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Racial Armour Traits

A D&D 5th Edition World-building Supplement.

by Kolthron
Racial Armour Traits

ave you ever been shopping in a new town, got Dwarf
all excited for the exotic wares and goodies +1 AC
just to find that it's, all the same? Well fret no
more because I have just the tool to give your You can not go into an armoury without someone
armourers the kind of diversity that you're recommending dwarven craft. When your pockets are steep
looking for. and the backline is weak, the extra sheets of metal and
padding is exactly what you need.
Concept Elf
It is quite simple, every Race in D&D has special Racial Weight halved
Traits, so why shouldn't the armour those Races create have
differences as well? I have gathered the Player Races (PHB, Graceful and elegant, Elves don't skimp on stitching, details
EE and Volo) and based on my understanding of their and ornament. Keeping up appearances as the, self
background some traits that an Armoursmith of the proclaimed, superior Race their armour is as exaggerated as
respected Race would imbue in his craft. Elemtanl a peacocks plume. One can't deny it's functionality, knowing
Susceptibility is for the DM to decide, one can assume that where to leave out padding, cloth and metal to reduce weight.
armour imbued with essence of cold might not react so well Keeping them nimble and quiet when moving in enemy
when faced with intense heat. territory.
Advantage on Animal Handling
Sadly not represented in this are the Half races,
Half-Elf, Half-Orc, because i don't think there is any
To be a Firblog is to be half Druid. In harmony with nature it
innate advantage regarding their background. would be a grave mistake to think them lousy artisans.
Intermingling their craft with their upbringing produces
armour that makes you one with nature itself. Dealing with
ferocious beasts can be tricky as it is, Firblog armour at least
gives you a chance at taming such forces of nature.
+1 AC against Fiends Genasi
Elemental resistance / Elemental Susceptibility
The constant battle between Aasimar and Fiends shows in
their craft. Giving more resistance against claws, horns, teeth Not unlike Dragonborn, the Genasi use their ingrained
and even weapons of their natural enemy. element and capture it inside their craft. Imbuing every
thread of silk and every sheet of metal with their nature.
Deep Gnome
Bludgeoning resistance Gnome
Advantage on Acrobatics
Often accompanied by earth elementals Deep Gnomes are no
strangers on how to manipulate ore. Blending stone with Catching a Blink Dog blindfolded is child's play compared to
metal and cloth their collapsing cave survival rate has gone a Gnomes agility. Using their small stature to their advantage
up significantly. Not knowing the limits of Deep Gnome craft Gnomes passed on this trait to their craft. Making mobility
has buried its fair share of adventurers, no matter how great the highest priority Gnomes know how to shape armour for
the armour. freedom of movement.
Dragonborn Goliath
Elemental resistance / Elemental Susceptibility Increased carry capacity
Dragonborn and their natural resistance against their Their physical form makes Goliath the go to Race when there
respective Dragons has been masterfully woven into their is heavy lifting to be done. Therefore armour evolved in ways
armour. Tempering the material with their breath and that reinforce their poise, displacing weight to lighten any
imbuing it with resistance. load.
Drow Halfling
Advantage on Stealth Advantage on Performance
The Drow influence on the surface are usually restricted to Always an extra stitching, detailed engraving, a dangling of
shady business, but that they do spectacular. Their armour spangle or just a decorative feather. Halflings know how to
seems to blend in with the environment making them a fuse style with functionality, making sure that all the attention
difficult target to spot. stays on you.
Humans might shine in various aspects among Races. When
it comes to armour, they shine by not shinning. Their
Mundane creations are perfect for magical enchantments
giving mages an easier time to imbue magic when there is
nothing interfering.
Kenku are exceptional at copying others. When a Kenku sets
up shop it is filled with a great variety of different designs.
Not able to mimic elemental traits, copies of Dragonborn,
Genasi and Tiefling armour are not to be found in their
Advantage on Death Save
Lizardfolk, not the most emotional or compassionate of
Races but if there is one thing they are, it's resilient. Over the
course of time they used that trait to treat their armour made
of bones and hide with oils that reduce bleeding effects.
Increased climbing speed
How did that cat even get up there? Flying? Reversing gravity?
No you dimwit, Tabaxi, athletic as they are had to conquer
one simple question. 'What if we don't land on our feet?' The
answer is simple, don't fall in the first place. Tabaxi armour
helps you achieve just that. With hocks and nuts merged into
their armour scaling cliffs, mountains or buildings comes as
easy as confusing an Ogre with math.
Fire resistence / Cold Susceptibility
Derived from Humans, Tiefling know how to use their innate
gifts, capturing the heat of the Nine Hells in every stitching
and linked chain. One should always keep in mind one thing
though, heat expands and cold contracts.
Increase swimming speed
Triton know how to streamline their production. Be it in
organizing troops or shaping armour. Where other pieces of
armour encumber, the shape of Triton armour lets you move
freely and quickly when entering water. A word of caution,
this armour does not come with the ability to swim.
Monstrous Races
So next time you grab a One Shot Adventure,
Bugbear Premade Module or you want to give your
Horned Body Homebrew setting that extra bit of immersion,
Racial Armour Traits is just the tool for it!
Not the most delicate of Races Bugbears alterations to
armour are simple, put spiky things on and someone is going
to hurt himself. Granted this is not the most sightly of
armours but tearing your enemies skin to shreds whilst I hope this helps people create more in-depth worlds and/or
defending is effective. characters, and please share it with your friends if you liked
Goblins it.
Mounted Combat Thanks to for
providing the D&D template.
If there is one thing Goblins know it's how to take a wolf into
combat. Surely they grew up with them, trained from child's
age. Nonetheless their grip on the saddle is based on hooks,
rope and soon to be dead targets that won't spread the tale of
their incompetence.
+1 AC
Underestimating a Hobgoblin is one of last things you do.
With a keen sense for tactics they have learned an essential
rule of warfare, "The best offense is a good defence", and
offense they have. Additional layers of cloth, leather and
metal is what makes Hobgoblin armour especially sturdy.
-1 AC
I guess someone had to be the worst at creating armour. The
only reason to get one of these is when you really don't like
somebody. Rest easy because with this armour he'll not come
back from battle.
Advantage on Intimidation
Well if you thought Lizardfolk had scary armour i'd advise
you to stay away from Orcs. Separated ears fashioned into
chains are only one of many horrible things adorning Orc
armour. Stories tell that not even family jewels are safe.
Disguised Armour
Yuan-Ti are as crazy as they are smart. Being a rather
secretive Race it is not always easy to come across ore, let
alone being able to mine it for long periods of time. Necessity
is the mother of invention, Yuant-Ti invented armour made of
their own shed skin. Already having the ability to naturally
blend in to ones environment now lets them take their
armour with them.