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XX I B 0 M B ERe 0 M MAN D


30 June 1945
Smaller Cities Hit in Ei4bt Attacl<s 3
Damage Photo ](agosb1ma 4
Damage Photo Hamamatsi 7
Damage Photo Yokkaich 8
Damage Photo Fukuol<a 9
strike Photo Sbizuol<a 10
!.lining lIissions 11

g~~~~ we~:~rF~e~~npoPUle

k Brings B-29 Back 21
Japs Lose i;~~enes Doring lIay 22

)ly9 ter10us
Ground Flashes Observed in To ~o~
of B-29 crewman
Jap Interr oga,~~~s 'Mild 30
lies t Alrcrew
..11 burned C'Ter larger ci too dropped 3,157 tons ot bOCbs through
f!l Jar-n got a res pi te this 10/10 cloud by radar tr.... an average
l'S tbll' uo1t5 or
the XXI BomCom
........U'.ted their incendiary bombs
altitUde or 21,250 teet.

I~ r:J th8 ,aaller cities. Eight 'Una totals are: 58th, 119 Ale.
~loas .,ere tlOl'n against these 742 tons; 73rd. 132 Ale, l.O31 tClnSj
.-= 10 • ,erie' of three opera-
st-, 'l'b' overall results were
313th, 85
Alc, 784
Ale. 600 tons; 314tb. 108
tons. Twent7 tlv. dropped
...taar e4 to be 176 tons on tar..
~t. pollOl'- gets ot opportQn..
UI are r.,orU or
.. l1Jl1oa1: Cities tty aDd two Wblcb
bCllllbed the p:rl..
mary also CrOPped
IHU'in t (Nr tons OIl other
targets. Forty
It 1s Intencled that this w.el<1y re_ tbt DlPsakt two aircratt re_
port ~ • source or information tor CO'1\_ . . &rea merges turned ear11•
bIlt erew, and start officers IIho have a
he;ltirrlllte 1n the operatlQM of JI'O t.Il. ur-
the llX1 BOIIbe.r Conwancl. ·~lthln thou .. at_ at the "0 eDeIlY air..
l1alts it sMaUI recelve the 1I'1dest pos_ .u-I'D tId of craft 1III!re eneCNOoo
sible cirelllat10n perlllissible under the
provls1ooa of AR -'80~5.
In order that a max1r.J1m of Intell1_
. . 811. It 15
tw It!! There was
no loss or!:e
due to tlak aod
Sene. Cl8Iy be inclucled, the report 1:5 _, aircraft oDJ., a tew air..
l!ven an O'I'erell
ret. "'/hen the
classification o! Sec-
nature of the Illaterial til .eb1ne,teel
lIcWla, prod uctS, or~n.ance
tools craft reported any tlak at all aDd
__u. an~ chemical thls was meager aDd inaccurate: In
warrants, Incllvldual articles hove re- view of the undercast the Mager
ceived II lower security clesslrteetlO!l.
flak 15 an indication ot pocr r&l1ar
The report Is 10 ess.~bl.~ that the - or the more important in- and controlled tire and
cOliponent sections lIlay be rf!llloved and ItIUttlons are the }Qn.anishi A1r- the Jap dec1sion to use 9'err Uttle
circulated or rUed Slparetflly. If IJW- W't Co.pany Raruo Plant, subJ ec- of their AA strength thrClO&h an
tions UI reproduced, security regula-
tions lIU,t be obaerved and the source III to &l'I attack on 9 June j the undercast.
eredited. ... ElectrOde Company, one of the
line larS' 1IIaDUt'acturers of elec_ One hundred P.515 , airbarne as
COM'lSpondlinee regarding this pub~ - - in Ja.r:ljtne Amagasakl Steel escort, were torced to turn baCk
licatlOll .hOl.1lcl be eddreUed to the Com.
Mncll~ Ceneral, XXI Domber C0lCl:1400, ~ ...; ~tcao Metal ID~ustrYi Su_ because or the weather. em. all'''
"PO 234, e/o PostlT.allter, Sen Francisco, J.anu.k1 Propeller Plant and craft or the 314th lUng cresbe4
CaUfornia, Attentlonl At:. or S. A_e. ~~Cb1 Gear WorkJJ. important tour mUes at sea atter taaott.
~" ot Vtry large precision No wrvivOl"s were r'pcI'ted. P'GI'tJ

~ ,¢-,L-
s IX landed at I'I'o Jtaa oa retlD'L
Pos t strike Hconaall1Suce r'"
COlof.ld, G.S.C.
veale 2.71 square .un..
~ot 8J'tt

=",",- ,',
AC ot S. A-2
UTH: C.G. XXI B.C. Initials \J.Qjl
or thiS, 2.13 11 In
the total ot daaa&t to tba ~:
damage resul tllll!l: trca tb1e attaek.

DAn '30 June 19~5 ~ 15.5i squar••uaa. ft••58 ..

aU. or duIP ......_ '.t'
.... ~_._w

R~ br"1h PlY (6:45-5)

" . ~ t •
there to. 75, a- or the bu1lt_up area or the clty,
t total ot the buIlt-uP were destroyed by the attacklbring_
II'!' pClrcent Pew" numbereCl. tog the total destruction to the
~ 11of the citY; O!ska and ttve ctt)" to 50 percent. 'nle TagoShlme
~-1Jl W~t5

= II In osaka
1t'!'~ ,half d&J!I68nai a copper
::':10n' and elec-
~"""ta1J11D A1II8&&SIl1d the P'u-
ne CcmpAny. a gear
trio ~t 11J'pla plant (90 percent
Railroad Repa1l' Shops were 25 per e
cent destroyed.

Omute wes the target tor "oinion
~ ~oP'll~_...ed) and a ~l1n 207. also on the night or 17_16
~-a,td ,ud ...."""'" June. Th1s ctty, with the adjacent
:G: KAGOSHDIA coal port of Ul1ke and the under_
lying coal fields, is one or the
~ onll of tour urban most important ch.ical centers ot
NotlliUo\r8d in Ineel1CUary miS- the empire, produc1ng coke by-pro-
... ,ttae 19ht of 17-18 June. ducts, acid", exploSiVes and ter_
.,. CD tb81J D rated as the larges t tilizer!. Omuta 19 one ot the
.. dty ortant urban area In leading ports tor coal sh1pments.
", ..t ~'bU. Its port has been It 15 the 51 te for ooe or the Japs'
~ t~ naval use I since the 10 largest synthetic oU retlnef:1e.s
II 1OC8t1on U important for be- and 15 a major ret1nin8 center of
: - . the approaches to Japen east zinc. Coal repruents 90 percent
._, or ~bU. of its exports. :.fost ot 1t" im-
ports are tor the M1tsu1 procesSing
DI_hIM serves as II supply cen· plants (011 aDd zinc) •
• r&1lroad junetton and port tor
.'lIDOJI lIaval Air Base in ad- The 58th Wing: had th1s target,
11t1aD to having its Qllfn airfield putting up 128 a1l'cratt trom 1600
III ••plalle base. Iroportant 1n- to 1922 on the n1ght ot the 17th.
artW tar~eUl In the c1 ty are One hundred s1Xteen dropped 766
III DaOShua Railroad Repair Shops tons on the primary from an average
-' t.~e r.agoshlma Frelght Yards. bomb1ng altitude ot 7,800 feet.
OtbIr 1nltl,trla1 actinties lnclude Eighty nine banbed by radar,19 by
atlns1n 011 storage, marlne en_ v 1sual means, two by radar with
f~, tools, chemlcals ,explosives,
v1sual correctioM, COUl' by radar_
1lt:tl'1cal equlpment ordnance mach_ bombSight and two by dead reckonil1&.
1IIlT IUld reported submarlne con_ Three bombed targets ot opportunlty
'~t1011. fotal area of the dense_
It ~ted urban area 15 approx-
lot.., 4.5 square lIl1les.
and seven were non..ettective.
Only one attack 'II'llS made by en-
81llY aircraft. There 'll'ere no los-
"~U~~~ton 206. ses and no damage rrom the meager
"1IIh!1I ~ _re 120 aircratt of
airborne against
I1hlllll ·ot 1 these, 117 dropped
and inaccurate heavy and '1Ied1um
flak wh1ch Ca!ll8 up through the 4 to
'liarr tar ncendtarles on the 10/10s undercast.
"radar) Jet (34 vlSUAlly and 63
''',150 tee~ an aver88e altitude Only.ll square mile of duage
1111 011 a • One dropped slx were visible 1n post strike photos.
~llreratt ;::et ot opportunlty.
'Ilk. aircraft
not effective
. F1res were stUl bW'n1ng on 21 June.
Itchttl"llve enem opp o Utlon was

....... III..,y tl 'I k planes were Hamamatsu was attacked on the
was hit by
t!1.e 314 ttl 't11ng on the nt&b ~~ t1el: 1ll 'rat:d 11l4c a at the tarset
~~ tOCIerate ~ate and med1um
!tit • ho t
night of 17..18 June by the 73rd
'V1ng on U1Sslon 208. '!h1" oity is
~~~e~ 1 t~O~~
one percent of the built-tiP ntense and 1n an outstand1nc lIIi.ltW'e of deose
• destroyed. (confidentl,l) ~ ~:Ported. 0On~O searChlight; hOUSing and !Imall tndustr1al plants.
-'' '1zla4 lltlkrlawn auus aircraft .as It is an outlying cOfllponent ot tl'le
t1nor dam:
and three Nagoya industr1al are. and conta1~
square IIlUes
important plants pr~uotna: pe.~~ tn-
materials used In the 811"ora ta t
• or 41 percent dUStl"y. bong the lIlore taper n
targets here are the Japan Kuslcll.l fineries. harbOr t'
IGJtrUment Plant, estimated to pro- ting Plant, 811 ScUta..
duel!! 20 percent ot JsP propellers i of unldent1tled~l ........
Imperial Goverr:tlllent RaHny Shops I .... lIli,.l~
third largest in JapeD; Kawasaki Tor~ .
1I\lstcal Instrument Company. proba-
ble p:rodueer of veneer. light air- Three mOl'e attacq
cran and gUder,. 1ar cit1es war. '!lII&
of 19-20 June lladl OI,,~
ODe nundred thirty ~n a1,rcraft these the S8t-It W1nal~", ~
we:e airborne
ths 17th. one
from 1900 to 2011 on
hundred thirty drop-
airborne "'lns, tilt ill
ban area (M1581011 elO~"
pe1 911 tons of incendiaries on the
prlmary target trOlll 8,400 feet. One
red thirty six dr
incendip.ries on th~~_~~,
• Ole,
dropped visually end 129 by ra(lar ual and radar me6113 ~,,_
tbr~h 9/10 cloud. Seven were non- 101l0s clOOd. BOlDb~.llt"'"
effective. 7 ,800 teet. Plve It-=~'
non-effective. -~ ...
Enemy opposit1on was \'leak, three
fighters making two attacks. A few Ten to 15 enemy 81rCl'th
crews observed very meager am scat- made 14 weak and ~:.~ __
tered heavy and medium flak. There tacks. Flak 1n the ~
were DO losses.
The 73rc! "1ing's attack destroyed
heavy and medium &Dd
There was no lou to
two sustained m1nor
1,.28 square miles or 30 percent of Two crew members wer. tBJ ..
the bullt-uP area of the c1 ty ,ra15- to severe turbuleDeI Oftr ..
lr,g the total damage to the city to get.
1,.7 square miles. The Imperial ~ t'rCICI in-
Gcvernment Railway Shops and the Par tlal ccweraa' 011. polt M mdlArll!l dropped DAl'.AGz' after 73rd
Japan WUsical InstrUlllent CompaoY

photo:s shows 1.1 IqlllZ'l.u., I by 73rd nOS on Wing strike total·
were both damaged. 52 percent of. the bullkp
of the city, de9tr01td u_.
""* ~gIIt
or ,17-18
ed 1.38 squart d-
las. Tbll photo
YOJIXAICHI of the m1ss10n. shows a ~t ot it.
(8 70 till)
In the las t of the 17-18 June
sUles, 9. aircrat't of the 313th "'1\lJO'"
lUng were airborne against Yokk:aichl MiSsion 211 was an1llC• •"
urban area from 1956 to 2107. Elgh_ tack aga1nst the FumoD . . . .
t~ nine dropped 569 tons of lncen_
diaries on the primary target by
v1sua1 and radar lDeans frall an aver-
aie altitUde of 7,500 feet. There
WlS 7/10 cloud cover. Five a1r-
on the night ot' 19-20 -
for thiS one, the
142 and the 313th 9S e
th,se 237 plaoel, 282 ~
73rd Wing and the 313t1l. J-"

craft were non.etrective. tons on the prll1!U'1 WI""

ual and radar .eaDS he- a ...
Ten enemy aircraft were sighted altitude of 8,900 t"t,
but only one attack cade against
the B-egg. flak was meager and in-
accurate, heavy and mediWll. Jam_
mers and rope were considered el'-
from the 313tb b._
Two frCJl the 'F!I'tI 'III .. ~
opportunl ty. '!'hutteD, 10~
fective against the 12 se8rchIi~hts
reported by the crews. One air-
craft sustained minor damage. There
were no aircraft losses.
were from the 73r4 ......
Ene." atr
w1th 17 eaeIT ~~~
The 313th did a fine job on this attackS. Most or .. _t6
miSS1on, almost completely destroy_
medium cal1ber .:::.:'~
... ~
il18 the 5011d bunt_up portion of heavy AA tire, ;,..n jjII
the city Which was the target. The
81'ea damage total! 1.23 square ate. 'nlree .1rOr~
nor damage fr~ - ~ ~
miles. Aeons the spec1ric targets
destrOYed OJ' dafllll.ged ...ere,;,l1 re- no losseS. 'ftlel"""'''''-
ports of tnert... "
l, th tllC C' ~
was well plastered by the :3 11 b:1Il"' •••ng.d_uP on by tho 7,r' a"" ,13'" .......
night of 17-18 June. The sol1~ 05 c~:.. . : ot 19-20 Jun' thIS , ..... trl1<O ,,,,to
portion of the Jitr "all allm ows part of the results. (as d I ')
destroyed. (Olilf p)

-. _. _ . .. •. ..... ~"".l' ....~- -
9 I~
-- damage was 2.28 square miles, 66 percent of

th.e built-up area of the city. atter the 314th

Wln,Q; strike on the night of 19-20 June. (Cant)

borne. 123 of which banbed the pri_

,...u. mary through 3/10 ClOUd, 96 v1.5I:I&1.
PoSt strike phot" show approx- 11 and 27 by radar fraa 8,800 teet.
\JItd1 1.:5 square miles destroyed They dropped 869 tons of bombs.
l= tllU attack. 20 percent of the Two targets of opportunity' abo
tM1 &.5 square miles of built-up were hit.
1111. A rallroad yard and Hakata Enemy air appos! tioo 0" weak,
~ ure damaged. 15 aircraft making only three at-
tacks. Two &ireratt were lost to
SHlZUOKA unknown causes and two sustained
minor dem8ge from generally llI8a8er
~e 314th Wlng attacked Shizuoka and inaccurate medium and heavy
• tllt 1I1sht or 19-20 June. This flak. There were & (n ineffective
u the largest cl ty on the south 5 earchllghts.
~.t or Honshu between Nagoya and
talrtul. It ls the trading and Photo coverage shows the IIIllln
lII'ilt1ll& center of an agricultural portion of the dty destroyed as a
... lKl.t 1t has become more Indus-
result of this mission. Damage to-
tals 2.28 square mUes or 66 per·
II1I11Jtd recently. Ttle clty is on
*' !obaldo IIllIoln line and produces
cent ot the bullt-uP portlon or the
city. Industrial dal8Se includes
~:~ parts! paper, machinery, 75 percent of Target 2084, the SUII·
....... textl es.
Homo Light Metals Company, de·
!'Ie 3Uth aircraft air- stroyed. (Secret)

l3. thrte 11nl - - - - - -...........""'''"

• 15, !an
.:tIle, 17a18 ' Il8andmisSions
19-20 J were flown by the 3l3th WiM during tilt wee k • on
e,ooa and lune. On the first of these:50 aircraft d!'e aJ.r<o
Stra1ts FUla/OOO-pound mines. Targets were the Ipproacbd to

I'ling on the nit! t ,"
under attack by tho 314th lo'Cb ttle se ' oka, Karatsu and Fushik1.
20 June. (Confidential) ILubo cOnc1

On the laO~'
misSi 28 were airborne to mine SbilllODOIek1 SV'...
S t 28 mined Shll1lonosekl Straits. lfua ,
JU .:saru

~~." 83e .hl1o~sses(,

at til"re no no atteelaJ by enelll7 a1rCl'att, aDd lUt1e' tlll oa
• Secret)
=---.:....... ...

l!F... Flak damage to wing •

.l! iIG!!T. 'Undmlll1ng orten
leroU 1n 8-295 returning
nlll b&re nacelles.

--_. _4 to aerlal
navigation. To
keen disappointment. i t was
"~1D'cl tile llountain was vi tal

Over Tokyo on 24 Iley at 9 600 teet. this B_29

suffered a direct heavy hak hit in nUlllber one' ~
ot t.be1l1~:
l~ L'Ie bland defense plan. The
~u ware appeased somewhat when
~ 'Il'l permitted
... II1gbwa)" to
top of the,
• >

caught fire. Before the pilot. Lt. J. K. Ande1"Oll~ .. ~

?'I"XlralUlroshaped Surabaehl. 8 teat

\\1l'JlPUl1ing it out of 8. dive at 2.000 ft., six of th:"'tft1IIl' Ja1l!l cla1ttled was tapes! tbis.
Pl'LJoner! who See the steady
~W out over JaPan. The complete story of hOw the rOll ~1I1 tr-. or tZ'ucks switch_baoking up der construction at I1Jo to guard
• .: I ,. creo.1' t:leubers got this airplane to 1'.1"0 60peared tat ,lJi three new frequencies al10ted as·
'f" the A.I.R., Vol.I, no. 14. (Note the tires blod : ' precipice are Said to lose
cluSively to AU...sea Re5CUf signals.
ThiS station w111 perlllit eTG ~.11
l.t I'e:e.lnlng oanposure.

11' fi:::'=~~.tlllllif~S AI~-SEA RE:SClJE AT two

to receive in_flight dUtr eSJ .ats"
ages direct fre- alrcrart, and . to
alert ~bo!l and ra!lCQI vessels u·

Task Croup 94 .11. co- stantly and without recourse to artI
1n the l(ariana" 15 not available bl1 fte1ltt~ o~ all Searoh and rescue
enance than thOSe ~OII .....
)n tne volcanic ash heap which COOl_ requ,re """aert "" c..,. • !lV.nable to the XXI BOllI
other agency. line radIO ope1'atar"
priges lD.O!t or Two Jllll8.. Outcropp_ Id coral founcl.atl0Dll ill till )to, ~:Il. reCently C'r0lll Salpan to Ia B-1!9 c(llllUl11Il1UOOl.
have been udgll.d by tbt xXI ...
lna roek fOJnd on '.It. Surabachl and bare be reased tae1l1tles also COlI to h'lp operate tl1U le-tiOa.
at the extreme north end or the i5_ anas. ~. ~ll alloted eTG 94 .11. who. .
E.GER TO JPBL • " e.. ~eu: Ilt'o brings the XXI BOllI VeIIl .DII'" fU#Il
l.and is cru9hed and layed on a grad_
~ hee.rt ~eI"ve
~!...U: ;1f,:::
ed ash and clay fOUndation. As_ b TIle seabee' ••a ,...a}'1t center clos. '0
;lhalt prepared with the crushed I~' 0 a,s tone ot opera..
e assigned the JOb 00 s'llartt !ftl"
:,ock 15 Used for a toP. These strips Mt. surabachi nidl 11' e 1'110010 station 1s ua.- p".... .... - .

0= the oumb05 already operat1n g Lrvw t::er~ng Plct
110 wbich consiSt ot eight B_17s remain at ~es. It,
after a Strlk 0 rno~t ~~
with Mappable lifeboatS! siX of
which are alway' avallab e at Ilfo,
plU5 the shorter range OAIOAs. In
moves the came;e. e -O\G -. ~
sen"-s it intact I'~ ~ I~_
atdlt10D., cto 94.1] ,,111 be alloted Lab. t, .. ~
a! uDt XXI BomCom B...29s tor use as
al/LY T1IE 811>
superdumbo! as occas10n de-
and 1l'111 assume operational The story or XX
miSSions beill& s I ~
control of their searches.
Iwo to the ~Plretauri ~,
erG ~.ll a150 maintains operat- 65th Weather Rec~~ tt~
ional control during XXI BomCom rOll. and or the lIa'tp.SIree~
lI~s10DS or reseue DEs and other
nrtace craft, and coordinates op-
erations of the Ufeguard subs. All.
based on Iwo tlylllg 1'~~~"
the tigbters or the In-ll
~ I3RI~(;S m·lCJ mlCI(
eIperienced Air-Sea Rescue of nee I' Command, wl1l be the SUb~ ~
o~ the 73rd 1'111& represents the XXI ure articles in tbe l I-ea. I recent miSS ion aga ins t
jumping it icmedIate],y, pulled back
and prOVided close support for the
good use Iwo is PIlt to' J,,,
BocaCOlll at cro 94.11. The ISland J crt' m.e:nbers oC B-29 t.l_24 ot
ever, is only the becl"~'" cripplee tealllrDate. In fact, T·20
r.omand of 1"0 Jlma has rendered
e'ery assistance pOSSible toward
greater plans for ~ !t., .9t/1 Boob GroUP, 3l4th Wing,
. tile followina: story.
took such good care of y.24, that
both B..29s continued on the run,
the cClDpletlon and augmentation ot are an immediate Pl'ospentt!L1
flllment. The toughest~' )' to bad weather at the assem-
dropped their bombs and knocked
t~ese facilities. pr oblems there bave beeo siIlllll.. down six of their attackers With
III point, ~.24 call:e ou t of the three more claimed as probables.
PHOTO UNIT when facl1i ties rapIdlr._ .., leading five other B-e9s to-
'lbe pnotographs of dama.ged air completion are In OI"del', ~ There was excellent coordination
w.! t!lt target. These five plenes between gunners of both B·29s.
aaft which illustrate this stnI'; traffic at lwo will be lltrad1el" .. Qot only trom other groupS but
scarcely a ruffle. _ rlllllS. it was appal'ent through
;~l~~~~Y ~e vXI BomCom Combat FIGHT CONl'IlWS:S
Demands of the pUt r...
cell. from each o~r ~~~ti:. Five
II till Ilarldngs.
Service Groups combined t 0 Air
have been a Challenge
all concerned in takt1l(. ~
.1111. At~t I mirnlte or two before
This running battle between the
lrlth the 1 a Iwo work badly damaged superfort (wfth its
and manning this sh01' .. lIlIY, 11·24 was hit by flak -
tile two Gr~~s ed Tg~oto equipment of IIfi1 bit in number two and tour T-20 friend escorting) and the Jap3
g4ged primlU'i~ 1 s section is en- stalla.tion at the tar !lI11 i I
-r,:ts. In the words of the CFC continued for 40 to 50 miles over
!eal, public rela~,Prcw1d1ng stretched supply line, So:~~ land. ~en 'after lands.end, the
ons. aDd h1stor-
engln_ from Tokyo. (Secret) ", '011 clll:le flowing out in "SUperftghtress escort" stayed with
as thick as your arm". !~_24 and alon& with ,'-40 of the

IlIPS GAllG UP 314th, helped tle l!''lping D·29
~\\\\\)\)~~'I lA Deping With Jap tighter pol-
. ;·'",·-·>4%L;t~~·
',lht II1ps proceeded to gang up
1-l4 as It lost altitude and
ty belts a notcb or two t1&tl w•
Crews interrogated by the 5_2 at
the XXI BOlIlCOlIl Combat Staging Unit _5
• All estbated 12 to 15 enemy
!~tted the B-29 and made
at Iwo upon arriVal there after re_ Another 46atb Group w'- :C1:ately 30 paSSes at it.
cent incendiary strikes on Jan cit-
its nave l1kened the1r ride over
tba target to a trip over Niagara
a beating f'rCIII the
the colossal fires at ~
oted by Major R. R. Hralll &111
! W9 lI8I'ked T-20, seeing 101-24
c.d lose speed, with the Jans
Falls in a rotary waShing machine. None were injured bUt _ -
Lt. T. G. Welsh or the 468th Group, doors were stuck open.
58th '<'11"8, ran into an updraft over
Toyohashi that tOSSed h1s airplane A B_29 of the 29th 0fGlI'!
aJound and sent it into a dive from ',Hng, plloteC bY 118.'01' r.r. ~
'Il'bich he pUlled out at 3,000 feet. was caught in an updraft ".
The right gunner and the borubardier uoka which tore oft tb'a!~
Sustained minOr inJuries, whltle an- bomb bay doors. ttae ••
other Crew meulber,whose shoes became
Coated with sea marker 1n the re_
S\lltine: Shambles aboard the plane
Slid he thought the end had come
radio operator and CfC'"
wounded as a result or
aroune in the interior ~
w~en he saw his golden Sl1ppers All three pilO 1Ii!
a..ready tor the Pearly Gates.
ra.ther face tlak ...
Lt. Welsh said that in the fu~ day than 1be turbdl'
Ul'e t.hey wCl1ld all wear their safe. (Confidential)

's.. est it out" from Air-Sea ]escue
boat to boot until 1'11'0 was finally
The crew ot I'
1n their prs1;; '11 tr,

T_2Q Who Saw thel/llt k, ~ ,


vided them sUch exe:H~t~

1!_24'S troubles still rreren' t
,ver. She had 47 holes 1n her
It's the old -buOd)' ~
ruse1o.g e , t ...'o engines out, If!{F shot
Jp and a tire ripped to shreds. 1';110 best and 1n this
"as socked in. So, w1t~ no landing Wing cooperation lIh~tll
was roeally rOUgh. • t:e
l.n!ltructlons. 1I_24'S commander,
after five attempts to 18nd,f1n811y
(The members or t.2.l
pancaked his plane on a fighter to meet the !lien or 1'~ l~
strip _ later discovered to be 500
feet too short for a 3-29 lend lng. ferably. a bar."States(~:1t,
dentiel) .

~ crll'W3 have rapor- rll!l.Sh powder to produce a
QI obSlrnt!on at green general 11lUI:l1nation of the
~Ubr;een ground flasbes sky 1s not to be d1scredit.
&!CII5 on the grounCl 1n ed. SUch a phenolllenon is
fall1 0 defense area. S1X possible,particularly if an
L~t flaShes were loca- overcast prevailed above
.. q
110M the bOlllb run. 'llley flash. the aircraft to reflect and diffuse
1iI«l a::4 orr at several seconCl in- such 118ht and silhouette the air_
wn1S prodUcing a very intense craft 1n a fairly larse ;::el'era1
ll:J,\l\lt not producing a tight beam area.
e&."Ieteristic of searchlights.
The pos51blli ty discussed above
Ctter ere" have reporteCl similar finds possible 5ubstaat1at1on in
~:E:!na in the vicini ty or the Salle findings of the C.I.D. XXI
".u rlng of searchlights Just
1:I::b at 'racl'l1Jm,wa as well as in
Flomber Interpreters lIava
noticed that by each searchlight
:f ~t:ro ar llII!l • location 1n the Tokyo area (as well
as 5 ane other areas) there Is a
B.1ILLIANT LIGHT peculiarly shaped round revetae.nt
lookins very much like 8 saucer •
Sloe crews stateCl that these (see !"1S. I)
... nOlls were so intense that it
• t the .y~ to look at them and The shape or this reV'lltlllent i5
Ilt t..'le sq was tlooCleCl with light certainly not characteriStiC of
Ifat:eq-Jate 1ntensity to illuminate normal fielel fortification precUC!!
.... B~29 aircraft in the arel!l.. but 1s much more characteriStiC ot
It ~0lI re~1ned bright for 10.15
~ then died out.

... all crews reporting
iltbel' ~~hes further stated that
"flu--ina the brief' period ot
h 01" hmed-Iately to1101Ji08,
~tla1l'cratt were picked up by
..... Illite or normal sea.rch.lUi:ht

~. eCilll
~lU_ll1.aensUe of erews i . that.
~ is tion fiOlD. these po••n
~teb Peru tUng the DOnal
'II. ta to strect visual pl0Jr,.
'. :.:: - .
a reflecting surface. ;Ught In the Sufficient 1nten.alty
middle of each of these revetments craft to see other e.~ ~la
there Is sonle small object (approx- general area; thereto ~tltt:t.
lestely the sue of a 60" search- tirely POssible tha~eUIt II\.
l1ght.) These small objects are Is or SUfficient lnte ~~_,
not positively identified due to
high alt1tude photography; however,
permi t SearChlights ~ltr
ual pickup or 151rcI'U: ttr "
they have been identified tenta-
tively as sOl:le sort of searchlight
area. ~'"

detector (sound or electronic). Photo Intelllgenee ~

offers a POS!llble &XP1a...~
'Ihere is a further possibility the mechanics or the 0peratl __ ,
that this saucar revetment might be gestad In the sbove PaI'Itr':\
a crude type of reflecting surface
for an unknown type of flalt powder Available Inroroatt~ 11 t'lfl.tast Usue of the A.I.R.
ignited in its center. SUch a re- meager to make rec~llIlat1l1l:' bIhhed a XX Bomber Command
flecting surface, even though shap- possible Counter measll:esj ~ ~port on the experiences of ~ answer - than 'to check the veraclty
ed of earth, could give some direc- 1 t Is highly desirabl! ~C eelr 11J' ere'" in a Japanese - of statements.
tional propagation to a light combat crews pay partle~ t\, in Burma. Follow-
prl.SOll C&:llP
sCW'ce near its focal point. Cre'" ticn to these green tlas~es til, ~ 15 an additional report on
The Ps''1 answered a graa t llIany
reports have repeatedly claimed port ill information, (~~ ,gI'the Japanese interrogated
that these flashes tisl) ,:.t I:!l1 and a list of typical questions with "het they thought
were not of a parallel I Ii • ~
Sl were false and misleading state-
,.-stions. ments, although they stated that
bea~ type, but more of
they kept silent on some ouestions
a widely diverging PrtJODl!1's are in agreement that which they thought had real lIigni-
beac Which illuminat· .me thole 1nterrogations were ficance.
ed a large general .WJrUblyaccomplished,but, not_
area at 10,000 feet. lIktalld1., the Japs had posses_ At no time did 1nterrogators of
.. of a great deal of accurate Japanese nationality quest10n the
CO:ICWSIotIS IIt_UOD. particularly In regard men about politics or their reasons
.. the XX Be chain of command. for fightiog the _r. This type ot'
Crew reports def- ..., and Squadron designations and interrognt1nt: was done by meJOlbers
initely suggest the . . or cOlUl8nding officers. They of the I.N.A. who, incidentl1, were
pOSSibility that the ~ also to know a grea t deal much diSgusted when the A1Iericans
ene:ny is eQploying an . . the location and general 1ay- professed ignorance of tbe 1lI.n1ns
unkn~n type of flash III or botb the Indian and Chinese of I.N.A. aOO confe!lsed'to no know-
powder to produce an WI rhlds. ledge of C218ndra Bose, the Iod1aD
111u:aination of a gen. leader formerly stationed in Tokyo.
eral area in the sky _~~~! DOI'Clally carried in the Japanese Naval ot't'icers nre pre!l-
to a known altitude ~,were noted by some Ps'll er.t at several 1"terrogat10n!l and
of 10.000 feet. This ;::'~Yll'ious interrogat,jons. Pre- concerned th&ms.lve!l principally
illumination is of .... they were salvaged fran "ith questiOns about rad10 frequen-
. .t4 5-295 as they included such cies and equipment.
.... a:
~u radio facility charta a
trOl chart and varic'
.... b. erl. In many cases Ps'7
I hi, l'

_. \lI~~:ed through inter pre- oaetHWI

IDcident worthY of 1ncl
'1 "nglO-Burlllese.
OCcllJ'l'~ 1n connectJOD dth
~ lU were wide 11 var led and
AlIN'lce Dlor" ofncer Ilbo. it 11
thought, was coUabarat1tJ&
wiUl tb.
It t!l«lQes tbe way trom the number JaPl bY tr71DC to .,-p' ~lcaDt
1l !"IsJ"d tan 8 B-29 to questtoD! Pli. Lt. 'lCGO"erD. atteJ' hit ftr.
-. .tbe Ull1ted s tne political policy laterroP t10D at W'"
Sill! Buraa tates 1nsofar as In-
... bet.ten
C......l_- ,wod sa' ~,:I"
tb18 OUl.Hl' (a Lt. J1 .,.........,

t- were COacvoed. PI'I'I'

~t:nd slepped,and in .cae
b l'ttlu1n&n.d wIth the11" 11"..
1PIIb- ~)
._cod ..- ".. tt'
~ tb.~btto answer qua.tlonll. .~ ..\
~ '""-1!"1iu
~ to bald that the, 1D

~ ""
..., t I"ep ortarace by belQg able to
IlIalllQ1 toWith Ps" answer......
set an answer _ all9' ..Ill.. td.. • -