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‘Tel 4a74 anit s77i | ORa20161 Si Jala 2 auisrr | P08. 2106 fecal ‘4g14 5773 | Barwa Vil — 5PROMPT sacs tt | Ye seria FNGREERNG & TRADING ERMICES CO. LL Email prompt@promptastacom | Website: wink promptgatarcom Certificate of Calibration Cericate No: 12-17.9090346 CUSTOMER: POWER & CONTROL ENGINEERING bow QATAR UNIT UNDER CAL: WIKA PRESSURE GAUGE0 TO 10 bar.05 bar es SERIAL NUMBER: 90903-6 CAL RESULT: PASS PROCEDURE NAME: PCMIMIO9 PERFORMED ON: 30-Dec-2017 ARRIVE DATE: 26-De0-2017 RECOMD. CAL DUE: 30-Dec-2018 CALIBRATED BY: Sanju Sinay TEMPERATURE: 20C (+/-2C) HUMIDITY: “<60 %RH This is to certify that the instrument detailed above meets all the published specifications and has been calibrated with Reference standards whose accuracies are traceable to National/Intemational Standards through an ISO/IEC 17025 certified Laboratory. ‘The deviation in UUC reading is within the limits as per UUC’s specifications. ‘The uncertainties are for confidence level of not less than 95% with coverage factor k= 2. In case of partial calibration, Partial calibration was performed considering working range of instrument and limitation of scope of accreditation ‘The calibration data is available in the suceeding report. The result given in the calibration report relate only to the measured values obtained af the time test and carry no implication regarding the long term stability ofthe unit under test. ‘Note: Supporting document related to traceability is available for review by appointment REMARKS: RECALIBRATED UNIT IN GOOD CONDITION [Standards Used Asset Description CaLDate Due Date PET-CAL-STD-072 FLUKE 2700G-G20M REFERENCE PRI 05-0c-2017 04-Oct-2018. FLUKE P5513 COMPARATOR [Test Results REFER TO THE ATTACHED SUCEEDING PAGES FOR THE DETAILE PB: 2067, DOWE, TAR Tals (oe 4sn aT, ati 571 Fo o78 de 8000 Enna pone com nu oor CALIBRATED BY: APPROVED BY: eibit Phiip-Technical Manager 1D Ferdinand Boriongan -Quality Manager ‘DAlfred Lomat - Sr. Cal Engineer Leoraj M. - Sr. Cal Engineer 1D Minto K Joy - Sr. Cal Engineer This report shall not be valid if not accompanied with official seal of company issuing this report. This certificate eannot be reproduced except in full, without writen approval from the laboratory. PETICALIFIO5, Rev. 04 ee ear ena Calibration, Test and Measurement Page | of f Calibration Data Certificate No: 12-17-90903-6 Date Printed : 30/12/2017 Noe yee ae Co een ——_ ee eee i I 4 eee z of 3 readings | Error(+) Tao} ioe eee | | ae = ee ane a by) of 3 readings, Error(+) SEER} ea eg ae ee ee Pee oo End Of Data REROMET ‘Traceable To National / Internati SITY Pe so74 a4 fe Seal anes ey F/CAL/M/09/CR, Rev.0 Page 1of1