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Chapter 1
 Introduction
 Objectives of the study
 Scope of the study
 Methodology
 Limitation

Chapter 2
 Car History
 History of Tata zest Cars
 Advent of Cars in India
 Major International player in India in brief.

Chapter 3
 Introduction
 Manufacturing
 Awards

 Establishment
 Achievements
 Awards
 Sales
 Branches

Chapter 5
 Tata Zest car prices Types
 Car comparison of Different Models in Tata Zest car
 Comparison of other car with Tata zest car

Chapter 6


 Questionnaire
 Bibliography

Chapter 1

 Introduction
 Objectives of the study
 Scope of the study
 Methodology
 Limitation

Consumer attitudes may be defined as an inner feeling of favorableness or un
favorableness towards a product or service offering and the 4ps. As schiffman
has defined “Attitudes are an expression of inner felling that reflect whether a
person is favorably or un favorably predisposed to some “ Object” (e.g. brand,
a service, or a retail establishment)” and Attitude formation, in turn, is the
process by which individuals from feelings or opinions towards other people
products, ideas, activities and other objects in their environment”.

An attitudes is reflective of a consistent favorable or unfavorable feeling that a

consumer or a prospect forms as a result of an evaluation about on object; the
object salesperson. Advertisement promotion etc. As schiffman puts it .it is “a
learned predisposition to behave in a consisting favorable or unfavorable way
based on feelings and opinions the result from an evaluation of knowledge
about the object”. It is note wortly that attitude cannot be directly observed.
The person being that they are impacted by psycholographic like motivation,
perception, and learning . Attitudes can only how they behave.

Attitudes are composed of three components. Viz a knowledge or cognitive

component, a feeling and effect component and a behavioral and cognitive
component. The knowledge component is reflected in the learned knowledge
that a consumer obtains from his interaction with others as well as his own
experiences. The feeling component is reflected in his evolution and the
resulted feeling of favorableness and unfavorableness the behavioral

component is reflected in the predisposition to act ( Purchase) based on the


 To analysis sales performance of Tata zest cars
 To know the market position of Tata zest cars
 To know the consumer attitude towards Tata zest car.
 To know the effective sources of awareness for the customers towards Tata
zest car
 To seek suggestions and opinion from customers regarding the
improvement of features of Tata zest car.
 To know the marketing effectuation of Tata zest car
 To examine the sales performance, turnover profit percentage of Tata zest
car in Shivamogga District.
 To discover possible avenues for selling all items to point out and analyze
problem for selling all items.
 To evaluate the marketing mix factors of the firm.


The scope of this report is restricted to the study of consumer’s attitude
towards Tata zest car
 The study will help the company to know the perception of customers.
 The company can find out the effectiveness of proper marketing activities
done by for Tata zest car

 The study will help the company to make proper marketing strategy for
their swot analysis.
 The study covers the customer of manic bag automobiles owning passenger
cars in Shivamoga cities.

For the sake of preparing this project report both primary data and secondary
data has been collected
A delay structured questionnaire is prepare and administrated on the
respondents selected on a random sample basis, the responses of the
respondents were recorded, analyzed and tabulated.
The secondary data has been collected from the company’s website, broacher,
manuals etc.

The project report is subject to the following limitations
 Because of time constraint, my study confines only to Shivamogga city and
it is not possible to make extensive study
 By busy schedule of the executives it is difficult to extract more information
from them
 Unwillingness of car owners and drives have left us to make random
 The information collected from sample respondents is generalized.

Chapter 2

 Car History
 History of Tata zest Cars
 Advent of Cars in India
 Major International player in India in brief.

History of Car :
With the invention of the wheel in 4000 BC, man’s journey on the road of
mechanized transport had begum. Since then he continually sought to devise an
automated labor saving machine to replace the horse.

Innumerable attempts reached conclusion in the early 1760 s with the building
of the first steam driven tractor by a French captain, Nicolas Jacob cugnot.
It was however left to Karl Benz and Gottlieb Damlier to produce the first
vehicles powered by the internal combustion engine in 1885. It was then that
the petrol engine was introduced, which made the car a practical and safe
proposition. The cars in this period were more like the cars on our roads today
with cars came the era of speed.

The first ever land- speed record was established about a 100 years back, in
1898. Count Gaston de chasseloup – Laubat of France drove on electric car (in
Acheres near Paris) at a speed of 39.24 miles per hour. This flagged off the era
of “Wheels racing”, which lasted till 1964, after which jet and rocket –
propelled vehicles were allowed.
The birth of the car as we know it today accurred over a period of years. It was
only in 1885 that the first real car rolled down on to the streets. The earlier
attempts, though successful, were steam powered road- vehicles.

Vintage car
The first self – propelled car has built by Nicolas Cugnot in 1769 which could
attain speeds of up to 6 kms/ hour. In 1771 he again designed another steam
driver engine which ran so fast that it rammed into a wall, recording the
world’s first accident.
In 1807 Francois Isaac de Rivaz designed the first internal combustion engine.
This was subsequently used by him to develop the world’s first vehicle to run
on such an engine, one that used a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen to generate

What was the first Car?

A quick History of the automobile for young people several Italians recorded
designs for wind driven vehicles . The first was Guido da vigevano in 1335. It
was a windmill type drive to gears and thus to wheels. Vaturio designed a
similar vehicle which was also never built. Later Lenardo da vinci designed a
clock work driven tricycle with tiller steering and a differential mechanism
between the rear wheels.

A catholic priest named father ferdunand Verbiest has been said to have built a
steam powered vehicle for the chiness Emperor chien Lung in about 1678.
There is no information about the vehicle, only the event, since Thomas
Newcomen didn’t build his first steam engine until 1712 we can guess that this
was possibly a model vehicle powered byb a mechanisum like Hero’s steem
engine, a spinning wheel with jets on the periphery. Newcomen’s engine had a
cylinder and a piston and was the first of this kind, and it used steam as a
condensing agent to form a vacuum and with an overhead walking beam, pull

on a rood to lift water. It was an enormous thing and was strictly stationary.
The steam was not under pressure, just an open boiler piped to the cylinder. It
used the same vacuum principle that Thomas savery had patented to lift water
directly with the vascuum, which would have limited his pump to less than 32
feet of lift. Newcommen’s lift would have only been limited by the length of
the rod and the strength of the valve at the bottom. Somehow newcommen was
not able to separate his invention from that of survey and had to pay for
survey’s right. In 1765 james watt developed the first pressurized steam engine
which proves to be much more efficient and compacr5 that the Newcomen

History of Tata Zest Cars

Arguably the best – loking tata car corrently on roads. Tata zest is another
addition to the exquisite range of customer friendly tata cars. The car is a sedan
version of Tata zest. Built on the tata zest platform, with a modifies look. Zest
can be categorized to jain the luxury car segment of the country.
The stylish car has a bold smart look spacious interious and high class
designing. It shareas a lot of peatures and technology with tata Zest car. It is
expected to pose a good competition for maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, Ford fiesta,
Ford Ikon, and Mahindra Renault Logan.

Design and comfort

Largely inspired from Tata zest car, the front part of tata zest retains the
sweeping angular headlights, with a dual projector barrel shaped reflectors that
typically characterize. Indica vista design the front bumper in the car features a
big dam, with black finish and has round fog lights. The front grill is made of

four horizontal lines. A chrome strip runs across the rear bumper, imparting a
big and wide look to the car. The exquisite looks of the car live up to it catchy
slogan “Zest up your life”.

With its cool and spacious interiors, Tata zest scores well as a comfortable car.
It features specious legroom and headroom, making the ride extremely
enjoyable for the front as well as the rear seat passengers. The convenience
features provided by zest in include HVAC with electric controls, Tilt
adjustable power steering, adjustable head rest on front seat, two –way
adjustable bumper support for front seats, fixed support for front bumper seats,
rear seat center armrest and height adjustable driver’s seat, etc.

The engine of Tata zest has been sourced by fiat. It is available in two engine
options, 1-3 liter petrol engine that is known as safire and 1.4 liter diesel
engine. Called Quadrajet. The petrol version of the car is also available with an
ABS option. The capacity of the petrol engine goes up to 11248cc. Zest engine
will generate a maximum output of 89Bhp @ 4000 rpm, zest petrol variant will
have a CRDI fuel system and the diesel variant will have FSI. The car has a
standard 5 speed manual transmission for all the models. The diesel model
delivers a torque of 200 Nm @ 1750 Rpm and the diesel variant has a torque of
116Nm @ 4750tpm.

The host of advanced safety features in Tata zest includes a superior
crashtested cockpit design. Dual front Airbags, Antilock brake system (ABS)

with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and front Disc Brakes. Passive
safety features are side impact beams. Height Adjustable front seat belts,
warning lamp for driver seatbelt. Front passenger seatbelt reminder, child locks
and control locking, wider tubeless tyres with alloys option are also available.

Variants and Price

Tata zest has been launched in eight variants, four with diesel engine and four
with petrol engine. As for the colors, you have six options to choose from
Buzz Blue, Pristine White, Platinum Silver, Sky grey, Vention Red, Dune
Beige. The base various of Tata zest has been reasonably priced at Rs. 7,04
lakhs ( ex- Showroom) further price details are
Tata Zest Diesel Aqua Rs. 6,46,000
Tata Zest Petrol Aqua Rs 5,47,000
Tata Zest Diesel Aura + Rs.7,64.000
Tata Zest Petrol Aura + Rs.6,68,000
Tata Zest Diesel Aura (ABS) Rs 6,13,000
Tata Zest Petrol Aura Rs. 5,86,000
Tata Zest Diesel Aura (ABS) Rs 7,13,000
Tata Zest Diesel Aura Rs 6,79,000

Advent of Cars in India

From the singsong rhythm of the bullock cart to the jet age, India has traveled a
long way. A average Indian’s dream car may not be the design survey Honda
or the stately limousine, but he sure can dream and afford, the Maruthi now.
It was in 1898 that the first motorcar rode down India’s Roads. From then till
the first world war about 4000 cars were directly important to India from

foreign manufactures. The growing demand for these cars establishes the
inherent requirements of the Indian market that these merchants were quick to
pounce upon.

The Hindustan Motors [4m][ was set up in 1942 and in 1944 premier
autobackmobile [PAL] was established to manufacture automobiles in India.
However it was PAL who produced the first car in India in 1946 as Hm
concentrated on to components and could produce their first car only in 1949.
1993 with the winds of liberalization sweeping the Indian car market, many
multinationals like Daewoo, Peugeot, general motors, Mercedes Benz and fiat
came into the Indian car market.

1999 the Hon’ble supreme court passed an order directing all car manufactured
to comply with Euro I emission norms [ India 2000 norms] by the 1st of May,
1999 in National capital Region [ NCR] of Delhi.

Major International Players of cars In India

Established in year 1996, Hyundai motor India Ltd is a sub division of the
giant south Korean multi national, the Hyundai motor company. It is Korea’s
top automobile manufacture, computering the Indian market and giving a
strong competition to its reveals in the same segment. The company success
story is based on a profitable Indian Korean partnership where Indian skills
and workmanship combine with Korean design and technology to produce one
of the best cars. In the year 1997, its sales revenue had touched 8.24 billion.
The Hyundai Santro is giving tough competition to other segments and has
been designed in India at the integrated auto manufacturing unit at

Irringattukottoi near Chennai. This plant is capable of producing 1,20,000 cars,
1,30,000 engine and transmission systems annually.

Ford Ikon the ford motor company has a rich legacy of translating better
motoring ideas to the roads. It has manufactured notable brands such as the
ford, mercury and the jaguar. It is among the top five industrial corporation in
the world and is available in more than 200 countries.
Ford has entered the Indian market through a tip up with Mahindra motors to
manufacture the ford escort. Sold to over 18 million owners worldwide, the
models available in India are specially engineered for Indian conditions. Ford
has sold over 260, 000,000 vehicles around the world, and is all geared to
make India a global player in automobiles.

Honda motors company limited is the result of joint venture between India
Hero group and Honda motor company. It is on of the most successful venture
all across the world. Japan has created world’s single largest two wheeler
company and hero Honda became first name in early 80S in India. This
company has proved all the world that vehicles can be driven without any
population . the company has been acknowledged be several awards like
“Auto Tech of the Year” glamout PGM FI by overdrive magazine and “most
trusted company”, by TNS voice of the customer awards 2006. Along with this
it comes under one of the most fuel efficient and largest selling vehicles due to
its latest use of technology and better services.

(Bayerische Motern werke Gmbh) has now become one of the major
automobile manufactures in the international market, and BMW cars one of
the most sough after brand of luxury vehicles.
The company is a world wise manufacture of high performance premium cars
and motorcycles and is known for classic BMW luxury cars and BMW
motorsports cars. It is parent company of rolls Royce motors cars, and also
owns and produce the MINI brands.
The new 5 series 530i sedan will be one of the most sophisticated of all BMW
petrol cars. However BMW M57, produced from 1998, has always remained
an all time hit amongst luxurious BMW diesel cars.

Chapter 3
 Introduction
 Manufacturing
 Awards

Chapter 3
Tata motors limited is one part of the business conglomerate, Tata group and
was formerly known as TELCO ( Toyota Engineering and Locomotive
Company). The other ventures of Tata group include Tata steel , Tata
consultancy services, Tata technologies, Tata tea, Titan industries, Tata power,
Taj hotels and So an. Head quartered in Mumbai, India. Tata motors is a
multinational corporation accounting for 70% cumulative market share in the
domestic commercial vehicle segment. Today, the company is the world’s
fourth largest trunk manufacture and world’s second largest bus manufacturer.
It is dual listed company, which is traded on both the Bombay stock exchanger
as well as the New York stock exchange.

Information on origin and Background of Tata motors

Tata motors was first established in 1935 as a locomotive manufacturing unit.
The first commercial vehicle was manufactured in 1954, in collaboration with
Daimler Benz AG if Germany. In 1960, the first Truck, quite similar to a
Daimler truck rolled out from the Tata factory in Pune. Ever since its launch,
the truck become highly successful. However, the success of the commercial
vehicles was just the beginning of the flourishing and booming future of Tata
motors. The company went ahead diversifying itself and took up other products
all well.

In the early 1990 s the company began its expansion into the car market. Its
first passenger vehicle was Tata sierra, a multi utility vehicle that was launched

in 1991. Tata came up with three Ather automobiles, namely Tata Estate in
1992 ( a station wagon based on the earlier Tata Mobiles in 1989), Tata sumo
in 1994 (LCV) and Tata safari in 1998 ( India’s first SUV) After thoroughly
analyzing the demand of the consumer syed mistri, the current chairman of
Tata group, decided to build a small car, which was practically a new venture.
Thus, in 1998 India’s first fully indigenous passenger car. Tata India was
launched. It received an immediate success, since it was inexpensive and
relatively easy to build maintain.

India’s high success gave Tata motors the financial power to take over Daewoo
motors in 2004. This gave the company an opportunity to give their brand
international exposure.

In January 2008, the global automobile sector showcased the world’s cheapest
car in the form of Tata Nano. Launched by Tata motors, the car cost only Rs.
1,00,000 (US Rs. 2,500) . in the march of that year, Tata motors also acquired
the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) business from the ford motor company, which
included the Dimler and Lanchester brands.

Tata motors formed 51:49 joint venture with marcopolo of Brazil and came up
with manufacturing and assembling fully built buses and coaches targeting the
developing mass rapid transportation systems. Tata and Marcopolo jointly have
launched low floor city buses that are widely used Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow
and Bangalore transport corporations. Tata motors has been continuesly
acquiring foreign brands to increase its global presence. The company operates

in the UK, South Korea, Thailand abd Span. Today, Tata Jamshedpur,
Pantnagar, Lucknow, Ahmedabad and Pune in India and in Argentina, South
Africa, South Korea and Thailand. It is further planning to set up more plants
in Turkey Indonesia and eastern Europe.

Used Car Market

Being a newly launched car, it is hard to find Tata Zest in the car market.
Equipped with a 1.4 l Safire 90 ( Petrol) and 1.3 L Quadrajet 90 ( Diesel) and a
5 speed manual gearbox, the versatility of this car is appreciated by the users.
Hence customers mostly do not prefer selling their Tata zest.However those
who wish to buy this car must evaluate the engine and condition of the car
The price of the used car model decided on the basis of distance driven change
of owner and the year of purchase.

Tata motors has introduced tata zest car in both petrol and diesel variants. The
petrol variant of this car is powered by multi –point fuel injection, four
cylinder engine, which delivers displacemdent of 1248cc. For delivering 90ps
of power at 4000 RPm and torque of 200 nm at 1750 rpm, petrol engine of this
car comes with intelligent part rresizer.
The power plant in the diesel variant of Tata zest produces displacement of
1248cc. common rail diesel engine of this car produces power of 90ps at 4000
rpm, packed with CRDI fuel supply system, this engine generates the
maximum forque of 200 Nm at 1750 to 3000 Rpm.

The exteriors of Tata zest cars are detailed in chorme. The other striking
features like electronic controlled outer rear view mirrors, body coloured
bumpers, black tape on the exterior sqaqsh and seven speed front wipers add to
the beauty of this car. Additionally, stylish 15 inches wheels with tubless tyres
and full wheel cap also add style to the car, the stylish line of the car integrated
with smaller width door strip and a lenghther look give a hint of Honda city.
Tata zest in India is an absolute delight to watch and is pride to the owners.

Exterior Appearance
The exterior of the Tata zest in India is inspired from Tata Indica vista to a
great extent. Its front retains the sweeping angular headlights and has dual
projector barrel shaped reflectors that resemble Indica vesta design. The front
bumper in the tata zest has black finish and rouond fog lights. There are four
horizonatal lines on front grill, which features a Tata logo along with chrome
finish upper lip. Chrome inserts on the rub rails and door handles give this car a
sleekly bold and dynamic exterior.

Tata zest in India has ergonomically designed dual tone interiors with ample
space. The quality of the pklastic is much better than that used in previons tata
vehicles. This highly spacious car with impressive interiors makes the buyers
feel the cocoon comfort. The boot of this car basts the storage valume of 460
liters, which is best as per the claims made by tata motors.

Interior Appearance
With impressive and spacious interiors, tata zest gives a real pleasure of
driving. Dual tone beige interior colour sceme perfectly blends with the fabric
seat trim looks and gives this car a classy appeal. For adding elegance to the
car, Tata has packed this car with light intensity adjustments for instrument
cluster. Further, the power steering of the car compliments the entire look.
Front and rear cabin lights of the car make the interiors more stylish. Tata zest
is also loaded with several other features likestorage pockets in front and rear
door and tachometer with critical rev Indicator. Fully Automatic temperature
control (FATC0, light on front passenger’s sun visor and vanity mirror are
other features that add to the beauty of the car.

Interior Comfort
New Tata zest in India can be rightly said as the perfect blend of comfort style
and pleasure. For providing unmatched luxury and comfort to the owner, this
car features specious interiors, tilt adjustable power steering and dual front
airbags. HVAC ( Heating, Vetilation. And Air conditioning) with electric
controls add to the environmental comfort inside the car. Multiple storage
compartments of varius. Shapes and sizes, power windows, cup holders and

cooled glove box the other features of Tata zest car that offers enhanced

Front seats of their car have bumper support both fixed and two way adjustable
which makes driving Tata Zest car a comfortable experience. This car features
2 DIN AM/FM Mp3 CD ? USB supported music system. For the comfort of
rider, who have music the controls of this music system are present on steering
wheels, moreover, remote for controlling the music system is also given on the
steering. Other comforts like bottle holder on floor console, card holder and
pen holder are also provided in this car, mileage, average and Fuel Economy.

 Tata motors won the award for the best learning organizations of Asia
 Tata motors wins the Golden peacock Award for excellence in corporate
 Jaguar land Rover wins to “Best of Auto show” awards from auto week
magazine at 2011 Frankfurt motor show..
 Tata motors Luck now plant wines Genentech Environment SILVER
Award 2011
 Tata Nano wins the best car advertisement of the year at Bloomberg UTV
 Tata Nano’s design receives world’s oldest and coveted international award
 Lucknow plant wins Rajiv Gandhi National award for 2009.
 Car plant Pune won three awards at the 25th Annual chapter convention o

 Tata motors IT team bagged an award in IT services management category.
 Tata motors CVBU was awarded the Coveted Golden peacock award.
 Land Rover double header at the auto express 2010 new car awards
 TDCV CED, Dr. Kim Jong Shik, honoureed
 Golden peacock award for accupational Health and safety for the year 2010.
 Business today selects Mr. P.P Kadle has India’s best CFO in 2005
 Industry and technology award 2002.

Engine research and centers

Tata zest car diesel engine is named as quadrajet, while the petrol engine is
called safari. Tata zest diesel has gained certification from the ARAI for
providing a mileage of 21-02 km per litre. Petrol version of this car is packed
with 1368cc engine, which offers a millege of 12.2 kmpl on the city roads and
15.1 kmpl on the highways. On the other hand, the diesel version of this car is
packed with 1248cc engine that provides a mileage of 13.8 kmpl in city and
18.2 kmpl on the highways.

On road drive
Tata Zest is a delight for the drivers for its incomparable power. Torque, fuel
efficiency and driveability, with its easy neutral manners, good ride quality,
road holding ability and precise well weighted steering, Tata Zest car is best
suited for families. Tata zest uses a twist beam suspension at the rear, which
gives a jerk free driving experience, The damping rates accommodate for the
extra weight of the boot and provide better comfort levels during the ride. The
zest has an exceptional hody control and it does tend to roll, while it gets
hurled into corners at high speed,. In worst weather like rain, snow and fog,

this car gives excellent performance. During such weather, safely id also
ensured due to the presence of front fog lamp.

Tata zest car are equipped with power engines like Qudrajet 90 diesel engine
and safire 90 petrol engine. The variant with diesel engine delivers maximum
power of 90ps at 4000 Rpm and Maximum torque of 200 Nm at 1750 to 3000
rpm. Moreover, the reliable and fuel efficient petrol engine of these cars
generates maximum power of 90ps at 6000 Rpm and maximum torque of 116
Nm at 1750Rpm.

Safety and Security

Tata Zest comes with advanced safety features like dual front SRS airbags
providing safety in case of collision. For enhanced safety this car is packed
with ABS (Anti Lock Brake System) and front disc brakes. These cars also
have passive safety features like height adjustable front seatbelts with lood
limiters, side impact beams, and pretensioners, moreover, advance safety
features of these cars also include front passenger seatbelt remainder, warning
lamp of driver seatbelt, child looks and central locking

Comfort and Convenience
Tata zest comes with spacious right inclination rear seats with a centre armrest.
This model is also featured with tilt adjustable power steering and a height
adjustable driver seat. Zest model is also featured with electronically adjustable
and controlled outer rear view mirrors. There is a driver information system on
top of the central console, which helps in providing information on fuel
consumption and ambient temperature. New Tata Zest features 2 DIN music
system, which allows USB port and Bluetooth connectivity through the blue 5.
For ease of access while driving, the audio controls of the music system are
mounted on the steering wheel, Further the think of this car has a capacity of
460 litres to meet all the requirements, while long trips.

The new Tata zest has 5.5 J x 15 inch wheels that have stylish and attractive
matt finish full wheel covers. This car features 185/ 60 R15 wide tubeless tyres
that offer a hassle free driving. the tyre size is kept wide to control the car from
off roading and skidding on slipping and watery roads

Tata Zest has gained significant success owing to its varied attractive features.
All the models of these Tata Zest cars are loaded with front power windows
and audio systems. Moreover, these cars also have central locking and power
steering. It is also facilitated with sophisticated air conditioners for efficient
cooling system. New Tata Zest car price beats its competitors with fair
margins. Provided with variable geometry turbo, Tata car ensures smooth

acceleration at all RPMS and hence, it is suitable for bath city driving and
highway driving.

Tata Zest cannot capture a huge market in India although it has striking
features. There is no passenger’s side outside rear view mirror in the base
model Aqua. Moreover, even in the top model Aura plus there are no allay
wheels, climate control system is absent in the top model of this car.
Furthermore, there are no panel gaps also does not stand up to the expectation

Tata motors has precisely priced the Tata Zest considering its power pack
features. However, the Tata zest in India gains an edge over its competitors for
having a larger inside and the outside, Anti –lock braking system (ABS)
Bluetooth connectivity, airbags, steering mounted controls and most
significantly the rear seat legroom and boot space, crown the Tata Zest for
being a perfect family sedan. Tata zest offers advanced and contemporary
features that complement its competitive pricing. Tata zest cars are worth
watching for its road performance and diesels impressive fuel efficiency.

Present Business
Tata motors
Tata sky satellite television service
Tata Chemicals
Tata Docomo mobile service

Tata tea
Tata motors creates


 Establishment
 Achievements
 Awards
 Sales
 Branches

Venkatesh N. Tatuskar
Adishakti cars Pvt Ltd, a new member of FADA and located at No. 21,
Sheshadripuram, Shankaramatt Road, Shimoga. Karnataka was set up in May
2008 as 3-5 dealership of Tata passenger cars.

Adishakthi cars operates from two places- Shimoga and Davanagere in

Karnataka . Both the outlets are 3-5 facilities and offer complete solution, i.e,
sales service, spares. Accessories and finance for Tata passenger car customers
under one roof . As a result, the customers of Adishakthi enjoy a complete
peace of mind so far as their automatic needs are concerned.

Both the outlets of Adishakthi cars are well designed tastfully built and state of
the art facilities. The showrooms offer the convenience comfort and ambience,
with 135 ft frontage that can display 6-8 cars.

The Dealership’s repair and service facilities boast of all the modern
equipment, tools godgets like hydraulic lifts. Pneumatic tools and diagnostics
kinds, backed by computer and related software for precise diagnostics and
repairs. The workshop also have to customer lounges- one air conditioned
lounges for owners and families and another, without Ac, for drivers so that the
customers can relax while the work on their cars going on and also see the job
being done.

Adishakthi cars sold 688 cars, while 6545 cars drove to the dealership’s
workshop for repair, service and spares in 2009-10, enabling the leadership to

post a turnover of Rs 35 crore during the year. A dedicated 18- head strong
team of competent managers. Executive, supervisor and well- trained
employees, both at showroom and workshop , supports the dealership’s
operation at two places.

Ingrained with the machine ‘committed to grow’ the family –owned business
group aims at achieving consistence growth adopting ethical practices. The
interest of its employees, customers and all other shareholders us what drives
the group.

Narayana Rao B. Tatuskar is the chairman, Venkatesh N Tatuskar, managing

director, and Ritesh N Tatuskar Executive directors of the group business ,
Ritesh holding diploma in Textile engineering backed by 8 years of business
experience, manages the distribution business of Maruthi and Hero Honda
spare parts.

It is Venkatesh who manbages and drives the growth of Tata motors passenger
car dealerships at Shimoga and Davanagere. He is a commerce graduate with
post graduation in foreign trade management and has to is credit 13 years of
business experience.
While a welcoming Adishakthi as one of car esteemed members, We at FADA,
wish Narayanarao, Venkatesh and Ritesh Tatuskar and their business group all
the best.

 Indiaca vista as abrand got official launched in September 2008. Adishakthi
has sold 76 in the particular year and in 2009- 2010 286 Indica vista sold by
Adishakthi motors and in 2010- 11 297 cars are sold by the same company.
 In the month of Februvary 2009 highest fully paid booking across the State.
 Highest market capture in 2009-10 across the reason. Highest spare parts
seller on region in the year 2009-10, and the best seller of Tata motors in
the year 2010- 11.

The group believes in the mantra that customer satisfaction is the key to the
success of any business. With this strong believes the dealership continuously
strives and innovates ways and means to keep its customer happy and
delighted. Adishakthi cars dedicated staff at sales and service to monitor
customer satisfaction, sales satisfaction manager at sales and customer
relationship manager and customer relationship officer at service monitor
customer satisfaction on daily basis and ensure that service is delivered to the
utmost satisfaction of their customers.

The dealership’s sends regular service reminders and also invities post – sales
and service feedback through phone and mail. The dealership also conducts
periodic customer meets for fales and service customer. To Adishakthi cars its
customers are members of a larger family. Therefore, greeting customers on
their birthdays and anniversaries is an integral part of dealerships value system
The family owned business group with family members as directors and
partners has other interest too. In addition to Adishakthi cars the family
business comprises of firms

 Shakthi enterprises in Hubli, which is the authorized stockiest for hero
Honda spare parts for 14 districts of Karnataka, and
 Shakthi Auto mart, also in Hubli he has authorized distributors for marruti
Suzuki genuine spares for north Karnataka.

Awards taken by Tata Zest car

 Tata Zest receives the world’s oldest and most coveted GOOD DESIGN TM


 Tata motors ranks as India’s most valuable corporate brand in the Economic
India’s most valuable brands 2010 study

Awards Taken by Adishakthi Cars

 Consistent performance award pm vehicle seller average of 40 cars
 Fiat add uo pn June they got another award for highest sales of Fiat
 Another award for highest sales of Tata Nano in the year 2010.
 Adishakthi cars got award for highest sales of Tata Indfigo Manza in the
year 2012.

2010-2011 : : 423 cars was sold by Adishakthi.
2011-2012 : : 688 cars was sold by Adishakthi.
2012- 2013 : : 1018 cars was sold by Adishakthi.
2013-2014 : : 1120 cars was sold by Adishakthi.

Now in Davanagere and Sagar.

Chapter 5

 Tata Zest car prices Types

 Car comparison of Different Models in Tata Zest car
 Comparison of other car with Tata zest car

Car comparision of different models in Tata Zest Cars.

Feature Tata zest Tatya zest Tata zest Tata Zest

Diesel Aqua Petrol Aqua Diesel Aura + Petrol Aura +
Air Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power door Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti breaking No No Yes Yes
Traction No No Yes Yes
Air Bags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Air bags No No Yes Yes
Immobilizater Yes Yes Yes Yes
Folding Rear Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rear was No No Yes Yes

Alloy wheels No No Yes Yes
Tubeless No No Yes Yes
Centrol Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sreering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Child safety Yes Yes Yes Yes
Front Fog Yes Yes Yes Yes
Defogger Yes Yes Yes Yes
Leather seats No No No No
Power seats No No No No
Radio Yes Yes Yes Yes
LCD screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
CD player Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sun roff Yes Yes Yes Yes

Dimensions Tata zest Tata zest Tata zest Diesel Tata zest
and weights Diesel Aqua petrol Aqua Aura + Petrol Aura +
Over all 4413mm 4413mm 4413mm 4413mm
length (mm)
Over all 2520mm 2520mm 2520mm 2520mm
width (mm)
Over all 1703mm 1703mm 1703mm 1703mm
height (mm)
Wheel base 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm 1150mm
Ground 165mm 165mm 165mm 165mm
Kerb 1200 1200 1200 1200
weights (kg)

Capacities Tata zest diesel Tata zest Petrol Tata zest Diesel Tata zest Petrol
Aqua Aqua Aura+ Aura +
Seating 5 2 2 2
Fuel Tank 44 44 44 44
capacity (litter)
No of Doors 5 5 5 5
Engine Type Quadrajet MPFI Quadrajet MPFI
Displacement 1248 1308 1348 1348
Power (ps 90ps@4000 90ps@3900 90ps@4200Rp 90ps
@Rpm) Rpm Rpm m @4300Rpm
No of cylinder 4 4 4 4
Fuel Type Diesel Petrol Diesel Petrol
Type Manual Manual Manual Manual
Gears/ speeds 5+1 5+1 5+1 5+1

Steering type Rack &pension Rack &Pension Rack & pension Rack & pension

Power assisted Yes Yes Yes Yes

Brack type Duel circuit Duel circuit Duel circuit Duel circuit

Front brake Ventilated disc Ventilated disc Ventilated disk Ventilated Disc
Rear brakes Srum Drum Drum Drum
Wheels and
Wheel Type
Wheel size 5,5Jx15 5,5J x15 5,5Jx15 5,5Jx15
Tyres 185/60R15 185/60R15 185/60R15 185/60R15

Comparison of other company car with Tata Zest car

Dimension & Fiat Linea Tata zest Ford Fiest Marutisuzuki

weight Emotion Classic Swift
Over all 4560 4413 4282 3850
length (mm)
Over all width 1730 2520 1468 1695
Over all 1487 1703 1468 1530
height (mm)
Wheel base 2603 1550 2486 2430
Ground 185 165 168 170
Boot Space 500 460 430 480

Kerb weight 1180 1200 1190 1305
Milege 20 22 21 20
highway (km/
Milage city 16 19 18 16
Milage overall 21 23 22 21
(km /Lter)

5 5 5 5
Fuel tank 44 45 45 42
No of doors 5 5 5 5
Performance 17.5 16.2 17.2 18
0-100 kmph

Engine type/ Multijet Tata zest 1.4l sDurator DDIS Diesel
model Diesael qudrajet Diesel Engine
Displacement 1368 1248 1399 1248
Power (ps @ 93@4000 90 ps @ 68 @ 4000 75 @ 4000
Rpm) 4000
Torque ( Nm 209 @ 2000 200@ 1730- 160 @ 2000 190 @ 2000
@ RPM) 3000
Valve 16 8 16
Fuel type Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Fuel System Common CRDI Advanced (Common
common Rail directr
Rail injuction)
Transmission Fiat Lenia Tata zest 1.4Durat or DDIS diesel
multijet qudrajet 90 diesel engine
Transmission Manual Manual Manual Manual
on type
Gears 5 5 5 5


Steering Type Power assisted Power assisted Power Power
standard pinion standard assisted assisted
Power 5.4 5.1 4.9 4.8
turning radius
Brakes Type
Front brakes Ventilated Ventilated disc Ventilated Ventilated
disc Disc Disc
Rear brakes Drum Drum Drum Drum
Wheel and
Weel type Steel Steel Steel Steel
Weel Size R15 Alloy 5.5 x15 Alloy185
Tyres Tubless Tubless Radials Tubless

Chapter 6

Survey Analysis
This survey is conducted in Shivamogga one of the educated cities in
Karnataka. In Shivamogga most of the people are engaged in agriculture. Next
comes the employed class by businessmen, professionals and others.

Consumers Survey Analysis

Total numbers of persons interviewed were 50 among the 45 respondents have
cars. Remaining 5 respondents were willing to purchase a four wheeler. This
was to obtain some important information’s regarding
 Dealer service
 Customer care by Adishakthi cars
 Courteous treatment
 In time vehicle delivery
 Credit facility
 Product quality
 After sales service
 Price
 Promotional offers
 Vehicles availability

Table 1
Table showing the age of the respondents
Age No. of respondents Percentage
18-25 years 16 32
25-35 18 36
35-40 years 12 24
Above 40 years 04 08
Total 50 100%

From the above table is it clear that 36% customer contracted are in the age of
25-35 followed 32% of respondents are in the age group of 18-25 it is
presented in the form of following diagram.

Table -2
Table showing the qualification of people answered questionnaire

Qualification No. of respondents Percentage

SSLC 6 12
PUC 14 28
Degree 18 36
Other 12 24
Total 50 100%

From the above table is it clear that the qualification of the people 12% are is
SSLC 28% respondents are in PUC 36% are of the customers are qualified
with degree and rest of the 24% respondents are qualified with various
qualification these are presented in the form of diagram.

Table -3
Table showing the brand performance among the respondents
Brand No. of respondents Percentage
Tatazest 18 36
Maruti Suzuki 19 38
Hundai 8 16
Ford 5 10
Others 0 0
Total 50 100%

From the above table is it clear that 36% businessmen prefers Tata zest, 38%
of businessmen prefers Maruti and others like Hyndai, Ford and others are in
the percentage like 16%,10% and 0% others.

Table Showing the brand preference among the respondents profession

Brand No. of respondents Percentage

Tata zest 4 50%
Maruti Suziki 1 12.5
Hyndai 1 12.5
Ford 1 12.5
Others 1 12.5
Total 8 100%

From the above table is it clear that profession out of 8 respondents is 50% of
Tata zest 12.50%, Maruthi Suzuki 12.5% of Hyndai 12.5% it is of Ford and
others of 12.5%.

Table showing the brand preference among the respondents agriculture
Brand No. of respondents Percentage
Tata zest 2 50
Maruthi Suzuki 0 0
Hyndai 1 25
Ford 1 25
Others 0 0
Tortal 4 100

From the above table its shows that 4 respondents of an agriculturist in that 4
respondents 50% of are tata zest and 0% are mAruti Suzuki 25% are of Hyndai
and 25% of others

Table 6
Table showing the brand preference among the respondents others
Brand No. of respondents Percentage
Tata zest 2 50
Maruthi 0 0
Hyndai 1 25
Ford 1 25
Others 0 0
Total 4 100

From the above table it is clear that others brand prefers out of 4 respondents
50% of Tata zest 0%,are of Maruthi Suzuki 25% are of Hyndai and 25% are
of ford.

Table showing brand preference among the people having income
between 10,001- 20,000.

Brand No. of respondents %

Tata zest 8 53.33
Maruti 4 26.67
Hyndai 2 13.33
Ford 0 0
Others 1 6.67
Total 15 100

From the above table it is clear that the people having incopme that people
buy a Tata zest car 53.33%, 26.67% are of maruti,13.13% are of the Hyndai
0% are of ford and others is 6.67%.

Table -8
Table showing brand preference among the people having income

Brand No. of respondets %

Tatazest 6 60
Maruthi 1 10
Hyndai 2 20
Ford 1 10
Others -
Total 10 100

From the above table it is clear that the income of an people out of 10
respondents 60% are of Tata zest, 10% are of maruti,20% are of the Hyndai
10% are of ford and others is 0%.


Table showing brand preference among the people having income

Brand No. of respondents %

Tatazest` 12 66.67
Maruthi 3 11.11
Hyndai 3 16.66
Ford - -
Others 1 5.56
Total 18 100

From the above table it is clear that the respondents of an income people is
that 66.67% are of Tata zest, are of maruti,16.66% are of the Hyndai 0% are
of ford and others is 5.56%

Table -10

Table showing brand preference among the people having income above

Promotional work No. of respondents Percentage

Friends 5 10
News paper 10 20
Advertisement 30 60
Magazine 5 10
Total 50 100 %

From the above table it is clear that the out of 50 respondents to how they come
to know about Tata zest 10% are of friends, 20% are Newspaper, 60% of
advertisement 10% are of magazine.

Table 11
Table showing the no, of respondents according to which company’s car
they prefer while buying a car.

Brand No. of respondents Percentage

Tata Zest 20 40
Hyundai 10 20
Fiot 8 16
Honda 6 12
Ford 6 12
Total 50 100 %

From the above table it is clear that the number of respondents of people to
which company’s car they prefer while buying a car in that 40% are of Tata
motors 20% are of Hyundai 16% are of Fiat, 12% are of Honda and other 12%
are of Ford.

Table -12
Table showing the number of respondents according to the feature that
attracted the people to buy Tata zest

Particulars No. of respondents Percentage

Price 8 16
Mileage 6 12
Comfort 10 20
Safety 10 20
Quality 16 32
Total 50 100 %

From the above table it is clear that the features of Tata zest that attracted the
people out of respondents 16% are price, 12% of mileage of mileage 20% are
of comfort, 20% are of safety and 32% are of quality.

Table -13
Table showing the no, of respondents according to the experience about
Tata zest
Particulars No. of respondents Percentage
Excellent 30 60
Good 8 16
Average 6 12
Below average 6 12
Total 50 100 %

From the above table it is clear that the experience of Tata zest out of
respondents 60% are of excellent, 16% are of good,12% are of average, 12%
are of below average.

Table showing that no, of respondents about opinion about

Particulars No. of respondents Percentage

Very High 7 14
High 7 14
Competitive 8 16
Low 18 36
Very low 10 20
Total 50 100 %

From the above table it is clear that the respondents of people about opinion of
price of Tata Zest out of 50 respondents 14% are of very high,14% are of high,
16% are of competitive,36% are of low, 20% are of very low.

Table- 15
Table showing that numbers of respondents about Tata zest is comfortable
while driving

Particulars No. of respondents Percentage

Strongly agree 19 38
Agree 15 30
Disagree 9 18
Strongly disagree 7 14
Total 50 100 %

From the table it is clear that opinion of people about comfortable while
driving out of 50 respondents 38% are of strongly agree, 30% are of agree,
18% are of disagree and 14% are of Strongly disagree.

Table- 16
Table showing that number of respondents about aware of features of
Tata zest car?

Features No. of respondents Percentage

Clear lens head lamps 8 16
High intensity control 12 24
Lamp is luggage 10 20
Child safety locks on doors 10 20
Air conditions system 10 20
Total 50 100 %

From the above table it is clear that the features to Tata zest out of 50
respondents 16% are of clear lens head lamps, 24% are of high intensity
control, 20% are of lamp is luggage compartment, 20% are of child safety
locks on rear doors and another 20% are of air conditioning system.


To analyze the attitude of the end users is an important aspects to know the
market exactly. Today’s competitive world is so dynamic and customer
oriented. It is totally imperative for the markets to know and understand the
tastes, needs, preferences, attitudes buying behavior the customer to have a
maximum hold on them and build rand loyalty.
“ Customer is our goal, he is not depending on them”, Hence it is at most
necessary to have a look and to understand this important aspects of customers
and to would their product in such a way so has to satisfy is needs to fullest
extent by using appropriate strategies. In my studies a sample size of 50 end
users / customers is considered.

 As 49% of the respondents have dissatisfied with mileage there fore the
company should work on improving the mileage.
 47% of the respondents have complained that bonnet of the car is very tall
[Aero dynamic], thus the company should reduce the shape of bonnet.
 As 36% of the respondents have disagreed that Tata zest car is fit for rough
roads. So the ground clearance of the vehicle should be increased to suit the
Indian roads.
 Should brand awareness campaigns should be conduct the firm should work
on it’s advertisement through local medias.
 The firm should tap the un- tapped locations and market. This will help
them in increasing the business rural places are advised.
 Mobile test drive centres can be set up through out Shimoga city.
 There should be effective customer follow up for the who come for test

Less than the anticipated growth in the face of intensifying competition and
rising costs can hardly be expected to get the company foaming.

Tata motors is a well known automobile manufacturing company in the Indian

scenario and it is the leader with monopoly position diesel version cars and
with those achievements they have entered into petrol version cars with Tata
zest car.

By seeing the observations most of the customers are having positive

perception towards Tata zest car and are satisfied with its features such as child
safety locks on rear door, light intensity control etc. As Tata motors is well
known for its diesel cars. So this car is also progressing continuously in petrol
version car companies.


 Questionnaire
 Bibliography

Dear Respondent,
I am KUMARI.S student of final year BBM at “Acharya Tulsi National
College of Commerce”, Shimoga. In the partial fulfillment of above course. I
am conducting the survey of “Consumer attitude towards Tata zest Car”. A
case study of “Adishakthi cars”, Shivamoga. I request you to kindly spare a
few minutes of your valuable time in filling this questionnaire. The
information given by you is keeps confidential and issued by for academic

Thanking You
Yours faithfully

1. Name :
2. Address :

3. Age :
a) 18- 25 []
b) 26- 30 []
c) 31 – 40 []
d) Above 40 []
4. Sex :
a) Male []
b) Female []

5. Educational Qualification

a) S.S.L.C []
b) PUC []
c) Degree []
d) Post graduation []

6. Occupation
a) Service []
b) Business []
c) Profession []
d) Others []

7. Monthly Income
a) Up to Rs. 25,000 []
b) 25,000 – 50000 []
c) 50,000 – 75,000 []
d) 75,000 -1,00,000 [ ]
e) Above 10,0000 []

8. Do you own a car?

a) Yes []
b) No []

9. Are you aware of Tata zest car ?
a) Yes []
b) No []

10.How do you come to know about this car ?

a) Friends []
b) Newspaper [ ]
c) Television []
d) Magazines [ ]
e) Internet []

11.Which company’s car do you prefer while buying a car?

a) Tata motors []
b) Hyundai []
c) Fiat []
d) Toyata []
e) Honda []
f) Ford []

12.What are the features that attracted you to buy Tata zest ?
a) Mileage []
b) Price []
c) Comfort []
d) Safety []
e) Aerthetics []
f) Maintenance []

g) Brand name []

13.Source of finance for purchase of Tata zest car

a) Cash []
b) Employee finance []
c) Private finance []
d) Bank finance []

14.Availability of parts for major repairs of tata zest?

a) Easily available []
b) Available []
c) Not available []

15.What is the experience about Tata zest car?

a) Excellent []
b) Good []
c) Average []
d) Bellow average []

16.Tata zest car is fit for rough roads?

a) Strongly agree []
b) Agree []
c) Disagree []
d) Strongly Disagree []
e) Neither disagree not agree []

17.I am satisfied with respects of mileage of Zest.
a) Strongly Satisfied []
b) Satisfied []
c) Dissatisfied []
d) Strongly dissatisfied []
e) Neither satisfied not dissatisfied []

18.What is your opinion about the price of Tata zest?

a) Very High []
b) High []
c) Competitive []
d) Low []
e) Very low ` []

19.Do you agree that Tata zest is comfortable while driving ?

a) Strongly agree []
b) Agree []
c) Disagree []
d) Strongly Disagree []
e) Neither disagree not agree []

20.Whether Tata zest have live up to your exceptions?

a) Strongly agree []
b) Agree []

c) Disagree []
d) Strongly Disagree []
e) Neither disagree not agree []

21.Are you aware of features of Tata zest ?

a) Clear lens head lamps Yes No
b) High intensity control ` Yes No
c) Lamp is luggage compartment Yes No
d) Child safety locks on rear doors Yes No
e) Air conditioning systems Yes No

22.Are you satisfied with present features of Tata zest

a) Completely Satisfied []
b) Satisfied []
c) Dissatisfied []
d) Completely dissatisfied []
e) Neither satisfied not dissatisfied []

23.Are you satisfied with the schemes and sales promotion activities of Tata zest?
a) Completely Satisfied []
b) Satisfied []
c) Dissatisfied []
d) Completely dissatisfied []
e) Neither satisfied not dissatisfied []

24.Do you recommend others to buy this car?

a) Yes []
b) No []

25.Please provide suggestion for improve the quality and performance of Tata
Zest ? ------------------

Date :
Place : Signature.


 Marketing management – Philip kotler

 Journals
 Newspapers
 Brochers of Tta cars

 Wesites
o www,