Statistics Toolbox MATLAB Version 5.0.1 (R14SP1) 05-Sep-2004 Distributions. Parameter estimation. betafit - Beta parameter estimation.

binofit - Binomial parameter estimation. dfittool - Distribution fitting tool. evfit - Extreme value parameter estimation. expfit - Exponential parameter estimation. gamfit - Gamma parameter estimation. lognfit - Lognormal parameter estimation. mle - Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE). mlecov - Asymptotic covariance matrix of MLE. nbinfit - Negative binomial parameter estimation. normfit - Normal parameter estimation. poissfit - Poisson parameter estimation. raylfit - Rayleigh parameter estimation. unifit - Uniform parameter estimation. wblfit - Weibull parameter estimation. Probability density functions (pdf). betapdf - Beta density. binopdf - Binomial density. chi2pdf - Chi square density. evpdf - Extreme value density. exppdf - Exponential density. fpdf - F density. gampdf - Gamma density. geopdf - Geometric density. hygepdf - Hypergeometric density. lognpdf - Lognormal density. mvnpdf - Multivariate normal density. nbinpdf - Negative binomial density. ncfpdf - Noncentral F density. nctpdf - Noncentral t density. ncx2pdf - Noncentral Chi-square density. normpdf - Normal (Gaussian) density. pdf - Density function for a specified distribution. poisspdf - Poisson density. raylpdf - Rayleigh density. tpdf - T density. unidpdf - Discrete uniform density. unifpdf - Uniform density. wblpdf - Weibull density. Cumulative Distribution functions (cdf). betacdf - Beta cdf. binocdf - Binomial cdf. cdf - Specified cumulative distribution function.

raylcdf . unifcdf . ncfcdf .Rayleigh cdf.Chi square inverse cumulative distribution function. evrnd . geocdf .Uniform inverse cumulative distribution function.Noncentral t cdf.Noncentral t inverse cumulative distribution function.Extreme value random numbers. expinv .Noncentral Chi-square cdf. unifinv . hygeinv .Poisson cdf.T inverse cumulative distribution function. gaminv . binoinv . unidcdf . chi2inv . ncx2inv . nctinv . betarnd . fcdf .Discrete uniform cdf. ncx2cdf . betainv . tinv .Hypergeometric cdf.Noncentral F inverse cumulative distribution function.Weibull cdf.Noncentral Chi-square inverse distribution function. nctcdf .Noncentral F cdf.Poisson inverse cumulative distribution function. Critical Values of Distribution functions.Negative binomial cdf.Uniform cdf. normcdf .Lognormal inverse cumulative distribution function.T cdf.Negative binomial inverse distribution function. evcdf . norminv .Gamma cdf. ecdf .Weibull inverse cumulative distribution function.Lognormal cdf. hygecdf . evinv .Exponential cdf.Specified inverse cdf. . gamcdf . poissinv .chi2cdf . icdf .Rayleigh inverse cumulative distribution function. finv .Extreme value cumulative distribution function. chi2rnd . geoinv . logncdf .Normal (Gaussian) cdf. nbincdf . raylinv .Geometric cdf.F cdf. poisscdf .F inverse cumulative distribution function.Discrete uniform inverse cumulative distribution function. ncfinv .Binomial random numbers.Beta random numbers.Chi square cdf.Empirical cdf (Kaplan-Meier estimate). wblinv . expcdf . nbininv .Extreme value inverse cumulative distribution function.Exponential inverse cumulative distribution function. unidinv . tcdf .Beta inverse cumulative distribution function. wblcdf .Binomial inverse cumulative distribution function.Chi square random numbers.Hypergeometric inverse cumulative distribution function.Geometric inverse cumulative distribution function. Random Number Generators.Normal (Gaussian) inverse cumulative distribution function.Gamma inverse cumulative distribution function. binornd . logninv .

Weibull random numbers.Beta mean and variance. normstat .Normal (Gaussian) mean and variance.T mean and variance. poissrnd .Inverse Wishart random matrix.Negative beta log-likelihood. binostat .Exponential random numbers.Random sample from finite population. betastat .Lognormal mean and variance. lognrnd .Rayleigh mean and variance.Rayleigh random numbers.Noncentral Chi-square random numbers. ncx2rnd . geornd . Likelihood functions.Gamma mean and variance. expstat . hygernd .Normal (Gaussian) random numbers.Negative binomial random numbers. lognstat .Uniform random numbers.Poisson mean and variance. unifstat .Random numbers from specified distribution. frnd . .T random numbers.F random numbers.Noncentral t random numbers. wishrnd . tstat .F mean and variance. hygestat . trnd . ncfstat .Chi square mean and variance.Hypergeometric random numbers.Uniform mean and variance. randsample . nbinstat .Weibull mean and variance. unifrnd . gamrnd .Discrete uniform mean and variance. nctrnd .Gamma random numbers (unit scale).Extreme value mean and variance.Noncentral F random numbers. iwishrnd .Binomial mean and variance.Poisson random numbers. unidstat . raylrnd .Geometric mean and variance. unidrnd . Statistics. evstat .Wishart random matrix. ncx2stat .Exponential mean and variance.Hypergeometric mean and variance. betalike .Geometric random numbers. wblrnd . nctstat .Multivariate t random numbers. normrnd .Negative binomial mean and variance. ncfrnd . mvnrnd .Multivariate normal random numbers. mvtrnd .Lognormal random numbers.Discrete uniform random numbers. raylstat . geostat . fstat . random .Noncentral Chi-square mean and variance.Noncentral t mean and variance. chi2stat . randg . nbinrnd . gamstat . wblstat .Gamma random numbers. poisstat .Noncentral F mean and variance.exprnd .

bootstrp . .Sum ignoring NaNs. quantile . geomean .evlike explike gamlike lognlike nbinlike normlike wbllike . nanmin . prctile . . friedman .Quantiles. . trimmean .Negative exponential log-likelihood. Linear Models.Generalized linear model fitting.n-way analysis of variance.Median Absolute Deviation.Harmonic mean.Interactive tool for analysis of covariance.50th percentile of a sample.Range.Standard deviation (in MATLAB toolbox). moment .Negative Weibull log-likelihood. skewness . nancov .Variance (in MATLAB toolbox). nansum .Dummy-variable coding. harmmean .Negative gamma log-likelihood.Covariance matrix ignoring NaNs.Negative extreme value log-likelihood.Frequency table. aoctool . . mean . glmval . tabulate . nanmedian . anova2 .Skewness. iqr . .Moments of a sample.One-way analysis of variance.Sample average (in MATLAB toolbox). cov .Mean ignoring NaNs.Two-way analysis of variance. kurtosis . corrcoef . nanstd .Percentiles. median .Negative likelihood for negative binomial distribution. .Friedman's test (nonparametric two-way anova). nanvar . corr .Covariance. addedvarplot . grpstats .Standard deviation ignoring NaNs. std .Kurtosis.Linear correlation coefficient with confidence intervals. mad . glmfit .Bootstrap statistics for any function.Cross tabulation.Summary statistics by group.Median ignoring NaNs.Evaluate fitted values for generalized linear model.Variance ignoring NaNs.Trimmed mean.Interquartile range.Created added-variable plot for stepwise regression. nanmean . anovan .Minimum ignoring NaNs.Maximum ignoring NaNs. Descriptive Statistics. dummyvar .Negative normal likelihood. var .Linear or rank correlation coefficient. anova1 . range . nanmax . .Geometric mean. crosstab .Negative lognormal log-likelihood.

Robust regression model fitting. Statistical Process Control (SPC).Confidence intervals for prediction. lsqnonneg .Polynomial evaluation and confidence interval estimation.Latin hypercube sampling design. Design of Experiments (DOE). leverage . polyfit .Two-level full-factorial design.Plot normal density between specification limits. bbdesign . nlparci .Multidimensional response surface visualization (RSM).Least-squares polynomial fitting. ff2n . lhsnorm . manova1 . polyval . daugment . manovacluster .Least-squares estimates with known covariance matrix. regstats . ewmaplot .Nonlinear least-squares data fitting.Predicted values for polynomial functions. normspec . robustfit .Central composite design.Exponentially weighted moving average plot.Factor settings matrix (x) to design matrix (fx). lhsdesign . fullfact . Nonlinear Models. stepwisefit .Xbar chart for monitoring the mean. xbarplot .Mixed-level full-factorial design. polyconf .Candidates set for D-optimal design generation.Confidence intervals for parameters.D-optimal design (row exchange algorithm).Capability plot. capaplot . candgen . x2fx .Multivariate linear regression. nlpredci .Kruskal-Wallis test (nonparametric one-way anova). cordexch .One-way multivariate analysis of variance.Draw clusters of group means for manova1. . rowexch .D-optimal design with fixed covariates.Non-interactive stepwise regression.Regression diagnostic. multcompare .D-optimal design (coordinate exchange algorithm).Histogram with superimposed normal density. nlinfit .Augment D-optimal design. regress .Hadamard matrices (orthogonal arrays). nlintool .Capability indices.Latin hypercube multivariate normal sample. ccdesign .Multiple comparisons of means and other estimates. capable . rcoplot .Interactive graphical tool for prediction in nonlinear models. stepwise .D-optimal design (row exchange algorithm for candidate set).Box-Behnken design.Two-level fractional factorial design. ridge .Regression diagnostics. hadamard . rstool .S chart for monitoring variability. lscov . schart . histfit .Residuals case order plot.Interactive tool for stepwise regression.kruskalwallis . candexch .Non-negative least-squares. fracfact .Ridge regression. dcovary .

classify .Metric and non-metric multidimensional scaling. treeprune . cophenet . inconsistent .Estimate error for decision tree. barttest . . silhouette . parallelcoords .Display decision tree.Sign test (paired samples).Wilcoxon sign rank test (paired samples).Mahalanobis distance.Hierarchical cluster information.Cophenetic coefficient.Square matrix formatted distance.Procrustes analysis. signrank .Construct clusters from LINKAGE output. treeval .Pairwise distance between observations. clusterdata . linkage .Principal components analysis from raw data. ztest .Fit data using a classification or regression tree. Hypothesis Tests.Wilcoxon rank sum test (independent samples). pdist . Decision Tree Techniques.Principal components from covariance matrix.Classical multidimensional scaling.Prune decision tree or creating optimal pruning sequence. glyphplot . pcacov . Dimension Reduction Techniques.Z test.Andrews plot for multivariate data.Plot stars or Chernoff faces for multivariate data. canoncorr . Cluster Analysis.Generate dendrogram plot. squareform . andrewsplot .One-way multivariate analysis of variance.Factor analysis. treedisp . manova1 .Rotation of FA or PCA loadings. signtest .Compute fitted values using decision tree. Other Multivariate Methods. gplotmatrix . ranksum . cmdscale . princomp . biplot .Linear discriminant analysis. rotatefactors . cluster .Cannonical correlation analysis. dendrogram .k-means clustering.Silhouette plot of clustered data. procrustes . Plotting. factoran .Multivariate Statistics. kmeans . treetest . treefit .Matrix of scatter plots grouped by a common variable. mahal . mdscale . pcares .Residuals from principal components.Inconsistent values of a cluster tree.Bartlett's test for dimensionality.Construct clusters from data.Biplot of variable/factor coefficients and scores.Parallel coordinates plot for multivariate data.

signtest . gname . ksdensity .Kruskal-Wallis test (nonparametric one-way anova). fsurfht .Quantile-Quantile plot.Biplot of variable/factor coefficients and scores.Add least-square fit line to scatter plot. probplot . ranksum .Friedman's test (nonparametric two-way anova).Histogram calculated from empirical cdf.Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for two samples lillietest .Histogram (in MATLAB toolbox).Lilliefors test of normality Nonparametric Functions.Weibull probability plot. normplot . Statistical Plotting. qqplot . gplotmatrix . friedman . hist3 . refcurve .Reference polynomial curve. surfht . hmmestimate . glyphplot . lsline . aoctool . refline .Point. jbtest .Interactive tool for analysis of covariance.Generate random sequence for HMM. drag and click line drawing on figures.One sample t test.Matrix of scatter plots grouped by a common variable. andrewsplot . ecdfhist .Interactive point labeling in x-y plots. boxplot .Wilcoxon rank sum test (independent samples).Scatter plot of two variables grouped by a third. .Interactive contour plot of a function. gline .Andrews plot for multivariate data. wblplot .Probability plot.Calculate maximum likelihood estimates for HMM parameters.Plot of empirical cumulative distribution function. signrank .Wilcoxon sign rank test (paired samples).Jarque-Bera test of normality kstest . parallelcoords .Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for one sample kstest2 .ttest ttest2 .Calculate most probable state path for HMM sequence. Hidden Markov Models.Reference line.Two sample t test. gscatter . hmmgenerate .Sign test (paired samples).Plot stars or Chernoff faces for multivariate data. Distribution Testing.Estimate HMM parameters given state information. kruskalwallis .Boxplots of a data matrix (one per column). hist . Statistics Demos. biplot . hmmdecode .Normal probability plot. cdfplot . hmmviterbi .Kernel smoothing density estimation. .Interactive contour plot of a data grid.Calculate HMM posterior state probabilities.Three-dimensional histogram of bivariate data. hmmtrain .Parallel coordinates plot for multivariate data.

Get STATS options parameter value.Compute ranks of sample.disttool . casewrite .Reaction simulation (DOE. randtool . RSM.Set STATS options parameter value. grp2idx . tiedrank . zscore . combnk . tdfread .Write out case names to file. File Based I/O. rsmdemo . Utility Functions. tblread .Convert grouping variable to indices and array of names.Enumeration of all combinations of n objects k at a time. statset .Interactive tool to compare robust and least squares fits.Read in text and numeric data from tab-delimitted file.Normalize matrix columns to mean 0. nonlinear curve fitting).Prediction function for Hougen model (nonlinear example). hougen . robustdemo .Read in data in tabular format.Read in case names. caseread .GUI tool for generating random numbers.GUI tool for exploring probability distribution functions. tblwrite . .Interactive graph for prediction of fitted polynomials. polytool . statget . variance 1. adjusting for ties.Write out data in tabular format to file.

Logarithm of beta function.Convert red-green-blue colors to hue-saturation-value. beta .Logarithm of gamma function. rgb2hsv . erfcx .Bessel function of the second kind.Transform spherical to Cartesian coordinates. erfinv .Modified Bessel function of the first kind. erf . lcm .Scaled complementary error function. besselk . rat . bessely . gammaln .Transform polar to Cartesian coordinates.Modified Bessel function of the second kind. nchoosek .Vector cross product.Rational approximation. factorial . hsv2rgb . besseli . rats .Generate list of prime numbers. cart2pol .Psi (polygamma) function.Error function. primes . gammainc . cross .Transform Cartesian to polar coordinates.True for prime numbers. Coordinate transforms.Incomplete gamma function. erfc .Vector dot product.Incomplete beta function.Rational output. factor . besselj . betainc .All combinations of N elements taken K at a time. Number theoretic functions. gamma . besselh . [matlab\specfun] Specialized math functions. .Airy functions.Bessel functions of the third kind (Hankel function).Beta function.All possible permutations.Greatest common divisor. ellipj .Least common multiple.Complete elliptic integral.Prime factors.Transform Cartesian to spherical coordinates. cart2sph . airy .Jacobi elliptic functions. pol2cart . psi . betaln . ellipke . sph2cart .Associated Legendre function.Specialized math functions.Gamma function. expint . gcd .Complementary error function. legendre .Exponential integral function. perms .Inverse error function.Factorial function.Bessel function of the first kind. isprime . dot .Convert hue-saturation-value colors to red-green-blue.

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