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Flexible solutions for 2009

Vogel’s LCD & Plasma mounts

Motion+ Motion SUPERflat


Are you planning to buy a flat screen in the near future? Or perhaps you are already the proud owner of
one? But have you thought about how you want to place your TV? Why not mount your TV on the wall?
It saves room and creates the perfect backdrop for your screen. You can even view your TV from any
angle if you choose a mount that lets you easily turn your screen out from the wall. Whether you are
planning to put the TV in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or some other room, Vogel’s has just the
right mounting solution for your specific situation and décor.

SuperFlat™ if you want an invisible mount Motion and Motion+ if you want to be more If your screen catches glare when the sun is shining,
Does your couch stand opposite your flat screen? Or do flexible you can use the Motion or Motion+ wall mounts to
you have a small room that you want to look neat and Do you want to watch TV from different angles? turn your TV and turn off the glare. These mounts also
tidy? Look at our SuperFlat™ wall mounts that come Or enjoy your favourite afternoon programme in the offer unique fingertip movement of your screen, even
only 20 mm from the wall. You can even add a cable living room? Then look for Vogel’s turnable wall for larger screens.
column to hide those ugly cables. So get skinny, with mounts, like the Motion and Vogel’s Motion+, which
Vogel’s SuperFlat wall mounts and cable column. lets you turn your screen 90 degrees. If you want to be flexible in where you place your
TV and are unsure about your drilling skills, Vogel’s
offers a stylish floor stand, which you can easily turn
and adjust in height.

And if you are looking for a space saving and sleek

solution for your flat screen and A/V equipment,
Vogel’s offers a modular system with cable column
Get skinny and A/V supports.

Vogel’s new 8000 Series mounting solution offers you

high quality, space saving mounting solutions which
are reliable and easy to mount, and come with a
unique life long guarantee.
Get flexible 3
Maximum flexibility
If you want the maximum flexibility and viewing
Motion+ 8000
pleasure, choose the Vogel’s 8000 Motion+ Series.
It turns 75 degrees side-to-side and the 90 degree
option even lets you turn your TV perpendicular to the
wall. Sit wherever you like in the room and get a great
view. This mount offers convenience and safety.
Smart Movement Mechanism (SMM®) lets you move
even the biggest flat screen with the touch of a
fingertip, while the Screen Protection System (SPS®)
protects your flat screen from bumping into the wall
when turning. And the Cable Inlay System (CIS®)
conceals all of your cables out of sight.

EFW 8345

2-way 75° turn 90° corner option Fingertip movement with SMM® Get flexible 5
More convenience
When you’re watching TV you don’t always want to
Motion 8000
sit in the same place. If you have friends over or the
sun is shining on the screen, it would be great if you
could just turn it where you need it. Vogel’s Motion
mount lets you turn your screen 45 degrees both
ways and it looks great too. The Cable Inlay System
(CIS®) conceals all of your cables out of sight.

EFW 8325

2-way 45° turn Fingertip movement Get flexible 7

As flat as it gets
Vogel’s SuperFlat™ Series is for the true flat lovers.
It saves the most space and creates an elegant design
element at the same time. This mount leaves just
2 centimetres of space between the TV and the wall,
just enough for ventilation and cables. Installing is
very easy. There’s even a level in the mount to make
sure it hangs perfectly straight. The smart AutoLock®
holds your screen securely in place so you don’t have
to worry about the safety of your valuable TV. The
unlock cords guarantee an easy release of your flat
screen. They can be cut to any desirable length so are
invisible when putting up your flat screen.

EFW 8405

SuperFlat™, only 2 cm from the wall Get skinny 9

Standing room only
If you want extra flexibility to place your flat screen
TV anywhere in the room, Vogel’s 8000 Series floor
stand is the perfect solution. It takes up less room
than a cabinet, and you can still mount a DVD
player or game console under the TV. It offers more
advantages. You can turn your TV 30 degrees 2-ways
for easy viewing and adjust the height to the best
position. Cables and power socket are tucked neatly
out of sight inside the foot piece. The floor stand is
also available in a black & white combination.

EFF 8340

2-way 30° turn Adjustable height for flat screen and AV multi support 11
Practical accessories
Vogel’s offers a full range of accessories to AV multi support
make your entertainment even more practical The AV multi support provides a sturdy mount to
and enjoyable. organise all of your AV equipment under your flat
screen. You can adjust its height and depth to fit
Tilt module any size device.
Add another dimension to your viewing position
with the Vogel’s tilt module. It tilts up 15 degrees
and down 15 degrees so you can easily view it while
lying on the couch or floor.

Cable column
No more messy cables. Vogel’s accessory cable
column hides all unsightly cables and is specially
designed for the next generation of flat screen
mounts. This ultra thin (2 cm) space saving cable
column comes in lengths of 64 and 94 cm (52,2”/37”)
and also holds up to 10 cables. One set of AV multi
support is included.

Tilt module Cable Column 64 cm / 94 cm AV multi support

EFA 8810/EFA 8820 EFA 8835/EFA 8840 EFA 8825 13
All Vogel’s products are designed with the • CIS® - With Vogel’s patented Cable Inlay System. D edicated website
consumer need in mind. The Vogel’s 8000 You can hide all unsightly cables. For more in-depth information about our Vogel’s
Series includes the following features to make • Integrated spirit level - Straight mounting 8000 Series, please visit the dedicated website.
your flat screen easier and safer to use: guaranteed.
• Easy install - Installing is as easy as 1,2,3.
• Autolock® - Your flat screen is secured with only • Easy mounting - The integrated spirit level in the FlatscreenFitter™
a single click. wall mounts make straight mounting very simple. We want to help you to easily find the mount which
• SMM® - Thanks to the patented Smart Movement • Life long guarantee - Vogel’s guarantees all best fits your specific flat screen. All the information
Mechanism even the largest flat screen can be products in the 8000 Series with a unique that you need can be found at
moved with the touch of a fingertip. (Motion and lifelong guarantee. Just fill in the details of your screen. This is our way
Motion+ products only). • 100% compatibility of guaranteeing you 100 % compatibility for the right
• SPS® - Vogel’s Motion and Motion+ products • Fischer plugs® - High-quality, robust solution. fit, the first time.
include Vogel’s patented Screen Protection System
that prevents your flat screen from bumping against
the wall when turning.

S M L XL Freedom of Perpendicular
movement to the wall SuperFlat™
system Autolock® SMM® SPS® CIS®
19” - 26” 26” - 37” 32” - 50” 40” - 65”

Motion+ EFW 8145 EFW 8245 EFW 8345 150° • • • • • •

Motion EFW 8125 EFW 8225 EFW 8325 EFW 8425 90° • • • • •

SUPERFLAT EFW 8105 EFW 8205 EFW 8305 EFW 8405 20/22/24 mm • •

FLOOR STAND EFF 8340 60° • • •

Vogel’s helps you to find the right 8000 Series
mount at the point of purchase
When looking for the right mount in the shop, Vogel’s
has developed a 3 step approach to help you through
the decision making process before purchasing
a Vogel’s 8000 Series product. Please find here an
example of a shelf display.

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