he most problems, a
F-15 Strike Eagle 24.46 Oxford Pascal 41.96 percentage of the total that were an
Flight Simulator II 34.96 Simon's Basic 24.46 swered correctly, along with an ap
Ghostbusters 24.46
UTILITIES propriate message of praise or
Hard Hat Mart 24.50
Hitchhikers Guide to Copyli64 27.96 encouragement, could have been
She Galaxy 27.96 Fastload 28.00 supplied as well.
Impossible Mission 24.46 Magic Paintbrush 24.46 This minor complaint aside, the
Infidel 31.46 Picture Builder 20.96 Success with Algebra Series is a valu
Kennedy Approach 24.46 Shapes & Fonts 14.00
able study aid for high school stu
dents, and a great way for rusty
Call Toll Free to place your order college students to brush up on their
binomials. (CBS Software, One Fawcett
1-800-826-2447 1-800-222-0697 Place, Greenwich, CT 06836. C-641
Calls originating outside Colorado Calls originating inside Colorado $34.95 each disk.)
PACIFIC TIME: (Mon.-Sat. 6 am-B pm), (Sun. 11 am-4 pm)
Bob Guerra
783O-A North Academy Blvd.. Colorado Springs, CO 80918 Charlcstown, MA



R $599 ■■ j ■ y.

\ \ ^
The Spartan'" is the Apple1" 11+ emulator for your Commodore 64'" that will open
up a whole new world of hardware and software for youl Imagine adding these m
features to your Commodore 64™ for the Spartan™ price of S599: □ Apple'" JJ + ) )
hardware and software capabilities □ 64K RAM expansion □ four / ' A
software selectable Commodore 64'" cartridge slots □ non-dedicated 8-bit / / m
/ ^
parallel port □ standard audio cassette deck capabilities for your C-64'".
The suggested retail value of comparable products offering only these
capabilities is over $2200.00* — but the Spartan™ gives you much, much
morel By building on your investment in your Commodore 64™— an
excellent introductory computer — you create a whole new system
with both C-641" and Apple'" 11+ capabilities. There is a whole other
world out there) The huge selection of Apple'" 11+ hardware and
software is now yours to explore) Call toll free for the Spartan'" 1 1 12 FORT ST., FL. 6A
dealer nearest you. J
■All prlces quoted aio In U S. Tunas, freight and laie&nol InctufletJ. Valuool components equivalent
lomeSparlon" tyitern aro quoloa from Appfe" \\+ CPU and Applo1" »*- single dhkdhve Wii
Nil prices and From curronf tugoesl&d list diIcqs ancj campononT tpeclficarlons of o'<«-•
i ■■ ■!!£■':■ T(]ir:- :n.,: :■ r. iv. Commoflore 64■" onO CoTfimoOoro loooaro tradomarksor 1-800-MODULAR
ComrmHtora Electron let Ltd. and or Commodoio BiiilnouMacftlnei. ino Appfe" II • lio
irodemort ol Apple Compuior Inc Sporian1* Ho fodomorli of Mimic Syilemilnc ona Tiai
no auocJatlon wirn CommotToro (loctronlci oi Apple Cornputor Inc Tno Spar'on"" \t
manufactured by M<mic SyiTem* me under license groniod by AIO ElocrrorHoi he. of
Vicrono. > C Ctsnoda
Add sparkle and excitement to your tomer had used a word processor because he'd forgotten
the computer's ability to generate images and sound. He
videotapes with screen displaysfrom your
used it because it was a way to convey information, not
computer. This article tails you how to make knowing that what he really wanted to convey was emotion
the VCR-computer connection. and excitement.
Hut you're not going to shoot a wedding, so why bother?
l,et me <etl you a sad story.
Why put computer images on videotape? Sure, you could
Some time ago, a man came into my video store looking
tape your best game of Pac-Man and replay it whenever
for advice on how to improve his videotapes of weddings.
you fell frustrated, but there are other reasons.
Since there aren't a lot of us doing that, I was glad of a
As I indicated, 1 videotape weddings, parties, bar mil/-
chance to share some experiences and give him a few
vahs. . .anything a client will pay me to shoot. The titles
lips. After a while, he apparently decided I could be
and graphics are an extra, something the client didn't
trusted, so lie revt-aled Id me his great secret.
expect to get, something that gives my work a more
"T'm using a computer with video," he said. "I can make
professional look.
titles with it."
That look can dress up a variety of video projects.
Having just begun my own experiments wilh such ti
Maybe you want to create your own title for your vid
lling, I was more than interested.
eotape of, say, classic horror movies. Or you may want
-Really?" I asked.
to string together computer images and sequences to
"I'll show you," In- said, and proceeded to run his video
make an animated short subject. Someday, you may trans
tape, which revealed thai he had simply pointed his video
fer your family's old home movies to VCR tape. Computer
Camera at a green screen and taped such displays as:
titles and captions can do a lot to help the flow and to
Maid of Honor Kathy McCoy smooth the transition from, say, the vacation movies of
Besl Man Herbert Ross '74 10 the Christmas movie of'75,
There is a better way.
The Physical Connection
Making the video connection involves more than the
physical hookup of computer to video recorder. My cus- A direct physical connection between computer and
26 / RUN JAM'ARY 1986
video recorder leads to a sharper image with pure colors. Remove the antenna wire that's currently feeding pro
The composite video signal that would normally be in grams into your VCR and attach your computer's RF
terpreted by your monitor or CRT can instead be directly converter box in its place.
interpreted by any VCR. (Since the RK box terminates in a flat, SOO-ohm wire,
With the Commodore family of computers, you have and video recorders have a connection for a 75-olim cable,
access 10 the DIN video-out port on the rear of your an adapter may be required. These are inexpensive, and
computer. The DIN plug originally supplied with the you can get them at any radio or video shop.)
Commodore 1701 monitor (and still available in stores) The cable now connecting your VCR to your TV may-
is ideal. It terminates with two RCA plugs—one for audio, remain in place to allow you to watch as your titling is
one for video. Simply plug the one marked VIDEO into being recorded.
the video-injack on your VCR (see Photo 1). With either connection, simply bear in mind that what
Iii order to see what you're doing, you then use a cord goes into the VCR must come out to the TV or monitor.
with RCA plugs on both ends to make a connection from You're simply putting the VCR in line between computer
the VCR videO-OUt jack to the video-in jack on your and TV.
monitor. With the Commodore 1702 monitor, this is the With the VCR tuner set (and fine-tuned) to channel 3
video jack on the front, not the back. (Remember, we're (4 in some areas), you'll be able to record computer mil pul
talking aboill composite video. A VCR will neither put as easily as you record a TV program.
out nor accept an intelligent signal broken down Into Thai's the physical connection. Now whai about the
chrominance and luminance. Therefore, the three-ter mental?
minal Cable thai came with your Commodore 1701? mon
Plugging into Creativity
itor cannot he used.)
If you're using a television set as a monitor, you're The title should fit the subject, so it helps to think
using [he RF converter (hat came with your computer. about just what you are doing and plan ahead.
This is the little box that is attached to your antenna For the first binhday party of a boy who was born on
terminals. 'I'd use this on a video recorder, you must attach July 1th. I used large letters formed from reversed spaces
it to the VCR through the tuner. to write on (be screen, "Happy Birthday, Donald." The
DID! . ."i

. VlDll) IN



■mi Mi n Ud : In dmr
(»ni hi ■
. i an a fin


Photo 1. How to connect tour computer to imir Photo 2. ,-1 sample of how you can personalize Photo 3. A sample of how making the video con-
VCR. tThis slide was created with DOODLE, from your videotapes. (This display was created with Brad- nation can add pizuizi to your videotapes.
Cit) Software.) erknd's The Print

then cleared and weni to a large red Firecracker, of the Lilies. Get il on and get it off. Although you deserve
with a Hickeiing yellow flame. (For the Dame, 1 changed credit for what you've done, some of your audience will
the cursor to a spade symbol and allowed il lo pulse in see it as a commercial interruption.
its usual way.) After a moment, the screen border flashed Timing of your tides is important, too. A title should
rapidly through all eight colors, giving the Impression of be on the screen long enough for (he slowest reader to
an explosion, Backed up on audio with rousing martial absorb, hut no longer. Audiences get Impatient, always
music, it was an extremely effective first effort. in a hurry to see the pan where Aunt Tilly falls into the
For the sixtieth birthday of another client, I placed a punch bowl.
large 5 in the center of the screen, then had it change to Another reason for timing is sound. A musical back
10, 15, S20, etc., until 00 appeared in a larger Font After ground for your titles helps the How, and the music should
the screen cleared, I cut to a city skyline with large yellow be as appropriate as the tides. Although I have a fairly
spotlights forming a "V." "Happy Birthday, Mahlon" was good collection of records and tapes, I Find myself in
written In the sky between the cones of light, and, just creasingly being drawn to one particular piece of music,
above tl»' skyline-, fireworks made of sprites began lo for it is, in a sense, all-purpose. Starting slow and mel
flicker. ancholy, almost like a hymn, it builds to a bouncy rhythm
For i he wedding rehearsal dinner of a couple who both and crashing crescendos.
happened to be lawyers, the groom's father (also a lawyer) By working with this one song, I find it easier to pace
planned to appear in a robe and white barrister's wig my lilies and lo determine the overall length.
and elicil the usual toasts and best wishes by calling upon Lest you worry about royalties on music used for such
the guests for testimony. purposes, one of my friends who is knowledgeable about
It was an idea I liked. I opened with a gavel ihal filled legal matters tells me this does not really fit the definition
the screen, cleared and went to a bordered announcement of "public performance for profit." It is, rather, like
thai said "Rehearsal Dinner." The screen then cleared reselling a book that is then used for reading aloud Lo a
and gave the second tille card, "And Preliminary I [earing group.

of"; the screen again cleared and gave the names of the ThcC-fi4 andC-IUH have excellent graphics capabilities.
defendants—uh, I mean the bride and groom. (See Photos You may either create your own graphics or make life a
2 and 11 for samples of my efforts.) lillle easier by obtaining one of the many available graph
The principle behind [Ins project is to send an image ics software packages.
from the computer to the VCR tape, then lo the monitor. I have only a little programming ability, so ihe following
This allows you to personalize VCR Films with titles, are my favorite graphics programs:
graphics screens and other documentation.
If you're doing this kind of video tape recording profes
sionally, don't overlook the opportunity to promote your Designer's Pencil
self. In the instances I've cited, members of the clients' In Designer's Pencil, by Aciivision (2350 Bayshore
families will be watching these tapes and, sooner or later, Frontage Road, Mountain View, CA 94043), all program
one of them will need my services. ming commands are bnili in and must be selected will)
Therefore, at some point, an animated "Videography joystick and fire-button. The built-in commands put an
and Graphics by F.rv Bobo" will appear, embellished by end to synlax errors, but 1 still wish I could select the
sprite drawings of a video camera and a TV set. (Inci commands from the keyboard. 1 dislike any software that
dentally, I liked my logo so much that I dumped it to a forces you to use your joystick as a mouse.
printer, look it to a stationery shop and had it reduced The redeeming quality, for purposes of this discussion,
and printed on business cards.) is in (he execution of your design. Rather than appearing
However, don't allow your logo to dominate the rest immediately before you, it is drawn by a little yellow
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SI Time

Destination: The 19th Century

Slip any one of these game Holliday. Imagine all the best soldier. Beginner, Intermediate and Japan. Your goal: To conquer the world any
disks into your computer, and westerns you've ever read about Advanced Games are provided so way you can — through subversion,
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To pick up these tickets to the past, you'll
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SIX-GUN SHOOTOUT1- will take 17,1862, when the Gray and the marked the Age of Imperialism. computer or game store.)
you back to the wild, wiid West, Blue clashed so fiercely that it This lun and easy-to-play game II there are no convenient stores near you,
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gun battles ol such heroes/out the Civil War. This grand-tactical charge of one of six colonial machines directly by calling 800-227-1G17,
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brothers, Bat Masterson and Doc is resolved down to the individual Germany, France, Russia, and 772-3545, ext. 335.
Please specify computer format and add
52.00 tor shipping and handling.
SIX-GUN To order by mail, send your check to:
SHOOTO Road. Bldg. A-200, Mountain View, CA
94043. (California residents, add 7% sales
tax.) All our games carry a "14-day satisfac
tion or your money back" guarantee.
Illlll GAMES.

C1985 by
All nglns
reserved , inc.
C-6J (Cmimatoio 64), ATARI. iinQ APPLE are kademarks ol Comnratote Eleclraiics. Lid. Alan, Inc., ana Apple Compute!, MC, rcspcclively
The world's first
computer assisted
computer game.

Floyd theDroid
Deep in the sewers
of 6 major cities
throughout the
world you've got
Your )ob is to gel them cleaned! But
you've got help in the shape of an IDPR
(Icon Driven Programmable Robot)
called F1OYD THE DROID who has been
programmed to clean the dirt and slime
and mend the cracks and leaks.
Bui ...Floyd's no I alone down I here1 Rats,
bals. alligators and hoodlums are
making lite difficull [or him, He's got lo be
laugh! how to deal wllh Ihe unwanted
visitors. Your job is lo devise a RAT-
PROCEDURE lor Floyd lo use againsl the
Rals and piogiam him wilh It via your
ICON driven control panel. Likewise a
BAT-PROCEDURE is needed againsl Ihe
Bals etc. Thai's only hall the story - you've
still got lo plan the most ellicienl roule lor
Floyd or you won'l get Ihe )ob done in
lime, and lhal could mean you'll be
down there with a bioom and scrubbing

With complete 8 pages manual.

Author Edwin Neuteboom.





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Commodore Carousel
Connecting your Commodore to a
carousel slide projector opens up
exciting avenues in education
and home entertainment.


Picture a study carrel that contains a Commodore com mittedly, these programs were, and are, initially effective,
puter, ;i disk drive and ;i monitor. Sitting beside this is a probably because they Sparked the excitement of Some
slide projector with a small projection screen. As pictures thing new. (Such excitement was generated by the short
appear on the projection screen, a student responds t<> lived video game craze of a few years ago.) Some educators
diem by interacting with ihe- computer. As the student believe that once the initial rush of enthusiasm subsides,
progresses through the program, the slides automatically computerized instruction will be equally short-lived, and
lead his progress, changing as the program changes anil computers will begin to gather dust in classrooms.
advancing in response to the answers dial he gives i<> Instructional programs that include pictorials and
certain questions in the program. other more sophisticated graphics seem to have the mosi
In greater numbers than ever before, educators and potential for growth and survival. The future of this
home users are becoming aware of the potential of the technology lies not SO much in the Initial "gee whiz"
microcomputer as a powerful learning tool. Until re factor, but in the possibility for the inclusion ofa broader
cently, the computer was viewed as some sort of superior range of subject matter, which, by its very nature, must
calculator, scientific instrumenl or medium Tor teaching include sophisticated visual material.
computer languages. This altitude slill persists to some For example, by using texi and computer-generated
degree; however, new interactive technologies such as the graphics, it's possible to design a computer program that
video disk systems, which allow users to access visual will teach students to identify works of art, i issue samples or
material by use of the computer, are causing some edu microscope slides, However, given the amount of memory
cators lo reexamine the computer as a teaching medium. and cost involved in producing the high-resolution images
(Home users can also apply this video/computer combi [hal would be required, such a projeel is prohibitive.
nation 10 entertainmenl purposes.) This type of programming could be more easily accom
Early teaching programs, some of which are still In use, plished by using the less expensive interactive video disk
relied heavily on texl and simple graphics thai were not systems, rather than digilal graphics. However, these sys-
much more effective than simple printed workbooks. Ad lems and their software cost in excess of $40,000, an

Photograph ''I Edward judict RUN |.i\r.\RY

] ^^^ *w- WlMnCUM n.l
-^wjMHJjiirinnTa —>

■■■■. —.

■ H - O • 1 • , j ■


IV i 1

1 w ■ |S;.-^ I" 4 IW 9 jf
$ ; ^^

IW> ■ i-n " - II -" in " "I ^ 1

! \: / ' '

$ •

Photo i. /I jour-i'liimiiii output interface beard with four Photo 2. Ordinal rfww/f slide-ttihnw ford with advawe-mime unit Still

'i i>
i I

|f£ ft .ft" * ¥ A
■y *?Mvi k .aK. m £•}-
Out 3 Out 2 -tit \\ !

■■■■ ■1

Photo 3. fifllMfe sluk-advnwe rord with advance-mime unit removed. (The photo 4. The iidimmr (left) wire /ml the return (right) wire (polarity is ml
cord has been prepared to he attached to the output board.) important) attached to the output boari (AU photos ty Daniel Morris.)

investment thai is often beyond the means of small schools 4. The visuals should be oi high resolution, and easy
and training centers. Given the limited number of stu to create and replace. Long hours are required for pro
dents who might benefit from tins sort of system, it might gramming any graphic, even if one uses a graphics tablet.
be difficult lo justify such an expenditure. 5. The visuals should he easy to rearrange and update.
The personnel in ilic schools ur corporations who have All of this and more can lie achieved by interfacing an
Invested heavily in interactive video disk systems know auto-advance slide projector with the computer.
that [lie programs for them are expensive. The greatest
problem, however, is the difficulty of adapting video What You'll Need
systems to individual needs and differences. Only broadly To do this, I used a (Mil computer, a 1541 disk drive,
based educational programs that allow for mass marketing a 170y color monitor and a Kodak carousel projector.
are inexpensive enough for appreciable cosi effectiveness. 1 selected this equipment because of its availability, low
One might hope for an interactive system that is simple cost, dependability and simplicitj of operation. The
and cost efficient, and that satisfies the following needs. C-64's graphics and sound capability made it preferable
1. It should be relatively inexpensive id put into place. to some other microcomputers. Another reason for choos
2. The Computer programming should be simple, ing the carousel projector is because its advance mech
straight forward and easily modified. anism is easily accessed and it is available in nearly any
:i. The visuals should occupy little memory and be school or training area.
immediately accessible, Wailing for an intricate graphic Almost anyone using a 35mm camera can easily create
to load lioin digital disk memory takes ages. the visual material required for an instructional program.
Premier Word Processing


"PaperClip is easy to use. yet offers che advanced features of programs designed for the IBM PC. These include: block move.
copy, delete, macros, automatic page numbering, headers, footers, underlining, boldface, super and subscripts, variable
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own formatting parameters, including margins, line lengths, page length and spacing.
PaperClip contains over 30 printer files for all the current major models. The documentation is excellent and the disk itself un
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Available for Commodore 64, Pet, all Atari home computers, and new enhanced 128K versions for Apple ll/e/c,
Atari 130XE and Commodore 128. New in 1986: Paperclip Elite for IBM MS DOS, Amiga and Atari ST.

30 Mural Street ^^ \, ^^^^/ J '7e7s skyp3rk "ortft,
Richmond Hill, Ontario ^^*^^^^^^^^bh^^h^^^^^m»> ~^i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^h^^^^^^^' Suite p. Irvine, California
LAB IBS Canada .

we>nm-994t "The Energized Software Company!"

re lex: 06-9B6- 266 WR|TE T0 US FOR FULL COLOR CATALOG of our products for Commodoie, Atari, Macintosh, Apple and IBM systems. !ele*

. ISSi
With the amount of slide material or number of film with the projector. This is not nearly as difficult as it may
snips that can be mounted as slides, the problem ofvisuals appear. The most difficult work lies in creating the
is easily Solved. Original slides can be created from art programming.
work; non-copyrighted illustrations can be copied; and
original photography can be used. Preparing for the Connection
To write an accompanying program is easy in Basic. For those of you with RUN'S 1985 Special hsue, p. H
Must teachers can readily write programs that offer mul provides information on various connectors.
tiple-choice questions mixed with text and a few screen For those who have- some basic electronics experience.
graphics. For example, let's take a look at a possible test a good book on interfacing should provide the infor
program. (Lines 5 and 300 will be explained later.) [nation for constructing a hoard that can access the eight
.") (This line is mud iq Initialize ilit interface.)
bits of input/output data that are available through the
The first slide it tin the projection screen (Mi4's user port. To keep it simple, though, commercially
II) I'HINt "{Shifi Clear}" constructed input/output boards arc available from a
Hit HR1NT-WHICHOFTHE FOLLOWING PAINTED rHIS PICTURE?" number of suppliers who advertise in RUN.
SO PRINT "(A) DAVID (B) INGRES" Whether ihc board is a homemade or commercial item,
in 1'KIN r "(CJ POUSS1N (D) CROS" ii is the output portion of the board that controls the slide
50 PRINT "(E) NONE OF THESE" projector. This pin lion consists of a connector that makes
lid PRINT "CHOOSE ONE" contact with one of the I/O lines at the user port. A con
ductor carries information from that contact to a transis
tor. The transistor amplifies the information from the user
'.in IF AS< >"<:" i HKN GDSUB 200
port, so thai il will have1 enough Strength lo close a relay.
300 ('['his line ctinlains die subroutine for advan i in^ •'"' projector.)
(A relay is an electronically operated switch.)
We now have what is essentially a switch that can be
The utand slide appean <"i the projector serein.
opened and closed by a command from the- computer.
This is, fif course, only a simplified example. Actual More importantly, the opening and closing of the switch
programs can be far more sophisticated and complex, can be included in a program.
hut i!ie principle is the same. (Some programmers may Il is a simple matter to connect the projector-advance
prefer a Gel statement to the lupin statement in line 70.) switching circuil lo the board re-lay (see Photo 1). The
Willi the visuals and the programming accomplished, remote advance controller thai comes with Che projector
we can lake a look at the task of connecting the computer could be used, but I recommend thai you use either a
spare advance extension cord or an old slide-advance
controller. You need to obtain the proper cord and the
male connector, which plugs into the projector. Connec
Circle 2QB on Reader Service card.
tors that will fli carousel projectors are available (I gel
Now You Con AcM mine from |.T. Simpson, liSH Elizabeth St., New York, NY
ARTIFICIAL 10012), but tbc following procedure is simpler and saves
To Your Progrtirm Uimcj u Powerful Combinatio

Making the Connection

Making sure that the cord is not plugged into the
projector, cut the plastic advance controller off the cord.
Here's Tour Charue lo Profit by being on
[fan extension cord is used, cut off the female connector
the Forefront, Write 5th Generation Software (see Photos 2 and :i).
SUPIRFOBTH 64 Beginning on the cut end of the cord, strip back the
i Fdjior ■ dDK L
outside covering and find the advance conductor and iis
Wile iiond ftlenr • Uis lufciE
Liirnir Frw Program*
return. (The red wire is the advance wire and the yellow
Wnr* InlelNgenl Progiarm Fc< wire is (he return.)
j 10 to bOOi FrWfl
Connect these two wires to the output relay, so that
■ Bnl 1
when the relay closes, they will make a complete circuit
^.l|,gf hf CA Gnphlfi I/O M*rfv
h'ci vod Gtophic (see Photo ■!)■ If a commercially built board is used, you
•*f Hot- C'hI Mir» Ci.rl- lm<. *•! may wish al this time to identify and connect the slide
Hu.ic Ed.isr
Sound CeAlral projector's reverse conductor to another relay. The re
"■<■■ Ing. log. Sin Co. Inn SOB I < Eoly Ccnlrol of ell I O
verse conductor is the remaining while wire.
Now, on to programming the opening and closing of
o Brnd 350 pq MofildI the electronic switch. Line 5 in the sample program con
>«■ m am hm,

tains the commands that are necessary for initialization of

elf MVP le»ih-79 Indwilr4»r
the CIA chip—the computer's complex interface- adapter.
These commands should occur early in die program, since
3 tnii^mvd PkIuq
the projector may not advance properly il initialization
fol 111" < i.mmuiiiin-

doesn't occur before an advance is attempted.

5F 64 . (S?
SPECIAl OFFEB or CALL IOLL FREE The command POKE 56577,255 is used to assure that
(800) 633-6335
Al Modulp 539
E.irn<l>.d Math Module tlO IN CALIF. CALL the I/O lines are off and will not turn on until a command
iDiiki Manual, j4)S) 6S1.3160
Grnphni I O Msdvl" ill is used rn turn them on.
The command POKE .56579.255 is used to designate
die I/O lines as output lines.
So, line "i in the sample program should appear as:
:)H I RUN [ANIMRY 1986
Technical Breakthrough #29

You're playing HitchHiker's Guide to th Freeze Frame is Cardco's greatest

Galaxy'", and you're presented with an technical breakthrough yet. It is the first
option never before revealed to the human totally transparent screen dump utility for
life form. You know, when you hit the key, Commodore computers. We mean
it's going to be gone for all eternity. What absolutely, positively, 100%
do you do? TRANSPARENT ... to any program in any
Freeze Frame! language. Period. As if that weren't enough.
It takes an instant "snapshot" of your Freeze Frame also gives you ...
screen. Dumps it to your printer, so you can ■ Cartridge-based program for instant-on
file it for future reference... and returns (with female connector for chaining
you to the game, exactly where you left off!
• Standard, Reverse, and Mirror imaging
• Multiple printer adaptability. Works on
other any printer or printer interface
Worts with... Freeze Screen
Frame Dumps
combination that emulates Commodore
1525 operation! High
Disk programs Yes Sometimes
speed options are
Cartridge programs Yes Seldom included for Epson-
All programming
compatible and
languages Yes No
Absolutely everything Yes No way

The Wtzards from the Land of Oz Have Done Ic Again!

CARDCO, Inc. / 300 S. Topeka / Wichita, KS 67202

CkclG 89 on Reader Sarvicu card.

Cucfe 270 on Reader ServJco card.

9 POKE 56577,255: POKE 56579,255

Thi: only problem in advancing the projector is that

the advance button on most projectors must be held down
until the projector cycles. That is, the interface relay must
be held closed for a short time and then opened. This is
accomplished by the use of a For. . .Next loop.
If you assume that the relay is connected u> the com
puter through I/O line PB0, which is pin "C" of the
connector, then you can close the relay connected to I'liO
with the command. POKE 5(5577,234,
Remember, you tinned off all the output lines with the
command, PORK 56577,255. Well, you can use that same
command in open the relay.
Line 300, below, is the subroutine for closing the relay,
keeping it closed for the cycle of the projector, and then
opening the relay.
CABLE WARE ■MO t'OKi; 56577,554: FOR N= I TO 200; NEXT N: POKE 56577,255:
KN-128-1 80 Column monochrome cable (RGB) for C-128 $14.95
KN-130-5-5 Composite monilor cable (5 pin din—5 Ft.) $12.95 This subroutine can be called up at any point in the
KN-135-5-8 Composite monitor cable (B pin din—5 Ft.) $12.95 computer program where a slide advance is desired.
KN-140-6 Commodore Serial Interface cable (6 Ft.) S 7.95
KN-140-9 Commodore Serial Interface cable (9 Ft.) S 9.95 Final Steps
KN-200-5 Standard RGB/RGB monitor cable (9 pin D-sub S19.95
To sei up the system, connect ail of the computer
to 9 pin D-sub wired straight through (3 Ft.)
components together for normal operation. Then, push
KN-250-1-10 Standard RS-232 Interface cable (25 pin D-sub $29.95
the interface board's connector into the user port. (The
to 25 pin D-sub Male to Male straight (10 Ft.)
user port is on the left rear of the computer.)
■ All cables can be custom made to your specifications. . ..
At ibis point, you may wish to run the initialization
■ All cables are warranteed for LIFE. .. .
program and the program to close and Open the relay.

DISK WARE An ohmmeter or continuity tester can be placed across

the relay contacts to sec if the circuit is closing. If every
Single Sided/Double Density thing is working properly, connect the projector advance-
\MTyvec Sleeves. Write Protects cord to the projector and start your program.
Blank Labels, and the KNIGHT Warranty $8.99 per ten pack
All programs should include text (hat explains the
Double Sided/Double Density operation of the slide projector. To make sure the images
W/Tyvec Sleeves, Write Protects,
don't getoul of synchronization with the text, the number
Blank Labels, and the KNIGHT
ol the slide 11lal is on the projection screen should appear
Warranty S9.99 per ten pack
on the computer screen in a second color. This provides
a quick reference that allows the operator to rapidly adjust
Each cable is HANDMADE
Individually Tested the projector to the correct slide.
Warranteed Forever
Hundreds of Dealers Nationwide
Home Entertainment
Call Today For Salected Dealer Near You The computer/slide system is by no means limited to
educational uses. Think of the possibilities of a trivia
game that uses old movie stills or bubble gum cards. The
beauty of this system is liiat it is limited only by the
KNIGHT WARRANTY programmer's imagination.
1 Lifetime)
Other devices such as sound or videotape drives can
GltrSOrnXAKLUU. -ill rrpLu «■-.»;, rirtermcKMCIJF
' product for am mwn, foi I.IH Fhaii Hiftlit' V«r UFEK II
be similarly interfaced, and For.. .Next loops can be used
' uny ilmt during the lift of you: KNICH1 product, M &il) to allow the tapes to run for specified periods. The ad
i perform ilueio normal urn ui due lOhny iiti lileni, KNIGH L
DFTWAR1 UDj «kll replace the prodwl Irrr. Jun mid ui vantage of having interactive sound without the loss of
■ ihr rrrmlning pleui ai iht product* ihc wimnii ard, .mil
1 the Blrt tli|> Irnmi \yUtr ai purrhftK ,nnl pmlucl ^ill Ul- memory is similar to the advantage of slide graphics.
Assuming thai you already own a C-64 system (a VIC
will also support an I/O interface) and a carousel projec
tor, the additional cost should he less than $150. El

BUY QUALITY AND DEPENDABILITY. . .BUY KNIGHT Address nil author correspondence to Daniel Mi
Box 53, Waynesburg, PA 15170.
Knight Software LTD.
Central Village, CT
(203) 564-4982 (in CT)
(800) 531-5334
NOW-accept the
challenge often acrobatic
jet maneuvers — including
precision Rolls and Loops, high
performance fmmelmans,
and the death defying
inverted Ribbon cut! Aerojet
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flight simulator that provides all
the excitement and thrills of flying
your own BD5-jet!
Challenge yourself—
challenge your friends!
One to four players can
compete in this

Experience the reality of these

Aerojet is now available for Commodore
other great simulations from MicroProse:
64/128 computers for a suggested retail
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family, IBM PC/PC Jr., and Atari XL/XE.
Call or write for specific machine
availability, and for MC/VISA orders.

ring Attack Halicopinr Exiling World Wnr II You aro In Command —
Action In tha Submarine AcTron Dion Bien Pnu lo
AH-G4 APACHEf in (he PucWcl ilio Fall oTSalgonl


are regisiorcd irndemurks of Commodore M U L * T I O N
Business Inc., Alnrl Ifld, Apple Compulor Inc.,
and International Business Machines Inc., 120LaKefronlDrivo Hunl Valley, Maryland 21030 301-667-1151

Aerojet ma other exceptional simulations from MicroPros are available at Sean, k Mart and other fins Distributors of computer software.
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The easiest-to-use, most-powerful disk backup program ever
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With two 1541 drives (NO disk swapping required during co

• FAST Hie copter — up to 6 times faster!
• FAST full protected — disk GCR nibble copier
• FAST full unprotected ~ disk copier

KEYNIASTER unlocks protected disks by ELIMINATING

the protection scheme originally written on the disk.
Once one of KEYMASTER's KEYS has
unlocked a disk, the program can generally
be FILE COPIED onio another dish
(also making the program compatible with
non-1541 drives). If it is not file copyable. it
can be fast nibble copied,
50 KEYS lor popular programs will ba provid
ded on the first KEYMASTER disk.
Frequent updates ol 25 to SO additional KEYS will be
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329,95 for KEYMASTER
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KEYMASTER created by Jim Draw.

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rcuuefflireri KERttfLioBSiiiing system) 3)Mi"
<V, (f:<ik flri.t

The Idsi pragrim on .uMknuyiislffiHiBiIaiKtiiir

Unlike meffiWr. i -=■ li-l1 ;-f Slylfr lasl lOJUilft iu i
ihcsc'HinlsnN c:l.;uki.-ii onrinri Ipritiirrijnnrt?h-erf ■ - i-i •
fa1 rtlAdnuJnUiiiw■■■!'■.■ i\<i and un-roffnanco, MA<iUiJK-

Su^tr.&IUi "in; 111- -. : < ' iuiTM

N(wyftjr.,,-i3.iK . ■II U*5Lrir..-


Mwle Khofj [HflODEBBUNDI

Oti-i«u Fooiaau igamfsTj^j

Wdl nar U

VEftfilQt/SQF-MA$ltUMU}itiArtEAVfl!LHllt.i WHT


ft C61 !om-pLiiri,inilfin

134 .Si

" - Fuiiy rampaiitiie waJi !^l& CP^M mtdis vursio^ MUST DC UNFFIIGGED so
access 1ZB&C<VM modus'


Circle 19 on Rpad<?T Service


Shadow is a new and revolutionary piece ol Shadow a disk while il loads, then read an Highly sophisticated and Integrated piece of
hardware that is used to duplicate even the exact list of: hardware that turns you 1541 into something
most protected software. Fitting inside the Track, sector, ID, check sum, drive status you've always wanted.
disk drive (no soldering required), SHADOW High and low (rack limits Track and sector display
lakes complete control of all functions giving Density use on each track Drive reset switch
near 100% copies. Half tracks that are used Device number change
Command recorder shows commands that Half track indicator
Being the best utility available today, it will were sent to 1541 while program was Abnormal ail density indicator
even copy the other copy programs, loading ■ Shadow on-off indicator
• RAM recorder records custom DOS The Shadow display wilt give you an accurate
Because ol the Shadow's unique abilities, we Shadow-scan any disk, then read exact list ol: display of precisely what track you are
leel DOS protection is a thing of the past. • Valid tracks, half tracks, partial (racks and accessing during a normal load even if the
segments program does a read past track 35.
■ Sync mark link, header block links and •fiequ I res Shadow
data block links
• Track to track synchronization
Exclusive snap shot recorder will give you an
exact copy of the 1541 HAM and can be
viewed, saved or printed. Plus many more
features Included.
'Requires Shadow

Older by phone 24 hrs.'7 days or send cashier's

check/money order payable to Megasoft. Visa.

MasterCard Include card number and expiration
P.O.BoxiOaO- Battle Ground. Washington 96604 date. Add S3.50 shipping/handling lor
continental U.S., $5.50 lor UPS air. CODs add
1-800-541-1541 S7.50, Canada add 110.00. Other foreign orders
CanadlanlForeign Orders Call add S1S.00 and remit certified U.S. funds only.
%,/ LTD (206} 687-5205 Distributors invited and supported.

The Creative Computer
This is one man's
story ofhow he used his Commodore
creatively. What's yours?


realize how that bucket of bics and

bytes, that overpriced slide rule,
could be of use to me—a fine arts
major whose problem in life was not
how to balance a checkbook elec
tronically, but, rather, bow to unleash
a creativity that clamored for expres
sion. Let me explain. ..
Ten years ago, when I became me
dia director For a hospital in Washing
ton, DC), 1 was given the task of
producing educational videotapes. By
the time I acquired the basic tools of
my trade, funds had become very tight.
My requests for new production
equipment had to compete with re
quests for medical instruments. I lost.

Making a Wish List

Operating on a restricted budget,

I could only fantasize about new ways
Several hours after the introduc and means to create videotapes thai up the narration with an occasional
could add interest and excitement to comment by a computerized voice?
tion of the home computer, I re
ceived a first-hand demonstration the process of learning. My growing 4. A wore! processor for writing and
from my friend. Richard, who "'ill wish list included: editing scripts. I'm a fast typist, bui I
1. A television title generator. Us make errors and have a short memory.
always be the first on the block to
ing rub-On instant lettering took an So why spend five minutes per mistake
own anything new. He was ;is proud
as a new papa whose offspring could eternity. wailing for the correction lluid LO dry
read, write, walk and talk at the mo 2. A graphics design computer, to and lose my next idea?"
"i. A music synthesizer. Wouldn't
ment of birth. I was polite, but not create illustrations, graphs and
it be nice to create original theme
impressed. charts—not only for video, but for
Exactly where the right half of my 35mm slides as well. and background music to edit into
brain was ai thai lime, I do not know, 3. A speech synthesizer. After all, my videotapes?
because it took me quite a while to this is the computer age; why not jazz In the world of industrial video,

4-1 / RUN JANUARY 1986

this is noi a cheap wish list. We're acquired his own computer. So that of the people some of the time. Dur
talking thousands of dollars here. I is exactly what I ditl. ing my pre-computer years, 1 did ibis
saw no point in submitting requests Within six months I had accumu on a pair of Casio synthesizers in my
for this stuff! lated a complete C-<34 system plus the office. I am now looking into I he
essential software to complete my various music software available for
hi the Meantime wish list and add some pizzazz to my die C-64.1 suspect thai I will soon be
So I bided my time, and, before i media productions. creating my own little masterpiece
knew il. the VIC-UO was introduced. To create original artwork, such as on the keyboard, in the comfort o)
At $300, it was a bargain, In spite of cartoons and illustrations, 1 chose [he my own home. The possibility that
my original skepticism, I knew intu KoalaPad with the KoalaPainter soft Beethoven might shift slightly in his
itively that this machine would some ware. For video tiding, over and above grave is not important here.
how get me out of my rut what my VIC-20 can accomplish, I se What ii important is that, for a
I quickly dumped some ol our ob lected Doodle!. This program allows relatively small investment in a home
solete audiovisual equipment and me to display fonts of various sizes computer, 1 gained the ability to do
raised the money for the VIC, know and, for charts and graphs, to combine exactly what I wanted to do ai a frac
ing that surely someone would have text with graphics. tion of the usual cost.
the software to enlarge the size of the After the artwork is created and
computer's screen text and allow me safely stored on disk, i simply carry Unleash Your Creative Spirit
to use it as a title generator. I was home a %-inch portable videocassette However, should the real point of
wrong on that count, but a few recorder, feed into it the video from this story be losi in the maze of gad-
hundred hours later I became both the Commodore, and tape a minute gels and gimmicks, lei me say that
n programmer and the proud owner or so of each illustration or title set. what we are really talking about hen-
of the necessary tilling software. The next day. the videotape is placed is not what I do for a living, but,
To this day, the sturdy little VIC into the editing deck and integrated rather, the process of setting free the
and its Datasscttc companion sit at into the main production. If I need inventive spirit thai wanders aim
my editing console, ready to provide to prepare 85mm slides, 1 simply pho lessly along the back alleys of our
whatever titles I might need for my tograph the image directly oil the minds.
videotapes. This brand new capabil computer's monitor. One need not be an artist, musi
ity kepi me contented for at least Iwo Forme, artifical speech is a novelty cian or writer to fulfill the fantasy
years. The remainder of my wish list, that may never wear off. Even with of creation; 1 derived the mosi fun
however, simply would noi go away. out my work projects in mind, I be from using my speech synthesizer to
lieve that die cost of the computer
could be justified by the potential of
this amazing capability. The tech
nology still needs refinement, but,
with enough patience and pho
nemes, [ have learned to create quite
acceptable recordings, which, like
the illustrations, are taped and edited
into the master videotape. For this
item on my wish list, I selected T ro
il ix's S.A.M.
Word processing turned out to be
more terrific than 1 had ever imag
ined. The addition of a printer and
software has made typing, an area
that 1 previously left to others pos
sessing the patience to cope with cor-
rection fluid and incessant revisions,
much more pleasurable.
Years ago, when 1 was studying tele
vision production in college, I was
taught thai most musicians do not go
And the hospital was still noi buying through the trouble of scoring a mas send very strange audio tapes to my
me any expensive new toys. terpiece for me to copy and incor friends. What's important is die shar
porate into whatever training film ing and sense of satisfaction and
Granting Your Own Wishes
I happen to be producing ai the accomplishment.
1 knew that to achieve my goals for time. As tempting as ii might be to For you and me, the home com
my work. 1 would have to purchase open a film with the theme from puter—thai bucket of bits and bytes—
my own equipment. While this may M*A*S*H, 1 am deterred by the can be the key thai unlocks the chains
sound unusually altruistic, it oc spectre of incarceration with copy which restrict our thoughts and limit
curred to me that such an arrange- right violators and similar hardened our achievements. SI
mem would permit me to work at criminals.
home from lime to time and avoid Like many folks, I can sort of "play Address id! author correspondence to
the brutal commute. Besides, it was by ear" and pound out an original Andrew M Colin, 7709 Ihmr Court,
about time a gadget lover like mo melody, which can actually fool some Springfield, VA 2215.3.
Circle) 155 on Roador Service card.

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Imagine printing a r The Ultimate

lengthy document iri Speech Synthesizer
seconds instead ol
JT\ for the C64... Command Your
minutes. Ireemgyour
compuler for otrior ProVoice Computer By Voice!'
Givg your comuuior voice recognition capabihiy wM"i
tasks I The U Buff 64 K
from Genesis am VOJCE COMMAND MODULE Irom Eng Hanulac-
Of inter buffer from Dig The most sophisticated, saay luring. Theuml plugs I ma Hie C-fi4rs RS-232 pon via
ital Devices receives print data at rates up lo 4B0O cps and lo-use speech synthesuc i built tauhe C64h The Pr&taicc cablfl (included!: a clip-on lapel microphone attaches
to the module with, a 6' wire. As you speak into the
then sends it lo trie printer al the printer's own print rate, allots the computer to spsak in convraaiiwal, vtibttim
microphone Ihe machine captures a sampls of ihe
The 64K memory holds approximately 32 pages of data. oi character medes.' Scieert Echo" lels marry BASIC pro voice, compares H iq a stored pre-recorded sample,
Comes complete wiih cables, power supply and compre grams talk wiUnwi any medication Package includes and decides il il matches. Stoies up to 64 ditfereni
a special set ol translation rules, built-in amplifier and words lor later recall. PacVaqe also includes a dish oi
hensive inslruction manual.
speaker, and a comprehensive user guide Plug? Into software prDgrams (mdudea SOS - Speech Qperaimg
System) arid a user's manual. Requires dmh drive.
» 34886 ONLY $99.95 expansion port and is ROM based—no software to load!
35B42 CG4, Cnrmdgn
CompaiiblB with C-T£B coiriputer
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Slop wnflnnfl olI ^n11■ CDrHpuEtl ind f n"• id;]ni by ■nrjlsii ■4*ppmijl our cninlog, "Tho Everythino Book for ihe Paper Catcher
TtMj Navi'Ono Carthago oipindor loaiuroi 3 cunrtopo tied Soled any Commodoro C-64 and VIC- 20 Homo Com-
taniiilBf-. ff the "o"" pa*rig»i P no cartridge u la t» uud RmiH if-m i iiji-j- ■ ■ IqiS295 (no ft'ira shipping and han II your ofinier paper
compuiflf iriaopenOBflly C Ihn [«w>v> ittilch CaH'idgo Utfl are vvf dling charges). Cover is antistatic, irnnslucont gels langled up with
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Technical Service Data for
Pow'r Pak is a replacemeni power supply (1.5 amp)
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On/off switch. Fuse protection. Sturdy all-metal cas

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33477 Comtiotwre 6* Compeer _, ^ - (l ,
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Pulsing Pictures
Unlike conventional keyboard You can combine the little pictures
By GEORGE TREPAL graphics programs, this program to make drawings, borders and other
produces movement, so you can have things. You can also put text on the
waterfalls, moving belts, wheels, screen. The very bottom right-hand
flashing patterns and many other ef corner is forbidden territory. If you
Now you can put a lit fects. You can also use this program print a character here, the screen will
for advertising and making special scroll up and you'll lose the top line
tle movement into your announcements. of your picture.
[f you haven't used keyboard When you run the program, the
screen displays by using graphics before, look at your com screen will clear. The keyboard graph
this low-resolution puter's keyboard. Most keys have two ics work as usual, except lor the num
little pictures, or graphics, on them. bers anil some punctuation marks.
keyboard graphics To print a key's left-mosi graphic, The program will explain which char
hold down the Commodore logo key acters are different when you run ii.
animation program. (bottom Icfl of keyboard) and press Pressing any of these altered keys will
the desired key. To print a key's right put a moving character on the screen.
most graphic, hold down the shift key These characters can be combined
and press the desired key. To change with lelters and normal keyboard
to color, hold down the CTRL key graphics to produce striking pictures.!
and press the color key (upper row) won't describe which key does what,
of your choice. For other colors, press since that would ruin the fun of discov
the Commodore logo key and a color ery and experimentation.
key. Key 1 is orange, 2 is brown, 3 is 1 lere's something to try. Hold down
RUN It Right any number key to make a row of
light red, 4 is dark gray, 5 is medium
C64; C-I28 (in 064 model gray, (5 is light green, 7 is light blue moving images. Press the return key
Disk drive ami H ln light gray. to move the cursor to the left margin
48/RUN JANUARY 198fi
through the
whole process again if
you wani another A.
Custom characters are made by de
pulsing. When signing a character and Idling the
the pulsing starts again, computer to look ill it, raiher than
the screen will be saved. at a letter. So, (hough the computer
Loading a picture from disk is al thinks it's getting the instructions to
most like saving one, except you use draw the letter A, it's really getting
the i'7 key instead of fl. instructions to draw, say, a tiny alien,
When saving or loading, you'll lose or whatever you designed,
on the next the character in the upper left-hand All of th is is coin rolled by the VIC
line. Type your name corner when the cursor returns to II chip, which can look at only 16K
and press the return key again. Now the home position alter disk access. of memory at a time. Since a com
use another number key lo make a plete character set lakes up 2K of
How the Program Works memory, there's room for eight com
bottom row to highlight your name.
The English pound key slops the pro The program demonstrates a novel plete sets. However, since I've used
gram. Simultaneously pressing the use of custom characters. The com low memory in this program, there's
shift and CLR/home keys clears the puter does almost a million tilings a room for only six SCLS, since a lot of
screen. second, but none of those things the [t:isic operating sysieni and the
To save a screen, press the fl key, amounts to much. Also, in human screen take up the first 4K. I've al
give the computer the name of your terms, the computer does tilings the lotted the next 'IK to my program,
picture and press the return key. Any hard way. For example, to put the leaving the last 8K to hold my four
name will work, provided there isn't letter A on the screen, it has to look character sets.
another picture of the same name on iij) how (o make an A. Alter doing The program rapidly switches
the disk. The disk drive's red light that and drawing the A, the computer among the four sets, and a different
will come on, and the screen will stop forgets what it just did and has lo go custom character appears on the
the w;ills will) a single custom char
acter, alternating jusl two character
sets. The resulting animation would
add greatly to the appeal of the
If you want to make your own pro
gram using my sets, you'll be limited
to -IK of ISasic memory. Sprites can
he put in higher memory. The essen
tials of my program are reserving
memory by Poking locations 52,32
and 56,32, putting the custom char
acters into the reserved memory and
switching character sets. The switch
i.s accomplished by Poking 5',V27'2,
(I'KKKtr^V^AND'^UIJ-t-X.X cycles
through 8, 10, 12. 14. 8, 10, 1^,.'..
To make your own program, modify
my program so it only Pokes the daia
statements into the right places. Rim
my program, then enter NEW. The
program will he gone, hut the charac-
ler sets will remain in place, You'll then
be able to write your own program in
the empty 4K of memory, lie sure that
the first line of your program reserves
memory. When you cycle values at the
magic address (5S272), your pictures
will pulse.
screen with each switch. Like the custom characters into the RAM char
If you don't want to use my custom
frames in an animated cartoon, each acter sets.
characters, you can make your own.
character is a little different from the This is a demonstration program!
Programmable characters are cov
last, 10 achieve the illusion of move so I've used only 20 custom charac
ered in the Commodore 64 Programmers
ment The non-custom characters are ters. You could use fur more. The
Reference Guide. E
the same in each set, so they don'l advantage to character switching is
appear to change. The change itself that you get a lot of animation for
is controlled by telling memory lo very little work. Note that most of the
cation 5327S which set to use. program is taken up by data to make
When you run the program, its the '20 characters. More of it is taken
first task is io copy tiie entire char up with the synthetic cursor. In a Address all author correspondence to
acter set from ROM Tour times into game featuring a maze with electric George Trepal, 2f>50 Attunis Road, Bar-
RAM. After doing this, it Pokes the (vails (don't touch!) you could make Urn; 11. 1?S?O.

240 GETZ$:IFZ$= HIEN200 :REM*234

Listing 1. Pulsing Pictures program. 250 POKEP,CI1: PRINTZ$; :REM*236
260 IFZS=CHRS(34)THENPOKE212,0 :REM*211
270 IFZ$="{SHFT INST)"T11ENPOKE216,0:REM*217
280 IFZ$="{FUNCT 1}"THEN320 :REM*207
100 REM PULSING PICTURES FOR C-64 REM*204 290 IFZ$ = "[FUNCT 7}"TI!EN450 :REM*119
120 REM iSARTOW FL(2 SPACEs}33830 ; REM*180 320 FORJ=0TO39:TS(J)=PEEK(1024 +J):TC(J)=PEE
130 :REM*106 K(55296+J):POKE(1024+J),32 :NEXT :REM*S
140 POKE 52,32:POKE56,32:POKE650,128:DIMTS( 330 INPUT"I HOME[PROGRAM NAME"; PNS :REM*105
39),TC(39)GOTO560 :REM*4 340 IFPN$=""THEN330 :REM*7
150 REM SYNTHETIC CURSOR :REM*70 350 PN$=PN$+",S,W" :REM*239
160 PRINT"{SHFT CI.R}"; :REM*100 360 FORJ=0TO39:POKEJ.1024,TS(J )iPOKE(J+5529
170 CD=54 272:H=214:L=211 :REM*218 6),TC(J1:NEXT :REM*187
180 P=1024+PEEK(1I)*40+PEEK(L)+(PEEK[L)>39)* 370 OPEN8,8,8,PN$ :REM*205
40 :REM*180 380 GOSUU1580 :REM*165
190 CH=PEEK(P) :K=128 :REM*142 390 FORJ=1024TO2023:VL=PEEK(J) :PRINTfl8,VL
:REM*40 400 NEXT :REM*155
210 POKE 53272,(PEEK!53272IAND240)+X 410 FORJ=55296TO56 29 5:VL^PEEK( J) :PRINT#8,VL
:REM*254 :REM*69
220 IFZ$="(LB.)"TIIENPOKE53272,(PEEKI 53272 )A 420 NEXT:CLOSE8:CLOSE!5 :REM*13
ND240)+4:END :REM*26 430 GOTO17 0 :REM*217
230 X-X+2: IF X=16 THEN X=8 :REM*244 440 REM LOAD SCREEN :REM*61
Circle 2 on Reader Service card


You don't have to know much totals, and integrates this information
about accounting or computers to onto your Form 1040, 1040A or
prepare your own taxes. With Swiftax, 1040EZ.
Timeworks' easy-to-operate, menu- Prints your tax information directly
driven program, you'll complete your onto tax forms as well as blank paper.
1985 Federal income tax Prints itemized lists of
returns quickly and pain dividends, interest, etc.,
lessly. And, our easy-to- that are too long for the
use manual provides standard forms.
the information you'll Prints amortization
need to keep your returns schedules, summarizing
accurate and up-to-date. yearly principal and
interest payments.
Features: Guides you
A new program disc
through every step of the
and manual can be ob
tax preparation process
tained for one additional
with full user prompts, and
year at a nominal charge.
instructs you on which
Swiftax. One more
forms you must complete.
powerful productivity tool
Automatically checks
from Timeworks to help
your tax alternatives, such
you keep your business
as income averaging, etc.,
(and your life) in order.
and calculates the lowest
Now at your favorite
amount of income tax you must pay.
dealer. Suggested retail price: IBM/
Sets up a unique Taxpayer File,
Apple-$69.95, Commodore 64 and
enabling you to make changes to your
completed tax return, at a later date.
Includes the most commonly Available for IBM*, PC* and
used supporting schedules -A,B,C,D, PCjr*; Apple* family;
G, SE, W, and Form 2441 - stores the Commodore 64* & 128*

Other Timeworks Programs: Sylvia Porter's Personal

Financial Planner * Sylvia Porter's Personal Investment
Manager ■ Word Writer ■ SwiftCalc ■ Data Manager 2 ■ The
Evelyn Wood Dynamic Reader ■ The Money Manager c
Business Systems ■ Sideways ■
"Reg-sTored Tredetnarks ol International Bus>ness Machines Copfxation. Apple Computer.
Inc arxi Ccnvrndoio Computer Systems
£ 1984 "T^mowrtyks. Fnc All nghis reserved

More power for your dollar.


740 POKE 1,PEEK(1) OR 4: REM I/O IN :REM*52
750 POKE 56334,PEEK!56334) OR 1: REM INTERR
770 J=8495 :REM*183
790 J=J+1:READ X:IF X<0 TKEN810 :REM*239
800 POKE J,X: GOTO790 :REM*93
810 IF J<10000 THEN J=10543: GOTO790:REH*33
820 IF J<12000 THEN J-12591! GOTO790:REM*45
830 IF J<14000 THEN J=14639: GOTO790
^^^^^^^^^^^^M ;REM*11 1
860 GETA$:IFA$ = ""TIIENB60 :REM*71
870 IFA$<>" "TIIENPOKE53281,(CLAND15):CL=CL+
Listing I continued, 1:GOTO860 :REM*223
:REM*2 3 3 890 DATA0,126,126,96,96,126,126,0,24,60
460 IFPNS=""THEN450 :REM*147 :REM*51
470 PN$=PN$+",S,R" :REM*37 900 DATA 102,195,129,24,60,102,24,36,66,129
480 OPEN8,8,8,PN$ :REM*59 :REM*173
490 GOSUB1580 :REM*19 910 DATA24,36,66,129,102,60,24,0,195,102
500 FORJ=1024TO2023:INPUT#8,VL:POKEJ,VL :REM*103
:REM*95 920 DATA60,24,129,66,36,24,129,66,36,24
510 NEXT :REM*9 :REM*107
520 FORJ=55296TO56295:INPUT#8,VL:POKEJ,VL 930 DATA255,255,0,0,0,255,255,0,255,0
:REM*62 :REM*13
530 NEXT:CLOSE8:CLOSE15 :REM*124 940 DATA0,0,255,0,0,0,255,255,0,0 :REM*167
540 GOTO170 :BEM*72 950 DATA0,255,255,0,255,0,0,0,255,0:REM*201
550 REM MOVE CliARACTER SET :REM*1 0 960 DATA0,0,255,129,129,129,129,129,129,255
560 POKE 53280,12: POKE 53281,0: POKE 646,1 :REM*135
3 :REM*254 970 DATA0,0,0,24,24,0,0,0,192,129 :REM*7
570 PRINT"{SHFT CLR]":PRINTSPC(12)"{CRSR DN 980 DATA3,6,12,24,48,96,3,129,192,96
580 PRINTSPCI12)"(CRSR DNJBV GEORGE TREPAL" 990 DATA48,24,12,6,192,192,192,192,192,192
:EEM*182 :REM*91
590 PRINTSPCI6)"(2 CRSR DNs}THE CHARACTERS 1000 DATA192,192,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3 :REM*243
THAT MOVE ARE:" :REM*40 1010 DATA255,25 5,0,0,0,0,255,25 5,195,195
:REM*216 1020 DATA195,195,195,195,195,195,135,36,48,
610 I'RINTSI'Cm ("SHIFTED 6(2 SPACEs)7(2 SPA ■1 :REM*179
CEs(8(2 SPACE£}9" :REM*208 1030 DATA108,104,0,49,0,0,0,0,15,15 :REM*72
620 PRIHTSPC(6}"AND UNSIIIFTED ,{2 SPACEs}.{ 1040 DATA15,15,204,204,51,51,204,204,51,51
2 SPACEs)*{2 SPACEs)+{2 SPACEs}/{2 SPAC :REM*218
Es)-" :REM*188 1050 DATA -1 :REM*170
630 PRINTSPC(6)"{CRSR DN)THE {LB.} SIGN END 1060 DATA0,126,126,102,102,102,102,0,60,102
640 PRINTSPC(6)"(CRSR DN)F1 SAVES THE SCREE 1070 DATA195,129,24,60,102,195,36,66,129,24
N TO DISK" :REM+100 :REM*114
650 I'RINTSPC(6)"{CRSR DNJF7 LOADS A SCREEN 1080 DATA36,66,129,24,195,102,60,24,0,195
PROM DISK" :REM*144 :REM*150
660 PRINTSPC(6)"12 CRSR DNsJ[COMD 3HSHFT S 1090 DATA102,60,24,129,66,36,24,129,66,36
:REM*34 1100 DATA255,0,0,0,255,255,0,0,0,0 :REM*116
670 PRINTSPCI9)"{CRSR DN}MOVING CHARACTER S 1110 DATA0,255,0,0,0,255,0,255,255,0:REM*30
ETS" :REM'92 1120 DATA0,0,255,255,0,255,0,0,0,255
680 J-53248: K=8192: L=10240: M=12288: N=14 :REM*16 4
336 :REM*90 1130 DATA0,0,0,126,66,66,66,66,126,0
690 POKE56334,PEEK(56334)AND254:REM INTERRU :REM*13 4
PT OFF :REM*202 1140 DATA0,0,60,36,36,60,0,0,3,6 :REM*152
700 POKE 1,PEEK(1) AND 251: REM I/O OUT 1150 DATA12,24,48,96,193,131,192,96,48,24
:REM*62 :REM*162
710 FORI=0TO2023:P=PEEK(I+J) :REM*244 1160 DATA12,6,131,193,48,48,48,48,48,48
E I+N,P :REM*202 1170 DATA48,48,12,12,12,12,12,12,12,12
730 NEXT :REM+230 :REM*122


", --■ ■-■ ■ "'' ■

■ I

Simple, easy to use.

Professional quality defines new experience.) B.E.S.T. systems seem
B.E.S.T. software business manage simple. Yet this is very sophisticated
ment systems for the Commodore software, easily capable of becoming
64/128* Base of use is unique. the indispensiblc management tool.
Manuals are illustrated, readable and Our objective is to make your busi
easy to understand. Menus arc dear ness easier to manage.
and concise. Available at yuur local computer store.
B.E.S.T. software gives you more
time to focus on business. (No
need for computer or accounting
B.E.S.T. Business Electronics
Softwares: Technology, Inc.
RO UnxHSi / McMlnnvMft Oregon 97128 / (503) 472-9512
Prict-s: Payable! K Receivable*, svj.'« each;
Inventor] « [fdgei 169 'JS each] Pra|cci 1'Ijhiht. (89-95 Circle 66 on Reader Service caid.

"trademark of Commodore Bmlncu Machines, Inc.

Listing 1 continued.
1180 DATA0,255,255,0,0,255,255,0,102,102 1390 DATA -1 :REM*255
:REM*96 14 00 DATA0,102,102,102,102,126,126,0,195,0
1190 DATA102,102,102,102,102,102,192,196,28 :REM*195
rS0 :REM*12 1410 DATA24,60,102,195,24,60,129,24,36,66
1200 DATA0,103,37,32,0,0,0,0,240,240:REM*12 :REM*31
1210 DATA240,240,102,102,153,153,102,102,15 1420 DATA129,24,36,66,60,24,195,102,60,24
3,153 :REM*66 :REM*223
1220 DATA -1 :REM*84 14 30 DATA0,195,66,36,152,129,66,36,24,129
12 30 DATA0,126,126,6,6,126,126,0,102,195 :REM*101
:REM*154 14 40 DATA0,0,255,255,0,0,0,255, 0,255
1210 DATA0,24,60,102,195,24,66,129,24 ,36 :REM*153
:REM*156 1450 DATA0,0,0,255,0,0,0,0,255,255 :REM*225
1250 DATA66,129,24,36,24,195,102,60, 24,0 1460 DATA0,0,0,0,0,0,0,255,0,0 :REM*217
:REM*34 14 70 DATA0,255,0,0,0,24,24,0,0,0 :REM*93
1260 DATA195,102,36,24,129,66,36,24,129,66 14 80 DATA255,129,129,129,129,129,129,255,48
:REM*78 ,96 :REM*93
1270 DATA0,0,0,255,255,0,0,0,0,0 :REM*170 14 90 DATA192,129,3,6,12,24,12,6,3,129
1280 DATA255,0,0,0,255,0,0,255,255,0 :REM*233
:HEM*24S 1500 DATA!92,96,48,24,3,3,3,3,3,3 :REM*24 5
1290 DATA0,0,0,255,0,0,255,0,0,0 :REM*11 1510 DATA3,3,192,192,192,192,192,192,192,19
1300 DATA255,0,0,0,60,36,36,60,0,0 :REM*119 2 :REH*19
1310 DATA0,126,66,66,66,66,126,0,12,24 1520 DATA0,255,255,0,0,255,255,0,54,54
:REM*37 :REM*133
13 20 DATA48,96,192,129,3,6,48,24,12,6 15 30 DATA54,54,54,54,54,54,3,121,0,215
!REM*2f)9 :REM*179
13 30 DATA3,129,192,96,12,12,12,12,12,12 1540 DATA16,244,6,48,15,15,15,15,0,0
:REM*73 :REM*198
13 40 DATA12,12,48,48,48,48,48,43,48,48 1550 DATA0,0,102,102,153,153,102,102,153,15
:REM*233 3 :REM*76
1350 DATA0,0,0,255,255,0,0,0,24,24 :REM*103 1560 DATA -1 :REM*170
1360 DATA24,24,24,24,24,24,0,1 43,160,162 1570 REM ERROR TRAP :REM*126
:REM*213 1580 OPEN15,8F15 :REM*212
1370 DATA2,42,200,3,240,240,240,240,0,0 1590 INPUTtfl5,E,E$ :REM*168
1380 DATA0,0,51,51,204,204,51,51,204,204 1610 PRINTE,E$:CLOSE8:CLOSE15:END :REM*248

Circln 9t on Roader Service card.

the Short Wave Listener for

Plug thB SWL cartridge into your Commodore "64" Expansion Port, connect a LEARN
shortwave radio and you'll be watching text readout fiom weather stations,
news services, ships and HAM radio operators all over the world. A whole MORSE CODE
new use for your home computer. The SWL contains both program in
HOM and radio interface circuit to copy Morse code and all THE RIGHT WAY
speeds/shilts of radio teletype. Plus Ihe on screen tuning
indicators mean you never have to take your eyes off the video WITH THE
for perfect tuning. Housed in a small Tx2-112" x7/8"
enclosure, with speaker in/out and practice hand key
lacks, it needs no other computer connection or
power supply. Unshilt on space, word wrap
around, real time clock, and keyword of
Morse Coach.
manual printer control for permanent $4995
paper copy, so that /ou won't miss a
single bit of the action. For about A complete Morse code tutor in a conveni
the price of another "Pac-Zapper" ent plug-in cartridge lor your Commodore
game, you can tie into the "64," The Morse Coach means business. It's
exciting world of digital not a toy program or a simple random code gen
communication with erator. Originally developed jointly by Microiog and
the Microiog SWL several government agencies experienced in Morse in

struction. Four years of extensive service prove it's the
Quickest way to Morse proficiency.The method works! You start (ram absolutely no
knowledge of Morse, progress through the alphanumeric symbols, and on to any speed
desired. The "alphabet" part of the program introduces new characters and plots the progress
on a bar-chart. The speed/test section correlates the input, analyzes mistakes and provides a
printout of the analysis/test results on your Commodore screen or printer. As a bonus, it also boosts
typing skill. You've never seen any tape or program do that! In fact, there's never been a system so
thorough, so efficient and so effective as the Microiog Morse Coach.

54 / RUN JANIZARY Ifflfi

■,'■■-' '

I mm
"'■-'' ■■'"-■■■ " - '
.-,-■_■' -.^


Flight Simulator II
Scenery Disks
The Challenge of Accomplished Flight Apple and Atari versions will be released soon. Each disk covers a
With a realism comparable to (and in some ways even surpassing) geographical region of the country in detail, and is very reasonably
$100,000 aircraft flight simulators. Flight Simulator II includes full priced.
flight instrumentation and avionics, and provides a full-color out-the>
window view. Instruments are arranged in the format standard to The Pure Fun of "World War I Ace"
modern aircraft. All the radios needed for IFR flight are included. When you think you're ready, you can test your (lying skills with the
Front, rear, left, right, and diagonal views let you look in any direction. "World War I Ace" aerial battle game. This game sends you on a
Program features are clearly documented in a 96-page Pilot's Operat bombing run over heavily-defended enemy territory. Six enemy
ing Handbook. fighters will attempt to engage you in combat as soon as war is
declared. Your aircraft can carry five bombs, and your machine guns
For training in proper flight techniques. Flight Simulator II includes are loaded with 100 rounds of ammunition.
another 96-page instruction manual, compiled by two professional
flight instructors with over 8,000 hours flight time and 12.000 hours See Your Dealer. Flight Simulator II is available on disk for the
of aviation teaching experience. You'll learn correct FAA-
Apple II. Atari XL/XE. and Commodore 64/128 computers for
rocommended flight procedures, from basic aircraft control through $49.95. Scenery Disks for the C64 and IBM PC (Jet or Microsoft
instrument approaches. To reward your accomplishments, the Flight Simulator) are $ 19.95 each. A complete Western U.S. Scenery
manual even includes a section on aerobatic maneuvers.
six-disk set is also available for $99.95. For additional product or
ordering information, call (B00) 637-4983,
The Realism and Beauty of Flight
Apple II ii j [udenuik of Apple Computer. Inc
Go sight-seeing over detailed, realistic United States Ann XL And Xf Aitt (rndcm."-l.i of Aurt Corp
scenery. High-speed graphic drivers provide an ComHHwTorc 64 jnri 139 n trjcfrmjrM of Coixnodofc flecirnpKci Lid
IBM PC 11 j rcftnrcrvd irjriciTUrk of Inicrnjtioml Buuncu Mathmfli Corp
animated out-thc-window view in either day, dusk, or

night flying modes.

Flight Simulator II features over 80 airports in four

different scenery areas: New York, Chicago, Seattle, 713 Edgebrook Drive
Champaign IL6182O
and Los Angeles. Six additional Scenery Disks covering
the entire Western half of the United States are now
Orlfcrh.ic |fl(H)}(i:i7.-l'lf!:t
available in IBM and C64/I28 disk formats. I Al H

Circle 40 on Rsadii Gorvitn curd,

BRS/After Dark
The Knowledge Index

When it comes to information ser ties, businesses and large professional

vices, Americans arc one of the most Do you have a term paper applications. BRS and DIALOG are
active groups of consumers in the two massive networks providing bib
world. The amounts of information
due tomorrow and can't get liographic information services for
available today and the large number to the library? Or maybe you large-scale users.
of people seeking Information For haven't researched that There are also smaller biblio
daily needs have led us to a point graphic networks tailored for the less
where information exchange has be article or report as frequent user, such as the home or
come a necessary component of our thoroughly as you could professional user, the small-business-
vocations and even our personal person or student. This month, we
have. These two
lives. We need information in order will look at two such bibliographic
to make decisions, plan, write re bibliographic on-line services networks: BRSWfter Dark and The
ports, and otherwise to be "in the offer a vast source of Knowledge Index. Both of these net
know," and we need ii fast, works arc offsprings of their larger
information, without a lot of
For several reasons, telecommu parent companies, namely, BRS and
nications is contributing (o rapid legwork or book-toting. DIALOG.
growth in this type of consumerism. Let's start off with a look at BRS/
The on-line information networks After Dark.
can hold massive amounts of varied information than any local library
information in one central location. can hold. BRS/After Dark
We don't have to physically move On-line databases that provide BRS/After Dark is an outstanding
from library to library or wail lor specialized information normally and easy-to-use computerized search
inter-library loans to come through. found in libraries and professional service based in Latham, New York.
This centralization of information research facilities are known as bib Providing literally millions of cita
is compounded with another aspect liographic services. These services tions from medical, business, social
of telecommunications—speed. Us can provide full-text versions of ar service and other types of informa
ing an online network thai has so ticles from a variety of sources; ab tion, URS/After Dark is comprehen
phisticated search features, you can stracts (summaries) of books, maga sive and fun to use, whether you're
now accomplish in a few hours what zine articles, conference reports, a student, doctor, businessperson or
used to lake up 10 four or five days case rulings, etc.; indexes of al! ma anyone who needs information. (BRS
to research. terials written about certain topics; stands for Bibliographic Retrieval
Both of these aspects of telecom and more. Service.)
munications combine 10 benefit the There are hundreds of these da Since March of 1982, BRS/After
professional, [he home user and the tabases available to you if you have Dark has offered its services to edu
student by saving lime and money, a computer and a modem. Some of cators, doctors, businesspeople, re
and providing access to much more them are directed towards universi searchers and the just plain curious.
56 / RUN JANUARV 1986
\ ,- J

Illustration by EaH RUN JANUARY l9Sfi/57

Today this search service provides you'll select to perform a search. (You example, I once wanted to search
over 60 databases, ranging Groin the can also learn about new additions how weather affected pi-iiplr's be
Harvard Business Review to the or change your password, if you so havior, using several social science
American Psychological Association desire.) databases. Therefore. I typed in
to U.S. Hooks in Print and many oth Next, you're asked which category ''weather and behavior," and the sys
ers. (It's adding ;i Legal Resource In you'd like to search. Offerings as of tem informed me there were 20 doc
dex, a Magazine Index, a National September 1985 included science uments available.
Newspaper Index and more.) and medicine, business and finance, After ordering a printout, how
The service is called "After Dark" reference, education or social sci- ever, I found thai almost all the in
because of the hours during which encemu inanities. formation involved how weather
you can search. (BRS—without ihc If you've opted for "business," then affected insects, cows and other crea
"After Dark."—is available during the you're given another menu. As of this tures— people were barely men
day. hut at about triple the price.) writing, the service offers eight dif tioned! Since I rapidly realized my
Users can access BRS/After Dark on ferent business databases, from ABU mistake, I pressed Q, ordering the
Monday-Friday from (i PM until 3 am Inform (produced by Data Courier, computer to quit printing, and
(Eastern Time), Saturdays from 6am Inc., this database covers business changed my search to "human be
until -1 am and Sundays from t» AM and management periodicals world havior and weather." This time I re
until 2 PM and 7 I'M until 4 AM. wide— updated to the current ceived mention of fewer documents,
To use this service, you need only month—for a $15 hourly rate) to but they answered my needs.
your computer, any 300- or 1200- Business Software Data, Patent Data You can also search a field accord
baud modem and modem software. and other selections. ing to the names of its various ex
(I use the Westridge modem and soft Let's say you want ABI/Inform. perts. For instance, I once used as a
ware formyC-64.) I also recommend That code word is INFO. The com keyword "Seymour Papert," a re
a printer, so you can save your in puter then asks if you'd like prompts nowned computer expert; one data
formation on pages. for the code words. If you're a begin base failed to find him, but another
New BRS/After Hark users pay a ner, you'll want to see these prompts, yielded exactly what I needed.
one-time sign-up fee of $75, and a since they explain that "S" is for
minimum monthly charge of $12. "Search," "P" is for "Print," "M" is Keep Informed
You're charged an on-line fee of $(> for "Menu," etc. BRS/After Dark is fun and much
per hour, and each database lias its You will also be asked if you'd like less expensive than what private
own hourly charge—for example, the a description of the database. If you search companies will charge you. (I
Books in Print database charges $H do, you'll receive a short description speak from experience!) The scope
per hour. of who provides the service, what of information is very comprehen
The Education Resource Infor they cover, cost, and so on. sive. For example, last night 1 per
mation Center (ERIC) database costs You really should plan your search formed searches on such varying
S(5 per hour (the lowest hourly before ever turning on the computer. topics as trade shows, color separa
charge), and the International Phar [Time is money!) Performing a search tion and open adoption, and I found
maceutical Abstracts database costs entails typing in a series of keywords. highly useful information on all
$25. (Most databases run around The computer searches its database three.
SI0-S15 per hour.) for these keywords, and, within sec The service is ideal for colleges,
You're charged by the minute, not onds, reports back on how many high schools, entrepreneurs and
by the whole hour, and even a novice places it found your subject covered. many other groups of information
can whip through a search in faster Obviously, ifyou come up with some addicts. Decide- for yourself if this
ihan 60 minutes. Your bill is charged huge number of documents, you'll search service could optimize your
to your American Express, Master want to narrow your search. own information needs. (BRS/After
Card or Visa account, ami BRS/Aficr For example, I used the INFO da Dark, 1200 Route 7, Latham, NY
Dark sends you monthly statements. tabase, and the keyword "computer." 12110; 800-2-ASKBRS.)
Searches are easy to perform—you I was told that there were 15,262 doc
can be a first-timer and handle this uments available. Then I used "1985 The Knowledge Index
system. (No fancy courses are re and computers" and received 1591 Another bibliographic network
quired to break mysterious codes— hits. Still too many. Then I typed available to home users is The Knowl
everything is very up-front And BRS "Commodore 64 and 1985," and edge Index. Like BRS/After Dark,
also provides a toll-free customer ser learned there were three documents. 'file Knowledge Index is offered to
vice number.) So I ordered a printout. home users during the night time
The system asks you whether you hours. It was created by DIALOG In
Using BRS/Afier Dark want a short, medium or long cita formation Retrieval Service specifi
After you've signed up as a sub tion. If you've received 45 hits and cally as a service for computer
scriber, you'll receive a very clear you're curious about them all, you owners who need to gather data
manual and your passwords. To ac might pick the short option. That about a specific topic and would
cess BUS, you'll dial a local phone way, you can see whether they're most likely be working from their
number, then type in your pass worth scanning at length later. (But homes rather than from their offices.
words. BRS will ask you for your com with just three, you might as well go The Knowledge Index holds aboul
puter screen's line length and width with the long option, which provides 25 databases, all of which arc also
length (I use '10 and 2f> for my C-(><!) you with abstracts of about 250 available on DIALOG. The Knowl
and then show you the menu. words,) edge Index provides quick and easy
"Looking for Info?" is the option You'll learn as you go along. For search methods, and you aren't over
THE X-10 POWERHOUSE and then plug the Module into an outlet.
The Interface can control up to 256 Mod
ules throughout your home and won't
TO CONTROL YOUR HOME...FOR SECURITY, interfere with normal use of lights and
There are plug-in Appliance Modules,
This remarkable Interface lets you run your home through your
Lamp Modules, Wall Switch Replacement
Commodore 64 or 128 and a keyboard or joystick.
Modules and Special 220V Modules for
When you're away, it makes your home look and sound lived in. heavy duty appliances such as water
When you're home, it can turn off the TV at night and wake you heaters and room air conditioners. Plus Thermostat Controllers
up to stereo and fresh brewed coffee in the morning. It can for central heating and air conditioning, Telephone Responders
even turn on your air conditioner and control your heating. to control your home from any phone, and much more.

You simply pick a room from the display screen. Use your key for programming. When you're finished, disconnect Ihe Inter
board or joystick to position face from the "User" or RS-232 port and keep it plugged into
graphics of lights or appli any convenient power outlet in your home, it will operate as a
stand-alone controller with battery back-up and will run your

ances. Then follow on
screen instructions to home automatically.
program any light or appli ■ ■■■ ■ r
'■ SURPRISINGLY INEXPENSIVE. A Powerhouse System includ
ance to go on or off when
ing the Interface, software and connecting cables costs less
ever you choose. You can than $150. X-10 Modules are less than $20 each.
even control thermostats,
light intensity and more.
For the Dealer Nearest You Call: 1-800 526-0027
[In NJ:|Z01) 734-9700]
or, write lo: X-10 (USA)
THE WAY IT WORKS. The X-10 Powerhouse Interface is 185A Legrand Avenue

cable-connected to the Commodore "User" port and Northvale, NJ 07647

plugged into a standard 110V outlet. After it is programmed,
the Interface sends digitally encoded signals through your X1O POWERHOUSE
home wiring to special X-10 Modules. To control a lamp or NUMBER ONE IH HOME CONTROL
appliance, you simply plug the electrical device into a Module Commodore 64 anil Commodore 126 are registered iraSerrurks ol Commodore InTl Ltd.
Circle 11 on Reader Service cord-
Circle 150 on r Service card
powered or confused by highly com the International Software Database.
plicated search features thai often The information within this database
accompany the larger bibliographic is gathered from computer journals
networks. If you need to find certain worldwide. Records contain two- or
Mike Konshak information, you can log on to iiiif> three-line descriptions of the software
network and quickly nod it. items. Each item is lagged with the

dfHe 128
For example, if yon wanted Io names of compatible computers. Pur
know all of (he magazines that spe chase price and suppliers' names and
cifically cover the C-64 computer, addresses are included.
designed specifically for
COMMODORE C-128 COMPUTER you could search through the Mag To give you an idea of the breadth of
azine Index using keywords such as coverage on The Knowledge Index,
"Commodore" and "'home com some of the subject areas covered in
GENEALOGY STUDIES puters." You would be told how many clude agriculture, books, business,
MAILING LISTS magazines deal with Commodore computers, electronics, corporate
: FINANCIAL REPORTS home computers, then you would be news, education, engineering, govern
SCIENTIFIC DATA ACQUISITION. given their names and all pertinent ment publications, legal research,
CALCULATIONS informal ion. The Magazine Index magazines, medicine, news and psy
GENERAL RECORD KEEPING FOR covers such topics as current events, chology. Within each subject area, you
recreation, travel, business, science, may find two to three major databases,
FAST MEMORY MANAGEMENT technology, consumer product re- providing information that totals over
views. Sports, art and more. five million references and abstracts
UNLIMITED FIELDS TO 255 CHRS II you needed to find out who pub available throughout the network.
MULTI-FIELD SEARCHES/SORTS lished a particular book that you are
16 COL REPORTS/4-UP LABELS trying to locale for a research paper, Subscription and Itates Info
you could search the Books in Print To subscribe to The Knowledge In
database. This would give you the dex, you can contact DIALOG Infor

MCS VISA ACCEPTED title, author, publisher and other de mation Services, Inc., 3460 Hillview
tails aboul that book. You could also Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304. Or, you

locate oilier related books that have
been published in the U.S. and any
can phone 800-528-6050 to order in
formation about the network.
thai are going to be published within There is a S2-I per hour (-!0 cents'
Mike Konsnak. 4821 Harvest Cl. (303)596-4343
ColoradoSprings.CC 80917 USA the next six months. There art- over minute) on-line charge and a S35
14,000 U.S. book publishers covered sign-up fee for The Knowledge In
Ckcle 10 on Reader Service ca'
in this database. dex. When you sign up, you gel a

DELUXE RS232 ^ Educators and students will find

ERIC on The Knowledge Index. This
password, an instructional user man
ual and two free hours of on-line
INTERFACE database includes Resources in Edu time. There is no monthly minimum
cation, which covers noteworthy edu charge.
cational research projects and reports, The hourly charges on a network
and the Current Index to Journals in like this are slightly higher than the
Education, which is an index of more general-interest networks because of
than 700 educational periodicals. the highly specialized information
you want to comrnjnicate *ijh j mottm SPial pnnio.
Legal professionals or people offered as well as llie high-speed
another cnnwuirr. a any o(W RS2J2 *v*e. If* Odu-f RS232
Interface kl tr*e confer trioice Any tofliyirMon will sno* Dial ii wanting to learn about law can access search features, which save you time
is &k( Commcflure compaiiDle HS232 nictate available Fur any
price1 The Delu«c RS23? Interface i$ the oilmination oi 3 year? ol The Legal Resource Index on ihis and money.
wenxmg wiih Commodoie users *tio fiettt si HS232 Inleriate It
spoons all Giandail RS232 conneclions (2-8 12, ZQ tl\ In
network. This database provides over When you look at this hourly COSt in
cluding fling Delect and Hi Speed Indicator Four swilctws in the 700 legal periodicals, five law news perspective, you will see a large saving
«S?3? cover allow you to &*[ itie umi lor viriually 3iy standard
R5232 toil igu rat-on The u-mi widud« i 3 lool cab* w<lh et"*s papers, legal publications on specific in effort and money, especially ii' you
a male or lemale DB25 conn«ror (specify which) RS23? plus and
minus vdtagH Users Manual incJuoK .i lype-in B«iC Terminal topics and government publications live in a rural area. Rather 1 ban driving
ii 'r. Add
from the Library of Congress. HO miles to a large city university li
S? 00 lor tflippng Suw«irt 'riJji Jjg g5
For medical information, Medline brary that holds the articles that you
TVs is an R5232 vefSJan or ou* Urr..^ Pm.i-jsr^ -G It n
offers indexed articles from over need, you can log on and get your own
a «iidl Bus pnnret interface pfovidmg tu(r RS23J signals for an
3000 international journals covering copies of them.
FlS?32 primer Supports pra 2-fl 20 Select 240 GOO 1200
2400 word ana parity Supports Qcr graphics and charac"ei3 biomedical topics, and dies about Next month, we'll take a look at
on RS23? versions ol Epson C*i Gorilla NEC andmme Includes
(300,000 references to articles (hat several databases available for those
IFf csijlcwirhiinaleor Femile Ddflntcujr (spwiiywtucii) Gazelle
ur i?jr|tfrnaI cower Add $2 50 lor 'Jnu-pum Suggested ifl^il have been written and published in people wanting information and ad
1119.95 these journals. vice about medical questions. E
See your local dealer or
Furthermore, there is the Biosis Pre
CALL (206) 236-2983
views and Backftle database. This COV-
30 toy ■-■'•-, bac* on all producis Viu and MC ers the areas of biology, medicine and Christine Adttmrr (1921 Ohio St.. Palm
welcome w> :e rr- us il you Id «<w * w«iil mart Ping survey
interdisciplinary life sciences and pro Bay, FL 32907) urrole the IMS/After Dark
C""" DEALERS CALL USI > vides citations from Biological Ab
stracts and Biological Abstracts/RRM, Margaret Morabito (do RUN editorial,
(umniironix) If you are interested in finding out HO Pine St., Peterborough, Nil 0.7458)
V PO. BOX 43-DEPT 9-MEHCEH IS., what software is commercially avail wrote ihr introduction and The Knowledge
able for your computer, you can access index rtiikto.
Circle 4 on Reader Eetvico card.

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Monrng* h,. ^3 a umaue gr&phics inipg'&i ion [>ackag& whlcn allows you to continuously display hiresoluhon and multicolor film Up to 12 Jilns* may be nlorod in momnry and cTispiay^d from 1 to S3
seconds oach
Masiags . . . can use PftnT Shop Screen WafliC' files. Flflxjdraw lllear Doodlnl. Konta Pamtor.andmorn1 M«*iga . .. nvon cAmes wiTh a Screen Maker program la create your own message IiIps1
Use Massage ,,-JC* advertising displays, titles lor nome videos, art shows, etr ,,, M»»ig» ,.. even piuys u<*chqround muilD la accompany displays and you can create your own music files with
the "Music Maker' program.
Also Included tut 'Graphic Aldt' utilities for conversion ol dillnroni f'la lyp«. Including conversion of KdbIb Rainier files lo Doodle1 or Prlni Snopf

The price for all this? Just S19' including shipping and handling
l number Qt tilts dependent on file campleaity

fili / RUN JANUHff lOSfl

ClrclD IB9on Hcarter Service cord.

Programed by Jim Drew
Slw- R*g. Mich Fill
MAGNUM LOAD is a new replacement KERNALioperathng, system} ROM chip lor your Com Progrim Dom Load Loid LOAD

modores or V.] rr nit Mr-r iririi -iii load and verily programs up lo 6 limes faster than before PirslDD II 1 m sec « sec. 41 sec 31 •«.
The tape routines havo been removed from ■ ■ •- ofd chip and In their place have been pul a
Music Snoo 105 see lOSnc' 105- 21 we.
Miqh speud loader, high-speed verify and rJisK driver no head-raltle routine. Unlfke the older
cartridge la^i loaders, no ports are tied up at iho nn ol the computer, the screen is not Hitchhiker's Guide to the Gil My 70 sec 70 u: ■ NG " MMC-

blanked during loading and Ihero n no wear nnd lea* on Ihe expansion port. For maximum On field FootMII H9sec 66 sue 63 sue Whc.
convenience and performance the chip H inslnllod dlrflClly in Ihe circuit board Generally a
EASY FINANCE I SSsec 13 MC 13 sac 11 HC.
sochbI has already been provided lo miko Ihe o^flration easy, but occasionally some sober
ing may be requlrod Now you can give your 1541 disk drive "1571 speed "

Rather than give you more siageraied claims about ho* many limes lasler our ROM chip is
S24 95
S39 95

compared lo the slower cartridge versions, a comparison chaii is supplied Ms I ing For 1H1 or MSD Version fw Combo Version
MEASURED loadinrj Times 'Will not fasl load -detauMed back to regular load "Failed to loaaal ail

D-CODER Top Secret Stuff I and Top Secret Stuff II

PtOQrsmttS tty Jim Drew
■ Translates any macmno tanQuaoe program inio eisy-to ready English doscripllons with
complete viplanallons of each command. Are both collections of 20 programs per diskette Ltriat works out to about tl 00 per program*)
■ Makes complele notallons ol all imponeni memory locations accessed Dy the program that help you explore and enhance your Commodore 64 a nd^or i2Sand im diskdrive Now
(SID. VIC. MOS, KEHNAL, etc.) you can unlock many secrets formerly known only lo lop macr-ime language programmers by
using these sophisticated "tools " M you have o^er been curious about the inner workings of
■ Gives you Ihree ways of accessing programs
your computBi system, now is your chance lo dig In and find answers wJlh Ihe help ol tneae
1. Will laid m- Hit progrimi from DISK
programs. These collections ol programs have gotten rflva reviews from actual users, and
2. WIN lead mi Mil progrtmi Irom MEMORY we are sure that your too, will be pleased.
3. Olrect user Input |lrom magailneft4 sic]
The progrtmi Indudt on t*ch dlifcrtlt ire lilted below
• Can be used to locale anrj oiamlne any machine language program's protection
• Can bo uoed to easily break aparl machine languogo programs lor sludy and Tha Dock h ■ .■ '■ 1 1 r Ji ■ CPninnts) RAM 1 m i lies! Compuier RAM)
oamlnaHonl Sync Chickar i .- i-itnl Copy >A0OO*FFFF (under ROMS!
11 i!)im1'!im] Track Numbar Cratior Pltplay G.C.R. (All sector dnlal
• Printer option lor ccmplole hard copy listings! § -| Q95
Disk Manlpuiailon Sytiem Un-Wrltt Proiact (diuKetle)
You no longir mini! to iii. in i (.>.! II ad to i«iil Machln* Linguag*. I 9 3 r.Hrmi" Copy > program) Unnew Prog'am
Dink 11 tin Matcher (compare sac tors) Wtdgt 1 U000

N-CODER Untcrstch A File (recover Ille}

View BAU iblock .ni m map)
Smooth Scroll (messages up screen)
Kan I n Dump (koala pad screen dump}
THE PERFECT COMPANION PROGRAM TO D-CODER! i"j*i Read/Write Tesi Dltk Manipulation SytUm
Vi Track R«adtr Disk Eraaer (20 ■■■■(] clean wipe)
Allow* you lo ■■■ily mike chjmgvi In machine languag* programs - - - right on ins dlak1 Hiidtr RftHdar (display disk header) Spflt Scraan (TWO screen colors)
Sync M iknr Ol»k I'mii'i Finn Syitvm (stops copies)
■ Rewrite ability allows coda ig be alcerad and then rewritlen directty lo Ihe dlsKI
Dsvlca humbir Ching* (disk drivn) WriTa Proiicr (disKollo)
• FvAEuros see Tor'by'Sector scrolling, aammfiiy language display of machine language cNscircnii Aril Bach up Baal Wiktr . ■ : - BASIC programs)
□rograms1 Drlv* Wan ■ k dcivo nVl monitor) Wtdg* ■ ICOOO
' No I at ion of ASCII le*l equivalents lor oasy spoiling of embedded loit strings' mtkatia Fll* Log Islarlond address) Dltkrnttcher II (high speed version)
■ Handy re(arencn display of all assembly lanQuaQO commands and their ML numerical Writ* Pro«»cl S#n1Dr T«t No Drive Ritile 4on reading errors)
Repair A Track |recover data) 3 Time 1 Ditk Drive Head Speed
Fas* Format |1Q seconds) Monitor T»t (check video monitor)
Byte splitter for easy splitting of decimal 5 H Q 95 '/i Track Formatter
addresses inio low byle-hign b/ic format*


Third Edition! Now Available!
M you're tlrtd of being harassed by prol*ct4d toltnar* and too man/ copy programs. I hen WAR GAMES AUTODIALER
mis is me boon for you' This 22* page manuil covars thegamul from legalilias lo protection
1. Auto Dial will automatically dial a sat of numbers you choose
melhods to slep-by-slep bach up procedures Now you can learn bom now to proiact and
unprottci soMware1 The techniques covared IncludecopyinQcarirldgeslo tape or disk, tape 2. Rtvlew Number! will rowiew numbers that were answered by a
protection, and disk prelection. Dish prolethon covers errof numbers 20.21,22 23.27 and 29
plut single track lormalTing. header modification, header swapping, naif track reading and 3. Save Numbtrs will saw? numbers where a computer answered
writing, reading and modified bil dflnsilies. lormatMng llfegal tracmsectors. sync writing and
4. i' - ■ dc- ;■, of Numbers wiil prmt out list of numrjprs where a com-
mor»| The Third mJITlon «iplalnt. lells r>ow to d#laet »nd fiow to wrila them wilh mctuded
cuter answered
5. LOAD Numbtrt will load In numbers lo continue where It leM olf

Ce* Book Only Gr Continue will pick up dialing where It was Intnrrupted

Booh £ Disk of all Programs S2996US

TMt mtnutl do*M ttot eondonm piimcy ■Shlpfiing: 12.00
TRACK TRAP' The 1541 Disk Expander! - 300M £00 Band
■ Remote access for sysop
• Supplement to the Software Protection Handbook • • 2 levels of security for up and down load
• 7 rooms (read and wrltgf with 4 security levels
The moat unusual and Innovative protection analysis lool (or the Commodore yst1 — Not For ■ Secret highest level
Btglnriflr* — Mi v;itum cKpandsyour 1541 drive giving capability olher wise only possible > Open chalk board
for prnfflnnlnriHi disk ■ I-1:-I .-\ .., ■ .: i Now you can crualn or analyro onahc forms ol - Auto mesanofr Cycling
dlak protecllon. 'D.O.S. Klngi' Taki Noiar — Entire Irgcta of dola can bo road and wrilten • Pnnlor option
without :i'i|.mi 10 iiiridard1 Hync and format. Vou ftre not lonQar Umllod lo sector by sec I or
searches. Whole Irach readouts f svoal'lldOon dala nwen whan alf or most oitho sectors have Plus trio only BBS with all Ihree (3) protlenlg X modem.
been erased Uncovers and writes data under errors, pulso coded sync or data, hidden data new printer and midwest term, so anyone can up/down
and access codes, multiple Erack densities and more! This supplemental manual covers the foad.
complele Implementation ol the irack [rap system Including necessary software and
Don't be looled by cheap lmilalion$ This Is Ihe most
hardware documentation,
comprehensive system available anywhere. Now at a

TrackTraDOisheirjanOeOmsnusI ... S995 JS new low price.

Enclose Cashiers Check, Money Order or

Personal Check. Allow 14 days for delivery.
2 lo 7 days for phone orders. Canada orders
must be in U.S. Dollars. VISA - MASTER
MegaSoft Limited
P.O. Box 1080, Battle Ground, Washington 98604
Programs lorCJM S2.G05& H on all orders

Submlulon* in* II to
PhOlie 000-541-1541 "BBS 206-687-5205. Arm Hour) Com pule' lo Computer Ordering

RUN JAMARV 1986 / fi7

CP/M Treasure Trove
Discover a bounteous supply of
almostfree CP/M programs that you
can use on your new C-128. This
article reveals the secret ofwhere
to call or xvrite.

One nice feature of CP/M-compatible computers is that includes a listing of local contacts. You can purchase a
;i CP/M program developed for one computer will usually catalog lisiitig the software currently available in the li
run on another, unless the program contains system- brary by sending $'.i to SIC/M (see address in Table 1).
spec if "if functions. The disk numbered 00 in the library contains the full
This Spells good news for C-128 owners, because now Catalog iu electronically readable form.
you can run Osborne or Epson programs, for example, Although SIG/M software is usually distributed on S-
on your (M12N. ISui an even bigger supply of software itich disks thai COS! $fi, many SIG/M groups can provide
exists Tor I lie I2H owner, if you only know where to look. the disks in 5'/i-inch formal, if requested, Cheek with your
Called public domain software, it is uncopyrighted and lool group tO be sure.
freely available through user groups and electronic bulletin Much of this software can also be found on electronic
boards. If you have a modem and terminal software, some of bulletin board systems run by local groups. You may be
11 can be had for the price of the disk to save* it on and maybe able to get some of the software onto \2S disks by down
a telephone call. Some is available For a yearly membership loading it from such a BUS.
Fee in a user group and a small charge to cover disk price
First Osborne Group
and copying. For those who don't mind paying CompuServe
connect Charges, much of this software can he found in the The l-'irst Osborne Group (FOG) was formed soon after
data libraries oi the CP/M. SIG. the original Osborne computer became available. Al
This article includes lists of some places to look for al! though the computer came with a word processor, spread
this "free" software; but First, let's take a look at the types sheet arid other good programs, the documentation left
of groups who give it away. a lot In be desired.
Foe those new to computers, user support groups be
User Croups came a way of life. Since KOG was one of the first and
There are several national user groups that maintain most active groups formed, it flourished. (Being itt the
a public domain software library. SIG/M (Special Interest heart of Silicon Vallc-y and a stone's throw from the
Group for Microcomputers) is one of the largest in the Osborne corporate headquarters didn't hurt, either.)
world. Headquartered in [selin, N], SIG/M has regional Before long, as users took old programs and converted
offices tluoughoul the United States and the world. them to run on the Osliorne, a library of public domain
Since SIG/M suggests that you contact a local repre software was established. TOG oilers this software to its
sentative to buy the software offered on disk, this article members for a small fee.
[ highly recommend thai you consider ;i FOG mem
bership, which costs S2-1 per year. Besides gaining access
U> llu- FOG library, you get ;i 64-page monthly newsletter. SIGJM Users Group of ACG-NJ Phone
P() Hhk *)7 Number Location
The FOChorn is one of the best newsletters available for
Iwlin. Nj 08K.SO 415-755-2000 Daly City, CA
CP/M users, ii includes announcements of now products,
(voice only)
software reviews by oilier users and helpful hints galore. 415-755-2030 FOG Office
While much of the FOC.Iwrn deals with die Oslxirne com 604-941-2972 Vancouver. BC
I'O R«\ 8474
puters, ii is expanding lo cover other CP/M systems. Daly City. CA B4015-0474 415-992-8542 Daly City. CA
The executive director of l'( )G, Gale Rhoades, says the 4]5-75.r)-MK) 415-591-6259 Belmont. CA
group is already gearing up lo liclp C-128 users. "We've Programs are available on disk lor 415-424-1482 Palo Alto, CA
already had several calls from new I '-'8 owners. Eventually, S4 per disk. The library directory 415-755-8315 FOG Office

we'll probably add a Commodore 128 disk library. Any disk Is $5. (uploading only)

lime a new group of CP/M users comes along, we just 717-657-8699 Hamsburg. PA
Poseidon Klcctronics 415-285-2687 San Francisco.
naturally want to include them."
KMph S. Led, Jr. CA
As with other computer user groups, FOG members
1(13 Wavcrly Place 415 851-7732 Woodade, CA
tun a system of electronic bulletin boards around the 405-848-5317 Oklahoma City,
New York, NY 10011
country. Although these hoards allow visitors, only FOG 212-777-9515 OK
members are given access to the download software are;is. Disk:. COSI S15.25 each. A dialog 217-344-4032 Urbana, IL

U available lor a SASE with $.44 707-557-4403 Vallejo, CA

Poseidon Electronics 817-662-2487' Waco, TX
While many of die public domain programs provided 615-321-0669 Nashville, TN
502-241-4109" Louisville, KY
hy SIG/M and FOG may run with no modification on the Table 1. Keymurmoffmblicdmam
319-326-3904 Davenport, IA
128, there is no guarantee (if this, short of trying them
snjiwarr. 313-792-7169 Mt Clemens, Ml
out yourself before buying. 404-354-0662 Athens, GA
Or, you could contact Poseidon Electronics. Their cat 617-288-4667- Boston, MA
alog of software states specifically whether the programs 714-962-9999 HunCngton
run on a \2H. 64 with CP/M cartridge, or not a! all. In Beach. CA
some rases, the user is forewarned that software on a 415-692-1406 Buriingame. CA
particular disk is experimental and may need modifica 408-287-7108 San Jose, CA
tion hi run on the 12K. Hut, at least you know what you're
gelling in advance. Table 2. FOG inn groups' boards.
Electronic Bulletin Boards
All alkrr bmdi are M) ami 1200
You can also obtain software by downloading programs
from local electronic bulletin boards.To successfully down
load programs you need a modem, a reasonably dean tele
phone line, a program that can speak to other computers
(usually called a terminal package or modem software) and
a disk on which to save the downloaded files. RCI'/Ms generally run a bulletin board system that
On some of these BBSs, downloading software is very provides an option to "go to CP/M." But before you can
easy. The main menu provides an option (generally D download software, you must usually fulfill an extra re
for download) thai will take you to another menu (or quirement Some BBSs require you lo call back again
series of menus) thai lists the software available. You later, pay a small access fee, or be a member of the user
choose the program or lile you wani to download and. group,

by either lyping the name or a menu choice, you tell the RCI'/Ms usually use a transfer protocol called XModem,
Computei lo .send it to yon. which bas become a de facto standard. When you get io prior to typing in the instruction to send, you must Ci'/M on an RCP/M. the other computer is actually run
open the buffer (storage area in your computer's mem ning a program that simulates the CP/M operating system.
ory), which will hold the program or file. When the You'll see the familiar A> prompt on your screen. The
computer ai the other end stalls sending, all the infor commands thai you type on your keyboard are inter-
mation goes into the buffer. When the other computer preted by the other computer as if you were typing on
indicates it's through, you save the buffered Tile to disk. its keyboard. TYPE NEWUSER.TXT, for instance, would
I his is a very basic description of what happens with cause the contents of the file NEWUSER to be typed out
typical systems. You'!! need to know what baud rale, word on your monitor.
length and parity options the other computer is using. A DIU command will give you the contents of the A:
In some cases, the other computer (called a remote ter drive. I recommend opening your buffer and storing the
minal in some software documentation) will be using a results in a file. Typically, a directory listing of one drive
special File-transfer protocol. If your computer isn't using on an RCP/M takes up about 4K on disk.
liie same parameters, you won't he able to download. Each board features a file named DIR.TQX, or some
thing similar, wliich usually contains ihe entire directory
Remote CP/Mx and XModem listing for alt drives. The Q in .TQ*T stands for squeezed.
One particularly popular type of bulletin board is the This common naming convention (putting Q as the next
Remote CP/M (RCP/M). It should be of Special interest to to the last letter in a filename] is used Co let you know
sou. since most such boards contain vast libraries of that an unsqueeze program must be used to put the file
public domain CP/M programs that you ear) download in a readable forma:.'
and use. This program, usually abbreviated USQ-# (where # is
RUN January vm I 69
Massachusetts Steve Leon Ohio Tennessee
SIGM—Disk Editor
Dave Milton J.C. Kramer Joel I,. Saber
200 Winston Drive
NECS New England Computer PO Box 28606 Rt- 1
Cllf&ide Park. NJ 07010 Columbus. OH 43228-0606
Society Allons.TN 38541
201-S86-1658 G14.279.HU71 615-528-5039—CBBS
13 Swan Sl
Arlington, MA 02174 Sol Llbes
Charles E, Ijcwh Virginia
817-646-3Q80 SIG/M—Catalog Editor SIGM—Ohio Area
617-646-3910—CBBS PO linx 1192 Cleveland Di^ii-il Group
Stan Levine
Mountainside, NJ 07092 SIC/M Mid-Atlantic Regional
Mark Flshman 379 Somli lUuin'iown Road
201-277-2063 Coordinator
51 Grandview Road Copley, OH 44321
CP/M Users of Washington, DC
Arlington, MA 02174 Gilbert Linn 2I6-666-59H2
2053 N. Abingdon St.
SIG/M—CiliaU>t; Distribution 216-645-08E7—RCPM
Doug Fullei Arlington. VA 22207
28 Midland Blvd.
I lilts Dave Robling 703-522-1192
Maplewood, N| 07040
iniiiM.iif Business Computers SIGM—Ohio Area
201-763.0974 Sam Hum
Ludlow, MA 01058 Dayion Microcomputing
Metro Washington CPMUC
413-5H9-7490 Kevin O'Cotincll Society
4711 Olley Lane
RCA—VM Syitems 2629 Ridge Ave.
Fairfax, VA 22032
New Hampshire Cherry Hill, Nj 08034 Dayion, OH 15431
609-461-4351 513-258-2218
Sieve Peterfreund 513-2567227—CUPS Jack Williams
Microprocessor Associates Dave Raibert
Microcomputer Investors
linx 77H8 Pennsylvania Association
in Wilse) Square
Nashua, MI 030SO 902 Anderson Drive
Ridgewood, NJ<> William Earnest SIG/M—Atlantic
603-888-0900 Frederlckaburg, VA 22405
201-444-IfiOO Region & SySOp
603-885-4486—CBB9 703-371-5474
Ken [iiinpkins Lehlgh Valley Compute) Group
Rhode Island RD#l,Box830 David C.E. Holmes
Stockton Camputei Croup—
Orefield, PA 18069 Digital Interest Group
Apple Mlcrolab
Dean Kelchner 215-3981634 In Tidewater
Stockton Siatt- College
11-B Sandy Poini Farm 215-898-3937—CBBS PO Box 17(18
Pomona, N] 08240
Portsmouth, Kl 03871 Grafton, VA 23694
609-S52-1776 x497 Robert Todd
401.847-3315 804-898-5913
David Wmbel SIG/M—Regional Dbtribuiion
Connecticut SIGM—Chairman Gourd it ml or
ACG-NJ Vice President Fred W. Davis
8 Telegraph Hill Komi
] [fin % li. Roihberg Philadelphia Area Rome 4, Box 50
Holmdel, NJ 117733
Laticrele [nil.. Inc. Computer Society Salein. VA 24153
1 Laticrele Park North 1121 Brianvaod 703-384-6871
Bethany, CT 06585 Rill Wbythaler
Benwlem, PA 19020 Christopher Leithi'er
203-397-0041 ACG-NJ Northltar Users Group
215-752-460-1 Washington Apple Pi
203-3930010 x20a—days 296 Summit Ave.
Philadelphia Area Computer 8646 Reseca Lane
Summit, NJ 07901
Culm J. Kv.ins Society Springfield, VA 22152
130 VV.ilmit Street LaSalle College 70S-569-80S7
Stratford, CT 0G497 Twill Helling
Philadelphia, PA 1914] Alabama
DepL o[ Electronic Engineering
Delaware Technology Jim l.. Neitson
Trenton State College Philadelphia Arc; Computer
Military/Civilian Micro
James A. Doraman Trenton, NJ 08625 Society
Computer Society
HI) 2, Box 241 609-771-2487 Apple II sig/M Library
2712 West Aberdeen Drive
Kockessin, !>!■: 19707 PO Box 477 Montgomery, AI. 361 lf>
New York Kulpsville, PA 19442

New Jersey Henry Kee Maryland Florida

ACG-NJ Amateui Computei nyacc-Nuw Vork Amateur James £, ]ohu Inviu
Group of NJ Cciinpmer Club Epson UG of South Maryland SIG/M Co-regional Coordinaloi
SIG/M—Worldwide Headquarters 42-24 Golden Si. SRB222 Miami Amateur Computer Croup
PO Box 97 Flushing, NY 1IS55 Piney Point. MD 20674 9159 Somh Wesl 77th Ave.
IseJin, NJ 0SS30 718*39^202 Miami, FI. 33156
201-272-1874—KBBS North Carolina
718-539-3338—BBS 305-271-4592
Gerald Harrison John A. KiefTer Mike Niswonger
Bruce Blokeslee LJCA-Long bland Computer East Carolina Cl'/M Users Group CPMUG of South Okaloosa
SIGiM—information Secretary Association 104 Hawthorne Court County
906 Crestwood Road West 3ii Irene Lane Kast Havelodt, NC 28532 541 East Miracle Strip, Apt. 1
Wesifteld, N] 07090 Plainview, NY 11803 919-447-3108 Mar)' Esther. FL 32569
201-233-3185 516-822-1697 901-244-1396
John Johnson
Glenn Dusch 516-561'6590—CBBS F.ast Carolina C\'IM Users Group Robert Tate
SIG/M—Order E'rdci-ssing 212-448-6S76—CBBS 707 Frig.-Hill RoHd Central Florida Computer Society
Westfletd, NJ D7090 Ch;iilii' Slinm New Hern. NC 28560 805 Tumbull Ave.
201-233t>292 ci'M-su; 919-628-6976 Altemonte Springs, VI. 32701
Gardner Harris CompuServe 305-830-7319
South Carolina
ACG-NJ Morrow MlcroDecision New York. NY 305-831-6049
l.ilir.ii i.ui 212-982-2237 James ColliKan Doug Elkins
West Orange, N] 157 MacGregor Drive South Florida Computer Club
201-731-6271 Sumnterville, SC 29483 Fort Laudcrdale. FL 33335
803-871-3404 305-742-0274

Table 3. Ripimid di\lrihut<m nj SIG/M .w//!Wirf. Phone numbers without iniliuh hvdr them tire voice only.

Georgia Wisconsin Mark Sheppard Oregon
CNSUA—Int'l Nonhstar
Allen V. Cleveland Drr (diaries |. Winicier Dave Thompson
L'sers Assn.
Atlanta Computer Society Milwaukee Healh Users Group Micro Cornucopia/Single Board
PO Box 2789
PO Box 5500(17 Computer Users Federation Users Group
Falrfield, CA 943SS
Atlanta, GA 30855 30531 Grand Ave. 10&267-1218 I'O Box 223
404-262' 1 N7<) PO Box 20 Bend, OR 97709
S.iin Lay
Waterford, Wl 53IH5 503-382-8048
Charlie Wells SIti/M—Co-reglonal Southwell
SICJM—Southeast Region
Kansas Region Washington
Atlanta Computer Society South Orange County
■Ki5 Nonhgate Pass William G. Parrolt III Computer Club Jorge dial
Koswell. CA 30075 Kansas City Meiro Users Group ti"71 Bonnie Drive SIGfM Co-regional Coordinator
■IO4-!)9S-O3fi6 70IOCaene[i Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 'J'J(i47 CPMUC ofPugei Sound
■104-63IS-6130 212a—CBBS Shawoee Mission. KS 66218 8016 !H8ih SW
104-3944220 212a—CBBS 913-266-4329 Edmondi, WA 08020
|ini Ayers
Illinois Louisiana Apple CFMUG of Small
206-631 -8665—CBBS
Computer Users ofMarin
Roland Friestad I lomei Bt jthiIi 301 Poplar Si. Anchor Electronics
Knox County Computer Club lieaih UG of New Orleans Mill Valley, CA 94841 Seattle. WA
KK 1. Box 163 703 Valence 415-383-0473—CBBS 206-621-8665—CBBS
Cameron, II. 61423 New Orleans, LA 70115 Dick Joslin
Charlie Foster
.1119343 0629 504-891-4951 NorlhiicM Coni|)ulet Soiiely
JRT Pascal & / Users Group
Jim Mills SIGIM—Southwest Region PO Box 68374
SIGfM Co-regional Coordinator 7962 Center Parkway Seattle, WA 98188
CACHBCPMUG Si Hawk Sacramento, CA 98823 206-244-8998
Chicago Area Computer Hobbyin ftilsa Computer Society ill 6-392-27S9 Tim l.inehan
Kxcliange FO Box 1133 916-483-8718—CBBS SIG/M Co-regional Sysop
Box C-176 Tulsa, UK 74101 Don Ro7arih Olympia RCPM
323 South Franklin 918-241-4571 129 N. Decatur
Chicago, II. 60606-7092 9l8-44652ly—CBBS Olympia, WA 98502
3l2-4m!-2596 206-357-7400
Microcomputer Users Group
3 12-469-2597—RCPM Texas 206-357-6300
i'O Box L01SI3
Prank Wancho Sacramento, CA 93816 206-352.7530—CBBS
Stanley Hanson SIGfM Liaison—ARPA-NET 916-3635544
Nonliiop Microcomputer Hawaii
I05ii0 Lakewood 916-758-y-!95
Users Group El Paso, TX 79925 916-483-8718—CBBS James Yuen
182 East Road 915-591-7266 Harp. F. McGrew SIG/M—Co-regional Far
Glen Kllyn. 1L 00137
Roger Schermerhom Sania Barbara Computer Club tasi Ki't;i(iii
3103 Sleepyhollow 747 Calle de Los Amlgos AliihLt CuLiipiiif-i Chili

Indiana Sugarland,TX 77478 Santa Barbara, CA 93105 919 Luna Helu Si.
713-980-3128 HOr>-(iS7-7l',!l Kailua, 111 91173-1
Stephen I.. Browning B05-682-7876—RBB3 H08-2I12-2845
Al Whitney
Indianapolis Small
1203 Austin Colony Michael J, Karas
Systems Group (1SSG) Canada
Sugarland, TX 7746fi Valley Computer Club
i'O Box 40733
713-3 '12-5139 2468 Hansen Coun
fadkaapolis, in 46940 British Columbia
713-4IW-8893-CBBS Slmi Wiley, CA 9S065
805-337-7922 Dave Bowerman
Michigan Fred Ptafman
S1G/M—South Central Kc^iun [ames A. Coi i ijimi
Dave Hardy Northweit R^uion
Texrnu Compute) Club 17(tH Celeste
SIC/M—Co-regional Coordinatoi Weal Coast Computer Society
23S0 Heather Hill Lane clovis. CA 93618
Technical CBHS PO Bos 4031
Piano, TX 75(175 209-297-8591
736 Notre Dame Vancouver, B(: Viill 321
214-596-5034 Trevor Marshall
Grosse Poiule, MI 48230 or

Charles Sandborne SIG/M Co-regional Sysop 2058 Hfghview Place

Houston Area RBBS Thousand Oaks—RBBS Port Moody, BC V3H IN5
[;[>]' Corp.
SATSUMA 3423 Hill Canyon Ave, 604^37-3148
5151 Miller Road
1 loiision, TX Thousand Oaks, CA 413110 604-937-0906—CBBS
Dearborn, Ml 48126
71 :)--lti!)-««93—CBBS 805492-3693
805493-1495—RBBS Ontario
Arizona 805492-5472—RBBS
313-H4t;-fii:>7—CBBS ]uilson Newell
313-846-1055 R.C. Krill Colorado Sl(;/M—Canada N'oiiheasi Regio
Kenneth Jackson 3224 W. Malapan Drive 4691 DundasSL—W
rti> UyberSource Phoenix, AZ M5021 AJ. Lundquisl Islington, Ontario M9A 1A7
24000 Telegraph Road B02-997-1332 SIG/M—Nortliwi-si Region 416-239-2835
Southfleld Ml 48034 Denver CP/M SIC of Colorado 416-231 -9638—CBBS
California i'O Box 633 416-231-laea
313-422-8585 BroomfiL-ld, CO 80080-0883
Richard Mason 303-466-7938 Saskatchewan
Dak- EUard S;m Die^o Coiuputer Society
8335 Douglas Road 1037 Pjrk EI ill Lane Bob Sick
LamberwiHe, MI 48149 Kscondido, CA 9^025 Montana R.O.M.S.
714-74G-4832 19 Mayfield Road
Carl R. Camper, Jr. Regina. Saskatchewan S4V 0V7
PO Box 877
Colstrip, MT 59232

the latest version number, currently 20), is found on most the BBSs Are
RCP/Ms ami in most public domain libraries. Its com This article includes three lists of electronic BBSs. The
panion program, SQUEEZE (SQ-#, currently 17), is as firsi (Table 1) lists three key sources id public domain
widely distributed. Sometimes the two can he found in software. The second (Table 2) consists of the telephone
an ,LBR file called SQ-USQXBR. They will be two of the numbers of FOG user groups' boards. I he third (Table
first programs you'll waul to get. 3) is a list of regional distributors of SIG/M.
To accomplish the file transfer, you'll need to under- Please be aware that not all of these systems are free.
stand the commands. Check your documentation! [f you Some require a registration fee or yearly membership
are actually using XModem, the command to type is fee. Please make note of the times listed for each system.
"XMODEM R filename," where filename is how you want These hours are in local time, so please plan your calls
the file to be saved on disk. accordingly.
Once you understand how to start receiving a program at Also, courteous leleconimunicaiors will leave a thank-
your end, you need to know how to get die RCP/M to start
you message or some acknowledgement for the system
sending. Pick the file you want to download and note its Operator, if there is a message base available. Leave your
name. Type "XMODEM S filename." You nuts! type the file name and where you are calling from if the board doesn't
name exactly as it appears in the directory listing. The re ask for it when you first sign on.
mote terminal will respond with "Awaiting NAK." CompuServe's CP/M SIG also has a large library avail
In a second or two you should see the message, "Trans
able, and, as mentioned earlier, it supports XModem
mitting sector #." The number will start at one and
transfers, Type GO CPMSIG or GO l'CS-47. Once in die
[n ere men I as each piece of the file is successfully trans
SIG, you'll need to go lo the Dl.s (Hani libraries) to find
mitted, You may see a message indicating that a sector
the programs you want.
is being retransmitted because an error was delected. You can use a BRO (browse) command to search
Don't worry about ii.
through the files one by one; or type INDKX to see a
XModem will make ten attempts to transmit an erro listing of the programs in each library. There are ten Dl.s
neous block. If it doesn't accomplish a successful transfer
by then, ii baits the transmission and reports the problem.
As you can see. there is plenty ol public domain soltware.
When it gets through sending all the parts, it will give a
And finding it is halfthe fun. Good luck in your hunt »
message indicating the transfer is complete and indicate
how man) times sectors had to be resent.
That's all there is to it. Your terminal program should Cheryl Peterson 1750 85lh St. #?, Miami limch, hi. 33111)
have written the file to disk for you under the filename is the SYSOP of the Beginner's SKi an Vitiation. Her user
you specified. number is 266399CCP.

Cuclu 8? on RpaUci Service card.

Still waiting on your BASIC 7:0 programs?

128 Mode!


$ 79.95 Call now for the name of the dealer near you!

DEALERS CALL toll free (1-800-362-9653)

(In Illinois 217-356-1884)



Star's made-for-Commodore'
printer needs no add-ons. Just plug
Now you can it into your computer and go to
own a sophisticated, work. It's made at a price that can't
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standing graphics ability. Interface
cable. And friction and tractor feed.
All standard.
And it's the best-selling printer
for the best-selling home computer!
c r o C X

Commodore and C-64 arc trademarks of Com mod me Bu sines a Mflchtnei, Inc.
G 92 on Reader Service card
And/or Commodore Electionics Lid.
Add Elegance to Your
Program Listings
Here's a utility that organizes and clarifies your program
listings by providing uniform spacing between
words, numbers and symbols.

When you're trying to debug or 100 of the Basic loader program. If incuts are part of which loops and
modify a Basic program, which oc you choose the printer as the output how the loops are nested.
curs first—eye strain or madness? device, Lister nexi prompts: During the listing display, you can
In Basic, difficuh-io-read program pause the output by pressing any key.
listings often result when you crowd TOI'OF EACH PACE: Pressing any other key restarts the
statenk-rits into program lines to con listing. (This feature is particularly
At this point, you type a string up
serve memory and increase execution convenient when you're listhrg to the
to (i() characters long and press the
.speed. Under such circumstances, it's screen.) If you press the Q key (for
return key. This string, along with a
not much Tun trying to decipher, say, quit) while the listing is paused, the
page number, will appear at the top
where ;i loop starts and slops. The program will prim out the rest of the
of each page of the output lisiing.
accompanying utility, Lister, puts uni current program line, then return
Lister automatically leaves margins
form spaces between words, numbers immediately to Basic.
and symbols in your program listings. at the lop and bottom of each page.
The Basic loader Pokes (he Lister
If you don'i want a heading, simply
Lister is a machine language pro- program into a safe part of RAM,
grain thai resides in upper RAM. press the return key without typing where it won't he disturbed by Basic.
When you run it, it produces a For in a suing. The page numbers and You can then load in the Basic pro
matted lisihig ol the Basic program margins will still be printed. To sup gram on which you're working. As
currently in memory, making it much press the page numbers and (he spac long as you don't nun off the com
more readable. ing between pages, simply type the puter. Lister will be there, ready to
To use Lister, you must first load @ character in response to the head produce elegant output whenever
it into RAM using the Basic loader ing prompt. you type SYS-19152.
(Listing I), which I'll describe a little At this point, Lister works its magic Since the loader is mostly com
later in the article. To run it, you and produces a neatly formatted list posed of Data statements that must
type: ing on either tin- printer or the lie typed in exactly, each line of dala
screen. Spaces are placed before and has a built-in checksum. The loader
SYS 49152
after Basic keywords and arithmetic checks each line of data as it is read;
Lister first clears the screen, then operators. Only one Basic statement if an error is detected, the program
asks: is priuled per line, making each state- notifies you which Data statement to
men! easy lo read and allowing room check and then ends.
in the right margin lor notes or cor I hope you find Lister as useful as
at which time you type either S or P. rections on hard-copy listings, i do. m
II you choose the printer, the pro When a For statement is encoun
gram automatically uses device num tered, all the following statements up
ber 4. If you are using a different lo the corresponding Next statement Address all author correspondence to
device number, you can customize are indented two extra spaces. This Michael Broussard, 15279 Fares! Grove
Lister by changing the value in line lets you see at a glance which state- Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22191.

RUN It Right
7-1 C64;C128(inG64mdi)
Circle 105 on Reader Service catd

RUN Magazine says,

RAVE REVIEWS "... rugged design ... ease of use ... make it everyone's
favorite ..."
"... outstanding 1525 emulation cannot be overemphasized."
"... 1525 emulation is so near perfect... you'll be hand
pressed to find software designed to work with the
Commodore ... that will not work ..."
"... it is a sophisticated interface ... posesses an above
average level of quality ..." run Dec. 19B5 issue

(nnc]<|e'jterj retail I


C64 and 128 PC

IMPORTANT FEATURES chat may not be found on other interfaces:

• High Speed Graphics Buffer. • Combining ol Emulation and Transparent Modes
• \Mn-ks properly with all Commodore compatible software. • Nn Confusing OIP switches.
• Transparent Mode Lock Controls, • 15 page easy to fallow Users Manual.
• Total Emulation of Commodore's Graphic, Character and Command Set. • FCC Apptwed.
• True Commodore Graphics.
Smith Corona fest Text 80 5tar Gemini X S SG series Mannesrrtann Tally MT160
Smith Corona DP series MPI SX PnnterK Giympia Compact NP
Smith Corona 200-"- MPI X Pnnter-::- Brother CE-50-::-
Smith Corona 300-::- Rjnasonic KXP Brother CE-5B-::-
Smith Corona 4D0if Infminner BraUier 0M-4D
Royal 600-;;- Star Delta Brother DX-5
Royal BIO-::- Blue Chip
R to nan Citizen Epson
Radix BMC
-"- Special interface or adapter cable required. Contact OS!.
The PPI works with all Centronics compatible parallel printers that utilize standard ASCII characters and command sets in the transparent mode.

Tlie DIRECTOR is B surge, Su DATA SWITCH models The MESSENGER is an NOTCHER RBG catita assemblies that
spike, RFI. and EMI interfer ■ i'■.■.■-■ port i'«|,.ni .iiv. . ■ ■■ i auto answer/dial modem Cunuerts iHiY angle silled c minuet the Commodore
ence suptJitW^erJ 5 outlet sharing "I comijuter and witli conipletf! telecom soft diskette to ii double sided 12a PC and Amign to Am-
(lower control ranter lor penplierals ware for use with Conmio- tfekatU dek, Sakata. Princeton
computers aixl |Xjtipl«.Tal5. rtnreC64and128PC Graiihics, Taiaa Mayrwivoi.
Tekmka. Sharp. Ftofiason*:.
NEC. and Sony RGB mom-

Distributor and dealer programs available. Call 316-264-611B for immediate information.


£31 6} 264-61 1 B
Telrsx No. SSO-1 93-4977
DSI is fl ms|cr OEM and pnw.itc l.^t>i'l jnanulaclurcr C.lll lor complele mromijlion and qu
Listing 1. Lister Basic loader program.

100 DEV=4 : REM PRINTER DEVICE NUMBER 1060 DATA 3,162,4,160,255,32,186,255,169,0,

:REM'60 32,189,25 5,32,192,255,2181 :REM*204
110 LOO49152:LINE=1000 :REM*2 1070 DATA 162,3,32,201,255,32,91,19-1,165,43
120 PRINT"POKING DATA FROM LINE"LINE:K=0:CH ,133,251,165,44,133,252,2156 :REM*128
ECK = 0 :REM*248 1080 DATA 198,251,169,0,141,233,195,169,6,1
130 IF LOO5014S THEN170 :REM*30 41,236,19 5,t7 3,23 3,195,208,27 4 3:REM*8B
140 READN:POKELOC,N:LOC=LOC+1:CHECK=CHECK+N 1090 DATA 39,160,0,169,0,141,230,195,141,24
:K=K+1:IFK<16THEN13 0 :REM*120 5,195,141,234,195,141,246,2472 :REM*64
150 READ N:IFN=CHECKTHENLINE=LINE+10:GOTO12 1100 DATA 195,141,229,195,162,3,177,251,208
0 :REM»196 ,3,238,230,195,200,202,208,2837
:END :REM*122 1110 DATA 245,173,230,195,201,3,208,7,32,19
170 READ N;IFN<>CHECKTHEN160 :REM*248 9,194,32,231,255,96,177,2478 :REM»218
180 POKE 49250,DEV :REM*112 1120 DATA 251,141,242,195,200,177,251,140,2
190 PRINT"(CRSR DN1LISTER LOAD SUCCESSFUL." 53,195,141,243,195,162,0,32,2818
:PRINT"SYS 49152 TO START":END :REM*130 :REM*212
1000 DATA 162,0,189,140,195,240,6,32,210,25 1130 DATA 67,194,32,195,194,169,2,141,246,1
5,232,208,245,32,228,25 5,2629 :REM*16 3 95,17 2,25 3,19 5,200,177,251,2683
1010 DATA 240,251,201,83,208,11,141,232,195 :REM*204
,169,147,32,201,194, 76,120,2501 1140 DATA 208,23,140,253,195,32,74,195,173,
:REM*123 253,195,24,161,251,133,251,2501
1020 DATA 192,201,80,208,232,141,232,195,32 :REM*156
,210,255,32,199,194,162,0,2565:REM*219 1150 DATA 169,0,101,252,133,252,76,140,192,
1030 DATA 189,177,195,240,6,32,210,255,232, 170,173,245,195,208,43,138,2487
208,245,162,61 ,169,0,157,25 38 :REM*248 :REM*170
1040 DATA 254,195,202,169,32,157,254,195,20 1160 DATA 201,177,144,25,201,180,176,21,41,
2,208,250,32,207,25 5,201,13,2826 127,141 ,251 ,195,173,239,195,2487:REM*4
:REM»142 1170 DATA 208,3,32,195,194,169,1,141,239,19
1050 DATA 240,a,157,254,195,232,224,60,208, 5,76,139,193,173,239,195,2392 :REM*18
241,169,1,141 ,24 4,195,169,2738:REM*190 1180 DATA 240,3,32,195,194,169,0,141,239,19
5,138,201,58,208,23,173,2209 :REM*23 2
1190 DATA 245,195,240,4,169,58,208,43,32,19
5,194,169, 58,32,201,194,2237 :REM*94
1200 DATA 32,74,195,76,221,192,138,201,34,2
08,13,173,24 5,195,73,25 5,2325 :REM*222
Cuclo 100 on ReflUc Service oarO
1210 DATA 141,245,195,169,34,76,232,193,201
,32,208,13,17 3,24 5,195,24 0,2592
You Have a Choice. 1220
DATA 0,169,32,32,201,194,76,221,192,20
Numeric Keypads 1,128,176,3,76,232,193,2126 :REM*58
1230 DATA 173,245,195,208,115,138,41,127,14
1,251,195,201,2,208,9,173,2422 :REM*36
1240 DATA 236,195,56,233,2,141,236,195,32,1
95,194,162,0,140,253,195,2465 :REM*25 0
1250 DATA 160,0,236,251,195,240,14,185,158,
160,201 ,129,144,4,232,200,2509:REM*196
1260 DATA 208,240,200,208,242,185,158,160,2
01,129,144, 54,41,127,32,201,2530
1270 DATA 194,173,239,195,208,22,173,251,19
5,201,35,240,15,201,38,24 0,2620
1280 DATA 11,201,52,144,4,201,75,144,3,32,1
CP Numoric KBynaa D*rii] 95,194,173,251,195,201,2076 :REM*45
Jup quality, low pruittc key iwiiche* lor imooihi reliable data entry, 1290 DATA 1,208,9,173,236,195,24,105,2,141,
Easll} connected with computer keyboard.
236,19 5,172,253,195,76,2221 :RE«*161
Nu software w required 1009! Compatible with all programs
1300 DATA 221,192,32,201,194,200,208,189,32
Available i"r Commodore 64. SX-64", VIC-30 and Applt- Ik Comp
One year warranty and available in ihrec models: ,201,194,76,221,192,169,48,2570
Plus Deluxe
DATA 141,231,195,173,242,195,56,237,24
SG9 95
Power Supply :REM*29
• lias bettci Features than the original one -u 1320 DATA 237,241,195,141,243,195,144,5,238
• Is serviceable, p^oi (ii>pi>sji»k-. ,231 ,195,208,230,24,173,240,2940
■ Work! dependably uith one ycai Warrant :REM*159
• For Commodore nnd Atari* Compuiers,
1330 DATA 195,109,242,195,141,242,195,173,2
=~== Computer Place (213)325-4754
== ~ 23914 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505
1340 DATA 173,231,195,201,48,208,9,173,234,
■ Reaui'es adapior nl addilional cosl VISA MC S AE accepted No C O D AOd
S3 00 shtppmg CA ipucJenls aOO G 5*c 5nilys Ta» DaalGt inquiries wolcomo 195,208,7,169,32,206,6,2297 :REM*1
Cumrvodoifl'4 GX'64 nnd ViC-^n .ne Iradom.irkaDr CiimrnDOO'eBLdSTips^ Marl'""! lie
Alan >3 IMn trnderrinrK Qf Alan Carp . Apple llr-1& IIik Iradefrark or Appro Cumpulur, Inc

You could be one.
Play Elite-it's totally stunning.
Elite is Britain's 1985 Adventure Game
of the Year, an interstellar mind-game wilh
incredible 3D Vector-Graphic space flight
Take command of your Cobra MK III
combat craft, trade with alien cultures on over
2000 planets in eight galaxies. Pick your
destination on the starmap, checking out the
computer's 4-wayviewscan-and you're ready
(or your first jump thru hyperspace.
As a rookie you start with 'Harmless'
status but with the right stuff and combat skills,
you'II win ratings of 'Average' to 'Dangerous'—
with your ultimate objective to become one of
the Elite.
It's big, it's fast and it's here now lor the
Commodore 64'" and 128:u complete wilh
Manual, Novel, Control Guide, Ship
Identification Chart, Keyboard Overlay and the
opportunity as the US competition winner to get
flown to London, England to try lor the Elite
World Championship.
It's so addictive it's been called "the Game
Be dangerous.


Circle 71 on Reader Service card.

FIREBIRD HOTLINE S: 201 934 7373

Lilting 1 continued.

1350 DATA 141,234,195,173,231,195,32,201,19 1490 DATA 246,195,173,235,195,141,237,195,3

4,169,0,141,237,195,174,252,2764:REM*9 2,210,255,238,229,195,32,228,3036
1360 DATA 195,232,232,189,217,195,2(11,42,20 :REM*221
8,1 ,96,142,252,195,141,24 0,2778:REM*85 1500 DATA 255,208,2,240,30,169,128,141,249,
1370 DATA 195,232,189,217,195,141,241,195,7 195,141,250,195,206,249,195,2853
6,23B,193,173,254,195,201,64,2999 :REM*219
:REM*19 1510 DATA 208,251,206,250,195,208,246,32,22
1380 DATA 240,96,32,199,194,162,0,189,133,1 8,255,240,251,20!,81,208,3,3063:REM*97
95,240,6,32,210,255,232,2415 :REM»157 1520 DATA 141,233,195,172,247,195,174,248,1
1390 DATA 208,245,162,0,189,254,195,240,6,3 95,96,32,199,194,17 3,232,195,2921
2,210,255,232,208,245,162,2843:REH*251 :REM*51
1400 DATA 0,189,211,195,240,6,32,210,255,23 1530 DATA 201,80,208,43,173,229,195,201,80,
2,208,245,169,0,17 4,244,2610 :REM*79 144,8,238,238,195,169,0,24 02 :REM*243
1410 DATA 195,140,253,195,32,205,189,172,25 1540 DATA 141,229,195,238,238,195,173,238,1
3,195,32,199,194,162,0,189,2605 95,201,62,144,18,173,254,195,2889
:REM*133 :REM*84
1420 DATA 133,195,240,6,32,210,255,232,208, 1550 DATA 201,64,240,11,162,5,32,199,194,20
245,162,67,169,45,32,210,24 41 :REM*111 2,208,250,32,91,194,169,2254 :REM*250
1430 DATA 255,202,208,248,32,199,194,32,199 1560 DATA 1,141,246,195,96,32,32,32,32,32,3
,194,169,5,141,238,195,238,2749 2,0,147,73,85,84,1266 :REM*240
:REM*255 1570 DATA 80,85,84,32,84,79,32,80,82,73,78,
1440 DATA 244,195,96,169,32,208,2,169,13,14 84,69,82,32,79,1135 :REM*58
0,247,195,142,248,195,141,24 36:REM*119 1580 DATA 82,32,83,67,82,69,69,78,32,40,80,
1450 DATA 235,195,201,32,208,17,205,237,195 47,83,41,63,32,980 :REM*16 4
,240,67,173,237,195,201,40,2678 1590 DATA 0,84,89,80,69,32,73,78,32,65,32,7
:REM*209 2,69,65,68,73,981 :REM*160
1460 DATA 240,60,173,246,195,208,55,173,246 1600 DATA 78,71,32,70,79,82,32,69,65,67,72,
,195,240,38,174,236,195,201,2875 32,80,65,71,69,1034 :REM*12
:REM*199 1610 DATA 58,13,0,80,65,71,69,32,0,16,39,23
1470 DATA 2,240,4,138,76,251,194,138,56,233 2,3,100,0,10,788 :REM*36
,6,141,230,195,141,229,2274 :REM*103 1620 DATA 0,1,0,42,42,85 :REM*156
1480 DATA 195,240,12,169,32,32,210,255,206,
230,195,208,246,169,0,141 ,2540 :REM*55

■ PET" - COM"" - ICD"-

Circle 128 on Header Service co

The best deal in Commodore computing
just got better.
The Intelligent Software package: an integrated home/businoss/educabonal
I '..■ I .nir of 25 programs on disk or tape at the ridiculous price of $29.95
[plus five cents for postage + handling).

Theparfa^EiiOtpi^dornamortarne-brewsoti^ire^ pages of source

codehsuigs. it is the ooe product Lfmt con lake care of at ynr dala prQcpsr^nij needs.
Onecustomerwntes;"r . . occdados for the authors. Thstsassk^atteaiBslheveseen
andmorethan adequate tor ei except fancy presentations. The bcsUhmg is the ease of
usb. . " The package ndudes
Dfltabaaa; A corEiploU> rmiu Ityt'd fi'od- Aiso ndided RoportGan, HtporiMi ij ■
VIDEO IMAGES ON YOUR COMPUTER! record length data base manaQer Sort or (nterf ace W/P with Qntslwso uj crt'*iTe
select [usng ol retouxioi operators , = H >. fonit letters, statements, jivmcea. maring
FiruJly—an ine«pen^jkTiiv.iy[Didprurp reaF'WOfitl Jm.wn.-iuo yuu' (onijiuter^
graphics [fiipMy'COMJTJlrPEYES *i*ari i^novffiirf 5JQW-\U"i r.Jrvi<«-trwl inn
<:, AND, OR. NOT. w*Jcord]txi«^f : looete.otherrepona ), BuetwllStMistl-

necu berwttn any u.uujjrtf vctoo source (video tape r«order video c-imfw.
pcrform computations on numeric fields cian (compies battny SLauaticr, fur u base-
Any operation cen be performed! on olP. or boil teoguo], soverar W/P uljIiEies. rcJuding
vjdeodiiiVr t-it |;irvlyOLjr<i3rnpuu.'i. Under iJfnpie software controJ, ,i Nw im.ige
isacqrj,rednle«rJwn\ji>*rccjHJs Unique mulu-Kan nvxl^-lkuprowle
only selected records. AB fields campletcV Imtex (- ■: ::£$ W/P's text files), several
realism: grty-wdFy urines Hundreds of applications* u&er-defmeble. Conbe used for any number Database utilities. ndiiJmipDBmtrgfl [lac*-
oJtBEfcs, ndudmg flccQunLing, maiinQ fcsts, totes nuiu-filedfltebflscupplications.), end
Package includes iiTlnf.ttp rnfriulr1. com- nvuntory control, record, tope, or book DBStat [andyzes D/Q fites). flprogronmng
piclcej^y-to-UieMj'lw-irr-Mjppnrton caUUogtng, sxpense Bccomt msmUsiencc. ■. ASCII, wheh convcrta text ftes Ipro-
dr*, cMvw'iwiarmrt, .*naiw* yr.v or us on electronic rotode? Evcnilyauuse gram listings] into program files, also
vj.vt.iiny m tot it?1? <?s phi* ytxrCoinnxjdcrclornoUingelGe.lli : Checkbook: Inventory. Pipar Route,
gram alone rryghtfusUJy its ijipcnwi Loan flnolyain Broakiuan analytim
Word Procesaor: A fi*-feaurtd menu- Depraclation. Labalar. Fik Copier:
processor ncfcjdrfl ^n/festfte more.
Vtraons of the padcaoe are Qvatobte for
ni coitrol over margmg, spaong, pa^ng. ^^ Ccxnnxidore nxi^xMr r^ng a rrwi!-
■ Quality bhv video wincre ndentBLon. and |USDticatjon. , ntf rnmtfiQkfWM Al progroms
■ ConnecUng r iiule . . Provxfesan tape
printer pr,co mcludes
(or only ^39995 pint S9 00SAH
. Colil. residents
. . . tftrs

S129.95 ■ Provides&*XlbaseicnUrvis '

! 0050ctek.orcassettaordors(cassettenot
DvatebteforPfc^1" and IB" | Nopersonol
Sre yout OtrJHrt w ante cIjiki M.ii* Av,l'IVnr lot
ComputeEGazette. checks from outadu USA. Tire ad e tfta
CDpVc*lc: An eLecuw.c Qpreadshoct. ^ta^. a sanding of prop-am ou«wt s
resjdfriri*kl5%uJriTJ< M-i«n(,v
VwAtttpitO ToOfOrf.O" fo*mo«r 'CimnooarCAlllB
Tims ymr Commodore nm a vcUq balance ovBteMe ^c S3
rjy?pt, ndJdes screen edrtor "Excetent
program for Oudgeung. estimouig. or any
math-oriented use . . . »eJ worth the
money. Highfy recommended-" — Mdnrte
Software Gazette.
I , II- l. r- iu. Box A Dept. X-5
intelligent aorcware sanAnseimo, ca 94950
Quality Software sinco 1982 (415] 457-61 53





You deserve the best. You've earned it. Now reward yourself with a session of Night Mission PINBALL,
the most realistic and challenging arcade simulation ever conceived! ■ Stunning graphics and dazzling
, sound effects put Night Mission PINBALL in a class by Itself. Game features: multi-
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m and an editor that lets you create your own custom modes. ■ So take a break with
Night Mission PINBALL from SubLOGIC. Winner of Electronic Games magazine's
1983 Arcade Award for Best Computer Audio/Visual Effects.

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Order Line: 800/637-4983 (217)359-8482Telex:206995
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Introducing the Most Powerful
Business Software Ever!

The*VERSABusiNESS™ Series
Each VERSABUSINESS module can be purchased and used independently,
or can be linked in any combination lo form a complete, coordinated business system.
VersaKtls-A'AW t s"h » j ronipK'T*' menu drivun account* nt^iv.iUt", invoking* a VERSALEOGEK H" is a complete at ce>unl ing sysi em thaf grows a syout business
monthly stdlFtm-nt <n.L:ii-r.irir>n sy^lrm It keeps Irack fit all information mLilni In ur
grows. VLHSALfcOGKR If can be used as a simple personal checkbook register,
OWU v1"" W your cumpony murn.-y. *sf«I can provide autnnWic !■!.■..:■; lor fj.i-.i due d
l ■■.mis VersaRecElv^BU^** prmrs aTI necessary vidU'iniTiib, invoice*, jnd summary expanded io a small business bookkeeping system or developed into a large
reporis .inrf can he linked unrh ViftSALedger IV* d Vt™ corporate general ledger system without any additional software.
• VeksaLedger [[" gives you almost unlimited storage capacity
VERSAPAYABI.es1" $99.95 (300 to 10,000 entries per month, depending on the system),
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in Touch vj\ih .itt ininrmnilif]n regarding how/ much muii^v you: company owes, and (u
• prints tractor-feed checks,
Whom. VFB5flPAVAni.ES™ maintains a compile record on each vpndor, prinis checks.
d»ck rtfyistcrs, vouchers, rransaclion r^porlsT a#ni p-iyabka ruporis, vendor reporlsh ■ handles multiple checkbooks and general ledgers,
and more. Wiih^. you tan even tel your computer a utomaiicaity wleci • prints 17 customized accounting reports including check registers,
which vimch^s ait rn Jh1 i».ik1 balance sheets, income statements, transaction reports, account
listings, etc.
VFR^ApAVHOU™ is a poivciful Mid wphtsJicaied. bui msv (o use payroll system Thar VersaLeixjeh If" comes with a prolessianally-writ ten 160 page manual de
k**tps Jrack of all govcrnntmi required pay"1" inJornwTMm. Complete employee record* signed lor lirsttime users. The VERSALfilGEB It™ manual will help you become
we mom rained. arxiaHn«xesury pdyi^Ucakuldrionsaif WTfonnedauiomaiically^vviEh quickly familiar with VEfc.-ili iii.i hi It", using complete sample data (lies
rorak di^pUyed on scitt-n for operator approval. A payroll can be run Lalallv, JuTonwIi-
tally, or [he operator can intervene lo prevent <■ dietk from being printed, or To alrer supplied on diskette and more than 50 pages of sample printouts.
rnfoTmaiian on ilr If drsirrd, IoIjL ctiEiy be posted to rhe VhHSALxivGRR D™ sytttm,


VWlSAtJVKNTUHV'" is *i COmplfftfl mvtntory conlroi system thai giura yiiu insldnl jeeess
lo d.un cm any item VfRSAlKVEN^JH'T* keeps ir«w-k of jA\ informatitm relaled lo what Commodore owners on/y may now I,ike 50% off our listed price of any
ik'mi flu.' m slock. oljJ o! stock, on backordet. sic , lion's sjk' pricing d.iKi.olprN
module! s) from our VersuBusiness Series. All sales are liiiiil (our
you -■" • ii hi .1' ::: ' n y- ' >.- a i '■ ■ ' r. ■ i-. vi poinE. iind allows you lo enter .uid pnnr
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Tmd and ytjr to tale sales reports, price Icsls. inventory cftocklisis. etc.
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1 ddtl 13 for shipping in UPS a ■ add W to CANADA or MEXICO
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50 N. PASCACK ROAD, SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. 10977 All \x+n and tprcifcd[x»n& iutiecl lo ( r I PcKrfv

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The Second Annual RUN

The Second Annual RUN Special Issue

This is simply the most incredible bigger than last year's—con
all-in-one Commodore reference li taining vital reference material
brary you can buy. It's the ideal gift for C-64 and C-128
for every C-64/C-128* enthusiast, and users.. .keywords, commands,
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hot-selling special edition. In fad, 11 .earn-as-you-go tutorials for
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And this year, there are even more ■ Commodore Primer... a glos
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■ An in-depth look at the new ■ A complete, up-to-date list of
C-128.. .step-by-step informa 500 "Magic" hints and tricks for Commodore clubs and user
tion that leads you through die C-64 from Louis groups.

every extraordinary C-128 fea Sander... every entry pub Remember, this limited edition of
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programmer's aid Afree pull-out wall chart—even On NH, dial 1-924-9471.)

crEE Pull-Out Wall Chart Included

YES. Please sentl me. . copies oftlie Second Annual
RUN SPECIAL ISSUE. I am nrtoihig $3.95for mh cop) thai I order.
D Cherk Enclosed □ MC D VISA D AE

"I happened upon yourfirst

Gird # Exp, ftuc
Special Issue in a bookstore
... never before have I seen a Name Signature
publication more packed with aU
the'right stuffT
GiegnyStubbtefuid City Siaie Zip
(jiudi & Main i $).1H Rncipi Surtm J7.1S. US tab tan hi IS bank. Fchtirpi Aimuit. plmc inquin OntonimicliippfilHecniilin, 1EB5
■<iirumi*ii>rc i' CWOmmunicolionsfPeterborough, 80 Pine Street, ftte*oroug/i, NH 03458 rn<j i
1571 C-128


A deiaiind guido presenting ma Computer Aided Dosign on your C- An esseni lal guid* lo using CP'Mon A guide Tor novics and advanced Tni^ Dook a chock lull of iflformaifiri
128s oporaling ijslsm. Slplan- UB g, 64. Ossign a'CAD'syalgn your 12&, simple suplanalions of u»rs Soqueniijl ana JeUtive filos, which no '128 user should os
ations of graphics clips, a concise using program? piovkjsd Crej|fl3D operaung y and (is mamofyy o-rect
oecl access commands, directory wnhout n cov«rs memory
y usage.
dflscipiion of Ihe MMU, well docu- oDjacis WJih 12&'Ha(0copv and usaga. CP;U ulilily programs. suO- usage, important DOS roullnos, hires gropnics in 80 columns, mn-
msnleO ROM lislings. more. JT995 128-Hurga program listings JI99S millilas, and omer suDfMS 11835 conimenled DOS lEiings J1995 oow:r>Q, memory Bcalions. S1995


ANATOMY OF C-64 Insider's Quldo to ih*

'64 mlernali. Graphics, sound, VO, keinal,
Adventure Gumewrltet'i
easy-to-use techniques: advanced graphi«r Step-by-sfep guids to designing and writing
msmofy mojq, mojfl. Complsle fleprii iniio to computers \n soence. Topla:
improved data inpul, enhanced BASIC, cMBmisirj, phy«m, biology, astronomy, your c«m adventure games. Wnh automated
adventure gam* generator. 200pp S14.9S
etodronics. otW). 350pp SIB. 95
handbook on I loppy expfains all. Many
Handbook describe* the disk drive hard Cumpiehanslua guide; many sample Includes In^-dqplh e^planationi ol PEEK.
ftiamplsi and uilhnetr Fully commftntod
ware. Includes ichematics and techniques programs. High ipaorf operating system POKE. USn. and other BASIC command!.
1541 ROM listings. 320pp $\Q£S
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MACHINE LANGUAGE C-64 Laarn Of yaur'64. 200pp £14.96
6510 coda will* IjsI prngramt. Many snm-
Not coveted alsawhora: - video oonirollor, auiD enpense$. calculator4 recipe U\o, stock Optional ui'Ai i:.--. for book*
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coveis basic and advanced graphic*. need lo know abaul compilers; how lh«y them from your keyboard. Specify name of
stand Commodoro. Epson-compatbla print
Sprites, animation. Hires. Muliicalor, work; designing and writing your own; book when crOenng. $14.95 eich
hghipen. 3D graphics, IRQ. CAD, pro
ers and 1520 plotter. Pocked: utilises; gra
phics dump; 3D plol; commented MPSfiOl generating machine code. Wilh working
tection), curvet, niofo 39Qpp $19.95 aiampto compik?r. 300pp
ROM listings, more. 31Qpp *i * ■■■■

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Abacus mm Software
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CHARTPAK Compiler urd Rolitirc
Development Sy Item
1 ** Make professional qual SUPER Pascal
i: 1" ity pie, bar and line !)ISi Complete J&W devel
^^ charts, and graphics opment system. With
(rom your data. In enhanced editor, com
cludes slatistical func piler, built-in assembler,
" '- '■'■ tions. 3x the resolution tool-kit, graphics, 220
of '64 version. 500 + ■■■:■ .. -:-:'■.: I ffudii pnga handbook, and
data points Outputs to plenty more. $59.95
most printers. $39.95 ^;


Complete K&R com
Versatile compiler in piler and development
stantly turns BASIC into system. Editor, com
lightning fast 6510 piler, linker, I/O library
machine code and/or and extensive 200 page
compact speedcode.
handbook. Creates fast
Variable passing over 6510 machine code.
lays, integer arithmetic, $79.95
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■ ■ ■

Technical Analysis System PowerPlan

A sophisticated charting and technical analysis system for One of the most powerful spreadsheets for your Commodore
serious investors. By charting and analyzing the past history of computer. It includes menu or keyword selections, online help
a stock, TAS can help pinpoint trends and patterns and predict screens, field protection, windowing, trig functions and more.
a stock's future. TAS lets you enter trading data from Ihe PowerGraph is also included to create integraled graphs and
keyboard or directly from online financial services. $59.95 charts for you spreadsheet data. $39.95

Cadpak Personal Portfolio Manager

A deluxe graphics design and drawing package. Use with or Complete portfolio management system for the individual or
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dimensioning, scaling, lext, rotation, object libraries, hardcopy portfolios, obtain up-to-the minute quotes, news, and perform
and much more. $39.95 selected analysis. $39.95

Xper Versions of the above are also available:

Capture your information on XPER's knowledge base and let Super C 64 $79.95
this first expert system (or Commodore computers help you Super Pascal 64 $59.95
make important decisions. Large capacity. Complete with full BASIC 64 $39.95
editing and reporting. 59.95 Chartpak 64 $39.95

Abacus lam Software

P.O. Box 7211 Grand Rapids, Ml 49510 Telex 709-10 Phone 616/241-5510
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BUN'S Great
Bunterm Plus

This article) which features Run- Now inserl another disk into your
term Plus, Pan 2, concludes the doc drive and enter
umentation for Run term Plus. For those of you who have SAVE-RUNTERM PLUS",8
Part 2 is a continuation of the code
been anxiously aioaiting the llie lust 12 Pokes are the same ones
you entered last muni!]. If you re
member, in lasi month's article you conclusion of Runterm Plus, enicred when I'ari I was modified to
were advised to gel aside the disk insert the Basic line
here's your reward. . .
containing Parl 1. You then modified 10SYS2594
Part 1 so it would load normally. Da
a complete, professional-
This allows you to load, save and
nol use the modified file, Runterm quality terminal program back np Runterm Plus as you would
Plus.I. when you type in the code for that lets you communicate a Basic program. (If you ordered a
Part 2. Use the original code, Run- disk copy from me instead of typing
term Plus. with all on-line services, use
in the program, this series of Pokes
To resume typing in the code, load XModem file transfers, play is already in tin- program.)
and run ML Perfect Typist (see p. 50
interactive modem games, The thirteenth Poke sets a Bag that
in the December '85 issue). activates the routines itt Part 2 of the
Select option 2 from the opening transfer hi-res graphics
code. (You must enter (his I'oke
menu and insert the disk containing screens, and more. whether you typed in the program
the unmodified code for Part I. or ordered the disk copy.)
When prompted for the filename, Your copy of Runterm Plus is now
enter Run term Plus. When prompted complete and ready to use.
for the starling line number, enter
The Opening Menu
the first four digits from the accom POKE 2049,11
POKE 2050,8 Pan 1 was set up to fie used as a
panying listing (Listing 1). Next, type
POKE 2051,10 CUM ASCII terminal program op
in the lines according to the ML Per
POKE 2052,0 erating in half duplex. Now you can
fect Typist instructions.
POKE 2053,158
After you've finished entering the configure Runterm Plus lo fit almost
POKE 205430
code and have saved it to disk us POKE 3050,93
any telecommunications formal.
Runterm Plus, clear your computer POKE 2056,57
When you load and rim Runterm
with SYSS47S8. Enter POKE 2057,52
Plus, you will see an opening screen
P( >KE 2058,0 that gives you six options. You may
POKE 3059,0 set the program to call a specific
and enter the following Pokes in Im POKE2QeO,0 national service, such us Compu
mediate mode: )'< IKE 9; Serve, Delphi or The Source. If you

RUN It Right
H-[ /RUN |AKUAR¥19B6 064: C-I2S (in 064 mode); disk drivt
arc calling it BBS, you may choose A note about CompuServe: Using In viewing hi-res files, you may ex
between standard ASCI] or Com the XModem feature of Runterm perience a lew seconds' delay while
modore ASCII. A custom terminal Plus, you can download all files in the two programs make ihe initial
setting is also provided. CompuServe's Commodore Infor connection before transferring the
Run term Plus will set up your com mation Network. The special hand' file. During this delay, you'll be look
puter and modem to communicate shakes that are required to download ing at die bil map of whatever was
wiiii ihe specific service you have se- programs with the extension IMG in the capture buffer. As the transfer
lected; you <l(]ii'i have to worry about arc handled automatically by Run progresses, you will see the back
slop bits, word length or other tech term Plus. ground color change; then, while the
nical aspects of telecommunications. file is being stored to disk, the bit
When using Runterm Plus, be sure High-Resolution Graphics Screens map screen will appear.
lo set your modem to the Originate When the transfer is complete,
Runterm Plus can transfer and
mode. II you have a modem with a Runterm Plus will pause for three
display high-resolution graphics
data/telephone (voice) switch, fust seconds, to allow you to view the hi
screens. To view the screen while
make- tin- call, listen for the carrier
you're downloading it, it must be in
res screen, then the screen will clear
signal, then move the switch lo data, and you'll be back in Terminal mode.
whal is commonly called Doodle for
[In1 selection of any option! except Keep in mind that the Bozatt pro
mat. That is, the file must be con
#6, will cause the screen to clear, tocol can only be used to swap files
structed so that the high-resolution
signifying that Run term Plus is ready. with another terminal program that
color area is placed first in the file,
If you choose option fi, you'll be uses Bozart protocol. Just as you can't
followed by a bit-mapped screen.
asked to specify the parity, word speak English and expeel to be
Although the file will Iransfer wilh-
length, stop bits, duplex and ASCII understood by someone who speaks,
oul problems, this hires feature will
sellings and the deletion character. say, only French, you can't expect
not give you a true copy of a multi
Once you set these parameters, the two different transfer protocols to
colored high-resolution screen,
screen will clear and you'll be ready communicate.
which is longer and in a different
to go on-line. Bozart protocol can be used to get
formal than the regular bit-mapped
In Parl I. 1 discussed bow lo use an error-free iransfer of any file, not
two-color screen.
the capture buffer to upload and jusi graphics files. (The only differ
There are two ways to use this fea
download data. Now we'll look al the ence is dial you don't use Logo-A to
ture. You can either send a hi-res
other two options Runtcnn Plus gives view the non-graphics screen; you go
screen or receive one. Keep in mind,
you for error-free file transfers. directly lo l.ogo-X for the iransfer.)
however, that your buffer contents
Although the speed of transfer de
XModem Transfers will be overwritten during this pro
pends on the file being exchanged
To transfer a file directly 10 or from cess. Before viewing a screen, save
and, especially, on the number of
your disk, use the Logo-X command. your buffer contents lo disk or prim
repeated characters in the file, as a
The sequence for an XModem trans them out before viewing a screen. If
general rule you can expeel to trans
fer is as follows. your local bulletin board uses Bo/art
fer a file 20 percent faster using the
Von select download or upload protocols, you will be able to do
Bozart graphics proiocols instead of
from the oilier computer's menus. graphics downloads from [he board,
XModem. For example, a lypical
The other computer will prompt you too. Check with your SYSOP.
9000-bytc graphics screen lhat takes
when it's ready. You then press Logo- When Runterm Plus is booted, the
about ten minutes to transfer with
X, select X for XModem and type hi-res feature is turned off. To acli-
XModem will transfer in about seven
U or n. vale Ibis feature and view a hi-res
minutes with Bozart protocol. Faster
If tun select U for upload. Run- screen while downloading, use the
speeds are noi possible, due to the
term Plus will ask you to supply the Logo-A command before you begin
constraints ofthe 300 bits-per-second
name of the existing file to lie the downloading process. You can
speed of ihe modem.
uploaded. You will be told when the toggle on and off the H i-Res Graphics
An interesting side effect of this
transfer is completed, and keyboard mode by typing Logo-A, hi-rcs capability is that you can get a
control will resume. To iransfer a hi-res screen, firsi
bitmapped representation of any
If you select D for download, you type I.ogo-A. as previously discussed,
non-graphics file being transferred.
will be asked for the filename and then, when die other computer is
Use Logo-A before the transfer, just
file type. (You must noi use an exist ready, select LogO-X to begin the
as you would if die file were a graph
ing filename.) The program then cre iransfer. Select Bozart protocol and
ics screen.
ates ihe new file on the disk. The then 1) for download, and ihe rest is
As the file is transferred, you'll see
downloading process then becomes automatic.
a kind of abstract design being built
automatic. You need only wait until The special Bozart graphics pro
on your screen. Only actual hi-res
the program notifies you that the tocol is similar lo XModem, but
screens will show you an organized
transfer is complete. faster, more accurate and more au-
picture. However, the abstract de
If noise on the phone line or some tomatic. Ihe protocol switches your
signs general ed by a non-graphics flic-
other problem causes the transmis computer to Hi-Res mode and hack
are more interesting lo waich than
sion to become garbled, then the gar to regular screen mode. Also, it in
the constant waiting/transferring
bled portion will be retransmitted to cludes a handshaking feature, which
messages that normally accompany a
you. If Runterm Plus and the Other checks to make sure that the incom
file transfer.
computer are unable to complete the ing file will fit on your disk. (II the
Changing Terminal Settings
transfer, Runterm Plus will aborl the file won't fit. Runterm Plus will aborl
transfer and return keyboard control the file iransfer and return lo Ter There are times when you'll want
to your computer. minal mode.) lo change your terminal sellings
without restarting the program. To must have a game written specifically patible modems with Runtenn Phis.
redefine your delete key, use Logo- for Runtenn Plus. Ordinary games You should make these Pokes, then
K. The standard delete character is will not work, because they load into save the program to disk before run
an ASCII 127. However, some ser the same locations in memory where ning it.
vices require you 10 use a backspace Rnnierm Plus code resides. The Pokes for Mitey Mo and HES
(ASCII 8), and you may need to revert Runtenn Plus is designed io ac II are:
in the Commodore delete character, commodate games that use the nor POKE 9812,38
ASCII 20. mal screen and keyboard cursor POKE 9813,52
Depending on which service ynu controls, as well as games thai use POKE 0814.S8
.select IVom the opening menu. Rim multiple high-resolution screens and Mitey Mo to call a friend, one of you
term Plus sets ihe delete character. very fast action. If high-resolution will have to be in Originate mode,
For CompuServe and tor linkups us graphics are not used in a game. Run- and the other in Answer mode. Run-
ing Commodore ASCII, the setting is term Plus will accommodate a game term Plus will ask you to choose ei
the regular ASCII 'JO; for Delphi and program up to ;iOK in length. With ther Answer or Originate when you
The Source, the setting is ASCII I 27 hi-res screens, Runtenn Plus will ac- run the program.
(true delete). cepl a game program of up to '-'OK,
To reset any oral! ofyour terminal while leaving some memory still The 1520 Printer/Plotter
parameters, use Logo-T. This com available.
If you have a 1520 Printer/Plotter,
mand will review each setting and liL'X will be publishing a game that
two Pokes will allow you to use it with
prompt you to reset it. you can play using Runtenn Plus. In
Runtenn Plus. The first—POKE 9810,
the meantime, if you are interested 6—changes the device number io (3.
Modem dames
in writing your own modem games,
The second—POKE 9811,n—changes
The LogO'G command allows you write to me, and I'll tell you how the secondary address at location
to load and run a special game pro- to ol)tain instructions, programmers1
9811, where n is ihe number for the
gram while on-line. This feature lets guides and assembly language mod
secondary address that puts the plot
two people with copies of Runtenn ules to help you make use of all the
ter in the mode vou want. E
Phis play a game over their modems gaming features of Runtenn Plus.
dining a regular telecommunica
tions session, without breaking the Other Modems Address all author correspondenct u>
connection or switching programs. With a few Pokes, you can use Mi- linl/rrt Sims, 7Slti Suiniwrfield
To use this feature, bold parties ley Mo. m-'.Smodem II or other com SummerfUld, NC 27358.

0735 5B 41 E0 01 DO 03 4C 8B OC 4C 36 94 06
Listing 1 . Runtem Plus, Part 2. 0736 0E C9 5E DO 03 4C 7C 29 C9 5C DO CE 07
0737 08 A9 20 BD AF 41 4C 7C 29 C9 7C 65 07
0701 18 AD AF 41 8D DA 41 C9 18 DO 01 CC 07 0738 DO 08 A9 7D 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 C9 17 08
0702 60 20 87 IC AE 4E 41 E0 01 F0 D8 C7 07 0739 7D DO 08 A9 7C 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 CB 07
0703 AD DA 41 C9 31 DO 0D A2 01 8E 3C CB 07 0740 C9 41 B0 03 4C 7C 29 AE 5B 41 E0 BC 07
0704 41 A2 02 8E 3B 41 4C 75 28 C9 32 93 06 0741 01 F0 03 4C 51 2A 29 7F 8D AF 41 C5 06
0705 DO 0D A2 00 8E 3C 41 A2 03 8E 3B B9 06 0742 C9 5B B0 08 09 80 8D AF 41 4C 7C 90 07
0706 41 4C 75 28 20 22 18 4C 22 28 A9 85 05 0743 29 C9 5F DO 08 A9 60 8D AF 41 E2
4C 07
0707 F6 8D 19 IC A9 3D 8D 1A IC 20 0A 4E 06 0744 7C 29 C9 60 DO 03 4C 95 29 C9 7B D7 07
0708 ^c 20 4A IC 20 30 18 AD AF 41 3D F8 05 0745 B0 08 29 DF 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 C9 E0 07
0709 DA 41 C9 18 DO 01 60 20 87 IC AE 63 07 0746 7F DO 10 CD 3A 41 F0 03 4C 95 29 8E 07
0710 4E 41 E0 01 F0 D8 AD DA 41 C9 31 CO 08 0747 A9 14 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 C9 7B DO 2A 08
0711 DO 06 A9 14 8D 3A 41 60 C9 32 DO 8D 07 0748 08 A9 3C 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 C9 7C 8C 07
0712 06 A9 08 8D 3A 41 60 C9 33 DO 06 B9 06 0749 DO 08 A9 3E 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 4C 66 07
0713 A9 7F 8D 3A 41 60 20 22 18 4C 75 74 06 0750 95 29 C9 5B B0 17 AD 18 DO 29 02 57 07
0714 28 A2 00 BE 15 42 8E 16 42 AE 14 21 06 0751 C9 00 DO 03 4C 7C 29 AD AF 41 09 22 07
0715 42 E0 01 F0 20 AE AF 41 8E 14 42 80 07 0752 20 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 C9 5F DO 03 79 07
0716 20 13 29 AE 16 42 18 6A 90 48 AD 35 06 0753 4C 95 29 C9 60 DO 08 A9 5F 8D AF 40 08
0717 AF 41 09 80 8D AF 41 A2 02 8E 14 09 07 0754 41 4C 7C 29 C9 7B B0 1C AD 18 DO C9 07
0718 42 4C 2B 29 AE AF 41 8E 14 42 20 52 06 0755 29 02 C9 00 F0 013 AD AF 41 29 DF 87 07
0719 13 29 AE 16 42 18 6A B0 28 AD AF C7 06 0756 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 A9 20 8D AF 41 A8 07
0720 41 09 80 8D AF 41 A2 01 8E 14 42 9E 06 0757 4C 7C 29 C9 7F B0 03 4C 97 2A C9 B7 07
0721 4C 2B 29 AD 14 42 18 6A 8D 14 42 D9 05 0758 A1 B0 03 4C 95 29 C9 Cl B0 08 A9 3F 08
0722 90 03 EE 16 42 EE 15 42 AE 15 42 F5 06 0759 20 8D
AF 41 4C 7C 29 C9 DB 90 08 C1 07
0723 E0 08 90 E9 60 60 AE 5B 41 E0 01 IF 08 0760 A9 20 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 AD 18 DO C4 07
0724 DO 08 AD AF 41 29 7F 8D AF 41 AD 1B 08 0761 29 02 C9 00 F0 C9 AD AF 41 29 7F EB 07
0725 AF 41 C9 20 B0 74 C9 08 DO 18 AE 39 08 0762 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 0D 0D D4 52 41 E9 06
0726 5B 41 E0 00 DO 09 AD 3A 41 8D AF 8F 07 0763 4E 53 46 45 52 20 49 4E 20 50 52 F2 05
0727 41 4C 7C 29 A9 14 8D AF 41 4C 7C 0B 07 0764 4F 47 52 45 53 53 0D 0D 00 0D 20 16 05
0728 29 C9 0D DO 03 4C 7C 29 C9 14 DO 48 07 0765 D4 52 41 4E 53 46 45 52 52 49 4E CB 06
0729 13 AE 5B 41 E0 01 DO 03 4C 7C 29 DB 06 0766 47 20 C2 4C 4F 43 4B 20 00 0D D7 54 06
0730 AD 3A 41 8D AF 41 4C 7C 29 A2 00 12 07 0767 41 49 54 49 4E 47 00 0D 0D C5 4E E8 05
0731 8E B2 41 AE 10 42 E0 01 F0 21 AE FC 07 0768 44 20 4F 46 20 D4 52 41 4E 53 4D 6E 06
0732 5B 41 EO 01 F0 03 4C 63 1D 4C F3 57 07 0769 49 53 53 49 4F 4E 0D 0D 00 0D 0D 0A 05
0733 1D A9 00 8D AF 41 A9 01 8D B2 41 4A 07 0770 C8 45 41 44 45 52 20 C5 52 52 4F 03 07
0734 AE 10 42 E0 01 F0 03 4C 88 29 AE 5D 07 0771 52 0D 0D 00 0D 0D C3 48 45 43 4B 67 05
8(3/RUN lAHUWfflfflt -*~
Luting ! iimtinued.

0772 53 55 4D 20 C5 52 52 4F 52 OD OD 3D 06 0846 A7 2E AE 1F 42 CA EC DA 41 DO 22 F5 08
0773 00 OD OD C2 4C 4F 43 4B 20 C9 C4 B7 06 0847 A2 00 8E 29 42 20 7B 33 20 03 34 OF 06
0774 20 CD 49 S3 4D 41 54 43 48 OD OD 16 06 0848 20 IC 1D 20 3F 32 4C 32 2D AE 01 94 05
0775 00 OD D2 45 41 44 49 4E 47 OD OD A8 05 0849 5B 8E DA 41 EC 1F 42 DO D8 4C A7 3D 09
0776 00 20 81 2C A2 00 8E 26 42 A2 00 OF 06 0850 2E 20 15 33 A2 00 8E 2B 42 4C 18 E9 05
0777 8E 27 42 AE 3B 41 EO 00 FO 03 20 1D 07 0851 34 A2 83 BE 4C 41 AE 28 42 EO 01 CO 07
0778 84 IF A9 42 8D 19 1C A9 26 8D 1A DO 06 0852 FO OC AE 4C 41 BD 00 5A 8D AF 41 IF 08
0779 IC 20 OA IC 20 4A 1C AE 78 26 8E CD 05 0853 4C C8 2E AE 4C 41 BD 00 5B 8D AF 26 08
0780 86 41 8E 5E 41 A2 3A 8E 87 41 8E CO 07 0854 41 AD AF 41 CD 48 42 FO 06 20 07 A8 07
0781 5F 41 A2 02 8E 4C 41 20 BC IE AE 14 07 0855 33 4C 18 34 AE 28 42 EO 01 FO 12 1D 07
0782 36 41 A9 2C 9D 86 41 E8 AD CF 41 63 08 0856 18 AD 00 5A 6D 01 5A 18 6D 02 5A 20 06
0783 9D 86 41 E8 A9 2C 9D 86 41 E8 A9 25 09 0857 C9 00 DO 12 4C 04 2F 18 AD 00 5B A3 06
0784 57 9D 86 41 E8 A9 00 9D 86 41 8E 4E 08 0858 6D 01 5B 18 6D 02 5B C9 00 FO 06 C4 06
0785 36 41 AE 3B 41 EO 00 FO 21 AE 76 C7 07 0859 20 F9 32 4C 18 34 A2 03 8E 4C 41 FE 06
0786 26 8E 75 26 20 CC FF A9 OF 20 C3 E7 07 0860 20 CC FF A2 03 20 C9 FF AE 2C 42 FO 08
0787 FF 20 90 16 20 DB 17 AE 5A 41 EO 13 08 0861 EO 01 FO 08 A2 01 8E 17 42 4C 81 8D 07
0788 01 DO 03 4C 32 35 4C ED 2C AE 1C CA 06 0862 2F AE 28 42 EO 00 FO OC AE 4C 41 BC 07
0789 42 EO 01 DO OB 20 C4 2C A2 02 8E 55 07 0863 BD 00 SA 20 D2 FF 4C 69 2F AE 17 10 08
0790 IA 42 20 EB 3D 4C 21 34 A2 01 8E BC 06 0864 42 EO 01 DO 26 A2 00 8E 17 42 AE BO 07
0791 27 42 A9 42 8D 19 1C A9 26 8D IA A3 06 0865 03 5B EO 04 DO 1A AE 04 5B EO 00 7A 07
0792 IC 20 OA IC 20 4A 1C A2 00 BE 4C 7C 05 0866 DO 1 3 AE 05 5B EO 43 DO OC AE 06 06 08
0793 41 20 BC 1E 20 4F 2C 20 DB 17 20 21 06 0867 5B EO 43 DO 05 A2 09 8E 4C 41 AE 2A 08
0794 A3 16 AE 5A 41 EO 01 DO 06 20 68 5B 07 0868 4C 41 BD 00 5B 20 D2 FF EE 4C 41 75 08
0795 1C 4C 64 32 AE 3B 41 EO 00 FO 03 16 07 0869 AE 4C 41 EC 2E 42 90 95 20 A3 16 FA 07
0796 4C 24 30 4C F4 38 A2 10 BD 86 41 6A 07 0870 AE 5A 41 EO 01 DO 03 4C B2 2D A2 30 08
0797 E8 E8 E8 9D 86 41 9D 5E 41 CA CA 09 OA 0871 01 8E 2C 42 20 CC FF 20 IC ID 20 C8 06
0798 CA CA EO FF DO EC A9 24 8D 86 41 6E OA 0872 3F 32 AE 2A 42 EO 01 FO 7D A2 00 E3 07
0799 AD 78 26 8D 87 41 A9 3A 8D 88 41 F8 07 0873 8E 29 42 4C 32 2D A2 82 8E 2E 42 2F 07
0800 AE 36 41 E8 E8 E8 BE 36 41 4C D1 1F 09 0874 AE 28 42 EO 01 FO OC AE 2E 42 BD 3A 08
0801 IF A9 OF 20 C3 FF AD 76 26 BD 75 25 08 0875 00 5A 8D DA 41 4C BF 2F AE 2E 42 C5 07
0802 26 20 90 16 A2 00 8E 4C 41 AE 4C C5 06 0876 BD 00 5B 8D DA 41 CE 2E 42 AE 28 40 08
0803 41 BD 5B 26 9D 86 41 EE 4C 41 AE 2F 08 0877 42 EO 01 FO OE AE 2E 42 BD 00 5A C3 07
0804 4C 41 EO 07 90 ED 8E 36 41 A9 00 C3 07 0878 CD DA 41 FO EB 4C E2 2F AE 2E 42 AC 09
0805 8D 56 41 A9 5C 8D 57 41 20 B8 17 62 07 0879 BD 00 5B CD DA 41 FO DD EE 2E 42 9A 09
0806 AD 20 5C 8D D3 41 AD 21 5C 8D D4 7B 08 0880 AE DA 41 EO 00 DO 10 AE CF 41 EO 97 09
0807 41 60 A9 3B 8D 11 DO A9 78 8D 18 EO 07 0881 50 DO 09 EE 2E 42 EE 2E 42 EE 2E 72 08
0808 DO AD 00 DD 29 FE 8D 00 DD 60 A9 IC 09 0882 42 AE 28 42 EO 00 FO 08 A2 00 8E D4 07
0809 IB 8D 1 1 DO A9 15 8D 18 DO AD 00 92 07 0883 28 42 4C 10 30 A2 01 8E 28 42 4C 50 06
0810 DD 09 01 8D 00 DD 2C IC 60
20 A2 E5 06 0884 04 2F 20 CC FF A9 03 20 C3 FF 20 40 08

0811 00 8E 2A 42 8E 2B 42 A2 01 8E IE 6F 06 0885 2C IC 20 00 ID 4C D3 2D A2 1A 8E 90 06

0812 42 20 8F 32 A2 00 8E IE 42 A2 00 81 06 0886 7A 26 A2 00 8E 1F 42 8E 21 42 8E 26 07

0813 8E 1F 42 8E 24 42 8E 21 42 8E 22 B1 06 0887 22 42 BE 23 42 8E 24 42 8E 2A 42 BC 06

0814 42 8E 23 42 A2 84 8E 25 42 A2 30 50 07 0888 8E 29 42 8E 2C 42 A2 30 8E 20 42 2F 07

0815 8E 20 42 A2 01 8E 26 42 A2 83 8E 6B 07 0889 A2 83 BE 25 42 A2 01 8E 32 42 8E C6 07

0816 2E 42 A2 00 8E 29 42 20 IC ID 20 B4 05 0890 27 42 20 E2 33 A2 00 8E 48 42 8E 60 07
0817 7B 32 A2 00 8E 48 42 8E 49 42 20 Dl 06 0891 49 42 A9 01 8D 00 5B 8D AF 41 20 35 07
0818 E2 1A 20 DD 32 20 9D 1D 4C 95 2D 45 07 0892 FO 33 20 23 33 AD 1F 42 8D 01 5B OC 07
0819 AD AF 41 C9 00 FO F3 C9 01 DO 2A 40 09 0893 8D AF 41 20 FO 33 38 A9 FF ED 1F 29 09

0820 A2 00 8E 2A 42 AE 28 42 EO 00 FO B8 07 0894 42 8D 02 5B 20 FO 33
8D AF 41 A2 OC 08

0821 09 AD AF 41 8D 00 5A 4C 6C 2D AD 54 07 0895 03 8E 4F 26 20 CC FF A2 03 20 C6 FB 07

0822 AF 41 8D 00 5B 20 FO 33 20 23 33 C7 06 0896 FF 20 E4 FF 8D AF 41 20 CC FF AE 98 OA

0823 20 03 34 20 C2 32 4C 06 2E C9 04 EF 05 0897 4F 26 AD AF 41 9D 00 5B 20 FO 33 CE 07

0824 DO 08 A2 01 8E 2A 42 4C 9E 2F C9 8F 07 0898 20 4F IB AD 37 41 C9 00 FO 08 A2 94 07

0825 03 DO 03 4C B2 2D C9 18 DO 03 4C 3A 07 0899 01 8E 2A 42 4C D2 30 EE 4F 26 AE DD 07
01 FO 20 08 0900 4F 26 EO 83 90 C7 AD 48 42 A2 83 OF 09
0826 B2 2D 20 C3 IA AE 4A 41 EO
0827 OD 20 CC FF 20 E4 FF C9 18 FO 09 10 09 0901 9D 00 5B 4C 00 31 AE 4F 26 BD 00 DA 06
0828 4C 46 2D 20 4E 32 4C 2C 2D 20 IC 7C 05 0902 SB C9 1A DO 05 A9 00 8D 7A 26 EE 5D 08
0829 1D A9 18 8D AF 41 20 AF 1D A9 03 30 07 0903 4F 26 AE 4F 26 AD 7A 26 9D 00 5B 64 07
0830 8D AF 41 20 AF ID 20 D7 2C 20 CC B6 07 0904 BD AF 41 20 FO 33 EE 4F 26 AE 4F A8 08
0331 FF A9 03 20 C3 FF 20 68 1C A2 00 12 08 0905 26 EO 83 90 E7 4C C7 30 AE 32 42 EE 08
0832 8E 55 41 8E 2B 42 BE 26 42 BE 2C OF 07 0906 EO 01 DO 3D 20 IC ID 20 41 IB 20 6D 06
0833 42 8E 28 42 8E 2A 42 AE 12 42 8E 05 07 0907 9D 1D AD 97 02 29 08 C9 00 DO 1E 73 07
0834 3B 41 20 CC FF A9 OF 20 C3 FF AD FO 08 0908 AD AF 41 C9 03 DO 03 4C 64 32 C9 73 08
0835 76 26 8D 75 26 20 90 16 A2 00 8E FD 06 0909 18 DO 03 4C 64 32 CD 7B 26 DO 08 AO 07
0836 1A 42 4C E5 OB A2 01 BE 24 42 A2 15 07 0910 A2 00 8E 32 42 4C 44 31 20 30 1B 5E 06
0837 00 8E 29 42 20 FE 1A 20 9D ID AD FD 06 0911 AE 4A 41 EO 01 DO CC 4C 64 32 A2 C9 08
0838 97 02 29 08 C9 00 DO 2A AE 28 42 EB 06 0912 00 8E 29 42 20 C2 32 A2 00 BE 4F IC 07

0839 EO 01 FO OC AE 24 42 AD AF 41 9D 72 08 0913 26 AE 4F 26 BD 00 5B BD AF 41 20 8F 07
0840 00 5A 4C 3B 2E AE 24 42 AD AF 41 08 07 0914 AF ID EE 4F 26 AE 4F 26 EO 84 90 D8 08
0841 9D 00 5B EE 24 42 AE 24 42 EC 25 BA 07 0915 EA 20 IC ID 20 E2 1A 20 CC FF 20 FD 07
0842 42 90 10 4C 5C 2E 20 C3 1A AE 4A F7 06 0916 E4 FF C9 18 DO 09 8D AF 41 20 AF 7D 09
0843 41 EO 01 DO CO 4C 18 34 20 FO 33 D8 07 0917 1D 4C 64 32 20 9D 1D AD 97 02 29 DD 06
0844 4C 10 2E AE 28 42 EO 01 FO 2B AE 98 07 0918 08 C9 00 DO 38 AD AF 41 C9 03 DO A8 08
0845 01 5A 8E DA 41 EC 1F 42 DO 03 4C BD 07 0919 03 4C 64 32 C9 18 DO 03 4C 64 32 12 07

RUN JANUARY 1986 / 87

Listing I continued.

0920 CD 7B 26 DO 06 20 4E 32 4C 49 31 42 07 0994 42 AE 28 42 EO 00 FO 09 AD AF 41 B2 08

0921 CD 7C 26 DO CO A2 00 8E 29 42 AE El 08 0995 8D 00 5A 4C EC 34 AD AF 41 8D 00 60 08
0922 2A 42 EO 01 FO 03 4C 55 30 A2 01 4E 07 0996 5B AE 32 42 EO 01 DO 03 4C 59 35 EF 07
0923 8E 2C 42 4C D7 31 20 C3 1A AE 4A EO 07 0997 20 FO 33 20 23 33 20 03 34 20 C2 D7 06
0998 32 4C 59 35 C9 04 DO 08 A2 01 8E C8 07
0924 41 EO 01 DO 9F 20 DD 32 20 4E 32 FC 07
0999 2A 42 4C B5 38 C9 03 DO 03 4C 32 A9 07
0925 4C 49 31 A2 00 8E 29 42 20 DD 32 2D 07
06 1000 35 C9 18 DO 03 4C 32 35 20 C3 1A 81 07
0926 20 1C 1D 20 E2 1A 20 85 32 20 9D A7
1001 AE 4A 41 EO 01 FO OD 20 CC FF 20 OB 09
0927 1D AD 97 02 29 08 C9 00 DO 16 AD 8F 07
1002 E4 FF C9 18 FO 09 4C 88 34 20 4E 1D 09
0928 AF 41 CD 7B 26 DO 06 20 4E 32 4C CO 07
1003 32 4C 65 34 20 1C 1D A9 18 8D AF 58 07
0929 DC 31 CD 7C 26 DO 03 4C 23 32 20 B1 07
0930 C3 1A 03 4C E8 CO 08 1004 41 20 AF 1D A9 03 8D AF 41 20 AF 11 08
AE 4A 41 EO 01 FO
1005 1D 20 D7 2C 20 CC FF A9 03 20 C3 A7 08
0931 31 20 DD 32 20 4E 32 20 E2 1A 4C OB 07
1006 FF 20 60 17 20 68 1C 4C D3 2D A2 16 08
0932 E8 31 20 CC FF A9 03 20 C3 FF A2 D8 09
0933 00 8E 2A 42 8E 2C 42 20 OC IB 20 02 06 1007 01 8E 24 42 A2 00 8E 29 42 20 FE 9D 07

0934 2C 1C 20 00 ID 4C D3 2D AD 7C 26 C6 06 1008 1A 20 9D 1D AD 97 02 29 08 C9 00 24 07

0935 8D AF 41 20 AF 1D A2 00 8E 29 42 AB 07 1009 DO 51 AE 32 42 EO 01 FO 13 AE 28 EE 08

0936 60 EE 29 42 AE 2)3 42 EO OA 90 22 16 08 1010 42 EO 01 FO OC AE 24 42 AD AF 41 C2 08

0937 68 68 AE 27 42 EO 00 DO 03 4C B2 41 08 1011 9D 00 5A 4C 95 35 AE 24 42 AD AF 70 08

0938 2D 20 CC FF A9 03 20 C3 FF A9 18 11 09 1012 41 9D 00 5B AE 32 42 EO 01 FO 19 39 08
0939 8D AF 41 20 AF 1D 20 68 1C 4C D3 D7 07 1013 AE 24 42 EO 03 DO 12 AE 36 42 EO D4 08
0940 2D 60 AD 7B 26 8D AF 41 20 AF ID FO 07 1014 01 FO OB AD AF 41 8D 25 42 AA CA F7 08
0941 60 AD 74 26 3D AF 41 20 AF 1D 60 1D 06 1015 8E 47 42 EE 24 42 AE 24 42 EC 25 87 08
0942 A9 D9 8D 19 1C A9 2A 8D 1A 1C 20 A3 07 1016 42 90 10 4C 8D 36 20 C3 1A AE 4A DE 07
0943 0A 1C AE 1E 42 EO 01 DO IE A2 00 54 07 1017 41 EO 01 DO 99 4C 9A 3D AE 32 42 C9 08
0944 8E AC 41 AE 4C 41 BD 53 3E 8D AF 90 08 1018 EO 01 FO OB AE 24 42 EC 47 42 BO OF 09
0945 41 20 AF ID EE 4C 41 AD AF 41 C9 BF 08 1019 03 20 FO 33 4C 63 35 AE 1A 42 EO OF 09
0946 00 FO 03 4C A8 32 60 A9 F2 8D 19 6C 08 1020 01 DO 03 4C 67 36 38 A9 FF ED 01 87 08
0947 1C A9 2A 8D 1A 1C 20 OA 1C A9 20 74 06 1021 5B CD 04 5B FO 03 4C 65 34 38 A9 3D 08
0948 8D 19 1C A9 42 8D 1A 1C 20 OA 1C 6A 06 1022 FF ED 02 5B CD 05 5B FO 03 4C 65 18 09
0949 60 A9 08 8D 19 1C A9 2B 8D 1 A 1C IF 07 1023 34 38 A9 FF ED 03 5B CD 06 5B FO 7C 09
0950 20 OA 1C 60 A9 11 8D 19 1C A9 2B AC 06 1024 03 4C 65 34 AD 02 5B CD D4 41 90 64 08
0951 8D 1A 1C 20 OA 1C 60 A9 29 8D 19 98 06 1025 1D FO 10 A9 6C 8D 19 1C A9 3E 3D 69 08
0952 1C A9 20 8D lA 1C 20 OA 1C 60 A9 BA 06 1026 1A 1C 20 OA 1C 4C 32 35 AD 02 5B 3B 06
0953 3A 8D 19 1C A9 2B 8D 1A 1C 20 OA 76 06 1027 CD D3 41 90 03 4C 23 36 AE 1ft 42 26 08
0954 1C 60 A9 4D 8D 19 1C A9 2B 8D 1A 69 07 1028 EO 01 DO 03 4C 67 36 AE 36 41 CA 90 08
0955 1C 20 OA 1C 60 EE 1F 42 AD 20 42 DB 06 1029 CA CA AD 03 5B 3D CF 41 9D 86 41 A5 09
0956 8D B3 41 AD 21 42 8D B4 41 AD 22 9E 08 1030 20 DB 17 20 A3 16 AE 5A 41 EO 01 1B 08
0957 42 8D B5 41 A9 00 8D B6 41 8D B7 F3 08 1031 DO 03 4C 32 35 A2 00 8E 32 42 A2 D3 07
095S 41 8D B8 41 20 3F IE AD B3 41 8D 30 08 1032 01 8E DB 41 A2 00 8E 28 42 8E IF FA 07
0959 20 42 AD B4 41 8D 21 42 AD B5 41 56 08 1033 42 8E 21 42 8E 22 42 A9 30 8D 20 B4 07
0960 8D 22 42 AE 20 42 EO 32 DO IB AE 6C 08 1034 42 20 1C 1D 20 3F 32 4C 6B 34 AE CF OG
0961 21 42 EO 35 DO 14 AE 22 42 EO 36 45 08 1035 32 42 EO 01 DO 03 4C E5 35 AE 28 6F 08
0962 DO OD A2 30 8E 20 42 A2 00 8E 21 B2 07 1036 42 EO 01 FO OE 38 A9 FF ED 03 5A 57 09
0963 42 8E 22 42 60 AE IF 42 EO 00 FO 36 08 1037 CD 04 5A FO 11 4C A2 37 38 A9 FF 3E 09
09G4 5C CE 1F 42 A2 02 8E BC 41 AE BC E8 OS 1038 ED 03 5B CD 04 5B FO 03 4C A2 37 9D 08
0965 41 BD 20 42 C9 00 DO OD CE BC 41 96 08 1039 AE 28 42 EO 01 FO 2E AE 01 5A 8E BD 08
0966 AE BC 41 EO FF FO CF 4C 8A 33 AE C6 OA 1040 DA 41 EC IF 42 DO 03 4C 08 37 AE 84 08
0967 BC 41 BD 20 42 C9 30 DO OE A9 39 9C 08 1041 1F 42 CA EC DA 41 DO 25 A2 00 8E 68 09
0968 AE BC 41 9D 20 42 CE BC 41 4C A1 2A 09 1042 29 42 20 7B 33 20 03 34 20 15 33 OA 06
0969 33 AA CA 8A AE BC 41 9D 20 42 AD 51 09 1043 20 1C 1D 20 3F 32 4C 6B 34 AE 01 97 06
0970 20 42 C9 30 DO 15 AD 21 42 C9 00 E3 07 1044 5B 8E DA 41 EC IF 42 DO D5 4C 08 5E 09
0971 FO OE 8D 20 42 22 42
AD 8D 21 42 B9 07 1045 37 20 1 5 33 A2 00 8E 2B 42 4C 9A 37 07
0972 A9 00 8D 22 42 20
03 34 60 A9 63 29 07 1046 3D AE 25 42 CA CA 8E 4C 41 8E 25 CA 08
0973 8D 19 1C A9 2B 8D 1A 1C 20 OA 1C ec 06 1047 42 AE 28 42 EO 01 FO 18 AE 4C 41 95 08
0974 60 18 AD 48 42 6D AP 41 8D 48 42 F1 07 1048 BD 00 5A 8D AF 41 EE 4C 41 AE 4C 21 09
0975 AD 49 42 69 00 8D 49 42 60 18 AD AD 07 1049 41 BD 00 5A 8D DA 41 4C 47 37 AE 91 08
0976 1F 42 6A BO 08 A2 00 8E 28 42 4C 39 07 1050 4C 41 BD 00 5B 8D AF 41 EE 4C 41 B7 08
0977 1 7 34 A2 01 8E 28 42 60 20 7B 33 E5 06 1051 AE 4C 41 BD 00 5B 8D DA 41 AD AF 72 09
0978 20 03 34 4C 2C 2D A2 00 8E 2A 42 6A 06 1052 41 CD 48 42 DO OB AD DA 41 CD 49 6D 09
0979 8E 2B 42 A2 00 8E 1E 42 20 8F 32 3F 07 1053 42 DO 03 4C 60 37 20 07 33 4C 9A 55 07
0980 A2 00 8E 1E 42 A2 00 BE 1F 42 8E 83 07 1054 3D AE 28 42 EO 01 FO IF 18 AD 00 28 08
0981 24 42 8E 21 42 8E 22 42 8E 1B 42 09 07 1055 5A 6D 01 5A 18 6D 02 5A 8D AF 41 9F 07
0982 8E 28 42 8E 36 42 8E 3A 42 8E 23 SF 07 1056 AE 36 42 EO 01 FO 2C AD AF 41 C9 A9 09
0983 42 A2 30 8E 20 42 A2 01 8E 26 42 74 07 1057 00 DO IP 4C 00 38 18 AD 00 5B 6D 21 07
0984 8E 32 42 A2 00 8E 29 42 20 1C 1D CE 06 1058 01 5B 18 6D 02 5B 8D AF 41 AE 36 C1 07
0985 20 7B 32 A2 00 8E 48 42 8E 49 42 79 07 1059 42 EO 01 FO OD AD AF 41 C9 00 FO 99 09
0986 20 E2 1A 20 DD 32 20 9D 1D AD 97 43 08 1060 5E 20 F9 32 4C 9A 3D AD AF 41 C9 56 09
0987 02 29 08 C9 00 FO 03 4C 1 5 35 AD OD 07 1061 01 DO F3 4C 00 38 A2 00 8E 4C 41 2A 08
0988 AF 41 C9 00 FO EA C9 01 DO 21 A2 CC 09 1062 AE 25 42 E8 E8 8E 25 42 AE 1A 42 OA 09
0989 00 8E 2A 42 A2 00 8E 36 42 A2 FF 20 08 1063 EO 01 FO 08 20 CC FF A2 03 20 C9 79 09
0990 8E 25 42 AE 32 42 £0 01 FO 03 4C 15 08 1064 FF AD AF 41 20 A3 3D AE 1A 42 EO AE 09
□ 991 CC 34 A2 07 8E 25 42 4C DC 34 C9 A2 08 1065 01 FO 09 AD AF 41 20 D2 FF 20 CC 9D 09
0992 02 DO 43 A2 00 8E 2A 42 A2 01 8E C2 07 1066 FF EE 4C 41 AE 4C 41 EC 25 42 90 C2 09
0993 36 42 A2 09 8E 25 42 A2 08 8E 47 78' 07 1067 DO 4C 9D 38 A2 00 8E DB 41 20 1C A4 08


Factory Reconditioned with
Factory Warranty!

Carries easily
as a suitcase!
Plugs into 115V outlet!

Sorry, we're not permitted to PRINT the famous brand-name.

BUT, we CAN "tell all" if you call us TOLL FREE: 1-800-328-0609!
Snap-on compuler keyboardl 64K RAM. 20K ROM. Full- Print method: Bi-direcltonal impact dot matrix. "Easy Scrip!" One of the most powerful word pro
cessors at any price! Cut re-typing, create docu
size typewriter keyboard. Upper and lower case Character matrix: 6 i 7 ilol matrix.
tellers, numerals, symbols, reverse characlors, 2 ments Iron standard paragraphs, do personalised
Characters: Upper and lower case letters, numerals
letters, see and change a document belore it is print
cursor control keys. 4 lunclion keys, programma and symbols. All PET graphic characters.
ed. Instruction manual has eitensive training sec
ble lo 8. Music synthesizer with 3 independeni Graphic!: 7 vertical dOIS — maximum 48Ocolumns
voices, each with 9 octave range. Input/output ports tion mat simplifies use... even lor someone who
Dot addressable
nas never used a computer or word processor before1
accommodate , , ■ user, serial, ROM cartridge. joy- Character codes: CBM ASCII code.
Sticks, external monitor, phone modem Prinl speed: 60 characters per second.
"The Manager" A sophisticated database manager
lor business or home use Business uses accounts
Built-in disk drivel Intelligent (ugh speed unit with Maximum columns: BO column;
payable/receivable, inventory, appointments, task
5'/." floppy disk recorder. 170K lormatted data stor Character spacing: 10 characters per inch. manager Home uses, mailing lists, dome inventory,
age; 35 tracks 1BK flOM. Uses single sided, single
Line feed (pacing: 6 lines per inch in character mode recipes, collection organizer, investment tracking,
density disk. Serial interface Second serial pod to or 8 fines per inch selectable. 9 lines per inch in checkbook balancing. School uses: reseaich arti
chain second drive or printer.
graphics mode. cle index, giadebook.
BulIMn color monitor I Displays 40 columns x 25 lines

Line leed speed: 5 lines per second in character mode.
of text on 5" screen High resolution. 320 x 200 pix 7.5 lines par second in graphics mode. Mfr. Siig. Retail: *73.98
els IS background, character colors. Paper leed: Friction leed. Liquidation Price
Built-in RDM cartridge port! Insert ROM program car Paper width: 4.5" to 8.5" width. llomH-917.64011 03 5hi0. handling. 83.00
tridge. Multitude of subjects available in stores Multiple copies: Original plus maximum of two copies.
across the nalion! BUY INDIVIDUAL UNITS OR
DlmeriBloriB: 13"W X fl'O « 3VH. Wl.- 6'.v lbs. Power:
Original List Price '995.00 SYSTEM AT ONE LOW
Original List Price: s200.00

Priced Liquidation TOTAL Personal Computer System
At Only Priced At
liemH-917 63631 00 Ship, handling 920.00 Itsm H 917-B3B31-00 Ship, handling 57.00
available at FAR BELOW dealer cost!

Compatible with above Computer System (Not included in package price.) Original List Price ...'1,293.00

JOYSTICKS (Set of 2) 64K MODEM SffiJ f1 Fir" Quol"v!
Mfr. List: $59.90 pr.
Liquidation Price
I W pr.
Mir. List: '124.95
Liquidation Price
Hem H-917-63646 OOS/H S4 00
ItrmK.917 6362! Q1 S H 54 00 nr
MnmH-917-64011-02 Ship, hcndltnjt S24 00

SEND ME THE ITEMS I HAVE LISTED BELOW C.O.M.B. Dirocl Marketing Corp. It™ H 917
14605 28lh Ave. N./Mmno«polis. MN 55441 -3397
Sales oulikJe continental U.S. ate subject Id special
conditions. Please call 0' wrile 10 inquire. Send tha itami indicated at Ml (Minnesota n-udents add S*.
CradH caul matnben cm ord«* hy phone. ijilni iai Plvatn allow 3-4 vvrum delivery Sorry, no COD]
24 il*v- ~ □ MvchPchi>MTiur"iYUKl«nH"ncln»i'd [Pjo(1ihlnv'in|irm:'^siii|l
ordarn limit l>v DhHIp ihflithi to TaloCnnck )
Toil-Free: 1-800-328-0609 Chnroo:! I MnitnrCnrU. LiVISA-

You' ch«dc it wolcam*l flcct No E>o L

No dalayi when you P*V t>Y PIEASE PRINT ClUAFtLV

C.O.MiB. Direct Marketing Corp. C.ty.

Authorized Liquidator
1460528lhAvo. N. •Mpli.. MN 55441-3397

Ullntg I (tmtmiitfi,
1D 20 3F 32 4C 6B 34 AE 28 42 E0 BD ( 17 11 01 B9 41 3D 05 5A AD CF 41 8D 03 5A DA 08
11 02 38 A9 FF ED CF 41 SD 06 5A A2 07 C1 09
1 069 00 F0 1F AE DB 41 E0 01 F0 E4 AE 69 ( IA
11 03 8E 25 42 4C 92 3B AE 2A 42 EO 01 58 08
1070 03 5A CA CA 8E 25 42 AD 05 5A 8D AD ( )8
11 04 DO 03 4C F7 39 A2 00 BE 33 42 8E D2 08
1071 AF 41 AD 00 5A C9 02 F0 8F 4C 3E FA ( 18
11 05 34 42 8E 35 42 8E 36 42 8E 37 42 D9 07
1072 38 AE 03 5B CA CA 8E 25 42 AD 05 AF ( 18
1073 5B 8D AF 41 AD 00 5B C9 02 DO 03 AF ( )8 11 06 8E 3A 42 8E 3B 42 8E 48 42 8E 49 56 08

42 33 ( )8 11 07 42 20 E2 33 AE 38 42 8E 4F 26 20 15 08
1074 4C B2 37 A2 05 8E 4C 41 AE 1A
)9 11 08 CC FF A2 03 20 C6 FF 20 E4 FF 8D 39 0B
1075 E0 01 F0 08 20 CC FF A2 03 20 C9 85
1076 FF AE 28 42 E0 00 F0 09 AE 4C 41 5F ( )9 11 09 AF 41 20 CC FF AE 4F 26 AD AF 41 F0 09

BD 00 5A 4C 68 38 AE 4C 41 BD 00 30 )8 11 10 9D 00 5B 20 4F 1B AD 37 41 C9 00 C6 07
1078 5B 8D AF 41 AE 1A 42 E0 00 FO OA F2 )8 11 11 F0 12 A2 01 8E 2A 42 AE 4F 26 8E A7 08

1079 20 A3 3D AE 1A 42 E0 01 F0 09 AD C8 )8 11 12 39 42 E8 8E 3C 42 4C F7 39 EE 4F 80 09
1080 AF 41 20 D2 FF 20 CC FF EE 4C I I 7F )A 11 13 26 AE 4F 26 E0 FD 90 CO 8E 3C 42 DB 09
1081 AE 4C 41 EC 25 42 90 B3 20 A3 16 E3 )8 11 14 CA 8E 39 42 A2 05 8E 4F 26 AE 4F D4 08
1082 AE 5A 41 E0 01 DO 03 4C 32 35 20 0A 38 11 1 5 26 8E 35 42 BD 00 5B 8D 33 42 A2 42 08
1083 CC FF 20 1C ID 20 3F 32 AE 2A 42 0A )8 11 16 01 8E 34 42 EE 4F 26 AE 4F 26 BD A4 08

1084 E0 01 F0 1F A2 00 8E 29 42 4C 6B 7E )8 1' 17 00 5B CD 33 42 F0 29 38 AD 35 42 6F 08

1085 34 AE 28 42 E0 00 F0 08 A2 00 6E 91 38 11 18 E9 05 18 6D 34 42 C9 11 90 D3 AE 32 09
1086 28 42 4C C9 38 A2 01 8E 28 42 4C DC n 11 19 34 42 EO 0A BO 2C AE 4F 26 EC 39 E3 08
1087 00 38 20 CC FF A9 03 20 C3 FF AE 9E 39 11 20 42 90 C4 AE 3C 42 8E 35 42 8E 37 EC 08
1088 1A 42 E0 00 F0 10 20 OC IB A2 00 65 )7 11 21 42 4C 99 3A EE 34 42 AE 4F 26 EC 35 09
1089 8E 1A 42 A9 0D 8D AF 41 20 AF ID 4A 38 11 22 39 42 90 BE AE 34 42 E0 0A B0 03 EC 08
1090 20 D7 2C 20 00 ID 4C D3 2D A2 01 91 37 1' 23 4C 38 3A EE 4F 26 AE 4F 26 8E 37 6C 08
1091 8E IE 42 20 8F 32 A2 00 8E IE 42 A2 17 11 24 42 AD 33 42 8D 42 42 38 A9 FF ED A6 09
1092 8E 3C 42 A2 1A 8E 7A 26 A2 00 6E 6A 38 11 25 33 42 8D 43 42 38 A9 FF ED 34 42 2F 09
1093 1F 42 8E 21 42 8E 22 42 8E 39 42 92 37 11 26 8D 41 42 AD 34 42 8D 40 42 A9 02 53 08
1094 8E 23 42 8E 24 42 8E 2A 42 8E 29 DE 37 1' 27 8D 3D 42 A2 01 8E 36 42 20 23 33 92 07
1095 42 8E 2C 42 8E 46 42 8E 48 42 8E 41 38 11 28 20 23 33 20 8A 3D 20 7B 33 20 7B 2E 07
1096 49 42 A2 30 8E 20 42 A2 83 8E 25 6D 38 11 29 33 A2 00 8E 48 42 8E 49 42 AE 35 52 08
1097 42 A2 01 8E 32 42 8E 27 42 A2 05 CE 37 11 30 42 E0 05 F0 31 A9 01 8D 00 5A 8D DO 08
1098 SE 38 42 A9 01 8D 00 5A AD B8 41 89 )8 11 31 AF 41 20 FO 33 20 23 33 AD IF 42 22 08
1099 8D 01 5A 38 A9 FF ED B8 41 8D 04 8A 39 11 32 8D 01 5A 8D AF 41 20 F0 33 38 A9 F5 08
1100 5A AD 139 41 8D 02 5A 38 A9 FF ED 03 )A 11 33 FF ED 1F 42 8D 02 5A 8D AF 41 20 40 09
11 34 F0 33 A2 05 8E 4C 41 4C E7 3A A2 62 09
11 35 01 8E 3A 42 20 23 33 20 8A 3D 4C 23 07
11 36 37 3B AE 4C 41 BD 00 5B 9D 00 5A 2C 08
Circle 84 o» Reader Service card
11 37 8D AF 41 20 F0 33 EE 4C 41 AE 4C A6 09
11 38 41 EC 35 42 90 E6 AE 4C 41 E8 E8 97 0A

^ % M 1 C\. I
11 39
11 40
8E 03
41 8D
38 A9
41 20

/■ 1 iA^% 12 4 1 11 41 F0 33 AE 4C 41 AD 48 42 9D 00 5A 01 09

7^^, w It Wvm 11 1I 11 42 E8 AD 49 42 9D 00 5A E8 8E 25 42 6A 09

f\ t\\LJ\l
W if Ml
Uf I L
11 43
11 44
11 45 05 8E 38

42 4C 92 3B AE 4F 26 BD 7F 08
11 46 00
The Handicapper
5B AE 4C 41 9D 00 5B EE 4F 26 6B 08
11 47 EE 4C 41 AE 4F 26 EC 3C 42 90 E6 F9 09
11 48 A2 01 8E 46 42 AE 4C 41 8E 3C 42 7C 08
11 49 8E 38 42 CA 8E 39 42 AE 4C 41 A9 3C 09
Use your Commodore 64 to improve your performance at
the track! These line programs for Thoroughbreds, Harness 11 50 00 9D 00 5B EE 4C 41 E0 FD 90 F1 4F 0A
Horses and Greyhounds combine the power of vour com 11 51 A2 00 8E 48 42 8E 49 42 AE 32 42 74 08
puter with the savvy of a veteran handicapper. 11 52 E0 01 DO 51 20 41 IB 20 CC FF 20 09 09
Spend a ew
minutes entering data, and The Handicapper \ Vltl rank he 11 53 E4 FF C9 18 DO OC 8D AF 41 20 AF 6D 0A
horses or dogs in each race. All the information vou neec is 11 54 1D 20 D7 2C 4C 64 32 20 9D ID AD 2B 08
readily available from the Thoroughbred Racing Form, har 11 55 97 02 29 08 C9 00 DO 1C AD AF 41 9F 08
ness or greyhound track program. We even provide a dia- 11 56 C9 03 DO 03 4C 64 32 C9 18 DO 06 BC 08
gram that shows you where to find it! 11 57 20 D7 2C 4C 64 32 CD 7B 26 DO 03 CB 08
Horse racing factors include speed, class. past perfor- 11 58 4C EA 3B 20 30 IB AE 4A 41 E0 01 7C 08
mance, post position, stretch gain, beaten favorite. ockev or
11 59 DO B8 20 D7 2C 4C 64 32 A2 00 SE 44 09
drive s record, weight (lor thoroughbreds) ano parked- 3111 11 60 29 42 AE 32 42 E0 00 F0 03 4C FC 30 09
signs (for trotters). Greyhound factors include speed, past 11 61 3B 20 C2 32 AE 3A 42 E0 01 DO 03 B6 08
performance, class, favorite box. kennel record, breaking 11 62 4C 25 3C A2 00 8E 24 42 AE 24 42 El 07
tendencies, beaten favorite. 11 63 BD 00 5A 8D AF 41 20 AF ID EE 24 1D 09
Instructions and wagering guide included. Thorouqhbred, 11 64 42 AE 24 42 EC 25 42 90 E9 4C 79 73 09
Harness or Greyhound Handicapper, only $34 95 each on
11 65 3C AE 3B 42 E0 01 F0 32 A2 00 8E 27 09
tape ur disk. Any two. just $54.95. All three only $7 A.I- 11 66 4C 41 8E 48 42 8E 49 42 AE 4C 41 87 08
11 67 BD 3D 42 8D AF 41 20 F0 33 EE 4C C5 09

M Federal Hill Software I warn 11 68 41 AE 4C 41 E0 07 90 EA AD 48 42 A4 09

VISA® 11 69 8D 44 42 AD 49 42 8D 45 42 A2 01 93 08
8134 Scotts Level Rd. 1 11 70 8E 3B 42 A2 00 8E 24 42 AE 24 42 47 08
Baltimore, MD 21208 11 71 BD 3D 42 8D AF 41 20 AF ID EE 24 4A 09
Toli ■■.-■■ ;■ v ■ • ■ >nlyl ()(■-■ :i-u 228 11 72 42 AE 24 42 E0 09 90 EA 20 E2 1A 69 09
11 73 20 CC FF 20 E4 FF C9 18 DO OC 8D CD 0A
For Information Call 301-521-4886 11 74 AF 41 20 AF ID 20 D7 2C 4C 64 32 77 08
11 75 20 9D ID AD 97 02 29 08 C9 00 DO 81 08
'.)()/RUN jAM'ARViiisr,
proudly presents the most revolutionary new Modem utilities ever.
by by
formally MULTI-TERM
JOHN WATSON unique and different, you construct your own. YOU CAN
The first revolutionary terminal program ever 10 allow UPLOADING
HAVE UP TO 999 USERS with full statistics.
ana DOWNLOADING of individual Clocks, not |us! die lor die Do irie HAVE UP TO 7 DRIVES online. . .even dual drives.
eniire disk iromirack Ho track 36 Even send muliipte files. And here is FULL SYSOP CONTROL bolh directly and in remote mode,
whal all COMMODORE 64 owners nave wanted "UPLOAD AND a sysop can control virtually all high access data and para
YOU NEED IS ONLY ONE 64. ONE MODEM. AND ONE DRIVE It does it supports. XAVIAN protocol, the fastest protocol ever.
not slow down, in tact would decrease tme spent uploading and then PUNTER protocol the most widely spread protocol in the
downloading by halt Jus! perfect lor trie long distance caller United Stales.
We call il'CROSS SECTION PROTOCOL 'But wo didn't slop Ihere Other features included are: Optional download credit
We dovised Ihe lastest protocol lo date, its name *a "XAVIAN" It's like system, support of allpopular modems, multitudeotmenus,
having 1300 oand on ,1 300 Baud mod am, and 3000 baud on the new
sub-menus, functions, text, etc. all totally definable by you. Jt
is like a Bulletin Board LANGUAGE.
The CROSS SECTION and WATSON orolocc-ls incorporates
XAVIAN So it is even faster yet
Mere are *nore eMra features It has high-lighled menu's, windows. A MUST
lull disk functions full color and graphics, and full modem parameter at

manipulation, including variable Baud rates from 40-1800 push the $39.95
protocols even faster
PROTOCOL ■ The type of transfer code used.
It supports the following protocols PUNTER, WATSON XAVIAN,
punter protocal by Steve punter
and of course CROSS SECTION"
THIS IS THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY NEW TERMINAL commodore anrj commodore 64 is a
BORN commodore business machines inc.
FOR ONLY $39.95

If you would like to receive a free 256k AMIGA, suggested retail value SL200. then just be our 1000th customer.
For all orders please add S5 00 shipping and handling or S7.00 for c.o.d.
Or lor more information call (512) 623-7197. after 8 p.m. -9 a.m. CST. Call same number for our online ordering/information bbs.
Circle 210 on fleaaer Service c

APROSPAND-64™ Gkea your Commodore 64 or 128 full o>-

Letter Perfect! pandribilltyl This superbly doslflnetJ excision module plugs inlo the expan
sion port & gives you 4 switcriable (singly or in any combination) e«panaion
connectors ■ plus fuse protection - plus a reset button1 Before you buy an
eipander. be sure thai it has a (use lo protect your computer and that you
can activate your cartr.dges in ANY combination allowed by the cartridges


Reduced to ONLY $29.95

Features: AXIOM ELITE-5 Commodore Interfaces and Accessories

• Superb LETTER QUALITY Daisy Wheel printing ParallAX-CD Parallel Printer Interlace lor use
• Supports leading word-processing packages with all Commodore inci. SX-64 (except PET) S59.95
• Simple, reliable mechanism provides trouble DSI PPI Printer Interlace with Graphics S44.95
free use Cardprint G-WIZ Printer Interface $48.95
• Bold print, superscript, subscript and underlining Cardprint +G Printer Interface $39.95
• Standard 96 character printwheel
THOO2 300 Baud Direct Connect Modem $35.00
Available everywhere
RAMAX-V1C-2O 2 Slot Expander w/27K RAM $59.95
• Uses Standard Olivetti Ribbons
RAMAX Kit. RAMAX without RAM $24.95
• 1 year parts and labor warranty
AOd Shipping Per nem: S3 oo Coni.u.S. 16.00 C4n,m«. pb.hi.
• Same as Silver Reed EXP-4OO & CARDCO LO/3
*ELITE-5CD model has Direct-Connect
1071 A AvBtiWn Acaso, Comnrlllo. CA 93010 ""v''^!! m?
interface for all Commodore home CALL OUR TOLL FREE ORDER LINES TODAY:

computers + parallel input. only $184.95 1 (800) 962-5BD0 USA or 1-1800) 962-3B00 CALIFORNIA
ADD: S3.00 Shipping (Cont. U.S ). 525.00 CAN. HI. AK. PR All Products have 2 Week Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee


Luting / cottfinutd.

1176 7D AD AF 41 C9 03 DO 03 4C 64 32 33 09 1209 52 41 43 54 45 52 OD OD 20 31 29 OE 07
09 1210 20 C3 C8 D2 24 20 32 30 20 2D 2D 57 08
1 177 C9 18 DO 06 20 D7 2C 4C 64 32 CD 22
7B 26 DO 06 20 4E 32 4C EF 3B CD F4 08 1211 20 C3 D4 D2 CC 20 D4 OD 20 32 29 8C 09
7C 26 DO BA A2 00 8E 29 42 8E 32 22 09 1212 20 C3 C8 D2 24 20 38 20 2D 2D 20 4F 08
1 1 79
1180 42 AE 36 42 E0 01 DO 1A A2 00 8E FF 08 1213 C3 D4 D2 CC 20 C8 OD 20 33 29 20 83 09

36 42 AE 3A 42 E0 01 DO 03 4C EB 2A 09 1214 C3 C8 D2 24 20 31 32 37 20 2D 2D 73 08
3C A2 01 8E 3A 42 20 23 33 4C EA 33 08 1215 20 D2 D5 C2 CF D5 D4 OD 00 OD CF A9 OA
1183 3B AE 3B 42 E0 01 DO 08 A2 00 8E EE 08 1216 CB 2E 20 D4 52 41 4E 53 46 45 52 BE 08

1184 3B 42 8E 3A 42 AE 46 42 E0 01 DO 09
0E 1217 20 54 48 45 20 46 49 4C 45 2E OD 3D 07

08 A2 00 8E 46 42 4C 80 39 AE 2A 3E 08 1218 00 0D 3E C6 49 4C 45 20 D7 4F 4E 41 08
1 185
1186 42 E0 01 F0 03 4C 80 39 A2 01 8E EE 08 1219 27 54 20 C6 49 54 3C OD 00 OD 3E 55 07

1 187 2C 42 4C 31 3D 20 C3 1A AE 4A 41 01 08 1220 D4 52 41 4E 53 4D 49 53 53 49 4F AO 08

1188 E0 01 F0 03 4C 7C 3C 20 DD 32 20 CB 08 1221 4E 20 C7 41 52 42 4C 45 44 3C OD ED 07
1 189 4E 32 4C EF 3B A2 00 8E 29 42 20 56 08 1222 00 0D OD 20 31 29 20 C3 C2 CD 20 EC 07
1190 E2 1A 20 DD 32 20 85 32 20 9D ID 82 08 1223 C1 D3 C3 C9 C9 OD OD 20 32 29 20 65 09
1191 AD 97 02 29 08 C9 00 DO 13 AD AF 26 09 1224 D3 54 41 4E 44 41 52 44 20 C1 D3 4D 09
1192 41 CD 7B 26 DO 03 4C 39 3D CD 7C 35 09 1225 C3 C9 C9 OD OD 00 OD OD C3 D4 D2 BB 09
1793 26 DO 03 4C 71 3D 20 C3 1A AE 4A 91 08 1226 CC 2D D8 20 54 4F 20 43 41 4E 43 93 08
1194 41 E0 01 F0 03 4C 3F 3D 20 4E 32 27 08 1227 45 4C 0D D5 50 4C 4F 41 44 20 4F 1D 08
1195 4C 39 3D 20 CC FF A9 03 20 C3 FF E6 09 1228 52 20 44 4F 57 4E 4C 4F 41 44 3F D5 07
1196 A2 00 8E 2A 42 8E 2C 42 20 D7 2C 67 08 1229 20 28 55 20 4P 52 20 44 29 20 00 D8 06
1 197 20 00 1D 4C D3 2D AE 1F 42 8E 3E 11 08 1230 0D D8 4D 4F 44 45 4D 20 4F 52 20 06 08
1198 42 38 A9 FF ED 1F 42 8D 3F 42 60 8C 09 1231 C2 4F 5A 41 52 54 20 50 52 4F 54 86 08
1 199 20 7B 33 20 03 34 4C 65 34 AE 1A 81 07 1232 4F 43 4F 4C 3F 20 28 58 20 4F 52 9D 07
1200 42 EO 00 FO 21 AE 1B 42 EO 02 BO 09
80 1233 20 42 29 20 00 OD 20 20 20 31 29 43 06
1201 06 EE IB 42 4C CB 3D AD AF 41 AC 9F 09 1234 20 C3 41 4C 4C 20 C3 4F 4D 50 55 B2 08
1202 18 42 A2 00 86 FB AE 19 42 86 FC BA 09 1235 D3 45 52 56 45 OD OD 20 20 20 32 84 07
1203 91 FB 20 CC 3D 60 EE 18 42 AE 18 D6 09 1236 29 20 C3 41 4C 4C 20 C4 45 4C 50 7E 08
1204 42 EO 00 DO 14 EE 19 42 AE 19 42 OC 09 1237 48 49 2C 20 D3 4F 55 52 43 45 OD 10 08
1205 EO 80 90 OA A2 7F 8E 19 42 A2 FF 5A 0A 1238 0D 20 20 20 33 29 20
C3 41 4C 4C 5B 07
1206 8E 18 42 60 A2 00 8E 16 42 A2 5C 86 08 1239 20 41 20 46 55 4C 4C 2D 44 55 50 A1 07
1207 8E 19 42 60 03 D3 45 4C 45 43 54 43 08 1240 4C 45 58 20 C2 C2 D3 20 55 53 49 49 09
1208 20 4-1 45 4C 45 54 45 20 43 48 41 77 07 1241 4E 47 0D 20 20 20 20 20 20 C3 4F 4D 07
1242 4D 4D 4F 44 4F 52 45 20 C1 D3 C3 64 09
1243 C9 C9 OD OD 20 20 20 34 29 20 C3 27 08
1 1 A A A 1 A l~"
1^44 4 1 It, 4L. Z\J 41 20 46 55 4C 4C 2D 96 07
Cifc e 110 on Reader Service caid.
1245 44 55 50 4C 45 58 20 C2 C2 D3 20 46 09
1246 55 53 49 4E 47 OD 20 20 20 20 20 11 07
1247 20 D3 54 41 4E
44 41 52 44 20 C1 Bl 08
1248 D3 C3 C9 C9 OD OD 20 20 35
20 EO 29 08
If you're serious about programming, it's time you moved up 1249 20 C8 41 4C 46 20 44 55 50 4C 45 36 08
to pascal BASIC is fine for beginners. But pa sea/ is Ihe lan 1250 58 20 26 20 C3 4F 4D 4D 4F 44 4F 2E 08
guage used by professionals. Here's why . 1251 52 45 20 C1 D3 C3 C9 C9 OD OD 20 BD 09
•pascalisCompiled/BASIC isn t. . .pascalprograms run 1252 20 20 36 29 20 D5 53 45 20 43 55 C8 07
Ju times taster!
1253 53 54 4F 4D 20 54 45 52 4D 49 4E 17 08
• pascal is siructured/BASIC isn't . . pascal programs 1254 41 4C 20 53 45 54 54 49 4E 47 53 04 08
are easier lo write and debug.
1255 0D 00 OD DO 41 52 49 54 59 2D 2D B4 07
• pascal can gel you ahead in school/BASIC can'l . pas- 1256 C5 56 45 4E 2C 20 CF 44 44 2C 20 85 08
ca/is required by the College Entrance Exam Board lor
1257 CE 4P 4E 45 20 28 45 20 4F 20 4E 03 08
advanced placement in computer science.
1258 29 20 00 OD C8 41 4C 46 20 4F 52 9C 07
pascal can get you a /od/BASIC can't . . . professional
1259 20 C6 55 4C 4C 20 C4 55 50 4C 45 D8 06
UI soltware isn't written in BASIC.
1260 58 20 28 48 20 4F 52 20 46 29 20 44 07
1261 00 0D 20 31 20 4F 52 20 32 20 53 D1 06
1262 54 4F 50 20 42 49 54 53 20 28 31 AC 07
1263 20 4F 52 20 32 29 20 00 OD 37 20 AF 06
1 264 4F 52 20 38 20 42 49 54

53 20 54 AF 07
1265 4F 20 41 20 57 4F 52 44 20
28 37 7C 07
1266 20 4F 52 20 38 29 20 00 3E D6
OD 75 07

Don't Waste Any More Time! 1267

45 57 20
4F 4C 55
48 2D 52 45
4E 20 47 52
DC 07
2A 08
kyan pascal is a full implementation of standard pascal It
1269 41 50 48 49 43 53 3C OD 00 OD 3E 41 07
features a compiler which generates 6502 machine code; built-
1270 C4 4F 4E 27 54 20 56 49 45 57 20 4D 08
in assembler which allows in-line or included assembly source
code; and, a complete tutorial manual, kyan pascal runs on 1 271 48 49 47 48 2D 52 45 53 4F 4C 55 1E 06
any C64 or 128 wilh a sinqle disk drive. 1272 54 49 4F 4E 20 47 52 41 50 48 49 OD 08
1273 43 53 3C OD 00 OD OD C4 4F 20 59 7E 07
Try II Out Today! If not satisfied, relurn it within 15 days for a refund. 1274 4F 55 20 57 41 4E 54 20 54 4F 20 DB 07
kyan pascal lor the C64 $69 95 1275 50 4C 41 59 20 41 20 47 41 4D 4S CC 07
(plus $.1 50 shipping/$12.00 outside Norlh America] 1276 3F 20 00 OD C6 49 4E 45 2E OD OD 52 07
(California residents add 6.5% sales la*)
1277 C9 4E 53 45 52 54 20 54 48 45 20 73 08
To Order Call: (415) 626-2080 1278 47 41 4D 45 20 44 49 53 4B 2E OD 9E 07
Sena Check! kyan software, Dept. F1
1279 C3 D4 D2 CC 2D D8 20 54 4F 20 43 5F OA
Money Order to: 1850 Union Slreet, "183
1280 41 4E 43 45 4C 2E OD 00 9E 06
(Visa/MC Accepted) San Francisco, CA 94133


W&rt:: -:
And That's What Ifs All About

The Connection
A Universal Parallel Pilntci Interlace
For TJit VIC ?0' ft Commodore M"

Piess BESET Once To Clear Butfei

or Press Twice To Stait Selftest

"The Connection"™ modes: an emulation mode (imilates

A Fully Intelligent Parallel Commodore 1525 printers) and a trans
Printer Interface for parent mode (information goes straight
Commodore® Computers through—no Interpretation). Fora
suggested retail price of only S69.95
Now, TYMAC provides a parallel printer
(non-Epson) or S73.95 (Epson). TYMAC
interface designed exclusively for Com TYMAC backs The Connection" with
gives you the best printer interface avail
modore Computers, including Commo an outstanding reputation in the com
able for your money.
dore 64'".Commodore 128'".Plus/41". puter field since 1973. TYMAC tests
With 'The Connection." you can exe
Commodore 16'" and VIC 20». TYMAC's every product 100% before it leaves
cute standard print commands (OPEN,
"The Connection" gives you complete the factory to guarantee (lawless per
PRINT*, and CLOSE) and create
control over your printing capabilities formance and the best value for your
finished documents and graphics to your
and offers you top-notch quality, un money. Each "Connection" comes with a
own specifications. Various options
equalled by other interfaces of its kind, full, one-year warranty. For information
Include column tabbing, clot tabbing,
"The Connection" is compatible with and literature about The Connection,"
graphic repeat, dot addressable
virtually all Commodore software. write or call TYMAC today. Or contact
graphics, and more. Full printer self-test.
"The Connection" makes your invest your local computer retailer to purchase
LED status indicator, printer reset
ment in a printer interface worthwhile. The Connection."
switch, skip over pert', margin set. and
"The Connection" simply plugs into the
programmable line length give you
serial disk port to ultimately produce
maximum flexibility for optimum per
refined, finished documents. TYMAC
formance. "The Connection" also fea
has applied leading computer technology
tures a 2K buffer. "The Connection" is
to equip The Connection" with two
compatible with any parallel printer that
is equipped with a slandard Centronics
interface, including Star. Hitcman.
Smith-Corona/Epson. Panasonic. BMC- Established In 1973
80. Mannesman Tally. Olympia/ TYMAC CONTROLS CORPORATION
Okidata, Canon/C. Itoh, NEC/Seikosha. 127MatnStreet Franklin,NJ07416 201-827-4050
Gorilla Banana/and Universal. Circle 13 on Rsader Service card.
litnK is a rfloistererj iraderrurli o\ ~\fmac Co-nlrols Corporation.
CoTmoOore. Commodore 64. Commodoie 126, PkiHr CofnmHlorB l& and
VIC 20 afd raftered luflmaik* of COTTunaaorB fifldr&nics Limited
Lowest Holiday Prices
Fast Service Experience, and Affordable Prices
Mon. Ihru

I I ill I Fri. 9-8

Sat. 10-6.

Holiday Special

z. commodore SG-10 $219 .11.

SG-10C S229 SfiCMT

C-128 S297 SG-15 *359
Call for Specials sa^ SO-10 S322
1571 Disk Drive
SD-15 S444
S259 j^j
Flight SimulstDF '31 95
JBl Slmulatai '31 95 sr-15 ^yg1
S299 F-15Eaola '22
Homuwrilfir 10 '2A
Kflnnidy Ap^ji NEWLX-80 *210'
Slum Flyer FX-85 !329
SiIhfii Scrvicn
Sppcul Holiday Package'^t Aqrn Jal
FX-185 l459
DX-10D3i$vwheel .'245
C-128 Computer
& 1571 Disk Drive PANASONIC
S549 gbboeya.t Fdsl Load
.. "21 95
1091 S232
FREE Box of Disk wilh HuJidny Package Koroni Hitl
1090 '185
■26 95
Wmler Gjin. ■i . .. '26 95
R<i$Ciiii iin F 'Ctflllll . '29 95
The Eidolon ..■28

t commodore
MPS 801 Printer
s109 Reg. 5199
Special of the Month


1530 Dnloiolto. . "39 1660 fluto Modnm . '52

1541 Disk Drive '174 180? Colur Monitor '164 Paper Clip w.'spelliK
Home Pak
You Buy a MW 350 For S69
Wfiilr Quantities Last
SURGE Great Gift Datashare PPI '41 MW 302 '39

PROTECTORS 1541 FLASH I Vim Shop Tymac Connection '54 Grapplcr CD JB4

|r.r:l:F:Kr;!° l5 1 S54.95 Print Shop 425.95

Graphic Library.- 515.49
1 Outlet 'j9 CARDC0 5SL0T
Paper Pak '-8.45
4 Outlet S24 EXPANDER
6 Outlet *28 •49.95 THREE$AQ95 CMD61
VIC ?0
56 fli,
56 39
FOR ■T^/ Dkfc Dn^c 56 39
" MX 60
h MM et>FT57 99
nln 9? 57 99


PFS Filt • 19
Winder*Mr X37 95 Baid'i Tale '31 96 Supur Bate 64 • IB
DriTflmnnin."' II '39 95 Clfiivrifll An '31 95

Swfltoile X39 95 "'<ini n«ii.niit. ■25 95

Special i'i ttu> Motir/i
Mnni'v Man.ig.-r '13 95 INFOCOM
Electronic Checkbook '1995
The Consultant Epson MX-80 -*5
$3995 Epson M/Rx-100 .'8
SG 10/15... S3
fT \ Modem Plantliali'l)
Swts'er D SPREAD SHEET Panasonic '9 BULK
v\——A ;g7o Starcnns-D »M Multiplan '53 PAPER SS/DD DISK
VLl—^A j200B.tud Wbiwii 0 M95
Humppnk -34 Mall LiilmliiliODO) . . *B 10 50 100 500
1000 shoHls...'19 .95
\^> S164 A>i- 1 Mm IN [?
ss kit M9.95 2500 shiiBls...'34 95
10 Disk 52 SG


Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 (609] 596-1944
USA Slii|j|>in<!Cii<ii(jus All Siillw.-rii K. Accl'Hiiiiiis '3 00. Printers'9. Disk Diivi:-. *8. MiimluiH'K) Add '3 00 pur liux ol C O.D Orilorimi .ind P.iyim'iu Policy. priCI)
r«!llr.<c( n cuih discount For Visa & MystorCnrd odd 3%. ffmmodiDte dtihvoiv wilh CArtifJod clufck or wircil IeuiiK N J residents add G% far MlOsUx. Pnci?ssut]|eci to
chtnge, Rutumed Goods Subieci to it Restookinq F»e.
Along With Your Favorite

Here's a great new way for you and your friends to For fun throughout the Christmas holidays, order our
have fun with your Commodore 64™ or 128™. Our Christmas Carols, too! The disk contains 18 favorites,
exciting Party Songs disk features 18 classics you'll including 0 Come All Ye Faithful, Joy to the World,
love to sing. They are loaded with humor and Jingle Bells, Silent Night, What Child is This?, and
nostalgia—just right for when friends get together. mote.

For sing-along fun, the lyrics appear in easy-to-read As always, you can trust John Henry Software to bring
verse on your TV or monitor. Play just your favorite you quality software at the lowest price. We specialize
song or set your computer to play them all. in prompt delivery and guarantee our product.
Don't wait, see your dealer, or call us today!
If you've seen our Christmas Carols, then you know
Toll-free number.
Party Songs will be a treat. Your computer's vast
musical capabilities are used to their fullest to create 1-800-223-2314
In Ohio call S13-89B-7660
lively music in three-part harmony. The colorful and
entertaining graphics make every song a visual delight.

Both for only
Auld Lang Syne • I've Been Workin' on the Railroad each
Oh My Darling Clementine • Blow the Man Down
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow • Bill Groggin's Goat
Hail! HaillTheGang'sAII Here! • MyWild Irish Rose
My Old Kentucky Home • Turkey in the Straw Please send me:
Party Songs disk(s) at $15.95 each
My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean • Goober Peas
'////.■/.''■■'■■ ■ Qirlstmas Carols disk(s) ai $15.95 each
Red River Valley • Oh! Susanna • Dixie
Christmas Carols and Party Songs al $28.95
The Yellow Rose of Texas • Yankee Doodle /■j.i Si (X1 lor f".'■:!,iqi .iniHi.uKiiinrj on»u rostdums add 6% sates lo». Foiotga
Who Threw the Overalls in s. eieept CunMaaniJAPO, odciS3.W [<* AI'Mail PloasejMiy mU.S funds
Mistress Murphy's Chowder? :.': Check of money ordet enclosed D Visa
U f.'j MasterCard
And. # - . Exp. Date

John Hemy Software


Send lo John Heniy Sollware, P.O. Box 745. Vandalia, Ohio 45377.

Just Imagine It.

Then Watch It Come True!
Turn your great ideas into reality with ReRUN's You can even create, save, load, and print color
Winter Edition*—our most creative software ful screens with three easy-to-use programs:
package yet! You'll get more than a dozen pro "Screen Maker," "Screen Viewer," and "Screen
grams for the C-64/C-128 (in C-64 mode}*" that Booter"!
will help you create everything from an essay or Have you been dreaming up an interesting ap
term paper to a novel piece of art! proach to a term paper or feature article, but the
pieces just won't fall together? Then you'll love
"Brainstorming," a thought-processing program
that classifies your thoughts into groups and then
prints an outline of your idea.
Or, if music is your specialty, you'll enjoy "Make
a Little Music," a utility that lets you create, save
and load songs into your own programs by using
a joystick!
Programs with Variety
And that's just the beginning! ReRUN's Winter
Edition also has programs to print your checks
Programs That Get Results and teach you the fundamentals of assembly lan
Does your mind paint a picture faster than you guage, as well as RUN's new checksum proof
can sketch it? Then try "High-Spirited Sprites", a reader, for accuracy in typing in programs.
utility that lets you rapidly draw, animate view, and
save sprite graphics!

YES! CREATIVE! Please send me the
ReRUN Winter Edition.

G Cassette $11.47 Zl Disk $21.47

□ Payment Enclosed DAE D VISA □ MC

Card# Exp. Date

Of course, every ReRUN cassette and disk is in

Signature ready-to-run format, which means you can enjoy
each top-quality RUN program without time-con
Name suming keyboardmg or debugging. Your ReRUN
Winter Edition comes complete with a booklet of
easy loading instructions and documentation.
Why not start bringing your great ideas to life to
day? Get creative! Get the ReRUN Winter Edi
City State Zip tion! Cassettes are $11.47, and disks are just
Please Allow 4-6 Weeks for Delivery $21.47. Make your choice, and then return the
coupon or attached order card with payment. Or,
80 Pine Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 call 1-800-258-5473. {In NH, please dial 1-924-
Semen MatK Saeei) Bator, Htgb-Spuitoa Spites, Graphics GWpfsy S/sAvrr. 9471.)
Vtedkr. ConvrKxfryp Halps Riy Htp Brfs and many r«*e.

rniuw 1985 tkte amn iiajiarrs on :k* orly

Circle 209 on Reader Service card '



PRICES + Micislimquv Bl»Euill

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519 95
S2I 95
f njttr Sunulatu II
commodore 128= FSH Sunny Ml SCALl
ttoblj.i SCALL

maas hardware MwdB Uv Tio Dope" S23 95

Surgon III . ...

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l.X-BQ Piot WoidprocesjoF sit *t(j GnchBMa
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Hoimwrilet 10 S246 9b laco vt UK Duller down Sorturur

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. i ip'.*i ■',-'.- At.*- id .: ■■ Ii h, ■hv ■ ,,■. S ■ i
Slows I price auue chip
FX-85 S31495 1902 MONITOR S2I9S

IVIhl Sh«»p
FX-185 S4«00 «*™ S2J 95 .
printer interlace S46.9S 1350 MOUSE MPS 1000 PRINTER S2J95 |
HS80. --SZ990O
WnrilLJ'ii Fi4 l(]| S3C95
Bom ByUteti 11 (di SCflLL
fl tP4*l color
PACKAGE DEALS AVAILABLE i'ni'4'iUiu 4'GpeHpHeh jell . . . S5D 1>b
tiiKka "' G . tat 95 CnrOco Writu Now 64 (cl S^?(X)
OrnriiWrillll SpOIIDI (0) M9 9i
M r,nj,. J'l^.ri, .'iMPIhiI W P (<!] J36 95
Connexion 167 9^ C64 Si.11- with purchase of any peripheral Xeri-C FoiM M;ifct«r (0J
1091 ..$229.00
S23 95
HW Ho SCALL 1541, SCALL, 1BG2-SCALL. MPS-S01..,5106.95 ■ no 4dl SCflLL
IM 3K> butler SI5M Hradittk 64ttfj o( m SI 2 95 u.F3a° pi>rM)t^r w p S 9 95
Gnpltr CD S87 95 1092 S309.00 tTid.T.K *tJ95
l*f rjy rirTKTI Stilt
1093 SCALL
COMMODORE 128= SOFTWARE Mir age DaUb.iv » H^t

r DATA 20 XL 80 ' Gun Idl

BupBTtaM 64 |(J1
S4I '15
The m BO ■■ ■!' B ' 'i uovd PRO'LINE HOI
1'i.nm 1'
—h n ■ I Mi hU* T WAti e
l'Ml iiluij. ml., nv i,.i k of v"in ffil
C fjJ Ih. cninu-iiiDir —111 t»M?
LETTER QUALITY gi 4 i." .1,4,1 i.i.i '. t'i< a Ptfii ct W
ICALL RGBI CumpUbll« Uonllorl
I,,, rmicfl wj :hj s:'i." on
MMry M(J " ..; ' PRINTERS whenrnjar ■■aril nn
lllll,ll,...n 1' -."nit tJIJO
loltoi quiiiity isn'l good i.t* lai 1
Vour C *i-l I'n l.nin'ii HGUl C.I bid si9gr.
XL W i* in «J coftjmn v enout]t1
urU pro COflipOtllB VhIij-j O^ible 5 6 55
i DhW -iiiiM I f OOf ii rn,.ihri|
h'.i pruqra n
Epson 0X10 .. .. S209 Mnlpra&i (?1
Epson DX-20 S309
S79 95 >^ SG-10C S226
ZnBl 1.' AMKil 1!! c u n< Poxcriype SZ99 2, . ', V [,....n 1^3 S 77 55

t.tuii'Krtlcuc.' rt'dCy
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SG-15 S36fl (,,.M.- 1.x rn-j»i ; ■ ■


Vl/rl^F't' 1,1 S79^^)
MODEMS — MODEMS — MODEMS SD-15 S4d9 Vir«iii me:) W6 95
TOTAL TELEMODtM S39 95 POWERTYPE.. S299 1'i.ilIh.liIc (1)1 01 (t). SI 2 'I1:
MASTER MODEM .. S39.*J5 Cillkil $39 35
SR-10, PEMranvnaM SpiumJsheei SI 9 95
Calc Resijii Adv (tf.cj 56/00
B08 $159 . 519 95
Orritti dllc Now 64 S31 95
880 SCALL Wllf MO
Cilc Roull Mv Sfc/IKJ
1080 S219 vrEJEI X rLHMlNAL


Lli 84) S1O6 95
1380 S259 [lu^ ,,MI II SCau
1385 S295

§(£©1^ SUPERGRAPHIX S274.95

■. . ' , ■ , ■ S3iO0
MONTHLY HltchhlkcrsGuidc S22-95
b -.lul I in'iuii COi SSEOO
SG ID & Hi'lec Sunergrdphi" |r . - . ■,.-.,■; ■■■.. Milil P4CRV Fi4 (ill 531 95
UNTIL Csrdco S'mor*... S44.95
. . . 1259.95
SG-tO <■ Cardco G-Wir S^i-ll Now Id! 531 95
Fab 50. SG Volki 6470 modem S159.D0 . . . 1269.95
SG-10 & MW-3bo UTI1.ITIES
SG-t5 & Xelcc SupergrJpriu ...S319.95 CJSM 1541 Ai(|fi 10) S2^p9S
SG 1b 1 Caidco G-Wi; Simon 5 D.IMC S3S95
SO10 S Xelec Supprguphu . . --S3B4.95 C 0a AM {ill S39 95
Markn H Ml S33 95
DISKETTES 11391 A XpIpc Supergr^phii . , SZ89 9S
f " " ■ BLOWOUT S2?9 9S
Iru J 5CAL1
Wu v<? iilfuducW uui own Orunu uT IQ91 A CjrDco O-Wil
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Eli^hoites. dnt] mM'.n iT»-r(! TIihiti lur \V\ki i, / ,, -,.-. LI 30 I Xcli'C Suprrc|Mpli , K69.95
S2GJ95 SM95
iil^'1" Jrn;iutfi'tl i^ Tyvck slouve hub r~a> i > ao i cmiui c. wn
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" '"I ring. d<Jd wtrte proletl idijb
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•.m,, PiwWId)

PHIHI6BTVPEWRLTER r 4U4fl>rfl i!. [C M ■'" <- Kid l'raQuo(O) Id] .-. ■'
n,, ■ ■.b-'HL.iLiJ JX: TH IH ■«■
I Purchase orders accepted from qualified cor SoBsync P«sonjl Aftl (01 SJJ95
2100 S199 M4lt,l .-.11' I--H 1 .-■ f I'f
FCW Id) SI 9 95
!200 HID II l-l'i 1 ■" ' " ■ l'f porations and educational Institutions
r(pnt Muinu Ai-cl 1d| 546 95
I'll OP SJ!H
UIsMUfSS mJ in ■"■- LIMITED QTYr-i ■ We accept Mastercard, Visa, COD, and Mall 1^nn[ii»lc Pcr^anol Accl (d] 554 00
1" ' ,!,ti[i — H B1* Orders IM Doctor (d) S2.I91.
(.001' SI65 IkmmWn M,.irHD.y AP. Ad. i
in 'i i'. i.■-1■!. , row
^^ ^"^ 1 *£ No Sales Tax on Orders outside PA
Hi 4
. 1 Hi 1 . '- , i. '. ' --I L, ,.|L' fV, A IDWl
3EQlir ■ Buy with confidence.
□mnl Lsdgsr, Payroll W) M095C.I
PC I'll Priiir,.p Slarvl 519 US
Wa honor manufacturer's wirranly. " H 1- ■;■!.'.■ SCALL

To orflor by mall; We accept money order, certified Chech, pursonal Terms: ALL PRICES REFLECT CASH DISCOUNT. ADO 3% FOR '■ :■:.-' i ■—.', : ST5 95
check Allow 2 weeks for personal check 10 clear. MASTERCARD OR VISA. MaruiiacHiter'swafranly Honored with copy ol 1".'. .tiOM'vMOl S16 95

Shipping: S2.50 for software and accessorles-SiO 00 (or prmiers and our rrwoice ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Oelectivo Mems replaced or te-
color monitors S8 00 tot diskdrives and fflher monrlors Add S3 00 per 00* paired at out discretion Pennsylvania residenls add 6% sales lax. Prices i 7iii'i(i'ii'i!'c.Bii°0« S27 9S

I COO Call tor other shipping charges Additional sflipiung w and tetnis suBjecl 10 change wnriout nolica. Uui p.lie SCALL

on APO. FPO. AK, HI, aiihI toreign orders.


Circle B8 on RoaUei Service

Melodian will teach you to play,

compose, record and print
music in just one evening II

The Melodian Musical Keyboard for the Commodore 64 and 12s.

A True Breakthrough Master knows it and repeats the measure for New York Times Says . . .
In Music Education you to play
Erik Sandberg-Diment of the New York
Al last, a program thai makes it not only easy Sounds easy doesn't it? Now add the fun.
Times states 'really useful and instructive
but fun lo learn music. The Melodian You start with six composers (Bach. Handel, item ... Tanya, our 10 year old beginner
keyboard and software were designed by Mozart. Beethoven. Schubert and Wagner).
quickly caught the spirit of matching Ihe
Harry Mendell who designs custom syn The object is lo attain the next level of dif
dance of her fingers to the measured
thesizer eleclronics and software for profes ficulty without losing a composer. You lose metronome." "One piece of educational
sional musicians such as Stevie Wonder a composer each lime you accumulate ten
software lhat. unlike most of its kinfolk, ac
and Eric Himy, an award winning concert mistakes. There are twelve levels of difficul
tually delivers. These software-hardware
pianist. The Melodian boasls many of the ty attainable ranging from tyro lo maeslro. combinations offer a lot of entertainment to
professional features found only on more ex
ConcertMaster teaches you how lo the Commodore owner."
pensive equipment. These features include
mullilrack recording, the ability to create play 35 pre-recorded songs from Bach lo
custom instrument sounds and most impor- Rock. With ConcertMaster you can analyze
lantly. ease of use. music note by note, instrument by instrument
and learn how a music composition is put
RUN Magazine Says . ■ .
Start your lesson with RhythmMaster together. Then you can compose your own Tom Benford of RUN notes "Whenever a
Software. With its built-in metronome, music and record it right onto your noppy selection of products o( the same genre is
RhythmMaster will display the treble and disks. available, one among the bunch rises head
bass musical slaffs and a picture of a piano There are nineteen different instrument and shoulders above the rest. Such is the
keyboard. RhyihmMasler will then play a sounds to choose from in over a seven oc case with Melodian ConcertMaster keyboard
measure of music and you must try lo play tave range giving you a wide choice of in and software. The combined features of
the same measure back on Ihe Melodian struments to suit your musical taste and ex RhythmMaster and ConcertMaster give you
pression. You can also create your own in a complete music tutorial."
keyboard. You're not familiar with the
keyboard or can't read music? No problem. strument sounds.
RhylhmMaster displays Ihe notes you are to
ScoreMaster enables you lo print out
play on Ihe musical staff and on the your music in standard music notation for Satisfaction Guaranteed
keyboard pictured on the monitor. If you other musicians to play, or for yourself When You Buy Direct
strike the wrong key the note on the musical
staff fums red and shows you which key you By selling directly lo you. we are able to give
played wrong, making it ever so easy to cor- you the Melodian Keyboard and Software at
AHOY! Magazine Says . . . far lower prices than ever offered before.
reel what you played,
Peggy Herrington of AHOY! said "The You take no risk. If the Melodian
If you should hold a key loo long a turtle runs system is so easy to use lhat I didn't need keyboard or any of the programs
across the screen, Inversely if you should Ihe documation". "It's fun, challenging, and don't please you, for any reason
felease a key loo quickly a rabbit scurries educational, and for payability and ease of whatsoever, send it back within
by. If you don't p!ay it correctly Rhythm- use it is nothing short of spectacular." 60 days for a full refund!


in Florida, 800-351-8777 Bfi
Melodian Musical Rhythm Master ConcertMaster
Keyboard Software rm-oi Software cm-oi
40 Keys [A-C] in professional gauge spring RhylhmMasler teaches a beginner how lo ConcertMaslei teaches how a composition is
loaded lo Rive the feel and response of a real read music and play it correctly and in put together, note by note, inslrumenl by in
keyboard instrument, Polyphonic.
rhythm on the musical keyboard. strument. You learn to pliiy j;, pre-recorded
Registers (with ConcerlMasler) scngs from Bach to Hock Then you can
RhylhmlVlaster will have you reading and
Organ. Trumpet, Flute. Clarinet. Piano. Harp- compose your own songs and record them
playing musical notes in minutes with fun and
sicord, Violin, Cello, Bass. Banjo, Mandolin, right onto yuur floppy disk
Calliope. Concertino. Bagpipe. Synthesizer I. ConcertMaster Teaches:
Synlhesiier 2, Clavier I, Clavier z. which RhythmMaster Features:
• Scales
can be played over a ; octave ranRe. Pro • Trumpet, organ, violin, and synthesizer
• Bass lines
grammable sounds as well. instrument sounds.
• Familiar Beginner Songs such as
• Built in metronome.
Recording [wilh ConcertMaster] "Jingle Bells"
• Pausefl'lay control
Three Irack sequencer (recorder) wilh over- • Edsy classical songs such as Bach Minuet"
• Set-up menu for customizing RhylhmMasler.
dubbing and mullitimbra! {different instrument and Ravel's "Bolero'
sounds at Ihe same time) effects. Rhythm Master Teaches: • Advanced classics like "A Midsummer's
• How to read notes on the treble and bass Night Dream' by Mendelssohn
musical staffs. • Popular hits such ds "Thriller"
Built in interface for Commodore 64, Com
• The names of the notes.
modore I2fl. plugs rif>ht in to joystick port no.
• Where the notes arc on the keyboard
Instruments Sounds
z and user port Orwan, Trumpet, Mute. Cldnnel Piano. Harp-
• How lo play whole notes, half notes,
Power Supply sicord, Violin. Cellu. Bail. Banjo M;indolin.
quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth
Powered direct by the computer, no batteries Calliope, Concertina. Bagpipe. Synthesizer I.
notes in combinations, in both 3/4 and 4/4
and cords required. Synthesizer 2, Clavier I, Clavier 2. which
can be played over a [ octave range. Pro
Finish " How lo play in different tempos
grammable sounds ds well
Table Model in white high-impact material, RhythmMaster Requires:
wilh carrying handle, protective key cover, • Commodore 64 or Commodore 12a
Recording Functions:
and built in music stand. Size 29 -i/e x Three Irack sequencer (recorder) with over-
with disk drive.
9-9/16 x 3-11/16. weighs 9 pounds. dubbine and mullilinibral (different instrument
• Melodian Musical Keyboard kb-01 is
sounds at Ihe same time) effects
required to study Ihe reading and playing of
Each Irack can be set to ont ot seven dif
Melodian ScoreMaster musical noles. However. RhylhmMaster
ferent (unctions1
can be used without the Melodian Musical
""" $^9.95 Keyboard lo study rhythm, by playing the
■ Monitor: Lets you use a track to play
music live, without recording it
notes on the computer keyboard,
With the 5coreMaster program your music • Record: Records a Irack as you play.
can be printed out in music notalion, which • Playback: Luis you hear whatever has
olher musicians can read and play. Any Programmer's been recorded or loaded into the Irack.
music recorded with the ConcerlMasler pro You may playback one track while record
Tool Kit ing another to build layers of instruments.
gram can be printed by ScoreMaster.
ScoreMaster Requires:
pt'Ol 95 • Mutei Turns a track o(( This is useful
• Commodore 64 or Commodore 12a with when you want to listen to or record one or
disk drive and printer compatible with the Contains programs, and BASIC source listings two tracks at a lime
Commodore E'aphics mode such as the for reading Ihe Melodian Musical Keyboard, • Save: Slores a track lo the disk.
and for reading and creating music Hies for • Load: Loads a Irack from the disk
Commodore MPS boj, 1515, and
Melodian ConcertMasler. ■ Protect: Write protects a track
• Melodian ConcerlMaster program
Create New Instrument
• Choose (rom pulse, sawtooth, triangle
and noise sound sources.
• Control the sound envelope wilh attack,
decay, sustain, and release times
• Ring Modulation and Syncronkation effects.

The new, fast way to learn, play and compose music. • Set Low pass, band pass, and high pass
filter (requencies
Fill oul coupon, enclose certified check, money order or credit
TO ORDER BY MAIL: information and mail to Depl. 1212. 970 West McNab Road. ConcertMaster Requires:
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. " Commodore 64 or Commodore iza
wilh disk drive
recordings: " Melodian Musical Keyboard kb-oi is
Melodian Keyboard S99 95
Christinas Carols S12 95 required to study the reading and playing o(
RhyihmMaster S29 95
. Nutcracker Suite SI 2 95 musical noles However, ConcertMaster
ConcertMasler S29.95
can be used without the Melodian Musical
ScoreMaster S29 95 □ Bach's Hits S52 95
Classical Favonles S12 95
Keyboard lo playback Ihe recorded musical
Programmer's Tool Kil S29 95 examlpes. record music played on the
Demonslratio" Dish S9 95
Add S5 00 Shipping per keyboard computer keyboard, and to create new
instrument sounds
A mourn rFL S% ui)

Paymani AMEX VISA MC. BankDrail Cnoch

Cntft Cam Eipfe Data i For our International customers:

Please send credit card number or international
money order in u S. dollars, or call
305-979-3777. For Canada and Mexico, add
SI 5 00 lor air mail. Overseas add SI 6 00 lor
LI | | ^Kf telephone surface mail, and $70 00 lor air mail

~OOivilHm-njirOwns mI NOItr PcinM~lIv«■(■«■" Fkyabirvdlwtnf^ssWMm Mm*jftwm»»ltoimmy

Protect your programsfrom prying
eyes with this handy utility that
instantly begins execution
ofyour programs after
they are loaded.


Some professional software houses command 10 Basic and starts execu

feature programs that automatically tion i)l tlie program.
run when they are loaded into the
computer. This makes the programs
easier to use and protects them From Program Details

being Hated and examined. Auto-Run (see Listing 1) starts off

Now, you, tuo, can make your pro by printing a header on the screen
grams self-running with Auto-Run, and Poking the auto-start machine
which allows them to begin execu language routine into the cassette
tion the moment you load them. buffer. The sum of the data in the
Self-running programs must be Daia statements is checked against a
loaded with the "1" command of the checksum to ensure accuracy.
Load statement, as in LOAD"PRO- At line 50, the program asks for
GRAM",N, I. After the program is the filename of (he program for
loaded, it starts execution! which an autostart copy is to he
If you load the program without made. The program (lie is then
the "1" command, it will not auto opened for reading.
matically start execution; however, At line 80, you are asked for the
you can neither list nor save the pro name to he given the output file; that
gram to produce a working copy. is, the auto-Start version ol the pro
Self-running programs are possi gram. The output fill" is then opened
ble due to various operating system For writing.
subroutine vectors in low memory. At line 1 10, the machine language
You can change these vectors to routine in the cassette buffer is cus
point to machine language routines. tomized for the machine the pro
Au to-Run Creates a program file gram is running on—C-64 or VIC-'JO.
that actually loads right over these At line 130, the first two bytes,
vectors. which represent the start address of
One important vector, the warm- the program file in low-byte, high-
start link at location SIWO-'-SOSOS, is byte format, are read from the input
changed to point in a small machine file. These two bytes will vary, de
language routine in the cassette pending on whether the machine is
buffer. After the program loads, this an unexpanded or expanded VIC or
new warm stall routine issues a Run a Commodore 64. The variable L is

RUN It Right
100/RUNhSTARYIW G64;C12S (in C-64 mode}: VIC20
!54I dhk drive
CJrdo 15 on RcacJnr Service card


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then set to this start address minus 1. out for the semicolons in tlie Print gram to (he disk, run Auto-Run to
Next, at line l-l<>. the two charac statements. Any auto-siart program produce an auto-starting copy, then
ters CHR$(2) and CHR$(S) are writ you create will not work if you leave delete the copy of the original file.
ten to the outpui file. These two bytes out any of the semicolons. He sure to remove any cartridges
represent the start address assigned As always, be careful with the Data or expansion boards before you run
to the iHiijHil fill1. I he value is S0;i()2. statements. If you get an Error in Auto-Run if you expect the auto-Start
which is the location of the warm- Data message when you run the pro program to run in an environment

start vector. gram, check to see that you have en without them. Or leave them in place
Then the characters CMRS(60) and tered the Data statements correctly. if you expect the program to run
CHR$(3) are written. These repre Using Auto-Run with them.
sent the value |0S3C, which will be If your intention in producing an
To use Auto-Run, first load it into
loaded over the warm-atari vector; auto-start program is to prevent your
your machine and run it. Then, insert
J033C is the address of the start of program from being examined, you
the disk that contains your program
the cassette buffer in which the auto must take the necessary steps to make
into the disk drive. Type in the name
start, code is present. your original program airtight. That
of your program. When you are
Lines 150 and 160 Poke ihe com is. there should be no way ol getting
asked for the output name, type in
mand lo lie issued to Bask by the out of tlie program without its con
the name you want to give the auto
auto-Start code into the proper place sent, short of powering down the
start copy of your program.
in the casselte buffer. In this case, the machine. Of course, no protection
Tile screen will clear and the pro
Hasic command is Run. Advanced scheme is perfect, so there is always
gram will start working. Tlie program
programmers who wish lo create some way of examining any program.
takes a couple of minutes lo create
auto-Star I machine language files Some simple measures you can
the output lile—longer for long pro
might want to change "RUN" to a take are to disable the runtetop and
grams. When the program is done,
"SYSxxxxx" command, where xxxxx run/stop and restore keys and to use
you can test your new program file.
is the address of the machine lan the New command in the program
Type in
guage program. lo delete Ihe program from memory.
Next, at line i7(), the contents of I .<)A11" | > log] I ;i mi'" .H. 1
To disable the keys, simply type
memory from just above the warm- where progname is the name of the POKEtf()8,2M (normal value is 237) on
siart vector up to just below the start auto-start copy of your program. Im the C-64 or POKK808,10() (normal
of the input program are copied to mediately after loading, the program value is 112} on the VIC-20. Type these
the output file. should start running. Pokes before you run Auto-Run, and
Finally, at line 1!)(), the remaining To copy an auto-starting program they will carry over to the auto-starting
portion of tlie input file is copied to created by Auto-Run to another disk, program. A nice side-effect of using
the output lile. The disk files are then yon may use any one of various file- these Pokes is that the List function
closed and the program stops. copying programs or machine lan will also be disabled. El
guage monitors. You cannot load the
Typing the Program
program and save it in the normal
Auto-Run is a fairly short program, manner. Address all author correspondence to
so it should not be much trouble to If you cannot copy such a file, you Alejandro A. Knpatmn, 141-6 Airport
type it in. However, you must watch can always copy your original pro Raid, West Lafayette, IN ■17906.

Listing 1. Auto-Run program for the 064 and VIC20.

R" :REM*138 ,1)):NEXTI :REM*20
XTI:IFS=3677THEN40 :REM*228 I :REM*82
60 CLOSE4:CLOSE5:CLOSE15:OPEN15,8,15,"l":CL 200 GOSUB230 :REM*202
OSE15:OPEN15,8,15 :REM*170 210 CLOSE4:CLOSE5:CLOSE15 :REM*240
70 OPEN4,8,4,"0:"+F1$+",P,R":GOSUB23 0: 220 PRINTE1$:PRINT"D0NE":END :REM*30
90 OPEN5,8,5,"0:"+F1$+",P,W":GOSUB230:IFER< 240 PRINTE1$;T;S:RETURN :REM*78
>0TI]ENCLOSE5:GOTU80 :REM*17 2 250 DATA169,131,141,2,3,169,196,141,3,3
100 Z$ = C!IR$(0) :REM*96 :REM*160
110 POKE829,PEEK(770):POKE834,PEEK(771 ):POK 260 DATA160,0,18 5,91,3,153,0,2,24 0,3
E857,PEEK(771) :REM*60 :REM*175
120 PRINTCHR$(147)"WAIT" :REM*234 270 DATA200,208,24 5,162,255,16f),1 ,76,134,19
130 GET#4,A$:GET#4,B$:L=ASC(A$+Z$)+256*ASC( 6 :REM*121
B$+Z$)-1 :REM*22 280 DATA0,82,85,78,0 :REM*55
140 PRINT#5,CHR$(2)CHR$( 3 ) CHR$ ( 60 ) CE!R$ ( 3 } ;
150 C$="RUN"+CHR$<0) :REM*192
Circle IS on Header Service caid

Commodore 64


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RUN JANUARV1086/ 103
There might be a g-i-r-a-f-f-e
in the maze, or there might-
be an o-n-i-o-n, depending
on the category you've
selected. Juggle the letters to
spell a word and have fun.


In most computer word-scramble If you've spelled ihe word cor

games, ihe computer scrambles a word rectly, you will earn one point for
and displays it on the screen. The each letter in the word. There is no
player then types in the correct word. time limit for clearing the maze.
This game. Word Jumbler (Listing However, bonus points are awarded
11, is a little different, First, you are if you do this in k-ss lhan 30 seconds;
presented with eighl categoi ies, each you gain one point for each of ihe
dealing with a different subject. With remaining seconds. Since the star
it joystick in port '2. you move a white must go around the letters instead of
cursor beside the category you wain, over them, you can clear the screen
then press the fire-button to begin more quickly by going through the
the game. empty sections whenever possible.
The playficld. a 12-section ma/e. will 1'lay continue.-, until five words
appear on the screen. Some sections have been unscrambled. The grand
will contain a letter; one section will total and high score are then shown.
contain a star; the rest will be empty. The option of playing another game
1 he letters, when combined in the eor- is also presented ai this lime.
reel order, will spell a word that relates
Making Changes
to the category chosen. (For instance.
the "I'm Hungry" category contains Any or all of the categories or
the names of Vfll ions foods.) words within iheni may be changed.
To display the letters, one at a time. Lines [60-200 contain the eighl cat
in iheii proper order, use the joystick egories currently used. There are '20
to move the star directly under each words in each category. They are con
letter and press the [Ire-button. That tained in Data statements beginning
letter will then appeal' at the lop of at line !!">(). Since the maze contains
the screen. Continue this until all 12 sections, no word can have more
letters are removed from die maze, than 1 1 letters. Have fun! D
displaying a word.
At tlir bottom of the screen is
the score section. When Mil- maze is
cleared, the wind being played is Address all author correspondence to
shown along with the score and any Penny Dt'Grojf, lit. 2, Box 2605, Garfwld,
bonus points earned. AR 72732.

RUN It Right

104/RUN (ANUARVIB! CH C128 fm C-64 mode}


n., Usefulness: worth: price; merit: significance

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word processing, dala base, spreadsheet, graphics
1 BEFORE E 30,000 word speller 14 95
9 95
THE PRINTED WORD machine code word processor
BUDGETEER monitor budge! and personal finance
TOOL 64 enhanced BASIC and debugging utilities 9 95
COROM knightly adventure with graphics 9.95
SNOWDRIFTS en)oy game while learning weather
EASY TUTOR ten lesson plans to learn BASIC
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BOOKS Including Disks with Programs

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Cucie 9» on RuaOoi Seivice card.
1 :REM*32
230 FORX=1TO100:NEXT:IF(PEEK{5632O)AND16)=0
THEN290 :REM*72
240 J=15-{PEEK(56320)AND1SJ:IFJ=1THENDI=-80
:GOTO270 :REM*198
250 IFJ=2THENDI=80:GOTO270 :REM*56
260 GOTO230 :REM*247
270 NP=OP+DI:IFNP<110QORNP>1668TI1EN230
C,3:OP=NP:GOTO23 0 :REM*249
29 0 RESTORE:CA=(OP-1028)/80:ONCAGOSUB300,31
300 RETURN :REM*103
380 FORX=1TO20:READW${X):NEXT :REM*137
390 PRINT"(SUFT CLR)":POKE53280,0:POKE53281
Listing 1. Wbrdjumbler program. ,0:POKEC46,1 :REM*249
10 DIMD${23),TS<5),WS(20),L1(12),L2(12) B(24)"BONUS"TAB(31)"TOTAL" :REMT231
:REM*146 410 WC=0:TC=0:CU=18 :REM*147
20 D$(0I="(HOME}":FORX=1TO23:D$(X)=D$(X-1 ) + 420 WC=WC+1 :IFWO5THEN800 :REM*203
"(CRSR DN)":NEXT:C=54 272:FORX=1TO160:REA 430 TC=TC+2:POKE646,TC:PRINTDS(2)TAB(11)")C
DW$:NEXT :REM*220 TRL 9)(17 SPACEs)":FORX=1TO3 :REM*209
30 F0RX=1T012:READI,1 {X):NEXT:PRINT"(SHFT CL 440 PRINTTAB(11)"{CTRL 9) {3 CRSR RTs} (3 C
R}":POKE53280,0:POKE53281,0:POKE646,1 RSR RTs) (3 CRSR RTs) {3 CRSR RTs} ":PR
:REM*232 INTTABU1 ("{CTRL 9) "TABI27}" ":REM*179
40 PRINTD$(12)TAB|17) WHAT2IT":FORX=15TO1ST 450 PRINTTAB(11)"(CTRL 9) {3 CRSR RTs} {3 C
EP-1:POKE646,X :REM*104 RSR RTS} {3 CRSR RTs} {3 CRSR RTs} ":PR
50 PRINTD$(10)TAB(15) {CTRL 9)(11 SPACES}": INTTAB(11)"(CTRL 9)(2 SPACEs)(CRSR RT}{
S(8)TAI3{13)"{CTRL 9){15 SPACES)" :REM*68 460 PRINTTAB{11)"{CRSR UP)(CTRL 9}{17 SPACE
70 's 1TO7 : PRINTTAB ( 1 3 ) " (CTRL 9 ! "TAB ( 27 ) s}":POKE646,13 :REM*89
" ":NEXT:PRINTTAB(13}"{CTRL 9> <15 SPACES 470 FORX=1TO12:L2(X)=L1(X):NEXT:LP=0:WP$=""
}" :REM*122 :REM*97
80 PRTNTD$<6)TAB(11)"{CTRL 9}{19 SPACEs)":F 480 WN=INT(RND(1)*20)+1:IFW$(WN)=""THEN480
ORY=1TO11 :REM*72 :REM*2B3
90 PRINTTAB(11)"(CTRL 9) "TAB(29)" ":NEXT:P 490 LP=LP+1:IFLP>LEN(WS(WN))THEN520:REM*17 7
RINTTABfli)"{CTRL 9){19 SPACES}":REM*136 500 X=INT(RND(1 )*12)*1 : IFL2 (X) ^0TIIEN500
T (S<S PRINTD$(4}TAB(9)"(CTRL 9 J ( 23 SPACEs}":F :REM*191
ORY=1TO15 :REM*188 510 POKEL2(X),ASC(MID$(W$(WN),LP,1)}-64:POK
110 PRINTTAB(9)"{CTRL 9} "TAB(31)" ":NEXT:P EL2(X)+C,14:L2{X)=0:GOTO490 :REM*53
RINTTAB(9|"{CTRL 9){23 SPACES}":NEXT 520 X-INT(RND(1)*12)+1:IFL2{X)=0THEN52O
:REM*68 :REM*228
120 FORX=CTOC+23:POKEX,0:NEXT:POKEC + 24,1 5:P 530 OP=L2(X):POKEOP,42:POKEOP*C,7:TIS="0000
OKEC+5,10:POKEC+6,10 :REM*122 00" :REM*246
130 READ[[;IFH = 0THEN160 :REM*94 540 FORX=1TO60:NEXT:IF(PEEK(56 320)AND16)=0T
140 READI,:POKEC,I.:POKEC+1 ,II: POKEC+4 ,1 7 :FORX IIEN620 :REM*23ft
=1TO100:NEXT:POKEC+4,16 :REM*14 55 0 J=15-(PEEK(56320)AND15):IFJ = 1TFIENDI=-40
150 FORX=1TO75:NEXT:GOTO130 :REM*158 :GOTO600 :REM*214
160 PRINT"(SHFT CLR}":POKE532S0,2:POKE53281 560 IFJ=2THENDI=40:GOTO600 :REM*222
,3:POKE646,6:PRINTD$(2)TAB( 6 } " I' M HUNGR 570 IFJ=4THENDI=-1:GOTO600 :REM*14
Y" :REM*42 580 IFJ=8THENDI=1:GOTO600 :REM*206
:REM*190 620 IFPEEK(OP-40)>26THEN540 :REM*208
S, NO LEGS":POKE646,2 :REM*238 65 0 T=VAL(TI$} :POKE646 ,1 0 : POKEOP, 32 : POKEOP*-
il JOYSTICK. ..." :REM*124
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Gold Disk Series The Cataloger

The Ultimate Dlik Cataloging

System for the 64!
Volumes 1 through II Now Available!!!
Features ol The Cataloger V3.SA Include;
Volume 11 Features a C-64 Assembler • Loads directly from the disk Itself.
Each Olik Contains:
• Ability to change name of entry'
• The Monthly Feature Program • Fait — Uses relative files exclusively
• Programming Tutorials Gold Disk Series for I 28 • Search. Sort and Print by any of 12 fields.
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The Friendliest Commodore by Kevin Picked
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300 I 1200 Baud Operation
allows I3-character labels: assembles to ana from disk
New Punier File Transfer Protocol Sprite Editor — 256 sprites In memory, view 64 at same time, works with keyboard. Joystick or
Sub-Directories for File Transfer
trackball, animates sprites during design
250 User Capacity
Unassembles — create source code from any ML program
Accurate Clock / Calendar
Sound Editor — create Interropt-drlven sound effects
Printer Output Character Editor — edit all characters Screens to 255>64 HI res & Multl ioIoi Character Sets
Information Files
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RUN JANUARY 1986 / 107

Lilting I continued


KEC+24,15:FORQ=1TO3:NEXT :REM*236 O":OP=1807:POKEOP,30:POKEOP+C,3 :REM*51
670 POKEC+24,0:FORQ=1TO3:NEXT:NEXT:COTO690 850 POKE646,13:PRINTTAB(10)"(2 CRSR DNs)M0V
:REM*226 E ";:POKE646,3:PRINT"{UP ARROW)";:POKE6
68 0 POKECt-24,1 5 : POKEC, 1 0 : POKEC-t-1 , 1 00 : POKEC + 46,13 :REM*79
690 CU=CU+1:PRINTD${CU)TAB(4)W$(WN);:SC=0:I 870 IF)PEEK(56 320IAND16)-0THEN930 :REM*13
FWP$=W$(WN)THENSC=LEN(WP$) :REM*14 880 J=15-(PEEK(5632Si)AND15):IFJ=4THENDI = -4:
700 PRINTTAB(19) ; : IFSC< 1 0THENPRINT1' "; GOTO910 :REM*191
:REM*134 890 IFJ=8THENDI=4:GOTO910 :REM»179
710 PRINTSC;TAB(26); :BO=0 : IFT< 30THENBO=30-T 900 GOTO870 :REM*233
:REM*78 910 NP-OP+DI:IFNP<1807ORNP>1811THEN870
720 IFSC=0THEN[IO = 0 :REM*48 :REM*87

730 IFBOO0THENPRINT" "j :HEM*218 920 POKENP-tC, 3 :POKEOP , 32 : POKENP , 30 : POKEOP + C

10THENPRINT" "; :REM*248 930 IFOP=1807THEN160 :REM*65
750 PRINTTS(WC):POKE64 6,15 :REM*62 940 SY564759 :REM"239
770 PRINTD$(16)TAB(11 )"{17 SPACES}":FORX=1T :REM*203
790 PRINTD$(1 )TAB{U )"(12 SPACES)":W$(WN)=" ;REM*149
= 1 TO5:GT=GT + TS(X}:NEXT :REM*79 :REM*115
Fast and easy income tax preparation :REM*88
• This is ihe 5th annual edition - thousands of repeat customers I 1050 DATACIIAIR, STOVE, BLANKET, PILLOW, TABLE, L
• Includes Form 1040. Schedules A, B. C, D. E. G, SE. W. [ AMP,CALENDAR,CLOTHING,THERMOSTAT

Forms 2106. 2441 and 4562 :REM*26

• iintor and modify data on a screen copy of the form.
• Works like a spreadsheet ■ all the lines affected by a change | :REM*18
• Automatic tax computation. UD,FLOOD,HAIL,FRONT,DROUGHT,BLIZZARD

• Data can be saved on disk and updated. :REM*220

• Also included;
A dala base program to creale and maintain files ol tax related I
ilems (medical, car expenses, etc.) that can be used direct-1
ly by the tax programs.
• Can ue used all year round. Also good for many olher ac-1 1100 DATAPLUMBER,JANITOR,FARMER,CLERK,ATHLE
counting jobs (checkbook balancing. elc.| TE,ELECTRICIAN,TURTLE,COUGAR :REM*50
Price is tax deductible. C64 disk: S33 (+ S1.50 S&H) 1110 DATARATTLESNAKE,SALMON,OSTRICH,PEACOCK
S45(+ SI.50 S&H) :REM*60
Previous cusiomers prices: S22 and $30 for pro-version
KSOFT CO. 1130 DATAWOODPECKER,1197,1201,12 05,1209,135
845 WELLNER RD. 7,1361,1365,1369,1517,1521,1525,1529
(312) 961-1250 1140 DATA22,96,44,19 3,89,131,25,30,50,60,10
Dealer inquiries welcome. 0,121,28,49,56,99,112,199,0,0 :REM*78

Fromft. 28.
iK'iicil. Siii'i'il ot oxcciiiion may lie varied lor effect, and command [from;to) draws a line so quickly you can use
the program allows easy combination oftexl and graphics, it to represent a laser beam.
GPRINT allows precise positioning of text, in a variety
The Print Shop of sizes and in one of four built-in fonts. On execution,
Bemuse The Print Shop is geared for tuitpiit to your the letters form across your screen from left to right
printer, many of its graphics designs are never seen on An easy sprite editor and simple sprite commands
the screen and therefore cannot be outpui to a VCR. tompleie the package. Using sprites, I've created such
However, there is .* kaleidoscope feature thai displays varied scenes as exploding fireworks and people running
an ever-changing geometric pattern, over which you can to fill theatre seats.
superimpose print in two different sizes. 1 rather like tlie
Final Tips
way the print seems to form itself out of nothing, some-
what like the titles Hollywood used lor horror movies. Those are my favorites. In Finding your own. I'd suggest
For speedier execution, yon may also use texi without the following guidelines:
the kaleidoscope background. The Prim Shop also con I. Use software thai permits a variety of type sizes.
tains eighi different fonts, so you may match the type to Standard-size type can be difficult to read from the av
die situation. erage TV viewing distance.
However, The Prinl Shop is not a color program, so '2., Use something thai gives you a variety of fonts. A
make the best of black-and-whiie titles, (liroderbimd .Soft large Selection allows you to match the type to the mood
ware, 17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903.) you wish to convey.
3. Unless you're a whiz at programming sound, (brgei
Graphics Basic
your VCR's audio connection, t'se it later to dub in
Graphics Basic, In HesWare (390 Swift Ave. #11. South appropriate music from your record or tape collection.
San Francisco, CA u-ioko). i*. without exception, the best
Once you've done all this, you're ready to amaze your
extended liasie program ever.
family and friends. Or do as I do—give a videotape client
Programming is tailed for here, hut extended ISasic is
something uniquely your own, and use the extra dollars
logical and easy. Even I can use it
to support your computer habit 13
Because you are working from a program, taping the
execution as the program runs is a good way to achieve
The Fill command, for example, sends color running Address all author correspondence to Eruin Holm. 23 St. Law-
across your screen to paint an enclosed spate. The Line Tenet, St. ftlers, MO 63376.

Ci'CIQ 19Bon Ruad&i Service card

$50 for vour old
* Heavy 32-oz. VINYL ANTI-STATIC Universal Parallel
■jc Choice of Colon Lt. Tan or Brown
• Built-in selt-lesl wiih siatus report
C-6«; VIC-10; C-16; PIUS * 7.00
• Optional RAM primer buffer
C-128; B-128 13.00 • Provides virtually total emulation of
Commodore printers tor compatabihty
DISK DRIVES with popular soltwaio
C-1541; C-1571 INDUS GI 8.00
MSDS/D; APPLE S/D S.0O • ASCII conversion, lotal tfist, Emulale 8
I ran pa rent mode
C-1SI5/MP58O1 10.00 Switch seleclable Commodore graphics • Fully Inteillflenl interface mat plugs info
C1S2S/MPSB02 1300 modu tor Epson, StarMrcronics, C. lloti, slantfEird Commodore prmier socket
C/MPS 803; C-1S20; C-1530 B.OO Prownler. Okidata, Seikoslia, Banana.
PANASONIC KX-P1090/91 13.00 • Exclusive graphic key-match function
EPSON MX/HX/FX 80 13.00
BMC. Panasonic, Mannesman Talley
GEMINI 10 & STAR 10't 13.00 6, olliurs Mlcrograflj MW-350 SI29
GEMINI 13 S STAR lS'i 16.00 ■ $7»,()n with iinj trade In
OKIDATA 91/92 13.00
JUKI 6100 16.00 Universal Inpiil/Oulput
Board tor C-64 & C-128
C-17Q3/1703; C-1902 P.GBI 16.00 • 16 Channel 8-bil A/D converter wilh 100
ZENITH ZVM 132/123 16.00 micraaacona sampling time.
ZENITH ZVM 131/133 23.00
TAKAN RGB 2110 16.00 • 1 D/A output
BMC COLOR 16.00 • 16 high voltage/high current
VIDEO RECORDERS 13.00 discrete output
(Dimaniiont Required)
• \ EPROM socket
Order by statmo NAME and MODEL
and COLOR CHOICE TAN or BROWN. • Um.h multiple! boards for additional
Encloip check or money ottif plui $1.SO
per ilem (4.50 mui j thippinci and fiopidling
channels up to 6 boards
California Res. Include 6.5-% Sales Tax.
CHM-M used MW-611


Micro World Computers, Inc. 987-9531
mi \v. WadsworUi Blvd. snoo
Crown Custom Covers
9606 SHtLLTflELD ROAD-DL.Dt a Lakewood, v.omm
DOWNEY, CA 90340
(213) 862-8391


From p. 10.

The format is
!}>a9A Working with machine language—You can easily
MID) (siring I .position < .length >i = Miin^'J tell when a liasic program Includes a machine language
What happens is the first length characters of string^ routine, because you'll see one or more Data statements
replace tlie length characters of string], starting at the whose elements are numbers between 0 and 255. Those
variable "position." The remainder of String] is not numbers are the machine language program, and the
affected. Basil program always includes some Pokes to put lliem
The length is an option, but if you leave it out, stringS into memory.
cannoi be longer than the remaining number of char Once the machine language program is in memory, it
acters in siring]. or an illegal quantity error results. is activated fay a svs command, which is the machine
Rick Rothsiein
language equivalent of Rl'N. Sometimes the SVS causes
a one-time action to take place, and sometimes ii activates
Trenton, NJ
a feature that you can access again and again, until the
computer is reset.
J)»a9o CP/M utilities—If you are using CP/M mode on Even if you erase your Basil program with the New
the C-I28, you mighl think thai ii came without some of command, or even if you resel il with stop/restore or a
its important utilities, they don't show up in any reset button, ibe machine language program remains in
disk directory. llip your disk to the other side, and you'll memory! If your reset seems to have killed the machine
find them lurking there. language, you can usually resurrect it by repeating the
original SYS.
Eugene Cozzi
Barre, VT Use Payne
Cheswick, PA

C-64/VIC Buffer Saver—Many interesting pro

grams 1'oke machine language routines into the cassette
buffer and adjoining locations, which occupy memory
from 820 to 102:.!. decimal. The trouble with this tech $29B Ddeteablockof lines—II"you have a C-04 or VIC,
nique is thai you must run the liasic Poker every time ii's never pleasant when a large block of Basic lines needs
you want io load your machine language routines. to be removed from your program, To delete them, you
The routine In-low saves the machine language directly must type each line rummer Individually, then press the
from the buffet to disk or tape, To use Buffer Saver, jusi return key. Sometimes, you can write a Basic program to
add it to the end of your Basic Poker program and add automate die task, but such programs usually depend on
the proper program name in line [60. II you have a VIC, your lilies being numbered in a very regular way.
you must also change the SYS64738 to SYS64802, As II sou have a C-P2H. 1'lusM or (Mli. or if you own a
printed, the program saves to disk. To make it save to programmer's aid cartridge, the Delete command is a
tape, change the ,8 after tile SAVE to a .1.1. godsend at limes like these—it lels you remove any num
Once machine language programs have been saved to ber of lines, just by typing one command.
disk, the) musi be loaded using die Formal The accompanying program provides the Delete com
mand for (!)!■ rest of us. When run, ii puts a machine
language program into [be cassette buffer. Once thai
in order to work properly, and a New command must lie
program is in place, blocks of lines can lie deleted by
executed following the load. If the New wipes out an
t\ping commands of the following form:
important Basic program, you can either reload it or use
an Unnew program to bring it back to life. If you use the tlne#,endlng <relum>

DOS 5.1 wedge, you can load machine language b\ using

For example.
% instead of/, and, in thai case, you need not perform
the New command. SyS828.lOO.aOO tlHnv- Lines I0O-I98
SYS828,0,100 deletes everything up io line '.i'.i
R SAVER - LOUIS F. SANDER(CRSR DNJ" SYS828300.63099 deletes everything from line 300-63998
110 PRINT"SAVES 820-1023 (S0334-S03FF) TAPE SYS828.SO0.Q deletes everything from :ii)d up

Once the machine language is in place, you can use
PUT YOUR" this month's Buffer Saver program to save il directly, so
130 PRINT"PROGRAM NAME INTO LINE 160." you won't have In bother with the Basic program again.
140 INPUT"(CRSR DNJREADY TO SAVE THE DUFFER Machine language experts will be pleased to know ilia!
";A$:IFLEFT$(A$,1)<>"y"THENEND the machine language is completely relocatable, making
150 POKE43,52:POKE44,3:POKE45,0:POKE46, 4 : PO ii possible to store in any safe area of memory.
20 CS = 0:FORJ = 1TO1-17:READK:CS = CS + K:NEXT
Pittsburgh, PA :STOP

110/RUN JANUARY 1986

Circle 175 on Reader Somco card

SNAPSHOT 64 is a unique and exciting
ulilily thai virtually takes a picture ol your
computer's memory. SNAPSHOT 61 then
saves that 'snapshot' to disk and
automatically creates an aulobool loader
for the program. Once saved to disk the
program may be restarted at the exact
same point at which it was interrupted!!!

SNAPSHOT 64 is the perfect answer lor

those looking (or the ultimate backup utili
ty. Think ol il, being able to slop most any
program after the protection check and
Ihen being able lo resume the program at
the same point, totally bypassing the pro
tection check.


When you can solve disk drive alignment problems EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THOSE
in 60 minutes with the CSM program. MEMORY-RESIDENT SOFTWARE"


Disk drive alignment problems? Read What Computers Gazette DETECTED
Drive out ol alignment again? had to say. (Oct., 1984)
Tired of waiting two weeks or ",.. with 1541 Disk Drive Alignment from CSM THE BACKUP COPY WILL RUN AS-IS,
more to get your driva tixed?? Sollware, you can fix il [the disk drive] WITHOUT THE SNAPSHOT CARTRIDGE
WE HAVE THE ANSWER I I yoursoll In an hour or sound rite program will
pay for Itself the first tuns you use it,..No • WORKS MUCH FASTER THAN OTHER
technical expertise is requited to accomplish SIMILAR UTILITIES
you can align Itiadriua yourself In an hour or so. Nol
only thai, you can do it al homo AND no special Ibe alignment procedures, and the manual ac
equipment is required. Any on o with companying the program thoroughly
mechanical skills c<ln do it!! describes the procedures."
1 541 DISK DRIVE ALIGNMENT PROGRAM - VEHSION 2.0 ■ $44.95 plus shipping


The best cartridge - to disk backup system is now • STORE MANY DIFFERENT SNAPSHOTed
Finally, a reference book written for the average
even beller. Tne sollware has baen enhanced to FILES ON A SINGLE DISK
user. Until now EPROM programming was simply
back up many more cartridges and disk programs.
too difficult for most people. The EPROM PRO
Cartridges will run from the disk as-ls and do not • FULLY SELF-CONTAINED ON CARTRIDGE —
GRAMMERS HANDBOOK will lake the mystery out
require any ROM or RAM expansion Boards. WO DISK TO HASSLE WITH
of putling your favorite programs on cartridge. Learn
VERSION J.Q software update Is available to ALL
to create your own cartridges antf customize your
prior purchasers ol CARTRIDGE BACKER and
computer and disk drive. Discover Ihe power of pro-
• Covets Beginning iliru advanced topics,
(Includes sollware and expansion board) — TO BE STOPPED. EXAMINED. MODIFIED AND
• Simplifies EPROM programming so lhal anyone
SS4.95 plus shipping can do il. RESUMED WHILE STILL IN MEMORY!!
• Peilecl companion lor Ihe PROMENADE antf other
Soltware update only (call lor details) —
S14.00 plus shipping • Creole your own autostart cartridges, cuswm REQUIRED BY OTHER UTILITIES
KERNAL. modi/ted DOS and soeciatireO EPROMs.
• Put many programs on o single cartridge with ' COMPLETE AND THOROUGH MANUAL IS
FOR THE C-64 VOLUME II • Disk includes ready louse routines ana helpful
Not just a tniid edition — a now and up-lo date
manual covering ihe latest advances In program $32.'- plus shipping ' RAVE REVIEWS IN- INFO 64,
protection. Over 275 pages ol valuable informa
tion. Topics include:
• TIPS FROM EXPERTS ON S29.95 plus shipping
VISA AND MASTERCARD ACCEPTED t= 'S a registered trademark of
$34.95 plus shipping Shipping S3.50 per Hem in il S.: foreign orders extra Commodore Business Machines. Inc.

Available through your local software dealer or call:


POST OFFICE BOX 563, CROWN POINT IN. 46307, PHONE (219) 663-4335
13 Magic

I isttrig t critiiinffl,

Restore key tip—If you've experienced erratic op

50 POKES+6 , 206 : POKES+26 ,198: POKES+ 37 , 1 98 : PO eration when umil^ the stop/restore combination, you've
KES+56,19B:REM VIC-20 ^ui plenty of company. Don't cull the repairman, chough,
60 POKES+140,197:PGKES+143,19:POKES+146,196 bccaiisi' thcit-'s utiiliing wrong wilh you] conipult-r. To
:REM VIC-20 work properly, the circuitry that monitors Ihe restore key
61 DATA lf>2, 004,138,072,032 233 ,174 ,032 iulisi see n sharp and rapid change in that key's status.
62 DATA 107,169,104,170,165 021 ,149 ,105
So. if restore is pressed gently—in the manner of the
63 DATA 165,020,202,149,105 202 ,208 ,234
64 DATA 032,089,166,165,108 166 ,109 ,133 cm her kc-ys—the monitoring circuit often misses the event.
65 DATA 020,134,021 ,032,019 166 , 165 ,095 The solution is to always use the following kc*yhourcl
66 DATA 16 6,096 133,108,134 109 ,165 ,106 technique:
67 DATA 166,107,133,020,134 ,021 ,032 ,019 IVi-ss ihe ship key iintl hold iL just as tluiLi^h you were
68 DATA 166,165,095,166,096 ,133 ,106 ,134 using it to shift a Letter key. While stop is firmly depressed,
69 DATA 107,165,108,197,106 ,165 ,109 ,229 give the restore key one sharp tap, as though your finger
70 DATA 107,144,012,165,045 ,233 ,002 ,133
were a woodpecker's beak.
71 DATA 106,165,046,233,000 ,133 ,107 ,056
72 DATA 165,045,229,10G,133 ,104 ,165 ,046 Mary Haver
73 DATA 229,107,133,105,024 ,165 ,104 , 101 Wood Islands, IT.I
74 DATA 108,133,045,165,105 ,101 ,109 ,133 Canada
75 DATA 046,160,000,165,I 04 ,208 ,004 ,198
76 DATA 105,048,015,198,104 ,177 ,106 ,145
77 DATA 108,200,206,239,230 ,107 ,230 ,109
78 DATA 203,233,032,051 165 ,032 ,089 ,166
79 DATA 076,12ft,164 Easy-fingered loading—It's common practice to
James Pelicchi rename frequently used programs with one-character
Middle Island, NY names, u» minimize ihi- amount of ivping necessary t»
load them. It's even heller when ihe new name is a single
\hifw<l character, such as shifted W. With such names, you
ran press ihc shii'i key immediately after the- I, in the
iihlm-viaieri Load command, and not release it until the
comma before ihe 8 for the disk drive number. This
ULTRABYTE eliminates the coordinated fingering required with other
suits of filenames. It's not much, but it suit feels better!
David A. Hooyer
Bangkok, Thailand


INFO-64 Magazine, June 19BS. compared Commodore
Detecting keypresses—There is an alternative to
64 copy program* and awarded Itie Nib bier lt> highest
rating. Now the Nlbbler im:, been improved to copy ilu- Gel sinu-iiieni in detecting single keypresses on Com-
dozen* oi Ihe latetl programs thai previously could not inttdtnv combiners. A memory Location called LSTX al-
be copied, all in lean (nun IhrSB mlnulei.
wiiys contains a mnnber tliat corresponds (o whatever key
is currently pressed. Here are ihe locations of I.SIX:
* Simple. Even a beginner makes periect copies
* Fast. Copies protected disks tn three minutes C-M and Vic- l!)7
* Sgphltticated, Senses the disk being copied and Plus/4 and C*16—2088
automatically adjuelB lor dozens of protection C-l 28—213
schemes. Copies 99 • ",v ol »oltware
You can determine the values for different keys by exe
* Modular deergn lo allow •■■•■•/ updaloa
« Even copies Itself. For this reason, no refunds cuting the following program and pressing the keys.Sub
will be given stitute one of the numbers above Tor LSTX in the
following example.
S 39.95 Plus S4.00 shipping A handling
Mailercarl VIjj. Check or M 0 Calif idd b !i'\ (J260I uln tax.
k.[Lir,i, LXdm it COD Idd tiW PiysneiH mull ba in US. Tunis, Feng Yihao
hai/loui tuiiomin miy crd&r V 2Q lur 120.00 plut U 00 iMppIng Singapore


To order, write or cill 24 fir. ordtr Una
Fof Inlormailon. wrlir Phoni lor nrdeic only
Exclusive OR operator—The exclusive OR, also
ULTRABYTE (818) 796-0576
called XOK <ii KOR. win ks by comparing the bit patterns
P.O. Box 789 La Canada CA 91011 USA of two numbers and dun returning n 1 for every case
DEALERS & DISTRIBUTORS WANTED where tlu* bits arc dissimilar, in other words, ii ihe com
pared bits are both Os or both Is, a zero will be returned.
Circle 206 on Rn.idur Service card- 25J on flosrtnr S«r«lco carO

Software Discounters ;
"Cecil's 6510 Conditional Macro Assembler"
tor Commodore 64" or Commodore 128"
of America lSDotA7
Orders Outside PA—1-800-225-7638 ^V^
A. package ol programming tools created for every assembly language PA Orders - 1-800-2237784 - Dn eot..«i«u
programmer Customer Service 412-381-5291 Open Saturday
•Fmo Shipping on ordari ovar SIM In continental USA
Fully capable tor Hie professional "Cecils Assembler' always EVAL
•No surchjrgs for VISAfMaitaicard
UATES THE WHOLE EXPRESSION. THEN RETURNS THE • Your card la not charged until wa ship
ACCESS Mi.liipianBJ oi 128 $39 UltimaD(D) .... S3?
Clear and direct lor the begmner- "Cecil's Editor' provides EXTENSIVE Boach Head2(D|.. 521 Rescue on Wirmm inr-PoohlDj SI 7
ON-LINE HELP" Mach5(R| ... Fractaliis(D) .... $25 SIMON 1 SCHUSTER
Raid Ovrr MOSCOW (D) 524 Summer Games n ID) $25 Kcrmil's Electronic
• Features 10 built-in macro instructions to complete Urn brunch ACCOLADE The Eidolon (Dl . . . . $25 SlorymakerlDI . $19
or lump on condition instruction sets DambustersiDI 119 Winter Games (D) . $25 3py HunleilF) 529
Hardball (D) S19 GAMESTAR Star Trek The Kobrashi
• Oa-bligt and modilios ossily by allowing 13 unique laholchur- LBWDl tile WesMDI S19 rjn-Freki Football (D $19 Alt(unntivnlD) . , £26
ACTIVISION Sttr-Rmh Bo<lntj(D: $19 Typnid Tulur MIlDl $26
Rnnuwud Time(Q) (19 HAYDEN SPINNAKER
Fast Tracks Slot Ca Sa'non III (Dl $33 AI()ri,]UR!Zoo(Fll $17
• Includas lull-scrouti editor with enhanced DOS commands
Const K.1I (Dl. . . 121 INFOCOM Frnclion Fever (Ri $15
Gary Kitchen's Cul TMO.iIbIDI 523 Homework Helper . Call
• Nests macros ro 32 deep
GarnemakerlD) S25 Enchanter |D) 523 Kids on Kcys(R| .. $17

• includes 10 pseudo-ops to control the assembly process. Great American MilcMhikcr'sGuitte to the KmrlercomplH) S17
Cross- Coumry Grfla-yIDl $23 Story MachnelF) $17

• Slops on error and-or identities error type and location Road Race IDl . . $19 Pl3netlall(D) 523 SPRINGBOARD
Hacker (Dl . . i19 Sceliurcaker ID) $29 Easy asABClDl $23
• Supports most printers did interlaces and allows multiple disk LlltlB Compulnr SiisqcciiDi $29 Newsroom (D} 533
People [Dl Wrshbnnflet (0) 523 Newsroom Clip Art
AMERICAN Zork 1 (D) $23 Vol. 1 ID) 519

• Prints its own instruction manual EDUCATIONAL KOALA Slickers IDl $23
All Tilles Available Call Mupp<*l Lnaming SSI
ARTWOHX KeyS{D| . 539.96 Batiaiio"
BnUgeiO(D) S1G TojcTi Tablet *l CommancenDI 525
ONLY '34.95 by Check, Money Order, Visa or DalaDisk'1 lemale S16 Pnmtnt(D) $39.9 Broaklhrougti in Ihe
MasterCard to: Dala Disk K2 male S16 Koala Punier (Ol
519 Ardennes(Dj 537
Data Disk 03temalc $16 LEARNING COMPANY BroadsiOoslDl.. S25

NORTH OHIO FIRMWARE International AitTnles Availauli- Call Colonial

Hockey(D).... $19 MICHOLEAGUE Conquest (D) 525
P.O. Box 2661 Strip PckKMDl 521 BasoiMililO) . . 126 Coniputtr Amtrush(Dl $37
AVALON HILL Gnnnrnl M^nanor |O) 52G CompdlorQB(D) $25
North Canton, Ohio 44720
Super Bo^l MICROPROSE Fieldol FirelD) 525
Sunday ID) S19 Anro Jnt Aftvflnrnd]noWoirior(())S23
Or call 216/497-0736 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST.
Tournament Goll IDl ita Fli[]litSim(il,iliinD $23 Knrirn|]ff]ru[]p<f (D). . . 537

CommQttOit 94* nrid GornmodorQ t?lim Bra ragttteted trademirkt tit UATTERIES INCLUDED Crusnde in Eitronn (D) 126 Norwrny tflHS(D) 523
Consultant 6J or 121) S39 F 15StrihnEa((lr)IO) 521 Phanlaale(D) $25
tlanxnneio'" Biwnoss Vac luces
Paperclipfirtor 128 139 Kennedy Approacn(D) $21 OuaslronlDI S25
Paperclip Yj/Spell Stlflni BnrviOTiO) $23 Wings ol War(Dl . . 525
64 or 128 149 MtNDSCAPE SUBLOGIC
BKODERBUNQ Bank SI MUSIC Flight Simulator II(D) $32
BankSt FilerlDJ S33 Writer ID) $26 JutlO) $29
BankSI MailerlDl . $33 Color Me Tno Computer SYNAPSE
BjnkSl Speller ID) S33 Coloring Kit (D) $19 Brini5(one(D) $25
Bank SI Wnler |D) $33 Dotnhm'n Runrr (Dl $19 Es^r<([)) $25
Karateka(D) 119 Haltey PruieellO) $26 TELARIUM


Pnnl ShoplDl $27 Lo'dsol Midnight |D)$19 Ama/oniD) $21
Pnnl Snnn Graphics I'i-i.., 1 Scoiu SAI IDl$44 Fahrenh«il451 IDl $21
LiQrary fITlDl S16 ShAdowfirrlOl $19 P«ry Mason (Ol 521

YOUR RUN Pnnl Snap Graphics

Library H2 (Dl S16
Buckaron Ban;ai IDl $21
wfWama(D> S2!
Pnnl Shop Grannies CSM 1541 Ahqnmenl TIMEWOBKS
You'll find all your favorite issues of RUN in minutes-and in Library #3(D) . . 516 Klt(O) $29 Daia Manager II |Di 533

great condition—with smart-looking birders or file cases from Spelunker (D) 519 Central Poini Datd Manager (128] S43
StpallhlD] 519 Cop> II IDl $23 Evelyn Wood Dynam C

Jesse Jones. Whistlers Brother [D)S19 Diskey (D) $33 Reader(D| 533

CBS KaifllnChflmplDi $23 Sideways IDl 515

Sturdy, protective file cases make (or easy access to each Maslaflng thoSATIDl 549 SnapSliul 6S IR) Call SwIltCBlCI
Succeaa w/Algebra C.I I Sd*v3. SpyillDI. . SIB Sutoway5(12Ml '■1,
issue, while rugged binders allow magazines to lay flat for SuCGG&B WIMiilM Call Supnrt)a?u64 ID) $4^ Sylvia Porter's Personal
DAVIDSON SuGaibatg t?H $59 Financial PlannonD) 539
easy reference. Both hold M.ith Blaaler (D) $33 VirEi^liir 12(1 Cull WoirJwrllar w/
WorOAtlackID) $33 Vnaturite 12B Cnll BS.OOOSiJpieriD).. S3 3
12 issues, are custom-designed in brown with gold spine let ELECTRONIC ARTS ORIGIN Wordwriler wiW.OIX)
Adv Const SotlDI Ultima 3 (Di . . . $34 Spalloi 1138) 5S3
tering, and are unconditionally guaranteed. Archiin 2 Adept (D) UllimaH (U) $39 WINOHAM CLASSICS
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