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Chemistry 11

Quarter 3: January 29 – March 28, 2018

Teachers: Jacob Hundt, Bryan Heystek, Vicki Ramsay

Week 1
Mon: 01/29/18 Intro to Chem 11
Course Project Review
Demo: burning wood, burning metal – weighing
reactants and products
Phlogiston: the story
HW: Lavoisier Reading for Wednesday
Wed: 1/31/18 Discuss reading
Lab: Density is a Periodic Property
HW: post-lab questions
Fri: 02/02/18 Discussion of Lab questions
Review of Molar Mass
HW: Read Dalton for Wed, 2/7

Week 2
Mon: 02/05/18 Brainstorming of project ideas
stories: cobalt, smart phones, rare metals, TFOA,
elements cards

Wed: 2/7/18 Properties of Esters Discuss Dalton Reading

1st Law of Thermodynamics
experiment: conservation of mass
Fri: Feb 9 Read Periodic Properties of Elements Molarity equations
HW: Mendeleev reading for Mon 2/12

Week 3
Mon, 2/12/18: Project topics due, list of
resources, one-sentence
description of why source is
Periodic Table Activity
Wed: 02/14/18 Lab: Periodic Table
HW: crossword puzzle, post lab
Fri: Feb 16 molar mass & molar mass & molarity

Student Support Conferences February 19-23

Week 4
Mon, 02/26/18: Rough Draft #1 due
Ionic & Covalent Bonding
Lab: Halogens
HW: Avogadro reading for Friday
Wed, Feb 28:
Lab: Alkali Metals
Alkali Earth Metals
HW: post lab questions

March 2:
Review lab questions
Discuss Avogadro

Week 5
March 5
March 7
March 9

Week 6
March 12 Rough Draft #2 due
March 14
March 16

Week 7
March 12 Rough Draft of letters due
March 14
March 16

Week 8
March 19 Final drafts of paper & letters due
March 21
March 23

Week 9
March 26
March 28

The ten most beautiful experiments

The Disappearing Spoon, Sam Kean