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1. Which CSU Campuses are you applying to?


Long Beach


San Francisco

2. Which UC campuses are you applying to?



San Diego


3. Which Private Colleges/Universities

Georgetown University, Wesleyan, Hamilton, Trinity College, Lehigh University, University

of Michigan -- Ann Arbor, Boston College, Stanford, Brown, Princeton, Yale, Williams,

4. Out of all the colleges that you are applying, which is your top choice?

Yale University

5. What is the college's vision and mission statement and describe how you fit in?

“Yale is committed to improving the world today and for future generations through
outstanding research and scholarship, education, preservation, and practice. Yale educates
aspiring leaders worldwide who serve all sectors of society. We carry out this mission through
the free exchange of ideas in an ethical, interdependent, and diverse community of faculty,
staff, students, and alumni.”

I fit extremely well with this school’s mission statement as I am dedicated to improving the
world. I aim in getting a Phd in economics, as well as pursuing political science/government.
In my lifetime, I want to be able to have an effect on people and the countries they live in. To
be able to influence and even create financial policies that will help reduce debt, strengthen
the economy, and increase the amount of jobs. I realize that this will take a lifetime, maybe
even longer than my life, but I hope to create a legacy. I am dedicating my entire life to
pursuing my dream of helping countries’ economies. I wish to write books to help aid other
people and express my thoughts. When I think about my later years in this profession of being
an economist, I think that there is so much more: I could become a professor or even some
type of YouTuber so I could teach other people what economics is like. I could work for a
non-governmental organization and end up traveling and volunteering, almost like the Peace
Corps. or Doctors Without Borders when I’m a lot older. I am dedicating my life to learning
and to the people around me. This is more than my impoverished and developing country that
I do want to help, but it is about what I could offer to many other countries in similar states
with my knowledge and incessant determination to keep on striving despite the numerous
difficulties that are sprawled on my path.

6. Of the colleges that you are applying to, which is your 2nd choice?

Stanford University

7. Of the colleges that are you applying to, which is your third choice?

Georgetown University

8. What are you looking for in a college? (Ex. certain programs, opportunities, research,
professors, environment)

I am looking for great study abroad programs. I want it to be in a thriving city where there are
many opportunities for research and internships. I want it to be very focused in undergraduate
programs so that there will be many opportunities for me to thrive in.

9. What are your specific goals for the future (education & career)? What have you done at this
point to prepare? (Ex. classes, projects, internships, volunteer work, networking, workshops,

I wish to try to go as far as I could educationally. I enjoy learning, but I believe that learning
can happen outside of the classroom, so after I quickly finish my education, I wish to be to
become a policy maker in order to

10 What THREE words/phrases best describe you? Give examples why.


Independent - I run many errands for my family and I juggle doing tasks by myself, although I
do work well with other people, I find that I am the “independent” type.

Ambitious - With everything I have achieved so far, I yearn for more than anyone can imagine.
Resilient - No matter the problem, whether it be my family difficulties or school throwing
assignments at me, I want more. I want it to happen more so that I can grow. I believe that
independence comes with resilience because I have to be able to take in all the stresses and
workload that comes with everything.

11 What extracurricular activity do you enjoy the most and why?

I love Korean drumming. It’s so full of life by how vibrant the cracking of the sounds are
when I play. When I bang the side of my buk drum with its stick and follow it with a torrent of
violent banging, signaling my members mimic the rainstorm I created with their drums. As
the energy of the nanta Korean drumming builds, I can almost hear the light trilling of
raindrops on stone swell and the roof tiles begin to clatter.

The beats themselves are easy, but the rhythm and flow are difficult. Everyone must be in
sync. At full throttle, we frantically pound the drums. I feel my hands sweat from exhilaration,
forcing me to grip my sticks harder and causing numerous bruises and blisters. I immerse
myself in the rumbling explosions through my drumsticks, striking the drum to life.

Despite the high speed and exhaustion pounding in my arms, I keep pace and find new
strength. When our instructor is absent, I take charge and bring everyone together, leading
practice sessions and helping peers understand the rhythm. I love the focus, discipline, and
rush that comes with the challenge of drumming.

12 What is important to you? What do you like to do more than anything else? What are you
. passionate about? (does not have to be career oriented)

Being free from limits is important to me, whether it be through clothes, hair, how I
accomplish tasks, writing, music, and even through skincare. I have no one set style or genre
of music or look that I prefer. I love being flexible. Having such type of limits and boundaries
and being fixated on one set are what I very much dislike. I find it to be unnecessary and
limiting, even to a point as seeing it to be unhealthy. It makes no sense.

I am extremely passionate about expressing myself and having such limits diminishes that
passion. Such limits put strains on my way of thinking, developing, and interacting with
others due to unnecessary boundaries.

Growing up, I’ve been so limited by my family — I would even say that I’m tied down to
them. I’m watched, restricted, and kept quiet. As I develop myself, I realize how I am in
control of my life and how I can remove the limits holding me back. With that, I can express
myself and achieve happiness. It is one of the reasons why I value open curricula so much.

13 What have you found most challenging in high school? How did you overcome this?

Having to stretch myself in terms of grading, dealing with people, learning, performing,
planning, and stepping out of my comfort zone. I overcame it by becoming flexible. I started
understanding everything systematically and finding solutions that I wasn’t able to see at the

14 What have you found most rewarding in high school? How do you plan to continue this?

I became a lot more resilient. All of the stresses and demands from school, my family, and my
personal life molded me into a person that can handle it all. I understand that high school is
just a stepping stone into my future, and so I realize that things will get even harder after high
school. I must be able to maintain and strengthen my resilience.

15 Have there been experiences that you've learned from that will help you in college? Please
. describe.

I learned about professionalism through my internship. I had to keep in constant contact with
many supervisors all while doing work such as the ones they assigned me or work directly to
and for clients. I had to interact with so many people, and it was very exhausting for me, but I
was able to overcome it and get used to it.

16 Have there been changes or a particular situation, positive or negative, that have occurred in
. your high school years that you feel affected you, your grades, or your participation in school?
(Ex. illness in family or self, family changes, summer experiences, etc.)

I never felt at ease with my family. In the days culminating to the first day of 11th grade, my
mom, who was in the Philippines at the time, betrayed my trust. I did not want to be home,
and I feared for my life. I would be anxious every second I was in there and would feel that
way whenever the thought of going and staying home crossed my mind. This would continue
on for several months. It affected my interactions with my classmates, my participation in
school, and my overall personality and excitement for school and anything that interests me
since I never felt safe. I couldn’t even trust my own family in my own home where I should
be feeling that way. The feelings have lessened considerably, but my thoughts and memories

17 Throughout your years at ASGL, what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of trying for everything I possibly could and going far. I took advantage of
the clubs offered at ASGL from GEAR UP and Interact Club to Associate Student Body and
the Hiring Committee and actively participated in them. I tried being more social and friendly
so I could connect with my peers, and I am glad for doing so because it made me enjoy
partaking in activities as a community that involves not just students, but parents, teachers,
and staff members as well.

I am proud for stretching myself well.

18 Who or what keeps you motivated in pursuing a higher education?


For myself and future-self so I won’t have to relive my childhood. I have hopes now. Dreams
that I want to see come into fruition. I want to become a better and more educated person.
Being thrown into an entirely different world that can only be brought to me by educating
myself and leading myself on the path to politics and the economy is life changing. It’s not
only about that goals that I will reach, but it’s about the process. The process that will change
who I am as a person. I will be able to feel that changes. That change within myself is what I
desire so passionately. It’s a challenge that I keep strongly within me. The flame that such a
challenge gives is only a percentage of the entire ignition that drives my pursuing higher

19 Briefly describe your community and its relation to you.


My community has shifted over the years. In my first decade, my community was my family.
I was tied to them. I was trapped. I knew nothing passed my known areas and I never thought
big. Soon after, my community started shifting over to an online presence where the Internet
remained to be the community of knowledge that I seek. I am always ambitious to learn
independently and the Internet is a great place for that.

20 Have you worked while in high school or during summers? How have you grown from these
. experiences?

Yes, I was in a paid internship in a law firm in Century City during the summer before 12th
grade. It demanded my professional skills because I had to talk to clients and help out the
lawyers do their work by performing clerical tasks for them. This experience made me very
confident because I was able to interact with a variety of people who lauded me for my
efficiency and work ethic. I was able to make a favorable impression at a place that was so
foreign to me. It became natural going and working there. In a span of 5 short weeks, I was
able to grow exponentially, bringing in many memories of successes and mistakes that I will
keep well into the future.

21 What sets you apart from other applicants? What is unique about you?

My goals in life. They are truly global and far reaching. I wish to make policies and plans to
improve the economic situations of countries and address problems of debt, sustainability, and
poverty and branch out to join global humanitarian agencies such as International Monetary
Fund, Federal Reserve System, or the World Bank. I wish to also bridge the lingual and
cultural gap internationally through civic engagement in their respective countries and
expanding it past their borders. Through developing an economy, it will improve the
government and will have an outstanding effect on the citizens’ lives.

22 If you could write one paragraph of your college recommendation, what would it say? This
. paragraph sets the tone of how you want me to portray you in your letter of recommendation.
Please use a third person perspective.

Hello! It would be a little difficult for me to write a paragraph, but I would love for you to
address points like how involved I am in school, both inside and out through programs such as
the developing myself personally and professionally through the Expanding Horizons Internship
and how I helped my peers through activities in the classrooms about college match and fit with
GEAR UP and the National Honor Society, where I organized the Teacher’s breakfast and
helped organized the school’s beloved ASGL Olympics. Not only that, but how dedicated I am
to learning, seeing how I always used to bug you about my transcript and chase after you during
lunch time so I could ask questions about colleges. I use to take an ungodly amount of classes
because I really wanted to learn that subject!! Like Anthropology, Sociology, and Business? I
had to go beyond my school and go to another school right after school all for the sake of
learning. All for the sake of satiating my desire to know more. I am just so dedicated to learn.
Things have not always gone my way; I have lost some interviews and campaign races, but
nevertheless, I kept my head high and persevered with my grounded optimism that helps to
inspire my peers who that type of motivation and encouragement. I have gotten comments from
my friends that they wouldn’t have partaken in a certain activity if it weren’t for me or that they
aspire to be like me and don’t let things get to them. I wish to have that same effect on more
people so that they could be inspired by even simple things I do.