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Existence of free surfaces in a model could cause some problems in a meshed model or during analysis.

To this end, it worth to check the geometry of the model before adapting any mesh set to the model.

Representation of free faces for the corner blocks and interfaces


To check the geometry click on; Geometry > Check > Duplicates… and click on Apply. As can be seen from
Figure-2 all duplicated faces are highlighted in yellow. Please notice although there are four faces which
should be shown as duplicated faces, are not highlighted.

The faces which have not been correctly modeled

To solve this problem it is recommended to use Cut option from Boolean operation. To use this option
click on: Geometry > Boolean Operation > Cut.

Select each individual marked block as Boolean Master and select the main body for Boolean tool.




Once again check for duplicated faces from Geometry > Check > Duplicates… and click on Apply.

Modified faces

Regenerated bottom faces

And now you can proceed with your meshing features.