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MLA Citation Guidesheet for Works Cited Pages and Bibliography Cards

Dorseyville Middle School Library – updated 3/2008

Things to remember when writing a citation:
1. Most of your information will be found on the title page or on the back of the title page.
2. For cities, use the first one listed. If out of the country and not well known, add the country of origin.
3. When writing the publisher’s name, leave out extras like “Inc.”, “Publishers”, “Books”, “Press”, etc.
4. When multiple copyright dates are listed, always use the most recent.
5. Remember to indent when beginning the second and any subsequent lines.
6. Punctuation is the KEY! Pay careful attention to all commas, periods, and colons.

Book with One Author/Pamphlet Book/Pamphlets with many Authors

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publication City: Last Name, First Name, and other people. Title of Book.
Publisher, Year of Publication. Publication City: Publisher, Year of Publication.
Sample Sample
Wilson, Frank R. The Hand: How Its Use Shapes the Baker, Robert, and Laurence W. Jones. An Introduction
Brain. Los Angeles: Greenhaven, 2006. to Astronomy. Boston: Lucent, 2006.

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Reference Books

Book with an Editor
Article Title When you have an editor, write their name the same as you would for the
Common Encyclopedias/Dictionaries
author, then place a comma then Ed. after it. See below:
“Mercury.” World Book Encyclopedia. 2007 ed.
The editor Jane Smith becomes: Smith, Jane, Ed.
Specialty Encyclopedias/Dictionaries/Reference Books

Thomas, John. “Normans and Normandy.” Dictionary Internet Sources

of the Middle Ages. New York: Scribner’s. If any of the information is absent, skip it.
Multi-Volume Specialty Reference Book Author(s). “Article/Portion of Webpage Used.” Title of
Freedman, Paul. “Auschwitz.” New York: UXL, 2004. Website. Date of Last Post/Revision/Update.
Vol. 3 of Understanding the Holocaust. Company/Organization/Institution Responsible.
Date of access <web address>.

Magazines Felluga, Donald. “What Kids Really Think.” Students
Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine Date: page Talk About Drugs. 9 June 2006. USAToday. 5
numbers. Oct. 2007 <>.
Armstrong, Larry. “The Learning Revolution.” Newsweek Poem, Essay, or Short Story in an Anthology
28 Feb. 2007: 80-89.
Author(s). “Title of Poem/Essay/Story.” Title of Book.
Ed. Editor Name. Publication City: Publisher,
Newspapers Year of Publication. Page Numbers.
Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Newspaper Date: Sample
page numbers. Allende, Isabel. “Toad’s Mouth.” The Hammock Beneath
Sample the Mangoes. Ed. Thomas Colchie. Dallas:
Young, Vince. “Man Released from Prison.” Pittsburgh Penguin, 2006.
Post-Gazette 28 Feb. 2006: C4.
Pictures from the Internet Interview
Interviewee Name(s). Personal interview. Date.
(if any of the below can not be identified, simply leave
them out…if no picture name is found, describe image) Sample
Creator(s). “Description or Name of Image.” Online Payton, Mary Ann. Personal interview. 15 Jan. 2006.
image. Title of Website Where Image Was Found.
Date of access <web address>. Videorecording/DVD
Title of Video. Dir. Director’s Name. Distributor, Year
Jones, Thomas. “Map of Ancient Egypt.” Online
image. University of Cairo Maps. 10 Jan. 2000
It’s a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. Dreamworks,

Student Resource Center/EBSCOhost

Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine Date: page
numbers. Name of Database. EBSCOhost. Date Author(s). “Title of Article.” Title of Magazine Date: page
of access <>. numbers. ProQuest. ProQuest. Date of access
Sample Magazine
Killmeyer, Judith T. “How to Throw a Fastball.” Sports Sample Magazine
Illustrated 9 Oct. 2001: 87. MasterFile Premier Koretz, Gene. “Economic Trends: Uh-Oh, Warm Water.”
EBSCOhost. 12 Feb. 2005 <>. Business Week 21 July 2006: 87. ProQuest.
ProQuest. 17 Aug. 2007
Sample Journal <>.
Benson, Carole, ed. “America’s Children: Key Indicators
of Well-Being.” Federal Interagency Forum on
Children. 1 July 2000. ERIC ED 427897. Issues and Controversies
EBSCOhost. 18 June 2003 <>.
“Article Title.” Issues & Date
Published. Facts on File News Service. Date of
LitFinder access <>.
Author(s) Name. “Poem, Speech, Play, Story Title.”
LitFinder. Thompson Gale. Date of access Sample Article
<>. “Music and Me.” Issues &
Sample 10 Aug. 2006. Facts on File News Service. 29
Cummings, Edward Estlin. “Chanson Innocente: 2.” Aug. 2007 <>.
LitFinder. Thompson Gale. 18 Sept. 2003
AccuNet AP Multimedia Archive
Biography Reference Bank Creator(s) Name. “Title of photograph.” Date Created.
Author(s). "Article Title." Original Source of Article. Date AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive. Accuweather.
of original source. Pages of original source. Specific Date of access <>.
Database on WilsonWeb. Date of access.
<>. Sample
Sample Kraychyk, George. “Golden Globes: Denzel Washington.”
"Edward Albee." Current Biography. 2005. Biography 1 Dec. 2003. AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive.
Reference Bank. 15 Dec. 2004 Accuweather. 2 Sept. 2004
<>. <>.