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Are you one of the best or one of the worst students

in your class?
11. Is English pronunciation easy or difficult?
12.In English, do we pronounce all words as we write them
likes to tell
or do we sometimes pronounce them differently?
I study English five days a week. I don't study English on
Saturday. Do you study English on Saturday? John studies
English with me but Mary doesn't study English with me.
mother and father all
Does Mary study English with you? We don't study English
about his school and his various classes. Every together. Mary and John don't study English together.
evening he tells them about the events of the day at Do you have a pencil? No, I don't have a pencil. I have a
school. pen but I don't have a pencil. William doesn't have a pencil
"In our English class today," he says, "we and George doesn't have a pencil.
studied the months of the year. The teacher said John doesn't speak English well. We don't come to
that we knew our lesson perfectly." school together. The teacher doesn't speak Spanish. Helen
"Do you speak only English in your English class doesn’t like to study English. They don't come to class on
or does the teacher explain everything to you in time. I don't know Helen well.
"Oh, no! Mr. Smith speaks to us only in English. 1. Do you study English eight days a week?
Sometimes it's difficult for us to understand him but 2. Does John speak English well?
he says we must become accustomed to English." 3. Does your teacher speak Spanish well?
"He's right! Of course, I suppose that he speaks 4. Do you always come to the lesson on time?
very slowly to you." 5. Does John always come to the lesson on time?
"Not always. Sometimes we don't understand 6. Does the month of January come after the month of
him at all. Then he has to repeat." February?
"It must be very interesting to study English." 7. Does Wednesday come before Tuesday?
"I'm one of the best students in the class. Mr. 8. Do John and Mary study English in the same class?
Smith says that my pronunciation is very good." 9. Do you have your breakfast every day at the same time?
10. Does John have his breakfast every day at the same
"Is English pronunciation easy or difficult?" hour?
"It's very difficult - because in English one often 11. Do you always get up the same time?
spells a word one way and pronounces it quite 12. Do you always go to bed at the same time?
differently. Mr. Smith says that there's a little
joke about this and that foreign students say Review
that in English, for example, one writes the
word, 'Philadelphia' and pronounces it 1. Which is easier for you to speak, English or your native
'Washington.' " language?
2. Is English pronunciation easy or difficult? 1
1. When does John tell about the events each day 3. Is English grammar easy or difficult? ."
at school? 4. Do you like or dislike to tell jokes?
2. Does John like to talk about these things with his 5. Do you know many or few jokes in your native
mother and father? language?
3. What did the students in John's English class 6. Are there eight days in a week?
study today? 7. Does June come after May?
4. Did the teacher say that the students knew their 8. Do the students in your English class speak English
lesson well or badly? perfectly?
5. Did you know your English lesson today well or 9. Is it easy or difficult to learn to speak English
badly? perfectly?
6. Does John's English teacher speak to the 10. Do you always answer all of the teacher's questions
students only in English or in their native language? correctly?
7. Is it easy or difficult for the students to 11. Does John always answer all of the teacher's ques-
understand their teacher? tions correctly?
8. Is it easy or difficult for you to understand your 12. What time do you have your dinner each night?
English teacher? 13. Where do you usually eat your dinner each night, at
9. Is John one of the best or one of the worst home or in a restaurant?
students in the class? 14. Do you like to eat in restaurants?
15. Is it cheap or expensive to eat in restaurants?
16. Which is larger, an orange, an egg, or a
17. What is the color of your shoes? Y our hair?
18. What days of the week do you study English?
19. Do you have English lessons on Saturday and
20. How many English lessons do you have each
21. What did you do last night-did you go to a
movie, stay at home, or visit a friend?
22. What time did you go to bed last night?
23. What time did you get up this morning?
24. Did you sleep well or badly last night?
25. Did you prepare your English lesson well or
badly last night?
26. How often do you go shopping? Do you like
or dislike to go shopping?