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12 Past participles a b

1 Match phrases 1–10 to pictures a–j.

1 drive a sports car c

2 break something expensive
3 sleep in a tent
4 eat sushi
c d
5 fly in a helicopter
6 read a book in English
7 take something back to a shop
8 win a lot of money

9 ride a horse

10 sing in public
e f
2 The verbs in 1 are all irregular.
Complete the table. Use the Irregular
Verb List (Student’s Book p167).

infinitive Past Simple past participle

drive drove driven

g h




read i j




3 a Fill in the gaps with the infinitive or past participle of the verbs in 2.
1 Have you ever slept on a boat? 6 Have you ever your arm or leg?
2 Have you ever in a band or in an 7 Did you a car last week?
opera? 8 Have you ever a motorbike?
3 Did you any money on the lottery 9 When did you last a book or a
last weekend? magazine in English?
4 Have you ever in a small plane? 10 Have you ever any clothes back to
5 When did you last Italian food? a shop?

b  Answer the questions in 3a for you.

  6 broken  7 drive  8 ridden  9 read  10 taken

sung  3 win  4 flown  5 eat 3 a  2 1   2d  3h  4f  5j  6i  7a  8e  9b  10g   2   See the Irregular Verb List (Student’s Book p167).  

212 face2face Second edition Elementary Photocopiable © Cambridge University Press 2012 Instructions p200